The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1930
Page 1
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by tfie United Press .VOL. XXVII—NO. 21!) TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Courier, _Bjythevllle Herald. Blythevllle Daily News, Mississippi V nllcy tender. ,liLVfl!KVI|,1,r.;,^AKKAKSAa, SATURDAY, NOVlOMHHIl 29, 1D30 Wi>yes! Here's How to Keep a Hiisband Happy in His Home By NEA Service _.' MEMpijfS, 'Tenn.4-The< ancient problem entitled, "How Can I Hold My Husband, and Make Him Like It?" seems on the verge of being solved. A city-wide letter writing contest was recently held here on that subject, and when the mass of letters from optimistic wires had been shuffled and winnowed domi there emerged, .as tlie winner, a set of simple rules guaranteed to do the trick. Winner of the contest is Mrs. Uiilie KUIK. She presents her rules as follows: 1—Fill the bathtub for him and give him a hand with'the scrubbing of his back. 2—Keep his clothes handy, and at night lay out his pajamas, his . bathrobe and his slippers on his bed. 3—Compliment him when and if he is nicely dressed, and encourage him to keep up "his personal appearance. 4—Learn his likes and dislikes. 5—Talk over the current nsivs nnd topics of the day with him. 0—Ask him plenty of questions anil pretend you arc deeply interested in all he says. 7—Let him have a certain hour for reading undisturbed. (BuU—adds the . prize winner— Ihis one-night-out-a-week business doesn't fit into my managing, if it's amusement- lie wants, we can go places together. He should go" places with his men friends occa- ( js!onnlly, however; as, for instance, • golfing, .-bowling and prize fights). 8—Overwhelm him with surprises. Remember his birthdays. Make him a box of candy to take to work. Duy him shirts and ties io match and let him find them under his pillow. . . 0—Keep yourself and your' kid- SINGLE! COPIES FIVE CENTg -,, •• ' .->;•/ ' '•• '•••••. : ••••;;.4ll Mine Blast Traps •—— — , * * • Point After Touchdown j Saves Rockne's Irish I From a 'Tie. Navy Third Quarter 13, George Washington 0. j .. Final I r 1 N. Y. U. Frosh 0. Fordham 27. SOLDIER FIELD, Chicago—Notre Dame defeated Army-In a gnine as thrilling as it was uncomfortable for the 100,000 fans who witnessed the" battle in a drizzling rain by the close score of 1 to b this afternoon. n™ ncmies o{ U. S. Cntiy lo World Coiii't Oppose Ac- lion at Short Session. WASHINGTON. Nov. 29 (UP) — IimiKdliitc npiwsltion v:as stirred up in (he senate today lo President Hcover's announced plan of Notre Dame scored first mid-way UubmUthiB the R-xjt- world court in the final quarter wnen Schwartz i protocol to the short session b3- broke loose on an off-tackle play jginnlne Monday and raced 58 yards acrooss Army'.!! He snid bluntly he U opposed •goal line. Carldeo's kick for the i io consideration of the v.'orld court | extra i»mt was successful. at t!ie short session and is against In the closing jninutes of ploy | uj extra session for this or any „_ cllirr matter. President Hoover !iV:e«-!fe opposed an extra session and in his announcement yester- j Army blocked a' Notre Dame pum behind the Irish goal line and i'ell on the ball. Broshus'. tiy for pcim was unsuccessful. day oi his intention to submit the [ protocol to the short session warn- PHIIjADFJjpHIA, Pa — Washing-. cd against its use as a means of" ton State. Pacific const cliampbns. lordii;; an extra session, defeated Villanovu here this afternoon 13 to 0. Tiie easterners put up an unexpected resistance. „ . . ^? .""I" the cat shf flrst * rize therefor. .'•-- ', d1 ?* W&£"<! sP'c- and span at all -you that'he can't ftnd.tlrae't times. . other woman. --'/».•;-. . -l^rGowfth him to church, to L.-ii?-«lddie3 hHpjnalca.the .home, -good lectures and pal around-with 'so have plenty of them-'- /«, u —Don't take things for granted. Tell him you love him and follow him to the door when he goes to "When one does, all.;-p(.. g things in one day," says Mrs. Kunz, "the husband can't help .tut have his wife on his mind three-fourths work, hold his eaat, kiss him, and : of the day" send him off with a full stomach. ; Mr. Kunz has not yet been in- 12-Keep him so interested in ' terviewed. IE51ELIWD §E Discovery in Hotel Furnace -Will Not Sell 1 929 Cdtton Gives New Turn to Hunt in -Competition With for Teacher^ : 1930 Crop. FORT MORGAN, Col., Nov. 23.' WASHINGTONTNov 29 <UP>(UP)-Search for Enid Marriott. Tlie requesl of the New Orleans missing Wiggins school teacher, cotton exchange that the federal turned today to Eads. Col., wl-.cre farm board keep its hands off the SnerirT Walter P. Mnync of Klowa cotton market brought an exolana county believed he- had found the tion from the board that cotton ' ashes of her body in the furnace 'it piirchs-cd earlier in the OK -Vr ;, ,,',.' j would not be sold in nor . lf f. M «' ne ^l" 1 ".? "-• «'"" tlie 1330 crop. Opposes Extra Session WASHINGTON. Nov. M (UP) — Prohibition Will Reign frt iYlexico City Embassy MEXICO CITV. NOV. 29 IUP) •-'[he UnitL'il Slates embassy ftori' must mnnln dry rtiirliiB the Iranrc- of Ambassndor Reuben J. Cl-ii-h. This wns decided by the amIj.vrado: 1 himself ycslerclny after he had presented :ii!i credentials to President Drily. Kublo. Clark personally is a tolal abstainer ami non-smoker. He Is u mcin- lier of Hie Mormon church In S=lt Lake City. FIRE DESTROYS Speaker of the Hoiiao Nicholas • Longsworlh announced today he would do every tiling in his power to prevent an e?:ti'a session-of con- session, -he held, would : delay (he return of prosperity. Young Memphiarv. Severely | Hurt in Accident Nearj Covihgton Yesterday. ! MEMPHIS. .' 29 - )— A 28-1 Birmingham Bandils Make Gel-Away Today With $7,420 in. Cash. . BIRMINGHAM, Als., Nov. 23. (UP)—Two while bandits boarded Southern local passenger train No. 19 us. it batked out of Union sla-. tio;i • here today, overpowered the express car crew; and escaped with the payrolls of two coal companies, said to total $1,420. " , G. C. Finley,. express messenger in the looted car, reported he was forced by the bandits, to lie on the floor rvhilc they rifled Its contents and obtained the payroll package. . Alter the robbery, the two men, about 3p and'25 years old, svomg off the ..train and escaped, leaving no workable clue to their identity- Li or course'of flight. '-*j Blizzard from Canada f^.-j Institution One' of Two in! here suffering"from a froc.-1 Southeast Missouri Sus-j made! .pended Today. Diane ran out of gasoline and felli from, a lea- altitude. I The plane fell near Covin?ton! late - yesterday. Farmers extricated i hburs in the air and holds a pri- yato. license. He walked to a nearby; farm house ard then fainted. 'JJaker will recover but his face Sweeps Central States CHICAGO, Nov. 20 ter released another 'onslaught today in the form of blinding snow st'cms and cold winds which swept JEFFERSON, CITY, >.fO., Nov. 29 \ down on the Dakota^ from \Vcst- "~' ~ ern Canada and billowed eastward over the central 'states.- Only slight, relief arrived' from the below zero vreat.her in which Plans For Flight to/Brazil Must Now Await Repairs and Overhauling. LISBON, Portugal, Nov. 29. (UP) —The huge flying 'boat Dornler DO-X, anchored on tlie River Tagus preparatory to her proposed At-' antic flight, caught fire today and was considerably damaged. The 'Ire was attributed to a short circuit and not to nn explosion as originally reported. The huge left-wine was-almost completely destroyed. Sailors from the Portuguese nav- nl aviation center' off which the DO-X \vns anchored fought tlie fire and saved the plane from complete destruction. The DO-X will remain at its anchorage until the damage has been repaired. LISBON. Nov. 29 (UP) 1 --The German flying boat DO-X has demonstrated ILi ability f, fly'-the Atlantic to Soutl\ America,'. Maurice Dornler said today after a confer^ encc with officers of the ship and with Ga-c ContlnhD. f.lmou»,TPcrt- ugucse navigator and participant In Ihe first flight across the''South Atlantic. '. -,* • , -The, flight attempt will;depend uron a;, general overhauling of the flying beat to t,? carrlidi'CMt' at Cadez, Dornler said, OHl&fe i the craft will then determine' W'tl- teratlpns are necessary.'.'.''.'J, , ' Dornler said the snip VoWtaf- Ipw-.lta route of (Jonttnho and,lhs JSpanlsh flyer Ramon' JYsned.' Both landed at the island '.of Fernando Narhonha before proceeding to 'the Brazilian mainland. .7. ..'. ) "~ Tw ° S! " tC and wished to turn over their affairs to the state banks examiner. The Portageville- bank 'of'New bear he scars of his air Madrid ccunl - v Clo3cd with ^P 05 " 5 ot S1C1.388. and tlie New East , _ Chicago Bears Fined (Prairie bank of East Prairie, Mls- islssippi counly.i closed with deposits No Trace of Woman Lost Ovei^Ocean HAVANA, Cuba, Nov. 29. (UP) — The search by nir and sea for Mrs. J. M. Keith Miller, who lias been missing since yesterday on .1 flight to Miami and Pittsburgh, was hindered today by high winds and poor visibility. As hope for tlie safety of the noted Australian woriion flyer decreased every hour, the regular boats and planes plying along her route kept a constant watch for »(iy indication of the missing piano. Hope Diminishes KEY WEST, Fla., Nov. 29. (UP)' —Hope diminished here today for he safety of Mrs. J. M. Kelt!) Mil- .er, Brillsh avlatrlx, long overdue on a solo flight from Havana to Miami. Two boats which cleared for Havana Friday and arrlved'therc today reported no Irate of the missing air woman. oii:,tounh i--! the nation had shivered, for several .days. ' for Using Joe Savoldjl Semi-Dictatorship Planned by German Government t BERLIN, Nov. 23 IUP)— Ch'an- Alleged Hijackers, Held; at Osceola, Are Wanted for Aulo Theft. : COLUMEUS, O., Nov. 29 (UP)—| Jce P. Carr, president of the] national frotball league, today im- i posed a $1,009 fine on the Chicago Bears for using "Jumping Joe" Savpldi, former Notre Dame star, j Sweetwater Bank Tenth in Tennessee to Close SWEETWATER, Tenn., Nov. 29. (UP)—The tenth bank In Tennss- celjtr Heinrlch Bruening, receiving;] Alien Boyles, "bad man," who is leaders) cf the socialist and catholic i gradually recovering from a bullet psrtler, Informed tr.ijm today the j wound at the county Jail in Osce- Foi'ty-Five of Sixty Workers Escape, Explosion This Afternoon. .- •'.-<'. Trans-Atlantic Airpla n Service Planned for June of Next Yeart. .. . - •,.„, . ur 'if Jer .the blast '. r.e«cUe :; : ;' r; crews descended Into the wrecked ' ; j erilrohce in an attempt -to '-' ; | save the'men, .The inlne Is located -"'-'I two nnd one-h^lf miles -west of v . -j Wilburton, in.Lallmer county. 1 ; - t •/•{ Sixty men were working in the' '"'! mine when the blast occurred, : J President John Sugg told the Unit- i ed Press. . • . :.-'| "Rescue crews have communl- ••! cated with about 45 of the men who ; were In other parts of "the mine. : • Tiiey were all right,"- Sugg, slid;- ••:} "We have, not heard from about '•'•-'< 15 men who were working In 'the I 1054 entry... - • . - ?? The blast was not extremely se- : 'i vere, workmen sold, and hope 'was-:-"'] •held for the safety of the entombed '-'.I " .•}. ' ,. • yjntojiuvj.i'p^n.Nav, J9. (UP)— The'-flnf move .toward establishment ~of a regular trah»-Atlantic air mall service was nxade.tpday b; th* post office.department,"It jtti. requests for bids' o;i such a service to leading aviation concerns in this country. , i \The- post offloe.dtjptitolrSpecified the"Arorej route; with" one terminal In'New York and-the other in Europe to be settled later. Service would begin about June 1 of next year', or as soon after that as possible.' , . ' . ... ' ' LUTIE, bkla., Nov.-M. -'(TTPi^A-'-V! gas explosion wrecked the HalhriaW.! Coal company's mine hear here -tills '/.V' afternoon, entombing 'at . leist-.'flf- "-'' *" - i' •' ' ' "' "•'' :een men.; An hour Gate Against Bradford .Ohltwopd, .,_ have faced-a charge ot' ! 6pe7»lL. a ((ambling 'house - in police -court'V v «>i« morning' will- face a' felony ' w.iMttiri. ;;•;/.,.-.,;; .,-;iv,: ;, >j ry-Taylor, deputy constable^Tvuen Judge Oravette and Capt'Ivy',*i' .Criawfdra,-yty atbraey;agreed*that..'':j the charge ' Admits Giving Rouian ^ Secrets, to. Foreign Foes MOSCOW, Nov. 29.' (UP)—Admission of what amounted to military and economic espionage In Russia In be half, of foreigners was made today by' a defendant at the trial of eight counter-revolutionists charged with plotting an Interven- government would carry- out its nn-1 ola, and his companion, Ernest I to close since Caldwell and anciiil program under a constitutional plan which will be senil- dh'r-.iorial in character. ir; a Thanksgiving day game with ; company of Nashville went into re- Ihei Chicago Cardinals. ! ceivership is the First National year | Carr said the use of Savoldi in | bank of Sweetwater. Memphis Girls Self, will be returned to Gulhrie, Okla., to face charges of auto theft. Clarence Wilson, chief deputy of The admission followed a merciless attack by Nicholas Kerenko, the vigorous slate prosecutor, and r,n I . competition the-game was a violation of the: James Stooksbury of Knoxviile. TV. "D,-. T?i-«/•rt-.i/-»r*t«<!> Bovl es was wounded in a scuf- -,. league rules. Tiie Bears were! bank examiner, today took charge. 1 O iJc H/llgIllc6rS !fle that followed the arrest of the The board purchased 1,300.000 charged with playing' : a college i ' f . T . : : iiic uiAitu uuii;iidi<.'il l.oUU.UiJU 1 -*" il 6^u Y.IUI )jjujiiLg ;i Loucher us A. Johnson of Morgan coun- ; bales of the 19M „ t u '^ fcotbaU E , Rr Mon hll class grad- „ I whom ha asked to check Mis; : (inuc to hold it. iuated. i Complete Concrete of Marriott's dental record through i x>ul "fr let e ^uuureie 01 through relatives at Grceley while he rearched for dental gold in the fm- Sinnei-S in Church and Out Are room at the hotel last Wednesday and departed early Thursday- The man left a suitcase at the hotel, the lining of which was stained, apparently with blood. Physicians confirmed the ashes were those of human .bones. ds Ask Postponement of New Cotion Rates _ WASHINGTON, Nov.'29.'(UP) — Postponement from January 1 10 to fu'y 1. 1931, of the effective data 101 revised cotton rates in the Mississippi valley territory was asked toaay of the Interstate commerce CC '" 01 'f 10 " by S0uth3 «i railroads, filed ^"n-- ? srrier l recently rales reductions. both increases anil Freighter Makes >ort After Lake Erie Storm ' - Nov - 29 (UP ' Simcoe came harbor - under lts o the Sunday _..„... „. vice of the First Christian church evangelistic meeting. Tlie subject will be "The Difference Between Stnneru Ir< The Church and Sinners Out of Tto Church." In annoucing his sermon subject the Rev. E. K. Latimer said:' "That there are sinnners In the church no one doubts or denies I Now Thieves Take Flour From RobinsonGrocery Store Electric Station . South thieves last night and several sacks , Grocery' store „ £ reel was entered by of here was completed today. The phoenix Utility ccmnanv i: ,j^^ ..__ ._,-__ ,, .. -. . of flour stolen, Edwin • Robinson, manager, reported to police this morning. erecting the plan ttor the Arkon- ras 1'ower and Light company. The j station is" a unit ot the mammoth low tte difference in the status I Car Shewing Marks of f tn-sc sinners' in the church and I f f i i r CM who aro not afiliated with i th3 church provides n most inter- i Officers investigating the robtory Carpenter dam project, have been unable to find any clues I It is planned !o begin work- to the identity of '.he thieves or j Monday on the sub-stations which location of the stolen goods as yet. | will serve to distribute power -to; iiiSh voltage lines running Into; various cities and towns which are , to be scived with current from Gunnre Attracts Crowd ! ^ nc dnm - p "scnt estimates can I for completion of the entire pro,,,, , ....... v ..... „ ..... ^^ „,«!-- _ Eding topic for discussion and It is | A sedan, showing numerous mark ; ' Ject Rext July ' my purpose to discuss fully their as the result of a gunshot load 1 fir- i - cnlfercncos and to sh^w to what ! cd into it. parked on Seo'vid street CL II extent they bearing on the ; in the business section attracted «»3VtV IS Impt'OVHlg ' ' n5 01 Ct ' dCStilVy ° f the Th revival, which has teen in in- curious crowas this morning. Varl-1 cm rumors drifting" from tlie s«ns : of a {hooting, scraps in Blytheville : progress for a week, has drawn ani pr-.vcd to be nnfcunfcd. excellent atendancc. a major fca-1 The car a M&uuri machine re- -" U1 lCr scvoral d W at ture being the interest manifested j ceiv,3d mcst of a shotgun load ! Ii0me oa Wes;i Walnut strceli is re by the people cf the church. ! when Its driver, George Ray. was pcriCd Im >- rovln B .The nightly services will contih- ] fired" upon near: Homorsvllle, Mo. "" ° h """~ "" ue for several days. ' •- ' J —- — "- Mr. Shaver was order,;! to bed ceveral days ag.\ Riy was' only for rest and relaxation after a per lightly injured according to re-1 1<K| ' lf strenuous work which re ports. Tlie liuhnUly of his assail-' Ellltctl '" tile re-opening of tho i ant Is unknown. j Bank cf Manila, of which, he is f<£s'.Atnl. Sinclair Lewis Sails toCoIlect _!l 6:OOOPl ' ;ze i "What a ft^n" Art Shires ,„ . , ,. „„ Soli to Milwaukee CfcbS Yowg Stabling Wdl 1 Conipete in Air ' NEW YORK, Nov. 29 (UP) — Sinclair Lewis sailed today to re-! .-- ceive the Nobel prize for literature! ksiand the $46,000 award, happy all "'(lie attacks'whic'.i havjs been made I en his'work "bccajise 'ilicy 'iverc.1 Sheriff W. W. Shaver, stated lDsti come from a "'"-president of the night that the request ot Oklahoma I '«nno-»cientific section of the su- authorltles thnt the men be turned j preme counc11 ot national economy, over to them would be met, T es ' l was ln char « c of 'n'or- mation available In the state planning ; commission, including war I pair by" deputies'. OfficerroveTlook- ! »«'«Jl«l»." 'he defendant finally- led a gun Boyles had secreted In [ I?." 111 , 1 *?' " r r W«iy transmitted his trousers when they arrested | thls information to the central him and he attempted to'fire at one I™ tee in the cons P |r! < c y " n <l of the officers. The bullet was de- '; ll was sent ° 11 to ParI 5 f o r th° ' fleeted into the rear seat of the officers' machine and Boyles was wounded ffi the shoulder when he was struck over the head with a gun and a bullet was accidentally discharged. The pair were arrested on advices oT Polnsett county officers . who asked Mississippi county of- I fleers to pick them up for hl-Jock- of police court, being a 'fekmy cass.'H'* Chltwood- failed to'-'appeal in''-; 1 court this morning when : . the -j-isi';.''-"j came up.-He was arrested 'in the-'/] court room Wednesday butwuiigiT- j under bond for 'appearance; lt.e!to : -'understood. : > • -.''.\':"r.'v' • - • • • . - j . V : Hold Services at Steele for Gas Stove Victim Fuperal services were held 'at •' Steele, Mo., Wednesday foi John'W.. '• Wilford, 49, who was killed xvheni a gas stove exploded, at 'the' home of hts daughter in Burbahlc, Cal' ; Thursday, Nov. 20. •.- ",•••.--••.'-•..• . .•: According to reports, Wilford, lylro was visiting In his daughter's- home, attempted to ignite the "gas .. when the stove exploded, burnine • him fatally. • The deceased Is survived by his mother, Mrs. Shorrel of Eteele, and two sisters, Mrs. Alma Grlssom ot • Steele and. Mrs. Jennie Weaver of Phoenix, Ariz. ' ' elgn focs , of ttle Soviets." Taxpayers Wffl Hold Final Meeting of Year Local Negro Preacher Is Conference Secretary W. P. Q. Byrd, of this city, was elected one of the conference's secretaries at the fifth annual session 'of the '—- irit - " • ...---The Mississippi County Taxpay- | African : will hold Us flnal meeting of the year at the courthouse at Osceola Monday morning '" ' Ing a woman in Poinsett county of at 10 o'clock, In session with Judge ola this week. For the cabinet meeting hald in connection with the conference R. C. Holbrooke, presiding elder of a supply C f liquor. The pair will George W. Barham of the county! the Blythevillo district and elders • not te returned to Poin.ett coun- court i of the" Newport andVrlt^y ., ty. .: j i Deputies recovered the machine - the men were driving and several valuable surveyor's instruments T j i Judge Barham stated this morn- i tag that he had invited Judge- City made up the members. g tat he had invited Judge- j There were. more than 300 min- Hcct Zal B. Harrison to meet ^Ith , Isters.'laynicn^nd visitors preset ' • • " the court and association at the ' . whicji Oklahoma authorities report j session. ~ .. • were stolen from the Guthrie 1 Only routine business is antici- i r OaCC and Unemployed branch of the Phillips Petroleum i pated at the session it Is under- i P-.,,,!, i trash • company. stood. • 92,000 Scottish Miners Go on Strike Tomorrow GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, Nov. 29 in German Capital i ' - . I BERLIN', Nov. 29 (yp)-'Pqlice : crashed with utCTiployod "rioters nr ii n-ii i » today In the -heart of ; the capital. Well FlUed Pantry ' «l°r.f the Frledrichstrasse and else: where In the center of Bsrlln the June Barnes, negro, long a trust- [ " r ? ,« jSS*. 81 **.* «? Negro Grocery Worker , . . , , I (UP)-The Scottish mine worktrs '• ed employe oT Nabers brothers, gro- I owc | rejected the owners propcsltlon re- ; cers at Main and Dh-ision, and a K ' owcr shutters to P revcnt gardlng wortlng hours today and \ companion, Charley Wallace, are I decided to v;alk 0:1'. tomorrow it- \ being held In city Jail while I ™oon. I Barnes 1 employers and officers con- i Tlw stoppage v,ill alfect 92,000 1 tinned ; .„ ' ttlon of the WEATHFR " tv Twinmcn Killed • r> !•£ • P.HV - y a in California Collision arrest. crowded i A groceries and meats found by of- ; ,_ fleers and stories of money burled; !by Barnes resulted In the negro's ARKAN3AS , warmer ta , *>«««. colder The two were to have faced trial . Cal.. KM-. 23 (UP) -'on charges of petit larceny this Four Trainmen :\c:e killed near. morning but the trials were eon- Sunol early trrlay wtwn a Sacre-' tlnued for further investigation of mcnto freight train p'.o'.ved Into the negroes',.'activities. It Is''possl- According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, the minimum temperature herc ytsttrday was 35 degrees nnd the maximum, 43 degrees; clear. On t!ie same day a ymr ago the minimum tern, per.itiire a-ns M degrees and.the maximum temperature, M degree}; partly cloudy.

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