The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 8, 1945
Page 2
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JUNIOR PLAY AT LONE ROCK TO BE PRESENTEDN0113 Lone Rock: "Professor, How tJould You!" a three act play, •with an evening full of laughter will be presented Tuesday, Nov. 13, at eight o'clock by the Lone Hock Junior class under the direction of Miss Lease. Three small children and the entire junior class will entertain. The cast includes Charles Hawks, Joyce Mar- aow, Nellie Schmidt, Richard Gross, Donald Bierstedt, Ersel Briele, Betty Kueck, Kenneth Richards, Phyllis Hawks and Willard Ohm. New Employee at Bank— Mrs. Merton Larson started •work Monday morning at the Lone Rock bank. Miss Violet Kelson who has been employed there for the past several months resigned her position on Saturday. Mrs. Mrs. Hostess- M. Gross entertained •the Susy See club Friday aitef- ' present, and five Wp robes were finished. Party for Ed Hoppe— A party was given in honor of the birthday of Ed Hoppe at his home on Sunday. Those attending were the Glen, Clarence and Chester Hoppe families from Truman', Min., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoppe; Good Thunder, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoppe, Fairmont, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoppe, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Person and Mildred. Mr. Hoppe has been confined to his home since his accident last spring, and many of his friends remembered him with a shower of birthday cards. Mr. and Mrs. Don Arns, Algona, spent Sunday at the Del Marlow home. Mary Jane Winch, George, la., was a week end guest of Verona Radig. . Mr. and Mrs. Dale l»yfteh' Spent Sunday at the Jack Lynchi H6me, Ledyard. Mary Ann (lettman Spent gun^ day at the paternal Henry Gett» mans at Hurt. .'.. The Russell Bates family spent Sunday evening at the Marvin Kuecks at Seneca. " The Everett Richardsoris of Algona were Sunday guests at the Ornie Behrends home. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough spent Sunday at the Alien Wells home in Elmore, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weber visited Sunday evening at the F. A. Drone home east of Hurt. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dacken, Algona, spent Sunday evening at the Ralph Bierstedt home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich were Sunday evening dinner guests at ithe Alf. Jorgenson home. Mrs. Margaret Oldenburg, Austin, Minn., came Sunday for a few days at the Bob Dreyer home. Mrs. C. W. Heerdt and sons Gene and Dennis of Algona spent Sunday with the Frank Flaigs. "NEW PACK" ©men O&K CANNED GOODS VALUES! Now that Home Canning is laid by you can check the shelves in your fruit cellar. Decide on the Canned Fruits and Vegetables you must get at Council Oak to complete an assortment to run you through the Winter. Watch for the weekly arrival of New Pack Canned Foods at Council Oak at — LOWEST CEILING PRICES CREAM STYLE No. 2 can I3c WHOLE GRAIN No, 2 can I4c Great Value PEACHES No. 21/2 can ...24c All Good PEACHES No. 21/2 can .. .25c Nugget PEACHES No. 21/2 can ...28c Regards ' Brown Beans No. 2 can 12c Regards JUNE PEAS No. 2 can lOc North State Sweet Peas No. 2 can lOc Holmen Star Alaska Peas No. 2 can lie Morning Light Sweet Peas No. 2 can 13c Superb Evap. Milk 4 tall cans ... .3!»c Morning Light Prunes No. 10 can 54c Algona Creamery BUTTER ,b 48c Everyday Price Morning l.Iprht Cream Style 44 . GOLDEN CORN ST 110 Morning Light Cream Style 44 , WHITE CORN ?a°n 2 . lid Blue Tag Diced Carrots !£"' 12e Superb Fancy, Small WHOLE BEETS Si. 1 . NEW PACK PER CAN TOMATO. Superb Sno-\Vhlte HOMINY* 0 2 can 110 Morning Light SPINACH,?.™. 170 Keystone Pieces and Stems l\f j- MUSHROOMS Van .. 03@ Keystone Sliced MUSHROOMS tr FRUITS & VEGETABLES •• •- ' '•' • -'•••"" ' ••-•:.••-••• •••']•• - Texas Seedless Grapefruit LB, 6ic SALAD AND SAUERKRAUT CABBAGE, Ib. 2* b. n Bag.. 99c INDIVIDUAL ACORN SQUASH, Ib.. .4c WAXED PARSNIPS, Ib 8c ERfflPEROR GRAPES, ib I3 1 / 2 c Jumbo Iceberg LETTUCE, 2 heads 25c FANCY JERSEY __ SWIET POTATOES, 4 Ibs. 25c Oranges BUY THEM— BY , . , $ WEIGHT ll-iw WHITE LOAF FIRST PRIZE, 50 60 VOTJXD TOWEL BAG LB. HAG $2.09 $1.94 GRADE Mutton Sale LOIN CHOPS, Ib 27c RIB CHOPS, Ib 17c SHOULDER CHOPS, Ib.ISc MUTTON LEG, lb,...!9c SHLD, ROAST, Ib,...l5c MUTTON STEW, lb....7c STANDBNG RIB ROASTS POUND 33c to STEAKS BEEF to BOIL, These tender, juicy steaks will be cut to the desired thickness to meet with your preferred method of cooking. ROUND I'OUND 8»C TO SIRLOIN 32d POUND He TO W*iW SHORT CUTS I'OUND 48o TO BULK MINCEMEAT, pound 22c RING LIVER SAUSAGE, pound 28c COTTO SALAMI, pound . , 39c MEAT LOAF Pickle and Pimento LB 29c FRESH SMOKEP BOLOGNA Big and Ring LB 32c OLD FASHIONED MEAT LOAF LB 33C Delicious, Economical Dessert LEAMON'S FRUIT CAKE, each A Richer, Finer Blend FOR A BETTER BREAKFAST DRIP AND HEGULAR. Qf POUND JAR ** CRISP, LIGHTLY 8ALTEO GAFE CRACKERS, I Ib, box 27c ROBB-ROSS PANCAKE AND WAFFLE MIX family iMf ••a BEES- WONEY-CREME, Ib, cup. NOV. 9-Itfl WASHBtJBN'S PEARL BARLEY 11* I l,b. Facltago • "V FIRST 1'KIZE MEALY BEANS 10* e i.h. rpllo. liait 9"w 2 Ll>. Cello. Bag LAUGK LIMA BEANS 950 8 Lb. Cc3o. Bag *VW QUICK AMD UEGUJ-AB SUPERB OATS 3 I.b. Pacliage OLD DUTCH Sexton: Mrk M. & l|s it* tcndel & miscellanebtte shower at Tltonka Wedh6Sday,ii£ter«6oh In honor of Mrs. Robert Pink, riise Lucille tJisen of Wesley. W. S. C; S. Mefctiil*— The Sexton W. S. C!. S. wlil meet at the home of Mrs Clarence Swedin Southeast of tattm Thursday afternoon, Nov. 8. Electioh of .officers to be held. Sielers Have New Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sieler are the proud parents of a baby boy born Thursday at the Kossuth hospital. The Sieters How have a family of three boys and two girls. Now Ottt After Illness— Harvey Steven is again able to be out* and about after several inti ti6id, and old Mends Bi«r fflBch ttleaied to see kirn Wtticft 'ed. ' \ : ^^''''•\*'-]K Airs. Don Moots vjilfisa |t lie' home of her parents Mh arid M*S. Lou Robinson, AlgoHflj Pflday Bf" temoon. ....... v . ,.:, ,* The Sexton 'U. S. W. will meet Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 18* at the home of Mrs. W. C, Taylof west of town. Mrs. 6, E. Sanders attended a meeting of officers of W. S. (3. S. held at the Methodist ehttfch ift Wesley, Friday, Nov. 2. ... Mr. and Mrs. 0gcftf • Hamnidrid, l)arrell and Rhonda of hear Doan spent Thursday evening .visiting at the home of the'ir grandmother Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Krieps and daughter Joan were Wednesday evening supper guests at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Forburger. The occasion being the • birthday of Tommy Forburger. Lone Rock Community News Will Chrlstenson, Jpan Zwef iel and Helen Sprank attended a Bantam show at Rolfe on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Simpson and family of Burt were Supper guests of the Eldon Marlows on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Peterson and family of Swea City spent the day Sunday at the Merwin Marlows. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ackerman and family spent the day Sunday at 'the M. J. Trunkhill home at Burt. Mrs. Alf. Lee and Garry and Barbara from Ottosen are visiting at the I. W. Nelson home for two weeks. Mrs. Harley Shellito, Spencer, is spending this week at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Solberg and family from Armstrong were visitors at the Milford Mitchell home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittmer of Burt visited Monday afternoon at the home of their daughter Mrs. Wm. Schroder. Mr. and Mrs. Julian Cherland and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Jar cobson, Cylinder. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fischer of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fischer spent Sunday afterndon at the Delmar Fischer home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich arrived home Sunday -after a two weeks visit at the home of their son Mainard and family, at College Station, Texas. Mrs. V. C. Cook and daughter and Rita McGinnis of Reddick, 111., came Saturday morning for a visit at the Bernard O'Donnell and Hugh Walsh homes. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bjustrom and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan of Algona and Rev. and Mrs. Kitterman and baby were guests of the Arie Dittmers on Sunday. Mrs. Sheldon Merrill, Mrs. Gobbert Krouch, Seneca, and her daughter Mrs. Francis Sullivan, Washington, D. C., spent Wednesday at the Joe Lynch home. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Duncan and son Eldon, Burt, were Sunday dinner'guests of Emil Persons. The Persons called at the Hiram Ackerman home Sunday evening. The Lawrence Geitzenauer family attended a turkey dinner Sunday evening given at the John Geitzenauer home in Fenton in honor of Sgt. Milton Geitzenauer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weisbrod and Mrs. Kate Bellinger of Fenton were at the Clair Bellingers on Sunday. The Kenneth and Harvey Bollingcr families of Fenton visited there Friday evening. Geo. Rich Takes A Bride, October 24; Living In Algona Four Corners: George Francis Rich, who was discharged from the service a few months ago, was united in marriage to Edith Kinseth, Oct. 24, at Mason City. They took a short wedding trip in Minnesota and are now at home in Algona. A group of relatives and friends charivaried the newly married couple Thursday evening of last week. A family dinner was enjoyed Sunday at Selzer's lunch room in honor of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rich. Mrs. Nettie Rich was hostess. Those attending besides the honorees and hostess were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drayton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rich, Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Light of Bricelyn, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. John Rich, Tom Sabin, Mary Dunn and Charles Dunn of Scarville, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. George Lee were Sunday night supper guests at the Harvey Broadwell home. Mr. and Mr^. J. M. Elmore were expecting their daughter and husband home from Georgia Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dau who have been visiting at the Q. A. Bjustrom home the past month, left for their home in Aarkansas Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Witham and daughter Ellen and Mrs. Witham's father L. J. Lowman were dinner guests Sunday at .the Louis Lowman home near Fenton Mrs, Ida, Njckersqn accompanied her daughter Mrs. Fern Huling and famjly to the Lurhl Fe'ss- ler 'home Sunday for dinner. The party went to 'the A. J. Meyer? home for Sunday supper. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Walker entertained the following guests at Sunday night supper, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and family, Mr. and Mrs. 'Robert Walker and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Walker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reid and daughter Mary Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Will, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Raney and Raymond Walker. • Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holdren entertained the following guests at dinner Sunday: Mrs. Violet Walker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Broesder and family, Mrs. Edith Rich, Mr. and Mrs. John, Sabin and family, Mrs. Rex Swanson and. daughter Nancy, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Schendei of Buffalo Center. Mr .and Mrs. Don Houck went to Rlceville Monday 'afternoon to the hpme of Mr. Houck's parents the W. E. Houcks to visit with Don's brother Merton, who is just home after several years 'Service overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Seegebarth, Mrs. Lawrence Zwiefel, Mrs. John Seegebarth and Lydia, returned home Friday from Detroit Lake, Minn., after a weeks visit at -the home of John Seegebarth, a brother of Eric's. Henry Schrader and his brother Art of Fenton spent from Friday to Sunday at Sioux City visiting the Schrader son LuVerne, a student at Morningside. Mrs. Schroder and Dale spent Sunday at the Marvin Kuecks, Seneca. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sankey,' Britt, ibft- W6f hip ahetatd k» Miss, lefte tease, Mw>y ••. Mf, |ha Mrs. (3. M, Grots eii* No Restrictions On FURNACES Some Models Available Now Many families will be enjoying icon that new pre-war quality Green Colonial Furnace they've been waiting for. HAVE YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER? If not, do It quickly; the demand if heavier than the Immediate luppty — but you'll alwnyi bt glad you wetted for a Green ; v Colonial Furnace. See us today. . * Whether you prefer cool, oil or B&t there's a specially designed _. Green ' Colonial Furnace " ••'"' •' to Iniure .your comfort. BLOWERS Laing & Mtrekey Phone 464 N. Dodge St. Algona. Iowa Regardless of wKat Kfip- pens, this country will face a coal shortage this winter. The demand will exceed ihe supply by millions of tons. We urge you to follow the four suggestions listed at right and place your order now for your coal needs. v Conserve heat by using every means to save coal. TO DO I dr'der. fuel 'nmr. ThU wilt ease .the burden i on .traMpoiptaiioji, and ensure you of warmth., when cold weather strikes. £> r 3!'akijideafer*ji a<fcice.~'Vour coal dealer !•: under many official regulations ... he.has little ipnds HE gets. Holding out for '* particular size, type or grade of coal may .leave 'you holding the bag with NOTHING when, winter comes. 3,Cooperate on deliveries. Let-your fuel dealer schedule deliveries so as to make the most efficient use of his manpower 'and equipment. ' ijt ... • . ,. - r ... - . .'. •I WinteriMO your house now so as .to keep warm_with less fuel this winter. Insulating, weatherstripping, caulking, .putting up storm doors and windows, overhauling your heating plant and installing heat controls—each means " big fuel savings. F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 „,.„.,..,.,,.,.,, flppear^nce featurM of tjw ww J94$ QwWokt Iiji BL6W Wi^'WiDK F&di&tor grMoi now luKxl oroftiufiiitiiMOiii PAW Iwo-tonp color narwonies; distiflctlve mw wtrumept panel; * ma«ive pew "Qur^sywr" bumpere l»tb front .wd WW. , fa ^CHEVROLET. •ellinj[ iQV-priced (^ froin % »U-)roun4 Mrea on4 upfo^p; «wj tfce ije^ (3Jwyr«{e$ bft iP WIW te IM WW W8WWW nev «W ,-,:'-- ..'..- til- ,-.,-.•.,". — ' i 1 " 1 - ••/•:-'••" •- '-?-'-i'-i'-v' -.••-.•;•••;•;• ;.".;"V .•',•!! ••---;" ,™i*(Mi' ,':'•! ~'£l*' ' 'i-r--i; f-Ef'-i* • /. ,- .',•: . ; .t."?,^"--'"-. .,.'/.-'-'_;.-••"" ," ; - ••.-';.•.-•;•'•'7.t;f ; " v'..V->-•*{] j < .;>">':^',:,Vi:^*;>-T;-^L ; ;i. •7ri~^,!^-i"'[ •*5&^?'*'™'''' L '* : -*-V-''f^i'fc^\ <! *'»'S^i/'

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