The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1945
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, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, f945 A DAMAGE »»"••* - — -- •Kii'r-'i has been filed by Michael Elbert. administrator of the estate of Jos. J. filbert, against the Ruan TrahS-- f<* Co. and James V, Huff. The Action grows out of art .aeddeftt last July. 7, a half mifcr east;0f Algona on highway 18. Elbert had pulled from the pavemettt to change a trailer tire when agasO- iline-fruck driven by Huff, of ashed Mo Elbert and-the .trailer. Elbert died the next day.>;-••.•• . -• •;.. .. ..- .......... :,..._ ; _/__ ___,- -- '___ ' ~~~~— •-—-—• WARNS OF RURAL POST-WARRACKETS -:fel received , 3V)Iiie^ h' ly Wad. , , ih&t heir.sow.S'Sgt, James 'ad been' declafed official ly Wad. the youtig man ; most 22 years of age,;.and.was .an - his; twenty-second, mission _ when t. his .life, .ferns flight en- on a.B?2f cll bomber , a _.,_; •Rock lie Is Dr. • r -T P*,Lee, Of doctor, was t XVUWCAI/ »,.———, ----from the 'army recently. ( L. and has a ove here as 'arpoisessionMS givert of the -flutemftfe -Wouse, which .Dr. >• Ji pufchbls-daii'He is a 'graduate tftilversity of Iowa. --.>.., . :,.- ..-. •. ..-..-. MOTOR ACCIDENTS: - . Sunday, .Oct. 21, Lotts Creek it^pVCars driven by Amos Meyer, ; 15^a»id;Bmma. ^Oldenburg, cp^ ? ,lSV Damage estimated :at $25 was done to the Meyer pickup, and_ttie Oldenburg damage was set at ?/oUi ' ALGONAPOSMAR BUILDING BOOM HAS GOOD START Twenty-four 'thousand' dollars Worth Of building is either underway .now, 1 or will be soon, in Algona, despite shortages of building equipment, materials and labor,. Building permits issued by the Algoha City ^Council in the past three months went to the follow- "f's.OOO—July 26—Ft. Dodge Boiling Works, for warehouse, South J hillips St. $3,000—Aug. 18—'Loren Brown, moving small house from Geo, Boswell Cafe property to Wellendorf addition,, and improvement s a tenant house. ^ „ ":~ $9,000—Aug. 18—W. C. Taylor mplemeht store and shop, South City-Wide Halloi|?en Party, Wednesday, Oet f '••'• ' „ ^V ! *ljmTi •„ «,„!*„ ftiotined Craie Vinson Is Glenn Crilly is chairman of this Miller were named to ^j£2"jrt=rtj!!2 ^ wsrsJhsfclB'^l^l-y^ SSKS^JSJSSK %srsK>«, day evening, Oct, 31, by the Al- rotia Lions Club* Included on the program will be a Hallowe'en parade, games and contests at the Athletic Park, and free downtown street dance. Dick Sorensen has been named as general chairman of the affair. Chairman of the parade '-^..alcar drivenj>y.' Mrs; jEtt ' ' Jentsvpld, -Buffalo Center, find ' truck driven by ^0. ,Greeley Marshall, :Minn., collided. Smoke :>from a roadside fire obscured the •'vlewoBOth .drivers and three oc- fctipants of the car were injured .The injured were .treated at Bui; falp Center.) V,, , - ^ '. - , -POLIO DEVELOPMENTS: Ne\ V.'pplio Ceases reported are those,,,o 'Michael, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs i Harold Gross, Lorie.Rock, whp,wa ' taken to Iowa' City 'Monday^morn Ting, and Jerry, 5, ;Spn of Mrs. Rita -• Ricke, Wesley, MSO, was taken-to a Des Moines hospitals T , he ,^L •Gross boy was, unable to walk " Monday. There are now seven re ; ported 'case's,; at,;.'Wesley unae . treatment/-?- "Skrden Zielske,. n iGrant twp.v son pi-Mr, and. Mrs ?; Alfred-.Zlelske, was taken -io '^Moines Thursday with polio. "- '--• • _' ".:".''•' '• # i v >!^ ••] V .-•'.-'-- •, . ; :. Cecil $'4.006—Aug.. 23—Bradley Bros, intension and new construction o mplement store and shop at cor her, of So; Thorington and "Nebraska stf sets. ' • .'.'."'„"'•'" '-' $100-rSept. 10—-Duane Jenser temporary -warehouse for f '7~W storage, same to he removed with h a year, The Fort Dodge Bottling (Peps Cola) warehouse and the Brpwi removal have been completed, anc 1 Taylor's''.-new building is unde construction.; 31 Vaughn Rising, uene »er«,vJEt«. Shilts and Ernie Anlikery MSl&t ltt The paradewill start from^th^ corner of State and Hall, aftdftfifo- ceed to the Athletic park, 1 <*•"•*" sters in costume are invited, tend and participate, . At the Athletic Park, e ', parade terminates, a full program is being planned. Craig Vinson Is chairman of this committee, and is being assisted by Ray Funk, Clayton Percival, Bob McCullough, Gene Hertz and Ralph Diekman. The latter is a new. member of the club. Following the Athletic Park program, a free street dance will be held at the corner of State and Thorington. , Glenn Crilly is chairman of this committee, with Earl Sprague, Lloyd. Pratt and Loren Thompson, assisting. A concession will be operated by the club during the dance. Bill Curtis is chairman and will be assisted by Archie McDamel, Henry Bunkofske and ^rville Wicks. Rev. C. C. Richardson and Don Miller were named to the publicity committee. The entire program has .been approved by the city council and Mayor Frank Konlhaas. "We hope the program will provide a healthy outlet for the energy usually exhibited on Hal- lowe'en," said Dick Sorensen. "At least we will Offer the youngsters of the community some activity mm COUNTY DDEfORDHM SAYSTHE YOUTH GIVEN 10 YEAR SENTENCE IN eranted^ a "divorce ,;.irom,MabL -G. W. Stillman, Black as ; ,disan- . . >dren ,. who have beenv ndparents.- , •• Ipnebrake : toy JANICE SABIN, 11, FUNERAL TODAY Janice Irene Sabin, 11, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Sabin, passed- away Monday evening at the .parental home, four miles east of Algona, after an illness that has run for some months. ;..„_. The girl was born June 14, 1934, and is "survived by one brother, Leo 'of ! Algona, and three, sisters, Mrs. -Edith ; Swanson, Mrs v Opal Campney, and June, aU.of *Algonsi, the latter'at; home, in, addition -to y' : :~ :i*^W«ffjnpr^«?W*--!'?f ,?*5^"^- J •'• '•• ^tV f 'Anrial'EmersOh;:'ag«lnst' JWilo ; allowancfc and,. cus- ye cKiMrer.^asked. ; The^coUplef live at Swea City. .• •,. ' KARL SBNDERMAK, 40,.foriri- .r^GerrKah^twp. farmer, now ,lly- ' tag in^Colorado, suffered serious i funds' while" deer- hunth^ O£ 11 news reports state, ine .acci -dent happened :in the Colorado mountains. Sunderman, and a 'Pleading* guilty to a charge of forgery; James E. Rimmer, Jr., 21, was sentenced to 10 years at the state penitentiary at , Anamosa,, Wednesday, by Judge G. W. Stillman, In Ttpssuth district court. Rimmer,:who had' given his home as both ; Kansas City and Minneapolis, cashed a check at the Chrome-Cafe Aug. 17, giving a Minneapolis address. He was later apprehended at Kansas City. Had Previous Convictions .' '"• Previously, I&tomer had seryjd two sentences ih; Kansas "City for larceny, and through evidence obtained on these charges and others, it was possible for him to be traced. He was recently returned from Kansas City by Sheriff Art Cogley and County Attorney H. W. Miller. ' Sheriff Cogley took his prisoner to Anamosa. .„„„„„ Appeal bond was set at $3,000 but there was no indication that the case would be appealed. Bancroft Divorce Case, One divorce action and two civil suits were filed in district court, the past-week. , , Ruben Braddock, Bancroft, filed a divorce action against Virginia Braddock, Wednesday. He alleges 'that the couple.were married in Greenwood twp. -Dec. 31, 1940, but lived together less than ',two months, and that his wife left F; E/ Kettwich' 'of Titpnka; filed an; action/; against John M.; and Precious Ston<i Stolen At West Bend's Theft of precious si«MM», valued at $500 of itoorc, ' reported last week Grotto of the Re ; West Bend. ' ' V . ' , . '/" Father Dobberstein» started the Grotto m 1 has worked on it at since that tlmerdiscovertd-the thefts following the -.usual heavy visiting period on Stttir day, Oct, 14. , • , ..;. K'f.'-,,!'' •, One stone >n particular,, •» precious importatipii -, »»*» abroad, was found nittswB from its place at the entrance of the tomb. i-w"^' So far as is known ntf-tntfe of the stones has been line" ered. - KOSSuTHAlfl TO HEAD LEADERS IN VICTORY L0|| By Eugene County . Marjorie Holtbauer, ,-in' a m'atter aror , ,- pertalnmg ., to -,a promissory.; note oun .^i Kossuth county Is going^into-vthe last bond drive with a determination to be among the leaders .in the state. The county has always been in the top fifth of 'the state, and with a quota .of $909,000.00 the. county should still be among, the. leaders^ .;. . '• "; ••-.J«?'.. Ji: AIL bond workers . are ; expected 11 " 1 '^' JUSTICES ASSESS FOUR IN ACTIVE WEEK Algcma's justices of the' peace acted not only as purveyors of fines, this.past week, but also tied a pair of nuptial knots, , .: justice Delia Welter officiated at the marriage of Walden Wood, 'LuVerne, and . -Hilda Mitsven, Bode, 1 Oct. 24, with a brotHer and sister of the couple as witnesses. Justice J. B. Johnson performed in a similar role -for a ceremony uniting John Remsing and Charlyne Hall, who gave, their addresses as Detroit, Mich. However the groom is employed at the prisoner-of-war camp. Reckless Driving- Cases Three reckless driving cases .were injustice courts the pas We Wrh. a Hof, LuVerne, was.'.fined .$50 and costs on a plea of guilty in Justice Welter's court., Don Asa filed the complaint, .following 'ah accident , Del Leaheagh, Algona, was fm ed $25 and costs on the, sam charge in a matter concerning de fective brakes. State Patrolma L. A. Green filed the complaint. Before Justice Johnston, Wilbu Monson, Wesley, was fined $25 an costs, after a complaint had bee ." . * * • f __-»T — « M <4 Viie.HtMV Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Presnell Wed 60 Years Sunday, October 28th North county-*-ls on' thef mot'efs- f its ley; thirteen, as a result p! lettn'8 h^as received, and a cases that' have been repbtted^w him. , , .;••< ' Money In Abundance •'*• |«14Gib /,*^w* I*** tl i»w «-*•«.•, TT"~,- T™~™ gained a reputations ftw* arnohg the "bestxfUced? apofef the nation from a financial, point. ' .' V Secondly, dunng the war,, activities and chiefly war' •••»-*%.. lured the potential "getHHcHK quick artist" away. '•/'.,''•;'.• '^K^SS. -v .ThiXd.gthose^swJib ; remaliwd ip -pprtajtiOn, a dlffletilt i>rpS: /and- : racket41nif^viBei 1 &%ain. •7/ V : Ajapng ^- scjieirtfs ncw'bela| : ttttei'ea areine CUSla, OJ.LC1 a vw.i*^*«x V. j . filed from LuVerne, and his driv ing license was also suspended. Passing, license Tines ' Two other minorAcases'were settled -before Justice" .Johnston, with Lloyd Steinmah paying , a ? 4Ste and costs for improper pass-' ' and Leo Lichter being fined a . u O for not having ;,a chaueffer,s Ecehse/-and.. ; also?Having: top,'Wide id, With their family together for the first time in 16 years, Mr. and Mrs Wm. T. Presnell will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday, October 28. The day will be quietly observed with a family dinner, turkey and all the trimmings, as has become traditional with the Presnells for the anniversary occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Pvesnell have pent their entire married Cossuth county. Born August 11, 863, Mr. Presnell moved to the Wesley neighborhood with his pa- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P^res- nell, on January 2, 1878. There he attended the school taught by Herbert Quick, well known Iowa liithor, and farmed with his fath- use 'a cpmblhatitirt ;of distract theVcastters^ciye, -a final momerit ' ,bf ' ; pUgchase- V payment/with a parfaier. ; scoot|S5"; out- 'the -till.. - ' - •!. 'v:. .2— Advertising racketeers, have, some form of " 4> ViaSKein-uetti.e.ip *eTe „.,„... Sabin, < Raymond; Verle..and Merlin Walker, Edward Ricrtband George 'Rich, all cousin's of, the deceased' Mrs. Everett With'am,was .chairman of 'the flower committee. THOMPSON INFANT DIES _ 3 DAYS AFTER BIRTH , James Joseph "Thompson," new born son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Thompson, northeast of Sexton, died Tuesday, three 1 days after "birth, at'the KossuUv; hospital. .Graveside; services, were, held 'Wednesday^ affernoPn at St. jos- 'eiOTW'CratSbflc 'cemetery, Wesley, with- vEat&ei* Klein .-conducting The'irifafiipJwas the -first child of the couple, Andrew Gollner .of Wesley was grandfather of the youngster. v^ ^?urSbm.lIertef is already having troubles in Palp. Alto county;; where he was recently in tody.- • '.*.'...-':•'•••.•'. . . ...,."• ; .. J B^^^.at-tfPOmy^^»»^- lihe'of the program fpEsthe.yictory - i. The .solicitation;it is hoped, be completed by the end of vie -JTrinity Luthera.n "Mts-^ 0 died last Fridiy. ^aSKas^a^mor, fiETSMMEDAL Richard liyle.Potter, AMM 2-c, USNR, has been awarded the Ate Medal by Rear Admiral F. D. Wagner, cc-mmander aircraft, seventh fleet. ', .. 'v't'i.' • • Potter, graduate of Algona high, entered the .naval service in May, 1942. He served 29 months with WB-13 before .returning to the 3 *He is a son of "Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Potter, 209,No. JPWUipj St. At present-Potter is stationed ^at the Naval Air Station.. HUtchinsotv Kansas; as an 'iristructor; next-,week; Money In Abundance , There is plenty of money. in Kossuth to easily,, meet the quota in- this drive. The- faU of the year- is'the period in which receipts for farmers reach their peak, and bank deposits .have been growing by leaps .since,the bean harvest, Jt is hoped-that .everyone will be ready to,sign up for his or-her fair share of the bond quota when .the workers-call next week.u: In spite of ,:the.'iact;1ihat ihe' s5°°Hu| is-ovei;,;vwe;can still consider .the extra profit^ as war profits. ILast Patrioticv Drive ,, The "Victory Loan drive is .the last chance to show that we have backed the war ~effort, and, the people of our community ^shouia show their thanks to the fighttog men that we /appreciate their er- lortsinwinn^the^^^ ibing. some; truckisg <or;a.farnier, 19 '* -a' recerit^staie-law..^- chauffeur's.. license " even such occasiosal, W Patrolman L: W. Dickinson filed the charges. SPwo >'"pereons - were \ injured, Wewesday afternoon, in .an^auw c6iJfSlon v 'th'et occurred, in Grant Anna Clopton , Grace her .„ of, her i. Jennie ^1$^ -•- vBSft|sy4ijis,*si^ • e <,-E;' Jones, Ledyard,vdriv- „,« » truck, and Nellis Overfiejd, 9we;a .City, in a passenger car, came J together in, a solid smash that'idld some $50 worth of damage :to the truck and about $?50 damages to the car. .; < -Jones received head injuries, and Osha Overfield, a passenger, ^•bruised and ^lightly in wed. Sheriff A, J. Cogley, -called to the scene, said an evergreen grove at- the intersection prevented Clear vision at t^ie crossing, : Former ; e ^ c ^^^^°m ss n * lve 1945 , . . as aerial gunner, toxa I n,uniu«. heavy NaVy .**^J&g&B* heavy arid-accurate fife into a large enemy boat, such that the, eenmy plane was shot down and destroyed r within sight pf its home base. Algona Living in Japaii Mr, and'Mrs, John Mahoneyre ce'ntly. received a letter from their spn, Pfc, ,Rus?ell Mahortey, stat- 4M that he had arrived in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of japan, where he expects to be-as- aimied to occupational duty^ for several months. Jn, Wletter Russell told ofSlpparo, We capitoLof Hokkaido, which was'not touched by bombs Tiieir bwrack? are.lo- cated at this sity which is said to be rsiroHer-itP :OW pesvMomes Tmvnships Chairmen Bu«alo, Chris Brandt, Tltonka Burt, E. R. Woltz, Burt Cresco, 'Ralph Morgan, Algona - ,. Eagle/John C, Johnson, Armstrong Fenton, Peter Hayenga, Fenton Garfield, R. B. Chambers, West '" 'Bend RS.J.B.MUEHE, WESLEY, PASSES Wesley: Funeral services were held Wednesday .morning; in St Joseph's Catholic church tor f Mrs J. B. Muehe, 68, who;dted at he home Sunday following a linger "firs. MueJie was born Sept. ^24 1877, a- daughter of Mr, and Mrs Mathias HUdman, at West Brook i™, m. She came to Iowa witt ier.parents in 1900, wherever Pa rents farmed near Hutchins. Sh worked as a, Wesle prior to her marriage; Mr, and Mrs. Meuhe were mar ried Aug." 21, 1934,- and farme southwest of Wesley on the place novJ occupied by- the Clarence Ackersons. • They later sold -and ITlStrB* JVHJ* •»" -•*•****'—rrf—•—. — -lumber mill in Spokane. Howard is with the 5th air force in Japan, and Phillip Lee is at home. ; Dr. Presnell will be apcompan-. ied here by'his youngest son. DICK. He-has two other children; Laurel, Sbrri in Panama, now in college, and Helen. ' .••-, : /,, ( A,;,'' 'There are two great granacnu-. dren, children of Leonard and Richard Lanphear. ..'.,.„,„ The PresneUs make their home with their daughter, Eye. Both are in good health and;enjoy visiting with callers, Mr. Presnell is downtown every day/M~ P™*^ nell insists that during years : she .has >;presnells ; ;when;,Mri eenbUrg , and" collection that ^er^lea**' th<? "sucker'.' holding the bag, nor; else forces him to pay many tlnJSB what 1 the advertising, istwprthi ;^.. 8— Order and down payinow fakes' "who ^£a : ve^withrthe; .aaiW* '• payment, and that's:, the last j*t» "' "' " : . 4j4SOmethlng for -; nothing \yhere .ihe: victim either: -' aryekpenstve item to -get ^- ? __^-_. eSS , free7pr;!:pays:many times what^;|?| ...... ,.-.-. -—^th;_...,:,.',;-.; r-v^'sSv^IlI*' manipulation an<J:PW^f Speenburg «*. ^ «*«,: *«.,. -.'-.- "V~IA • ing a, sister, Mrs. : T. J ;RrHackett, n the Wesley neighborhood. Mrs, Presnell was born at Polo on February 15, 1861. Her mother died when she was three and from then on she made her home .with her married sisters. She learned the dressmaker' trade, taking her apprenticeship at Preston, la., and • ; ffikenle^:':b«cy lff? p .*^'WgP" < 'r*ff'':- .iri'Jjt'.JffW^^g^'-'j^^.y'iffp , continued her profession for a time after her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Presnell were BURTHOO ^ four sisters: six brothers and George of Wesley, married October 28, 1885, at Booneridge, Hancock Co., near Wesley, by the Rev. G. W. Robinson. They farmed until 1893 when Mr. Presnell went into the implement business in which he remained until two years ago. Part of that time the family Wesley, but in June, 1906, they moved to Algona which has since been their home/- ' The Presnells have three chil- 'dren, Delia, Mrs. A. M. Lanphear, Spokane, Wash.; Eva, Algona photographer, and Dr. w. w. Presnell, Charlotte, Iowa. Mrs. Lanphear has been here since Sept. 29 and expects to stay until the middle of next month. - _ There are seven grandchildren. Mrs. Lanphear has four, sons. Leonard and wife, Seattle, will leave as soon as the territory is A Mrs Ray w.uii :anu ow ?,*:*?-";£"!' was held at the Burt Presbyterian church at 7:00 p. ni.,:Tuesday,evr ening, Oct. 23. A largeDumber -j* Presbyterians, ^ '- J — »«coming better.. ""n.-rvj/wjf. theh- new minister; gatnereo/u, .--,.set hour for a covered, dish sup- Pe After the supper "the, group was entertained with;:,^ pr^fam including musical -selections py Enia Saars,' .Keniiethl'Patterson, Evelyn Becker, ]\|arlene;Drernmel and Ruth'Hbdgfort:;;;:;';,;;;;*;'", ;'";.7v A welcome to;'the new mimster was given by Harvey Thompson, followed with responses by , t Rev- Hill and Mrs. Hill. i eddlers PermitB ' : ;.; Instances' "iii KpsSii ,. weekj^aye included of^ stock salesmen Hebron, Oscar Frandle, Buffalo ' Centey Irvington, .Henry - Scheppmano, Gertie of Ayrshire, Chafes of Redwood Falls, M nn., Mrs. .Kate Simon of CampsbeUpost WiS, Joe of Clear Lake, Ed and Matt of Wesley, Pauline of CampbeUs- portWis., -Anthony of Wesley, and Mrs'. Joe Elsenbarth of Morgan. Minn. Three stepdaughters llso survive, and Burial was in , , i> the California $1 f^, ^^.iMMi^^Ftt^iwtyptoi^p Lbtts ( S%tto- Wichtenaahli Glen Buchanan, Ftv *» v .,«k, Wawy^ode, Portland, Henry A, STOW Prairie! Hterjnan J[, «»W a ,&>.&, jilJinso^^wesjg£y r "n«»p«n*" Algona Wftenw ' h , s Josepns miriai waa *+* *<•• - — i _ cemetery, Wesley, with the Me- Mahon funeral home jn charge, 20 Degree Weather Drop In Past Week A drop of 20 "degrees ,.-the week's weather, as tabulated $ Harry Noite, official weatherman here. _ Date t ,„..: %, Ww Thursday, Oct. 18 --,,>--83 C/ctt 18 ?a)wrf:wp, ; ii 1946 FORD ON a . lap, Jowa, where burial Homes Sold In A Real Estate Melee There will be one big moving day if and when all concerned can find an available place. . Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Hutehms have purchased the H. R. Cowan residence, Mr, and Mrs, Cowan •will move into their house now ' by Mr. and Mrs, Joe Mr?'and Mrs. Bloom have p«r- the house east of the Dr. v-icw««».j-~. home in and Mrs, Chris Knutson are r Mr, and Mrs, Ericksori of near Algona, who owned the Place w^ had expected to move i»»w.".i n the sprtag, have purclwsed r the house owned by " pf the former The first of "the new 1946 Ford cars will be,on display Friday 4n the showrooms of the Kent motor The postwar Ford embodies more engineering advancements and mechanical Improvements than were included in any .previous model, as a result of four years of stored-up research results and the advancements wmctt came out of the Ford Motor company's intensive participation in the manufacture of war products, Fred. Kent stated. "Without doubt it's the smartest Ford car ever built and those who have seen it have more enthusiastic P,rew. hoTne"of -her daughter Volfiht. "'Surviving Ralph and w , NPrttowestern as sexjtipnr^bps^. ' '' 1 F< rK n^'W«% develop^ 100; horsepower, making "-W 8 . ^g- most .ppw^ful Ford in the his^ry. ^| o| the. comply iente and Mr. and Mrs, New ^Pwmendite move into the north. &p late Mr. aottlleb Out* have as yet Sitter of Knwe Died Sunday im;^ii : f9^mWMm&% ;S«ft;!''iimi4«.aai«iitasM*.i siit ^ .._.,,. er and fcfertalk was-;c« : tl»e BlC3(^JUm«»«g«5JP, ^\m^a^^M^iSm Club, lajstweefe spn ehO^e pdpley and '

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