The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1945 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1945
Page 5
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ttef'Mf-^^^ 9 he Algo«a tipjei PLACES ON LONE ROCK FARM HOME Lorie Rock: the .Louis Itellly iamily from San Biego, -Calif.) liave moved to the Reilly farm South of Lone Rock and will farm there next year. The Relllys have a small daughter and a baby son. Lou's served two years with the .marines and was honorably discharged last December and for the past eight months has been employed by the navy at San Diego. Arnold Rellly who farmed the home place alone since his three brothers joined the services early in the war, has now joined the merchant marines and will train at Sheep'shead Bay,. Brooklyn, *N. Y. Bernard Reilly has recently received his discharge from the marine corps after tftyee years , _^ Card '•"' Mil Eye'g, Oct. 30 « St. Benedict Hall D ,=iv«« bVetse&s. find at presfftt Is' staying at htfmi'Sehdihg efttfy; intd college a little later. - Jut; Phillip Rellly Of the marines is still sefvlflg dVerstas. His wife* flsd small daughter IWfe at LeMesa, Calif. , ; ttftiifetedrkiii Pvt, James Coady:".$as lucky enough to celebrate hir'rilfteteenth birthday while home oft furlough recently, In hotior of the Occasion his parents entertained the following at dinner: the Harry, Calvin- and Floyd Bode families of Algona, the Vern Rlebhoff family of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ryan of Williams. Evening callers were the Fred Tigges and Alvin Kahler families of Burt and the Jess Valentines of Fentpft. Parents ot a Son— Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Miller, north of Lone Rock, are the parents of a son born Sunday afternoon. A Farewell Party— FHends of the James Cbadys •gathered «t their home last Monday night for a farewell party for the son Pvt. James Coady, who left the following day to report for duty at Fort Riley. Those attending were the Fred Tigges, Alvin -Kahler, Art Kadow and the Mel- •vin Faber families of Burt and the Bernald 'O'Brien family of Portland twp. Family Dinner Party— | A family dinner in honor of Pvt. Frank Richard was given by his parents, the M. A. Richards, ; at their home on Sunday. Those 1 attending Were Mr, and Mrs. W. Bristow Sons, Burt, Arrive Home Minutes Apart From Wars B-utt: Mr. and Mrd. Clyde Bns- tow had two pleasant • surprises Friday night. Th«if son, Homer, who is a radioman l*c in the navy, called them from Algona, having "arrived there from Ne"W York on a 21 day furlough. He recently re-* turned from Japan. They went to Algona and brought him home. . Soon afterwards their son Lt. Ralph Bristow, and his wife, drove in from Camp Pendleton, Calif., where Lt. Bristow had been stationed, He IS to report at Great Lakes on Thursday. He has been In the marines Seven years and Saw much action In the , Pamf ic. The Bristows have two .other sons in the service, Lt. Calvin Bristol is now in Germany and Pvti Richard Bristow is probably how in Japan. The fifth son, Mervin, fiftd his wife, who live near Algonaj returned Friday from Iowa City, where their little son, who recently swallowed a safety pin, is in the University hospital. The child was getting along satisfactorily when they left and it was hoped an operation would not be necessary. m NEVILLE'S STORE. I am back from the hospital but too weak to do any work. Just as soon as Gene finds a house to live Jn he will be over and take charge of the store. He figures'on starting the sale Friday, Nov. 2, 1945 , While the store was closed about $1500.00 worth of shoes arrived. This added to what was on hand makes over $5000.00 worth of good honest serviceable shoes. In fact it is the most complete stock I have had on hand for two years and much better ; quality. In men's I am getting "in some of the old lines that I used to carry before the war. We are going to stock up as fast as we can find •/good shoes on the market:and once again have what pibple, call .for in'the shoe .line. , v I haye not .raised the price; on any shoes during.,-, i-WS^^J^Jtr^-j 2 ''L' : ~ : . . .V-.'UV*'"'-'' S& JIMMIE NEVILLE L. Bilsborough and daughter Ila, and Mrs. Edith Miner, Algona, and the Maurice Bilsborough and Ray Webb families of Titonka. Pvt. Richards and his mother spent Monday in Algona. The Amey Cherlands spent Sunday at the Jens T. Jensens, Rlngsted. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Long spent Sunday at the Clarence Ackersons at Wesley. Mrs. Dorothy Howe, Emmetsburg,- spent the week end at the Woodrow Pettit home. Mr.{ and Mrs. Carlyle Johnson, Bancroft, were Sunday night visitors at the W. G. Flaigs. Mr. and Mrs. Dick O'Donnell and family spent 'Friday evening with Mrs. EH Bierstedt, Burt. Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard spent Sunday at the home of their daughter Mrs. Chet Alme at Ottosen. * The Wm. 1 --Spent Sunday at Kanawha at the home of the» daughter, the Alton Hurl- burts. Mr. and Mrs. -Wilfred Radig were Monday evening dinner guests of the Chas. Peterson's, Titonka. Mr. and Mrs.iW. J. Cotton anc John attended ^omecoming and the football game at Ames on Saturday. Mis'fc Dorothy Jensen Spent the week end at the paternal Ernes' Jensens. She teaches at Wilton Junction. The Ben Johnson family, Emmetsburg, were Sunday dinner guests at the Mrs, Carl Hammerstrom home. Mrs. John Newbrough and Janet and Johnnie spent the week end at Burt visiting at the home of Mrs. Paul Olson. Mr. and Mr£ John Kylan and family of Swea City and the Phillip Bros, of Burt were Sunday dinner guests of the P. L. Persons. , Dr. 'arid Mrs. G. R. Hobson and daughters Betty and Beverly, of Mrs. Allen Hungerford of Swea -ity were Sunday dinner guests there. Mr. and Mrs. Sig, Orvlck and John and Cpl. Sam Orvlck and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kueck and daughter, all of Ledyard," were visitors at the Walter Thompsons last Tuesday evening,. Sunday dinner guests at the C-. M. Gross home were Mr. and Mrs, Harry Haase, Mr. and Mrs, Pete Hayenga of Fenton and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gross and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reilly and children. Word has recently been received by Mrs. Alf. Krueger and Mrs Harry Montgomery from their brother Lt. Robt. Gladstone saying he arrived in Frankfurt Germany the first week in October. Mrs. P. M. Christenson and daughter Marietta were guests Monday of the J. M.- Jensens Ringsted, and P. M. Christenson and Mervin .and the Will Christensons were Monday evening dinne guests there. Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, her moth er Mrs. Kate Hawks, and Lawr ence Kockler, Bancroft, drove ti Spirit Lake Sunday. Mrs. Cha? Hawks, who has been visiting rela tives here, returned with them tc her home there. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. William went to Welcome, Minn., Saturda to visit over Sunday at the horn of. their son Pvt. Kenneth Will iams and they also spent .Monda at the Howard Williams of Cur rey, Minn., and returned horn Monday evening. The P. M. Christensons enter tained at Sunday dinner in. hono of their daughter Marietta, who i here from Pueblo, Colo. Thos'e at tending were Mr. and Mrs. Cha Morris and Ruth Krueger and M and Mrs. Jack Johnson and daugli ter from Gowrie. Supt. and Mrs. L. E. Hutzell .£, children went to Perry Sunday i attend a birthday party in liono of Mr. Hutzell's mother Mrs. Dais Hutzell, who was seventy yeai Marcus, Iowa, were' Sunday evening callers at the Harry Hobsons. Mr. and Mrs. Milford Mitchell and family visited at the ;Theo. Nelson home at Cylinder Sunday, Mr. Nelson is a brother of Mrs. Mitchell, ••/.:;•.- •••'• .•.-,.-;..•- ,-v, Lt;VEdith Worthington, Ai N. C.i spent Sunday afternoon, at the C E. Householder .home and spent the day Monday with Mrs. Lawr- and Mrs. Wm; 'McKibben' and-' daughter Linda of RicevilleVsperit Sat- ,urday and.Sunday at the Don Houck home here. • , Charlene Rath who teaches at Peterson spent the week end at the paternal Wm. Raths. Mr. and Illlllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll ""'"" "" iumiiiiii»»i" ' BEN FRANKLIN^ STORE Esther L. Langmack and Elmer M. Langmack, Owners Clothes Pins Large colored plastic. Stronger than wood. 12 *« 25c Pa jamas Childrens floral design. Assorted sizes. Regular' $2,49 value. Now Wash Basins White enamel pans. Charm Kurl Supreme Cpid Wave Set. lift' 4U. ' TT « VW * 98c Bath Salts Wrisley, 4 lb .bag 49c Mail Box Wooden^' government approved, large box. ~ \Vash Clothes Heavy woven CPtton. each Enamel Double Boiler Small Gray iSfll »aSCffiy«S*S»SaiSkfw8lfl3wtl5l Pyrex Ware Large assortment. Makes .ideal gilts lor weddings or showers. Steel Frying Pans Small 8 inch 49c targe dri ${26 AgSMSisPIr Sr-Si* ill Extension Cord Silk, dowble cord, . 8 feet Jong. - J9c old. Roy Hutzell of Algona, 'an other son also attended. Mr Hutzell is the mother of eleve children and all but one was pres ent. • | Mrs. Harvey Rath was pleasantly surprised Friday evening when relatives arrived to'help her celebrate her birthday. .Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence •Rath and John, Mrs. Martha Rath, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shaser'and, Betty, Mrs. iHattie Shaseiv' TVtrKi Herb Bush and son, the Ralph Hurlbufts and the Clinton Raths of Lu Verne. . '. An interesting and worthwhile program has been scheduled .lor the monthly P. T. A. meeting to be held at the school gym on Monday night, Oct. 29. Wm. C. Dau, Algona, has been secured to present his movie "A Trip Through Mexico," and also a short *on "Flowers" that will be of special interest to the ladies. It is hoped there will be a large crowd in attendance. , Mrs. Hildrith Pettit of 'Fenton entertained at a seven o'clock duck dinner Saturday night in honor of Marjorie Pettit, Sp. Q 2-c., Those from here attending were Mrs. Evelyn Earing. Mrs. Glen House-: holder and children, Mrs. Woodrow Pettit and children, and Mrs; Bob Hanna and daughter. Marjorie is leaving Tuesday night to report back for duty at Washington, D. C. . :;' ; Richard Fox, S 2-c, came to the paternal Leo Fox home recently on a 28 day leave, A dinner was given Sunday in his honor and those attending were Mrs. Carrie Graham, and the Harvey Grahams, Titonka, and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Godden and son, the Fred Jennings, Algona, and Mr. anH Mrs. Roy Clark and the Maurice Grahams, Burt, and also Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Graham Jr. of Fairmont, • . . ALGONA LADY IS CHINA COLLECTOR. Mrs, Theo Goeders has made a hobby ol collecting glassware and china. In fact, she has devoted one ropm in her home to the* lection which fills four china cupboards to overflowing. Among the pieces which she considers more unusual are $ix pieces of Mpon and Star glass-? •ware, tWP cake stands, a fruit compote and three sauce dishes, •whichi are like thpse adorned Wn» points, inaugural table, AnPtner set she prizes includes a Dresden, china pitcher IwJtjV six matclvng tall cups with handles. Other '^; 309 ' •*.-Mivv ; "T«*.. v --v 1 iSfSUffl r:.;.v>;**'' 3 "7 a covert4 cljesese g^ which fold afcout a three Pp iWP pieces oj M«3p,l^ware, piece of. yettotw custar<J ware an, pW fa§Wwe4 <5hJij4 ' has a, pifce of A rirgi <;allector's item Ji fjil '- set, IC/his Is made of i iilrtittlftljS^lftiSi iBfeKfessS" •MiftaefMs »«*«! §*p5l&fti FOOD OXYDOL OOC Large Package hi V V IV L r 1 i ar g e package £3 V Del Monte FRUIT COCKTAIL tins, each CRISCO Good Value PEACHES Sunshine KRISPY CRACKERS Armour Star PEANUT BUTTER ..3 Ib. jar No. 2% tin, each 2 Ib. box ..24 oz. jar 35c 69c 27c 330 37c WHEATIES 2 la , rge 9Qp pkgs. &VV IVORY SNOW IVORY SOAP «!* .large pkg* £WW .. large !bar IvC FOLGER'S J TV Ei A L _ large pkg. each R I N O 0 ;..„...; ; ..large pkg. each fcSC SWEETHEART SOAP BAB-0 DUTCH CLEANSER ,. ••••MBHi^BHM • ASSORTED FAN£Y 2 2 cans cans 19c COFFEE. 2 Ib iar 55cl COOKIES, Ib - 29c LARGE 252 SIZE ORANGES, FANCY SWEtT POTATOES 3 LARGE GRAPEFRUIT , bs . 25c FRESH SOLID CABBAGE lb . 4c LARGE LETTUCE FRESH CARROTS each fc bunches LARGE PASCAL CRANBERRIES Fancy Jonathan i APPLES SUNKIST LEMONS Red Ripe TOMATOES QUALITY MEATS STRICTY FRESH. ALL MEAT. POINT FREE GROUND BEEF, 2 Ibs. - 39c UTILITY. POINT FREE VEAL ROUND STEAK, lb. 32c •MHMBHHMHHVPHBBMHi^MHBM^^ Utility Point Free • A Grade BEEF ROAST ,„. 21 c| BEEF ROAST Point Free • A Grade lb. Utility Point Free | Grade A ROLLED ROAST-BOILS lb 29o Swift's , Point Free | Armour's SUMMER SAUSAGE ,„ 35c PURE -'•-'•-,' '.''.' ' ' •• '•:.- ' " ' -'' '''••'•:''•'•• :. : -'::' : \ -'•¥'PORK SAUSAGE, Frah, 1 gvpoiiitsf f^-JV4-^.%'i|j! Rifts'^K^I^fjSl ~tei

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