The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1945
Page 2
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War ;"E" To Farmers Who PUT EMPHASIS ON QUALITY POULTRY By E. E. Mason, (Executive Secretary Iowa-Nebraska Poultry and Egg Institute) When the United States Department of Agriculture requested the former and producer,—more and etill more—poultry and eggs for the war effort he responded with the largest production of these commodities ever known to the state of Iowa. Let's give them all the credit they are entitled to. They did a splendid job—but with V-J day past—where do we go from there? For four years we have had a seller's market. Buyers were willing to take anything they could get and were thankful for it. The day when buyers will take any* thing in a shell or anything with feathers on, is past. When war was declared all the emphasis was on quality. The day the Japs surrendered, the emphasis went back to quality. FARMERS We Salute You! We know you have done an outstanding job. of producing food to aid the war effort—often with a shortage of help and machinery. We expect to have a steadily increasing flow of new CASE machines from now on to replace your worn implements. CASE FARM IMPLEMENTS SALES—SERVICE General Farm Supplies Taylor Implement Co. Phone 257 So. Phillips St. Dairy Industry** Future Bright, h General Viewpoint The year 1948 will be one of ad^ justments from war to peace. Farm plans demand that operators cease trying to get • the last war dollars from their products. There is certain to be price breaks regardless of whether it comes In 1946 or later., A period of prosperity still Is in sight for the Iowa farmer — all dairy products, pork, poultry and corn continue to loom up bright. The end of the Japanese war. termination of 1 lend-lease and large scale buying of food items by the army has not done away with exporting dairy products. The end of the war did not bring a decrease in the demand for food. Many authorities agree it increased the food demand. The only thing that will cut the demand, in the opinion of Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson, is large scale unemployment if industry caused by strikes and general unrest. Reconversion to the manufacture of civilian goods is moving at a rapid pace. The manufacture of farm machinery, industry machines, automobiles, radios, refrigerators, clothing, etc., will Heed thousands of workers for the next few years, who will demand large quantities of good food, especially dftiry products, which they have learned contain so much food value. tMlii pii Besides the job of hatching the chicks, the ihatcherymen of Iowa have been very cooperative in the assistance to the poultry raisers in their repective communities, to help them do <a better, more efficient job. We Salute The Farmers- Particularly We Salute Them For The Increase of Milk Production in Time of Need "I'LL Give MORE MILK WITH 6RAIN" FOR MORE MILK Feed Grain To High Producers Let the milk scales be the judge of grain feeding. No grain for cows giving less than 2 gallons a day. Above 2 gallons, feed according to production . . . 2 1 /. pounds of grain for each gallon of milk. What kind? Depends on the roughage. Use grain to supplement roughage. Home-grown feeds cut production costs. Bonemeal and salt should be self fed. Plenty of water at all times. Get That Extra Squirt! The following price paid for whole milk and cream butterfat: May 1-31, 1945 Wholemilk 3% Butterfat 77 cents Sweet Cream Butterfat 56 cents First Grade Butterfat 55 cents F.O.B. Algona Manufacturing Iowa State Brand Butter License No, 4 DISTRIBUTOR Pasteurized B. D. Tested Milk and Cream DISTRIBUTOR Al-Co Gas Al-Co Tex Gas Non-Taxable Tractor Fuel Skimmed Milk Powder Buttermilk Powder Stock Salt DISTRIBUTOR Cottage Cheese Distillate and Kerosene Tractor Veedol Oil Al-Qo Oil Block Salt Dairyade Calf Meal Algona Co-Operative Creamery Co, PHONE 200 FOR PR00UW RECORD IN WAR All Iowa was asked this we^fe; to join in a state wide "Salute»t* the Farmer" week, 1ft tribute to the great part which farm ittetf and women, boys and girls, have played in helping America and her Allies win through to Victory. The week.' sponsored by the Feed Institute of Iowa and cooperating agricultural groups, is. being featured by special events and ceremonies in tribute^ to the farmer and his family in virtually every county in the state. "Never in history havfe farmers anywhere achieved such a production record as the farmers of Iowa and the nation' made in response to the appeal of America's fighting fortes for food for themselves and their allies," said a statement issued today by O. N. LaFollette, secretary of the. Feed Institute. "Our war leaders appealed tot more meat, and Iowa farmers responded by stepping up production from 15,879,000 hogs In 1941 to 20,950,000 hogs in 1943. Iowa increased her milk production from 6,920,000,000 pounds in 1941 to 7,071,000,000 pounds in 1943. Egg output jumped from 2,964,000,000 in 1941 to 3,999,000,000 In 1943, and chicken production from 54,307,000 in 1941 to 69,926,000 In 1943. "Even more significant Is the fact that these increases were achieved under the, most difficult conditions including help shortages, equipment shortages, feed shortages, and other problem?! which.had to be met and solved." Farmers and their families stayed at the job until it was done, no matter how many hours it took— from before dawn until long after dark in many instances. A tribute is due, also, to the farm women and the boys and girls, who lent willing hands both in the field? and in the feed lots, to make it possible to 'achieve the production joals asked of them. Poultry Demand Still At High Peak Iowa hatcherymen and poultry breeders has given full coopera- ;ion' in food production to promote victory, and shall continue their fullest cooperation to produce to help maintain peace on :arth. They have produced an immense volume of the type of chicks that are so essential in vigorous rapidly developing market poultry and peppy pullets that do their bit in producing a large number of high quality eggs. The Farmers For Their Outstanding £f eduction e Stuff*. Hog Feeders! SAVE ON AND Get 2 in 1, atone low pride, \ when you teed Sargent's MINR AL MEM IHIS SUPPLEMENT coats lew Jthan average mineral prices. It feeds-twice as far as tankage. Gives your hogs valuable Vitamins, and conditioners, too. No mixing, no fuss, no bother —it's all in one bag, ready to feed-with your corn. Stop" in, ask about our money - back trial offer this yreek. WHITE'S MARKET Phone 361 E. State A Grand Champion! All Iowa is proud to join this wick in a'tribute to the farmer and his family— for the tremendous part they played in the Victory of America and her Allies/' Never in, history have farmers, anywhere, done such «' job of food production^ - ' ' ' - '"''/' When our S&htin& forces called lor more,£ieaf, milk t and e'g&a, Iowa farmers— ' • ' A Stepped up pork production from 75,000,000 w hogs/n 174 J TO 20,0001000 Jn 1943. • . A Boosted milk production from 6,920,000,000 Ibt. In 1941 to 7,071,000,000 Ibs. In 1943. . + Increased egg product ion from 99 eggs per hen in 1941 to 142 eggs per hen in 794.3. A Increased poultry production from 54,307,000 birds fit 7947 to 69.926,000 in 1943. And this was done in spite of help*hortages, equipment shortages, feed shortages, and many other adverse conditions. We are gratified to add this word in justly^ deserved tribute to {he outstanding wartime achievement of the Farmer and his family. . Pictured above is John Coady, Burt, Iowa and his Hereford that won the Championship Baby Beef award at the Kossuth County Fair. This aninial was fed and finished on Home Grown Grains and Special Tanvilac. Grand Champion Results Can be produced in your feed lot, too by this most economical method of feeding. Use your own grains! Don't be afraid of Soft Corn! Feed what you have, and make what you have go further! Hog Feeders, Too You can get more out of your soft corn. You will get more pounds of gain from your bushel of corn and oats, with the Tanvilac addition. Protein shortage is critical in some areas. Let Tanvilac relieve you of these worries. These mixers can mix TANVILAC in your Home Grown Grains when you have them ground, They cat) make you Laying Mashes, Hog Balancers and Pig Meals fortified with TANVILAC, ' A. C, Schlssel Bfllls t*k»t», low* ' Farmers Elevator Co Elmore, Minn, Farmers Coop Elevator Bwt, Iowa ' bone Rock Coop Exchange...... .Lqpe flock, Iowa Ted Hindera _ ....VVpden, | flw a Fred Pooch. _ .....JUvermoce, Jowa / Hamilton Hatchery , Bancroft The dealers below carry a stock of TANVILAC for you to mix in your own grinding for Hogs, Cattle and Poultry, , Algona Flour * Feed Co , AUrona Hobarton Coon Elevator , ..../...........Hoharkm Cylinder Coop Elevator Co. ; Cylinder , Irvington Coop Elevator., Irvtnftou Henry w. KoWhaas -.-,...,.;- St. Jo* Harold Qxley .,..,—....: CofwUh. R. L. Brant* * Son ,...,.... ~...Wft*k* E, C. Marty & Sons .- -..,. .JMiY*rn* ; • •••••IP ' •' • • , ' RALPH TICE, Dist ALGONA, IOWA LI Farmers, We Salute You! .'•-•" - v "3 MINUTE MILKING 99 FOR MORE MILK V .. We Sell Perfection Chore Boy and Clean Easy Milking Machine*. ;; ^ Use Milking Machine Right Wrong iwMng habits e»t pro^uctioii , ; titis. 'There's s ri^ht way. "• Jt saves t«fttinfl|pps|s jrul£|k(\y ' * - ' ' : ' ' . .. Milk at the sspe'ti^ every mi^ go , , '. Wipe each i&der wjtlif $1^ lore putting on the jpeWns ,;, , ^ra^| ^ stVi^Jp of i^Mibe strip pup to see that it's Iree fro* i^y^w^«v^ for \isw th§ ii.v"^;Sii-ilttii:;w at of 3 to ' ' ll § ^Xy^ff^m^^^^^

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