The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on July 25, 1831 · Page 4
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 4

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1831
Page 4
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EtEC-'.""" Ob Monday last tbe "following, eight pfortunate men underwent the ntmoit penalf0? '"w in the gallowe yard, Sydney aol TOoore, Kite, Kelly, and Connor,, for a burgltf nd putting in tear, at a but on the farm ' Mr..G. Blaxtand, at Illavrarra ; Woolly anriHara, for burglary in the dwelling house of s Raymond, Esq., and putting in fear ; Wn, for cutting and maiming at Norfolk Is-)W with intent to murder, and Crampton, for aiighway robbery with violence. Welsh, jinpton, and Woolly were attended by the r. Mr. Cowper, and Mr. Hyndes, the remain-by tbe Rev. Mr. Therrv : on ascendini? the afraid, the men convicted of the burglary at nr. niaxianas tarm, loudly declared, tneir in-ocence. Moore, who was a settler in the district of Illawarra, said, that on the night the rob bery was committed for which he was to suffer, his own house was robbed, but he forgave those who swore against him at tbe trial: Mr. Therry said. " I declare before God, I believe they are innocent." Tbe usual ceremonies on such occasions having been gone through, the drop fell, and the culprits after a few short struggles were launched into eternity. The nnlortunute lad Crisp, suffered on Saturday week at Windsor. He declared his innocence to the last, and said " the man Gullage swore as false as the God in Heaven is true." He was attended by tbe Rev. Mr. Docker and Mr. Wilson, and was very penitent, aud appeared as resigned as his (Circum stances would permit him. No business was transacted at the Supreme Court on Monday, owing loine inaisposition ot the unier justice. On Sunday week Lieutenant Holman, the blind traveller, was seen on horseback- with a party of gentlemen quite at ease, and riding as if possessed of every faculty ; on coming to a corner of a street, the word was given to him, and he turned the animal in a sharp trot with the utmost confidence, to the no small astonishment et the spectators. In a paragraph in our last domestic news, Lynch, a man of color, is mentioned as having robbed a discharged soldier. We bee to inform our readers that though the name' is the same, it does not allude to Mr. Linen, ' of. Pitt-street, nor to any person connected with him. Mr. Barton, the Secretary to the Aus tralian Agricultural Company, has been recalled, and it is expected ' that he will take his departure in the first ship for Europe. - After the execution of the. unfortunate men on Monday, the bodies of three of them were delivered to their friends, cn tbe understanding that they were to be buried at son set ; this agreement not having been complied with, a party ot constables proceeded to the house where the bodies were deposited, and demanded them, this was refused, but tbe coffins were thrown out of the windows, with the intimation that if they attempted to enter the house, a charge of robbery would be made against them, sucli being the case, they thought nt to take themselves off. An insolvent during his ex amination in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, stated that a bill became due on the hrst day ot the races, he accordingly pht fifty pounds in his pocket, mounted bis prad, and hied himself off to tbe races, where lie laid his blunt right and left, but fortune was unfavourable, and he returned home with only ten shillings in his pocket, and in consequence of his loss, he was obliged to atop payment. The' Bank of Australia now adopts a plan of writing on the back of all checks they pay, the number of large notes, by which means a party would be enabled to trace them when offered to the Bank for payment, if be had been robbed. This system has been adopted since the robbery of the Bank, and betokens a wish on the part of the Bank to prevent depredation on private property. On Tuesday last, a party on leaving the Supreme Court, after being declared not insolvent, was chased down Elizabeth-street, finding one bailiff press him too close, ho turned round and floored him like a shot, then jumping over, a garden fence, he made his way ' into Castlereagh-street, and finally eluded the intentions of the bailiffs by getting clear off. He has flown to the " Refuge" in the vicinity of Campbell. Town, which has hitherto been Bum proof. Our readers may Serceive on referring to our Insolvent Debtor's eport, that the Assessors are determined not to let fraud go unpunished. During the last week two cares have occurred, in which two parties owing debts amounting to nearly- ten thousand. 5onnds, have been refused the benefit of the nsolvent Act, in consequence of the fraudulent manner in 'which the debts had. been contracted, and - the mysterious manner in which the would be insolvents ' accounted for. the disposal of the property. The number of . cattle slaughtered for the quarter end ing June, amounts, by the Inspectors list, to two thousand six hundred, being seven hundred more than the previous quarter, and making a total for the Inst six months of four thousand five hundred, On Wednesday J. Lamb, Esq. was duly elected as a director of the Bank of Australia, in the room of W. J. Browne, Esquire, who has gone to England. On Wednesday last Susan Gaffney was brought before the Police Office, charged by Mr. - Hordern, of King-street, with having stolen a- piece;- of print from his shop. She was fully committed to take her trial for the offence. This is the ame woman who endeavoured to snatch a .bag of money from Mr. Nash, which he was conveying to the Bank. ' She was then discharged, as be was considered to be deranged, but the late robbery shows considerable method in her madness. Susanna Watson, assigned to Mr. Simon, of Parraraatta, was also charged with the same offence, to commit which, it appeared that ' she had left Parramatta on purpose, as she had paid a visit to ten or twelve shops in Sydney, from each of which she had secretly abstracted something. The Bench expressed their determination of putting down shoplifting, and sentenced the prisoner -to two years imprisonment in the third class of the factory. On Thursday Daniel Morris, a blacksmith, residing in Fraser's-lane, was fully committed to take bis trial for firing a loaded pistol at a bailiff who was placed in possession of his goods, under two executions Ifom trie Court ot Requests. The Bench intimated that he might be allowed to bail, himself in sixty pounds, and two sureties in thirty pounds each. Coals of the best description are selling at present for twenty shillings a ton. It has been a matter of surprise, that in the present scarcity of wood for fuel in Sydney, recourse is not made to this substitute. Market fob Beef.- Beef we perceive is now selling in Ho bart .Town at the rate of eight pence and ten pence a pound. Why do not some of our great dealers tend down a cargo or two. Tbe half of , this price would be considered, profitable. The' oopma time- wouia peraaps, ne too expensive, otherwise' she might be employed in carrying down a cargo of live cattle, in return for the Vandemoniau wheat. We are happy to state, for the information of those who take an interest in tbe progress of vaccination, that Dr. Mair, of the 30th regiment, has a large quautitity of excellent vaccine lymph, which, with that urbanity for which be is distinguished, be (ales "every Opportunity of distributing for the-benefit of the community. Bank of Australia. The divl-dend due by the Bank of Australia to the 30th Jupe last, will be payable after this day, the 25th July. The owners of tbe Eamont, (Lamb, Buchanan, & Co.), have adopted a laudable method of advertising the latest day when passengers by that ship are to be ready to embark. We wish Government would enforce the old atanding rule of advertising departures of every description, for a fortnight or three weeks previous to sailing. No honest man would object to the measure, and any other should be compelled to do so under risk of losing his passage. Tbe first deviation from the practice was permitted, we believe, in the case of Dr. Douglass, and has been accompanied with vety bad consequences since that unfortunate period. We recently stated that Mr. Dixon had purchased part of the wheat Imported perJBrttnnm'a, this error occurred through being furnished with erroneous information by an interested party. The Kains. On Thursday morning, the Kains came into Port, after an absence of six weeks and twq days, occupied in vainly attempting to make Launceston. The fains sailed from this Port on the Oth June, having on board several passengers, and twenty-six horses; with tolerable fair winds, she made the entrance of Bass' Straits off Cape Barren, but a sudden shift of wind to the W. S. W., again drove her to the northward : three tim Cape Barren was made, and as many times was uie uniucKy vessel driven norm about, until she reached Port Stephens. Durine one of th heavy gales she encountered, the fore-topmast wbui uy me uoaru, carrying witn it two men, who were furling the ton-irallant call nnlv tun horses outof the twenty-six have died, the others are aiive. i'iratical seizure of the Pi. lot's Boat. On Sunday morning, a party of ten or twelve prisoners of the Crown, proceeded to the garden of Mr. Watson, situated in Watson's Bay, and having knocked down part of the fence, they seized his boat, which was usually kept there, and carried it down to the beach, a distance of fifty yards, when they launched it; at the same time, they took a plentiful supply of sails, oars, masts, &c. ; about eatables, they ap pear careless, but from the number of kegs which they took away, water appeared the principal consideration. By accounts brought up by the steamer from Hunter's River : it anneal. that the schooner Schr.apper, which was Ivine I. . ,u 1 1 . I . - . uciwccii we ncuui ui wie time tne ooat was seized, was not attempted to be taken, as was generally supposed, the boat merely passed close iu mem, matting an sail uiey couia, at the same nine, i-ueeruig mem. meir destination it is supposed, is New Zealand, and with the late prevailing wind, they will find little difficulty in reaching it. Two ot the men who nave marie their escape, belong to Mr. Siddons, two others to the light-house, aud the remainder from the gang belonging to the Bore, headed by a man called Lucky Jack. Mr, Therry, the Commissioner of the Court of Requests, stated in the Court of Quarter Sessions on Friday : that, after due consideration, he had come to the determination of never practising in any Court in this Colony as an advocate, where a Magistrate pre- niueu , ne n aa come to mis determination, when lie considered the course pursued by advocates at home, who were in the commission of the peace. We are happy to perceive that the erection of the Sydney College is -progressing, under the superintendence of Mr. Edward Hali.en. It is expected to be completed in aboat twelve months ; we hope that every facility and encouragement will be afforded to this na tional institution, so important to the welfare of Australia. On the 6th ot April the Genii spoke the brigs Tigress and Courier, the former with fifty tons of oil, and the latter none. We are informed that the proprietor of Ultimo intends shortly to sell a further portion of his valuable estate. Those eligible allotments fronting George-street, from the Turnpike to the bot- torn or tne oncKneia mil, are to De disposed ot. Two large whales were observed in the Har. bour oil Friday last: signals were made to Syd ney fnr whale boats, but before they arrived their course was altered, and they cleared the Heads, much to the disappointment of the spectators. me mans lor tne soutuwara, which were on board the Kains, were transhipped to the Friendship schooner, for Launceston The Surprise steamer took an excursion of pleasure on Saturday to Point Piper and some of the beautiful bays in our harbour, and great satisfaction was shown at the excellent management of the vessel, and the attentions of the proprietors to the comforts of the passengers. As the summer advances we hope to see her constantly making these delightful excursions, which are so conducive to health and enjoyment. Accounts ""were received in town on Saturday of tbe death of a gentleman named Payne, who, it was stated, had been shot by bushrangers, at Dunn's Plains, near uatnnrsc. , COMMEItCIAI, NEWS. Sydney General Trade List. Compiled and Published under the Authority of , me customs. IMPORTS. Reports from the 11th to the 18th Instant, inclusive. July 1 3.Ducktfield (shipl, 3G7 tons, Rio dell master, from London via Hobart Town, George Bunn agent; IS hogsheads beer, 1 case hosiery, I case, 2 bales haberdashery, R. Stubbs ; 8 bales calicoes, 8 bales shirtings, 4 bales checks, 6 bales printed cottons, 1 bale velveteens, 2 bales counterpanes, 2 cases lipen, 1 bale cotton baftahs, 8 casea haberdashery and hosiery, 6 cases hats, 4 case slops, 6 bales woollens, l cask cotton wick, 1 case books, I . cask mustard and stone blue, 3 cases starch, 4 cases muskets, 30 casks powder, W. Walker 4c ' Co. ; 15 easks blacking, J. Campbell ; 7 packages machinery, 1 case ornaments, E. Hallen; 2 chaff machines, 0 bundles spades, S bundles pans, 42 iron pots, I case lamp glasses and japan ware, 1 case lamps, 1 case japan and plated ware, 1 cast plate and glutei, 4 eases, 1 cask ironmongery and cutlery, 1 case, 2 bundles, hardware, 1 case muskets, 1 case books and stationery, T. leery ; 1 box apparcJ, R. Jones ; 2 pipes wine, J. Mngridge ; 40 casks beer, J. ueits ; l case paintings and rrames, Lamb & Co. S cases hats, Smith Brothers ; 40 tierces beef, S tons lead, R-. Riddell ; 3 cases muskets, G. Wei-: lor ; 1 case shawls and linen, 2 cases linen, 1 case printed cottons, 2 casks, 1 ease ironmongery, i case Windsor soap, l case muskets, 82 baskets tobacco; 10 kegs tobacco, Appleton & Bourne ; 65 casks rum, 16 cases shirtings and - cotton; 8 hales apparel and slops, 2 cases snuff, W. Wal lace ; 4 cases nau, i case brushes, Campbell 6c Co. ; 4 cases muskets, 1 case swords and whale knives, 15 casks blacking, 1 case .hardware, 1 case cutlery, 10 barrels pitch, 25 barrels tar, 60 LkmhaI. I. . - - I. ' uaiicis. uanuiu, x -case t cuts, ironmongery, i box apparel, 8 pipes 25 hogsheads wine, 2 casks gunpowder, George Bunn; 1 case apparel, 1 bundle cloth and camlet, 2 cases elotb. Australian Company ; 20 bundles pans, 2 oases paper, 1 hogshead ironmongery, 21 bundles spades and shovels, 1 keg marbles 4 casks whiting, 1 keg flints, 10 cases starch, 15 casks shot, t cask saltpetre, 5 casks colours, 1 . cask Epsom salts, 3 cases hats, 1 case books, 4 casks saddlery, 40 bags flour, 10 tons black oil, Order. -15. Prince of Denmark (schooner'), 127 tons. Jack master, froraNew Zealand, J. Maclare.n Sc Co. agents ; 25 tons flax, 9 spars, 10 seal skins, J. Maclaren & Co. 18. Amity (bng), 148 tons, Shaw master, from the Cape ot Good Hope, Lamb & Co. agents; 129 pipes, 05 half pipes, 100 quarter pipes wine, 65 boxes raisins, 10 bags almonds, Lamb St Co. ; 2 casks wine, 1 dozen brandy, Griffin. EXPORTS. Vessels cleared from the 11th to the 18th Instant, inclusive. Hashmy (ship), 523 tons, Hakwood master, for the South Seas ; fishery stores. North Briton (ship), 402 tons, Morison master, for Surabaya ; 8 bales bagging and stores. .Maid of the Mill (schooner), 14 tons, Mobsman master, for Twofold Bay ; fishery stores. Gambia (barque), 214 toils, Ireland master, for Madras and Calcutta ; shipped in London 3 casks paints, 11 coils rope, 25 jars paint oil, 5 jars turpentine, 15 barrels pork. Shipped at this fort, l bale dowlas, 1 bale 1 case cottons, 4 casks bottled beer, 6 casks copper and stores. Dart (brig), 108 tons, Hinoson master, for New Zealand ; 600(1 feet scantling, 5 casks hardware, 43 iron pots, 2 crates tin, 1 stove, 5 barrels beef, 5 barrels pork, 13 kegs paint, 3 jars paint oil, 4 bales leather, 10 bags sugar, 2 chests lea, 1 bag coffee, 1 box soap, 2 boxes pipes, 2 bales blankets, 1 case slops, 3 bolts duck, 1 box glass, 3 bags salt, 2 doors, 3 chairs, 1 table, ? hogsheads flour, 5 cases muskets, 37 casks ginpow-der, 2 cases, 3 bags flints, 10 kegs tobacco, 1 pipe brandy. York (ship), 478 tons, Leary master, for Madras ; troops and stores. Vessels entered outwards from tie 11th to the 18th Instant, inclusive. July 12. Maid of the Mill, 14 tons, J. Lear-mouth, agent, Twofold Bay ; li.Norti Briton, 402 tons, R. How agent, Surabaya ; 11. Gambia, 314 tons, Dawes & Co. agents, Calcutta. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. Hobart Town Funchall, 189 tons, Limb & Co. agents, 21st July; Launceston Frietdship, 88 tons, Campbell & Co. ageuts, 24th Jily ; London Eamont, 278 tons, Lamb & Co. agents, 30th July. Spirits and Tobacco. Stock on hand Oth instant, B, P. rum, 32,236 gallons ; brandy, 45,784 gallons ; gin, 16,358 gallons ; other spirits, 7,370 gallras ;' tobacco, 69,691 lbs. ' Received during the week, B. P. Other spirits, 555 gallons ; tobacco, 273 pounds. Delivered for home consumption, B.P. rum, 2,524 gallons ; brandy, 457 gdlons ; gin, 256 gallons ; other spirits, 4 gtllons ; tobacco, 1,726 pounds. . Delivered for exportation, B. P. rum, 165 gallons; brandy, 1,600 gallons; gin 116 gallons ; other spirits, 104 gallon ; tobacco 1,687 pounds. Stock on hand 16th instant, B. P. rum, 29,547 gallons ; brandy, 43,827 galons ; gin, 15,995 gallons ; other spirits, 7,81J gallon; tobacco, 66,551 pounds. ; Jul, I 1H inai. J Shipping; Intelligence. ARRIVAS. From Port Stephens, onMonday last, the cutter Lambton. From Newstle, on Tuesday last, the steamer Sophia Jans' From a cruise, on Wednesday last, H. M.S. Comet. The ship Kains, Captain Goodwin (having sailed on tbe Soth of May), returned of Thursday last, having lost her main-top-galltit-mast, fore-top-mast, and fore-tnp-gallant-nist. From the sperm fishery, on Friday night the brig Genii, Captain Wells, with Ho tons oil DEI'AITURES. . For New. Zealand, n Sunday week,, the brig Dart. For Madras, n Tuesday last, the ship York, Captain Leary ,iaving on board a detachment of the 67th resnieut, consisting of Major Hunt; Captain' Brow ; Lieutenants Edwards, Lockyer, and Alexader; Paymaster Green, 167 Serjeants, and rank aid file ; 17 women, and 39 children. For Bataia, the same day, the ship North Briton. For Calcutta, the same day, the barque Gambia. Qi a cruise, on Wednesday, H. M. S. Conet. lor Hobart Town, on Thursday last, the barqniFancAal, Captain Dalgarno. Passengers, Messrs Parker, Curry, Bent,-Wilks, and Collins. For Newcastle, on Friday night, the steamer SophiaJane. For Port Stephens, on Saturday, the enter Lambton. RBUAINIO IN HIE HARBOUR. SHIPS H. M. S. (miet. Eamont, Australian, Louisa, Lucy Ann, Sir Fracit Free ling, Kenown, Eleanor, Duckenfleld. and 10 us. BRIGS Mary Biabelh, Britannia, Guide, Genii, and Auiitv. SCHOONERS Amiral Gifford, Schnapper, Friendship. Caroline. Fniwell, and Prince of Denmark. CUTTER Laria Bingham, Pandora, aud Emma Kemp. ! IARKETS. Upwards of free hundred bushels of WHEAT were brought io maiket this morning, half of which was froi the New Country, and sold from 6s. 6d. to 7s. ner bushel. MAIZE was plentiful, at fromffs. to 2s. 6d. OATS, BARLEY, and RYE, a mderate quantity. DAIRY PRODUCE still o the rise, 2s. 6d. was asked for a quantity of fresh butter. POULTRY plentiful and reasonable. VEGETABLES abundant, without any material alteration in the quotation. Onions are quite out of the market. Oranges abundant, and very cheap. The accounts from Hunter's River are flattering. Tbe Sophia Jane, steamer. . brought some grain to Sydney, and has been the means of increasing the value of land in that neighbourhood, especially waterside premises. Wheat ia scarce, dear, and bad, compared-to that from other dis-. tricts. The young crops look strong and healthy. Maize is plentiful, at Is. 6d. per bushel. The settlers are growing a very largo quantity of tobacco this season. Cattle are still at the late low. prices. Sheep are a shade higher, and in demand. Some of the finest wheat that has been seen' in Sydney for some time, was brought to market on Thursday, and purchased by Mr. Barker ; it was grown at Bathurst by Mr. G. Williams, and weighed sixty-three pounds to the ' bushel. Some fine wheat, but of a more flinty nature, was also brought to town from the South Creek. The crops round Campbell Town also wear a favourable appearance. The want of rain is beginning to be felt in some ' districts, and the settlers from all parts complain bitterly of the bad state of the roads. Australian Price Currant. Including last Thursday's Market (Sterling) Prices. ' Ale, Bngliah Hlid.4. a 61.1 du. doi. lSal4i I Colonial Hlid. 60 a 80 ( no. duz. a a R ueer. Eng. Hlid. 4i. a 61 ,do. gal. 4s n 6s Colonial Hhd. 4ft a 95 do. gal. 3 a 0 Biscuit,. .. .per owt. 14 a 16 Blanket, Col. p. pr. 16 a 30 Blue, lb. 2 a 00 Bread, tilt. loaf, 4d a 0s41d Butter, fresh. ...0 a 3 6 salt 1 3 a 1 fl Candles, 9 a 0 00 Dips.. 0 5 a 0 6 Cattle Bullocks eMi a60i Working do. 60 a 80 Cows,.. . 30 a 40 do. in Milk ,, 40 a 60 Calves,....,, 6 a 8 Slierp 4 a 5 Pigs, ,, 7 a 10 do. roasting, 4 a 0i Cheese, Os cl Col. 0 ; a 0 9 Cloth.Pairamalta per yard 18 a 0 0 Do. Broad do. S 4 a 0 O Coffee gruii. lb. 1 6 a O 0 Eugt, . per do. lOd a 1 0 Fl.x, NcvZea. ton, IBi a 201 Hour, 1001 bi. line 2nU Barker 200ri 17sOcl Cooper U 0 10 0 Darling.Uiil.U 6116 Viko 0 0 17 0 Unard, ....CO 0 17 0 Vicker-, ....SO 0 16 0 Fruit, Oranges perdoz. 0 8 Leimiiis, do. 0 3 Grain, Wheat, per Bushel, ..5s6da 7 0 Maize, do. 0 a 2 ri Bui ley 2 6 a o 0 Oats, 2 6 a 0 O Kve. .. 6 a O 0 Ha Eng. need Km 11 lOsaOoij Colomul o O a Hides, lb. OsSda 00d Horns lu 8 0 a 0 O Leather, sole ..0 0 a 0 0 Crop Hides, ....0 0. a 1 0 Dressed shoe ... I 6 a2 6 Meat, Heel qr lb.0 1 J u o 11 joint, OS a 0 2j salleil.O 1 a 0 0 Mutton, carcaasO ))iO! joint... .0 3 a 0 O Pork, carcass. ..0 3 a 0 0 joint, 0 4 a 0 0 salted. ...0 9 a 0 0 Bacon lb. 07 a 0 O Hams, ,,09 a 0 O Veal, per qr. lb. 0 S a 0 0 joint 0 4 a 0 O . et. t. A Milk, per quart... 0 6 a O o Oil, Sperm per gal.5 6 a 0 o oiacK, o a o O PoalUy.Oeeseea.s C a O o Turkeys 4 6 a 9 9 ' Fowls ppr. I 0 7 0 wuum ,, ' o a v u Rice, .lb. n 3 a o a Salt, Colonial cwt.6 o a 0 0 Soap, Colonial lb.0 4ja 0 O 'Spirits, Rum, gal. 9 0 a O 0 Branny, 12 o a 14 Gin , 12 6 a 0 0 Colonial 7 6 a n o Starch,.... per lb. 2 6 a 0 O Straw, Oat load 12 6 a 0 O Barley 12 6 a 0 O Sugar.Loal perlb.O 8 a 10 Moist O 3ta n 4 Tallow, per cwt. 2a 0 a 0 0 nougn tat, K3 4 a 0 0 fea, Hyson,. I 6 a 0 0 xuung tlyion 1 9 a 8 O . Souchong, I6t30 Pekoe, 3 3 a 0 0 Gunpowder liioil robacco,Brasil.lb2 4 a 0 0 Colonial leal, 0 8 a 1 O lig,..l 0 a 0 o stalk tO 6 a 0 0 Negroliead,..3 6 a 0 O SegarsCol.bx7 0 a 0 O 11 a v. 15 O a 0 0 Chinsura 10 0 a O o Manilla 30 0 a 0 0 Snuff Lui. lb? a & n n Vegetables, I'oiatoes, cwt- 9 0 a 7 0 Cahbuges, doa 1 0 a 1 6 lied do. ..each 0 3 a 0 4 Cauliflowers, " 0 4 a 0 ti Turnips, ounchO ijd 0 2 Carrots, do. 0 o a 0 2 Celery, do. 0 2.t 0 3 ' Beans broad pk.o 0. a O o French 1 3 a 0 O Pumpkins, rack I 6 a 0 0 Onions lb 0 3 a 0 O' Vinegar, Col. gal. 3 0 a 0 0. Woods, Cedar plank, It. 0 3a 0 0 log 0 2 a 0 0- GlueGuni plunk 0 5 a 0 3 . log. 0 2 a 0 O Firewood, load 4 0 a 9 0 Treenais. 100 4 0 a 0 O Wine, Port p. du. aisa 40 junueiru, miw Sherry, 39 a 40 Claret, 10 a 60 Cape. . . .gal. l6d Elder, ,. 9 6 Wool, perlb. 4d. a Is RETURN of the Average Prices of FARM PRODUCE for the Week ending 23rd July. : d. Wheat, best Hunter's River.. 0 6 6 p. bus.of 601 bi. Middling. ditto 0 9 3 ditto ditto l.iglil, dirty ditto 0 3 4 ditto ditto Ba. ley, best ditto 0 2 6 ditto of 901b. Worst, ditto o 1 8 ditto ditto Maiae, best ditto 0 2 II do. measnreint. '!"? . ,, . diUo ditto dlUo Colonial Tobacco, best 0 2 0 per lb. Middling, ditto 0 1 8 ditto Potatoes, new 510 0 per ton-' Oid, ditto 3 7 0 ditto W. O. PUDDBFOOT, Commiuion Agent. tit a II XT Memoranda for the present Week July 85 I M I It. Ja Calendar, SUN Hioh Ty. rita I tett I morn I etwn 6 T St. Anne, battle ot R ., . ,i , 1 I Han bury. I4i9. 6 97 5 3 10 9 10 29 87 w Spaiintii A 1 mad de p . . , .. " I stioyed. l.:8B. I57 9 3 10 9 II 0 s(l T b. 01 Essex bend. 1540. - . . .... . "I I Kobe spierre 1704 6 86 & ' 16 U M 29 K I, 74, Id. 1811 6 96 I 9 4 II 90 0b "0 I S I 1 h a Oiay d. 1771. I 6 98 I 9 9 0 89 2 46 " I 8 Sahvend':,.74r3,:"n,lJ'- j " 3 6 1 ,9 . 55 Full moon this day. 10 mingles pan 7 in the morning. Weekly Meteorologioal Table, The WfiATHER, and Variations of the THERMOMETER, during the past Week, in Sydney, at 6 iu the morning, at noon, and at 6 o'Clock in the evening. Moll. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Friday Sat. 6 a. m. 6 a. m. 6 a. m. 6 a. m. 6 a. in. 6 a. m. Fine Fine Cool Fine Fine Fine 43 42 42 48 48 90 W W W W W W II noon 1 2 noun Knoon tnoon 18 noon IS noon Fine Fine Fine Warm Fine Wrm 04 83 50 60 87 60 W W W wsw Calm Calm 6 p.m. d p.m. 6 p m 6 p. m. 6 p. m. 6 p? m. Fine line Fine Fine Fine Fine 58 99 I 53 55 07 88 Calm S NNE N (4NE Calm Mean f emperature, 59, sun.. 6 a. m Fine 47 8W 12 noon Warm 58 E o p. m, Fine 56 Calm BIRI'll. On the 9lh Inst. Mrs. Nott, of Catllereaah-st. son DKATHS. On the 9th, the infant son of Mr Nott, of Castlereagh-street. At Windsor , on the 10th, Luke, and on the 15th, Mark, infant sons of James Meehan, ol that place. OnTnnisday last, at the Military Hospital, In the 21st Lear of his age, alter a long and painlul lib esa, eutenant A. Berkeley, sgih Regiment, sincerely regretted by all his brother Officers. Ilia remain were conveyed to the ground, ou Saturday last, with military honours. Edited, Printed and Published, by WARD STEPHENS, AND FREDERICK MICHAEL STOKFA, ( Proprietor:) Kidman's court, geoeok street, VDNEr, NSW SOTJTB WALES.

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