The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1945 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1945
Page 11
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The Algbn^ Up'pcr Dts lotia, toWft. November 8,1945 SWEA CfTY R. F .D. CARRIER OWNER OF FIRST '46 CAR. City; Dick Berg is ti_. -rt the ilrst 1946 ear- id -be ebld in Swea City,, having purchased the new Ford displayed by Bob Bell, Dick put it Into service Monday^ as he Jnade his mail route, A far <sry from the two wheeled sulky used by carriers not so many years ago. Business Charges— ' Glfford Smith and Claude ftaag are the new manager and assistant of the JohnsoH Produce, and Irene Lundquist is bookkeeper. The Johnsons took over their cafe,' recently purchased from A. H. Christensen, last week. Mrs. J. A. 'Forbes visited last week at the home of her son Dr. J. R. Forbes. Mr. and Mrs. Renn Kluger, pea Moiiies, visited relatives here during the pheasant season. A sort was born Oct. 18 to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bwing, Washington, D'. CJ. The Ewihgs have two other children, a boy and a «lrl. , • Mr« and Mrs. Bob Schwartz came up from Ames Saturday to spend the Week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spurbech. Mr.. Schwartz is attending "Iowa State college finishing a course in journalism, which he had to leave lor army service. I Leaves After Furlough- Bernard Weaver left Friday evening for St. Louis after a 40 day lurlough with his farther Jake Weaver. Bernard expects his discharge soon, so, will then again return home. ,...., CUplftm Candidate For Swea Pastorate , S$ea. City: .. TM Rev. Maurice M, Powers, Minneapolis) spoke As a candidate for the Baptist pas*. tbrate last SUMday. Mr. Powers Was a chaplain Ih thfc'U. $. antiy, and served 23 months overseas With aft infantry company. Mis sermons Sunday received much favorable comment. t'i-ovl.iliiK of the lAAnnnce of *22,r;no Street Honda And ProvliHnK for Ilic t.cvj- of Tnxcd to I'ny the Snme. WHEREAS, Ihe City of Algona, In Ihe Counly of Kossuth and Slale of Iowa, heretofore, pursuant lo and In strict eomplanee with all lawn applicable, lawfully ordered and provided for reconstructing! resurfacing:, and repairing streets Within said City which had been previously Improved by grading and otherwise pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 308 of the 1939 Code of Iowa, the coat whereof to the amount of Twenty-Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($22,500) la to be paid by said City as a whole by the Issuance of bonds; and WHEREAS It Is necessary and advisable thai provisions be made for Ihe Issuance of bonds of sakl City In the suni of 122,500 to defray tho cost of reconstructing, resurfacing and repairing said streets; and . WHEREAS notice and hearing on the Initiation of proceedings for the Issuance of said bonds has herelo- foro been given In manner and form required by Section 3G3 of the Code of Iowa And ho petition nor protesl has been filed; NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Ordained by Ihe Clly Council of Ihe City of Algona, as follows; Section 1, That pursuant lo and as uthorlzdd by Section 0126 nf the Code of Iowa, there shall be anrt there Is hereby ordered Issued the negollable Street Bonds of said City of Algona In the principal amounl of $22,500, .said bonds lo be 2B In number, dated November 1, 1945, bearing Inlerest at the rate of One and One-Fourth Per Cent (1U<&' per annum from the date of sold bonds until paid, payable seml-ar- nually on the first days of May and November In each y-ear; that said bonds be signed by the Mayor and atlesled by Ihe Clly Clerk and'Ihe seal of'said City affixed, and be registered as lo Issuance by-the Cltv Treasurer and a certificate of such Balance your hen ration with HONEYMEAD GRO-LAY CONCENTRATE—to help you get best profits from your hen house. 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Next to Northwestern Freight Depot on 169 Phone 257 registration endorsed thereon; that interest on sdld bonds be evidenced by coupons thereto attached and maturing on the Several days when such Interest matures, which coupon* shall be executed With the facsimile signatures of said offlcl- als, and said Mayor and City Cork, by the execution of said bonds, shall adopt All and for their proper signatures their respective facsimile Big- natures appearing on said coupons; and that both principal and Interest be .payable in lawfu money of Ihe United Slles of America at the office of tho City Treasurer In and of the City of Algonft, Iowa; that said bonds be of the denomination of $1,000 each, with Ihe excepllon of bonds numbered 13, 18, 19, 22, and 26, which shall bo of, the denomination of $600 each, bo numbered con- secullvey from 1 lo 25, both numbers Included, become due and payable In Ihelr numerical order: $2,000 on November 1 of each of Ihe years 1946 lo 1960, Inclusive, and $2,500 on November 1 of each of Hie years 1961 to 1966, Inclusive. Section 2. That each of said bonds he subject to reglstrallon as lo principal li: tho name of the name of the holder on/tho books of the City Treasurer, such reglslra- llon being noted upon each bond so registered, and after such registration payment of the principal thereof shall be made only to the registered holder. Any bond so registered, upon the request In writing of such holder personally or by atlor- ny In fact, may be transferred elth- ed to a designated transferee or to bearer, and the principal of any bond lo Iransferred and reglslered lo bearer shall Ihereupon be and become payable lo bearer In like manner as If such bond had never been registered. Registration of any bonds as lo principal shall not restrain the negotiability of the coupons Iherelo attached by delivery merely. Hectlln 3. That Bald bonds, coupons and provisions for registration bo In substantially tho following forms j (Form of Bond) UNITED STATE OF AMERICA State of Iowa County of Kossuth CITY OF ALGONA STREET BOND No. $ KNOW, ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, thai thja City of Algona, In tho County of Kossuth and State of Iowa, for value received, promises to pay to bearer, or If this bond be registered as to principal, to the registered holder hereof, the sum of Dollars ($ ) on the flrsl day of November, 19.., with Interest on said sum from the date hereof until paid at the rate of One and One-Fourth Per Cent (1%%) per annum, payable seml-annually on tho first days of May and November In each year, interest to maturity being payable on presentallon and surrender of trie Interest coupons hereto attached as they severally malurc. Both principal and Interest of this bond are payable in lawful money of Ihe Unlled Slates of America at the office of the City'Treasurer In and of tre City of Algona, Iowa. This bond Is Issued by the City of Algona pursuant to and In strict compliance with Ihe provisions of Secllon 0125 and Clmpler 03,1 of the Code of Iowa and all laws amendatory thereof and supplemenlary Iherelo, and In conformity With an ordinance of the City Council of said City duly passed, approved and published, fpr the purpose of recon- slrucllng, resurfacing, and repair- Ing streets In and for said City. And It Is hereby certified and recited thai all acts, conditions and things required by Ihe laws and constitution of Ihe Slate of Iowa to exist, to be had, to be done, or to be performed precedent to and In the Issue of this bond, were and have been properly existent, had, done and performed In regular and due form and time; that provision has beea made for the levy of a suffl- clenl continuing annual tux on all the taxable properly within said City for the payment of the prlcl- pal and Interest of this bond as the same will respectively become due; that the faith, credit, revenues and resources and all the real and personal property of said City are irrevocably pledged for the prompt payment hereof, both principal and Interest; and thai the total Indebtedness- of. .said Clly, including this bond, does not exceed any constitutional pr stalutory limitations. This bond is subject to registra- llon aa to principal In Ihe name of tl:e holder on the books of the Clly Treasurer of said City, such registration to'be evidenced,by notallon of said Treasurer on Ihe back hereof, and after such registration no transfer hereof, except upon such books and similarly noted hereon, shall be valid unless the la'st registration shall have been to bearer. Registration hereof shall not affect tlie negotiabilily of Ihe coupons herelo attached, which shall continue negotiable by delivery merely. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, said City, by its Cily Council, has caused this bond to bo signed by Its Mayor and attested by Its City Clerk, with tho seal of said City affixed and the coupons hereto attached to be executed with the facsimile signature of said Mayor and City Clerk, which officials by the execution of this bond do fid opt as and for their proper signatures their respective facsimile signatures appearing on said coupons, all the first day of November, 1945. City Clerk (For for Registration of Owners! Name of Signature Bate of Registered Of City Registration owner Treasurer On the back of each bond then; shall be endorsed a certificate of the City Treasurer In the following form: " . City Treasurer's Certificate ... . The issue of this bond has been duly and properly registered In my office as of the first day of November. 1946. Mayor of the Clly of Algona, Iowa Altest: Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa (Form of Coupon) No....,..' $ On 19... tho Treasurer of the City of Algona, .In Kossuth County, Iowa, will pay to bearer , Dollars ($ ) at the office of the City Treasurer, Algona, Iowa, for Inter- esl due that date on Its Street Bond, dated November. 1, 1945, No Altest; Mayor Treasurer of Ihe City of Algona, Iowa Section 4. That snld bonds be executed as herein provided as soon after the adoption of this ordinance as may be and Ihereupon they shall be delivered to the Treasurer of said City, who shall register the fact of the Issuance of same In a hook provided for that purpose and shall deliver said bonds to the purchasers, as determined by this Council, upon receipt of the purchase price, tho same lo be nol less than the par value of said bonds with accrued Interest thereon. Section 5. That as required by Section 1179.2 of the Code of lawn and for tho purpose" of providing for the levy and collecllon of a direct annual tax sufflcienl lo pay the Inlerest on said bonds as II falls due, and also lo pay and discharge the principal thereof at maturity, there be and there is hereby levlerl upon all the taxable property In said Clly In each of Ihe years while said bonds or any of them are outstanding, a tax sufficient for tlint purpose, and in furtherance of this provision, but not In limitation thereof, that there be and there Is hereby levied on all tho taxable property In said City the following direct annual tax, to wit; For the year 1946, -a tax sufficient to produce Ihe sum of $2,282.00 for principal and In- leresl; For the year 1946, a tax sufficient lo produce Ihe sum of $2,257.00 for principal and In- leresl; For Ihe year 1947, a tnx sufficient to produce the sum >of $2,232.00 for principal and Interest; For the year 1948. a tax sufficient to produce tho sum of $2,207.00 for principal and Interest; For the year 1949, a lax sufficient to produce the sum of $2,182.00 for principal and In- lerest; For the year 1950, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $2,657.00 for principal and In' lercst; For the yeaf 1951, a tax sufficient to producse Ihe sum of $2,625.00 for principal and Interest; For the year 1952, a tax sufficient to produce the sum of $2.594.00 for principal and Interest; For the year 1953, a lax suffl- cienl to produce tho sum of $2,663.00 for principal and Interest; i. For the year 1954, a lax stiff!-- clenl lo produce the sum of $2,632.00 for principal and Interest; ... Said taxes when collected shall be converted Into a special fund for Ihe payment of principal and Interest of the bonds hereby authorized and no olher purpose whalsoever, That the principal or Interest coming due at any time when there are Insufficient funds on hand to pay Ihe same be promptly paid when due from current funds on hand, and reimbursement be made to Such current funds in the sums vanced when Ihe taxes herein provided shall have been collected. All proceedings heretofore taken relative to the levy of taxes for the vear 1945 to meet principal and Interest falling due on said bonds during the year 1946 are hereby ratified and confirmed. Section C. That a certified copy of this ordinance be filed with Ihe Counly Audllor of Kossulh County and thai said Audlor be and he Is hereby Inslructed In and for eacli of the years 1945 to 1954, Inclusive, to enter for collection and assess the tax hereby authorized. Section 7. That all ordinances, resolutions or parts thereof in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed to .the extent of such conflict, f ••';., Passed and approved November 1. 1945. (S) FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: (S) ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. A. Wclshaar, salary A. Bockelman. salary NW Bell Tele. Co., service H. W. Decker, mdse....... Kossulh Molor Co., repair .Sennit* Bros., gas Harms Oil Co., gas C. & M. Super Service, gas Clements Super Service, gas J. Jjahsbrook, salary E. Shilling, salary C. Hnrvey, salary ........ .lohr, Bahr, salary O. Gunder, salary I/elloy Bahr, salary H. Pierce, salary Iowa State Bank, tax withheld Ideal Sand & Oravel Co., supplies Republic Steel Tool Co., supplies Lalng & MueUey, repair.... liolsford Lumber Co., supplies F. S. Norton & Son, supplies Kossuth Implement Co., rcpnlr Algona Implement Co., repair Orinoco OH Co.. gns K. Frankl Station, gas.... 80.00 70.10 6.01 0.89 66.24 6.66 34.16 22.16 1.75 92.60 96.40 66.SO 61.40 58.40 54.20 58.40 48.50 35.90 41.57 27.56 3.19 238.61 29.D8 1.28 7.10 30.72 A. L. Fisher, gravel. P. 3. Kohlhaas, service.... Minnie Jones, salary F. E. Sawyer, rent. Counly Treasurer, labor... Setve* Fund C. U. Pollard, salary G. Palmer, labor , J. Ulrlch, labor Roy Haag, labor J. Reed, labor G-. Whllmore, labor Iowa Slate Bank, tax , withheld Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., supplies Fire Mnlnlennnoc Algona Fire CO., service... H. S. Roht, labor Bolsford Lumber do., supply 1C Frankl Stallon, gas..... Hooker Supply Co., repair.. Waller Klamp, gas Thompson Distributing Co., supplies NW Bel Tele. Co.. service SnltmnliiK Pool Fririd W. Kltel. labor Uolsford Lumber Co., repair Storm Scnor Fiinil Weldcn Bros., contract 9, 266,60 46.60 40.00 26.00 16.00 20.00 56.36 50.80 56.40 37.70 9.16 30.15 17.34 192.00 1.00 3.47 4.59 6.30 1.74 21.60 4.34 54.40 22.C4 562.41! 41.00 P. J. Kohlhaas, labor „ , ^ DcpoAit mud W ork Fund, transfer Buml Pnml Algona Band, services 1,211.66 Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take 20.06 effect and be In l6f£e,tl ler Its passage' arid Aftb Passed and approved of Oclober, 1946. FRANK AlftirtflrV Allest; ADAH CARLSON. City ClftrfU to relieve stuffiness, invite 'stopped up" ft'a wonderful tow 6 little* Ve,-tro»fiol relieves tratwient congestion that stuffs up the nose and spoils sleep. Quickly your nose opens up-breath-* ine is easier I If you need relief tonight, try it I Follow directions in the package. Jtiil a few drop* up «och hottril incus VA-TRO-NOL COUNCIL MINUTES For Mwi and OWer Boyt Wool October 25, 19-15 Tlio Council met In regular session. Tho Mayor was present, also Councilman Harris, Hutchins, Bohannon and Huenhold. Fox and Herbst were absent. The minutes since the last regular meeting were read and approved. 11. E. Bushnell's beer permit was renewed. The following building repairs were granted: Harry Keith, John Kennedy, Don Wlese. Loren Brown, R. F. Donovan. Alvln Llndquist's salary was fixed at $176.00 per month. Appropriating 1 Ordinance No. 055 was passed. The meeting adjourned to November 1, 1945, ADAH CATILSOIS', City Clerk Aiijiroitrlntlue Ordinance No. (I5S . An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein named. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Section 1, That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. , Electric Fund I* Bellock, salary $ 88.60 F. Bailey, salary.,..,.,.... 09.70 T. Halpln, salary ,. S8.60 C. WrlBlit. salary...,'. 00.50 B. Qraham, salary S5.80 W, Ludwis. salary 92.00 A, Hill, salary ,.... 64.30 P, Newsome, salary 72.20 A, Llndqulst, salary 72.20 H, Stephenson, salary 88.50 C. Webb, salary 82,00 C, Pollard, salary... llfi.30 I. Kohl, salary 55.10 A. Carlson, salary 92.20 H. Passmore. salary 02.60 W. Ettel, labor 20.40 Iowa State Bank, tax withheld 115.70 Diesel Service, oil 041.27 C. M. St. P, & P. By., freight 477.15 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., supplies 28.46 Westlnghouse Electric Co., supplies 38.38 Iowa Electric Supply Co., supplies 103.S5 Algona Machine Shop, repairs 18.2Q Thao, B,. Robertson Products Co., supplies 15.74 H. W. Post, freight,.,,... i.98 Botsford. Dumber Cp., sup- -plies J73.0H Thorpe Wood & Iron Worlds, repair ...,.'.... o.oo Putclis Super Service, re- palrs , .., :.... 17.78 Clements .Super Service, supplies ,, 33.12 Selzers Service Station, gas 24.H Walter Klanjp, gas., 1.44 C. & B. Mfgf. Co., repa(r..,, 4,60 Alsona Creamery. Ka«. v , l-°.g NW Bell Tele. Cp., service ?1.05 Addressogaph Cp.. contract 3.60 30.00 27.60 70.10 40,95 19.20 6.80 33.7$ 19.20 11.00 3.8.16 F. Ostrum, salary B, Barton, salary , P, Dalley, salary 0. Pollard, salary ........ 1. Kobi,. salary , ^ L, Mitcijeii, salary R»y Harr. labor ,, 3. Ulrlclv, }|fcor ,. W. Bowman, labor Q.' Palmer, labor , J. Ree4. labor ..,,, R Haajp, labor B. darter, labpr ••••" "--if Wallace ft Tiernan OP,. supplies • Ship ahoy!...Have a Coke ... refreshment joins the family reunion It's a far cry from shipboard to the family fireside. But in both places your sailor finds friendliness and Coca'Cola. The words Have a Cofy have a special meaning for him. They say You Ye one of us. The sparkling refreshment of ice-cold Coke reflects the. friendly American spirit... has made the pause thdt refreshes a national custom, BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COtA COMPANY BY MINERAL SPRINGS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. HUMBOLDT, IOWA Coke = Coca-Cola ["Coca-Cola"and its abbreviation I'Coke" are the registered trade- l murks which distinguish the prod* f uct of The Coca-Cola Company; Q 1945 Th. C-C C*. ( Public Auction H Having sold my farm, I will sell the following described articles % mile east of Lotts Creek, 4} =5 miles south and 1*4 west of Lone Rock, 6 west and 5 miles north of Algona, on | Thursday, Nov. 15th SALE TO START PROMPTLY AT 12:30 Head of Horses Three sorrel geldings, 9, 7, 5-year-olds, weight 1700 Ibs. each. | 17 - Head of Holstein Cattle - 17 J == Six cows coining with second calf, to freshen in latter part of November; 5 two-year-old heifers, 2 — JJS milking now, rest to freshen soon; two 2-year-pId open heifers; 4 open yearling heifers, ' 'S5 1 Farm Machinery, Etc* | £5 Furinall F-12 tractor with cultivator, rubber in front; John Deere three 14-in. bottom plow with JH 55 spring hitch; Fapec ensilage cutter with 80 ft, of pipes, 3 yrs. old; McCormick-Deering corn binder* SE aa '" truck, tongued with conveyor, good shape; International steel box spreader, 4 yrs. old; John Deere No.. = 55- 099 corn planter, 120 rods of % wire, 8 JTS. old; 11-ft .International sprlug4ooth harrow with tractor gsr 3= hitch; BlcCormlck 8-ft. binder; McCorinick-Deering 6-rft. mower, ' S S5 John Deere 4*sec. lever drag; Bock Island side-delivery 10-ft. dump rake; John Deere endgate seed"* er;.steel running gear with triple box wagon; wide-tired wooden wheeled wagon with box; truck w'agon with good hay rack? 8 low-down ensilage wagons, one with rubber in back; one-hole International hand corji-tehellor; (1-in, International burr grinder; S ten-ft. horse drawn discs; all-steel speed Jack; old John Deere planter with bean boxes; bob sled} road drag; rubber*tired swill cart! get 'goofl ferftihep harness, collars; Surge double-unit milking machine, complete with pump, motor, and 8 stall cocksj $ years old; McCormick-Deerlng NO, 4 separator, Two I0^gal.j*nd 5 8-dgal. cans, pad strainer; wooden cooling tank; tank beater; electric brooder, 5Q,0-«shjck size; H4' h « P» motor; 1/6 h,'p, motor, 110 yolts; J0«bu. rotary tin hog feeder; 4 steel troughs, barref with 30-\gal. medicated crude oil; 80 gal, oil barrel; 1 barrel pi) pump; yjse; 1 bjirrej^ crossjcjjt r s^wj p{lage #n,4 Iwy forks; scoop bo»rdj shovels; repf sllngsf canyas; tools and other articles (bo numerous to. mention, 19Q lp rope* . bflty: JQQ 4 of fjjftw, 3-fcurneir JwrftWW itOTf! no property to be removed wtH settled |ori ! ^ **!A ^xS-tf* 3

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