The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1945 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1945
Page 11
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W»i AlgofiA VppGt ,UiiMoines, Algous. towA, ddtobef 18,1&48 mn SWEAf HOME Swea & Eagle: Mr. ahd Mrs. Vfti. Kfumm •who h'ave all theft sons In.Service had a visit by two softs during the week. Howard Itrumm received' his discharge recently he was a radio man aboatd the faattleshie. New Jersey, Admiral Halsey's flag Ship. Howard left from .here to join his wife in Des Moines. Richard Krumm who is On fiir- lough with his wife and two sons in Armstrong. He Is with'an armored unit at Fort Knox, Ky<, and is to report to Fort Rlley, Kansas. Melvin Krumm, navy ensign, who has served in the Pacific, telephoned he had arrived on the west coast. Early Resident in Accident Friends here have learned of an acident Fred Bromark of Kingsburg, Calif., suffered a few weeks ago. He was hit by a car while crossing a street. Both his legs were broken and he also received severe head injury. Mr. Bromark is 86 years old. He lived In Swea City in the early days of the town. He was an artist, also done Interior decorating. Parents of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson are parents Of a daughter born last week Friday at a Bancroft hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Burgeson visited several .days last week with their son Orvis Burgeson and family in Minneapolis. , Mrs. Nora Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Olson and small son Richard were week end visitors with relatives at Boone and Gilmore City. Mrs. Emily Larson has received word that her sister Beulah Sanders, Fairmont, Minn., and Pfc. Sterling Roberts of Saint Amant, Louisiana, were married at Baton .Rouge, Louisiana, Sept. 7. Mrs. Otto Ecfcholm and .her son Billy of Inglewood, Calif., telephoned Mrs. Otto Jenson last Friday that they had arrived at Willmar, Minn., to visit son and brother Melvin Eckholm. Billy a veteran of the European war was a German 'prisoner. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Treat are making weekly 'trips to Emmets- btirg hospital to visit.Mr. Treat's father, Francis Treat, wht> Is a patient there. He is recovering satisfactorily from injuries received when he fell out of a tree which he was. trimming. Read the Want Ads—It Pays New Swea Bride A Gtieat At Shower, Tuesday Evening Swea city i A post*nu&tiiil Shower honoring Mrs; Ji August J»etersdfi, wad given Tuesday ev eftlng, Oet. 16j at Guild hall. Hostesses were Mrs. Ray, Sperbeck, Mrs, Waiter G. Smith. Mrs. Selmer tJhr, Mrs. Floyd Trfeat, Mrs. Efvlft Link, Mfs. Alfred E, Anderson, Mrs. Mervin Kelley, Bernice Vaughn and Mrs. Francis Sevold. Wake Prisoner Expected Alfred Nelson, who recently returned to his family in Omaha, after having spent 4 years as a war prisoner at Wake island, is expected to visit in this vicinity soon and will be here to help his mother (Mrs. Swan Nelson) celebrate her 01st birthday, Oct. 29. "FfthiHy fright", Oct 22 "Family night" will be held Monday night, Oct. 22 at Luther hall. Dr. A. D. Mattson who will be'here Oct. 21 and 22 in connection with the rural church conference, will conduct the meeting. Buys Cafe Building Chas. Schemmel has bought the building m which his cafe is lo-. cated. Mr, and Mrs. Papenfuhs have moved into the former . Peterson house, now owned by Bob Bell. Jimmie Vaux and Jim Wilson went to Chicago last week to see the final game of the - world's series. The Grant W. S. C. S. will hold its bazaar and chicken supper at the Grant church this evening October 18. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moellerlng are spending a two weeks vacation which will include visits to relatives at Clarion and Rowan and friends at Marshalltown.: Arzelle Peterson and Shirley Hun, college freshmen, spent thi week end with home folks. Arzelli is attending Drake university and Shirley Hun is a student at Coi college. Lt. H. G. Swanson, based a Hendricks Field, Sebing, Fla. came home on furlough to see his brother Lt. Elvin Swanson, who recently returned from overseas and also to visit his mother Mrs Christine Swanson. Algonam Settle In Washington State . Mrs. A. M. Swinford, the former Verabel infers* writes from Clafkston, Wash., to have her paper sent to tha t t city and says she and her husband have rented an apartment there and will make it their home, The town is' the valley explored by Lewis and Clark. Mrs. Swinford writes that lots o fappes, peaches, apricots, cherries, prunes, plums, vegetables, melons and some wheat and alfalfa are raised in the'val- ley. There is also quite extensive lumber milling. She states, "the climate is suppose to be Wonderful. Hardly any snow, and It melts right away." The SwlnfofdS were married a few weeks ag6 in Hot Springs, New Mexico. War Vet Buys Station Bode: Merritt Neal, recently returned prisoner of war, has purchased Charles Merryman's interest in the D-X station end lunch room, and the business is now known at Neal's D-X Service Station. Board of Supervisors' Proceedings The Oscar Peterson carpente: crew .are building a large hog house on the E. E, Thompson farm. ARE YOU DRIVING A THEN CHANGE TO THI? AVIATION OIL If your car rum with fits and •purta ... if the motor acts as if it were about to jump through the hood , , . here's sound advice, I«et your favorite mechanic check it over and tune it up. Then change tp Charoplin HI-V-I . , , the new fighting aviation oil, And use it refularly, . ' Champlin HI-V-I (High Viscosity Index) motor oil is refined by an entirely pew* dual solvent process s . , ...from 100% Paraffin base. Mi4- Continent crude;-, , , the finest ob« tvioable, ' k ' ' '•' This i^ew procesi gives Champlin - Hl^y ? I'greater,rcsistence to sludg- ing and/oxidatjqn. , , .. actually pto* vide* aircraft lubric«(ti«rt for your «ar. Clow fitting, njoyjfll p«rt« are bathed in a tough film of oil that stands up long after, conventional oils break down. Your motor stays cleaner longer . . , has' better coni- pression .' . , regains lost power, pep, and smooth operation, • , So drive ' into your' friendly Champlin service station anil drain and refill with Champlin HI-V-I. Available how in reftnery sealed cans.. '". ' ';•'• •;'•'." '.''.''•"•;•. ' • CHAMPLIN REFINING <JO, Producers, Refiners, and Distributors pf Petroleum Produtta Since 191$ '••'''''•wjj^ ^SXjtMf^jf., Auditor's Office Algonc., Inwn, Scftmber 1, 1015 8:00 O'Clock A. M. The Board of Supervisors of Kos suth County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment with (he following members present: J. H. Frnser, W. H. McDonald, W. A. Sehram, J. F, Qulnn and M. I/. Johnson. Mollon made by Hcmvini nn.l eccourt- cd liy McDonald fii> Board of Supervisors appoint WMIInin M. Budding to be Constiili:« of Greenwood Township and that iiU liotid in the amount of '$500.00 he approved and placed on file. Said appointment to run until his successor Is elected and qualified. Ayes: Ail. Nays- None 'Motion made bv Kriiwr. nnd seconded by Johnson that the Board of Supervisors approve the Indemnity Bond of Herman Hints In the penal sum of $10.00. Ayes: All. Ttfnys: Nort.'. Motion made hy Johnson ana seconded by McDonald that Fraser be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. m and No, 110. Ayes: All. Nays' Nono. Motion made by Fraser and seconded by Johnson that McDonald be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. 81, No. 83, No. 114 and No. 101. Ayes: All. Nays.' .Noil? Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Johnson that Schrara be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts; No. 20, No. 84 and No. 03. Ayes: All. Noyj: None Motion made by Fraser and seconded by Johnson that Qulnn be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. 4 ''and No. 72. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Fruscr that Johnson be appointed to make neqessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. 4, 80, 82, 85, 00, 125 and 100 and W.K. 08-WO. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Johnson that the Board of Supervisors reject the application by the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Burt, Kossuth County, Iowa, whereby they recomjnend to the Board of Supervisors that all suspended taxes on lots 3, 4 and 5 In Illock u, and lots 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 in Hlock 7, Bnell's Second Addition tb Burt, Iowa, be cancelled. Ayex: All. Nays: Nons. Motion made by Sehram and seconded by Johnson that the contract for labor by prisoners of War from Prisoner of War Camp, Algona, lowi, for cutting, trimming and clearing trees from open ditch on Joint Drainage District Kossuth No. 7 and Han- cock'No, 120 1)0 approved and placed on file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Sphram and seconded .by Fraser that the Board of Supervisors approve and place on file the contract of II. C. Young of Monroe, Iowa, for open ditch cleanout on Joint Drainage District Kossuth No. 7 and Hancock No. 120. Ayes: All. Nays: None.' . Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Sehram that the Contractor's Bond written by the Seaboard Surety Company of New York, N. Y.j for the penal sum of $3,000.00 in connection with the Kossuth and Hancock No. T-120: open ditch' clennout contract -of H. C. 1'oung of Monroe, Iowa, be approved and placed on , file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and seconded by McDonald that the Board of Supervisors appoint C. C. Scharlach, Engineer, to make 'survey and report on Lateral No. 4 and No. 4A. of Drainage District No. 0. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson and sec- .onded by McDonald that the Board of Supervisors approve and place on file the petition filed by Sophus M. Nelson, et nl., requesting that an engineer be appointed to make survey and report on Drainage District No 78. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion mnde by Scbram and seconded by, Frascr that the Board 'of Supervisors approve the petition filed by Robert jSlehenberger for repairs on s Dalnago^Dlstrlct No. i 20, through N% of Sec. 10, Ramsey Twp. Ayes: All. 'Nays: None. Motion made by MicDonald and seconded -by Johnson that the Board of Supervisors approve the petition filed by Klaro V. Butterworth for repairs on La torn 1 No. 7 of Drainage Dis- tlct No. 77 through, SEV4- of Sec. 20, Letts Creek Twp. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson and sec onded by Fraser that a leave of absence be,grontcd to John Deatcnlchner, deputy County Auditor, as provided for In Sec, 407.25 Code of Iowa 1030, as amended by Chapter 73 Laws of the 49th General Assembly. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion made by McDonald and sec onded by Johnson that the Board of Supervisors approve the following claims for homestead credit fcr the year 1045: ' TOWNS . CLAIM NUMBERS Algpua , 1 to 824 Incl, Bancroft 1 to 147 Incl. Burt 1 to 124 Incl. Fenton 1 to 90 Incl. Lakotu 1 to 05 Incl, Leclyard .....,,..,....., 1 to SO Incl. Lone Rock ,,.,.,.... 1 to 30 Incl, LuVerne ................ 1 to 80 Incl. , City 1 to 141 Incl. Titonkn i to 113 Incl. Wesley , -1 to 103 Jncl. Whltteiuore 1 to 113 Incl. TOWNSHIPS CLAIM NUMBERS Buffalo .,.,,, 1 to 80 Incl. Burt ,,,,,,,,.....,,,..., 1 to 87 Incl, Cresco ,,,; ,. 1 to 01 Incl, Eagle -.,.,,..,,.,,,,..,.',., 1 to 41 IneJ, Fenton ,,,, , 1 to 82 Incl. Qarfieia ., 1 to 80 Inel, Grant ,.,.,....., l (o 32 Incl. German ,,,,,,,,,,,,„ 1 to 83 IncJ. Greenwood ,,..,.......,. l to 57 Incl. Harrison ,.,,.,,..,,,,.., 1 to 60 IRC!, Hebron ,,,....,........, 1 to 49 Incl. Irvington, .......,..,..;,, l to 68 Incl. Ledyard ,......,......,, l to 53 Inc.) Lincoln ..., ,.,..., l to 63 Incl, Lptls Creek ..,...,..,.., 1 to 70 Incl. LuVerne .,.,.;,..,,,. .,'., I to 44 Joel; Plum Creek•,«'*•,',',..,'.;,.,' 1 tfl 41 Incl. Portland .,,,,.,,.,.,,•,,, 1 to 89 Incl, Prairie ,..,,., -,..,, 1 to 74 inei. Ramsey ,,,,,...,, 1 to 48 Incl. Auditor 88.BO Dorothy C. Mergen, assist. Co. Auditor Mlnry Ann Mergen, assist, po. Hccorder 00.50 Joanne Kuchyntca, assist. Co. Stint 88.50 'J. II. Fraser, Comm. and Sessions ........... ^. 244.K5 W. H. McDonald, 'Comm. and Sessions 220.45 W. A. Sehram, Comm. and 8e»- . slons 2W.r)0 J. F. Qulnn, Comm. and Sessions 252.40 M. L. Johnson, Comm. and Sessions 242.1)5 Dorothy C. Mergen. assist. Co. . Auditor 4.00 Eleanor Koliasch, assist Co. Auditor 4.00 Mary Ann Mergen, assist. Co. , Recorder 4.00 A. J. Cogley, Invest. Fees and Mileage 138.70 A. J. Cogley, Boarding and Lodging Prisoners 23.30 A. K., Travel Exp., Office Sup., etc 08.40 H. W. Miller, Office Expense 72.0.') The Bancroft Register, Board Proceedings ; 60.25 The AlRona Upper DeS Moines, Board Proceedings and Of-, flee Supplies i 05.CO Advance Publishing Co., Board Proceedings, Office Supplies etc 213.04 Matt Parrott.& Sons Co,, Books and Supplies 64.27 Koch Brothers, Books and Supplies 105.24 Kllpto Loose Leaf Company, Hooks, Blanks and Sup 103.04 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Sup... 1.5;! C. A. Heard, Rep. M,owers 5.00 K. A. Knnpp, Hop. Add. Much. 16.00 Algona Electric, Hep 2.80 Frank Bestcnlehncr, Ins. on Court House Records 195.00 TJ. A. Drocstnan, Ins., on Court House Equipment ... 192.00 Lalng & Muckey, Rep. 4.81 C. W. Pearson, Adv. Bty., etc 10.70 Klrby Smith, Brd. of Bduc. Mtg 1.00 Myrtle Jordon, Brd. of Ednc. Mtg 2.00 H. J. Braley, Brd. of Edue. Mtg 1.40 A. H. Schiller, Bd. of Educ. Mtg. 3.00 Wm. Runehey, Weed Commls- > sloner 7.&0 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, Appropriation 418.87 Kossuth Co. War Activities Comm., Office Exp 100.03 >Ionroo Cal. Mach, Co., Inc., Mia Ink Contract 12.00 Earl W. Daniels, Apiary Insp. 94.27 Elmer E. Muller, Apiary Insp. 109.07 Churchill Manufacturing Co,, Sup 4.43 R. A. Evans, Coroner 0.20 Frank Kohlhaas, Mayor's Fees 8.00 L. J. Immerfall, Travel Exp. 2.00 S. P. Powers, Mtg. 4.00 Edw. Looft, Mtg 4.00 J, H. Holcomb, Mtg. ; 4.00 Jerry Hectland, Mtg 1 . 4.00 C. H. OstV.'lnKle, Del, Per. Prop. Tax Coll i. 70.11 Court rand Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 10.3 Matthew C. Oder, Court Reporter , 14.25 State Institute Fund Helen White, Clerk's Fees — 15.70 C. H. Cretztneyer, Exam. Pbys. Fees 0.00 .T. C. Hutchlnson, Attorney's Pees .;.......;...'. .0:00 L, A. Winkel, Attorney Fees . 20.00 Cecil McGlnnls,\ Officer Fees . 1.70 A. J. Co'glcy, Sheriff Fees .... 33.1- Albert Boekelman, Witness Fees 4.10 Albert Wclshaar, Witness Fees 4.10 M. G. Bourne, Phys. Fees .... 3.00 Dr. H. D. Mfcycr, Witness Fees 2.10 Fair Association Fund Kossuth County Fair Assocla- , tion, Appropriation 2000.00 T. It. Fund Alfred R. Godfredsen, Indcm. cattle 50.00 G. Delrmir Angus, Indcm. cattle 24,27 Jolm 1C. Harms, Indem. cattle 25.08 Raymond S. Westllng, Indcm. Seneca ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,} to 84 In?!. .,,,«,;,,,,„**« 88 Incl, ,,,, it •.,•••,> 1 ta 43 Inpj. iiviVf,VM«>V l tQ ** Insl> N ..,,;, ! .;,r,v.J f" 51 IBP'» Si mqtlo'n Bouf4 o'[0?$eded to audit md allow ? c)af»s i^f. per ,^Sche(|«le o; "' Dung'N DlHeune Fund ., .Tohn Mnnhs, Indem. cuttle .... 37.30 Henry F, Maylnnd, Indem, cattle ...i 25.00 John W. Jpngbers, Indem. . cattle .... 80.00 Andrew Lnrson, Indem. cattle BO.OC Mike 3. Kennedy, Indem, cattle 25.00 Mcindert Ulinann, Indem; cattle , '. • 12.50 Construction Fund Iowa State Bank, Withheld Tuxes ; ,.; 50.30 H. M. Smith, Salary 303.80 Helen Leigh, assist. Co. Engin' eer 85.30 Mrs. Ed. McGulro, Grading road 760.00 Concrete Products Corp., sup. 813.11 Des Moines Steel Company, sup. .; 059.33 Maintenance Fund Iowa State Bank,... Withheld Taxes > 220.80 Baglcy Construction Co,, Loading and Hauling Qravel ....11702.38 Central States Elec. (Co., Elec. ' Serv TT 1.02 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec. Serv. ,- 1 Interstate Power- Co., Electric Scry 1.02 Interstate Power Co., Electric • Serv. ., 3.00 Central States Elec, Co., Elec. ' - Serv .,,., 1,02 City of Algona, Elec. and Power Service , 14.03 Concrete Products Corp., sup 358.75 Leroy Crapaer, Shop Mechanic 203.10 Joo M. Baser, Operating Prog- line 180.40 MHo Patterson, Checking grave], etc 251.15 Clifford Holmes, Patrol 180.70 Ferdinand Meyer, Labor 154,10 Basmie Hansen, Cutting Brush, Hauf Gravel, etc, 1M.70 Bert Shellmyer, Patro} ..,.,., 1S0.70 Clarence Hentges, Patrol ...... 158.00 Henry Loerwald, Pumping Water ..,,,,,.,......... 132,60 B, D, Mcponald, Suop Worj;, Hauling Plrt, etc, , A ,,,,... 178.30 Ralph, • Markla, Labor ,...,,... 104.70 Archie Dodds, Labor .,..,,.., 146.40 Walter L, Johnson, Labor ,,,, 100.90 Oliver Younff,"Lafeor ....,,.,, 148.40 A, J, Hildman, Patrol .,,..,. 158.00 Urban Neuroth, Patrol ,.,,,., 170.60 Lem stpclfw»ii, Pelrof ,.,.,., Pick Baacle, Labor ,,..,,,,,.. 115.10 C, H. Cooper, Lab»r ........... 134,40 bt P. GrshTm, Labor ,... 100.30 f 1 , Grahsio, , v ,,,, 81.00 I ISS.60 Geo. Doynl Sflnders, Checking Grftvcl 18.00 Alvln ncrkncss, Tiling oh rond 14.TO It. Pomeroy, Lnbor 7.60 Thomiu Jftlinson, I^ahttr 32.00 Mrn, Kd. McOulro, Rottd Work nml Leveling Pit KiO.OO A. Ij. Fischer, Lnbor 208.38 Onlrnl Stntc? Blef. Co., Elec. H<>rv 4.02 Ontrnl Stntes Bloc. Co., Elcp. Rorv 1.02 C. W. I'enrson, Treasurer, A<lv. Bxp. nml Prelglit 10.70 Algohn Imp. Compnny, Kcp. 3,2B llnxtnblc Iioma and Atito Sup Sup B8.IO Kfissulh County Imp. Co., Ilcp 2.SO .lohn Lnrson, Klxln); Snwa ... 4.00 W. B. McDonald, Sup 12.21 r. S. Norton & Son, Sup 3».4!> O. K. Kulibcr Wcldcrn, Uop.. 52.04 Sclnilt!: llros., Hep 12.1S Hpllles lldwc., Sttp. 3.74 Thompson Wist. Co., Sup. ... 10.7« Thompson Dlfit. Co., Hup. ... O.fi2 A. T. Unfit, Weed Sprny .... JO.OO H. I). McDonald, Kxp. to Da venport M.21 1'iiul Krnst, Cable 71' tJ. 8. W. A., Hugs 0.15 Snthoff Service, sup 20.51 W. A. Sclirnni, Adv. Cnsh for (irlnrler 14.7fl Knrl Stott 1 111 wo., Sup 5.UO M. L. Johnson, Uep J.W! Unmhlc Store, Sup 10.70 Northern Lumber Co., Sup. .. 24.87 The All-Whccl-llrlvc Co., Hup. 471B.I1H W. C. Brown Supply Co., Sup. S80.4S Slcff-lfort Dodge Company, Hup fll.37 Ontrnl Auto Ktcc. Co., Sup. .. 34.40 Hcrmnn M. Drown Cornpnny, Sup : 4305.04 Dukclinrt-JIughos Tractor nnd Equip. Co., Hep 378.72 Olobo Mnnli. & Slip. Co.. Sup. 4.22 Glbbs-t'ook Tractor & Equip. Co., Sup 108.30 lown Much. & Supply Co., Sup. 20.02 W. P. Smith Tire nnd Bnttcry Co., Sup 40.58 linrtoii-Warner Compnny, Hup. 0.70 .T. I. Merrymnn, Use of tools, etc 1413.M)' Harms Oil Co., Fuel Sup 314.72 Hoovers Oil Co., Fuel Sup Bfl.22 Peerless Oil Co., Fuel Sup., etc 202.08 Peerless Oil Co., Fuel Sup. ... 2)8.00 liiincrott OH Co., Fuel Sup. .. 2G3.M' Standard Oil Co., Fuel Sup. .. Stnndnfd Oil Co.. JCitel Sup. .. tnter-State Oil Co.. Snp. ,.... Reiner Ilclmers, Labor on Road Culvert ., ......... , ....>.,.... Fred Groribnch, Labor on Rdad Culvert ......... . ..... ....... John Holmers, Lnbiir on Koad Culvert ............. . ........ Pete Ilelmprs, Labor on Road Culvert ............. . ........ Benny Nellls, Labor on Road Culvert ........ . ............. Verne Scobba, Labor on Road Culvert ...................... Harry L. Cutler, Build up - 130.30 118.07 22.32 7.50 7.00 7.50 7.50 7.50 20n2,fio Herman Hlnta. Dup of Warrant No. 82ftl ............... 5.00 Poor Fund WMUcmoro Formers Co-op. Cry., Prov .............. , ____ 3,10 Paul Krnst, Prov. . ., .......... 8.00 Hood's Super Villu, Prov. .... 4.00 Red Arrow Grocery, Pr6v ..... 12.00 Merrill Bros., Prov. .. ....... .. 30.00 Dr. C. II. Crclxineycr, Med. Aid .................... Not Allowed Dr. C. II. Crctxincycr, Med. Aid ......................... 12.00 Dr. 1'. V. Jiinso, Med. Aid ..... 20.0U Dr. M. (1. Bourne, Med. Aid .. 6.00 Dr. R. M. Wallace, Mert. Aid . 01.00 \V. P. Polx., M. D., Med. Aid .. 70.79 C. L. Ciminnuffli, Mccl. Sup. .. 18.42 Kossuth Honpital, Hosp. Cnre 371.20 Florence Crltteuton Home, llosp. Care ................... 00.00 Ohncsorpre Drn«, Sup ......... 15.82 Ira lioniietlc, Lnlior .......... 31.W) Marvel Dole, Travel E.vp ...... 18.10 Henry .T. KHner Rent ......... 10.00 llutli Kmmons, Nurse's Cnre .. 25.00 (!. D. Curtis, Ambulance Kerv. 8.75 Dept. of fioclnl Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children ......... 102.17 Dept. of Socinl Wclfnre, Aid to Hlinit 1 ........................ 10.10 C'otinfy 'Farm: lown State Bunk, Withheld Tnxcs ..................... . .. 31.HO L. K. Stephens, Light Serv ..... 18.00 lien linkken, Snlury .......... 1CO.OO Dennis Lynch, Salary ........ 125.00 1DO.OII .60 .iX' 30.89 20.01 Scliultz liros., Wugon 120.S! Lylo Steinbeck, Salary O. 1C. Rubber Welders, Rep. L. C. Nichols, Rep. halter . Harms Oil Co., Fuel Sup. . Western Chemical Company Floor Wax C. A. Heard, Maeh. Rep 3.50 Algonft Imp, Company, Mftftn. • Rep 18.71 J>f. P. V. Jnnse, Med. Aid .... 21M Hay's Jack Sprnt, Pror 117.0-1 C. S. Johnaon, Prov 107.43 Consumer!! Food Store, Prov. 127.2:1 Algona Baking Company, Prov, 54.71 Aipona Co-op. Cry. Co., Prov. 31.36 UK IT RIMOLVRD: Thftt the. County Auditor' Is hereby authorised and directed to Issue warrants for all claims allowed at this meeting at shown by -the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written. On motion Board adjourned "Sin? Die." ATTEST: L. J. IMMEUFALL, ,T. F. QU1NN, County Auditor Chairman, Bonvd of Supervisors LESTER OeBOLT North Thorington Phone 308 Insulate Now! ' For A':':;.!,'^| Johns Manville Blown Home Insulation Estimate Call 767 Wormhoudt Hdtfier Insulation Co*: DEL LEANEAOII Local Representative 44U QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptom* of Distress Arising flipifr STOMACH ULCERS ™ E TO EXCESS ACID FreeBoohTelUof HomaTraatttMiit * U Must Help or It Will Cost Y6u N*tUMK Over two million bottles of the 1 TREATMBNTHave Wxin idld sytuptomsof distress arleing from and Duadtntl Ul«*ri due to EM*t* Poor Dlfiitlon, Sour or U^Mt '•—"—'- Htartburn, •"-—-' |Jgg dud to Exc*tt Add. Sold en lRd Ask for "Wllterd'i *•««•§*" whk eiplalng thl« treatment ft**" 1 >i Algona: • • . BORCHAR0T DRUG STQKB OHNESORGE DRUG Luverne: LUVERNE PHARMACY 'FRESH 1 GRAPEFRUIT JU1CC, HEALTHFUL DRINK < / U. S. GRADED <aOOD< B UTTEtt 4lgona 4JC lb ROUNDSTEAH 38 Lb. V£AL ROAST U. S. GOOD PRE SWfFFS Point Free 3H FRUIT CAKE NATIONAL- TIN PACK „„, 75c COUD PACK OYSTERS ........ - RUCEI> OR PIECE — SPICED LUNCHEON MEAT., u ; 49c ESSEX CERVELAT . , ., . .^r u . 35 c Beef Roast CATSUP STOKELY'S 17 , m , ."*"' 14-OJt.; C BoHle CUB1ETS T U. S. GRADED GOOD Lb. jLQW PRICES EVERYDAY . F,RESH FRUtTS ;AND>^VE GET ABIDES, It-m. Can BtJTTEB KEBNEl, ' PEAS WHOLE KERNEL CORN HIBLETS CARNATION—CHOCOLATE *"~ . MALTED MILK *&* I' SIFER'B CHOCOLATE SYRUP . %* IIEKSIIEY'S COCOA ,,. mi AMBROSIA—BKEAKFASX COCOA AST [X THE SHELL MIXED NUTS u . HALVES ANP PIECES WALNUT MEATS ,.. Wb , FOLQEB'S OB HASH'S COFFEE ,.., V£ 16c Jdnathaii BABY FOOD ...... NATIONAL PAN HOLLS ,.,,,,; ; WAHONAL ENRICHEQ WiII.B«E*0 ''' ^"U Cm Pto, 91 It 38c 27c tOc 16cj 55c| 59c 33c 7c, 6«c tic COMBINATION {GRADE 2 Pascal Celery M JUMBO C '««" CRISP, TENDER Stalk ORANGES 5UHKI5T VAIBNCIA, 999 9Vt» CALIF.—MOUNTAIN CUQVVN BARTLETT PEARS .. Lb . 15c CAUF.—BED, LARGE CLCSTEBS GRAPES ..2 u... 27c POBTO BICAN YAMS 3 Mi , 25r PANCI—BNOtV BA»A . CAULIFLOWER ,,.,, «k* 25« FBBSH- QUEKN TOP . . "..' '••>'• •.• CARROTS ,,,..,,,,2 SOI4P, GW5EN .. . '.:.-", CABBAGE ,,...„•„.,. •J^tSnORACKERS,, ^ *iNo5ufrFLOUB ,,. • jjjJiCB AUrlftljHT Qft VELVET TOBACCO ,, roniLAB OOc Citrus SCULLV 7 lb hi, e M 0 o M

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