The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1939
Page 3
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.THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1939 BLYTHEVILLB, '(ARK.? COURIER NEWS SELF REIIK .whoiri she -has been visiting' for visit with her parents, Mr. •and Uicpasl three weeks. Mrs. Lliidscj- Mrs. Harry Slrnslmr&, nfHmnbolitt, plans to visit her parents, Mr. and n '""" ' Mrs. B. Carter, for two weeks. Miss jowcll Dunchcw Is leaving Thursday for Detroit, Mich., where I she will spend the next two months ixs ilicguesl of Mr, ami Mrs, G. W. ] Steele. : . Martha Jean ^Turner, of Marie, I Is spending this week with lictsy Bedford. 0 _. r 1 n Mrs.' Leon Grow and son, Jolinlc, ourvey bhows rood 1 re- of st. LOUIS, win foe the guests or ,;• » M ' .. Mi'- and Mrs. J. R. DimohOK, and servalion Among majoi fftmlly for 0)e ncxl tnrec W( , cks . Mrs - T - G - Brucc> w]l ° lms bcm 111 at three her home is for the past preservation and 1 ! was revealed today by the Farm Security J. K. Clillds, road salesman foi (lie TcdU Sales company, lins returned frcni Rochester, N. Y., where In Now York City. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Horner of I Scn&tli, Mo., and three children, Louise, Charles and Wllnm, were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. I B. R. Kamp. Mrs. John Stovnll spent Sunday I with her mother, Mrs. S..-AT. Miller, In Memphis. 1938~was 380; with families on tnis""™* llc n1so vlsllc<1 the WorW>s FSA, program for the first year showing an increase from 140 quarts in 1931 to 375 for 1 There are 5.2 persons in the aver- famlly living Under the direction of-the PSA. , First year clients In the state Sod 6 ^ISlon 1 rr^onV'o , in ,„ nmhevme. ^s^'famnr^WM^I^ovIn, at the Baptist hospital families were second with an increase of - 202 quarts per family. Second year clients showed an average of 480 quarts per family and third year clients 413. The average for all clients in the state for 1938 was 380 quarts to the family. The average.for the nation for 1938 was only 110. Arkansas FSA families were way down lii production of meat for home consumption when compared to other states in the nation. First year families showed an increase from 133 pounds to 241 pounds, while "the average for the state was 230 pounds and for the nation 292 pounds. -" '. Arkansas first year families on the program doubled their milk consumption during the year. During 1937 they produced for home ^ise 243 gallons of milk and last year 429 gallons per family. Second year families used 556 gallons and third year families GOT gallons. The average for the stale was 441 and the nation 3G6. The survey showed that the FSA families produced for home use an average of 115 dozen eggs; 3' bushels of fruit, sweet ixrtatocs anc that they owned an average of 2.' subsistence cattle. Eacli family lint an average of 3!2 hogs and 42 chickens. The average FSA farme in the state has 1.3 work animals and farms about'33 acres of land 11 of which are in cash crops. Approximately 28 per cent of th families in the state changed farm during the- year. All of the client have iWritteri . (eases. The repor • showed tlyvtj, 1930 former, share croppers hare advanced to tenari during the last year. "A. report typical of progress be ing made is'the one from Fulto county," said A. Iff, Rogers, chic the'-rural:rehabilitation region Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs, Dick Watson, of Osccola, were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Watson and (mnlly. Mr. and Mrs. Boh Stovnll, of Number Nine, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Stovull, of Kejser. Miss Kntle Krimp returned to Kclser Friday from n week's visit ill Memphis. Mrs. VV. W. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. 'Ferguson and daughter, Nell, were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Larson, of Marlon. I Mrs. Mamie McCnllnrs and Miss Alene McCullnis spent Monday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brooks am! two children, Margie and James of Dolse, Idaho, were, guests o Mr. and Mrs, Bill Amos Sunday Mrs. Fred Dcmpsey Is leaving Saturday to visit her mother, Mrs Wlnslcad, and friends In Missis slppi. The 'Rev. B. E. L. Bcardcn Jr of Luxora, pastor of the Keise First Methodist church raas th dinner guest of Dr. and Mrs. J. T Polk Sunday. WPA Allotment Made For School Lunche nciies for underprivileged chll- en In Mississippi county Is guar- leed for next term In a telegram stcrday froiii Congressman E...O.' alhlngs In Washington to County idge S. U Qladlsh 'of Osccola. The telegram read: Jwlgc S, L. ladlsh, Osceola, Arkansas, "1 am ist advised WPA allotment has cen made in the sum of $45,992 prepare and serve lunches to be imlshed without cost to needy litdrcn in the public' schools of flssisslppi county, Also work In- hides operation of enrdons ami annlng of garden donations and rphifl foodstuffs for use nndei his project. E. C. Oatlilngs." The Osccola Parent-Teacher As- cciatlon has provided hot lunche.' or a small group of such chlldrci or the past two years with the cooperation of local merchants and civic orBiinlzalhiis. The past lerin, 1009 lunches were served at a ccst of 7,91 wills each, It was announced by Mrs. 13, S. Lrinoy, president of the Osccola P. T. A. Similar projects were carried on In other schools of the coimly. Hoiubay N'ohliT Than I.umlon .'IIOMDAY, India IUI>>—The mnln sti'cets of liombny arc ten tlmi's noisier llinn those of London. According lo a count made by the Safety First assoclatlcn, which Is considering means of mincing linlllc noises, vehicles In the' city's busiest thoroughfares sound warnings 50 limes a minute. In London the average Is five times n minute. Read Courier Nu*'s wnni ails, OSCEOLA, Ark., June 29.—Assur- Mrs. E. Cohn left Sunday for n ance thai the providing of school DRINK TWSamuels . AND SMILE "In Fulton county in 1930 the were 168 clients,..mho borrowed a ' average of $34.41 for food am $11.37'.- for clothing. There were three clients who borrowed none for food and 39 none for, clothing '"In 1937>there "were 170 client with average loans for food $19.0 and clothing $4.C8.. Eighteen bor rowed none for food and 14 non for clothing. "InI 1938 there mere 169 clients and the average loaned food was $5,68 and 29 cents for clothing. There were 10G families who borrowed nothing for focd and 101 none for clothing. This year with 139 old clients and 91 new, the average loaned for food was $6.37 and for clothing 87 cents. There •were 211 families who dia • not need loans for clothing and 151 who did not need loans for food." Stock up NOW on Sanforizcd-Shnink Reiser News Mrs. J. P. Baines of Senath, Mo., spent the weekend with her daughter Mrs. B. K. Kamp, and family. Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Pegs and son, Fred Leoii, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Plippo and Mr and Mrs. \Vylc Taftcllo, of Lepanlo Sunday. , I ' Miss Helen Carter -returned to her home at Trenton, Teim,, Sunday. 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