The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1945
Page 10
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AND BAZAAR At the Butt Presbyterian Chtrrch Evening, Qtt. 31 Serving at 5:30 P. M. 65c and 35c Rummage and Food Sale Mpon'sored by Liultos Aitxil- inry to Votorans of Foreign ' SATURDAY, OOTOHEH 27 At. 8 n. m. Allou Motor Co. Need Otrinlntat Money? Anu-ricn's most wiik'ly n-iul niogftzine —Tho llfailfr's Higest—offers a plonsnnt, dignifiHd way to turn your spam time into cash you can use for Christmas. Act n9 our Commun- ily Keprpsuiitativn—earn liberal profits hy noccptiiiK subsci-iptions from your friends nnd nolfthbors. REDUCED HOLIDAY Il.VTICS assure immcdiato orders. Arid you can offrr HALF-PRICK KtibscriptioiLS for service men— and /or KX-REHVICE MEN who are back home! N T o oxporinnco needed to lualco many welcome dollars before Christ mns. Mail jioniiy posieard now for full details and free package of selling aids, to AI.LAN RCOTT, Dept. IO-4 Thn Header's ])igest, Pleasantville, X. V. G., wheife he had <bfeett giVen his army discharge. EhnVute hbnh'e ! he stopped in Aberdeen, Mary lantl, to visit his brother John, ift i the army, and In Washington, D. C,, to visit his sister Helen, ' Mr, and MM. No*mftn Craw- M ^ and M ^ Si jjarry JdKttsbii of fordford spent the weekend m Tnconia, Wash., and Mh and Mi's. Spencer with Mrs. Crawford s, M A- Glaser of Hefrick, S.' D., • parents Mr. and Mrs. John Heien v j s jt e d fforti Monday until arid other relatives. -| Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Verl Frasef ' haS be4n ill Mrs. Arthur Glaser. Mrs; John- several days and has now con-, son is n daughter of Mr. and Mrs. treated" pneumonia. Her bus-, Glaser and Arthur Glaser is a band's mother, Mrs. Joe Praser, son. is caring for her. Her husband j Dr> pj. E _ Hulehinson and Miss is in service. (Franc Holyer of Pierson, Iowa, S.-Sgf. Clarence Cook arrived are expected Friday for a few Friday from Reno, Nev., to visit days visit w<ith Mr. and Mrs. D. his mother,.Mrs. Daisy Cook, and s. Hutchinson and family. Dr. brother Raymond until Sunday Hutchinson is the Methodist pas- when he will return to Reno. tor at Pierson and is the father Rev. Eafl Burgess and Rev. N. O f D. S. Hutchinson. Miss Holyer A. Price went to Des Moines, is his aunt. Monday, to attend a church busi- Barbara Johnson of Marshall- ness meeting. On Tuesday Rev. town has been visiting at the Burgess went to Fenton where home of her aunt, Mrs. A. K he attended a preachers meeting. Lnuritzen the past few weeks. Judy Kay", small daughter of Mr. and M;;s. Lauritzen ore tak- Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dahlhaus- ing her to her home Sunday. The er, has i-eceived a beautiful ros- little girl's mother has been in a ary from her father who is sta- hospital and Mrs. Lauritzen has tioned near Paris. The rosary been caring for her. was purchased at the cathedral Mr; ocd Mrs 1 . Chris Wallukait, Hurt Girl iffM||iifPiiiPi Business Tfalhinj? for a Ncnv Life faking! i Mrs, Ruby SchVlz,-Blirt/ is one-of,- a\$roap^of young'women, widows of'tnen whiy, lost .their, fives. InUMjSet'V^e of their cbuntry, who is taking a buslnes^'AlB, Des Moines, preparatory to a new sta^tif Mrs. SchUltZj a daugntfel 1 ; of Mr. and Mrs; .Bert Godden.of BtirtV Is pictured.ihirij froiti the left In the back row, above. The other young wprtleM. 6re ; oil Iowa g)rl.< from.other localities at Notre Dame. their son Duane who is homt> on •bo employed in laibor6t6fy:;Wpfk., iV1 iii C( RnnshifGity, La Tour'and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ingebtilaoh Liberty. They visited Mr, and went to Iowa City Wednesday 1 , to L.Mrs; John Shoemaker, H.' H. Lus- see their daughter Inez, Jean Who 'by and 'family;,' fi, E. Lusby and was taken there a weifek:agb Satr family, Clyde Lusb'y and Mrs. urday for treatment .tor pblid.j.Maude'rHen.i'yV the ladies being They are hoping sM can.' be ] slsfeis of Mr; Lusby ( and men .brought home. Mrs; ' Ingebrit*; ore Wotherg; At Liberty they son's mother, Mrs. P. J. Helmke I spent a' little time with distant of Swea City, is here keeping relatives. Stbeffel being ' the foVrtier Alnia Crrandjmineti Mr. and Mrs. UU fers find their son Richard .will to dlarkstpn, .Wash,, where ' ' IW ^ deparifttent; - This hnppfeMd . . (it .where the fflalclv Ihit-'dWil a tf«ll tfl -life leartihg.Unctefnetth n pat-Red fluto* »« « f, ?, • V ?% 1 ^?j -•>."-, i inuuiic. SJL-HOUIUSD iintc rerd atfd•ha";MSMWd/rtfoyea ;•:; n the^'thi<e l nlenlnl tb feW ttbmhs ag&iTn^ UlrerSinaVe ' no iniitve'tuijite. .plans': for a bust-1 h'fesSj-bUt'^ef^i'-to' Itiok at'oUntl a little befor'e ;gettlmg.definitely,•; iih® ' .. .. • . s • * George, MlkotA ••. mdved into a j fafm yard, neiat' New Itampl6n With «•• triiftk*16ad of '•' lime' for use- 1 In Impr6vlng the land and he mbv- i ed a-lgnt itilb a»'bobby*trSp; A disapproving- bUll assi&uUed ' thfe truck from the' rear/ as : George 1 move'd 'into the ' ^ard/ The animal then mad^' a frontal a ltd ck; on the .tru'ck's fenders: Nb ! lolling 1 wliat might have 'happened ' neitt' hod not the farmer appeared with a pitchfork and persuaded the -ftni 1 - mhr'.tb. retre&t. tp'^the ba'vii. :..;... , ?!Urilititir6yed 8d' acres; sol!/' Sf^ ttiHW tjo^tn ; Stflfendld ' Mrs. Will Brown received word furlough, and their daughter', Wednesday morning of the birth Betty, JVIiss Lnrna Faulstick and house while the Ingebritsons are away. Mrs. Ronald Grief. ; wh'o has of a daughter that clay to Lt. Carol Pate, brother of Mi's. Wall- Col, and Mrs. Walter Greenwood uknit, went to Humboldt Thurs- „ .... at Mobile, Ala. Mrs. Greenwood clay evening where a family din- and Mrs. A. R. Cruikshank while is the former Jean Simmons, nor was enjoyed by a group of daughter of Mrs. Brown. relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hedlund Mf. and Mrs. George Wilkin- and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Mc>- son of Des Moines were guests Danel went to Des Moines, Fri- over the weekend at the home of day, to attend the Drakc-Dcnvor Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long. Mr. ] studying: law and M#s. G-fefe was been living with her parents Mr. ..„ husband has be.en ift-'jservice^ has joined him ift loWa;' City where he has been vthewptist sev- Mr». E. W. Lusby received a recettt letter from her daughter Miss .'Marguerite Dalziel in which' she. said/ Her cousin, Durwood j Potter, .'had visited her a few days in Honolulu where Miss Dalziei,v;is with a U. S. O. unit. eral weeks since li'is piScharge. Under the soldier '^enfflj't he is for football game. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson lived here as a Hedlund attended Drake which and his father J. J. Wilkinson county boy I unable to join hinf s&f>her for made the game extra interesting was superintendent at to them. one time.* He is now 94 years of| Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ander- age and enjoys good health. lack of living qiiartgrs; An apartment has no\V bewfj'.fpundi Mr. and Mrs. E. 1 W. feuib'y returned Friday from a'Woweek^ PENNY SUPPER Townsend Hall 108 So. Hall St. Across West from Bolsford's Thursday, Nov. 1 0:00 until 8:00 p. m. Public Invited Algona Townscnd Club No. 1 H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling;. Ever) 1 load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. Radio Battery T/iYOLT I: l (60B-6L) For greater radio pleasure, use COAST-TO- COAST STORES long lasting radio batteries. Flashlight Battery Large size, heavy duty flashlight battery. (SF638) I son and the former's father, T C. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elslon, visit with relatives in Missouri. I Anderson are expected F.^.ay their son Elton, who is home on j from Wells, Minn., to spend the furlough from an air base in day at the Mrs. Laura Hopkins Mountain Home, Idaho, and Mrs. home. The late Mrs. J. C. An- J. B. Hofius, mother of Mrs. Els- I clerson was a sister of the late ton, went to Des Moines where,' Mr. Hopkins. they soent the weekend with Mrs. G. C. Voss, Miss Evelyn Mrs. Newton Mack and family. | Holland and Clarence Holland, Mrs. Mack is the daughter of Mr. | all of Minneapolis, were guests and Mrs. Elston. j of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hovey over Friends of Clarence Pannkuk, | the weekend. Mrs. Voss is un former well known Alt;onian nunt of Mrs. Hovey and Miss who was employed with the, Holland and Clarence fire broth- Wolcott hardware company a er and sister. number of years ago, will be Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Riler re- glad to know he is recovering turned Sunday from Hay warden nicely from a recent aopendec- j and other towns in that vicinity tomy at a hospital in Fairmont.' where they spent a week with Mr. and Mrs. Pannkuk moved to relatives. At Haywarden they Fairmont several years ago. | visited Mrs. Riter's mother, Mrs. Mrs. Wilma Brown and daugh-, M. J. Sidwell and Mr. Riter's ter Sharon of Humboldt were father, J. P. Riler. weekend guests at the Chris Roger Burgess, James Burns Wallukait home. Mrs. Brown is and Ronald Taylor left last week a sister of Mrs. Wallukait. Carol Thursday for DCS Moines in ans- Pate, a brother of the ladies, is wer to their summons to the na- visiting at the Wallukait home. val reserves in which they had He was recently discharged from enlisted last August. Later word service and has been here during from them said they have been Duane Wallukait's furlough. sent to San Diego. i Sgt. Anthony Schneider arriv- Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hutchi- ed last Tuesday from.,... Gh4cnga son and Dr. and Mrs. M. G. and is visiting his brother, Bourne are driving to M.inneapo- James, here and his jDarents, Mr. j lis this weekend to attend a foot- and Mrs. Tony Schneider at Ban- ball game. Mr. and Mrs. James rroft. He has been serving in Murtagh and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Germany and will return to Chi- plan to rago for discharge. Pfc. Jos Schneider, who also saw action, Durwo^, is with the merchant the ship was laid up _ irs.' Durwood's twin brothe^'f .Sherwood, who was man'agjp-. of the National Tea compa^ f ' store here before in- duetioiK^s'in.Nuremburg, Ger- manyJSWith the army. Mr. Sind Mrs. John Ulferi have sold their residence on Ridgley They were in Columbia, Harris- I street to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome •-.C : .. .-;»..'. Coast-to-Coast Store END OF MONTH SALE Cowan are others who attend the same game. John Dunn arrived recenJlv is home on a 45-day furlough, from the Oakland naval hospital Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Boyce spent on a 30-day leave. His brother, the weekend here with the lat- Kelsey Dunn, is also here on a ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. furlough. Kelsey is a chief petty Turner. Mrs. Turner is the for- officer and is here while his mer Ruby Turner. Mr. Boyce has ship is in the Brooklyn navy been released from the navy and yard undergoing repairs. he and his wife will live in Fort Sgt. Tom Bestenlehner arrived Dodge or Des Moines. Mr. Boyco, i home Friday from Fort Bragg, N. who was a pharmacist mate, will i I Car Batteries 45 Plate. 18 Mo. Guar. , exchange Passenger Tired COOx 1C Grade I •-•' Plus Fed. Tax . Radio Battery Heavy duty. . ( $175 Power Pack Radio Batteries 1K> Volt DWELLING AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS INSURANCE IN TOWN OR COUNTRY Our cost is low—our coverage complete. We can offer you 4 different plans of insuring. It costs nothing to find out about this before you renew or buy. L. S. BOHANNON Phone 103 Over S & L Store Heater Hose With braid. 7c A private sewage system for Your Farm Think what this means! The comfort of a modern home brought to every member of the f;im''v. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small. Easy to install, too. Toasters Need Attention! Be careful of your toaster coils. They are hard to replace like other electrical equipment. Use Pratt Electric repair service. Pratt Electric Co. Phone 170 Algona Seat Covers 2 or 4 door passenger cars complete set Grease Guns And Fittings Complete High Pi>»jsure ^Window Glass S?,-. '8x10, each 5(B Flex-6-Glass 33C yd. Stove Pipe 28, ga. 24" loiiir. 15c Linoleum Floor Coverings 9x12 Wire Bike Baskets $|79 Bicycle Seat Covers 53c Rubber Bike Grips pair Any F«rai Home M*y Now H*y« • JBatb and lutido Toilet _„, tk« IMM CWBfprtl tUt F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 4-tt IMPORTANT NOTICE Effective Nov. 1, 1945 IMPORTANT CHANGES FASTER TIME JEFFERSON LINES LEAVE ALGONA WEST tO SPENCER—8:50 P. M. EAST TO MASON CITY—J0t20 A. M. BUS DEPOT ALGONA HOTEL TEL. 262 43-44 Coast-to-Coast Store Algona Joe Bloom, Owner THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, OCT. 25'20-27^...£ The'Piiillijer'Prize Noverof'the Year! 'Suddenlq nothintjetee matt«*ed, except itiatshewasa - woman...drtd / * Suddenly Nothing Else Mattered Except That She Was a Woman and lit Was a Man! ADDED ATTRACTION SELLING SEATING CAPACITY ONLY COLUMBIA'S / IOV6ZI slarnng MlDNHSMf SfSOW | • lA/etedaii. Oct. 31 I : "' tot*- of Uffs ! tofs of! Thrill*'. •r : SUCH FUN.! LUSTROUS WHITEGLO ENAMEL [ Available [Again! $l.39«l* For walUs, ceiling?, woodwork, etc. Give; a smooth, washable f inis.h. $4.89 a gallon. ^jijjj^jjflgif/l^^jfg^jggififjglllifjfif^ ,. •^•,L^JLi^^.-"*;.£*t£.£ ft* W, ftiitil Ottloe t"hone. lift j ;iOWA; . Phbne 251. C. HutbhlSdh C. Huloliisoh State Bank Algona, ( J...Vari Nesa, Alletj A. BrunsoD ' ATTORNEYS Af ; LAW now Helfte Builcdng t»hofte^2l3 ' Algona, loWV Oaylord D. Sliiimwttv Stlw/t). Harold V. Frlstedt , KEtiLlT & . ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office" In Hutchison Bldg. Phbna 68 ALGONA, IOWA ATTORMBYS AT LAW ^ « Iowa Phone 26) Off fre'over l<os«iJth Mut." Ins; BWg ALGONA, IOWA L. A. AT^ORNEV; AT LAW . .Offlce-in Hutchlsort Building Phonei 180. Algoha, J.D.LOWE Attorney at' Rooms 212-214 First Nat'i Bk Phono 287 Algona, Iowa . E. J. VAN NESS . Law Offices E. J..Van Ness Delia Welter 2nd Floor-New Hcise Building . . Algona, Iowa'- ptirtrsiciANs & sunafioNS O. H. CR'ETZRDijyBB, Mi' 0i Phone 444-310 StTRGEON & PHYSICIAN Office In John Galbralth Bldg. : .PHYSICIAN & SURGEON' JVIELVJN G. BOURNE ••.• Phone—Office 197 Res. 1M Across from P. S. Norton & Son" DENTISTS A. 3. EASON, Dentist Office over Jamfes'-Drug Store' ! Phone Office 69 : v Residence 86f KARL'B. HOFFMAN . V v '• DENTIST - £: Office In New HeiseiBldg. . : "Phone 44 Res; Phone lie DR. ~ERVIN J. ANDERSON, •;.. ;, • ' , DENTIST . ; « Office- in McEnroe Building V Of. Phone-572 Res. Phone 525^-W DR. J. P. HERRIG Dintlst ' Rooms'. 13 anfl 15 Ilagfrarfl '& «Pelersbn<;BWffi Office Phone 19 Residence: 569" OPTOMT3TRIST A; VV.' Amuhson O/IiCe-r-Borcliardt Bldg. Eyes' Examined Res;' Phone 430 MISCELLANEOUS ANTONE E. JOHNSON , (Burpee Agency) District Agent Northwestern Mutual Life ?;'.. / - Algona, Iowa •:>'.'•• Phone G56 Res. 1?3 EMMETSBTJRG PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans/to Farmers and Stockmen ; With' a sound basis for credit.'. : •' Rate-4%% Pdrt' 1 time office/ Friday 1 to,L4 "p. m./National Farm Loan Ass'n Office % Block South of Council ^ Oak Store. ; IQUAtmr -QUIOCW? HE;ADQUARTER8 - fw Ma4&tO'6rd*r flllBBER STAMPS V^ur orders will b« fUW? i promptly and efflcientljr' Room B«a«trw» Colors corators % Extr* Purable »«4 Washable. >) UL*** ^HrftcM'iwl«<JJ|ig; WSllpfJJfr; Dffef |« |0 "p»|llty» 14 rooro. Mi*es with water. Building Supply Co., Af .M

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