The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1945 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1945
Page 5
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1* K,^ g^t,-•.•£,£ .'^£X^ SPARK PLUGS Gamble's DeLuxe Spark Plugs Our Regular Low Price 43c each in seta Trade in allowance on old plugs 8c eatik EXCHGE. PRICE IN SETS Tiger Spark Plugs Our Regular Low Price 29c each in sets Trade in allotoance on old plugs 5c each EXCHGE. PRICE IN ;SETS 24 .''•'•''" • Tltis Offer Does Not Apply [to Tractor Plop EACH Any Hem In thU tut oft fired in a combination dtal if available to purchaser separately ana in* dhiiduauy at the opplie* t ceiling price. Grcwrt The Friendly Store YOUR OWN K & H Co-Operative Oil Company OPERATING STATEMENT September 1, 1944 to August 31, 1945 $315,638.27 12,850.49 Cost of Sales— ' " . Inventory, Sept. 1, 1944 TJiitvVinsoe! ' 189,331.16 S Glsoiine'Tax::::::::::::.: 47:517.23 236.848.39 249,698.88 12,678.12 237,020.76 Inventory, Aug. 31, 1945.. Total Cost of Sales.... Commodity Savings Other Income—* Overcollection of Sales Tax Patronage dividend cooperative Service Co. •. S. -.—•— Recovery of charged off accounts.... Total Other Income... „ Gross Savings • All Expenses 23.24 990.78 250.08 1,264.10 79,881.61 43,545.42 Operating Savings Other Non-Operating Income— • ^ " : Discounts Earned ..;„„........•. Vil^ i? Interest Earned on Gov't Bonds 154.17 Net Savings Distribution of. Net Savings— ' 5 % Interest on Dividends- Patronage Dividends Undivided Savings ...» .Total Savings 15 Years... 36,336.19 1,333.33 37,669;52 806.00 33,575.88 3,287.64 37,669,52 314,613.93 A Word From The Manager Most of the original patrons wtoo started trading with their own Company back jn 1930 are still buying from themselves, Others who joined later have been most I 9 yal. Today one hun- _flred percent patrons and many others should feel proud of their accomplishments. In most cases the best cpoperators are.the wtStog merv and the backbone of their 'own communities. Co-operation has paid 'them well, as many can now boast of dlvl- clehds Exceeding the thousand dollar mark. ' XUa victory year 'shows profits over eight thousand dpllars greater than any proceeding year, The gallpnagerhas exceeded !be two million Plon figure and sales have passed the three $,n<Jr*l Sanf dollar mark. Ovw eighty new shareholders |Joine4 Qwr-feQOPfP^ve family thia year^ - hope for emane^ worW;pea_ce, * let's all strive fqr: ooptinued successful orgapJ?8titmJn tfce « ws esone ; hundred, P» c ^t Ipyslty^wi pr obteinabU> and service witft 8 SWEA CITY CAFE MAN SELLS OUT AFTER 20'YEARS Swea (jity: A. J, Christensen sold his Cafe last Week to the Buell Johnsons, who take possession MOV* ii Mayor Christensen, who has been proprietor of the cafe upwards of 20 years, has made no definite plans for the future, and they will continue to live in the upstairs apartment for the present. The Christensens will probably travel some while they are resting from business cares. Mr. Johnson is the second World War II veteran to buy a business in Swea City. Arnold Anderson (also a veteran) having purchased the 'Linde, grocery and meat shop a short time ago. Rochester Operation- Merle McAninch underwent a |^§l|ii';|^p^|i||^f«ip: **> lii:;s:,Pi*iW;;^ SiBfeSri Ma ffiajdf ttfceratton at' ft MS0:Ho9* 'tal tost Thursday. Mont . as reported td be getting nicely. Mrs. McAninch 4- pahied him t6 Rochestff, and remain for several days. Appendicitis Emergency— Miss Grace Farrow, office girl at the Forbes hospital, suffered an atack of acute appendicitis Saturday evening. About midnight Dr. and Mrs. Forbes took her to the general hospital at Algona and an operation was performed soon after. Grace is reported to be getting along nicely. Phyllis Hammond, freshman at Bethel college, Minneapolis, spent the week end at the parental Ed Hammond home. Mrs. Arthur Collins is a patient at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester, recovering from a major operation. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McAninch enjoyed a visit from their cousins the Henry McAninchs and Mrs. Nettie Eunie, all of Hawarden, On Sunday. Lone Rock Community News Suffers from Diabetes— LeRoy Schrader, seven years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Schrader, has been sick the past four months suffering from diabetes. His condition became worse Saturday and he was taken to the Iowa City hospital. LeRoy is in the second grade and. has been able to attend school up until now. Flys From Colorado— Miss Marietta Christenson, su- pervisor'in COrwin Hospital, Pueblo, Colp.Vi,arriyjBd at the paternal P. M, v Christehse'tt home Tuesday for a visit/ •: She flew from Denver to; Des Moines. Chcrlands Grandparents- Mr, arid Mrs. J. T. Cherland received word last week of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer'Krause of Sampson, N. Y. Mrs.'Krause is the former Myrtle Cherland. The baby has been named Sharon. Entertained at Dinner— Mr. and Mrs. Win. Nelson entertained the following at Sunday dinner: Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hurlburt and family, Kanawha, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nelson and family Goldfield, Mr. and Mrs. Mainard Kueck, Swea City, and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Jacobson and son, Burt. ' The Geo. Longs spent Sunday at *th§ Alex Kruegers. Glen Hoppe, Trueman, Minn., spent Sunday at the Ed Hoppe home. The JoexCulbertson family spent Sunday with the Merle Culbertson's at Fenton. The U. S. W. A. will meet this 'week Friday, the 12th, at Mrs. Merwin Marlows. _, Art Priebe, local grocesy man, .went into Chicago with a car of chickens last week. Sunday dinner guests of the P. L. Persons were Mr. and Mrs. James Nyman and Dale. .Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hutzell, Al- 'gonaV were Sunday,dinner guests at 'Supt. Li A. Hutzell's'. V' ' Mr.' and Mrs. 'Eric Seegebarth spent Sunday evening at the Law^r- ence Zwiefel's, Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Marlow and family were Sunday dinner guests of the R. I. Simpsons, Burt. Miss Juneadel Hanna entertained several of her girl friends at a slumber party Saturday night. Miss LoRee Laitz, Mason City, spent the week end at the Don Houcks. Miss Laitz and Mrs. Houck are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bierstedt spent Sunday with Mrs. Bier 7 stedt's parents-the C. E. Sigsbees, Burt. Miss" Lorraine Murray, Los Angeles, Calif., spent several days last week at the Mrs. Alice Briele home. Mr; and Mrs. Hiram Ackerman and family drove, to LuVerne Sunday and visited at the Harold Nielson home. The Walt Thompsons spent Sunday at the S. M. Orvicks, Ledyard. The Orvicks formerly lived here. W. J. Cotton sold .his Chrysler station wagon to a Des Moines dealer and delivered it Saturday in Des Moines. , The Harvey Rath's spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the .home of "their son the Clinton- ItejJVs", LuVerne. ' x Pvt. James Coady, came last week from Caw Panm'n, Texas, for a furlough'with "his parents, the JamesiCoadys. • . ' Mr. andb'Mrs. Laverne Haro- merstrom and Mrs. Carl Hammerstrom visited at the Bay Zwiefels 1 Fenton on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, Harlan Blanchard and Patty were Sunday evening dinner guests at the Wayne BJch- n"ond home, Awnstrong. ; ' Mr, and M^« Albert Shaser an4 Mr, and Mw, Gerald Angus were Sunday visitors' at :the Lawrence Dittmer hQJTWt Irylngton, Herb lush; Ateona, spent_Sun* day with his family at; Ralph HwMrts. : Mrs. Frank HPUS<* hoWer, Fenton, 1 also spent Sunday Mrs. Naomi Thompson, Fenton. Rev. Limburters Kingma, the ministerial candidate, was a week end guest at, the Alf Jorgensen home. He returned to his home at Willow Lake, S. D., Monday morning. Staff Sgt. Davis Dunn from a camp in Texas, spent several days of his furlough at the Wllford Radig home. Miss Elaine Rahm- stock, Algona, was a Sunday visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reidel and family, Ringsted, called at the Harlan Blanchard home Sunday afternoon. The Reidels were Sunday supper guests at the Wpodrow Pettitt's. \Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson were made happy last week upon the receipt of a long awaited letter from their son Warren, a navy seabee. He is now stationed at Okinawa. * Leon Larsfen and Mrs. Ray Thompson, Decdfahi came last Tuesday for a lew days at the home of their sister Mrs. Art Priebe. Leon has been in the service five years the first of October and has now received his discharge. Mrs. Alex Kruegef accompanied by Mfs. M. E. Blanehard drove to Clarion Friday and brought Mrs. Howard Blanchard and daughter Sally to Lone Rock for a Visit with relatives here. Mrs. Blanchard and her daughter recently returned from Fort Meade, Md., where her husband Sgt. Howard Blanchard has been stationed. At present he has been transferred to Ft. Banks, Winthrop, Mass., and is in the U, S. Army Recruiting service. Remove combustible ittb- bish—Neve* discard lighted matches, cigafs, pipe embers or cigarettes—Never smoke in bed—keep chimneys and furnaces clean arid in good repair — Check electrical wiring — Use combustible fluids with care— THINK: BEFORE YOU'RE CARELESS. Algona Insurance Agettcy C. R. LaBarre 206 E. State St. 15 DOZEN SHOR . ' .'• -'. - '.'., ... .-.^-•L^^^^j^i^itiiiatliJ^atit^l'Ai Dimity check, tie side, While they last, (Limit—Two to a Custotttef) Each.... ZENDER'S CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS «•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••** PUBLIC AUCTION I am quitting the dairy business and will sell the following dairy cows and equipment at closing out auctioni on my farm located one mile south and tivo miles east of RJngsted, on , Monday 9 October 15 Commencing at 1:30 P. M. ___ ^ 35 HEAD OF HIGH GEADE HOLSTEIN CATTLE- 5 cows coming with second calf; 3 cows coming with '*<»£* calf. 5 cows coming with third calf; 2 older <<^s.-Three of th«*6 cows are fresh now and balance will freshen wlthiB [Mjg** month. 9 head of heifers, will freshen about *«£-!, 6 «e» weighing about 700 IDS.; 3 small calves, Z bulls and 1 registered Holstein bull coming Z years old; 2 y^^ T/B. tested and Bangs accredited. Cows average 370 IDs. terfa^der ^ t £ IJpMENT _ Two l un i t Sorge milking 13 drinking cups and pipes connecting same; milk cans, **&*• etc.; McCormick-Deering No. 5 stainless steel "e^ M? 9 ? Olson litter carrier with 60 feet of inside track and 75 feet i»34 *uivu '/2-iwW PICKUP WITH GRAIN BOX_, . TERMS: 6 months' time on notes approved by the clerk. a» 7% interest. No property to be removed untile settled! WE. AUGUST SORENSEN, Prop. HANSEN & FLAIG, Auctioneers S. C; HOIEN, Cleric THESE WATCH OUR ADS EVERY WEEK FOR NEW FOOD JUST ON THE MARKET. SURE CONSUMER'S SUPER MARKET HAS LOTS OF SURPRISERS .... HOPE TO HAVE MORE SOON Country Style DILL PICKLES,, 19c Clinton PUDDINGS 4^160 Small OXYDOL IOC WINDED 1,45* COOKIES 25e Butter Kernel CORN 2 fo , Campbell's Tomato SOUP 3 fo ,29c Paper NAPKINS HONEY WMSAPS JONATHANS ROME BEAUTIES DELICIOUS SUNKIST ORANGES 39c START THE DAY WITH A, GOOD HEARTY BREAKFAST RAISINS PEACHES Fruit COCKTAIL 2% Dole Pineapple JUUJu No. 2 can CRANBERRIES Ib 29c SWEET POTATOES 2.b,15c Doz. CANNING PEARS $3.59 Bu. TOKAY GRAPES 2.b,25c Calif. Green Top CARROTS L17C , .•••, • it, Bernard cjenrjch, '• Barlett doz. 49c WHEATIES POST TOASTIES GRATED COCOANUT TflfO DONUTSiND COFFEE OR LOW POINT SllLOlN 27a Bft. ill Butternut COFFEE jar 59c "It's Not A Meal Without Potatoes^ BUY NOW STORE FOR WINTER PER BAG $2.49 10 Bag Lots, each...... Hershey's Baking CHOCOLATE 1 Sunshine : BREAD BWOTEATIMiR j?*-^.*'-***?.'" ^^^^B. : './ ." ^^^^^^^* ''"^ "-^WPP^j>.-/t if". ;^BP^v '•'"• ^^^^P-v'^SS-';.\Y ' ^JQoiip^^|||^o^|||||| Aspff •|,»!ffife«A;«

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