The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1945 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1945
Page 12
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wiWJfwg* CAMP LIFE p STORY TO 25 PS IN ALGONA ; Algona, Iowa, (Special)—Twenty-five soldiers stationed at the prisoner of war camp here know what prisoner of war life is like. Twenty-four of them were captured by German troops In the European theater of Oper- eratlons while one was fighting the Japanese on Bataan when American forces were forced to surrender In April of 1942. ' They were sent to this German prisoner of war camp in accord with army policies to assign liberated Americans to prisoner of •w&r camps throughout the United States. Those taken in Europe range from a 101st Airborne Division private, captured in Normandy on D-Day plus 2, to men who were rounded up during the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944. All of the men are serving in Headquarters Detachment but one. He is a technical sergeant, member of the regular army, who was stationed with the 31st Division in the Philippines prior to and during the Japanese invasion. His term of imprisonment under the Japs lasted from the Death March in April 1942 to February 1945. He is attached to the Medical Detachment here. Famous Regiments Many famous divisions and regiments are represented among the former prisoners. Some of these include the Fighting 94th, the 106th or Golden Lion, the Screaming Eagle 101st Airborne, the 42nd or Rainbow, the Blood and Fire «3rd and others. Besides regular infantry outfits, there are men •who served in the 508th parachute infantry, 325th glider infantry and 23rd armored infantry. Most of the men will not discuss their experiences in detail with outsiders. However, in the barracks at night, they sometimes gather to swap experiences, mostly to find out how much worse their- camp was than those in •which others of their liberated «opvrades had been confined. I/ack of adequate food seems to be, the main complaint and they •winder at the fine looking condi- tiijn of German prisoners of war incarcerated at Algona. However, they realize the American way of life is not to abuse enemies who have fallen within our power. Some Good Stories While they will not talk about the seamy side of prison life, most of them like to relate some of the funny incidents that took place. Among the best is this one: The camp was raided by Allied planes. As they dove for shelter a German guard came up. He handed his rifle to a prisoner and entered the shelter first. The rest crawled in, with an American in possession of the weapon. When the alert was over, out they came, handing the rifle back to the befuddled Nazi. In another camp, the men would •confuse the "count," (periodic daily checkup) if the weather was •warm. "Germans can count best by. fives," one former prisoner •chuckled, "so we used to step up and make a row of six They would have to start over a.eain". In cold •weather, however, they stood the "count" formation quickly. rMost of the' men had been told 3ww to act if taken prisoners. Main object was to do exactly opposite what thf» Germans anticipated they would do. All of the former prisoners are - alad that in Algona it is the German who are behind the barbed •wires and not themselves. They have had enough of prisoner of •war life. JUST RECEIVED new assortment of colored desk blotters—brown, dark green, yellow, pink, sal- mori, light green, gray. 15c or 2 for 25c. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 41 -* 6 To Waive Interest On Vet Farm Loans I. E. Wortman, Lakota, announced today that he is cooper- $2,000 of new farm real estate Joans made to veterans in this community, including loans on part-time farms where the veteran has a regular job in town and does a little farming after working hours. L. W. Rouze, in the Sawyer Bldg., Algona, who represents the Equitable Society Farm Loan Service locally, also stated that the • Society will waive interest for one year on the same basis for all its present farm borrowers who have served 90 days or more in the armed forces during World War He emphasized the fact that this loan program has no connection with government-guaranteed loans which may be obtained under the C. I. Bill of Rights. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES eats' commission allowed, ti Minimum charge 35c tot 12 adv^rtlsliigr **ettts chaftfe words or less. When paid with their clients 4c and send cash order, 3e per word; whett with order they receive 1ft charged, 4c per word. NO ag* commission. Blind ads 25c. iifl s. JdHeiTsiiAlfiieMr phone 882*J. SALE;. Jailer house, sleeps four, excellent condition, gobd tires. Emmetsburg Welding Shbpj Emmetsburg Iowa. 42* FOR SALE: 100 Hampshire ewes. Jerome Hawkins, 1 mile east of Sexton and 3% north. 41-43'' FOR SALE: Spotted boars. Hiram Ackerman, Lone Rock. 41-42* FOR SALE: Spotted Polartd China boars. Thick, heavy-boned type, guaranteed breeders. Double vaccinated, certified Bangs tested. New blood for former customers. Pedigrees furnished. Why take a chance on untested stock. M. L. Barton, VA. mi. east, IVi mi. south, LuVerne, Iowa. 41-45* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, thick, rugged, dark red. Large group to select from; new breeding for old customers. (Over 20 years a Duroc breeder). John F. Weber, 2 mi. cast Irvington. Algona phone 15F22. 41-43* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars. 6 m. W., 4Vz so., Algona. Leonard Baas, West Bend. 41-44* FOR SALE: Duroc Jersey boars, from leading blood lines, raised on clean ground. 5 miles west of Algona on Highway 18. O. V. Harlan. 41-42* ity. Productive Webster, Clarion and Lamoure soils. Some purchaser can make excellent farm out of this by adding some tile and removing scattered rock at reasonable cost. Possession March 1st if bought before November 5th. $115 per acre on long terms at 4%. Will loan $2000.00 for making above improvements. • Elmer Schneider tenant. See your broker or write owner, Harold Oldham, Prole, Iowa. . 42* SERVICE STATION and bulk plant for lease with dealer's franchise in Algona, Iowa. Tremendous opportunity for energetic man. Contact L. L. Coryell & Son, Lincdln, Nebr. 42 FOR SALE: Purebred Spotted Poland China boars. Mike Arend, Burl. 42* Purebred Spotted Poland China boar sale at Spencer, Iowa, fairgrounds Wednesday, October 24 at 1 p. m. This is a late sale so here' is an opportunity for you farmers to buy your boar 1 . Karl E.\ Carlson, Lakefield, Minn. Walter Well- WANTED: Soda fountain and drug help, male or female, experierid- ed or inexperienced. Apply Ohnesorge Drug, Algona. 42 hoefer, Stratford, Wis. 42* FOR SALE AT CONSUMERS: Red River Valley No. 1 Cobbler Potatoes. , * 42 FOR SALE: Standard Ford car in good shape. Ralph Hurlburt, Lone Rock, Iowa. Phone 709 42* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8tf NEW HONEY for sale. 5 Ib. jar $1.00. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 37tf SPENCER Foundation .Garments and surgical supports, individually designed. Mrs. Highland corsetierre at Mrs. Espe's, Bode, Iowa. 37-46* FOR SALE: Registered Hampshire boars, both fall yearlings and spring. They are rugged, heavy-bone individuals. New stock for old customers. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 39-50* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, "Proud Cherry King" and "Tops" blood lines, well grown with plenty of ham and bone, weight from 250 to 300 Ibs. Also 1 fall boar Cimmaron breeding. Corwin C. Peer, Algona, rt.1. phone 8-F22. 40-47* SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation in- "talled. For estimate call Del r jC aneagh, Phone 767, represent- 'ng Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 310 ACRES good laying land 5 miles west from West Bend. Large County tiles leading up to or crossing farm. Gravelled roads, fair set of buildings with electric- FOR SALE: A few good Guernsey cows. Roscoe Mawdsley, ph. 14on87.,Burt, 4 mi. east of Algona and 5% north. 42* FOR SALE: Purebred Spotted Poland China boars. Also one good milk cow. Fred DeVries, 3 mi. N. E. of Titonka. 19u42-43 FOR SALE: Registered Hampshire boars. Brown Swiss bulls. Harold Fischer, Burt. 42-44* FOR SALE: '35 Chev., good rubber. Q. E. Ely, Titonka. 42* FOR SALE: Fox's modern 7-room home, good condition, 2 lots, square home V4 block east Ice Cream Factory. $4900. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate & Ins. 42 FOR SALE: 2-14" Case plow. Floyd Riebhoff, Burt, la. 42* FOR SALE: 42 ft. Sandwich elevator, complete with speed jack and hoist, A-l condition. C. E. Brown, 1% miles SW of St. Benedict. 42* FOR SALE: Choice Purebred Poland China boars. We have both spring and fall yearling boars. Guaranteed breeders. Papers furnished free. % mi. south, % mile west of Lone Roctf, Louis H Reilly, formerly Reilly Brgs. 42* FOR SALE: Mike Zimmerman's acreage 1 block north and 1 block east of the Milwaukee Depot, Algona. 42* NEW ELECTROLUX CLEANERS will be available soon. For information see Don H. Hutchins Lt. Comdr. Due Friday Lieut. Commander Forrest Twogood and his wife the former Eleanor Haggard, are expected here Friday for a visit at the home ol Mrs. Twogood's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Haggard. Mrs. Twogood joined her husband at San Francisco. Lieut. Twogood, who has been in naval service lor about three years has been in tne Pacific for the last two years_ being stationed at Guam and Saipan for the past two years. Jim White Released "Jim" White, who served in nounceu xoaay inai iie is I;UUH CI "Jim wnue, wuu otwc^ ... ating with the Equitable Life As- F ran ce and Belgium for about a surance Society in its new plan to yeari arr ived home Tuesday from •waive interest for one year on j e fferson Barracks, Mo., where he .»„ „„« _ f fn,.«, ,-oai o=tntf was given honorable discharge from army service. He and his wife, the former Margaret Norman, are spending this week vis- . i • . i ,.4. . , nn \v\ TV/TinMonnAMS. Bode Family Has Navy Sons Home Charles Robert Bode, Sl-c (SM) •who has been on the SS Vella Gulf, attached to Admiral Hal- •sey's third fleet, is on leave of a month now. His' ship, in Admiral Hslsey's third fleet, went from Sa'n Francisco to Bremerton. Among passengers on the trip borne were some 700 sailors from •ih£ battleship Arkansas. Charles Jus been overseas a year. Bernard Bode, first class petty officer, also arrived home last Fri<Iay for a visit on leave. Otto Harig Visits Otto Harig was in Algona last week visiting his daughter Theresa upd other Algona relatives and iriends making his headquarters aat the home of his brother August. --- — • - u v es at Alden, ^»n».,.., .- „ returned from Jjpt Springs, Ark., where he spent ---*h taking the baths for the i.. of his rheumatism. He has sons, Leo and Harold, who expected home this fall from iSouth Pacific for discharge. Home Steve Murchland, warrant officer in the army, who traveled through Africa, Italy and on into France in the recent campaigns, arrived home several days ago. , iting relatives in Minneapolis. Enters Wheaton College Harold Skow, Wesley, son of Mrs. Esther Skow, has entered Wheaton College, Wheaton, 111. He is a graduate of Wesley high. To Visit Parents Mrs. J. W. Biggers, the former Maxine Brundage ,is expected Saturday from Oakland, Calif,, for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs G. D. Brundage, who will meet her in Ames. Mrs. Biggers husband is in the coast guard, but expects to be discharged about Life Insurance Co. of New York. In volume of insurance sold during August, he was first in the northwest central states on thr company's list according to Thomas B. Read, manager of the Des Moines agency. AROUND IOWA One Han Job Mike Mead, 64, veteran of World War I, is building himself a house in Waverly. He is doing virtually gona Federal the entire work himself—he exca- Algona, Iowa. Wf-mi^^^^'^SaWSIIfP FOR SALE: *w6 CMvlftl rams, also Cheviot fittd OarfofS ram lambs. H, B; Seely, ' FOR SALE: Two good Shorthorn, bulls serviceable age. , Hubert O'Brien, 2 mi, No., barn, Algbna. QH WG,WDBJfMM.WfABJWUUn^VJ.AH«,ua. msm^mm^MiMmm Good i *&6fft ^Breakfast seta,BuflefeiiSadies ' - . , w. ol sales 42* FOR SALE: 45 Diiroc , boats, choice, 225 to 270 Ibs. New stock for Old customers. Matt Weydert, 4 mi. straight west of LuVerne. c/o Livermore postoffice'. < 42-4IB* FOR SALE: M-l mounted Rlckerj- F-12 tractor; cultivator;. Ifl'-lft' plow. J. R. Thompson, 4 mi. east Burt 42* FOR SALE: Duroc Jersey boars, from leading blood lines, raised on clean ground. 6 miles west of Algona ort Highway 18. O. V. Harlan. 42*-44 SBLLjy.bur late' model-car, to us ' ; '*6r 'the highest • price.- Free information ofi'-'c'e'llihgB. Hoenk Motor Service,'West' ofCourt House ":;-.»•' 3fltl Wanted WANTED TO BUY: Used large tractor, 3 or 4, plow capacity, row crop preferred. %Upper Des Moines office, ... 42* WANTED: 2-wheel trailer suit- * t_l_ » 1__..1I_.« M n1mi T)l1»*4 'able for hauling poles. Telephone Co., Burt, Iowa. Burt 42* WANTED: A house to rent by an Algona bus line driver. Contact me at bus station or Mrs. H. M. Harris. Jay Soppeland. 42* WANTED: Man for ice delivery. Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory, phone 270, Algona. 42 WANTED: Maid for general housework. 314 So. Minn. Phone 914-W. Mrs. Douglas Wildin, Al- gbna * 2 WANTED: Someone to help in office on Friday afternoons. Algona Auction Sales Co. Phone 398-W. «* WANTED: Used cars and trucks. Any make, year or model; We pay Top Price. Write, phone or come in. W. E. Ley, Lakota,. la. 42-43 GIRL WANTED to work in drug store. Lusby & Giossi. 40tf SERVICEMEN! We photocopy service discharges; bill fold size. Long Studio. (Over Council Oak.) 41-43 WAITRESS WANTED.. Lusby & Giossi. 40tf WANTED: Married man to help on farm. House with running water and electricity/ Good wages. F. L. Ryerson, Hurt. 41-42* the new reives; 1 Neeidlia, bums.—Kossuth Kftdlb & Etectrta IN LAID LtNdLfitJM, UtlbW.aU ' tile, . Jaid by' Gowah . Custom Sttpptf VUlIVt WUWC1J.A'. J_f U1AV**4*& , *>ffc«ff *|7 d.j Phone 275/i'Algofta.: ; ltii*3j8tf SEE ME FOR-'Reii -Bargains it, - farms, loans, dfa{nfige;6U£veying and estimates on tile.—-Phil 3 Kbhlhaas, .phone 2S, Algona. i-tf NEW SHIPMENT , of stationery just arrived. Have it printed with your name. The Algona Upper Des Moines. 34 tf TYPEWRITER CLEANER p your typewriter keys clean with Webster's RTZ. Cleans type, platens, all metal parts, all kinds of machinery. 50c bottle. Algona Upper Des Moines. 34tf HATCHING EGGS, dan use limited number of new flocks. Eggs to be delivered to the Kossuth County Hatchery at Algona. Write SPENCER CHICK HATCHERY, SPENCER IOWA. 41-42 Miscellaneous HAVE BOUGHT Ralph Hurlbur,t's portable mill and will be open for orders Monday, October 22. Russell Bates, phone 65, Lone Rock. 42-43* We repair all makes of washing machines and Frigidaires. Wringer rolls for all makes. Belts of all sizes. Inflations lor all makes of milking machines. Used: Automatic electric washer. South Bend Malleable range, ALGONA MAYTAG STORE, • Phone 399 Glenn Crilly 42 NOTICE: There will be No Hunting on my farm this year. This includes sneaks dogs and quack i.- O1I1OINA1, NOTICE In,the District Court of Iowa, In and , for Kossuth County., HOME OWNERS' LOAN CORPORATION, Plaintiff, "• •.' vs. . HINDIS KEOARTY; JOSEPH HEQ- ARTY and LOIS HEGARTY, husband and wife; PETER HEQAR- TT, single; JULIA SPEAR, single; and to the unknown lielrs of Minn nlo Hegarty, Deceased, and to thr> 'unknown claimants of all of Block Seventy-one (71), Call's Addition to Algon.a, Iowa, et al., Defendants. TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS: . You are hereby notified that the Petition of the above-named plaintiff. In the above-entitled action Is now on file In the Office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, and which Petition prays for personal Judgment against the defendants, Dennis Hegarty. Emmett Hesarty, Joseph' Hegartv, Agnes Phillips, Roy Phillips, O'dell Eller and John Eller, for the sum of One Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety-eight and 48/100 Dollars (H1.79S.48), with Interest at the rate of fives per cent (5%) per annum from and after the 31st day of August, 1946. and for the costs of this action, Including accruing costs and attorney fees for plaintiff's attorneys,"" arid cost of extending the Abstract of Title, as money justly due and owing to plaintiff on a note executed by Minnie Hegarty and John Hegarty, now both deceased, to the plaintiff, Home Owners' Loan Corporation, on the 31st day of January, 1934, and upon an Extension Agreement executed by the-defendants. Dennis Hegarty, Emmett Heg- apty, Joseph Hegarty, Agnes .'Hhllllps, Roy Phillips, O'dell El)tsr and John Eller, on --the 16th day of March, 1940; praying also for the foreclosure of th(, mortgage given to secure the payment of said note and interest, by said Minnie Hegarty and John Hegarty, her husband, now both deceased, to the plaintiff covering the following-described real estate, situated In the County o£ Kossuth and State of Iowa, to-wlt: All of Block Seventy-one (11), Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa, together with all Improvements thereon, heating, plumbing and lighting fixtures and equipment then or thereafter attached to or used in connection with said .premises. , •I:'Jbflalntlff further asks that-said judgment, .together with costs; accruing costs and attorneys fees foi plaintiff's attorneys and {Interest be 1 established and decreed as a Her. against the above-decribed mortgaged premises from the date of said mortgage, to-wIK January 31 1534. Plaintiff further prays that whatever right, title, Interest or claim tliu defendants or any one or more of them may have shall bo declared to be junior and inferior to the lien of plaintiff's mortgage and judg- m>< Flalntlff further prays for thp Issuance of a Special Execution ant a sale of said mortgaged premises and prays that the equity of redemption of the defendants, and each and all of them, be forevei bttrrecl and foreclosed- except such Sights of redemption as are given '8s??.tWe la>vs at the S,tato of Iowa prays for the appointment of a Receiver to 'take Immediate possesslor of said mortgaged 'premises, am prays for other and additional equitable relief, all as sot out in said doctors. Fred C, Byson. 42* TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS. FHA and Veterans "GI" Loans to purchase, remodel, Refinance Homes, Al" Savings & Loan, 30tf vated for a basement with a spade, --- o ANr) TNG and Reftnish- he made his concrete mixing F LO°R SANpINq and Kenmsn January 1. Mrs. formerly a WAVE. Biggers was ,Mr. Harig, who recently S-Sgt. Cecil Cook Out S-Sgt. Cecil L. Cook recieved his discharge Monday, Oct. 15, at Camp Chaffee, Ark., according to wdrd received recently by Wis mother, Mrs. Henry Cook. HIS wife, the former Pearl Hovey, ana little daughter are living in Ke- nosho whre Cecil will join them. In Iowa State Band Ames, Iowa: Virginia King and Kenneth Brown, both students at Iowa State College, have been chosen members of the colleges 130-piece marching band. Miss King, who is a freshman m the science division, plays the alto clarinet. She is the daughter _pf Mr. and Mrs. David K. King. Brown, son of A. L. Brown, 603 E. North Street, .plays the alto saxophone. He is a freshman m forestry. Bode Couple Married Bode: Anna Christiansen and Ole Olson were married at Humboldt, Sunday evening, Sept. 30, in the Lutheran church, Rev. O. B. Anderson officiating. Attendants were Mr. 'and Mrs. Ole Brw- vick. E. S. Kinsey, former county auditor and more recently manager of the Algona hemp plant is now representing the Mutual equipment and made cemen blocks and now has the rafters set It was only with the roof beams and rafters that he had one day's help of one man. Ever See Potato Seed? Ralph Thayer, farmer near Belmond, brought to town a curiosity in the form of a potato vine with appurtenances resembling small tomatoes. The Belmond Independent points out that this phenomenon occurs every eight or nine years on potato land. The things that look like tomatoes are actually potato seed balls containing from 50 to 500 seeds. Often there are from 60 to 70 varieties of potatoes represented in the seed balls. Don't Overwork a Fork. A pitchfork can stab a man even though it is not in anybody's hands at the time. This is what happened to Albert Hagen of Glenwood who had set out to help a farmer do some stacking. Returning home, Hagen placed the fork in the back of his car which got out of control on a hill and overturned in a ditch. In the accident Hagen was pierced in the back by the fork. Nicely Scaled, Too. Bert Bishop of Osceola has a new twist to the fish story ending — "but they got away." Seems that Bert and his wife were fishing on a northern Iowa lake and had caught a nice string of fish when they decided to call it a day. Bert gave the outboard motor a whirl to start it and, zip! — the propeller neatly sliced the string on which the fish were strung. They sadly watched the day's catch disappear from sight. Corn Bomb Hits Japan. In one of the last carrier strikes against Tokyo, Lt. Comm. B. E. Brown, USN, Creston, Iowa, had the satisfaction of fulfilling a pledge made to a Creston man, True LaMssters. He dropped a sack full of Creston corn from a plane on a Tokyo airfield. He re^ ported he had more trouble getting the corn past the California crop and plant inspection authorities than he did in planting it on the Japanese airfield. ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. FOR A FULL STATEMENT OF PLAINTIFF'S CAUSE OF ACTION SEE SAID PETITION NOW <™ ' You are also hereby notified to appear at said Court in Algona Kossuth County. Iowa, on or before the 16th day of November, 1945, and that unless you so appear .your de fault will be entered and Judgmen will he rendered against you for thi relief demande,^ the petition. Attorneys for Plaintiff Address: 19H North Dodge 40_44 Algona, Iowa YBRA-LlFT rbR ALL H E AV Y FARM WOR if', HYDRAULIC UNPER LOAD LIFT »U jrror **«<**• tractor i«tt— »119W« d«r ytai«» «t *U »9te«f (f p •TBlPII* 6ci«n*Uc»lly *nfli»**r**r<Mi9r te»4 on Uw forfe WiU n«l r»l»f mr «! tnetos- N* ftWft, ch»Mi*, pMito* roii«f ft wndMt* An Mijr pull «a Jfe* (rip r«p» <Mip» tb. , bucket. 4 «tro»f iprtof lwk» U>« bnckft to pl Slx •nd o * t» 9pK»t*-M*r t* *IX OB NOW OH DISPUtf 6N OUR FLOOR Kossuth County Implement Start John Deere General Electric Phone 850 l ^ F* . . .. . Headed for Winter siry out new felts helded right foi 4 winter attd so a're you. So dome on in and get under one. Fine soft ' felt in a number of flatted > iriji styles; Wide, harrow and medium , brims. Choose brown, grey or green. CAXTON DOBBS . 10.00 7.50 Hall arid Hall 5.00 to 8.50 Other well known makes 2.95 and 3.85 THE HUB CLOTHIERS LEUTHOLD-WILLIAMS CO. FUR SALE One Day Only-Saturday, Oct. 2(j ''• ' - "'" • • • ' " See This Great Awnis Fi| Showing of 150 Choice Goats Mr. Harvey Howe, AnrUs Fws. repFesentatiye, will be at this stpe one day, Saturday, October gQth with, the eQWplfte fur coats, AU selling wiU b$ &>ne by MTr^hrpe|ii|] salesladies however, TWs is aniinu§UiJ oppttBttitv M ~ lw§ <jpats ( Awu§ fur ct^ta jt^--^|| we hive sold tttem for over 3§ "yeairs 'sfciw that they roust have tf «v«$bB$S ; ^ feuy it |rt«» s |0?aj jtp^,^^ ^^gpas wjifti s "i»p^i«t«^ life give Hwf : a^rpi«^t§i^ &wnSi shewing,;-. ;•/ v./vft v £ J '

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