The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1945 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1945
Page 8
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^A!^tt ; i|fe^ : ^i^^^^lijteK IN INDIA 27 MOS. '•' Bernard Green, son of Mrs. Tobitha Wilson ,of Algona, and Who his mother w&s associated in Wilsons' Bakery, now Finn's, returned Monday evening from foreign duty in the army, 27 . months of which were spent in the, C-B-I theatre, in India. The Algonan was connected with the air transport command ..of the army, and was stationed most of the time in the northeast 'corner of India. The airfield was the last one before the transport . flyers hit "the Hump." "Only Algona person I saw in the whole time was Ruth Payne, . army nurse," Bernard reported. Ruth is now married to an army officer. With a rating of staff sergeant, Bernard also has a small navy ' *xperience. He spent 45 days at sea, getting to India, and on the •'return trip came through Suez 'and the Atlantic, thus completing ,an ocean voyage around the world. '' He.added that he knew about 10 words in Hindustan, Chinese . and Burmese, and so far as flying went "did no flying I could avoid." ), He was connected with records '.'• administration at the air base. Melvin Knolls of Baltimore Write Mrs. Melvin Knoll of Baltimore, Md., the former Adris Anderson, "has written her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson, that her husband has now been released from the'hospital. Melvin entered the hospital in August of last year suffering from a lung ailment. He is still under the doctor's care but can remain at home. Mr. Knoll has been an employee of the Glenn Martin airplane plant at Baltimore the past five years. He hopes to be able to re. sume work by the first of the year. .' Ordis now holds an office job Whittemore Writes df Recent Expeditibn to Japan Donald M. Ludwig, S-lc, formerly of Whittemore, recently wrote a' letter to his wife telling her of his trips to Japan. Since being assigned to a transport he has had several Interesting experiences. On September 25th the U. S. S. Lenawee with other transports, were forming a convoy and were headed for Hiroshima; and sirtce that time, has made two trips to Japan, back and forth from Okinawa and was turned back twice because of typhoons. Also on August 14th the Lenawee was the ninth ship of the APA-AKA group to pull into Tokyo Bay. It passed the battleship Missouri, approximately at the time of the surrender ceremonies were taking place. During this time the U. S. S. Leuawee's premiers were at Iwo Jima and Okinawa where fierce fighting was at hand. Seaman Ludwig was one of the many men who watched the un- forgetable flag raising on Mt. Surabachi. Don expects to be in the states sometime in late fall after spending the past year in the Pacific. He is also anxious to make the acquaintance of his smallest daughter, now fourteen months old. Tire Situation Critical Although most news from the rationing front has been growing more and more encouraging, the tire situation right now is the most critical that it has been at any time since tire rationing ,was instituted, according to Charlie Casford, OPA state'' tire chief at Des Moines. "We are nearly out of the woods so far as truck tires and farm implement tires are concerned," said Casford, "but last month 45,000 qualified applicants for passenger car tires were "back-lig- ged" because available quotas are far below the terrific demand." Latest Dobbs triumph — Skylark for sportswear ! Easy on the eye, and easy on the head. Tailored in new Twillmix, the new wonder material with remarkably rich texture and body. Note the countless small stitches... the flexible brim and Sta-Shaped* crown and smart self-band. In exclusive Dobbs colors. $500 THE HUB CLOTHIERS LEUTHOLD-WILLIAMS CO. TRIPLE HE FOULS DP BOWUKfiLOOP A triple tie in the Kossuth fic-wling League • spurred interest this Week, with a d&rfchorse K> C. tebfti pilshirtg all three leaders. Two hundred or over bowlers for the week included the following: Chan Dailey (214), Harold Anderson (208), Paul Erdman (216), Matt Amfahf (213), Bud Briggs (200), Henry , Geilenfeldt (218), Julie Boss Sr. (203), and Bierle of Lone Rock (202). Team standings: Team I W L Tanvilac 18 6 Hurt 15 Q Becker Sports 18 fl K. of C 14 7 Old Style Lager ....1 13 8 Wesley Co-op 13 8 Pioneer Seed 10 11 Lone Rock 10 11 Council Oak 9 12 Whittemor 8 13 Algona Barbers 6 15 JayCees 6 15 Kanawha 5 16 Percival Motors 1 11 Titonka 8 10 Wesley Auto 8 7 In the girls' league, high scores for the week were bowled by Kay Kelly with 169 and Shirley Carpenter with 167. FENTON WAS HOST TO 37 TEACHERS Fenton: St. John's Lutheran church was host, last week end, to 37 Iowa District West Lutheran teachers. Rev. W. H. Friedrich, Fenton pastor, led the divine service opening the sessions, with R. M. Eggerling, teacher of the Fenton parochial school, at the organ. Ladies of the Fenton congregation served noon and evening meals to the group. Mrs. Sophia Bleckwenn was chairman of the food committee. Teachers were lodged in homes of church members. Rev. W. H. Discher, formerly of Kossuth county, now at Clarlnda, was one of the program speakers. A social hour was enjoyed Thursday evening in honor of H. F. C. Mueller of Lone Rock, H. W. Behnke of Whittemore and E. A. Marty of Sioux City. Mr. Mueller has been teaching for 46 years, Mr. Behnke has taught at Whittemore for 40 years, and Mr. Marty for 25 years. All three were presented with a purse. GUERILLA FIGHTER IS SPEAKER HERE Dr. E. T. Alba, formerly professor at the University of the Philippines, Manila, addressed the Soroptimist Club Wednesday noon, while in Algona on a two day speaking engagement in which he also talked to the student bodies of the three Algona public schools. Dr. Alba gave his views on the solution of world peace and a better understanding among nations, doing away with' suspicion and racial hatreds. One idea that he expressed was that the emancipation of women in the Orient would tend to bring about more peaceful and better living conditions as women are 'given a voice in regulating family society. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, Dr. Alba left the University and joined the resistance forces. He fought with guerillas and later transferred to European theatre of operations, serving in England, Scotland, France, Belgium and Germany. He has been released from the service and is on a lecture tour in the United States. Another guest of the Club Wednesday was Charlotte Black, daughter of Cecil Black, who will tie an honorary member of the Soroptimist club during the month of December. She was chosen the first girl to hold such a membership, as part of a Soroptimist project. A different girl from the Homemaking department will oe honored each month. She assists her grandparents and her father, a War II veteran, in making a home for herself and younger brothers. Sf.'has spie&isi fM&rt td these days. 1» soife M seas', army ^ter&n,. h«$< •)«$&, leased from Service aM•• ths home place.'- ' .' . •Noble has .several decbraliijnsY arid saw action in the< Slellutn campaign. More recently, he stationed on the east coast. • , In less than 10 days, Mrs. Cdueh" saw both of her sons don the army's khaki; something, over* three years ago. With the' aid 6f a cousin, hse farmed the home •place ahyway. Mr. Crouch died In 1918. Now, with Noble back,,the world seems a little brighter. A second'son, also in the flfmy, recently was married and is now. living in Colorado. NEW OFFICES IN SENECA STARS 4-H Seneca: The Seneca Stars 4-H club held their regular 1 meeting? along with the installation of 'new officers, Saturday, at the home of Margery and Donna Moore. Jeanne Wilberg had charge of the installation ceremony, During' the ceremony Donna Classen sang "Dreaming." The new officers were then presented with corsages. The meeting was then turned over to the new president, Wanda Olsen. The program opened with a demonstration on winter flower arrangements by Jeanne Wilberg. Margery Moore talked on courtesy and presented a questionaire on common acts of courtesy. Miss 1 Lillian Peckham, county home economist, presented the new year's' project, second year home furnishing, and told of the 4-H activities planned for 4-H girls of Kossuth county this coming year. The meeting closed with.the 4-H pledge 'after which Margery and Donna had charge of recreation. Following this lovely refreshments were served to the girls and their guests. Guests ' were Miss Lillian Peckham, Algona, Mrs. Thompson, . daughters Marjorie and Genese, Mrs, Ray Osborn and Doris, Mtfs. Ottto Wilfoerg, '.also Anno Conwell. , • Three new "members were welcomed into the club, they are Doris Osborn, Ruth Sanders and Genese Thompson. The girls are planning a special event at the next meeting for the new members. Mrs. Henry Looft, local leader, reported that the Seneca Stars had received a $47.00 premium cheek from the fair board. FOR SALfi: Spotted Poland China boars. Thick, heavy-honed tyjpej guaranteed breeder's. Double vac* cirtated, .certified * .Bangs tested. New blood f 6t \fbfmef customers. Pedigrees furnished. Why take a chance on untested.stock. M. L. Barton, V4 mli eastj 1V< toil, sputl), LuVerne, Iowa. . 41*45* Horse Sense About Appliances The electrical—and electric appliance field—is too large to mix with other remote lines. We are NOT a general store .. . we don't try to sell an item unless it has a wire in it. This means —to you, the potential purchaser—that we back our sales with service, and it also means we have experience and a pick of merchandise in what we choose to sell. FOR 1946 We Will Be Selling The Complete Line Of WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES As we have for the past 15 years. Over 30 million pre-war Westinghouse appliances are now in use, which insures the experience in construction necessary to finer ones to come. • FOR 15 YEARS ELECTRICITY HAS BEEN OUR SOLE BUSINESS. 0 WE KNOW THE BUSINESS—YOU CAN RELY ON LICENSED ELECTRICIANS PHONE 170 ALGONA HOSPITAL NEWS KOSSUTH HOSPITAL Oct. 10: Roy Black, Burt, accident. Oct. 11: Mrs. Charles Parks, Algona, girl. Oct. 12: Mrs. Harry Bartlet, Titonka, girl, expired. Oct. 13:-Mrs., John Mosbach Whittemore, boy. Oct. 14: Harry L. Curtis, Burt medical. Oct. 16: Francis McMahon,- Sex- Ion, medical; Mrs. Thelma McVay, Algona, medical. FOIt SALE: Durob Jersey , • boars, from leading blood; lines, raised on clean ground. 8 miles west at Ateona ort Highway 18. O. V. Marian. 42*-44 FOR SALE: " John Deere 36-foot elevator, practically new chain. Theodore Johnson, LuVerne. , 43* FOR SALE:' i Purebred Spotted Poland China boars, vaccinated and healthy^ O. T. Cherland, Hi nil. N., 1% E. Lone Rock. 43-44 FOR SALE: Coal heating stove, .perfect condition. Call 342 or 970 for details. 43* FOR SALE: Purebred Berkshire boars. Big rugged, easy-feeding kind. If you want a gOoti Berkshire boar you will make no -mistake in coming to look at these. Eldon Ham, 7 mi. south'of West Bend. 43-46 FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars. The best Of blood lines; New blood lines for old customers. Elbert Larson, Aryshire, Iowa. 43-46 FOR SALE: 80 acres imp. 5 mi; from town, good house, good double crib overhead granary inside elev., common barn, machine shed, garage, poultry house, REA Dwg wire for elec. stove, level land, tiled. Possession if sold right away. Price $175.00. Edw. Capesius, Algona, Iowa. 43* FOR SALE: 1941 Ford truck, with grain box, stock rack, and gravel box, good tires and good motor. John DeWall," Burt. , . 43* GENERAL HOSPITAL Oct. 11: Mrs. Leroy Krause, Algona, boy; Mrs. S. L. Robinson, Bancroft, medical. Oct. 12: Thomas Scarborough, Algona, surgical; Sharen Helm, Woden, surgical. Oct .14: Mrs. Clair Bellinger, Lone Rock, boy. Rev. Clyde Is Speaker Rev. John P. Clyde, pastor of the Congregational church, spoke to the Algona Rotary club, Monday noon, on the general topic oi lokoing ahead, keeping youthful, and accepting new ideas. He also vigorously lashed bigotry and intolerance, which he said was appearing once more in this country after four years of solid cooperation in the war effort. Lower Paper Products Prices Wholesale ceiling prices for coarse paper products have been reduced to bring them into proper balance with ceilings for other paper products, the OPA has announced. The reductions effective this week average 20 to 30 percent under present items. Napkins, doilies, tray covers, butter chips, baking cups, etc., are some of the items affected. Corsage From Hawaii Ledyard: Mrs. William Flynn received an unusual souvenir from her son, T-4 Lawrence Flynn, from Hawaii, last week. It was a corsage of tropical flowers. They were sent Oct. 13 and arrived in perfect condition on the 17th. Dairy Assn' Elects The Kossuth Dairy Herd Inv proyement Association has the following new officers: Walter Barr, president, Robert Mayer, vice president, W. H. Bosworth, secre tary, Loren Brown and C, R Schoby, directors. Two hundred and eighty cows are on test. Is Home Again Thomas LeRoy Lee, son of Mr, and Mrs. Everett Lee, arrived lasi week from Puget Sound at Brem-r erton, Wash... wl»ere he has been employed the past three yars. Cannot Pay Reward For Getting House With homes, particularly in many Iowa cities*, extremely hafd. to obtain, some agartinenMiuijt* ers have made a practice of insert* ing "'Reward ads" in the newspai pers. However when Oliver W, Angel, of 1214 i§th St. Sf at Ce|* ar Rapids accepted a reward, ~;p£ $25 paid to him by vfo,* gm'. $. Blair fos permitting her to mojff into a house he had tor rent, w$ OPA ruled that accepting th,e re-> ward money constituted a yiplir tion of OPA rent ceilings and. the $25 reward Mrs, Blair ha* was turned into the FOR SALE: 160 A. good improve: ments, between Livermore and LuVerne. 160 A. good improvements, 3% miles from LuVerne, elec. 280 A. good Improvements, 6 (mi: from Livermore, elec., 120 A. unimproved near LuVerne. 120 A. .unimproved close to Hardy. These farms are priced to sell, possession. See me for prices. Edw. Capesius, Algona, Iowa. 43* FOR SALE: Purebred Berkshire boars from 4-H litters. Donald Sorlien, 2 miles north of Bode. 43* FOR SALE: Cream-colored mare, broke to work and ride. Alfred Jergensen, Algona. 43* FOR SALE: 'R'ed Shorthorn ; bull; quiet and gentle; John F.'S'aaSj Whittemore. 43* FOR SALE: Hampshire spring and fall boars. 2 mi. north, 4 east of West Bend. C. C. Baas. 43-44* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars of outstanding quality. Sired by Royal Master, some by H & S Thickset. Also 40 extra good gilts. A. H. Streeter, 4% N. 3 mi. E. Renwick. 43-46* FOR SALE: -Purebred Angus bull, serviceable age. Registered. Alfred Oesterreipher, Titonka. •:' 43-44*. FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, thick, rugged,' dark red. Large group to select from; new breeding for old customers. (Over 20 years a Duroc breeder). John F. Weber, 2 mi. east Iryjngton. Algona phone 15F22. 41-43* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars. 6 m. w., 4Vfe so., Algona. Leonard Baas, West Bend,. 41-44* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown, in." Expert inspection, estimating serv ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8tf NEW HONEY for sale. 5 Ib. jar $1.00. Hoenk Motor Service. West of Court House. 37tf SPENCER Foundation Garments and surgical supports, individually designed. Mrs. Highland corsetierre at Mrs. Espe's, Bode. Iowa. 37-46* FOR SALE: Registered Hampshire boars, both fall yearlings and spring. They are rugged, heavy-bone individuals. New stock for old customers. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 39-50* FOfi ehoJee, 226 for oltf (iustbniersi Malt Weydert, 4 'ttii,;straight 'west of LuVerne, 6/6 fc&stofflCe'f .,42-48* FOR SALEf Settled:jft)ind CJiuia" boats. 2 $ileX:ho|th tod 1 'mile east of .Lakbta, RSymorid Lakota. ; v; ;; :.,;.'•• >:- / : i: ';: iV; ; FOR SALE: 180 A, Jatrn betwcert lltortka and Woden, good build-i |«gs, alt electee lights, good still/ close 16 school. If Interested • see Henry Boetkholti Utonka, FOR SAL®' vJlOt. if actor ;discY 4-section steel . hafrfiwi John Deere hay. loaider,, loM 'wlieel, we-i gon and hay rack; John Beers' 2*14 tractor plow, 1 Black Hawk corn planter and wire,; DeLaval cream separator, Awhile Leghorn pullets and spring fries. -Niels Beck farm. Phone 20-F14, Algona. 43 Wanted WANTED: Used cats and trucks. Any make, year Or model. We pay Top''Price. Write, phone or conic In. W. .E. Ley, Lakota, la. 42-43 GIRL WANTED to work, in drug store. LUsby & Giossi. 40tf SERVICEMENI We photocopy service discharges; bill fold size. Long Studio.'.(Over Council Oak.) ...-,,- 41-43 WAITRESS WANTED.' Lusby & Giossi. ':'-.. - 40tf HELP, WANTJED:i ' : 6'ne 1st cook, : combination;; and"', pastry; rm., bd., s ldy. .furbished;;; Dishwasher, kitchen equipped with electric dishwashing mach.; 2nd cook to assist with cooking and preparing vegetables. .Two waitresses (we will train'you); Top wages, day work, short hours. Call or write, Hotel Kefmore, Emmetsburg. -...-•-. 46U43-44* WANTED: Ice mans helper. Algona Ice Cream & Candy. Factory. . . !43 HATCHING EGGS! Can use lim-: ited number of new flocks. Eggs to be delivered to the Kossuth County Hatchery at Algona. Write SPENCER CHICK HATCHERY, SPENCER, IOWA. . : 43-44 Glea&.jasy, f e^tjorl Pipeline milking Electyife wate? Maters hbuses, Sas watef Ti'eatets; Eleete iff K. "Ufmt^'yewwi'si. pimiv&iss&'m ; '•'•^•.•-^•-^>-V'^--^^^^fe- WANTED. A load of cobs. 308 S. Lowe. St., Algona. E. J. Palmer. • 43 WANTED: An old-fashioned kerosene' parlor lamp > with larg. flowered .globei -Kenneth L. Harris, Algona, -Iowa, phone 789-J. , 43* 1 WANTED^ TO BUY: Baby stroller. in, good condition. Mrs; Magnus,' 'Rahm, Algona.';:".. ' 'A'--"' ' • •", : "- 'J43* WANTED: Man for farm Work, single or married; H. M. Sehoby, Bode, 6 miles' south Algona. 43* WANTED: Sales-girl. Algona Baking Co. ;;;• . 43 WANTED: Man to run corn picker. C. B. Elsenbast, West-Bend. 43* WANTED: Middle-aged man for' janitor wprk,-and helper in the shop. Norton Machine Works,Algona. .''...',. . 43 WANT TO RENT: 80 to 240 acre farm. Full line of .equipment. Clarence Diers, 4 miles east of Bancroft. 43" HELP WANTED: Sales "giri full time steady-employment. Bring references with you, Ben, Franklin Store. '.""..;. ~ 43 MAN-WANTED: Custodian for country consolidated ; school. Stoker. Individual water system. Board meeting. October 29, 8 p. m. Have recpijfimen'datlons mailed ahead. Contact Supt. R. L. Gowan, Fenton, Iowa, Lone Rock telephone 1407. ' 43 Here's the smartest, most luxurious popular priced fur coat we Have, e.ver seen—made, from heavy, prime c6ney skins, faultlessly matched and expertly blended by Hollander, wiih new 1945-6 streamlines which will delight you. These exquisite fur' coats sell for only $145.90 (including; both federal excise arid State sales tax) and it represents, the biggest value ever of fered in f vac coats to 'retail under $150.00. See them here in all sizes from J2 to 20.:' "' v-.'---.•• ; \ r - ; '•^••' : - : &•'• :f ^•..'""•+''*•&.:< :•:•;-' • Miscellaneous HAVE BOUGHT Ralph Hurlburt's portable mill .and will be open for brdera Monday, October 22 Russell Bates, phone 65, Lone Rock. 42-43 r FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, "Proud Cherry King" and "Tops" blood lines, well grown with plenty of ham and bone, weight from 250 to 300 Ibs. Also 1 fall boar Cimmaron breeding. Corwin C. Peer, Algona, - rt. 1, phone 8-F22. 40-47* FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation in* stalled. Tor estimate call Del Leaneagh, Phone 767, represent^ (ng Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 44tf FOR. SALE; Purebred Spotted Poland China boars. Also one good milk cow, Fred DeVries, 3 mi. N. & of Titonka. 19u42-43 FOR, SALE: Registered Hampshire boars. Brown Swiss bulls, mr* old Fippher, Burt. " 42,44* NJ5W ELJ5CTROLUX CLEANERS will be.available soon. For information see Dpn H. Hutchiijs, county Slectrolu* representative! 819 S, Jones'St., Algona, Iowa, phone 838-J. together with an additional $35 Jewwl jKSiinst A»8fW- »st of eyaajtog r tegs .»* tf wrmittdd to would J?e unaljlft to bl<j against § mote fortui^te Md Wslter P. A director, fe cpimju .action. TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTER' EST LOANS, FHA and Veterans "GI" Loans to purchase remodel, Refinance Homes, • Ak gona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. 30tf FLOOR, SANDING and Reflnish- Ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-8tf farms, loans/drainage surveyin .-^ PWl J your late mode) car for the highest price. Free in- .','••.'yyu : r'''.'''f:>.f''f~s"f^ Exchange Pept. Basement Good Used Furniture Pining room^-Living room suite* Breakfast seta. Buffets, Radios and Washers. FURNITURE PHONOGRAPH RECORDS—A) the new releases. Needles, <*1* bums.—Kossuth Radio & Bleptrfp Algona, lows, • .• - HI tile, laid by experts. work, Cewan Co., phone 275, SEE and estWWte? o.n Kohlhaas. phone g2,

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