The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1945 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE FOUIL Plurt Creek Elite Club— The .. Elite club met at the Plum Creek Center school Saturday, November 3, 1945, with Beverley Kain as hostess. Ten members were present. Dona Gardner, Marilyn Weber, and .Mrs. Long gave reports. The younger members drew names for a "Big Sister." Following the meeting games were played and a lunch served 1 by the hostesses. I The club also held its annual Halloween party October 29 at the Center school. The entertainment was furnished by Marilyn Weber and Harriett Grubb. Jane Keith and Joan McWhorter were the hostesses. Mrs. Wayne also helped with the serving of the lunch. Benefit Card Party-* A, benefit "500" card party was held Thursday evening, November 8, at' Townsend ha)l. Hosts were.' Mr., and Mrs. W. Holdren, Mrs. Dora Laabs, and Miss Dolores- Lollier. Mrsi G. Muckey received high score,: Mrs. Leo Bellock low, Edward Mixdorf chair ,prize, Pfc. James Flesh door prize, and Mrs. Mabel Kruse travel prize. It was announced that the next benefit party would be held on Thursday, evening, November '18, with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Haubach, Mr. and Mrs. John Flora, Mrs. Ella Coons, and Mrs. Jesse Kclwarcis as hosts. Was Married Armistice Day— Agnes £>elisek and Eugene H. Wray Jr. were married Sunday, November 11, in the First Methodist church by the Rev. N. A. Price. Both of them are Algona high school graduates, class of '39. Their parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Pelisek of Tama and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Wray, Sr.j of Omaha. Both couples are former Algonians. The prominent young couple are now spending a three or four , weeks' honeymoon before mak- i ing their home in Omaha. Shower ai Lone Sock— i A shower was given Friday afternoon at the Lone Rock church | for Mrs. Russell Rentz, the former Vuanita Wegener. Mr. and Mrs. rfentz were to Mrs. Andersofi, low score to Mr. Anderson. r ' = i ;• Waffle Supper (JuMig-^ , The Misses Meleh tiomfof i, Bertha Godfrey and -Hattie Wilson entertained at waffle - ; . sup* pers Friday and Monday evenings. ..,.< •'''...- { $ : B^& Wtfm&i AL00NA* I6ltfA^ i."f..;v.,;:;v r :••»:'« * ; ; - 4 4v. ^•* ••:•:' - •; " ,-'..'-;•••;.-, ; aftd , • Mf ,-•* ttfid Mra, Lddfifltd HartK aftal|!iFi. vfbKft Mt)e *6ft j.ohfii to. were fuests t>t fa and Mf s. Halite TueSdajr, at dinner, being in eelebfatloft of the second birthday of Martlet, littltS daaghter dl Mf, find MM. Holfis 3enschot«3f. LOCALS THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, NOV. 15-16-17 ****** Terror raiders and Rio Rangers in gun-blazing battle! vmii JfNNIFSK HOII IDDItOEW GLENN STIANCE (DMUNDCO3S OICK AliXANOES and «AY WHITUY and HIS BAH-6 COWBOYS Mr. and Mrs. fiaymond , ci „„. «„„ and Mr. and Mrs. EdVO^d Green Mrs nemz were married last spent Monday in Fort-Bodge. July and left at once for Rhode | Mr. and Mrs. L. W/; ttlllespio Island where Mr. Rentz was in spent Sunday in Burt with' the service. He has received his dis- latter's sister, Mrs. KJebrge-Mati-. charge and he and his wife are " " temporarily Mr. and Mrs with her parents, Fred Wegener. Lat- Oi.ginal Screen Play by And- Lamb, Dieted by HOWARD BRETHERTON Aisoc'ite Praduc?.. OLIVER DRAKE A UNIVERSAL PICTURE —CO-HIT-.John Carradinc in "BLUEBEARD" Serial, "JUNGLE QUEEN" SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18-10-20^21 Gene Autry in "MELODY RANCH" —CO-HIT— Paul Muni in "COUNTER ATTACK" BUY VICTORY BONDS AT THE THEATRES DAY OR NIGHT . er they plan to locate in Waterloo. Union Club Meeting — The "MoUiers and Daughters" 1 club of Union township met I Thursday with Mrs. Earl Taylor, Mrs. Luella Schenck being i assistant hostess. The program 1 consisted of roll call to which ; each member responded by giv- i ing a word which has been coin- I ed as a result of World War II; I Talk, "Vocational Education" by i Mrs. A. L. Long, and a pjano solo by Mrs. Frances Dodds. . Birthday Honors — Mrs. Henry Helmers and Mrs. Enrl Bowman gave a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Amos Angle, Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playing "500.55 On Sunday Mrs. Bowman gave a dinner for her mother and also in honor of her daughter, Deloris' 15th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Robinson were additional guests. Vanguard Class Meets — The "Vanguard" class of the Baptist church met with Mrs. Arthur Moulds Tuesday evening. Miss Eve Presncll was assistant hostnss. Devotions were given by Mrs. Merna Orton. Fifteen members and one guest were present. A Birthday — Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Gerber and family and Mr. and Mrs. John Scuffham and family gave a surprise birthday party for John Gerber Thursday. Irwin and ftftd M*». <St<»«f* S«i«e • Mrs. Scuffham are children Mr. and Mrs. John Gerber. of Entertained al Bridal — Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Anderson entertained their bridge club Thursday • evening. Two tables were in play. High score went us and family! Mrs. J. A. Hohe«bergW;''6f Xirn- boy, Minn., daughte'r of Mrs, Cora Bacon, came' '"Wednesday for a brief visit .with her 1 mother. Mr. and Mrs. Ernes!;',$au$k e>t West Bend were guests' of Mr. and Mrs. John GErber- last'week. Mrs. Caugt is a sister of Mr. Gerber. Mr. and. Mrs. Andrew, Hansen spent Sunday and Monday in Amboy, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs, German Ewen. Mrs.' Ewen is 8 cousin of Mrs. Hartsen.' Mr. and Mrs. Joh^i Keith arid children of Dows were Sundaj guests of Mr. and ,Mrs. J, W Scholtes. Mr. Smith was recently discharged from 'Service. He is a cousin of Mrs. Scholtes. ..••'• Frank Hertz of Malverij, father of Gene Hertz, came Friday and remained until Mdtlday for a visit. On Sunday Gene entered the Lutheran ' hospital at Fort Dodge for treatment of an ear abscess. ..,,..' Mr. and Mrs. Bob/J^cL went to Ida Grove, Survd.ay, to be. with relatives who, had',.received word that Hugh Ford,,,a.c.ousin of Mrs. McCullough .was.-jr^j^ng in Okinawa. He has not b^een, heard from since the recent typhoon hit the islands. , Mrs. Glee Pitcher went to Mason City, Friday, to attend a Grinnell alumni banquet held at the Hanford hotel. Saturday she returned with Miss Margaret Wolf, a teacher in the Junior college at Mason City. Miss Wolf remained with Mrs. Pitcher over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Otio Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Paul .Phillips' returned Tuesday morning from-a trip to Portland and other westr ern points. They have been gone, about a month and went with the. purpose of doing, .some large, game hunting. Mr. Phillips employed at the Chevrolet garage. ' . .,"' Joiephta* Satgenl l«fi hefe Su^dtly for Waterloo after visttirtg fof : about a month With ijjr - daughter^ Mrs. ftbbert Sperry. MfS. Sargent, who is driving through to her home In Los Angeles, Calif., went to Waterloo to Visit her Sort, Sgt. John L. Sarjent, who has just returned from ;he service. . - ' , • • Mrs. Baifld StrtHii arid baby daughter Sharon May arrived in Moln'es by plane from San PrancisdQ . Thursday and were met there by Mr; Smith and Mrs, Henry Scheppman, mother of Mrs. Smith. The Smiths will live In Algdna whei^e Mr s Smith Will help ,f firm ffie httfte erty , hl« motheiV •' <2dlb el spMt the , two weeks visillflg here with her brother, Frank Schallm, of Al« gone, .aftothef brothfer, JOhtt 6f LOfte Rock, Mrs. Clara' GremfnelS of Cylinder, and Mrs. Anna DaU of Whittembfti. She came to ai> tend the funeral services df Hei 1 Sister, Mrs;" Bennie' C. Nemitz of Hampton, on NoVi 3. Mr, and Mrs. Clark fUdfield and little son Dwaine spent the weekend with the former's mother, Mrs. Meda Redfield, Clark has been discharged from service and for a short time 'he and his family are making their home in Esthervllle with Mrs. Redfield's parents, Mr, and Mrs, A. M. Schultz, When Clark has decided upon -what school he wishes to attend, he will enroll under the GI bill of rights. •i' '•'. ' "t" 1 " ,. • "\ •£?'- •"' ' , ; - '• l^i V -'vt 1 1^-'-. i '« Don'tMl '"'^^^ : '-- v -;i':',v ••^.'. ,'••'"• ••'.'. •'"•"•- PREPARE YOtlRHttMIlOR WINTER NOW Place Your Coal Order Now You need not suffer from cold this winter, even though there is a shortage. Follow the simple suggestion* E i ven —decide what should be done in your home to make it more com- for'tablc with less fuel. Let us help you with your problems, we . are ready to serve you. Now Is the time'to act. Keep your home comfortable, your family well. Its tne.s patriotic and sensible thing to do. 1'iaco .your coal orders now. ' How lo(f«ep Comfortable with UuFutl [t. Clean, tune-up heating plant. Install coiv» trols and other fuel-saving devices. Baromet-' rie dampers and domestic regulator lets are) now available—look into them. Heating con-j jtrols can make your, fuel last more than •10% longer. v c; 2. Heat-seal your house by insulating walls end ceilings, weatherstnpping, caulking 'cracks, installing storm windows and doors. Even simple installations can tave 10% or more in fuel bills.' Do your "winterizing" 'now. Get ahead of the Fail rush when 'materials and labor may be.»carce._Call yourj jlealer today. 1 * IPLVS 7-Ax . CONTAINED ^^^thisCqSjgf^ The Friendly Store ^ Mixed Fruit ff£fW$ calte, 10 b^;pk|;i Mixed ttutf *•<#. 'fr&fto»^L:..l; Mince Meat, enough for 2 pie*, Clinton Pudding f .;;..'. :.^: ... j fikgi. Mother's Cocoa ...........,< ~> H>» pfcfif* Mb Pop Corn, y^\^o Peaches in ayrup Pea*... ,...,,..... i .,., Peaches ........... .N?; 10 Certainty Flour, in fancy print bags '; '' 49ibe..-.:..;.:..:.;:, .... $2,291 Fruit Cakes.l..'. f ll...... ....2 Ib. tin S 1.89 Cranberries, Pears, trapes. Apples, Oranges, Pink and Regular Grapefruit, Ground^Cherriesj Cauli/flower, Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans, Celery, Cabbage, Head and Leaf Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Radishes, Carrots,' bagas, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Yams. : '• •'• •.'.-;', • •' Fresh pish and Oysters -. ./";.(- • .."' -'.•'•"•. - " • . - ' Home Rendered Lard, 8 pts.. .......Ib Pprlc Shoulder Roast, 6 pts . Ib Pork Loin Roasts, end cuts, 6 pts.:. Rpund Steak, 6 pts:..:. .1. ...... -lb T-Bione Steaks, 5 pts.... .. 1 Ib Prime Rib Roasts, 3 ptsil . Pure Pork Sausage, no pts Ib 35c : ' Leave Poultry Orders Now for y ," : Thanksgiving •. , ' ' t Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Phones 138—139 fin officM tpessajle prepared by the War Admtisi"$ Council for S«Wd FuelslAdmjnistrationjndJbe Office, of Wye. Sponsored byty BUTTER ;: Who "*.-• !• GET S T HE NI tKE L? I DON'T says the dairy tanner. With the price of butter Increasing five to six cents, the dairy farmer gets no more money. The government simply has ended the roll-back consumer subsidy. I DON'T says the creamery man. The change in pri6e will not mean a greater return for the creamery that manufactures the butter. I DON^T says the distributor. There will be no extra money for thosfc in the wholesale butter trade. ' - I DON'T says the grocer. Margins will remain the same. Grocers, on the average, will earn no more, Nobody Gets the Nickel Here's why. The government Has been paying PB of the butter bill . . . passing its expenditures on t^ the public through taxation. Now, the governmenjf is in the process of cutting wartime taxes by five billion dollars or more. In doing so, the government is relieving itself in part of paying the public's bu\»\ ter bill from the tax purse. The prewar price of but'T tor has been restored. There will be no "r^al" change!: in the price of butter. No one' is making more on butter. It's simply a shift from the tax purse- the public purse. In the future you pay directly. not indirectly through taxation. What you pay the market place you save in taxes. . . "' . f * « 1 Co-Op. ''

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