The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1945 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1945
Page 4
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W^i^^^^^ i '^^ : ^^^^M^^^^&^^Sm^M ••S•:-•••;.:r'f-VMj,..:;-••;;.•;?..::v"--.l'v <.W: v V^:;J i ' l 'H^:'Sift;:**« i *t;'i'.:••'•; "' :/X.«W>|gi^55:<;'ff. V':' : ,-'.• j 4i Mrf, •- 6ie«fi Kiittesbft spent .,,:dMbndaf thd Tuesday in Mas6n « ;»pettt Wednesday in Mason' City ,' Visiting friends. •i.F: Mrs, Edward filch, of Speaker, •Was a Sunday goest of her sis-; •Cer, Mrs. H. T. Bunkofske. -Noah Ahllket and family, of Bradgate, were Sunday guests of ^Mf. and Mrs. Ernest Anliker. MM. Harold Jenson, of Mlnne* Spoils, left for her home last ; week after, a week's visit With ,,her sister, Mrs. Frank Caughey, >and family, Mrs. Agnes Hall left Thursday : £ r u h f,, home at Grand 'Island, -Web., following a two weeks visit '** the , home of her sister, Mrs. Mary Laing; Mr** & A. Norwood > awl*ed from Tacoma Sunday night, for a few weeks visit at the homes of her brothers Cleve and Ray Barton and other relatives. Mr, and Mrs, Max Bast enjoyed a weekend Visit from the lat- ter'a sister, Mrs. Martha Geilenfeldt and children, Louis, La Vonne and Rita, of Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs, Martin Bobo, of Braham, Minn., visited Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.. A. Ladendorff. Mrs. Bobo is a cousin of Mr. Ladendorff. Mr. and Mrs, Verner Sands went to St. James, Minn,, Sunday for a visit with relatives and friends. It is -possible they may make their home in St. James, again. '4 fowfl, Oetebef 11,1148 ALGONA FJRE DEPARTMENT it Dance '.23 )-•, ,•. m KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS • ''""• " •' •-'. ''' '; ' • •- -' •' ' " ' "*;;. " " ' • •• • •• Cook's 10-PieceOrchestra EVERYONE INVITED Fri. and Sat. Oct. 12-13 Mr. Claude Spencer Marshall-Swift Fur Representative Will'i,}?e^ln Gur-y, store with j £t complete^iine; of 1946 style coats?'* / ; :^a^(^ef«,»tfoese-fl» beautiful coats. SELECT YOURS NOW ELITE / M*. mA Mfi * Ardsft Ho*6y, of Mar Lone Rock, wefe Sunday Visitors at the home of Mt, and Mrs. H. T. Bunkofske. fte», and Mrs, J> a WAie, of Stratford, Iowa, were weekend guests at ,the home of their daughter Mrs. D. L. Cooper. Mr, and Mr*. fotn Young and daughter Wanda, of Tltonka, visited Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. firman Hansen Mrs. Young is a sister of Mr Hansen. Mrs. Frank Butts spent the Weekend in, Des Moines with Mrs. Herbert Butts and became acquainted with her little grandson, Gary Eugene, who was born in August. Mis. F. A. Bunting enjoyed a visit from Friday until Monday with her mother Mrs. Charles Dennis, of Rock Island, 111., and her sister Mrs. B. J. Chiloin, of Moline, 111. A daughter, Jerry Lee, was born September 27th to Sgt. and Mrs. Bruce Miller at. Douglas, Arizona. This makes Mr. and Mrs. Max Miller grandparents for the first time. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Post look Helen Zittritsch to' Fort Dodge, Monday, where after a few days visit with friends there she will return to Los Angeles, where she has been employed the past few years . Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tullle and. children Marilyn and Richard spent the weekend in Perry and Des Moines. In Perry they visited Mrs. Tuttle's parents and in Des Moines they were with Mr. Tuttle's family. Mrs. Jake Hofbauer, Mrs. Marvin Weaver;, and Mr. and Mrs. Howard "'Hdfbau'er spent Thursday at the.,home of Mr. and Mrs. C..H. Casey and met little Dale Allen Casey, who was born Sept. 20 to Mr. and Mrs, Casey, Miss Dorothy Ekstrand .was a guest of .Mr. and Mrs. Ole Allison Saturday and Sunday. She was a missionary, in the Philippines -and w"as captured when'the Japs invaded the islands. She was , released; in '.February. •-.., Mr. and Mrs. C. ft Stanford, Miss Hester Stanford, Mrs. Vern Seeger and .little daughter Marcia, of Webster City, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grandow and little daughter Barbara were Sunday guests of Mr. -and Mrs. W. R. Clawson. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Allison, Mr. and Mrs 1 . John Jordan, Mrs. Andrew Peterson, John Crowell, Miss Bertha Johnson and the Misses Alma, Ellen, and Adah Carlson attended the funeral ser-: vices of Mrs. Anna Soderberg at Bancroft Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker and Mr. and Mrs. Theo Larson returned the first of the week from Miller's Bay,' Lake Okoboji. They enjoyed a week of. fishing /and Henry had his usual •good luck, this time catching a fifteen and a half pound Northern, Pike. ... ,'..;.-... :,./In.",a recent tetter to his family Willard Mitchell enclosed a .clipping whiiyh told of a B-28 Super- fortress on which he -is first engineer, being forced down be- r" M«. W* A, 6H Faite* r the Rock 'Springs airport. The crew was en route from- Boise, Ida., to Kansas. He is now stationed at the Great Falls air base in Montana. • . Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aman and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gilbridehave received Word of the death of Mrs. Mary Aunkoser, of Welcome, • Minnesota, on Sunday, death being caused by a heart attack. Mr. Aman and Mrs. Gilbride are cousins of the deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbride attended the funeral -services which were held in Welcome Tuesday morning. \ . . . Mi. afid W6ht to Monday. Mft and Mr*. f6l»6»i arrived Stiflday night ffam ,St Louis and will visit a fortnight with the former's brother, Harry Phillips. Mts. Naomi Behrens, cer, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herthan Funk. Her brother Ray returned with her for a brief Visit. , Mrs. Gilbert Benschotar and Mrs. Carl Ebert, of Whittempre, were visitors at the home of Mrs. George Benschoter Monday. l*he former' is a daughter *in-law of Mrs. Benschoter. Don Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ward, was home for a few days while en route from a navy hospital in San Diego to the Great Lakes. Don is in the pharmacy department. Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Wray and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wray,.., of Clarion, spent last Sunday at the A. L. Fisher home. The Wrays are parents of Mrs. Fisher and Howard is a brother. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Crbnin and their daughter, Mrs. James Cronin, went to Toledo, Iowa, last weekend, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Don Cronin. Don; has recently been discharged from service. Mrs. James Cronin went io Blair, Neb., Sunday, where she joined her husband who is engaged in government contracts If suitable living quarters can be obtained Mrs. Cronin will remain in Blair. Li. Minnie Haase, who has been in service the past 2% years and located in Charleston, S. C., arrived here Saturday morning and is with her mother Mrs. Carrie Haase. She has made no immediate plans. Mrs. Siewarl Barnes, nee Jane Laird, has received a message from her husband, who is now in Minneapolis, saying that he will soon be discharged from the navy. He will join his wife in Algona. Their future plans are not definite. Miss Grace Ryan, of Mason City, has been visiting at the Mrs. Gusta Patterson 'home. S.-Sgt. Stanley Patterson, who has been in the service for three years, is home and Miss Ryan is his guest. Stanley is the son t)f Mrs. Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laabs. of Grenada, Minn., spent Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Faulstick. Mrs. Laabs is a sister of Mrs. Faulstick, and she came to see her mother Mrs. Leo Jackulke, who makes ; her lome with the Faulsticks. ' •'; . Mr. and Mrs. Don Guderian and Mr. and Mrs. .E. A. Guderian took the latter couple's son, Maynard, to Des Moines Wednesday He has been home on furlough with his parents at Galbraith-and has to report to the navy center in Des Moines Thursday morn Wg. ;.;.•-- . ..:,,,. .,.,v;.»:^ ..;"-\ William . Beslenlehner, ^sonV of Joe Bestenlehner, left Monday eyening for Fort Sheridan, .Illinois, after a week and a half' -Visit: ;»rt%; relattyes^and ,,frifoH here. v He has .had jaundice '.But is recovered sufficiently to.*',be discharged from the hospita' very- soon. • : , v; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bobo, of Braham, Minnesota, and Mr. and Mrs. John Loutroe and family, of Minnesota, came Wednesday for a visit at the Mr. and Mrs. Erman Hansen home and with Mrs. Anna Wauge. Mrs. Hansen is a daughter of Mrs. Bobo and Mrs. Wauge is a sister. Mrs. .Ellsworth Brandow .was able, to return to her home north' of town last* Tuesday following an appendectomy ,at the Kossuth hospital. Only six weeks prior to that she had given birth to a child and this additional illness has made her recovery not as rapid as in ordinary cases. Mrs. Eva Deim has, not heard from her son John, who was in Liege, Belgium, recently, but in his last letter he spoke longingly of -coming home arid since, he has been gone three years 'and ' has had no furlough, it is small wonder he is anxious to come home. He has sufficient points Mrs. James Cox, nee Dorothy Ward, left for Chicago Monda; night to join her husband whi recently received his discharge at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. They will return to Algona in a few days and will be with Mrs. Cox's mother, Mrs. Harry Ward, for a short time. They plan to go to California in the near future, Mr. and Mrs. H, D, Clapsaddle received word from their son S.-Sgt, Don Clapsadle, that he has reached the states by plane His phone message Monday saic he had landed in Palm Beach, Fla,, and was to go to Jackson Ville the ^following 4ay and then on to Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He .diet not know whether he was to be given a fyjiowgh or a .dis ehsrge; . • .• . :•;•••:'•.•• •. • ,- >_;,, ftltekait » havlnsh sn vacation .from -the Oak §tpre of- which he: is manager, ^asf Tuesday he dropped ft fcox TO; hfe foot^,bru|s» ing ; §i^t«p, By ^|4py tKe fppt he eslleS; a-4octor who formed, hto l|g;; blood Mr. and Mt8i fted Schoby moved into their house on East McGregor street, Monday. Mr. and MM. W. B. HawfeoH left last week for Okoboji and will spend another week there vacationing. Sigwell Wood, son of Mrt. Jos. Bestenlehner, entered the University of Minnesota last week and is studying law. Mrs. Leo Wallers, of near Algona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brandow, has been ill with "flu" the past week. Mr. and Mrs, Waller Bradley left Tuesday on a week's vacation. They have no special plans other than to "head North." Mr. and Mrs. Gale Siockwell and Cpl. and Mrs. Henry Nelson spent Wednesday at Fort Dodge with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tellman. Mrs. Waller Will returned Friday from Fort Dodge, where she underwent a major* operation. She is recovering nicely. Cpl. Henry Nelson is spending a 21-day furlough with his wife and son. Mrs. Nelson is the former Marie Stockwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gale Stockwell, of Algona. Mrs. Russell Picket! entertained members of her sewing club Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lloyd Wuckey was,, elected president 'or the coming year. Mrs. Clara Pratt is the retiring president. Glen Johnson, who has been in the ETO and has been spend- ine his 30-day furlough with his Wife, the former Ruth Will, and' with his parents at Emmetsburg, has been granted an extension of time. George L. Muller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Muller, of Ottosen, writes this paper of a change of address. And he also adds that at the present time he is on the way to Japan to deliver the goods.« Mrs. Frank Esser, accompanied by her son Vincent Esser and his wife, went to Sioux Falls Sunday and on Monday attended the funeral of Austin Jennett, a brother of Mrs. Esser. The Essers returned to Algona Monday afternoon. Nine new members for the year are: Mrs. 'Claude Dearchs, Mrs. Edwin Wolcott, Mrs. Alfred Semon, Mrs. Lester Kenyon, Mrs. Sam Medin, Mrs. Rosella Williams, Mrs. Theo. Thompson, Mrs. M. McGrew, and Mrs. Archie Dodds. Pvt. Ben Ingebritson will arrive Friday evening from Fort Knox, Ky., for a 15-day furlough with his wife and three daughters. Mrs. Ingebritson will entertain 30 of his relatives Sunday it a dinner party in his honor. Ben has been in the army six months. Pfc. James Will left Monday for Lincoln, Nebr., following an emergency furlough of 17 days here with his father, Walter Will, and mother, who came home Friday noon after being in the Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge for : ( the past ten days following ah'operation. :' Dr. 7 and Mrs. A. W. Amunson recently received a letter from thqir. daughter., Mary, w.ho as at- tending Cornell College, Mt. Vei> non, la., stating that she has been admitted as a member into Beta Beta, a national honorary biological fraternity. Mary is in her third year at Cornell and is majoring in biology. Dean Sparks, AMM-lc, was honorably discharged Oct. 2 at Chamberlain Field, Minneapolis, and is now at his home near Wesley. He has been, in service nearly four years and was overseas in the southwest Pacifies Before entering the service he farmed 400 acres near Armstrong owned by C. W. Nicoulin, of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Spencer and little son John Jr. arrived Thursday (today) from San Francisco where John had gone to meet Mrs. Spencer and the baby who came to the United States from Australia. He was to have been at work the middle of September but received extended time in order to,meet his wife. They will be here with John's mother, Mrs. Emily Spencer. w^" 16 *, Si * a y*r returned Wednesday to fort Dodge where I she has accepted the position of supervising the medical floor at £ Spit ^ She has be *n her fiance's sister and family at Storm Lake and from there came to Algona to spend a few days with her fatherf J. A. Strayer, and sisters. Merle re- urned to Fort Dodge witf Esther to resume her duties there. She- has been home 'the past six an ™ • • ' - •'"; ;."•,;- . v : '*t : '\i®?^^ New Implements ••'' • •'•- •'•'' •' PS •. •,. Low wheel farm gear, steel boxes, elevator speed jacks, Hudson ahd hog feeders, Dane rojary feeders, small attatfeV 1 small grain elevator, hammermill belts, heavy duty tractor oil. Hydraulic Duzall manure loaders for International and John Deere tractors. Priced reasonable. You should see it before you buy! * Kelley*Springfield Tires and Tubes ' For Passenger Cars and Implements; Used Implement Rubber tired trailers. 1 3*16 in. GraVtf ; >iDi!- tour. 1 low wheel wagon. ' ;" sai • Taylor Implement Co. Phone 257 PRICES ?, EATMOR COLORADO Cauliflower) each Presbyterian RUMMAGE SALE At Allen Motor Co. Sat., October 13 Doors Open at 9:00 A. M. COBBLERS Cranberries, Ib, MAY GRAPES FANCY WASHINGTON BOX JONATHANS CAUF. SUNKIST ORANGES Medium Size THURS., FBI., SAT., OCT. U-18-13 INSIDE JHE HOUSt"! , JOHN MACK BROWN ' Folger's Coffee. 2 M 5J r> r . t i . 4e oz - can Urapefiruit Juice '—29c p. , . . No. 2 can rineapple Juice College Inn 46 oz. can lomato 'Juice ................. -— -29c r ., -, . .. No. 2V^ can Fruit Cocktail ........ Mayflower reaches No . can 10NESOME UlO M^MUKftAY SY1VIA SIDNEY Mayflower No . 8% can tomatoes ...., ........... 2 cans Jack SpratRnn-o-Pod No . 2 Sweet Peas ........ , ....... 2 cans Hawkeye Golden ^ No. 2 can Cream Style Corn.,. 2 cans 27c Fancy, Solid Pack Tuna, White Meat ............ r '_ .455 Hormel's • •• '•[•• Chili Con .Campbell's Campbell's ••,•.•,.•.''•..'•«.;• •, < . .,11 ;v; Asparagus Soup..__^__..2 for Campbell's > Green Pea Soup... „ . £ for Carnation Milk:.; ...... . .3 f or 29c Jack Sprat -3 n>; bag Pancake Flour ... r ......^:.. Jack Sprat , . Buckwheat Flour ............ Charmin Tissue........ 4 rolls Dried " , '• ''..,••-'••' '" Bartlett Pears. ... . r ..;_;.llb, MAX'S . •• •* ' -"••';• -;•-;; ; •:-':^.:f- : .'Sauerkraut qt lar 33i '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^'^^^^^^WPP'W'WI^WIMW'IIBIIBBIIIB I 1 LOIN BACK PORK RIBS F« GRADE 11^ IRElinil t'lfel ^^!f^:^y-:''''"^^^^m^ Wf^^&^M^K^M^^^^mm^^^^m^mS^^t

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