The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1945 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1945
Page 14
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:;p.W^wSSW!S"' PAGE Feed your Pall pigs for fast gains and growth ... for sfurdy frames. Feed them a (ow-cosf, proved way. Feed them HONEYMEAD MEEL — storting now! Pigs need proteins. They need minerals. They need vitamins. HONEYMEAD MEEL supplies oil o5 thsm —in properly balanced amounts. Fed with corn and other grains — HONEYMEAD MEEL will he'.p y°u save weeks in feeding time and dollars in feeding cost. That's money-making hog raising! Gcf HONEYMEAD MfEL into your Fall pig rollout beginning now. See your HQNEYMEAD deafer today. ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. Next to NorthWestcrn Freight Depot on 1W9 Phone 257 PRESBYtftlANAID AT OTTOSEN PLANS DINNER, DEC. 1 Ottosen: The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met Friday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs Irvin Movick and Mrs. Eugene Hofius as hostesses. Mrs. Joseph Anliker, president, had charge ol the meeting. The aid voted to hold its annual bazaar and supper on the first day of December. The committees are as follows: Kitchen, Mrs. Max Clark, Mrs. Mary Schneider, Mrs. Ralph Richards, Mrs. Chester Alme, Mrs. George Cooper, Mrs. Herman Kramer Mrs. Roy Telford, Mrs. Earl Long, Mrs. Joseph Lietl; table, Mrs Joseph Anliker, Mrs. Knut Oppedahl, Mrs. John Coyle, Mrs. Mike Cyle, Mrs. Eugene Hofius, Mrs Hollis Copoer; baEaar, Mrs. Caroline Telford and Mrs. G. Purdy; advertising, Miss Doris Shipley The program was as follows: duet by Mrs. Max Clark and Mrs Herman Kramer; reading by Mrs. Knut Oppedahl and a talk by Rev. Schneck. The next meeting will be held December 14 with Mrs. Joseph Anliker. Rural Club Meeting— The Ladies Rural Club mot Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edward Zinnel. Mrsi Dorothy Hundetmark gave the lesson and the Humboldt county nurse gave a talk and answered questions on Dr. Kenney's treatment of polio. Special feature consisted of two contests conducted by. Mrs. Mike Coyle. Guests were Mrs. Max Clark, Mrs. Herman Kramer, Mrs Donald Usher, Mrs. Rasmus Olsor and Mrs. Chester Alme. The next meeting will be held in two weeks at the Presbyterian church parlors with Mrs. Charles Welter as hostess. ^LLLz 15 L~U; AT ZERO OR MIOW In winter, your car needs nn oil that flows freely and lubricates instantly. Equally important, the oil you use must not thin out and breakdown after your motor gets hot. With ClmmRlin HI-V-I ... the new fighting aviation oil ... you get this TWIN-ACTION. For Champlin HI-V-I was developed especially to mcc-t all weather demands of our air forces ... to be used wherever they had to fly ... in freezing northern outposts . . . seething desert wastelands . . . and through the stratosphere. N-Hexane, an extraordinary new aolvent, throughly de-waxes Champlin HI-V-I, producing a remarkable new cold pour test rating. g Ilillllii f-^ifisbiiialofrlBM It flows freely at zero or below. Then, the unusually high viscosity index of Champlin HI-V-I gives it extra stamina to withstand the most extreme temperatures . . . even boiling or above. So this winter, give your aging car on the ground, the TWIN- ACTION lubrication essential in the sky. Use Champlin HI-V-I, Available now in refinery sealed cans from friendly Charaplin service stations and dealers. Also alwaya ask for Champlin PRESTO gasoline. CHAMPLIN REFINING CO. Producers, Refiners, and Distributors of Petroleum Products Sinca 1916 Enid, Oklahoma CHA^fPtIN THE GROUND ., OR IN THE SKY" Recommended and Sold By Archie and Ernie's Champlin Station Anliker Oil Co., Distributor Phone 798 State and Harlan Mr. and Mrs. Knut Oppedahl and son Knut Jr. were Sunday dinner guests at the Oscar Oppedahl home. . Lois Jacobson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson, of DCS Moines spent the week end at the parental home. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Coyle and Bernard, Gertie Lou and Berniece and Willard Herrington were Sunday dinner guests at the John Coyle home near Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Warren McMahon and daughter Carrie Mae of Hornick spent the week end at the Oliver Kinset hhome. Mrs. McMahon was formerly Marilyn Kinseth. Mrs. Sylvan Jacobson and daughter Wanda returned Sunday evening from Cedar Falls where they visited with the Jacobson daughter .Charlotte who attends school there. Mr. and Mrs. John Zinnel and daughter 'Florence and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Zinnel and sons Robert and Honald all of Worlhington, Minn., were Sunday callers at the Edward Zinnel home. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elston and Mrs. Mayme Hofius and Mrs. Carrie Blossom and Miss Jennie T'hompsgn all of Algona, were Tuesday afternoon callers at the Eugene Hofius home. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cuttle, Mrs. Ben Cuttle Jr., Miss Dorothy Floen, Chief Petty Officer Leonard Floen, all of Omaha, spent from Saturday noon until Monday morning at the Oliver Kinseth home. Mr. and Mrs. James Barber and son Dennis Ray, West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Naeve and son Donald of Rolfe, and Mr. and Mrs. Warren McMahon and daughter Carrie Mae of Hornick were Sunday evening dinner guests at the Oliver Kinseth home. Mrs.. AU'Lee and children Terry and Barbara returned home Friday after spending a week at the home of her grandmother Mrs. Cora Bacon of Algona and at the I. W. Nelson home near Lone Rock and at the Jess Hohenstein home near Amboy, Minn. Willard Herrington of Greenville, 111., has been spending some time at the Mike Coyle home. The young man was recently discharged from the army. He is a nephew ot. Mr. Coyle. At the present time he is visiting another uncle John Coyle near Rolfe. •Pvt. Richard Kinseth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth, returned to Fort Riley, Kansas, Wednesday after spending a fifteen day furlough at the parental home. He was graduated from the Ottosen high school with the class of 1945 and entered the service soon after being graduated. While at home he celebrated his nineteenth birthday. Mr*. A Hostess ' Lakota; Mrs. Idt Smith SmW- taltted 'Mesdarties Vf. E. Ley, W, £>. Ley, Harry Mussman, A, G. Schis-' set aftd Ray Smith at a coffee fcarty Friday evening honoring Mfs. Ed* Ward Buckels, nee Betty L«y, who has been with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley for several wfeeks. Mrs. Suckels and little son Steve left for home at Rock Island via. Manley Saturday. COUNCIL INUTES Ottosen P. T. A. Hears Yank Prisoner Talk Ottosen: The P. T. A. met Tuesday evening in the high school auditorium with a large crowd attending. A piano solo was presented by Ramona Loose. Willis Puff sang a bass solo and Otto Lehman of Humboldt gave a talk. He had been a German prisoner for 27 months. Then the Loose family gave a concert followed by group singing. The program committee for the December meeting will be as follows: Mr?. Dorothy Hundertmark, chairman, Mrs. Joe Anliker and Mrs. Jed Underberg. Mrs. Everett Steven and baby son Richard Everett were brought home Sunday from the parental Albert Genrich 'home, LuVerne. where she has been the past several weeks recuperating. September 13, 1945. The City Council met at the City Hall with Mayor and all members present. There being no objections, a Resolution was passed approving plans and specifications ,for street improvements. The hour of 7:30 haying arrived, the bids were opened and read, which were as follows: C. F. Lytle Co. and Green Construction Co., $19,864.65;, Hargraves Construction Co., $25,467.50. The C. F. Lytle Co. and Green Construction Co, bid was approved and accepted. The meeting was adjourned to September 27, 1945. September 27, 1945. The City Council met at the City Hall with the Mayor and all members present. The minutes for the last three meetings were approved. The Contractor's Bond With the C. F. Lytle Co. and Green Construction Co. was approved. A motion was carried purchasing the W% Ste Lot 8 Blk 5 of Plat Res. No. 1 for $170, and the present owner to furnish the abstract to date. An application filed by Mac Grotte for a cigaret license was approved. Appropriating Ordinance No. 653 was pwosed. APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 653 ELECTRIC FUND L. Bollock, salary 88.50 F. Dailey, salary 59.30 T. Halpin, salary 88.50 C. Wright, salary _ 60.50 E. Graham, salary 85.80 W. Ludwig, salary 92.60 A. Hill, salary - 64.36 C. Webb, salary 48.00 H. Stephenson, salary „ 79.60 P. Newsome, salary ... 72.20 C. Pollard, salary 116.30 L Kohl, salary 51.80 A. Carlson, salary 92.20 H. Passmore, salary — 62.60 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 97.60 Diesel Service Co., distillate 966.78 C. M. St. P. & P. R. R., freight 709.60 Socony-Vacuum Co., oil 267.48 Fulton Iron Works, repairs 1 13.73 Leigh ton Sup. Co., sup- ,, plies _._. ,6.20 Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., suppMes 42.00 Iowa Mach. & Sup. Co., supplies 3.93 Jas. P. Marsh Corp, supplies 16.08 Algona Mach. Shop, re- ;; pairs 12.04 Funk & Deim, supplies. 3.61 Algona Laundry, service 12.24 E. T. Moe Station, gas.. 3.00 Algona Creamery, gas__ 2.GO R. Hutzell, gas v _. 29.03 Dutch's Service, gas — 63.24 H. W. Post, freight 4.39 Railv/ay Express, express .41 Malleable Range Co., supplies 36.12 Theo B. Robertson Prod. Co., supplies ._. 19.53 Algona, Hdw., mdse. 5.11 The Lo-well Pencil Co., mdse — 3.97 Advance Pub. Co., 1 printing 100.62 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., services .- 21.53 Register & TBribune, ad. 3.50 WATER FUND H. Barton, salary 93.10 F. Ostrum, salary 80,10 R. Barton, salary 60.50 F. Dailey, salary _.. J ._. 39.20 H. Stephenson, salary.- 8,90 C. Webb, salary 34.GO P. Laubenthal, labor .. 55.33 J. Reed, labor 29.80 R. Hagg, labor 48.30 J. Ulrich, labor — 41.25 G. Palmer, labor 31.05 C. Pollard, salary 30.00 I. Kohl, salary '. 27.50 L. Mitchell, salary 70.10 Iowa State Bank, withholding tax 58.85 Iowa Mach. & Sup. Co., supplies 14.71 Buffalo Meter Co., supplies 207.90 American Fdry. Co., supplies 21.40 Thompson - Hayward Chem. Co., supplies 11.14 H. W. Post, freight 4,59 Ry. Express, express __ 2.12 Funk & Deim, repairs.. 2.12 Neptune Meter Co., supplies 180.93 R. Hutzell, gas ... 7.94 Dutch's Service, gas 19.34 Ken Frankl's Station, gas — 1.40 E. T. Moe Station, gas.. 2.05 Cowan Bldg. Sup., material .._. 3,29 Remington Rand, service 3,06 CONSOLIDATED FUND C. McGinnis, salary — 86.40 T. O'Brien, salary —,- 86.40 A. Boekelman, salary .. 70.10 A. Weishaar, salary ... 80.90 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service 4.60 Schultz Bros., gas -—__ 25.28 J. Lashbrook, salary ._ 92.QO i SkllHnit, salaty **i»L 88,40 C. Harvey,- -salary ^u-u-j' •- flfcJSK J. Bahr, salary: ^^.^ 61,40 G. GUhdef, salary '••*•+*** 88,40 L. Bahr, salary Jiiii^i^ 64.20 H. Pierce, .salafy.i—.-:. 68,4o Ibwa State' Bank/ with" '•'.':; holding tax —i——., 48.60 Ideal Sand Co., mater- "••'.:; ials -J —_^,—_. , 48.08 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse.— '35.08 F, iS. Norton & Son, materials ~ --..-- --—- 298.02 H. W. Post, freight — ~.8T Ken Frank], gas._—.—* 8.93 Cont. Oil Co., gas 12.79 Dutch's Super Serv., gas 38.46 The Chrischilles Store, mdse. * 3.14 C. Venteicher, gas _*_._ 10.30 C. Heard, repairs —_—_ 8.00 M. Jones, salary 40.00 F. Sawyer,' rent —__-_. 25.00 W. Sullivan P. M,, box rent — 1.00 P. J. Kohlhaas, , engineering __„-_. 27.50 Advance Pub. Co., publication's ' .. — 67.51 K. Foster, labor ... 55.00 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND I. Kohl, labors— ^- 15.00 N. W. Bell Tel, Co., services _ 4.34 General Detroit Co., Up .4.8 - tth^ CV P"dWaMlVfe B lar^vii»li y : 20.66 P. HelmeifSi'labor ii^.^ 28.35 R, Helmefl,' iabdr .^.i 30.15 j,^, Melrhei-g,:,IaSbf '.k. , 3LOS IdwH Statis Bank, with* \ holding tax:,i^^-....-; iS.80 F. S. Norton & S0n t ' .mdse. .—-^i_— *++•* L- ,11191 ; STORM SEWER .FUND P. Kohlhaas, services .^ 196.00 ; ? SWIMMING POOL FUND W, Ettel, labor .^.i^* 69.60 Iowa State Bank, wlth- . holding tax --*-....*..:' 12,00 Kohlhaas Hdw,, rridse.^ 130 Algona Laundry, •' services w.^.—_ uL. it ..v 2,82 Coll, of Internal Rev., amusement tax .*— 75.15 ... DEPOSIT FUND Selmer C. Larson, et al, . refunds "-i..—___—. , 60.00 Passed and approved this 27th day ; of September, 1945. /FRANK KOHLHAAS, ... . Mayor. Attest: ; AD AH CARLSON, ,; /,'City Clerk. . too &Htf '' , • •• I Mays §5 paf s d! salfe expel Jentts -*-* Selling - ; I have bpchcd the f dxaco Station on ^outh;* Phillips Street artd am now open for business. •«;. . , •- v ' • - ; ' '' ' ' ' ; •'- ..•;'' ••' '''- : .^.. ; Yoitif patronage Will be appirccitttcd* • t l Attendant : NATIONAL FEATURES FRESH-PURE P.03P-5T FKES Lb. EVAPORATED MILK .. ,3 I4 £ n °'- '26c, VMHHOSIA llltEAKFAST ' ' OQGOA HUKNETT'S VANILLA l-lb. I'fcf. Bottle IGc U.S. GOOD Lb. rtu.Mpoun BAKING POWDER AIM! * HAMMER BAKING SODA ... MOTT'S APPLE CIDER ... l-lb. Pkg., . '7c take Mix U. S. GOOD—VEAL Lb. ROUND STEAK 1C: VEAL UHN CHOPS U. S. GOOD Lb. HI.1CED . . . '-. - •"' ;. ,/•_> :• .".•••* "• '•BABY BEEF LIVERS.. Lb . 35c AM- MEAT—COAUSB GROUND " VV' ,•/RING BOLOGNA :... ^23^ .BULK' .-.-•'... ••-.- .'•'•. ,' '•"''::••"•'-"':• -.V''' ; . 'K ; : MINCE MEAT V ..f..tb23c SOr.ll>'PACK ." • •.-';• OYSTERS ......I... GLACE HALVES ft I'lECKS • WALNUT MEATS ...,.,,,,, 5?c SALTED PEANUTS .;... „, 23c IIUASTED IN TIIE SHELL PEANUTS ............ tb . 25c DRIED PRUNES Halibut Steaks CENTER SLICES :\ ' T SOAP POWDER DUZ 21V2-OI. .".'*«•• SOAP POWDER RINSO • 24-oi. Pkg. SOAP POWDER 7A'OT. Pfcg. SOAP POWDER >uper WASHINGTON COMBINATION GRADE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Rome Apples 2 Lbs - 27 Standard Box, $5,09 BREAD FOR §TUFFINQ ' ' '' 'CRISP, TENDER PASCAL CELERY .. %£ 25c I'OKTO RIOA.N—QULDCN COLO1IBO YAMS 3 ite.-25.c- ITKKSII—GREEN TOP • ' CARROTS 2^£. 19e< SWIiET FLAVOBED^-WAXEn RUTABAGAS 2 „,.. 9c FKESII—WASHED PARSNIPS 2 ».. 15c SOLID, CREEK ' '.'.'' CABBAGE 2 „..' ic POTATOES WASH. RUSSET No. 2 50-lb, Box Apprex. . Weight ORANGES 5»CAMP. VALENCIA, 21* SIZE .. B-V EXTRACT . . , l.UNCHKON M1SAT .'•'• ' SWIFT'S PREM . y ,•,. ., ^'; 23c '-.'*: •""•I '.'' & 33c GRAPEFRUIT TEXAS SEEDLESS 9« SIZi SMALLER BARBEQUE SAUCE ^;, HKldZ («7) •84lH3|5'''' i '.j. ; :''"-;-'" 1 u r ' WORCESTERSHIRE^;;; rt ,,, iwil( $l !TvT!?u^?IISff ! ORANGE AND & H A f t f- 9. UII I TEA CO. BtJWt FOR BETTER HEALTH

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