The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1945
Page 2
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;L£SSSa.aSaiMi^ WARN FARMERS TO USE CAUTION WITH NEW "DDT" Asserting that "farmers will probably have more use for DDT in quantity than other users," the State health department today listed precautions to follow in rural areas to safeguard human health. In fly control around dairy and other barns and in sheep tick control, the department said, farmers will have considerable use for this new insecticide. The department maintained that DDT is a poison and declared that this fact should be kept constantly in mind. If DDT powder is used around the kitchen, care should be taken to store it away from foodstuffs which it may resemble and with which it might accidentlly be mixed, the department said. It should also be kept out of the reach of children. In the dairy barn and milk- house, the DDT user should be careful not to allow this insectide to come in contact with utensils used in milking and in milk pro* cessing. it was brought out. As DDT solution is prepared, the department added, care should be taken to keep it away from drink* ing water supplies. Similar caution should be exercised in disposing of the solution. The farmer and farm wife were also advised that as they use this product, they should avoid getting it on their skin, and that after using it, the hands should be washed with, a strong soap solution before mealtime. In listing these precautions, the department said, "Until more is known about the effect of DDT on humans, these safeguards are recommended. Some day we may find that we have been 'crying wolf but meanwhile the safe policy seems the best." Election At Bode Bode: At conclusion of P. T. A. meeting Tuesday evening, Sept. 18, the following Red Cross officers were elected: President, Mrs. Burton Rood; vice president, P. O. Esmay; secretary, Mrs. R. B. Carlson, and treasurer, Mrs. Floyd Torgerson. fflMYTMGM STORK'S GIFT TO HOME IN WESLEY Wesley: Joan Rae and Judy Kay are the twin girls born to Mr. and Mrs. Don Kinniard Thursday of last week at Mrs. Klnniard's parental, Curtis Beiiskin home. As for weight, which Is quite a record one weighed a bit over 7 pounds and the other more than 8 pounds. They have 5 other children. Kinniard is employed by the Cooperative Elevator Co. Discharge Due Soon— John Meuhe went to Camp Chaffee, Oklahoma, Saturday where he will receive his discharge from the army. 17-Year-Old Birthdays- Teresa Lorenz reached her 17th birthday Sunday and Bernadine Johnson was 17 on Wednesday. 34th Anniversary— Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hildman ob- Fresh Fruits and Vegetables BASKET JONATHAN APPLES, bu. - $4.98 NEW COLORADO CAULIFLOWER each 25c CALIFORNIA SUNKIST, MED. SIZE ORANGES 2 a-, 490 their: 34th Wedding attnl Versary Wednesday, .CNSfe 3. thg And a gfoUp of friends enjoyed a Surf party. New Legion Andrews Post 428 of the Anlerih can Legion are in p6sseaslon 61 a new standard of colors, c/Jnsistln] of an American flag and a Le* glon flag made of wool and edged frlnge. Each is topped with an eagle. Home from Hospital- Mrs. Larry Lang and infant son Jackie Joseph, born Wednesday Sept. 26, were brought from the General hospital at Algona Sunday to the v home of her parents the J. L. Haverlys. Larry, who is employed at Waterloo, visited his EATMOK CRANBERRIES ,„. 35c 3 a*. 25c CABBAGE lb . 3c FANCY JACK RABBIT SWEET POTATOES SOLID NEW JACK SPRAT DELUXE Fruit Cakes IN OVERSEAS MAILING CONTAINER 2 Ibs. $1.98 Jack Sprat Quick or Regular Oats 3 Ib. pkg. 25c Shredded Wheat pkg. J2c Giant Packages Grape-Nuts Flakes 2 f° r 27c Duffs Gingerbread Mix 25c Duffs Hot Muffin Mix.. 21C Fancy Hulless Japanese Pop Corn L_2 Ibs. 29c Drip or Regular 1 lb. glass jar Chocolate Cream Coffee 32c Jack Sprat 3 lb. bag Pancake Flour Crescent 2 lb. Spaghetti ............................ |9e Crescent Z Ib. pkg. Egg Noodles ........................ |9c Betty Crocker Vegetable Noodle Soup 3 for 29c Tobin's Luncheon Meat No Points Brunch .............. .................. 35c DOLES Crushed Pineapple No. 2 Can 22c Mayflower, in light syrup Peaches ...... Jack Sprat No. 2 can Pineapple Juice | fie Above Par 46 oz. can Orange Juice 55c No. 2 1 /. can 29c Mayflower Early No. 2 cans June Peas 2 f° r 25c Hormel's With Beans Chili Con Carne 28c Assorted Clinton Puddings pkg. 4c Jack Sprat Tall cans Milk , 3 for 25c Cleans Quick and Easy Kitchen Klenzer can SPECIAL OFFER 50 Ibs. GOLD MEDAL ENRICHED FLOUR S2.I9 Bring Your Coupons Here To Be Redeemed COUPONS ON PAGE 5 Blu-White ...................... pkg. 9 C Perfumed Bowl Cleaner Vanish ............................ can23c Window Cleaner Tidy House Painted Surface Cleaner Quart bottle Tidy House .......................... §9c 8 oz. bottle RING BOLOGNA lb . 19c BIG BOLOGNA ,„. 19c OYSTERS Pin »79c FANCY GRADE A BEEF ROAST lb . 26c HAMBURGER ROUND STEAK FRESH FISH No Points Jb. A GRAPE lb. 25c 35c wife and three children over the week end. The United Service Women wll meet Thursday evening, Oct. 18 instead of the llth. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Hildman anc son of Des Moines visited relatives here over the week end. Mrs. Don Kraus substituted for Miss Anna Flom In a rural school north of town Friday and Monday, Dorothy Shauers, who teaches in the grades 1ft the public school spent the week end at her parental home in Waverly. Vera and Grace Kouba spenl the week end of Sept." 23 at Omaha, where they had been employed until several years ago. Mrs. Marie Kunz and daughter June Adel left this 'week for Fowler, Colo., to visit the former' mother Mrs. John Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Youngwirth and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Youngwirth of Corwith vacationed In northern Minnesota last week. Pete Lickteig of Cresco came Saturday to visit Lickteig .and other relatives In this vicinity. His wife died about a year ago. Thelma Oppeda'hl,*congenial assistant postmistress, spent from Saturday evening until Sunday evening at the Herbert Brunson home at Woden. Mrs. G. L. Olsin, teacher in Wesley public school, spent the week end visiting her sister Rose Schmack and Mrs. Frances Wrat- islaw at Waterloo. Lawrence "Bud" Weig, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Welg, returned home Friday with his discharge. He had served in the European war zone. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Flom, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Donovan were Sunday guests at the home of their nephew and niece the Paul McNeals at Algona. Cpl. Ivan Johnson returned home last week from Camp Gruber, Okla., with his discharge. He, his wife and baby are at the parental Olaf Funnemark home. The Catholic Missionary Society and the C. D. of As. will meet Wednesday, Oct. 10. A pot luck lunch will be served after the reception of new members into the C. D. of As. Mrs. Nels M. Johnson has moved her 'household goods to the house she purchased from Mrs. Myrtle Kouba. Mrs. Kouba an<J family have moved to their homi -in Clear Lake. Mrs. J. P. Studer, president of the American Legion Auxiliary, attended a school of instruction at the Legion hall in Algona Tuesday, Sept. 25. Mrs. Fern Peterson, county president presided. Mrs. Helen Johnson and Bernadine were Sunday guests at the Joe Goetz home in honor of Billy Goetz, Who was 17 years old Friday. Mrs. Goetz's mother Mrs. Ruth Sparks was also a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Al Wagner returned the first of the week from a 3 weeks visit with his 3 sisters in Denver, Colo.. Mrs. Ben Felt and daughter Mrs. Mina Ranek left this week for their winter home at Rockledge, Fla. Alvina Oppedal, Ph. M. 2c, called her mother Mrs. Tillie Loebig Saturday from Chicago saying she was leaving for Pensacola, Fla., to be employed in the army air base headquarters. She had been in Chicago the past year. A number of Wesley ladies attended a post-nuptial shower for Mrs. Will Mullins at the Hutchins school house Saturday afternoon. The honoree was Phyllis Cruise who was married several weeks ago. They live in Hutchins with his folks. Mrs. Ann Severseike and son Carl and her daughter Mrs. Silas Espe and the latter's grandson Stephen Munson of Story City were week end guests of the former's daughter Mrs. Sam Alne. Mrs. Severseike remained for a longer visit. Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Riggs and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hansen took the former's daughter Mrs. George Burnette to Rochester where she will continue her nursing duties. She had spent the past month here and with her husband's folks in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Will Ketchen of Emmetsburg spent Saturday here at the home of her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Don Kraus. Little Sharon Smith returned with her grandmother after spending a week with her uncle and aunt Mr, and Mrs. Kraus. Milt . I18!«t 8f Mfe aftd" MrSj thr i&esailoh feimr I®. ATWHITTEMORI Whlttemore: Seeiy-Waish Post of the American Legion held its annual meeting in the Legion hall last week and election of officers took place for the rest of s this year and 1946. Peter Schu* Jttacher was named commander- Theodore Biersted, vice conv mander; L. H; Peril; adjutant; J. J. Rosendahl, treasurer; Elmer Bell, sergeant at arms: Rev. William Velt, chaplain, and the executive committe is composed of Frank Meine, Vincent Elbert and Joseph Schilz. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson were .business callers at Albert Lea, Minn., Saturday. Henry Buellesfeld left last week for Nokomls, 111., after spending the past four months with his nephew, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz, Mrs. Clyde Gingerieh and Esther Struecker were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. William Tiede, Lu Verne. Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer spent from Saturday until Tuesday of this week visiting with Mrs. Meyer's sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Campbell in Des Moines. Mrs. Ellsworth Heidenwith. West Bend, visited at the home of her husband's parents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Sunday evening. Ellsworth is still overseas and is stationed at Benshein, Germany. , Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz entertained at cards Friday evening. Those present were Rev. and Mrs. Paul Weinhold, Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rosendahl, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greinert. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker and son Gary Allen, and daughter Shari Ann, Oelwein, visited from Thursday evening until Sunday with Mrs. Walker's parents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith. They brought Mrs. Heidenwirth home. Mrs. Henry F. Schultz spen lasj week at the home of her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, getting acquainted with ier new grandson, born to Mr. and Mrs; Potratz a week ago at the WcCreary hospital. They have two other sons. Mrs. Mary Ahnemann, Mr. and ilrs. > Henry Ahnemann, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Obermeyer and fam- ly, Walters, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Slmer Bell and family arid Mrs. Bertha Carroll, "of here were Sunday dinner guests with Mrs. So- phm Bell and daughter Adelia. Mrs. Emma Kitchenmaster and family, Louis, Florence, Ella and Doris, Steen, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. William Lauck, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Struecker and family and Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Struecker and family were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck. ^ * .„ , - Teafee%yancr Mrs. W. G. Erase entertained the parochial -school teachers in the neighboring congregations Friday evening, -in the auditorium of the Lutheran school. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A. Lusmann, Supt. and Mrs. H. F. C. Mueller, Lotts Creek; Mr. and Mrs. Eggerling, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. C. Platt, Algona: Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Horn, Lu- Verne, and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke of here. v Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Greinert, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and daughter Verdell, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zumach and family, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau and family, Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt Sr., Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt Jr. and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler and daughter, the NOW! 50 Ibs. GOLD MEDAL The Tom McMahon family visited his folks at Garner Sunday. Miss Anna Flom attended the annual meeting of the Western Association of Evangelical and Free Churches at Huston, Minn., over the week end. She accompanied Rev. E. W. Lindgren, pastor of the local Congreyational church. ENRICHEDrflQl ' FENTON Bailey Grocery A. J. Krause Grocery Priebe Grocery QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS OUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTellsofHomeTreatmentthat Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing •Ivor two million bottlon of th» W | LL.A R D PREATMENT havebuon told for relief of lymptoms of distress arising from Stomach iind Duodtnal Ulcora due to E*u«» Acid- favi Dilution. Sour or UpMt Stomach 3«(ln«tf, H*arthirn. SlttplMtntM. «ts., lue to Exctti Add. Sold on IS days' (rial ' blcb full) for "Wlll«r*i M«»M«»" )jplaiu» (bit tre»trnpnfc--fr«* Algona: BORCHAEDT 1>EUG STORE OHNESAKGE PRUG LuVerrie: LUVERNB PHARMACY CHICKENS /{Hi BAY'S Sprat MARKET Coming: to Emmetsburgr, Hotel Kermore, Wednesday forenoon, Oct. 10; Mason City, Hotel Ceiro Gordo, Tuesday, Oct. 9th, Return visits «n* month. Or. J. F. Shallenberger, M. D, who baa since 1907 treated Chronic, Nervous and SPECIAL DISEASES of Men and Women Scientifically also Diseases of the Bye, Ear, NOJW, Throat, Lungs Heart, Blood, Skin, Nervous Debility, Nerves, Liver Stomach, Intestines, Kidneys and BJftider, Consumption in an early stage, Catarrh, Ringing in Ear* and Deafness, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Epilepsy, SJcfc Head ache. Goitre, Eczema, Scrofula, Appendicitis, Gravel Rheumatism of joints and muscle*. Treat«4 Ca«es Given Speols Over 80% of my paWeuts come from re$pmj»en<Jatltffi> of those I have cured. OQNgPM'ATIQN gRElg Or. 1M4 E. 58 rd. Sfe CHIC AGO, {LL, For Veteran Reunion flodei Seven of the 11 members ol the Rood family we're present at a 7 o'clock dinner fit the home of Mr, and Mrs. Burton; Hood, Sunday evening. The service men of the family circle were present including Lt ' Kenneth Sween, Sgt. Orvllle Rood and Harold Rood Jr., quarter master 1-d. Out of town relatives present Were Mr. and Mrs. William Lutz and daughter Mary of ,.Hatnptohi Mr. and Mr». Roy Johnson and family of ' Kanawha, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Rood and family of Rutland. ••' , M A tf 1? £if H ft if ft <i '• W AY I i UK r L U 3 Will b£ delivered to if* soUMs time tWi month. PLACM 1?6tm ORDER NOW, Beauty Plus Comfort Now Is the Time to Fit Out that Bedroom , • • ^. • 3piece suite as shown in picture ____ _.— $89.50 4-piece maple finished suite _ _ _ . _ _ $1 10.00 4-piece Mahogany veneei 4 suite $139.00 4-piece Solid Oak Suite, wheat finish ________,.___ $169.0Q LAND-O-NOD MATRESSES Jumbo grade, all-cotton _ _ _ ; _ _ _ : . $13.75 Land-o-Nite _______________!_____! $19.75 Land-o-Sleep _______; $24.50 Land-o-Dream _;_._ _;-_->___ ^___ _____ _ _ - _ _i $39.50 ... ;' V' -^.:y ; -;;r : r.. v . ; /^, ~'-v "• '• -;.".; . >V '•..•";, , : - . vo • , Foster Furniture Company iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiu IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIII BEN lAlgonom STORE W Esther L. Langmack and Elmer M. Langmack, Owners Dish Cloths Heavy i woven cotton. 5c each Blankets Dark gray'color with stripe. 70% wool. Full size. Lamb Wool Slippers For children. Size 4 to 11. New Assortment Potted Cacti Potted Succulents Potted Plants 15c«69c ___ _ __ • . >' Hair Roll Vogue All sizes and colprs. IQc Shower Soap htlully perf With cord. Electric Bottle Wo/i - •. Hankcraft Photograph Album 'Assorted sizes and cover 29c Cigarette Lighter Wind Proof King Size 89c 69c Nail Clipper Pre-war quality with file on •handle. All metal. 25c Clothes Line. 100 foot roll.. Hetivy quality. .Children's , Pajamas inted cotton. As5orte4 sizes from 8 t« 38, Crib Spread* Hallowe'en Masks An4 Nqyeltie? jiiow 'w-:^*: 5 . 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