The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 1930 15LYTI1EVILLK. PAGE FTVF DEHTOBW Racliopholo ol: Italy's Great Quake Saint Pierre and Miquelon Import Wines and Cham- j pagnes for U. S. BY MINOTT SAUNDEKS SEA Service Writer 1'AHIS.—Saint Pierre and Miquc- lou, those happy little French Islands of! the coast ol Newfound- laud whose inhabitants have developed such a remarkable appetite lor wines and liquors since the I enactment ol the Volstead Act. in llic United states, may ihid much cointort from the mother country in their predicamciil of being miner Hie displeasure of the American prohibition agents. I The chief industry of the is-, lands is codfish. One of the chief industries of France is wine making. A business common to bom is shipping. In nil these brnnrhe 1 ; of human endeavor the mother country and the islands share sympathetic interests. 11 has been unofficially reported that the French government will take steps to stop liquor smugglnm ir.iough Saint Herre and Miqne- lon, and Washington lias been reported as pleased. The French Ministry of Colonies is said to be interested in the plight of the promotion agents ana to have askc'i me governor 01 the islands to look into the cargoes leaving his shores.. Would Be Change of Volley This is perhaps a delicate official subject, bin, it the Qua! d'Or- say does anything effective to the detriment ol loyal colonies ana home interests, mere is certain to be snarp reaction from man? sour be sharp reaction from many sources. «nd it would be a drastic change ol policy with regard to sainl Pierre and Miquelon. Tne reports regarding the wetness of the islands and possible action to dry idem up. tollowcd restriction 01 liquor clearances froir. Canada. They also (oliowed, be it noted, the passage of the American tarili bill, which the French press and public officials have been unanimous in denouncing as a blow 10 French industry and commerc- Legeiul." Is u uloiu'iiphy ol Germany's grcal soldier-statesman by Margaret Goldsmith and Frederick Volghl. It adopts a sharply critical nlr and thus avoids the tone of hero-worship that infects most biographies of Clcimanq's war-time nrmy commander. 1 found 11 very luU'rcMiny. AllhctiKli tin 1 :r,;ll\or.s denl se- | vcrely with sonic ul llimknburu's | claims to ijfeatneK- Mich, for in- , slaniT, us his finnan* victory «t the M.iMitiiin Lakes--tin 1 m.ui cmci«es from this book us a inlhrr . niLtjl'.i'lC liuille 1 . llf sOl'lll-, [0 b'J left over from another era. and to | clru\v his tiretiKih from Unit fiiet. j HL' stnV.i-s out- us u lonely old mini ' who IIK-, outlived Ills lliiie--lonely, a Irille bewildered, tremendously I shunt 1 iitul very appealing, thr in- ciirna'.bn of loyally and discipline In :i day when neither «1 those thliuiN is very popular. ^ I William Murrow mul Co. UK- uf- feiiiii; the book al S3.50. Us Useless To ray Mora And Risky To Pay Less l.OVKl.ANU, Colo. (UP)—A lutRO Ullll fllilkc foiled 111 till' WOWlbOX ol hi'r hoim: cave Mrs l.ulher Cr;u\!i::-;i a gre.U scare. Her MTfains bro'.i^ht aid and the snukc- was killed.- - IIOKACE: My motto is: "What j L M;nh dmni; Is worth domy well.' KUSTAUK. 1 notice that when- cvi-i ynn make a foul of yoitiM 1 !!.— j Ti'.-llits. Pineapple 21c -25c RICE . Full Head Ib. 5c PORK & BEANS : U5c J PEACHES In tliis picture flown across Europe to London in a plane chartered by NEA Service and Courier News •md transmitted across the Atlantic by radio, rescue workers are shown digging in tV.e ruins at Melfl, hard-si hit of the Italian cities damaged cr destroyed in the recent earllKpiakes that cost more than 3000 lives. Bodies ol several victims were found In this house- THE BOOKS publishers. The book costs $2.50. Von Ilindenuurtf's Life Is Ably i'rescnlcd Here ••llitidenburg—The Man and The '• 11V HKUCE CATXOS ' us. he wants ticeoom; oir.y he be- | NEA Service Writer ! licves '.hat K is poss.Wo to gain | • -I Lived This Story" is Betty , freedom simply by refusing osu- , White's novel of life in a great c,- \ mil to any restraint by re n. o . educational university. It is a well ! let any other person have^nj so.t handled, interesting yarn--ami an | c: claim over him and he ha,.he almighty disturbing one to boot. , sumption to net on that l-enef Miss White traces the career of' consistently. | a young coed. Irom the date of her i jirs. Oibus m:'.kcs it work out' (Jiiiied States Treasury agents \ cnimnce into the university to the ; very nicely all things here have made strong pleas ior | & M O f her graduation. The gift. and every character : considered, | i her book , <~j 'fgnffi (M:, f4fif I-Tcneh aid in stopping "the 'flow ol wines and liquois irom Saint Pierre and Miquelon. They have asked lor intormation on shipping traffic from the islands, but it is said that no statistics have ycl been yivcn. in tins connection, it is recalled tlr.a tnese treasury agents have been exceedingly unpopular here ol late and a campaign tor Iheir removal has been waged in the press. Thc''[aVnous' Uodge mustoms fine, with thi information that French informants get 25 per cent of such lines, left a bad impression and started an investigation that is still in progress. The chief bookkeeper ol the Maison Polrct, which sold dresses to Mrs. Dodge which hac not been declared, commuted suicide after it was revealed that a photograph of the receipted Poi- ret bill was In the hands of the United States customs officials. All these things may be sighted as ramifications of any change m French policy towards its Island possessions. Sentiment Favors Islands As much as prohibition agent- would like to see Saint Pierre and Minuc-lon as dry as their codfish, the wealthy wine growers and merchants of France would like to sec American prohibition repealed. There is in France a strong organization, with almost unlimited funds, whose aim is to popularize wine drinking and fight prohibition One of its stalwart spirits is Jean Henncssy, member of the oid Hennessy brand producing family, and a former Tardieu minister ol arrlcullurc whose name has been =ugKCsted as a possible candidate for'the presidency of the republic nc:;t year. It is no secret here, any than in the United Slates, that a icinarkaWe amount ol champagne, wines and liquors arc shipped to Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Recently published figures of the French State Hallways, regarding the amount of liquor and wine shipper! over Its lines to French ports, with Saint Pierre and Miquelon as their actual destination, caused astonishment and nol a little amusement. ., The value of this wine nnmiallj becomes a member of a good sor- ! w ho amounts to anything comes ority. attains a certain popularity, with the male students, learns rill . to agree with the young man i" • the end. And maybe, for all 1 ! about necking, discovers what syn- • know, you can get your freedom. the about necMng, discovers wutn ;>> u- -, Know, yon can K^I > uul ' Lvi - uiji ". | thetic gin tastes like, finds out that i and find it satisfying In that way. | snobbery and hypocrisy arc char- | i entertain one or two old-fash- acleristics of most of her cullfge I ioued doubts however, and 1 couldn't acquaintances, and emerges after i for the life of me discover in tills four of all of this with u i ircedom-seker the extreme charm diploma ^certifying to the fact that, which, according to Mrs. Gibta, was she is aft educated woman. i his. 'This,"b"f course, sounds very much ; . miie. like the ordinary 'flaming youth" • '_ story of the popular magazines.; What hits the book from that class | is Miss White's evident sincerity and indignation. She recalls that! university is, in theory, a place j for study, a place where youns' people can get wider horizons and ' prepare themselves for broader, • fuller lives; and she points out, acidly, that Ihe average coeducational university does none ot these tilings for any but a very small minority of its students. "I Lived Tins Story," then, is a disturbing book. Its author finds the intellectual level of the big university extremely low. Thai, perhaps, is nol news ;yet it, is not reassuring to ga?.c on the picture Miss While paints to reflect thai | it is, in its cstcnliaH. a true pic- • lure, and to ponder on the vacuity, ' the provincialism and the narrow- ; ness of the characters she presents. ! The story is well handled ami the book makes very interesting '•. reading. Doubicday Uoran and o. ; arc offering il at one dollar a copy. ! Cay Comedy About Four | "Advanced Vtmn^sters 1 ' ! "Sinners in Summertime." by Sigurd Hoe!, is a gently ironical, bo-jk. The author intellect!!; 1 .! yoimg Scandinavian?, feu:- cJ each ?ex. ' who arc vaeaiicning on an isS3i:c3 i together. These eight young p;r>- plc are very modern. ;:nd very in- , tcUectnaU they believe in fia:;k- ncss and they are very sure that they will spend their vacation work- _ ing without being distracted by ;h'.' i complications of ]ove. ! But it dc-enVl work tnt that way. , Quite naturally and inevitably, ' thc^e youngsters uo the way of rill MOTHERS OATS 34c CORN FLAKES £"£„ lie SUGAR 10-1,1) J.imit Wifh Other 49c MEAL lii'Sl Creitm 21-1!) Sack 55c CovmliT Club 39c IJELLO COFFEE xwcll Hinisi:, HurUluy Uleml or Cunuvu, ;!-!!> Limit 36c I ' B1 « e Best 24-lb. 90c Bunny Grade 48-lb. 81.75 more i m S>* ami ' Ei ; 1!; I describes eight There's less running in second with CO million francs wholesale c.i ' youngsters, fall madly in hvr with j 2-5 million dollars). Champagne i heads the list for 25.000.000 Irancs. ordinary wine next with }^^\ Bordeaux wine third with 11.IWO.OTO and hi addition there are o.OO.WM francs worth ot French liqnorx Mineral water only to the extent of 42.MO Irancs is shipped. These ligurcs only sv:ggest what, amounl of the incichandbc reaches the islands, since shipments g-> i thrmigli British and other sources | of winch the French Slate Ilail- wavs have no record. The transport of these wines and liquors is. of course, a perfectly legitimate and legal business. There is no violation ol the law until smugglers succeed in gelling it within American jurisdiction, ll-.c questions arise: arc these jimiggucrs French and arc the Islanders illegally involved? Als-o could the governor ol the island, control the cargoes if requested to du so? Among other ramifications of the problem, irom the American prohibition agents' poml of view, is the fad that the prosperity of the islands is a matter of pride to France, where prohibition in the American tense is not tiudcrsood and wine is considered as much a toad as bread. The great Interna- one another .torgcl their high rr- folvcs and discover, at las'., thai j the r.ew freedom enjoyed by mod- ' ern youth sets r.o one- Ire-c Irom the old claims ol the The book is charmingly wri:ic;i, and the author lias a delightful!;.affectionate way of poking [i;n at his precocious youngsters. Cowaiti- McC'ann will sell il to you !or 81.50 —ar.d it's worth it. A Study of SoUishnrss Anil the Roving .M:ilc .Icanelie Phillips Gibbs the roving male in 'French LCBVT" and I'm (Is that there is much tu *::• said for him. Her central ctiarat- ler is a yotmg man who blnndlj- refuses to be unselfish in any p));>.-c ol his life, especially in his relation with women. Like all the it-si c-V You can use Eagle, in some v; a y or other, every day in the week — Za'.s When. J^oiid a label from a can of KriElc Malt to Kaglc Mnlt Extract Co.. M,-rji- phis, and receive Kins Red Time story Peaches-;^? Ibs. for $1 SAUSAGE '•"""'• 5 Iflc | POTTED MEAT. |Sg 4 IZ&££IBB£3B^IH^BHWffii00^HEB2HBGDHHHiiH9H9HiBiDHHHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^V PEACHES g-rclb. lOc Cantaloupes Home (irown LETTUCE H each :)(il) Size Sinikist doz. 25c BANANAS Golden Yellow rrttil' lb.6c l,iirj;c .Htm 1)0 Well Hlesicheil Stalk lOc loiies x -"" Ib. 9e rtomii Culouiai iixi)'jjit;;Mi v.ii-j c-iwn here ne.s! year and ?i:i:r.t ! ricrrc ami MiC|iiclon are nmv c-.)i>- j slructiny a sumptuous p.i'.ili.-.n aj J a part of i!. In (his home in th: ' motlicrliinJ the islaniiers j;rop3:=- to exhibit the flints o( their p;,?:-.- \x?rity, showing how the harbor hu= been deqjencd. new rtocta rb:> ' tliucled and a first dais \vu-clcs.-1 station Installed. The chieJ cslnb-' i(, however, will be cotiflsh. | The greater power of Magnolia Ethyl Gasoline results in less shifting- ! I of gears ... less vummijr || in second on hills or in traffic . . . less wear and tear on vour motor. iausa&e I'ure I'nun (I 15c 1'or lioilini? I'lHind Ib. 35c n MAGNOLIA The Qualilt/ GASOLINE + ^ t,s ETHYL r FLUID —. MAGNOLIA "*" The Qualify ^ ETHYL ^ GASOLINE Whole I'nunil 28c \\'holc M C? nr Half L S I'nimd ME-3B MAGNOLIA STATIONS THROUGHOUT IH E AND DEALERSJ SO UlHWEST I!l;icl< Hawk Sliced 25c

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