The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, October 18, 1945
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•^11^ 5.^^|^::^?.;v •;:;> •;.:-• ;?^}f iliifiri Mitiii ^Pllttiiii^Cttliiiii^ 1 MtAMNT MtJNftfWin fiorth low^. iftcludirig KossUth county, will begirt at 9 a, m,OcV28, and <5dntihue until 5 p. m. Novv 80, Sag limit has been reduced to four &>cks, and possession liftiit eight <sbeks, A line of up to $100 may Kg assessed for possession .over limit. Hungarian Cartridge season Will be Nov. 12 to 1.4, inclusive, :-. .> A : FUGITIVE FROM the Wis- cOnsin state penitentiary at Wall- pun, Wis., was arrested he|e last Friday by Sheriff Aft ; Cqgleyi Under the riante of Bill Williams, fte had been living near hef e With folks unaware of the fact that.he had been serving time on a statutory charge. He Was turned over to Wisconsin authorities Saturday. : 1 • .. ' '. *•; "•*-".' * •'.'"'. New polio cases were .reported this past week, as follows! Inez Irtgebrltsbn, 7, daughter of •Pvt. arid Mrs, Ben ingebrltson, Algonaj taken to Iowa City, Sat* Urday. She had been ill earlier, recovered,' but developed a slight limp, SRe was taken to loWa City tot treatment of this condition. • y Marian* Haag, 17, and her brother, Harold, 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hafeg, 4% miles Southeast of Whittemore, taken to Iowa- City last Week. Harold is now out of isolations • Carol, /26 months', daughter of Sir. and Mrs. L. T. Root of Wes- .lejEfWas taken to the =Keriny Insti- '-ftite,; Minneapolis, i last, week for tfejtmenl - •;":.-,;'•"'"".;••.•; • ' , ;t'Dayid ; WiDielmi, 6, son of Mr. arid Mrs, Romari< <Wllh,elmi;: ;!Ms inllesff«buthwest qf.i.Wesley, was ! stricken ..Saturday and -also taken to Minneapolis... ' : ;fLorraine Drummer, 11, daughter Vctf/SW.' arid Mrs/Joseph Drummer of 'Wesley, was taken to Iowa City Monday.: She has no paralysis. TWO other jDrUmmer children, also 1ft loWa City,/are reported to ' toe improving and no paralysis ; has developed. • •.-.... THE WESLEY PAROCHIAL school "• has been closed the past. , tfrp weeks 'as a, precautionary fteasure, and both public and pa-. . Tochial schools have been sprayed with'DDT. '.. . ;v ''," . '' " : " v "* ; * "•' , 13,200 GERMAN: PRISONERS of •war leffc thfe Aigona 4 camp the past few-days headed for the" Red River valley of Minnesota and North Dakota to ;harvest potatoes. Two special: trains wer£' necessary to transport the; Germans. They -will , be returned here after the harvest. ; .-.;•. -.-:': , • * . # ,» ••'•- • . ' :, SIXXOSSUTH "-men went to • jort ;Sn^lhig.\r Minn., - last;:-week lor p^er-lridtictibri;^physical exams •»««• Qie^rmyi';T.hey W'ere -Richard " "" Sand>>Har61d> A; :Riggert; Stanley,: A. :•,Moore, ^I2^a's';the: ; regular ''Armistice' *i)ay falls ion Sunday; x-;- ? '>; ;>-:'' t "J, "S> JOHN ':'-pREESMA>r, ;owher of the -Algona' Produce Co., has re- •»ceived .an : award:for merit6rious .service in connection with i shipping of food supplies for the armed forces. The award came from '.Chicago. , ,'./','>:• ' •?.,;•"', ; .,,. "•3REV. DONALD H. JAMES, Che- •nango Falls, N. Y., has accepted a call to be'coiriet pastor of the Ti- tonka-Dban Methodist churches. He is expected to arrived in mid- November, He is married, and originally Came from Thornton, la. ', , : .'.. .:-;,,.:• * -* * '- " '. ' ,- • • .. ADELINE BILSBOHOUGH became the bride., of,Pvt. Adolph Oberlander, Sunday^at '4 ,p., m. in the Methodist Church parsonage. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd (Bilsborough, is a graduate of - Algona high' school, class o{ i943. v -.,;,-;;. '.^If • £„ ;v, ; K-;^v;'v •^•MR ; AND MRS. ALFRED Witt- J pf, Lotts Creek, celebrated their th wedding anniversary last 'Friday. ' '•'. y- T .:/:^-' " ""' • ' Are >;,;; "Tied In Pin^Loop \ , Bud Briggs of the Pioneer team had high score for Kossuth League bowlers, this past week, at the B,arry alleys. He tallied a 234 '.game.. • • • ; • : ' • •/ • •""-'.--: - •..-• "-Gaile Tcwne with 228 and Intermill of Titpnka with 227 were •r^nnera^up in high score totals, 'H;Jn the women's league, l\Jary i Carney ,wlth 178 and s Kelly with 171 topped ,, w p.,,8 1 scores, .League standings as of Wednes- •sfeJ^C:^.^: 1 .' ; w I L ,,U3 5 ....13 5 ; J2 6 .,,42 6 !™11V,. 7 1865 i, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1945 Twelve Pages ' $10,000 FIRE HITS KOSSUTH FARM . '".•.." .,.-''.. ; .-"• - '. ' *—. ; I" —. f : * : — ~ ' ' " , ,^.WJ. ' ~ """ ' ' ' ' " - - t *'.'» - »*f ft.! IPiilkt/^A' rft'ftf '."•"• ••• Victory Loan Opens Oct.Jjj) AT $909^00 IN lASTBONDMIVE . Kossuth county's 1 quota, for, the seventh —and final — war bond drlVe, to open Oct 29, has been seVat $909',000. '"Eugene Murtagh,; county jChair- man, who' will have,2% years .of hard,work lifted from his shoulders vftfth the conclusion of the forthcoming 'Victory Loan eairi- palgn, announces, -the township quotas as shown below. • The : drive continues from Oct. 29 to Dec/is., '. •••. Bancroft "Meeting Oct. 3fc' - ''A nfee'ting has' been' calleoV for Oct. 30, at the Croft,Theatre, Ban- •erbft. County workers will gather ; ahd discuss the'drive, and-a short inovie" program -/will be given.", :. Kossuth'S quota for this drive is the smallest of any'since the war began, and it is hoped that this area will go over the top with- little trouble and great speed. Quotas fbr County The township and town quotas follow: Townships Buffalo $24,500 Burt ;„ 26,500 Cresco 20,000 Eagle 1 16,000 FentOn 26,500 Garfleld .'.-..-,.. 24,500 German .-;..;..*. 25,000 Grant „ .......X 17,500 Greenwood : 24,000 Harrison .:....... : 24,500 Hebron ...Hjw~... 19,500 Irvlngton .- 24,500 Ledyard : 24,500 Lincoln 24,0.00 LbttS Creek 25,500 LuVerne ..I......:.....; 25,500 -Plum Creek ...., 21,000 Portland ...;... 22,750 Prairie „ 24,50ft Ramsey ......;.............:...::.ii..,. ?2,7§Q Riyerdale ......:.::..:...-.. ;:..;s2gjOO$ Seneca.;.. Sherman Springfield Algbria .:.... Bancroft* i:;...:i^I.;.u-Y»..;i- 29,000 Burt .' :•£;.:.»•••-••-••"•:"•••:•••'• 18,000 Fenton . ...... „. ..... ........L......:... 13,000 Lakota ...:.......; ..... : ........... ..•>•• 13,000 Ledyard . ...... .............. ....... ... 8,500 Lone Rock ........ ........... -..:... 7,000 LuVerne ............... ............... 15,500 Swea City .......... .... ...... - ....... 22.500 Titonka .. ............. .......:......... 18,000 Wesley -._....:............ ............ ' 14,000 Whittemore „...:.......... ...... .... 21,000 RED TAPE BINDS ••-, It would: seem that the government, thrbugh/.thejjiieconstruction Finance Corp., des&es to dispose of the 'hemp plants in .this section, but judging by the restrictions plaqed on the; sale^it isn't, going to be easy to handj^i ; Local iJBien.anterfisted in ^possible purchase; of thfe plant here, minus, equipment^Ioiind that bids would, be acc?pted;;but with this proviso: .'.. .'-•-. . : '.( v "'-/>v '.' •'•.'-•; •-.: "The prpposal should . also con^ tain a statement ;that' the, party or parties acquiring-* the ; : property will use the same for; their, own use. and that the purchase is not for the purpose of reselling or leasing ... further, that in no case will the property be resold or leased within, three" years -without written notice to the Disposal Agency, etc," In other words, ,a person or group wishing to bid cannot do 50 with the idea of leasing it to someone else after, its purchase. .And' there the situation stands, In the meantime, however, ._« mass meeting is being held tonight at Mason City of representatives from all hemp plants with .the purpose of disQUssing the whole matter, >,-.'. •' • ;.; Vy -,..'•_;_;,;-.' ;-v ' , ' ,; : • - Rent Tangle At Spencer Almost Moves Army Recruiters To Algona Sttencer—a city usually noted for its go-getting qualities —'had some activity In reverse this past week. . c •And—unless matters are remedied, an army redruiifnt sub-station will leave-Spencer and locate in Algona, \ ' 'f'i.. : The army, embarking 6n a new retruitlng progrimilc cated a sub-station iti Spencer, But In the process, stftneUiftw connected with rentals stirred up some Spenccrltes. Mettw? the army Wilts <vere willing to pay, rental that was above ill Spencer average, and citizens there became worried lest Hi whole rental structure tumble around their ears. They-j&ti? *i; tloned to have this altered In some way, and,the next Hil^tf|; they knew the army was ready to move out of town.; "^^ An army major dropped In here la«t Monday, am ' prepared ,to rent'quarters over Barry's. In the meantime-, :.-}• however, the Spencer progressives found out what wa« golrijr'' on, put pressure In the rl^ht places, evidently^ t(n)d it looks as though Spencer would keep the-sub-statlon. • Go OriASecfoeng^H By-Mary Frances Carney .^,. What gb4s on during a scavenger hunt? •' This venerable sport, based on seeing who can create the most disturbance late in the evening, upset the community in approved fashion, recently, when the members of Beta Sigma Phi, business girls' sorority staged one with results that are tabulated below. To show what can be done to entertain in case you're looking for action and have plenty of stamina, we take you along on the chase. Mori-all's Cigar < Stub, For instance, Clarence Morrall .was listed to provide one'group of hunters with one cigar stub, and his signature on the cigar ban'd. Mrs. Morrall provided the stuj>—in fact she offered the girls :a basket full, but she couldn't pro- :'Vlde Clarence, 'who was at that "moment in .the' ;-bOwling • alley. •Clarencey /soon t'inowed' 'under, by the girls*.quickly d«lg up, >b^diaridvsign(Sd ; ;it^i;;:- ; *. _ " *This5|^fie^a|tt^jWh;iobi PASSED TUESDAY Mrs. Enid Hazel Miller, 50, resident of Algona for 15 years, died Tuesday afternwin at the Kossuth' hospital, after an illness Ithat had' extended over .the past- several years.' ' . : Funeral services have been set for Friday at 2:3p p^ m. at .the Baptist church, with Rev. KittreU officiating. Burial ,will be in East Lawn Memorial Cemetery. Surviving are- her husband, Michael H, Miller,' 1010 .South Minnesota St./ twp children, Mrs, Ernest Egel of Algona, .and Marilyn at home; and three sisters and a brother. The' latter are ; Mrs. Eva Lamansky,'- Washington, : Iowa; Mrs, Effie Fisher, 'Fairfieldr Mrs. Mildred Lakiri, Ruthven; and Era-. esttBonriett;;,Fairfield. A stepfather, Lee Manning ,of Ruthven,, ' , also survives, as' well grandchlldrep, Phil and Gwejj 1 Egel ; of Algona, : J . .'... • -fflfll Enid HazeVBonnett, daughter o of 'sSasfln's : «rpp.:0f hybrid com were summftned to. the-Plsce, The Wes Bend m s^knowledged re, . d mm s^knowl JOR ' .-.'• '.' .- ^yWtH%S-Y=*. . =p=.«j=.»ps.^ • ...-..,.-,,-.-,.._ - - -jj.,-,-.- rtft •.;:; {IJto^w^i^^fe'^iv.ft"?;'!! *'i^^PSSs^iff^^^38 ^ ^f^m^^^^A^MIJj^ Sarah and- 'Pavid Bonnett,..wa born Nov. 27 1894, at Fairfield7 la. She became the bride of Mr. Miller on Jani 20, 1&15, at Spencer, ahd lived all of her life in Iowa. four hi Highway Cm»h Mr. and Mtrs. George Wesley, Mr, and Mrs. Harold Wesley an ^ Frank Muckelhaden, an " nc l e <*' Mrs. George Wesley who was vis.- itirig here from Freeport. I 11 " " ad a narrow escape from severe injury when a car driven by a West Bend resident side swiped their c?tr< three, inilea south ,pf Algona, The «ar which hit them had. but one light and the Wesleys noticed the car careening toward them, ;H»rold, who :*. wajfdrjving, twned out as far as possible to avoid. H. The iender^*nd wheels on the ^ fcadly damaged, Upper Des Moines office, lobklng for a copy of Harlan Miller's' umn about Algona. Th we found out what was . And, the : column happened :.fb' : be handy on a' spindle, course .mode the team coiftpbifd of Sttth Butts, Phyllis ' Hoiiyeif, HeleK- Bqhn, Jean Godden- 'fflfi Jeanne Guderian, very very hapl py. .. :-'• :.'; '.'•'•:'$ How Melvin Olson felt wheh-he was forced to yield a,nigh.t-shiH to the marauders hasn't been duly recorded,- but he handed anyway; We: might add tiiat* Melvin was not In at the time V 1 : " w JiniPboi; quietly settled •'$$:-. evening,- found tha^. he ;h&d; : leave hU cozy fireside, go".tp. tft| Botsford yard, and dig:;upVoriei little, briquet. After riding tc=;tha yard with five girls, Jim elcted to walk home, • t .', Donates ; False ,; .'Charles LaBarre says there is privacy, anymore; He had to ', :yide a set of false teeth. ;He >:ad.clg 'e;d , that fortunately "" iigiplfe^Slole^ . (rlpej^onifa' jar, Mrhich tK«j girls r has,'tb turn 'in, arid' the ireit;bf the jar,.whlch the/girls, ate. i'(-' ,- Jimriue Murtagh was'the /target for a pair of • shorts: ^Despite the scarcity of this item, ;Jimmie gallantly donated a nice'.'riew 'pair.- At the Masonic Temple there Is an, "8 ball" missing. .The girls- Whisked it away "from '.under ah unknown's cue,. , : . , Miss Mirinie Coatej'at the library, dug through stacks of magazines to find ihe Dec. 7V 1941, issue Of'"Life", (•:,•;,:.••,£';'.\^.- : H: But" the toughest One 6t all Was • vto find a copy-of sheet r music" for "Temptation" Varid •!<!" "Deep in; a Dream/' The USO, which as usual was empty of soldiers but had plenty Of-music,: finally proved, to be the sold mine where the .riiusic was discovered. *- •: •.- "So, if you crave excitement, stage a Scavenger'Hunt! ALGONANS BRAVE KINAWA TYPHOON Mr. and Mrs, Fred Geigel were . relived to get word from their son Bob, in the Navy Seabees on Okinawa, that he had weathered the recent typhoon there; Other Algona boys known to be on the island are Bud Anderson* who also reported himself as safe, and Dewey Skilling of Irvington, .Nichols and Fritz Nielsen. Others known to be there are Edward Long, son of Ivan Long, Robert Bunkofske of Titonka, Francis Fitzgerald and Bob Wright of Algona. ;••:'• „••,Twelve-foot plants were flying through the air, Bob wrote, and in, adidtion to ships sunk or driv- jeijion the beach, many buildJpgs were blown away, , The 'men were on "C" an/J «K" rations for se -eral ' •'• '' ''•' WHITTEMORE FOR H. W. GEELAN, 73 Whittemore: Whittemore is mourning deeply over the death of one of its beloved citizens and popular merchants, H. W. Geelah, who passed away at his home Saturday, Oct. 13. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday morning, Oct. 16, at St. Michael's Catholic church. Rev. William Veil officiating, before one of the largest audiences ever held in St. Michael's church. Born in Illinois Henry William Geelan was born Sept, 15, 1872, at Essex, 111. After attending school and finishing his grades, he attended Sacred Heart !College at Watertown, Wis., and later took a business course at the Business College at Pes Moines. He came to Iowa, with his parents 54 years reside near Ruthven. In 1897 he came to Kossuth county-and On Jan. 24, 1905 he was united in marriage to Lillian Leinenach, and immediately came to Whittemore where he.has lived ever since until his death Saturday. . , He was in partnership with William O'Brien, and for 15 years it was known as the O'Brien ; and Geelan store. In 1915 the pa'rtrier- ship was dissolved and he became the sole owner of the H. W. Geelan- store. He took a keen interest in all the people arid activities in the coriimunity in which'he"'Cast his lot more than 48 years ago. Advancing' years were kind to him. There was no dimming of intellect or kindly humor and until -last November, when he became ill, his great vitality; remained amazingly unimpaired, and his last illness was free from pain. . ' . . A. Typical American His life in the best American tradition is an inspiration to.all. Not a young man he came from a .farm and a' large family, and made good/through the time honored route/of thrift, energy and 'exercise of good judg-, mentpbut riiore because he ,did so, much:;good, and fojind thereby, his ' "ness. Bancroft BaEStwr m'a'riy interests, with a sourid-work- able^ philosophy. He found'.time arid the method of Bevelbping his business but reserved for his great concern the encouragement of individuals in the pursuit of happiness. A Generous ^Contributor There is ;no record of what he gave to churches .schools, hospitals, bands and other organizations. Nor.could anyone say to how many business concerns he lent a helping hand an'd a generous eursei And. when they didn't ;work out as [-'anticipated, he accepted his loss-without complaint. He leaves his loving wife, 1 four brothers, Nick and Frank Geelan, Ruthven' Mike Geelan, Kankakee, 111., and William Geelan, LeMars, Iowa and two sisters Rose Geelan, Ruthven, and Hannah Geelan, Essex, 111. Two sisters and 3 brothers preceded him in death. Interment was in the Catholic cemetery and pallbearers were Dr, J: W. McCreery, C. L. Cavanaugh,. J, M Fleming, "Frank Burke, Thomas Kelly .and Joseph Schiltz, >-Relatives who came from a distance were -Frank Krug, Mrs, Leo Krug, Chicago. 111.; Miss Hannah Geelan, Miss Mary Krug, Essex, 111.. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vogt, Mr. and Mrs. John Vogt, -Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vogt, Glenn Haven, Wis.; Nick and Frank Geelan, Miss Rose Geelan, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Geelan. William. George and Mary Geelan, Ruthven. Michael F. Pfeffer Released By Army Pfc. Michael F. Pfeffer, son of Mr. and Mrs, Mike Pfeffer, re-r ceived his honorable discharge from 'Fort Lewis, Washington, October6. ' 'He, .has been in service since April 2, 1942, going overseas early in %l*rch,.4944. Michael was wounded in aptiori in June, 1944, far wWPh be received the Purple JJearV-Hewas also a German pris- 4per of war from July, 1944, until been* in the European .gnf, . :•- -' ; • '-;"-'-."' •" • Pfejfer arrived home " year for;* -" J - IMHJM!. He then reported |lpring,8, Arkansas, to; Fort <vras. One Of These Girls To Be Queen Of '45 Homecoming One of the four girls pictured .(hove. Will be Queen of the 1945 Homecoming 'of Algona high school. The girls are, left to right, Betty Wallukait, Mary Kathryn Allen, Janice Hanna and-Rozanne Reding. Election of the Queen was held Wednesday, and the winner will be presented Friday night at the game. This evening( Thursday), a big pep rally and bonfire is planned •;for the Athletic, park, in preparation for the football game Friday —Upper Des Moines Newsfpto with. Clear Lake. This is a eon 1 * ference;contest. : .';,;.. .. After a disastrous trip to. Hampton, last week, in which the locals went down to a 28 to 0 defeat, the Bulldog squad has been working hard .to make the Homecoming a success online gridiron as well as elsewhere. Injured players from last week and their ability to perform tomorrow night may hold the key to the outcome. A dance at the high school, following the game, will conclude the Homecoming activities. Open Forum-How To Treat Veterans Union: An open forum and discussion on "How Best to Treat Our Returning Veterans," will be held Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21, at the Good Hope church. . Rev. R. D. Kitterman will 'preside, and all persons in the community are Invited to attend and participate in the talk. 2SALESI0ED McGuire' ::place''^is. one; mile' west and %^JMile: ; spu of ^the West Berid:;corner^ pri way •' ' •• • -•..-;;'. .. v -i f-Aclosirig-'out'''au been set for ,Monday,, Oct. 22 by Mrs. Isabelle Stuart,ione half mile north of Burt .dn;-highway 169, starting at one o'clock. Full details of the sale will be found elsewhere in this issue of The Upper Des Moines. • Burt Savings Bank will clerk the sale and Harry -D. Yungeberg will be the auctioneer. On Oct. 31, a dispersal sale of 90 head of high grade Berkshire boars and sows will be held at the Frank Zrostlik farm, west of 'Garner and four miles one mile south of Duncan. Information on this sale will be .carried'in detail next week in this paper. Catalogs may be obtained by contacting the Western Buyers, Algona. INSKO DRIVER OF KENTUCKY WINNER It wasn't Mark Insko's horse that took second place in a recent event in the Kentucky Trot, at Lexington, but it was the Kossuth man from St. Joe who dro^e the animal to second place in the classic, Mark, who dropped in at the office, said that in response to our story of last week, he could give the following information. The horse, Rollie Mclwyn, had won seven out of nine jaces in the 9 bar pace this season, and had broken, three track records. The horse's owner, from Storm Lake, sold it to Elmer Marin of Bemidji, Minn. Marin wanted to enter the animal at Lexington and persuaded Insko to drive- in the race in question, Insko said he was fifth at the half but wound ijp second -in a photo finr ish. At the present time Mark, an old JKentuckJan, has 20 head of horses on his place and hopes that ope or two may become real steppers. •'-.• ; .. • !< |iny" Post v "Tiny" Post was recently given an. honorable discharge from army service and joined his wife and Uttlf "Bohpie" at Detroit, Mich., where ftey fcad been Jiying during Picks' overseas service. They are now VisitJng MJTS, Post's mother, JQ«I Whits ajt 'but ™ FARMER BURNED IN MISHAP; AN01HER Two Kossuth farmers nearly lost their 'liVes in farm accidents, this, past Weeli. In Eagle 'twp., Milton Carlson and o r |herna|ri, i were stacking hay, on ,Cf rlsoh'ti''.farm. Carlson was Joririging th'e hay : loader driven by himself- oni'i his 'tractor, up to the stack. While some hay was in the air, wind swept .the hay over the tractor,' covering; Milton. ." \ Fire ,deyel(?ped. instantly 'from the hay tpijcKiJigo .the- hot: tractor, impossib'lefto ^aviayei : thir, tor or the hay 'stack. \"' ; ,;r ; Mr. Carlson 'is recovering satis- factorib' from his" burns. ROY BLACK HAS CLOSE CALL IN A COMBINE Roy Black, farmer living 3% miles west of Burt, lost three fingers on his left hand as the resultj of a combine 1 mishap. 1 The fingers had to be amputated in a local: hospital. He had been having trouble with the belt and stopped to ad-; just it He StoppSd ,the; machine ' but. the .power take-off ning and he slipped liiito the ma-. chinery. •• v,'-'- •••• -.-'• ••/;• "•>• •;.•• •'•'•''' • i His ; ''left :T hand was caught and pulled into the belt. He •manage^ to free himself but no,t; before his little finger had been severed and two other fingers hung by shreds, 1 Black droVe to the opposite end of the field and .called for help. .His brother, Cleo, brought him to Algona for -the amputation and treatment. 'He'*reurned home last Thursday, Swea City Hero Is Now A Proud Dad Swea City; A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.'Marion (Zip) Koons, at. Estherville Thursday of last week. ... "Zip" is the Kossuth hero who was the first nian to land in France on the raid at Dieppe. The newcomer is a tiny fellow and is spending his first days in an incubator, 77 Have Skating Party At Titonka Thirteen carloads of youth went on the Methodist youth fellowship skating party at Titonka, Tuesday., including 77 youth and six Adults, Counselor and sponsors who went were Jeannette Jacobson, Kathryii Schoby, Mrs, John MoGfuire, N, A. Price;- W, A; Foster and Mrs. M, M. Green, The group is plan* ning a tHrjsey-dinner banquet for. November 13, when-President A Roadman of Mctrriinjgside Jefe . Cjmp 0(5fe: 8,M ALL BUILDINGS ON M.T;M C «UIRE'S PLACE ENDANGM'I St. Joe: Fire of unknown''Origin^ gutted the tile bam on :the M, T. • McGuire ianH, in north Rlyerdale^ twp., Tuesday- afternoon. • .•£,.. t Only the fact that .the wind front the southwest saved the maining . farm buildings of house itself would haVe been c tain losse's. ;.. •/.>•'•.'••:.'.•.' Loss Was roughly estisiStefl 7 between $8,000 and $10,0,00. half of this was covered by ance. • ' •• '. ','••;'-:•;/•.} ;.) :Youth Discovers Smoke First hint ofitrouble camie'a minutes after 4 p. m. Ee8hai i d; Was helping his mother in yard. He looked toward the heWly; constructed , eight: 'ago,-and saw wisps of smoke cssttt-"!' lng.;from s ;under the roof.;.i 1 ?/^"*••?'•.•?»•' :;• '-Jpipa^bani- was. Well .-filled/ Wlttfli hayj" while livestock; .ahd|Ssome^'..; machinery were on ,the'',gfouiiA|v flooh Mr. McGuire arid;.uieKi^B, rushed to the barri and • j$at';ia/e%/.~ animals out, but the ftsyriiO'tt? •'tysfc au-eady beginning tofoar with-the^ 'fire'S ISi^--'--'-.----^-.:..^^./,,-,,;,.^*:/: Mrs. McGuire called the ,Algona,f .department, and in the •meanfljii*^ neighbors hurried to Ihei f'' offer •assistance.- .;;;;.- . ,<: / "•'[ ', •' Field Stack fenites By the time the'Algona i ment reached ,'Uie scene, t had already caved in, and stack in^a Afield some ' - The'.Algona firemen r ^ of -heighb. prs; hooked:'on;faxwaterif line to' a .convenient water,;.tankij and • could only-^.s^jr'ay; 1 "i l : i *4dja.Cjiiit|'/. buildings. A cement silo;, stand^ ing-: adjacent to "the 1 ' barn, WjOJ^ stood the- heat 'saiff reriiained in-f x tact, Finally,...,-,the? entire" W'rn^i caved, in,; showering: the yar r d WitbJ;v embers 'and ; 'sparks.'v:; v vr^;;>;.": ;;:*:•>*• Local firemen-who ; went'to. grove, Webb, Barry Barton ' •iatesf,:; available^ cbriditioh- of Bobby'Bristow, old •;5on t of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin't:. Bristowi south of Algona,,was that:| the .open asfety pin ^WallOwed-byt t^'e 1 child last Friday, has .•paSsed^-; f^pitn the . besophagus- into'therV child's stomach; V • : ' ••'•".'.A;i iThe-hifant is at the Iowa hospital, arid doctors w;ere ; Waitiri t6 'see:. what developments migntf ; occur. ^t : 'iswhbped that passage, " pin ?might"v be :;nornial; ' •'' '•'• , . . A«~ atteiriplf ;to get' jhe, pin: made Saturday at Iowa 'City, but]; •\y as 'unsuccessful;' •;•.-,"' "-1 '' .With 10 of 24 townships,. county ! towns ' v except • Baricrof t ; ;ft»^'i'"iftf |§ tbtpl donations for the War Qhesjf -^Hf-l drive thus far. total $12,102, county quota ;ls $22,400^ ;i.. - • :> In Algona, with , a quota ".0^ • $4,500, -, -subscriptions: of . $5,300; were received. The extra $?0_0y goes' into the community fund. ! 25, -Townships reported are Spring--; field, Lincohi. Seneca, Buffalo^. Burt, Union. Plum Creek, Wesley r : Irvington, Sherman and Luyernev| Connelly, JBan<croft ^ -| Hero il 1 LuVerne: Cpl. Lucius Connelly* whose mother, -^Irs. Ellzatettif Connelly lives at" Bancroft, recent4 ly received « citation for %iYeryV; above the call , of duty, to oQiinep^ tion with the Philippine campaign^ 'Mrs, M. Jv Stripling pf LuVe is 'his cousin, SJid, ; ^e - ina;*t :, there !jorvseve.ral y Connelly is wiOj S '''' 1

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