The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 22, 1945
Page 7
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IMtmSIJAV, NOV. 22, IMS. **4*fl£ VICKS VA f RO NOL ^iA..» J T i BODE MEN MEET ON GUAM ISLAND Mode: Ensign Stanton Olson has written his parents Mr. and Mrs Andy Olson, since landing on tho Island oH Guam, he has had the pleasure of meeting his friend Franz W, .Aldinger, Storekeeper 2*c, serving in the navy and our movie manager, Mrs, Aldinger is m Charge of the business during his absence. accompan- «r c °bson and ,- Wanda have returned from a visit in Cedar Palls. Sgt. Glenn Toftesberg who has ?5!!l £1 t e army 31/ * years ' has returned home having received nis honorable discharge. sf ? $* P'^ 1 'week at the of Mr. and • Mrs. Eugene Lyons were Mr. and Mrs. E. b of JSan Antonio, Texas ™ and Mrs< D ' Ladma « ° Other guests at the Lyons Y e , *& and Mrs - Ernest and Mr. and- Mrs. Bvrl Ferguson all of Red Oak. lrnrfV!l d Mrs> C " L ' Mattice ° Fort Dodge were recent guests at the Sidney Holland home; Mrs. G. P Arne was hostess to ernoon S .ALGONA UPPER Dflg M01NES, ALGONA, IOWA - '« .. . Abpyc are some plums we picked from the tree of opportunity. ;_ , -They have quality, fit and soles that will wear ',and stay on. price was $2.08 but our price will be $1.98. ::^. S i wa ? !j V st a lucky buy and we are passing- the savings on. to our customers. \ .' - , • .^fi[ '••.•} , ''•'••• / . • . " • • Jimmie Neville & Son ;i.ij. i«!.,* On U. S. S. Pennsylvania— Mr n^ r ™ J ° hnson - -S2-c, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Johnson, who was on the battleship USS' Pe sylvania where he serves as gn- ner when it was bombed at Okinawa - , anc l Put out .of action, has arrvf d at fBre merton, Wash. He arrived on the Pennsylvania but-1 *£ tov 5 d homeward' by another ship. He has been at sea since June,. after having, spent a leave at his home here. Youngster Baptized— Sunday morning, Nov. 11, the young 3 months old son of Mr and Mrs. Ted Bakke was baptized Id"". ing the morning services. The fE 0 ? W T, Mr - and Mrs / Archie Vinaas a " a " d M Sl John 0 5 h iS lis J? erRe - daughter of Mr and Mrs Ernest, Berge, was homo from sch ° o overseas duty. A. E. Wittman of Humboldt flfld Pvt. and Mrs. Robert Witthiah Ot Cherry Point, North. Carolina, were Sunday evening guests at the R. F. Gullixson home. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gartgesta had as their Sunday dinner gues Mrs. L, B. Gangestad, Mrs. Beat Kir^eth, Mrs. T, T. Thompson an son Edwood and Miss Marie Hetfi Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cariso and son John and Mr. and Mi R. B. Carlson drove to .Curte Sunday where they spent the da at the home of Mr, and Mrs; Clif ford Carlson. Mrs. Max Shelton left for Jten ver Monday night where she ,wll spend Thanksgiving at the. horn of her parents an don pecerrtbe 1 will be bridesmaid at the' wed ding of a friend. ; • Mrs. Max Shelton entertained her bridge club last Thursday evening with Mrs. E. H, Norman winning prize for high scare;"HIM wrs. _Art Jensen received secom nigh. Following the progressive game, the hostess served-luiich'' . Orville Rood, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rood, after serving iri the army air corps 2V 2 years over seas in England, France and Germany received his honorable discharge at Jefferson Barracks, -Mo. and has gone to Ames where he has accepted a position in .'the College Savings Bank. Trygrtad. Mar£in Sgt. Keith Holland has left for overseas duty on a hospital ship, enroute to Naples, Italy. nn^, Cal W G ^ 9ta . d ^ Gnt t0 Foi-t Dodge Wednesday i where he is serving on the federal grand jury - -Audrey-. Hanson -came -from EJ.s- corah Friday evening. She was accompanied home, by Syville Tweed,. a college friend from Luther college.. . ,-•• ••,!"-.'.- V Pvt. Armon Hanson, son of Ani torn Hanson, is spending a furlough at his home preparatory • to being sent tojiljfe forest coast S.ARTMASDAM IRVINGTON HOSTESS Irvington: Mrs. Arth'u'r,Maas- dam was hostess to .th'e' IrVingtoli twp. ladies Farm Bureau- mating last Fnday afternoon-WitK sixteen ladies present. Mrs..Grace 1 -IPhHlip and Mrs. Francis Cape'sius ore sented the .lesson material''wHicJ was on. the care and 'cleaning' 6 sewing machines. The : next'iregu lar meeting will be". therannUa Christmas party with -an.exchang of gifts at the home of;Mrs. Sadie Mawdsley on Friday, <<Dec. 14 Mrs. Arthur Kraiise is twp. chair ma'n of the ladies work. , . Mrs. Ida Erickson of Des Moinea is visiting with her daughter and family Mrs. Bob Plunkett. Mrs. K. P. Roney has been nam- 'ed chairman f6r the religious survey census in Irvington twp;-- ' . A recent letter from- Dewey Skilling to his parents Mr', anc Mrs. Bob Skilling gave -his-location then as being on Formosa. The Missionary Society of'the local Presbyterian church-meti last Friday afternoon in the' -church parlors."'Mrs! Nina 'gbKWhtt leader. ., ; . . ; ,. »,.[ ,,jj Mr. and Mrs. James, former resident's here ~"'BuT'.'po.w living in ; the teacherage" ; at"the Grant consolidated school, -''were callers here Sunday. •••-'•' •'• > vv " Mr. and Mrs. George' 1 Vilzihum are visiting-at the parental i; J6hri Schulz home. Mr. VitztKiinvhas peen overseas .two ~ 'years 'Valid fought iri five major bat'tl Miss Faye **-—-'-•• '--' Kirksville, Mo., last Wednesday I .resume 4 her studies as a studen "VS? 6 ,** 1 ** a two weeks vacatio with her Barents,Mr. and Mrs. Ar thur Krause," The Irvirigton t'g 4-H girls clu met at the. Home of Ardis Bos .Worth on Nov. 12. The girls an swered roll call with a colo scheme 1 llWs for a bedroom ,*S!2 ^.S?? « ave a war stamp the members ha . In bonds and stamps Ardis Bo*\voHh gave a demonstra i wl °1 I^^rtect setting of the table, followed; by a talk on Table Decorations by Mrs. E. O. Cham- Berlaln..:, Songs ,were sung and aju waSl served by the hostess arid her ; mother. The next regular meeting, will,be Dec, 10 at the of Ar^eiie Hagg. Mrs. Herman Studer iVov. 14 A Demonstration Sanders . P r t s ' d6nce . Wednesdy. Lii- peckham - Kossuth county home economist,- conducted the meeting. A follow-up mee ing wm 50 "' and the ^dies fre to machines for «- held 'lan Year Book ee ^ :?. A' 'i'tf m Opheim were of the committee. Mrs, Joe Krleps was hostess to her sewing club at her honv Thursday afternoon. Pvt. Howard Lowman called from Camp McCoy to relatives here stating he would soon be discharged from the army and woulc be home soon. Herman Wise and daughter Charlotte, Renwick, were Wednesday evening supper guests at the home of their mother and grandmother Mrs. Sara Wise. Mrs. Lou Bolenus and Mrs. Robert Bolenus of near Doan visited Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr. -and Mrs. B. E. Sand ers. ". ' I; San dfers, Mrs. LUVERNE JUNIOR PLAY mi DONE LuVerne: The Junior class of ie LuVerne high school presenter H ts ,, cl ^ s L play " The Skeleton walks', Friday evening, Nov. 16 n the school auditorium to a large aud ience. The play was directed >y Miss Conner and Supt. J. A. Hjelle. The cast included Robert Meyr, Norma Stripling, Nadine Wltt- nburg, Donny Miller, Norma >Ramus, Leo Lallier, Margaret Moed-, ng, Donald Thompson, Barbara anford, Marilyn Nielsen. Ushers for - the evening were Genevieve Thompson, Etta Fett, Bonnie and Elsie Wood, Harriet Nelson and Doris Gronbach, Marjorie Homes was the prompter. Special music between acts was furnished by LeRoy Miller who sang the song "Till the End of -PAGE Time," the saxaphone assemble, Richard Steussy, Garaiditie Heft- defson, Norma Stripling, Darrell Moeding and Nadine Wittenburg played the selection "Put Oh-Your Old Gray Bonnett", and the boys' quartette, Maynard Henderson, LeRoy Miller, Richard Steussy and Wayne Sorensen sang two selec^ tlons, accompanied by Stephanie Cowling at the piano. At D-M Convention Portland: Wayne Keith, presl* dent of the Kossuth County Farm Bureau, is spending several days In Des MoineS attending the state 1 Bureau convention. / Move From Algona LuVerne: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hof and family recently moved from Algona to the farm of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hof. -V-VVWUWVW_VWWW_VW^^ FERTILIZER • E FARMERS—Give us your bookings on fertilizer for spring delivery. If you wait too long, you will be disappointed. We have some SUPER PHOSPHATE on hand. SPECIAL—Pre-war V-t inch and % inch rope. PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Algona Flour & Feed Co. Phone 256 South;PnilIips Si. & Gift for Her HAMPEKS ingle and floublo Compartments 6.95 -.!.; Department Stores AGifftfdr Bronze 'Uttetal' 1 ' • SMOKING STAND AND ASH THAT 9.95 g R.angei.-Sets ..1C " Pahcy . * CQ == Tea ; Pots ______ I .Ov 1.49 as ~i"~."".~""'.". : -i '4 OO B •Oas'serolcs • .^L__ -. I md& 1-49 Z5t • Bowls __ New Dinnerware Sets For the Holidays, and for Gifts. $5.95 - $1055 * i, CfiOQ QC ^w 4>OiF.JI3 - .•,-'--. up the Holidays. Choose froiii this wide range of new patterns in floral or Mnird decoratlonsi SS'td'SS^ece s Fancy Water. Pitchers __ Pie. Plate;' " ' r- • and Clown Cookie 59c| „ ' ••• ,••• . Fancy ;.;-.^ :;, . CasserolerSets: tj ' ai A He'll beat an arrow's getaway—and he dares jet-planes to pass him! Yet Superman might as well recognize worthy rivals—like you and your car! . . . with ypur strictly new-day acceleration and power . . . with all your surplus of' antiknock power, from Conoco N-tane — the new gasoline!..'. . , Tfom out of the skies . . . derived from the high-octane fuels that put the power in airpower ... your Conoco N-tane brings you that sense of riding the wind— in quiet L .. — You'll have to strain to hear a ping , • —You'll be using the gears-for spine-tingling" get-ayray— and for little else ' K-:. -rYou'11 bo overwhelmed with mileage —You'll know that the hardest Winter no longer* means hard-starting gasoline ', • •: ' -.', S Only the swift wartime progress -founded pn foremost pre-war brainwork, can assure you of gasoline as "good as new-day Conoco N-tane —with stepped.up power that's quieted down! Try it forexcitement! Continental Oil Co. . Monotone' Glass ;Dec 'and Sho\ver * Tassel Bpquet Dusting Powder American 4 AM Beauty Soap I .UU spring-,., Floral Soap __, TQ?iit<*nv' •'. <- GLAMOR LITE OIL LAMP Mildly Perfumes the Room Dresser Sets 3.49 7.50 The perfect gift for'her. Mirror, brush, and comb, in dainty colored boxes.- Fancy Boxed Stationery White or colored 49c to 98c . McGREGQR JIEN'S SHAVE Taiciim, Lotion Mirrors 1.98 4.98 Clear glass, round Venetian or attractive niir- rors in gold frames.4A11 sizes. . ' ,i- '• Beautiful Pictures Religious, Scenic and .Floral Patterns > Give Pyrexware 20'ptaee Sets Ac o'mp'lete Pie ;Plates _ Large 'Loaf Pan __ Covered ^C** Baking Dish ____ I DC Pyrexware -in Colors 4-pc. : Mixing. Bowl Sets __. 65c 2.50 CONOCO ". t NEW-PAY QAsillNl r r**" »n- t V^'-.y f^M ' «' Cuddle Pandas Little folk's will love him, JJe squeals just A II If A a I*AQ 1 f\T\ a ^^il IN OUR BASEMENT STORE GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS Roller- ! Rocker "' Riding Horses 8.»8 to )).»,> A : thrill for either boy or girl. Medium sizes. Doll Trunks Here's a gift to keep the child happy, occupied for & long period T able and Chairs Very small JPolgs will have a wonderful time with t-ffv 2.29 1.00 > jtj-^.' 10c & KNECHT •'f A.,- Thunderbolt : JS4»,.^rFJane , House . , rf f|f| _, 7 _, I •110 Iw Glass Tea Sets When girls get the urge to play house, these colored Small Dressed Dolls % AH .kinds Qf liWe dolls for ti girls. All dressed up in gay 1.49u3.98 Large Mam* DolU These wlntouMf tpddUng dp41§ #,,., -begging for aonue little mptjjer, ; - tU»t sleep and styles in • -- - '

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