The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS i Hfc, DOMINANT NEWSPAPKN. np Nnn.TiiEAR'r AI>?.- A wo - r. . ...^ ~«._,, ^ VOIAJJJK XXXIV—NO. 302. Blythevlllc Courier Blythevllle llcrakl Mississippi Vnllcy Lender niythcvlllc Dally News NEWSPAPER, OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI mA'TIIRVll.LK, ARKANSAS, WKDNBSDAY, MAKCII i), 1MB SINGLK COPIES FIVE CENTS of Kidnaped Boy I ells ftejforlers Money Mas Nol Been Paid NEW HOCHELLE, N. Y.. Mav. 9. lUPj—Murra/ Levlnc, whose 12- year-old son Peter ivas kidnaped 13 days n»o, admitted despondently today that efforts to deliver the $30,000 ransom demanded hy the boy's abductors have failed thus far. '"I here has teen no ransom payment," he to'd reporters who telephoned Ills home. "Any report of Hint is incorrect." Levine's statement was interpreted to nw\n that the kidnapers had not responded to his reiterated appeals by press and radio that Ihey renew the contact made last week after the ransom note was received. Tlie anxious father refused to answer any special questions concerning ills efforts to get with (he alxluctors. "There is nothing new," he said and hung np. Usual activity around the Levinc licine strengthened belief that Le- vlnc's attempts lo contact the kidnapers were becoming increasingly desperate. Prcm time to time men apparently living in tlie Levine hem" would emerge from the house, peer Inlo automobiles parked In (tie vicinity, scan passing cars and return, u was believed the men whose identity was not learned were seeking some signs from Iho holders of the boy. Meanwhile officials believed that the boy might be dead, and impatience over l»lice delay in enter- in^ the case was growing among Westchester county and New RO- chelle authorities. Farmers Are Aided In Debt Adjustments Ll'lTLK HOCK. Mar g (UP)— Voluntary debt adjustment committees In Arkansas last monlh assisted 51 dcbl-prcssed farmers in making new airi'i-menis wlih their iwdllors, A. L. Gablcr. regional ' | diretlor of Ihe Farm security Ad• ministration, announced today The fmmciy ( j,.i, ls ),, V olved nil ii-jgn-BSits ol $102.920. The planters ivi'i-R enabled to pay delinquent taxes amounting to $1.C»0 t,j va ,.j. OILS government units n .s result of !idjiiKii»eni.s ii'hiel, prevented for,-, closure on many [aims. Local Witnesses Forced To Remain In Little Rock I'or today's Session A continuance until today In the heating before Federal Judge M ''I'" 1 ^ "> the «"""' • r "' Ul " c H<Kk s * tm x Carruthers or ° Hearing Is Underway.-' ~~ 'In Wilson Tax Case The hearing on a claim filed by (be stnte commissioner of revenue against the R. E. Lee Wilson estate to collect au inheritance tax of 581,000, was being heard In Probate court nt Osceola today h-fore County Judge S. L. Gladish. At three o'clock this afternoon Hie hearing dad not been concluded, after having started shortly before noon. The twice postponed case grew out of a claim filed December 1 a|. Osceola by Louis Tarlowskl, nt- lorncy ot the revenue commissioner in which it sets out specific amounts which the stale alleges is due following the death of R. E. Lee Wilson, prominent Mississippi county landowner, several year? ago. Two Alarms Caused By Grass Fires Yesterday Two grass blazes about four o'clock yesterday afternoon caused the fire department to make two runs. Tlie first was nl 1510 West Ash street and the second ot a vacant lot next to 209 West Kentucky avenue. and "Bubbles" Clayton, condemned local negroes, for a writ of habeas corpus lo prevent their execution I for criminally assaulting a young white woman here in 1934, ninde it necessary for n group of local witnesses to remain in Little Rock another day. Thc^group of witnesses went lo Little nock early yesterday on siib- coenas of Ihe state and also the defense. At the hearing it will be determined whether tiie negroes received a fair trial. The defense contends that they did not, claiming that they were forced into trial while a spirit of "mob violence" prevailed here. This hearing has been long delayed r and the negroes have already triad unsuccessfully other courses in the slate courts to escape-Ilia electric chair. Five Years in While House Rrfcrnnclum Gives Growers Opportunity To Approve Markelini/ Quotas Aiiiitmcmcjits hnve Li-en cum- Dlrtt'd for lidding tlx- couon mur- kt'lini! tiuoia referendum in Mis- .'.i'iippl County, according lo IX 5j. Lanliip and K. It. minis, comity agricultural agom.x. All farmers tt-ho planted cotton in ij).-(7 ari , urged to vote Saturday so thai the vote cast will be truly representative of the wishes of the farm ptople, lliey said. The marketing quotas will be adopted only if Iwo-thirds ot the votes cast in the entire county are in favor of the (iiiol.'is. Forty-two polling places have been designated. Milllgan Kirlge. c;. r. nyrd store; l-'loodway, Lee Harmon store; Eto- Wiih. Wilmolh'.s store; West Ridge Chapman A Dewey's store; SHU-' man, school; Lancy, Marshall gin; Kclscr, batik; Victoria, Lee Wil& Co. store; Hlghtower, Seg raves' store; Burdette, store; Uo- sn, store; Liixora, community house; Osceola, courthouse; Grider, Franks ami Rogers store; Driver, Lowrance siore; Wilson, Lee Wilson & Co. gin; Carson, cromer . Bros, slore; Marie, and Wil- Bonfire Of Old Models Here Thursday Will Contribute to Road Safety Tlie Blytlieville Association of Automobile Dealers will join in the natlerml movement toward greater safety in highways through the elimination, of decrepit autos with i number of obsolete models scheduled to be burned at a public bon- Ire Thursday night. The antiquated models. sen- Tenant Loan Chief To Confer At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Mnr. 9. (UP)Paul V. Marias. Washington, national chief of the Bankhead-Jones tenant purchase program, will come here Friday to confer with regional Farm security Administration officials on tenant loans to eligible farmers, it was announced today WElld ITU TCLL I BOB — BURNS _ I know people often wonder how the producers can get everything in the picture so authentic. I know one producer who wanted to make a hill-billy picture so he went down lo Arkansas and stayed with one family back in the mountains for two months. When he left, he told the old fanner why lie had stayed there and he says "I stayed with you because you've got such n perfect hillbilly dialect." Tlie fanner .says. "Well. I OMghta have—t gave a radio actor a month's board to learn It to niel" fenced to be burned, will be paraded through Main street at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Thence, token to their death pyre it Second and Sycamore streets. The torch, which will seal their loom, will be applied at 7:30, with :he city fire truck in attendance to protect nearby buildings. son store; Dyess, community house; Bassctt, Bassett Ivterc. Co.; Pecan Point, Uzzcll's store; Joiner. Farmers gin; Frenchman's Bayou, J. M. speck & Co. store; Whitton. community house, Joe Cullom's gin; Gosneli. school; Dell, school; Promised Land, school; Tomato. school; Brown Spur school' Pawhccn, school; Whisu, Carter's gin; Manila, school; 40 & 8, school Armorel, school; Blytheville, . hall; Yarbro, school; Number gin building; Clenr Lake, Rogers 1 store; New Liberty, Home gin; Lost Cane, school; Half Moon'. school; Blncksvriler, .school; Leach- vllle, school; Box Elder. ' Buckeye gin;- Lonoke, school. ' Only the; c'ottoji marketing quotas will be, volcd upon In the referendum, , the agents pointed out. Other phases of the agricultural conservation program will be in efTed regardless of the result of Ihe rcferndum. Farmers will be voting on whether ..or not the program, shall apply/ to all producers in the same manner, or be on n voluntary basis. The vote affects only the 1038 Back in 1933. Just, before he took the otil, or office as President of the United Slates. Franklin n. Roosevelt went lo St. John's Episcopal church lo prny. This year, on Ihe llfth anniversary of his inauguration, he again attended special services in that same Wn«h- Jtiglon church. He f» plcdireC. above with Mr.s. Roosevelt as U.ey left the church after services which also were nllendod by oilier ..„.-... KI.IVT »«.(v niivm rs of the Roosevelt family, cabinet members nnd crop. If supply of cotton . on again exceeds seven per cent of normal, as it does this year, another referendum will be 'called In 1939 to determine whe(li°r O r nct marketing quotas will be adopted for that year. Under the marketing quota plan fanners who do not plant more than thr.!r allotted acreage will be allowed to market all ihc cotton grown, regardless of the amount. The penalty for over- planting will be two cents a pound on "cotton grown on the acreage Thts is lii keeping with the pro- 1 Triuicr"7iw 3«m for National Used Car Bc-| fcv congrc^. in excess of tlie allotted ncrea«e I tlie agents have pointed nut excess of tlie allotted Lilienthal Compared With Hitler In New Attack On Senate Floor WASHINGTON, Mar. 3. (TJP)- Senator Fr. Styles Bridges. Republican, New Hampshire, lortay attributed the TVA conflict lo dictatorial and authoritarian methods of TV.\ Director David Lllllcnthnl whom rie compared to Adolf Hitler. Bridges, who asserted dial an cf- lort was being made to avoid a congressional inquiry into TVA because of fear on "another tea pot dome scandal," replied to the speech of Senator George W. Norris. Independent. Nebraska, blaming TVA Chairman Arthur E. Morgan's jealousy for the Inter-agency turmoil The new broadside attack by Ihe New Hampshire lie publican was n prelude to a White House confei-- change week which comes close Saturday night. to a School Band To Lead Arbor Day Fa fade Thursday Tlie BlythcvJIle school band and the newly organized junior garden ilub of the city high school will parade Thursday afternoon to advertise Arbor Day, which is to be observed Friday at Walker park. The band and girls, who will passed loans unless available on tlie 1238 crop un.tsi the niarkeliii!,' quotas are accepted by the farmers, and no subsidy payments on the 1938 crop win be I available. —' -•• marketing carry placards, meet at the Cola Elec Mot high school nt four o'clock. Led by the drum majors, the 2? band, menv- bers and girls, who are joining the junior garden club, will march to West Main street and east through the business section. They will turn north to Walnut street at the Blytheville hospllnl nnd disband at Uie court house. The Blytlieville Garden club, which is sponsoring the planting of more evergreen, shrubs, perennials and bulbs at the park, has asked all students of the schools to take their plants to school, where they will be called for. Olhers having plants are asked to lake them to the park. If they have no means of taking them they are asked lo call 688 Thursday afternoon or night to give NEW * their names and addresses so they, ton closed may be called for Friday morning. I opc i ™°? e having large plants to give I Mar 902 Whellicr or "not the . „ miolas are accepted, farmers who do not cooperate In "" " forfeit subsidy Ihc program payments on (he 1937 crop. Stock Prices AT&T .. Anaconda Cop Beth Steel Boeing Air Chrysler . Cities Serv Coca Oen Gen Int Harvest Montgomery Ward N Y Cc: Packard Phillips Pet . Radio Schenly Dlst Simmons . .. Socony Vac . Std Oil N J Texas Corp , U S Smelt .. U s Steel ... 132 3-8 31 5-8 28 51 1-2 120 38 5-8 34 1-4 Alclonncn Approve Con- Iracl To Acquire I'liic.c For All City Trash A coiitniel for iv new city diiinp- liiB uroimd on the ctoHiicll fiirm «-HS approved hy (he <-lly council nl Its regular monthly mvetlng ul tin- city hall lust nlghl. Under terms of lliv contract, the oily will |x-y nu annual icnlul of $50 for use of luu area for dlsjKKhig of Irash anil debris collected from the i-lty streets iincl alleys. A commlllee consisting of Aldermen John Mcllaney nnd I«y Welch was nlso named lo work out n plan with ihc elly engineerlii (! department whereby Iho city could assume resiKiiisihlllly for cleaning up all carbuse nnd trnsli In nlley.s In Ihe business .suction. A rupovt by Ilils committee will be made i\fUn- do! nils of Ihe plan have been gone over wllli city Engineer Joe Car' ney. ! Other matters lo come tetoio tho I council Included iicllon on nn cuse- l mcnl by the Frisco rnllrond grniil- I Ing Ihe city Iho use of a porllon of j it.s right of way between Main [street and the alley south of Ihe Jack Applebnum stoic. Acceptance of the resolution by Iho council Blves the clly passageway for cars and trucks from Main street lo tha alley, which extends from the railroad to Uroadway. Council member* voted unanimously to approve n resolution regarding cities In Arkansas receiving a portion of tlie giusollno turn-back', ns provided for In n bill to be prc- sonlcd at a special session of tho state legislature. Should the mens- uro pnss It would glvo cities nnd lawns a ix-rcentnge of the gasollno tax monoj- now going to tlio state, "'Approval was given of n plan for bislnlllifg new traffic signals on a I number of streets through an advertising scheme. Promoters of Iho project were given authority lo obtain advertising lo remain on tho i signals for two years, however, tho • P™-« \t C • 1 T r j signals would become the property [\OOSevClt Oaid lo i'avor of the city at the end of ono year. Mrs. Robinson For Litlle Rock Postal Job WASHINGTON, M1U-. 0. (UP) — Representative D. D. Terry, Domo- oral, Arkiuistis. said today he un- derslamls Pi-esldenl Roosevelt intends to appoint Mrs. Joseph T. Robinson, wldoiv of Hie former senate majority leader, to he postmistress at Little Rock, Ark. "Ordinarily the privilege of mnk- my recommendations to the post office department for the appointment of on acting postmnster Is by Surtax Is Voted Off Tax Measure WASHINGTON. Mar. (1. (UP) — Olsrcujti'diitrt threats of u presidential veto, I lie house lodu.V ten- lallvely eliminated ihe w per trill siii-lii!! on closely held corporations rnim Iho administration's tux revision hill. The vole In i-i)ii>]|>Hlei> of the Whole \viin 180 lo I2-I. A ruallllon of UomoiTnls and Kcpiibllcan-i. led by Rc|iroscntiUlvi< John W. MoCornmvk, Ut'mucral. MII.W, sdcwssrully iiiuicked tin- so- called "llilrtl basket" levy—con- Iroverslal cciiler ol Ihe lulmlnls- Iriillon's bill In relievo On; lux burden mi Industry. McCormack Introduced Hie ' amendment 10 strike Iho sin lax, The house, however, presumably ivll Jvotn u second (lino on the nni'.'iidmciit whi'U reading of Ihe lilll is completed. The vote agnlusl Ilio lux on closely held corpora lions trainc In Iho face of u warning hy Cl'alrman liobeii L, Uoiiishlon, UeiMiunt, Mortb Carolina, ol tlio ways nnd menus committee that 1'resldent, UooscveK IHobably would volo the lax bill If the "third basket" leyy Is ollm- Innled. enec on - -,.,,-j n.ivii I i CaiUtllL Roosevelt will ask all three TVA board members for "the facts" he- hind Hie charges nnd countercharges around (he agency. Bridges, in a senalc speech, leveled a broadside of charges against the TVA In support of life demand tor a congressional Investigation rather than on inquiry by the federal (rale commission as proposed by Morris. "They cal governments of Germany, of Italy, of Hungary -authoritarian states' because all authority Is centered in dictators." he said "In the heart of America a new star has risen in the constellation of authoritarian states— the state Of Tennessee. And David Ltllenfhal is its dor fuehrer!" Bridges recalled that he recently charged in the senate there was a question whether Hie TVA had "betrayed its trust." and had contracted for long periods to sell industrial " power "at give away prices." "Since that date my charges have 4 , „ been substantiated from two Im,„ „ „ portant sources," he said, referring •°!to statements by Representative Jfaur)' Xtovcrlck, Democrat, Ttxas. and chairman Morgan. "I shall now show that these contracts conUln n hidden joker with 23 1-4 19 7-8 14 1-2 « 3-4 40 1-8 70 52 7-8 New York Cotton open s g out wlio have no one to dig them may call the same number and a man will be sent to take them up. If it should rain Friday, It Is planned to plant the park Saturday. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. 907 911 919 920 922 r. 9. high 907 910 BIO 923 923 023 low 902 905 909 917 918 919 Spots closed steady at 915 close 907 910 913 922 923 May up 4.1 July a secret rebate amounting to 30 per cent of thc costs of much of this power. "These contracts have been accorded by Ihe so-called princes of •—•• privilege. What a perfect example Ju1 a« of blowing hot and cold at the same " Ocl 029 Closely Guarded Against Communists; Will Seek British Alliance — .„ ... i.,. nv,i,injj fjuDL-n 1H51 CT* is uy LONDON, Miir, 0, (UP)—GUflrd- custom extended to tlie rcprescnfa- cd by police who feared renewal of live of the congressional district ln «t night's communist dcmonstra- bi which n vacancy occurs." Terry . llon ' Joachim Von Rlbbcntrop, said In a. formal statement, | German foreign minister, arrived Terry favors Open Test '" L 01 "' 0 " today lo open Inlks look- Mr. Terry lold reporters lii Lllllc I B lo nn An Blo-Cicrman rapproach- T»riiF s.T/I ,-.,!„*. ..i.,1.1 .1 i , . . niciit, Thc German diplomat arrived nt Victoria station nt 3:40 p.m. it w:is surrounded by several hundred ]»lice and hundreds of persons crowded the approaches to thc station. No one was nllowcd on the Platform without authorization. Special measures to protect Von mm OFFICE Reports of Another De- pai'tmental S h a k e-Up Heard At Little Rock LITTLE" ROOK, Mar. 9. (UP>— Another, shnko-tip In the stale revenue department Is schedule: nest week, reliable sourM said today. Employes. In. it ho state'sales tnx division likely. >>vl|) v be ; Irtv'olv- ed In the changes, one Informant Imllcalcd, Reportedly the climifjr-.s will be made for "economy" measures. Ewclt Hopkins, auiicrvlsor of the sales tax division ot Ihe state • •— revenue department, was montton- .Jlic end of ono year. C< 1 among those slated for dismissal. Charles Andrews, high 'deputy In tho sales tax division probably will be among Ihose Included In Ihc 'shake-up, U was sold, but he will remain In the employment of Ihc slate. When asked about tlio impending changes, superiors would not discuss It. Men who arc staled to be Involved In the shliflle denied they had received letters of dls- Session Tomorrow Will Reccivo Governor's Proposed Highway Set-Up .rrTLK HOCK, Mar. 9. (UP)— stlnij 2S objectives for consideration, Ciovcrnar Cnrl E. Bnlloy Uxlay Is-iued a proclnninlloii for convcn- li'j? »f (in "extrnordtimry" session ot the stale legislature at. tomorrow noon. One of Ihe major Hems Included on the agenda Is a highway pro- ai'iim. Other proiwsals' provide for appropriations to card lot- a construction program nt Iho state's tuucreiilur siniUnrliiiiis ami lha blind school. ' Nine or Iho points on tho pro- urnw nrc Included foiv clarincatloii of Hie highway proposal. Nuincroua clinnycii In the stale's present highway set-up necessarily will be cn- nclcd before Arkansas can be eligible to receive rodcrnl nld. Tile proposed* highway program would lie financed .'with $5,0ob,000, half of which would be transferred from tho surplus of the stale refunding board's account. Approximately $1,500.000 would bo available to (ho stale highway department Immediately and .another $1.000,000 would be raised b'y Hie refunding group within 30 days, The state's fund, upon proper changes In the highway program being made, would be matched by the United states government. 'Oic program suggested by tho chief executive also Included; Appropriation for riirnl schools, appro- prlnllmi for a state exhibit .at tlio New York World's Pair, Inst'iilfe- tlon of a sprinkler at the state cap- Itol, allowing counties a .orie-fourtli ocnt itilso hi their allowance from the gasoline tax, .and w, apprpprfa-.' tlon to liquidate.Inclcfji^nes:'):^ Dip- negro boys' Industrial school at pine Bluff. '. • u wmiL' Mouse confer- „ J ' .. Friday when President „,"?,. Mo " d , a >' "^ hl d " rlll « will as l erp llmt lf "'° lirlcf • of selecting n successor to the laic C. C, Kavanaugli were left to him. he would call for ccinnctltivc civil service examinations. The person making Ihe highest, frrade would bo ao- poinlcd by postmaster General Par- Icy. He said he would suggest that W. it. Foster, assistant postmaster, Rlubc »tropp were taken after nnli- retnain In charge of the olllcc until a postmaster is selccled. llic ccngre,«niaii said that presidential appointment of a uostmas- ler somclimes was Invoked for postofflces of major size. Appoint Nazi scenes last night In Piccadilly Clrcits where communists fought police and were dispersed only when mounted rcenforccments rode into the crowds. missal. According lo one source Ihe dismissals nro rine to be effective 15. Mrs. Joe Ferguson Of Wilson Dies Yesterday Mrs. Joe Ferguson, 20, of Wilson, died at i'.ie Memphis Haptlst hospital yesterday morning. The remains were lo be taken .to Poca- hmilas. Ark., where funeral rites were to be held today. Mrs. Ferguson, who was a native of Imboden, Ark., had resided near Wilson /or the [last five years since Mr. Ferguson has been a dm? line operator for the Leo Wilson company. Sli'e Is .survived by four children. Death came lo Mrs, Ferguson after she hnd teen seriously ill since Saturday, when she was removed to Memphis. IIVLO wi umjvM .Mfit.-. flppomi- procedure under an executive Pv^n-,.^,,-,,-, TO l\/Fr, ,1 ^ f\ matlon of Julv. 1338. would.! lOfflCSS IS IVlaClC * »11 been by recommendation of a u "ssmnn T" 1 l~k • -»-* ment procla have beer congressman. Mrs. Robinson, under presidential designation, would serve as acting postmaster. , postmaster. Informed sources said -- — that should the temporary appoint- I ! „ Tllc 1'roJ^t to conserve the ivild • migratory waterfowl refuse projec ment be made It was expected to i(c nt B1 ? Lake, 17 miles west of --------- J ....... • be followed by a permanent ap- . ltero - to check flood erosion, to In- Polntment for a four-year lerrn as ] crcil se fnr production, to provide soon as the fonnality of an Invest!- . -taptc water supplies and lo !m- gation by the Federal Bureau of ' Prove the federal refuge by building Investigation had been completed. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 9. <rjp)— Colton futures closed steady up 1-3 sponsored by the biological survey, department of agriculture. There arc 6.400 acres in the refuge, which Is said to be one or the least ini- - — -, ..— s ^ _j ^m.u,,,^ t proved In the countrv. n road lo Ihe warden's house and | The plan is lo" replace Sfind points. Mar. time by a great humanitarian administration." Chicago Wheat open high 69 1-4 89 ,7-8 84 5-8 85 low close ni 1 * 83 1-2 88 7-8 Dec. Jan. open liigh . 919b 921 . 919 922 924 927 932 034 935 to n natural swimming pool and four acre park. Is going forward, despite the recent high water. There are now 125 iJpA workers employed en the project, which was starled December 1, when It was thnt the sum of $50,000 Slough spillway, which has been partially washed out. and to put a stop log structure there, lo build' another slop log structure at the upper bar pit nil so that the Tvater level on thc lake can be controlled as much as possible, lo build a Mrs. E. A. Fisher Goes To Mother's Funeral Mrs. Sarn M. Allen, who had visited her daughter, Mrs, E. A. Fisher, here many times, died Tuesday morning nt the home of her niece, Mrs. Ben Bransford, and Mr. Dransford, In Union Olty, She was 91 years of age. Mrs. Allen, a native of Union City, had been making her home in Fulton, Kentucky with her son, ir. P. Allen, and had returned to her native town for «• visit. She suffered a slight stroke of paralysis Monday night and died tlie following morning. She Is survived by the one drafter, Mrs. Fisher, of here, and one son, Mr. Allen, of Fulton, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Mrs. Fisher nnd her daughters, 'Mrs. Wndo Qulnn of Osceola, Miss Mary Jo, and Miss Anne, went to Union City yesterday. Her daughters returned, but Mrs. Fisher remained for the funeral services which were held this morning. Stic will return the latter purl of (he week. Nocturnal Prowler Will Feast On Chicken A burelnr tore the lock from off if w. E. Clark's chicken house, at 60-1 South Lilly street, lost night to steal ten hens. Members of the Clark family heard no noises durin? the ni-rtit but found the hoi!=e opsn and tho chickens gone when they arose early this morning. 4 Whitney V/ithdrew Clients' Funds P31 933 low 921 928 922 921 931 933 announced thnt the sum of $50,000 as much as possible, lo build a was to be spent within the next two s r -ivel road, almost one-hall mile In 921 1'cars on this project. Sixty were used during December Into nleri jiengtn, from the county .„.,„ „.„, | the refuge, to build a mound Inside the east levee high enough to pro- One mile of road has been clear- P lc east lcvcc hlg!l mou s h to pro- ed to thc highway and the six mile , tnc roati from hl s n wntcr > to boundary line has been cleared by I !!'" & S 8 ™^ 8 an(! koat house on - - -. — — WJ _5 j thc WPA workers who are paid | "? B , mound for tlle Icfu J e Deeper, Spots closed steady at 932, up 3.-S24 monthly for 120 hours work. | f' e P» en B. Crossley. to brush out The water has been too high during I._.. ™ 1 >S C boundary _ line and to .-,. , | the past two months for work to C fllC.CigO Com he & n °" thc spillways.' which will NEW YORK. Mnr. 9. <UP) _ Richard Whitnev. former president of the New York stock evohanre, withdrew S-idQ.OW In securities from ii"ount« ot cus'oniers, of P'->iird Whilnev and Comoam-. and did not advise tlie cashier of the ourposo of the withdrawals. It was testified to- dav In the attomev ^eiwrsl's inves- U»i\tlon of the bankrupt'broke rage firm. WEATHER May open high 59 3 " 8 low S8 7 ' close . Vie one of the most outstanding P ll «ses ot tlie program. Rlnard Llcrboc l r - ° r ^ V7 r ~ " ' ' nar croc r - ° 03 one s, 3-4 July GO 7-8 61 1-8 GO 3-4 60 3-4. Iowa, Is director of the Big Lake post It, and to build a one-half] mile road from the refuge keeper's house to the natural swimming pool and four acre park, which will be cleared. It Is believed It will take almost tv;o years to complete (he work. Arkansas—cioudv with • al rains tonight and nrobablv in the extreme eastern portion Thursday. Memphis arid viclnltf—Showers tonight. Thursdav partlv cloudy with not much change In temperature. Lowest tonljht 46 to 50. Tho maximum iemperature hers yesterday was 63, minimum 39, clear, with .67 ,,of an Inch rainfall early today, according to Samuel F. Norrls, official weather, observer.

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