The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1945
Page 7
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s^'K-i-'^i'^'^^f:&/$};>} RepttH 6f Condition 6* Security State Bank frgatitaed under the \&\vt df Iowa, located at Atec-tia, Kossuth at tit,* rlose of business on September 29th, 1945. RESOURCES •Cash, due from banks, and cash items In process ' of collection $ 840,844.04 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 982,018.51 Other Bonds and Securities : 2,400.00 Loans and Discounts 430,627.9 Overdrafts 63.3 ^Banking House 13,000.0' Furniture and Fixtures l,700.0i BURT YOUTH HOME ArTEROPtMtlOi TOTAL RESOURCES $2,270,653.9 Deposits subject to check $2,093,269.1 Deposits due to banks and bankers on demand 46,265.0 Savings deposits 32,317.0, Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) 4,117.71 Total Deposits $2,175,968.87 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Common Stock $50,000.00 50,000.00 Surplus fund 37,500.01 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) 7,185.06 Total Capital Accounts $94,685.46 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $2,270,553.93 State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. We, C. B. Murtagh, President; Frank Kohlhaas, Vice President, E. A. Schemel, Cashier, and J. R. Murtagh, Assistant Cashier, of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full, true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. C: B. MURTAGH, President FRANK KOHLHAAS, Vice President. E. A. SCHEMEL, Cashier (SEAL) J. R. MURTAGH, Asst. Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me by C. B. Murtagh, Frank Kohlhaas, E. A. Schemel and J. R. Murtagh, /this 4th day of October, 1945. (SEAL) FLORA I. TISS, Notary Public in and for Kossuth County. ATTESTED BY—E. J. HOUGH, D. C. HUTCHISON, T. C. HUTCHISON, GAYLORD D. SHUMWAY, H. M. HAUBERG, A. L. RIST, M. G. BOURNE, J. W. HAGGARD, Directors. Report of Condition of Farmers State Bank organized under the laws of Iowa, located at Luverne, Kossuth County, at the close of business on Sept. 29, 1945. RESOURCES Cash, due from banks, and cash items in process of collection $130,088.41 United States Government obligations,, direct and guaranteed 521,286.36 Loans and Discounts 192,684.00 Overdrafts 235.40 Banking House , 3,843.07 Furniture and Fixtures 769.58 TOTAL RESOURCES $848,906.82 LIABILITIES Deposits subject to check $647,917.38 Savings deposits 106,346.01 Time certificate of deposit 36,595.20 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) 3,239.75 Total Deposits $794,098.34 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Common Stock $25,000.00 25,000.00 Surplus fund 12,500.00 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) 17,308.48 Total Capital Accounts $54,808.48 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $848,906.82 State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. I, J. A. Nelson, president of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full, true and correct, ito the best of my knowledge and belief. (SEAL) .... J. A. NELSON, President. " Sworn to and subscribed-before me by J. A.' Nelson, this 4th day of October 1945. (SEAL) D. M. LINDEBAK, Notary Public in and for Kossuth County. ATTESTED BY—LAWRENCE MILLER, J. O. MARTY, A. A. SCHIPULL, G. F. BUCHANAN, Directors. Hurt: Supt. W. B. Office* Mid daughters Margaret and Maty, went to Des Mplhes Saturday ahd oh Sunday brought home Mrs. Of* fleet and Charles, who had been there since Tuesday. Charles underwent an operation for the re* moval of a cyst at the Methodist hospital on Wednesday. Son at Plemels— A son, Bernard Lyle, Was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Pete Plemel. Mrs. Plemel's mother Mrs. Ivan Long, Algona, is at the Plemel home. N _____^^^ Returns to Duty — Donald Steven, S2c f left Sunday for Memphis, Tenn., after a week at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Steven. From there he will go to Norman, Okla., for training. In Donald's 'honor, Lt. Raymond Steven, Oaltha, Iva Lou and Dean, all of Algona, David Bolie, Harold Bates and Joe Presthus were entertained at the Steven home Saturday evening. Entertain at Dinner — The Quinten Bjustroms enter- taihed ithe Roy Sarehets, Edmund Larson, Mrs. Petra Larson, the Arie Dittmers, Otto Harlans and Herman Daus at dinner Sunday 'n honor of Howard Sarchet, their son-in-law, who Was at home on furlough. ?i^|ij||S^^|i5;; tf; a 'tf}$x-s-i-Y-&^ On 45-Day Furlough— St. S^Kfirn.est Lavrenz came * F;6rt Bragg, N. C., to sp'e'ria^l^Ssal^: furlough with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lavrenz. He and his mother visit- MM I ton Hreafbe Wonderfully quick a little Va-tro-nol up each nostril helps open nasal passages-makes breathing easler-when your head fills up with stuffy transient congestion! Va-tro-nol gives grand relief, too, from sniffly, sneezy distress of head colds. Follow directions in folder. VICKS VATM-NOI DANCE Cook's Rhythm Club AT Academy Hall Monday, Oct. 15 Sponsored By C. D of A. , •Committee: Mrs'. Bill Barry, Jr., Mrs. Gene Hood, Mrs. R, W. Welp, and Annabelie Semon. Just say to your Standard Oil Dealer and hold more Victory Bonds ed in fies Mdines Mm Wednesday; «ie V and i eStfeie met afternoon /with Mf 8* ,1» N, Betty Stewart' speftt ; lli% .Well end with Margaret ItlcHlnaftn' al Ormsby, Minn, The Fransi Teeters „ dinner guests at the D. A; Teeter 1 home at Algoha. The L. H. Rledels spent Sunday with Mrs. Riedel's parents, *,the Henry Dackens at Lu Verne. Lt. Willard Schwietert spent the week end at the home of his brother Lester at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Baum, Elmore, Minn., Spent last Wednes* day at the E. C. Schwietert horh£. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jaeobson, Britt, were Sunday afternoon vis* Hors at the Nels J. Nelson home. Lt. Roland Lavrenz left Thursday for Brigham City, Utah, after spending a 30-day furlough with his family, i - Bill Boettcher who is a Student at Ames, spent-the week end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Boettcher. Mrs. E. C. Schwietert spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of her father F. W. Baum' at Lakota. LaVonne Greise came home recently from Omaha, Nebr., where she completed a course at the electronic school. Mrs. R. A. Bleich, Mrs. Herma Bussle and Mrs. C. W. Reynold attended a memorial service at th P. W. camp Sunday afternoon. Jessie Aman, Mason City, an Muriel Gumm, Boone, spen Thursday <at the home of thei uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. P. Steven. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McChan and Mrs. E. V. Brindley, nee RutI Olson, spent the week end at th George Boettcher 'home near Han cock, Minn. Mrs. Henry Gettman and Mrs Hiram Ward and son Gene spen last Thursday with their frien Mrs. W. E. Brace at the S. E. Stra ley home in Fenton. The Fred Davis's spent the wee] end fishing at a lake near Man kato, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Ar Davis stayed at the Fred Davl home during their absence. Mrs. Jay D. Graham went t Mason City Saturday to spend a few days at the homes of he daughters Mrs. John Emmert, anc her sons Kenneth and Glenn. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawcot went to Rochester, Minn., Tuesdaj where Mrs. Hawcott had a consultation. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jen sen, Algona, accompanied them. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel, Mr and Mrs. G. H. McMullen and Mr and Mrs. L. E. Riebhoff were en- 4 tertained at the Mrs. G. H. Wesse home Sunday evening in honor o: their guests Mr. and Mrs. T. Hartwick. Mrs. Ed Blumer, Algona, spen Saturday at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Manus in honor of Mrs. Manus' birthday The George Manus's were also dinner guests at the Manus home that day. Mrs. William Larson, Sgt. and Mrs. Dale Brinkman and Mrs John Craig, Mason City, visitec Sunday at the W. R. Chafee home Mrs. Larson is Mrs. Chafee's sister and the other two ladies are her nieces. Mr. and Mrs. Thees Hartwick, McGregor, spent the week end at the Mrs. G. H. Wessel home. Mr. Hartwick is Mrs. Wessel's brother. Monday they took Mrs. Wessel and Lurena to Worthingtpn, Minn., where they visited relatives. Mrs. C. H. Barber, Minneapolis, spent from Tuesday to Friday at the home of her niece Mrs. Donald Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Barber, also of Minneapolis, spent the week end at the Mitchell home and Mrs. C. H. Barber went home with them. WfilKef nlfht,, In '•hbriot 01 Mrs. Walkef'S ^ffltihef, J6* Prlester «i Wfcsi' Settd, whi&Se blrMay was al ithls time, dtfters attending besides the honbi-eei Were Mrs.' Pflester, Mf. arid MfS. Roy kdiiasch, yefofliea Priests and Mrs. Mareella Sexton Home Has New Seven Pound, Four Ounce Boy Sexton: Mr. and Mrs. Everett Steven are the proud parents of a 7 Ib. 4 oz. baby boy, born at the Kossuth hospital Sunday, Oct. 7. He has bene named Richard Everett. Whatever its make or age, your car will give the finest performance of which it is capable with one or the other of these great Standard gasolines. For they're stepped up now with "Aviation Gas" ingredients formerly reserved for military use only. Quick starts ... flashing pick-up . .. full, smooth power, thrifty mileage! These result from the efforts of Standard engineers and research workers to provide you always with the most advanced motor fuels—to insure constantly that STANDARD is indeed the standard of excellence. Ibday find out how good your car can be—at your Standard OU Dealer's. Retun to Chicago- Miss Mary McMahon and her niece Mrs. Charles Henninger anc baby, Who has been here since before the death of their mother anc grandmother Mrs. Essie McMahon left for their home in Chicago Monday morning. Back From Overseas— Sgt. W. J. Dustendoff recently returned from overseas arrived Sunday to see his wife Mrs. Josephine Dustendoff, who has been at the McMahon home east oi town for some time now. JrWVK $7*#ZMKD Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach entertained Jake Weaver and son Pvt. Bernard Weaver at supper Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach were Sunday visitors at the home of her mother Mrs. Kate Esser at Cylinder. Johnny Beukema, who is employed on a farm near West Bend, spent Sunday with his mother Mrs. Pearl Beukema. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wermersen, Bob and Betty were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond and family. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Azarski and two children, Kanawha, were Sunday dinner guests at the home of her mother Mrs. Pearl Beukema and family. Mr. and Mrs. Aloyouis £irsch- baum and family Crystal Lake and Mrs. William Kirschbaum were Sunday supper guests at the home of their brother and son Mr. and Mrs. Agnes Kirschbaum. Mr. and Mrs. John Schuler and Pvt. and Mrs. Edward Hammond, Swea City, and Mr. anfj Mrs. Oscar Hammond were Friday eyen^ ing callers at the home of their grandmother Mrs. Sarah Wise. Koppen, Lakota, Home Ferdinand $T. Koppen. Jr., MMie, B. F. p. 2, Lakota, received a release from the naval service, Oct. 3, at the U. S, Naval Separation Center «t Great Lakes, p., according to a news release there. Shirley Lee, daughter of Mr. ana Mrs. R6y Lee, spent the week end at the Geo. Lee home. ' ' The E. C. Withata's had as Sim* day supper guests L, J, Lowman ahd Mr. and Mrs. Pete Helniers. Mr. and Mrs. Robert -Walker and children were Supper guests Sunday at the Harley Will home. Mrs. Edith Rich is at her sari's •home, the Ed tUchs, convalescing since being released from the hospital. . Larry and Johnnie, children of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ramus spent Saturday night at the E. d Witham home. The Russel Walkers had as Sunday dinner guests Mr, and Mrs. Lyle Raney and' Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney, , Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jenseri, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Shaw and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Eisehbarth and children were supper guests Sunday night at Ben Schruath's, Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith and Son Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wallace of Fenton and little Shirley Arns were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Perry Lowman home near Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Holdren and children were Sunday dinner. guests at Mrs. Violet Walkers, and Mrs. Walker and children Dur^Wood and Charlotte* were supper guests of the Holdrens. In the evening they called at the Ed Rich and John Sabin homes. Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. Bjustrom had a Sunday dinner in honor of Howard Sarchett who. left for army reassignment in St. Louis Monday. Those attending besides the honoree were Mrs. Howard Sarchett, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Sarchett, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan and Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Arie Dittmer, -and family, Mrs. Jessie Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Monday, at Mercy; .hespltaV Masai City, Margaret^ airaduate of 1840 from Algonfc hlgff "8ch«6l, esm* Mittiftg at Mef* "'• Complete J&^ tfii A* line Is nearly- dompleted Ifu this com- mtinlty and several '.'are* enjoying electricity for the flfsit time. •.-.< ^^ wwvwvwwvuvwvwvww H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. ELECTRIC Radio Tubes or Adapters Mail us your tube orders. Ship P. P. C. O. D. Electrical Service Repair all electrical Items. Little to Largest. NIARLY 100 YIAM W QUALITY IftEWINQ 0. HIILIMAN IRlWlNO C6,, i* CROiltVWII That is a very conservative estimate of the number of, cars equipped with Crest /Tires that are rolling along city streets, across prairies and over mountains throughout the. United States and Canada. And, most of these drivers specify Crest • again, when they need new, tires and tubes. This is the best testimonial we know for Crest quality. Can be "purchased on our thrifty payment plan. • 6,00x16 < Tire, 4 ply, ' $1Q95 ' Safety Tread Tube Super Quality As fine a tire as you can buy at any price. We Have Them fp, All Popular Sizes. CfMENTIP TIRE RELKVER Reg. Uw Price $8,71 Contractors WIRING LIGHTING EQUIPMENT New electrical items available as our supply comes. Send us your orders now. NORTHERN "DISTRIBUTING CO. BRITT, IOWA ELECTRIC SHOP AT TTTONKA, IOWA 38-41 No Restrictions On FURNACES Some Models Available Now Many families will be enjoying loon that new pre-war quality Grer:n Colonial Furnace they've been waiting for. HAVE YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER? If not, do it quickly; the d"mand is heavier than the Immediate supply — but you'll always be glad you waited for • Green Colonial Furnace. See u today. • Whether you prefer coal, oil or gas there's • specially designed Green Colonial Furnace to insure your comfort. Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge St. Algona. Iowa

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