The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1945
Page 1
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IP WpBSs'SSffpftl ^vgagj^^l^ ; IOWA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11,. 1945 -/ -: ...... .'-- -•••> .-._^--,^ ..^- • (- -- Tf" ^Tliti*^hf- J ^ I ^-^- i ^- J - Ji ^^ :ai;a **"' 1 ' i**'""'' *"" '!*•"• Twelve Pages ... ^^.ijslj^fii TO.<yjiiii , Leo fox tilvi*6iSg cffted ..'With nothing AM shoek, Satui'aay* a tr'fct6r>.dra'tyft>'. ! 1ft the pbwei 1 tAdkgfiff, His were torn iroitt his body lot shoes and a email amMntj,oj underwear, Mr, Fp*;>wai"p'u)tiiHg tip hay at the Pete? But tla fttm at the time. Immediate of ; the' tractor, arid a jacket that Larry had saved: his E, Ml, of the Kbssuth Credit Bflf i serMsir a caif at an'intei'sectibh .south Brlttj : Thursday weefci; Me 'Strike* iiisibrt 9,tb a hosp , f five broken brbken chest __ _ d,/Tuesday,* from Ind -'Is-,'Improving iiijuries in a ear-truck col- lisibft at St. Joe, .last .Thursday An army truck, going ';? sduth, struck J>is machine, ag'.fteaing wras makifig -.a "V":^>§^^f^ * •-- ; ' VBTSFLOWHOii WITH DEMRATlNS FROMALLCOU||i Portland: With a presidential ditattbn, a French flying rSdsS^the Oak Leaf Cluster and tfij&pis* tinguished Flying Cross, ;JBtil6riel Luther Fairbanks reached* Mme t Saturday, Oct. 6. ' : ,v,i;' *''.'•'. , Me was in the 8th air Kfrqfe and two years in hte European, theatre. He piloted a B-17 boMberi' and Business Group Considers Bid On Hemp Plant Building pie """" OK FARM £•• .'^v^!.^;^^^ Newsfoto- "tpKeii 1 strike'^ of'Northwestern Bell. telephone employees, ly, brought .the- first tbuch' pf any. of-.the national labor .unrest; th;cbUnt3^^^^':^->-iV%!,.V.'v--ii'.-i''.^-';V^;v^: r .;-.: J : ' ; V'^'K/,V.-;'. •'.".']'';• 1 ohone operators Were not ymad at 'ariybbdy" but conformed thfe . Alaska." Leoma mother, is • enjoined; frorri* taking the;baby ^ut, of the'couhtyc ;,.'-. ;.•.-; :phofie ;(Eb"*the'itinlpri strike brder; --'. Gcral'd ; (ipuek) ; Ste1er, son of Mr, and Mrs, John/Steier, and Cletus Charles With. tot try""^ beeti playi a pitcher, half pf the .,, ganlizaMbn as ,. -'HaU' bf :thft; Algona Iriiple- join;the as service. Majpr;>Hall; has ^. been' overseas 31 months on •*•"•: I <•-'•• ' . ••; , V ' •'' ' '' - ' , ' I at 'ariybbdy" but conformed ion stritte oraer.-., . ;- : * •*;•••.•.•. •.•.?.••• v /T.:-;- '.,; r . : '.'.'V' ; :' -'' ' : .',-'-' r ''""',"."'' "' irma Lee Deal, chief operator (left, above), and Marita Bestenleh-; rier assistant chief, handled the switchboard from 1 ioj£.;p.,m. while the ''strike" was on. They did a good"'Job, -sia'local p^tWMlstwlll twtl- fy, but said "we were sure glad to sec the regular felftfiTcbnie back/',-. The chiefs ate classified as management peij&nriel 'tlftdl th\is did-nOt! participate In the walkout.^;.- ''',.,/ :^ '''. '.'1<C •"•;'• ,'.i>/';';'.'!'.->' '.-v/ 4 \ Fred Tiriim, local manager, said "business is back to normal." There are usually 6 to 10 girls on a working shift at the office here. Doctors Caution Against Hysteria On Polio; Say No Epidemic Here UCBIl- uyu*o^ci«p v* *" W ,™"'J .•:."?•.- 7 33 irioissioris-as :a,n, alr,foi<cePMPt. Hejs.-married and has three, small children. . -.".;,- : "^ ' ^'^'.wf V:.''. ;; :';' ; '' - - JQHN PPBFEER, .74;:diecl at his home H-Cbrwlth7 ^after^'a.'?!*-, weeks illness/and funeral;^ryjces. were'held :at W ;Mary's;iC?attioUc' church^ Cbrwith^Saturday, hadUiyed^her^fpr '~ J --" J vivlrig -He. y&aM^sfe'.is Kossuth county physicians, already taxed with health problems ahdi a greater than average hum- tier of patients due to war demands'-,on' available medical men, urged •parents .of childrenttb 'nbt let the 'Ipplio','' situation > thTJJW .them,into ah; linjustified state ; pf worry.-" • : ''.-,-''.^-".-':'- : ' / .' • ."• ""• ^" ; One physician flatly said that "we do not have tn epidemic." , Mlsbach, secretary, stat- He stated that there were usually three or four cases every fall: in Kossuth county, and ', the 'present total of cases is six, three more having been reported in,,the .past .-However, press 'reports have suddenly focused - public attention on "polio" ..because 'some communities-have had. a .considerable increase in the disease; .-.<;:Jtf--'- •:; ''Colder weather usually" brings ''§ halt to this disease,'' 'sai^a'noth- .er physician; "and.there 'is no .reason^, to'i'expect that the same npt:happen"this fall/' ^iJs&eavCrty^Scaxe-.;- v .;.,..,; •: 'scare served in England, Germany. . :: :,— v: On the return trip, in jU; G*54; the pilots took turns, ahd*t$e <ho|> across the Atlantic was: feally fast one—and best one. ;i f^ Wesley; Rudolph Hauptman, T-3, arrived home Saturdafe.Mth « months of service in th'ejfttmy and his discharge behind'vhlm% He served mostly in the.;Pacific theatre. ,'Vvi,..; • C6ming home from Atastt^uS, Rudolph flew, and landed Jin-San Francisco, making the P rtnft *»"»« in 38 hours, He visited Mrs 1 . Delores King in clsco. . , T A-few hours after, he rea parfental Ed "Hauptman ' brottier, Cpl; "Bud" arrived' with; Ms, di?6 , iong-awaited 'reuriiori fbi F"pur Corners: Jim Elmbrejf'ibn of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Elmote^.ar- rived home with his honbr|ble discharge, last Saturday.: fie-Kad been in service three years—"^ nine, moriths, and served : -lti-i.-_ tralia :arid New.Guinea befpre^ri- turning to the states, -^cs ;r: He was wounded in New-GUInea on Dec. 19, 1942 and stUl Barnes shrkpnel in his back. He/'haslthe Pacific theatre.ribbon, .twPibrprize starsi the Purple Heart,-.' Irifafttry, badge and oak leaf cluste*,'^' ; v :/;f ' Algona: Lt.'and Mrs/«ieRpy Actams returned to Algona.'-Ffi- day> after the;officer'receivJBd.|his certificate of service at Sioux'City. He is oia terriurial leave 22, wheri he will be ;placed';;i3i^' a reserve status: in. the: armyt;- aiV: force, He had been' in ^ seryicej,42 moriths. ••,'.'•'''. v; '"• '•'• •' ';.'•':'•"•:• v ,«, 'He'was a prisoner, of ; war,'in Germany for a year, and v wears the. air medal, five .'bronze 'stars,'; Oak Leaf cluster.;. - ; andiii Purple Heart. •-.- -, •' : ":^^'^>.&^-.C • The couple plan to reenter Iowa two Injured When Truck and Car Collide At tlnidrt Twp. County Road Intersection PROCESSING .. oburity, ^ farmer-owned itfeMtid to be makiflg'5-« lively little heddway.Jl^as [ ed this Week that: ; a gtott goiia business rten fnignt atlvfeiy make a bid fotethe erty if .th^other 1 prograhi ;d6 materialize. ,:,",' ",'.'-.'-'v\ ''?,. •.:. AvA. Stihipullof iM^tn isorary cnairmah bv'&'f&fm'- Ihat-wet- teeehOy'^^fliftfUl itinttation if hejnp gr^ that'fall, farm work had "ed.mtich,«ontaet work on the> i ' r; •''•'* '' ;i '-' ' : " ' ; • ; : i . ; ".-"» i -- Oiai ylinnemark b£ ' 1 interested' 15 ' <; y^rtctured above an(l at the right, are'cars involved in a county road hiighway smashup, Monday mbrn- ing. Above is shown the truck, ownu^i 11^. ,, ^ driveri by Andrew HPltizbauer, and ner is teacher. * by the Algona Ice Cream suffefe<l a ° 1! the car of Mr. and Mrs. 5 Donovan; after it landed almost in. frc school No. 7, uftUfpir, «emp - ., . , crease in interest, iteis appf ' uo. as« af- sion, and is stJU in the hbspitol. ^ter '.the accident. At the right is Mrs. Donovan, thrown against the The accident .occurred1 three mies westind^one mile north Therms Nothing To Fishing, Says iHwtinr.iui>w>»« Catholic church, BFaihteWnv-.yejltijaffJsJiatlng, • and burialkwyi^ be. iiri;..St.,.Michael's cemetery-there. •, :'•'•'•.'••. Siirvivirig are.four brothers and 12 children. The. brothers are Pauli" Bbnnstetter, West Bend? Christian ;of Rodman; Henry of Whittemore, arid Joseph of, Corwith;'.-V..:-;.'•:,•.:• .;,;, . -.'-' , "• ' ChUdren survlyhig, are George ! M. Haag, St. Paul; Mrs. Anna Gappa, :Madelia, Minn; Kathryn Haag,. Mankato; Mrs. John Gappa; T n lr n -/"*Wtr0*al. MTve r!lnw»nnA CrlflS- State Col where ea plete ge, in .midwinter, )ias one year^tp ^com- : •• When It comes to flshingr, / Bobby Kain,- 11, son of ,Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kain, Is alit- fle, puzzled as to why some people, including his parejhw go. ;so. far away as northerfl Minnesota to fish. • . ,'* At the Plum Creek dam, northwest of Algona, Sunday, Bobby caught a 10 Ib. northern pike, with the assistance in landing It of his dad and ;hts twto brother* Dickie. The ' fish 'was 32 inches long, ^nd caught l^wlth ,a mak*V- ^nd'transfer. track a.evWeeri'.the two fail- «bn' sta'rted by the Al- 1 Was -any other, yet tha;t '*»re j non- pt ^i s^ey "bt buainess .lirms'and usiness mea, and |arm shippers, ..jit'-i— ma) je ^j determine their Infprraatlon thus i forwarded to the Lak C Clarence Glas- Minn.; Mrs. id Mrs. .Harold Potter, Roth, Algona; Mfs. .._ Norfolk,_Nebj^^eter__Ha_ag,^West Rplf e Bend- Mrs.vWjpto&enna p e j Henry Haag; jimittemore; and "-' ' ~ ,,. . ... . Mrs. Hagg lyasmeceded In death ' , iW »,.. w _,— ^~ ^infant'son, , -The deceasedi^s born May 13, '1865, 'at* WestiBind,; She /married 'PetCT Hoag in,*l8?iP, and; had been living in AlgpnigMnce Au|;. 70his - .«pur,v?pul,d n9tXbe;;}arge, and .the. increased >olume.iof ' traffic for ; both .roads would warrant the Improvement. Freight transfers, often not possible under preset 'arrangements; would-be expedited; W«»tly. and would be the chief v '• some of the symptbriis' resulted from a fall the baby suffered, sey- eral weeks ago. ' , ; ;, ' -Similar situations are behig reported from all over the country. ''There are 30,000 people in this county,",, said' another doctor,-' "arid while six «a" is ;,a, more than usual number ', by one or two^lt 18 not enough to: justify calling the situation an epidemic here." .! i- Lakota Boy Home • At Lakota; Don Stickler, one of the first to develop the disease in Kossuth; was back home after being a patient i ; ln Des Mohies. He is Improving slowly. Mrs. Phyllis Kelly, whose son Michael,' age 3, developed the disease here lest'week, has returned from Minneapolis where. \the youngster Is-/under the . Kenny sure. Dr. -F.. E,, Sawyer,, lather ,of Mrs. Kelly>'accompalned'^hem to MinneapolisV," : This,: disease was caught in''fi" the little PI spond read! ^Frances ,., „ ^ _ ii'daughter, of/the iGeralf; Balpigs,/ Burt,v is, reported improving-lat^the Iowa City hospital, frpm, the disease. She was stricken two; weeks asp. She can now walk- wit^ support;. - , .sni at'Sthe „.,„..„ v.*^---.-. Mrs;: Frank-'Balilifa^ 4> oF.i=B.urt, Veteran of '55,Sib > htHs'servfce, ; ;31 of ' them' overseas; O'Brian J is one ! of 22 men left uninjured put ;;ol ! his company>irom the. yearly, days of the Okinawa iDvasion, Prior to going into ;the ?$**, Pacific, he served . in , the Aleutians, and, then the Marshall islands. .. " Atgoria high , schboi's football team collapsed, last Friday even-, ing, in the face of an,Eagle Grove team that was inspired by playing at its own hbroecoming game, and the Eaglets sent the Bulldogs home at'theshort end of a 13 to 0 score- This, Ifrlday njght thp locals go - mew- ''Wesley - , from Wesley tJj^'* week. ' .. . were ^reported Algona: Hwmphrey, . Pacific veteran; arrived 'in Algo_na late' Wednesday rafter army service nearirig.^he-'f pur -.year maifc Campbell vpluptejed shortly -after the War began;-,' and' advanced; to master - NORTH SOME GOOD RODEP NUMBERS, SUNDAY Swea City: "An can he ride!" Those were the words of Paul Becker, secretary of the Swea City Farmers Saddle Club, in speaking of Buck Weaver, bronco buster from Mapletpn, Minn., who succeeded in riding "Prince," the outlaw horse owned by Glen Mino. ."..".... , The riding was a feature of the rodeo program of the Swea City firemen and Farmers' Saddle club, "Fun Day" program^Sunday, mile east "of Swea Bets Mile Rial Baseball Fan Out Of Clare Wingert from over Wesles:i.wayi doesn't follow baseball— flr; the world series — too flpwlyr. But the past week :haSi- ; glven 'him a . newr slant oni the, national same. Liist Frldiy, In the local barber shop! Clare was talk' into .-'aw? Investment: ta the 'f tame score "total. ''"' that- the UJLUObAllfU t'-^f**".'.'**&*£$*'!£:•'<-•.:. • prbcess^slife'Spp^' L -«*t_^i_--', . '"v. .•.^' 1 . ".»'' *»' i i".V*-'.*^'i. p ness. irien ; , ,,,-,.. and after a.> pteBminaryv ^ are. Of the. opinion that tne ings • and floor .space'•"';. * might offer, worthwhile ,.. ",The government 'nas,attKte merit'of several ."Hundred.-" and dollars there") ffiait ?spbkesanan who preferrepji V i&i8& :: "' ""' " ••-'—•-"• - TWO MORE INJURED . - . . . . 3, yearrbld' daughter of Mr,' and MPS- 'Walter ' Drummer, was takep,tQ rt MBSpn City; Friday, and frp^hlW? to 'Iowa City with infantile' paralysis. ; '• • • Monday, Duane, age 6, another. , Hampton; they wW not rate as fevprltes, or* the of their Eagle Gvoye Qene Rert? 1 , , an. family, developed too was taken child In the symptoms, ft to Iowa Qtty. ,; .,_ , The CathoUfl school at Wesley was closed |or the weefc pufme was Inpnrae there. .Mrs. Albert'Hagg'pf Algona was badly lacerated aboiit: the , face, Tuesday .afternoon, as ; the result, of an' autoriibbije collision at Main arid Commercial streets', between a. car she-was <lriving arid a Skelly oil truck driven by Paul Lmd- holm of Algona. ••• • 'Twenty stitches were required 'to close the facial wounds. ' A row of lilac bushes at the intersection, which Is south of the Milwaukee depot, obstructed vision with the resulting, accident. Both car and truck were somewhat, damaged, Lindholm was uri- Everyl Adams, employed by the Cowan Building Supply, had an accident last week which fortunately resulted in only minor injuries to himself but greater damages to his car. Near Woolstodk he came to a dead end road. The roads were slippery and his brakes . did not hpjd, - He <v?as thrown against the lyindshieW and we car was afI?e whewJ^eryl became '"' after'Ws crash had^put KnnlriM ' ' pn; the, tp. several present, ^weighed thV, f(sH FORGERY CHARGE James E, Rimriier, 21, whose home is given .variously as Kansas City and 'Minneapolis, was in the Kossuth. county jail, today, bound over to the district court oh a charge of forgery, ,,-.'. The 'defendant cashed a check at The Chroine, which it is alleged was worthless. Sheriff Art Cogley and County Attorney H. W-' Miller, brought Rimmer hack from Kansas, City,' Monday. He waived a preliminary hearing. . Previously, Rimmer had served •two sentences in-the Kanslis: City jail icy. jarceny, and his past record iprpvided information " enabling local authorities to trace him. In justice court this week, J. B. 'Johnston 'fin»d: George 'B.' Long; Lone ^ock,.S2.50 and costs, on a charge ;v of haying faulty brakes State patrolman • pickinson filed the complaint. A case bf improper registration oi a vehicle pends against Hans C. Thompson, Swea .city. - _____ r ^ 4 _ LUTHER LEAGUE RALLY IN LAKOTA Lakota; Ten communities were represented here, Sunday, when a fall rally of Luther Leagues was held at St. Paul's Lutheran church, host for the occasion. More than 150 young people at- tende'd from Renwick, Hampton, Thornton, Sheffield, Rockwell, Mason City, Britt, Woden, Titon^ and Lakota; ' . K of the congregation a banquet, :"_ , . „. G. j, Meyer of Rockwell the principal. speaker -at ™, T 4feg>»ession and W~ " a|so; gave the afternoon „...,- ^uginers sessions wwe also i •-'*"-" ajtemppn, and pfftcers least orie-'outside firm Of a sinan farm ;cp has indicated' to: the: Cham ing -if ffiacMnery ISatm'day, "Clare .was, .back, and 'wl'th -him -he brought youngsters.-*Tlil8 time he :tpbk fresh hair cuts*-' warehoi§e'^pace. A ;«rith tiave done" thJit '•A.i'i •"",'.! '__'__ ' : " - r^i ;>-. I'l-'.-V-"- 1 *• • •"*_'^:i'l- sl 'J.'lJ-ilJ.-,' »*^'i.ti TMJ M mit president, 'Haggedprn,-' ' Red-: Moritgbmery, pauiv: Becker, Jr.; v Wayne Patterson, Lpwenberg and M. Dale, all $2 arid Buck Weaver Jr., $4. Greased pig—Kenny Dale, Arm- Pony race—^Gene Plantz, first; Bill Tokheim, second; Donald Haggedorn, third. Ke Eating Contest Ladies' musical chair — Ruby Johnson, first; .Arlene Larson, second; Jay Gibson, third. : ; ;, Men's musical chair—Maynard Crusch,. first, Vu-gil Tokhehn, second;, Maynard Jensen, third. . i Pie 'eating—John "Bauer, first; Jim Carroll, second; Bob Steenberg, third. .'."- '.. -: '"Boys' race,; 9 to 12—Donald Haggedorn, Joseph Baker and Eugene Edwards, In order. • _ > Boys' race, 6 to 9-r-Billie Tokheim' Carl Fisher and Duane Samspn, In-order. , .;,'';' Three-tegged Races Fat men's race — Bill /Hauge, Fred Welp arid Martin Gable, in order.', • : _' Egg race, women—Arlene Larson and Jojr Gibson- Egg race, men—Maynard Jensen, C. Plantz and Haggedorn, in order. , _•' .' Boys' 3-legged race—Bob Laf- feirs, W. Jensen and V, Barrett, and D, Boever and D. Jorgenspn, in order, " _, Men's 3-legged race — E. Eo- wards, Leo Burch and James Anderson, in order,;'" "'' ',. . , Ting of war-TTSwffft. City defeated Seneca. . .'".'.'.V".. ,'?.'•".. • • ', East Chain; ftorseshoe pitchers defeated a team from'Swea City. Fenton Hi Raises An Activities Fund Fenton: In'a contest to raise funds 'for school activities, a "Marine" team sold $215 wprth of magazines, against a total P*?}^ 0 sold 'by 'a "Nayy" team, ^- t J* e thf, wtanej^, as a. Wflsftt ftis i,iffh* in tJie school gyjn. ;. "*'i*;w«iB* of the Aigoria!s fire Separtinen'i two birds with one stone, Tuesday, 'night.,.'-' -"; -.-; '•]''':~''''f^ : -i t <>.£ : '*'-~ First, they ,staged an.alarm.Tun through Aigbna's streetsl, winding. up at a fire of burning leay^ pal; South Moore -St^Jy^e^thmp^. , '.rb 38 - • ceeded to sell irig.mpto .yujuwa :vn vxvfc.^***,. , ; -, - •-. T ^~ .••••••*> •..'.- : v Second, they called ; atteritiomtp Fh-e Prevention' Week, being obf served nationally, :Oct.7rl3>,'T^* time to T prjeyent fires is before they hegln," 'said a.'.;spokesman: for :thelocal^departmerit.^ - i -^ Proceeds from the dance, will be Used: to: purchase' a new type of artificial respirator for local use. Tickets are now on sale. < : ';,; ROTARY JGLUB TO •] SPONSOR Algona RotariansAMonday noon at their weekly meeting, voted to sponsor a series of four open fpfr um lectures an.d meetings, to begip some tinie nejct January. \ Subjects under the general heading p?"Steps Toward; World St»blU*y." wWcb wiU.*-. be the topics of the individual; meetlns, include (1) constrtto- ; t|ye use of sir transport, (8), maintaining world trade and a hlg'H standard of Uyin?, ,(8) v jnterriatipnal security In Ifte, pacific, and ,(4) roaklnff wlerr 4 national organizations effeo*, m were •-», ^ '.ii» - , Pecry. H*.-' i ''*"4*'i'*H*** - 'I* aw-^*W|*S"??* T^i y ' ff ' T ' "V * *" .-; '"™ : gr^vnft PW'J ^91 .John- ; Nymari; Mrs;* Spderberg was 1888; In , v /,Swed^n7:: AmerJc.9 in I8$6;;a?id ishe husljarid, fmmediately ; ..e 'ohildreri .. at hotne; Mrs, Agnes: City; ; ; H€Troan/ ^Bro ^beclR Abrawsprii St.; nd Mis,, |lpfe^e*M ' ' '

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