Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 25, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1896
Page 3
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$m«^%mK^®ma^mw>xxwi*><>: Given. A Railroad Official's Experience. THE M K, EOTAE'D EDMONDS, long connected with railroad construction In Xobraska.wrltcs: "My heart troubled and' pained mo lor 19 years. Shortness of broalli was the constant and most common symptom. Intense, excruciating pain, generally ioliowcdany severe exertion. Falutness, hunger wituoutany apposlw; fluttering that roaue mo clutch my breast, and palpitation that cteu-SfuSKOred mo as If I would fall. -»ero ta-m^t attacks. 'Asain. overyth ng •would tu'r:i black If I arose trora a stooping Doscura quickly. Sleepless nights with their prostrating unrest were nuJ2».i/.-.<- and I could TI^O 'ft fn TC c--'- K0 rcst Luy or nlghtl neart Lure cIcol , su , ;cdU;i iai Q sphj- ReStOrCS slci^ ™«1 tried adYOi- _J ,.. tlsod rcmcQles. They HeSllU.. pavomenotL-ilet.Onoof Dr. Miles' circulars described my case so exactly that I too'.c Dr. Miles' Now Heart Cure and I am now a well man. I hope every one troubled vrith heais diseaao will . try Dr. Miles remedies. II they will write mo personally, 1 will *'»="* E iv " tno ° I ' uU details of my experience." EDW. EDMONDS. P. O. Box K, David City, Nebraska. Dr Miles' Heart Cure'is sold on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money rolundofc. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . , Proof Hose $3 Express Ad, 25c. Prevents Wetting Heart Floor or Walls. .Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalogue Fwst Proof water Closeta, Self-Actlng Water Closets, Kellr Slop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. ANNUAL BANK STATEMENT Report of the condition of the Logansport State Bank at Logamport, In the State ot Indiana, at the closeof business, on SEPTEMBER 21, 1896. MSOHRCE3. Loans and discounts ............ - ............... « OthS! Stocto Bonfli' and mortgages ...... Dnefroni banks and bankers ............... Furniture ana fixtures CurreBtexpenses The Panhandle is the Biggest of all Corporations. DEBS IS NOT CLEARED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. TIM- London & Northwestern railroad is often spoken of as the largest corporation In tine worM. Without question the Northwestern of England Is a groat corporation, tout it cannot maln- •taln .the position of being the largest syste.nl in tine world. Its capital Is $595,000,000, it 'has -a revenue of $0,500 ion hour, 2,300 engines an*! 00,000 em- ployes, and iropalrs'<th.at cost $130,000 a -month.' The Ponnsylvauta. has a capital of $857,075,000 and 15,430 miles of track, wii-lcli traverse thirteen States. It has 3,750 locomotives, which con- sumo 20,000 tons ot coal a 3ay, and make runs equal to the distance around 1 •tli« globe -every two hours. It has 3,035 passengers curs, 154,000 freight cars, G50 Pullman cars, 241 other cars for construction ruul other purposes, making a toCa.1 of 158,524 cars. Tlie 'Noriihrmesfcerii' boasts ot 00,000 em- ployes, but tlie Fcuwylvan-ia company •has over 100.000, who, with tneir fam- lilies, make up ft total of r.sout 500,000 pa-sons dependent for living upon the !?GO,000,000 it distribute* m wages -every year. Last year the Pemisyl- viinia company moved 1-1,305,200,375 tons of freight per mile Tvnd can-led 1,577,801,050 passengers. 'In 1S05 the Pcnsylvsuiia. company owned 5 per cent of all the railway mUoasrc fai the United States, ID'/, per'cent, of all the loci> motives, HVj per cent of a-11 Hie freight cars and had 13 per cent, of all the .railway employes u-pon Us pay rolls. It carried 11 per cent, of all-the passengers who traveled by rail in the year 1S95, and its earnings-were 112-5 per cent, of nil the earnings of «11 the roads 'in tiio counitry- Like the great Northwestern-, the Pennsylvania makes'almost everything it uses, and with 'its plant could build a locomotive every day in the year if 'it chose to do so. . l.TOO CHJ 9.JB3 09 A 1 ™ J» .•Total LIABILITIES. Capital Block paid In ................... - S' 30 ' 18520 » ntcn«e 8 ndmere,t . individual deposits on demand ............. _JW,1MJU Total! 71coEevle U m" aent and W. C. Thomas CMMerVof tie Loganspon State Bunk, do wlemnlf swear "MWS^d'beHeT true to the boat of our pgSBfeilge.ana belleL VICTOR B. 3KITEB, Vice President. • W. C. THOMAS. Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to °efowme. «"'•< £ nd „„ of September I83C, STATE NATIONAL BANK I.OGANSPOBT, INB.J OftPITflL, • «2OO.OOO J. F. Johnaon, President a W Tlllery. Vice Preelflent H. J. Heltbdnlc, Cwhler, DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Ellloti. W M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. «nd *™ Government Duutls. pereonal eeourlty and collator- special certificates of depMlto r <= ent - Interest whan left one cent, per annum when depoe- Deposit Vaults ot thl, r tbTortt of aeedB, taeuranc. • cw, mortgaBe. and «ther TaUuaWea WDted at from 16 to P5 r»r KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER '-• N» 417 Marh«t f reft. C*H» attended to proliptly. Owr »r .„.,.. Union and Mutual telephone*. Ofltoe, No. l«: Reeldenoe. No. .121- WANTED. learn barber trade: onlj ofiunity;iilt- catalogue, street, D.EIBS NOT EXONERATED. Tlie Bro'therhood of Locomotive Firemen at G'nlvejstou, Texas, Wednesday selected Toronto''for the next biennial convention. The repoi-t of the committee on constitution and by-lows was Hoard. 'To'iunlse its position..clear on the Debs matter the convention yesterday adopted the following resolution: "Resolved, That this convention docs not'indorse •may 'alleged, irregularities wMch tilie experts report have been brought to light which occurred 1 during >Ir. Debs's odminisitration,, and were perhaps .the alleged irregularities of bis assistants; that we earnestly condemn any arts th-at Mr. Debs has made as -an officer of the American Railway Unilon against the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen." Dobs -addressed a large audience last ,nlghit in a. public speech In which he discussed labor matters generally. He dealt with social and economical questions. R!AIL;RO:AD NOTES. • Rov. .T. C. Kaufltaran -will address a men's meeting fct -the R. K. "ST. M. C. A. rooms Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Today the secretaries of five railway clubs will meet to New York to confer as to-further perfecting the -work and methods of these clubs, which arc made up of men identified with, the .mechanical departments of railway service. This month five vestUbuled comtotoa- tion baggage and passenger cars wilt bo .turned out of the Columbus shops for the BcoHisylvanta. lines' Southwest- em system. -They -ore said to be very complete in every respect and supplied With all modern inventions. A burglar -captured wt {New Castle, Pa,, was found to 'have In ftls possession clothing- belonging to Vice Prcs- lldent -Brooks of the PcnsylYanla .Company, General Superintendent Watts, of the Pitteburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago, asn-d of Judge Stowc, who is an attorney of thie Pennsylvania lines. The Pon'sylvanla Railroad company- Issued on elaborate Itinerary of tlie trip of LI Hung Ch'ang over their road and sent them as souvenirs of the notable event. On the envelope and first page iare enibosfeed in the proper colors the flags of the two nations and. above them the American eagle in gold. On the second .page, of the pamphlet is a photogravure of'China's emfbassador .and Ws autopraph in facsimile. Toward 'the end of the book Is a map ot the Uplted States, with the line of the Pennsylvania over which Ire passed marked In red. The whole Is one of the roost elegant itineraries that could be produced. The third annual- meeting of -the American Academy of Railway Surgeons met at the Audwomm Hotel, Chicago, yesterday,:for a'session of .three days. Dr., John "E.- Owens of ;OMcago, President of the general.attoi-ney"-'of the ..'Rock Island road; ji F.-'Prltehard' of ' Monltowoc, \VIs., and DL\ Robert Tliley, of Chicago. A hu-ge number of physicians from all parts of the country are in at- 'tendonce. iSklpnients of -poultry to Eastern mar- kets'are an Important feature of traffic in the west. There is a great demand for special poultry, and for refrigerator cars. . . A call has been received for the semiannual meeting at Richmond,- Va., of freight claim agents on Oct. 10. Frellglht claim agents from all. parts of the country are expected to be in attendance. The biennial convention of tne Order of the Railroad Conductors of America, to be held hi Los Angeles, Gal., 1-n till* early part of next May, promises to be oue of the most nobolble gather- iiiBS in the lilstorj- of that city. Elaborate preparations are now under way •by the railroad men of. southern California for eutertaiminp the visitors; Graod Chief Conductor Clark, who is ,nl, the head ol' the organisation, has 'been in the- city for several days, attending -to prelimrmiry matters in connection wi'lh the convention. . A LE.-SON IN FINANCE. • Ho* 'Jrfc of the ForemosJ Silver Orators Tuld it to His '-Vife. FREE SILVER ' HI-JADjQUAiRTERS. Ijouansport, Sept. 22, C H. m. There was a steeled, chilly, glint in it-he cold, gray eye of Mrs. Cavter-a •never-failing- storm sigu-iU-ns 1 came .home fast evening from a loag, loue- 'soine diny ait. hendiiunii-ters. Yet si'-.' ckitted and gossiped .so u'a,luirnlly thai 'In -three minutes, after 'having tuk-en my 'accnstoimcd place iu- the sitting TOOUI, I hnd forgoidten f:he warning. 1 listeuetl'With respectful' aibtouitipn to all She liatt to say (I -have to,) but something like contempt stirred wJithin me for 'the narrow scope of woman's 1-utcresis ond"a.ra.b!i(-ioBS. .Even as she spoke, I saw myself, In, fancy, In the not distant fururc, at Bryan's sMe/on the dome of the National Capitol beating tack with one 'Im.nd tlhe British ships as tJiey forged toward our shores laden wi't!h"-*he bated yellow metal, destined to enrich, and ruim, nnd de- drtxiucli our fair land, while Tvith the otiher I was -filling tlie pockets of the plain people with the silver of the world. I mis recalled from this pleasing reverie by -tlie voice of Mrs. C., who CLOT HI N G. CLOTH ING \Ve have no old shelf worn goods, but evervthmg new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $13 00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.OO Suits go for $9.0O Our $8,OO Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 FOR CHOICE OF AM STRAW HAT IN T8E STORE, 25c choice of,?ny /of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one ihir-J off, they are bargains. j-.-ow is the time 1o buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Fur- Gobi's, and 526 Broadway is the place to save'jmoney, These Prices are For Casn Only. G. GRACE & CO: 264 WAY "Charles, I luear you are becoming quite a formidable champion of the masses." My bosom heaved, my eye kindled, A nd I could plainly feel my nostrils dilating -as ithiis. maiden wave of fame struck me; but I answered modestly: "My dear, Jt is not fibbing that I should answer that eornpliimeult.-in the affllrni- nltive, >and -were I to die tomorrow, I could only.ask tlinitKHiey mite upon my itomlbstone, "He did bis bes*.! " "Tlin.t would be' nice," she' put in, wMh more alacrity than I thought this subject justified, and to .thil-s hour I am undecided whether Jier words applied to itlic epitaph Itself or -to tne sad event that would render an epitaph iieces- ' "Now, Charles," she added, "1 wish you would explain all this talk about prices doii'bling up wllieii Bryan is elected." "Bow prices,"' I began, bracing myself and quoting from.ray forthcoming speedh at Itwelve Mile "low .prices paid for iwliait we eat and.,wenr make countless ;thous«rn!ds mourn. Low prices for what wo comsuine-'have laid their par- aily/Ln'g Imnd alike upon the industry of it-he chicken-picker of ais fair town, and -the alllguitor-catclier of Ftarjda. Low prices 'have sown our once fair land wilth-bacteria germs, that have driven the States of the constitution out of circulation in our school rooms, «nd into lnhltag. on the roofs of back sheds, Lowp—" "Yes; yes, Ch'nirles," interrupted my -wife, faintly, "I know that low prices nrost be a, great evil,' indeed. 'But please 'tell mottiow we -are going to get more money to pay high prices?" That was'-an easy one. In my mls^ slonary work -among tlhe -White, slaves •ot the money power around here I •lim-e rendered an- answer to th-at question so ofiten ittat I could repeat It the darkest uigV.t you ever saiw with .bo-th •hands tied beliind me. I staply said: "Tsiko your bullion to-the mint and tore 'it coined Inrto donars-10-2-1- Governinent .expense." That seemed to settle her, for s-lw didn't speak ; for fully one minute, birt she stored -bard'oft me, with n peculiar look on (her-ftiee. Finally she asked what effect Bryan's election, would have.on bargain and 99-ceiit stares. "There will < -bo," I promptly replied, 1 "no 09-cent stores ttien." "WHAT? 1 '•", "My dear," I cried "be ealm. It will -not be so .bad ne you fear.: The'stores will stdli bo there-^iif the sheriff does not close' them^but'itihey will then'.be 198-cent stores; In other words, ?2 ' ' s for'then "Ui securing plied with a. smile tlmt Irad 'ingredients of sarcasm In It. "Then -the ads iu The Journal-will read, t for instance: "Come.a-runnlng before the big tumble •in prices -flhroaltcned by eastern jobbers takes place. These corsets, former , price 39 cents, now (in bla.cs flgures) < 7S cents. Th'ait's albout the way they will mud, isn't it, Charles?" "I presume so," I replied, a little du- itfiousay, "but, my dear, it rs not to be 'expected thaft you, to one brief lesson, could fully master the great problem of finance flint has puzzled «ue bivUns of every- statesman 'and tinker of note from Th'omtts Jefferson to Ben Ixmlthafn. "Bult I liave mastered It," she replied with' enthusiasm, "alt Wast so far as 1 -have gone I quite understand It and I think i't Is just lovely. But there la one question left tbolt I would like to have light on, -for it has troubled me since long before the campaign, began. I warit you" (Juat then I noticed tliat the gMnt befo're-meiieoned nostiia BacK ;to'her eye) "to tell'me, if you can, Clmrley 'tow I can maintain a parity b'etwieen a 53-cent man like you and men wlio have some sense?" ' \s there is not a word said tn Coin s unlimited Uand-b'ook about 'anything .like th'at I had no reply ready. $1.00 REWARD. S100. The readers of this paper will be All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Logansport Spiy Block. pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's .Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to th" medical fraternity. Catarrh being a coustltutlonalt disease, requires a c-ustliutional treatnwirt. Hall's Ca- fu'ch Cure is takcu Internally, actiug 'directly upon-the blood and mucous surfacus of the system, thereby «.es- the foundation c" the disease ? the patient sirenstl) by up the constitution and asslst- nc nature in dol'ns Its ^vork. The proprietor have so much faith fn its cura- tivo'iiowers.'tliat they offer One Hnn- ,lro<l Dollars for any'cnse that It falls to cun- ."end for list of Testimonials, ' Address P. .T. CHENEY &CO Toledo, Ohio! Sold by Draffglsts. 75e. •• THE [SCHOOL FUND. The school funds of the State, according to the report of Superintendent of Public Instruction Geeting, amount to about $10,000,000. This includes $140,000 'known as the oollege' .fund and $400,000 known as the permanent endowment fund. These two funds are in elKUSB of the Auditor of State and are lent under the law at C per. cent, for .the'pcrmninent endowment and 7 ; per cent for the college fund. ''Both' funds are now : all out," said : Deputy Hart. "Ttere are always 'applfcottons waiting for a chance at ma money. 1 Jwt had an-application, for -$2,000. The college fund is lent Jn sums of $500 or less pd the en- .dowment *«d in <any nmouint, but we easily -collected. The'isecurity Is tod; nt-50 per cehf of flto cash' value, and wc do n«t take the estimate of others The total of applications now on hand la about ?30,000. The State .makes a , ordinary note, -taking «* chances, of getting its money fcack in mcmey as good as the kind it lends." rest of fee school fund is in the of county auditors, and is lent by them. The State Holds each county responsible for principal and interest .at the rate of G per cent Most counts are themselves Ixyrrowers, and, as tiiey have to pay 6 per. cent on the money, Trtie.li.er .productive! or not, It sometimes BaroeM that tlie boards of com- ndaatoners use the money which 13 idle instead ol borrowing. EBSOLUOMON. To Whom It May Concern: .Ait a regular meeting of Logansport Post No-. 14 G. A. R. the following resolution was adopted. . T3e it adopted by H3ie Post thai we extend to Hie Basel Monument association a vote of thanks for tlie beautiful picture of die Basel Monument with a complete Roster of the Post. JOHN B. WINTEBBi • Com. of Post No.. 14. DOWN A;NP HCKT. Yesterday afternooa about 43 o'clock-while Henry; Boactt, tlie well- boonra drayanan, was crossing the Panhandle yards, he was struck bra freight car .being set in on a stretch of siding and was knocked down. His head was severely cut and Ms right «Wo was 1 badly •Uruised. None of bta iuiuiles are dangerous «nd it. a thougl* hte will be able to resume duty. iu a few days. He was enroute from the Walbash, f roighit de]>o,t -to the Panhandle freight depot when the accident occurred.. you find a pel-son who has trted Simmons Liver Regulator you are sure to hear them say something In Its favor. Mrs. G. T. Judy, Blue.Grass,; 111., recently wrote: "I cannot do wffii- rc-ut SimmWB Liver Regulator since I ! icnow the v-alue of It as a family medi- 1 cine" And Br- W. P. Gffl>bes, of Beaufort; S. C., says: "I prescribe Simmons Mwr. Regular ana:know it to be a first-class liver medicine." The younp'gon, ot Fred Koenig fell one<da.y recently and suffered a frac- •ture of his left arm. Bulk oysters.—Rothermel. - THB KNIGHTS LOYAL. At a meeting of the U. R, Knights of Pvthlas, held at Cleveland, Ohio, recently a mew name was adopted and they will 'be known hereafter •as the "KaigMs Loyal." The'ajamo "division has alsoDeen chitngci and oil divisions will be designated as companies using the present wirne and nuuilxa- with t&e word comiJany instead of division. The change will not involve existing organizations iu any expense. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corn* and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Pr!=e 25 cents per bo*. For sale by B..F. Kees- line- • How areTour kidneys? Rheumatism,; Neuraigia, Dropsy, would never lark 'tttxmt your system « your blood in good condition. Dr. Hobb Kidney Pills will cure..you • inp nnd filtering from your impurities. • ..

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