The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on January 3, 1949 · Page 5
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The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 5

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1949
Page 5
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Tilt BH1NET/ANPEB (BIB.) PAGfcft I January Meetings on Agenda a?y meetings of manyi «._,,„ «*««!« tn>»»f« «>tn 1 January meetings of Rhinelarteer organizations have b,een scfteduled for this first week of the new yeaf, Annual business sessions have been planned lot some of the meetings at which yearly reports will be given. Most of the sessions set for this first Week are church auxiliary organi- sations. the Janttaty meeting of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church will ie held at 2 p. m. Wednesday in ..he church parlovs. Dessert lunch' eon will be served by the Mmes. W. Carmichael, Clyde Hutchison, Lester Amfield, Fred Piehl, Robert Schallock and Ed Boyce. Circle chairmen will present their annual reports at the business meeting and all members fire requested to bring canned goods to make up a box for Bellin Hospital, Greeh Bay. The Rev. C. V. Dawson will be leader of the program and fAvs. t. Phelps will lead the worship Service. Mrs. Einar Johnson, 144 Spruce •^.street, will entertain members of ./nthe Immahuel Lutheran Young Women's Missionary Society at the January meeting held in her home at 8 p. m. Wednesday. the Immanuel Lutheran Brotherhood will meet in the church parlors at 8 p. m. Wednesday, the Rev. Chester I. Johnson has made known. Mrs. W. R. Graeber, of the Rhinelander public library, will be 'guest speaker at the January meeting of the Congregational Ladies' Aid at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday, it has been announced. Mrs. Fred Krueger will be social chair"Unan, assisted by the Mmes. C. Jensen, John Kocian, ..Fred Locke, M. Langdon and R. Bain. "Pioneer Girls" will be the subject of Mrs. Forrest R.' Wincent- sen's speech at the Baptist Women's Union party set for 7:30 p. m. Tuesday in the parsonage, 503 Messer street. A girls trio composed of Mary Jean Duncan, Donna Olson and Marion Olson will sing. Hostesses will -be Mrs. Ernest Wessenberg and Mrs. Anna Hedstrom. The Fireman's Auxiliary meet at 8 p. m. Wednesday in the home of Mrs. William Schulstrom JW328 Messer street. A white elephant Masonic Temple. There will be work in the E. A. degree. The tltsi of a new series of public card parties sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxil« iary will be held at 8 p. m. Tuesday in the VPW club rooms. Mrs. Ed Jones will be chairman. The Ladles soeat Club will meet at 2:15 p. m. Tuesday in the Eagles Hall. A regular meeting of Ray Rousseau post, Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held at 8 o'clock tonight in the VFW club rooms. The Eafles Club will meet at 8 p. m. Wednesday in the Eagles Hall Modern .Menus "V sales will be held following 1 regular business meeting. the A regular meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary will be helc at 8 o'clock tonight in the club rooms. The Mabel Chapter, Order o -Eastern Star, will meet at 8 p. m Wednesday in the Masonic Tern pie. A regular communication o Rhinelander Lodge No. 242 will be By GAYNOR^MADDOX NEA Staff Writer Budget menus can include inter estitig and popular dishes—sauer braten, for example: Sauerbraten. Three pounds beef, round ump; 1 teaspoon salt; '/4 teaspoot pepper; 1 tablespoon dry mustard k teaspoon thyme; 1 leaf sage parsley;' 1 tablespoon chopped on ion; 1 cup beer; 1 bouillon cube; o _ 1 tablespoon meat extract; Vk cup I tarragon vinegar; 4 tablespoons flour, 1 can (8 ounce) tomato sauce. Place beef in a «mall earthenware crock or bean pot, with close 'itting cover. Combine seasonings, jeer, bouillon cube and vinegar and pour over meat; cover; place in re- Jrigerator. Turn once daily for 3 days. On fourth day, drain off liquor; "reserve; brown meat on all sides in deep frying pan or Dutch oven; remove; blend flour into drippings; add spiced liquor (if necessary, add enough water to make 2 cups); -cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add meat; simmer, covered, about 3 hours, or until meat is tender. Slice meat; arrange platter. Add tomato sauce to gravy; pour over meat. Here are some carefully -worked out budget menus based on markets and prices. Plan your meals days in advance in order to prevent waste and monotony. Luncheon: Peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches; green pepper strips; tangerines; tea; milk. Dinner: Lamb bone and barley soup, cheese fondue; baked potatoes; tossed green salad; bread, butter or fortified margarine; chocolate nut pudding; coffee; milk. (This dinner will cost about $2.36 for a family of five.) Luncheon: Tomato soup; baked beans; brown bread; tangerines; tea milk. Dinner: Spaghetti meat loaf; pan> ned escarole; diced carrots; mixed green salad; bread and butter 01 fortified margarine; baked apples Classes to Start At Vocational School Tonight Evening sehrml classes in cabin- et'triakihg, machine shop, welding, typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, knitting and clothing Will resume j this evening in the Rhinelander j Vocational School, Director C. W.' Rowe announced. All students enrolled before the Christmas holidays af6 Hot required to pay another enrollment fee. New enrollments will be taken at the school office at 212 West Rives street at ? o'clock or by calling 262. Mrs. Gertrude Taggert will teach the wetting adult clothing class. Mrs. Taggert sl<<fo will have the afternoon clothing classes which will meet each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. A new class in clothing will be organized on Monday, Jan. 10, which will meet each succeeding Monday and Wednesday Afternoon at 2 p. m. AH women/ i, •,-rested in the fundamentals ',,f clothing construction are /<.-!•• '••, t<- enroll in this class eithe i school office at 212 Wej," i<\^ i by calling 262. 'TimMarches Qn'asMore Than MOTecn-Agers Welcome New Year Dashing Cotton Ladies' Has New A pot luck i • ,! | was provided bj • Ladies' Social Club ies on New 1 Year's Eagles Hall. | Clarence J ;he Gross School, a' Wine and several stud ed a square consisting of dance, folk 1 Virginia Reel !ub 1 arty program r of the '' ,• fami ti tin .•ipal o by Mrs ..„ _ i, present dance demonstratioi the old time squar ire dances and th Taking part wer Willard Wine, 1 Tommy Berg, Jame Houg, Normar^ksbms, Mary Lo Baribeau, JanetTsftdirv^n^ Joan Kolberg, Patsy Eternicka aiwd M Wine. A vocal solo was provh^d by Mary Lou Baribeau and a duet 1 was given by Janet Anderson and Mary Lou Baribeau. Mrs. Wine was accompanist. . Mrs. Bruno Grimelli was chairman of the supper committee, assisted by Mrs. William Trottier and Mrs. Ha Miles. Mrs. Gordon Bellile was in charge of entertainment. "Time Marches On" was the theme of the Catholic Youth Of g t ganisation teen-age New Year's ai ' Eve party held Friday night in the Memorial Building which was attended by more than 400 Rhine* lander and Onelda county young people. Sparkling white decorations, in* luding imitation clocks, father mes and babies, augmented by astive evergreen boughs, formed he background against which the oung people danced away the old ear and welcomed the new. Duf- ng intermission a men's quartet rom Appleton provided vocal ser ections and Don Fischer's orches- ra played music fox* dancing. Miss Kathryn Bresette was cho* en queen and Tony Mason was ing. Together they led the grand march under a shower of confetti' and balloons as the old year waned. Following the grand march, refreshments were served by mem- jers of the committee. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lawrence were general chairmen of the dance assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stafford, Mrs. Edna LaVoy,' Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sorenson, Mr. and Mrs. Bel'ford Krouze, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brunette, Mr. and Mrs. Bart Sawyer and-'Mrs. Lawrence Bru nette. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence have expressed their gratitude and wish to publicly thank all persons who cooperated in making the New Year's Eve party successful. Social News Heads Three Lakes Report 1 THREE LAKES, Jan. 3 — (By News Correspondent)—Social news continues to be important in Three Lakes. Hospital Notes Bltths, A daughter, born Dec. 31, to Mr and Mrs. Peter Ter?.ynski, GIG Arbutus street. A son, born Dec. 31, to Mr. arid Mrs. Lyle Dailey, Monlco. A son, born Jan. 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lafferty, Route 2, Rhinelander. coffee; milk. (This dinner will cost about $2.54 for a family of five.) Tomorrow's Menu. BREAKFAST: Sliced bananas in orange juice, cooked whole wheat cereal, enriched toast, butter or fortified margarine, coffee, milk. LUNCHEON: Scotch broth, deviled egg salad, cup cakes, coffee, milk shake. DINNER: Butter fried fish fillets, parsleyed potatoes, garlic snap beans, pickled beets, enriched bread, butter or fortified margarine, apricot rice pudding, coffee, milk. Mr. and Mrs. Robert -Bass, Arpin, f-re recent visitors in the homes of Mfc, and Mrs. Fred Bonack and Mr. anb?rt-Mrs. Gust Gensler.—Miss Anita Stedjeu?. who is spending the winter in the->,home of Mr. and Mrs. Max Drever,*-Chicago, 111., spent the holidays whttuher parents, the Lewis Stedjeesi—Mgj^ahc Mrs. Jack Olkowski entertaHwed Mrs. Olkowski's parents, Mr. and Mrs. August LaRenzie, Milwaukee, over the holidays. — Mrs. Gust Gensler has entered the Wisconsin General Hospital, Madison, where she is to receive medical treatment; she was taken to Madison by her son and daghter-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gensler.— Mrs. Esther Jacobs spent Christmas holidays with her daughters and sister in Milwaukee.—Erwin Brewster, a University of Wisconsin student, spent his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dell Brewster. . ^ ............. Admissions. . „. . Joseph Olkowski, Antlers Club, Rhinelander. Renee Orleans, 506 North Brown street. Peter Moes, 722 Dorr avenue. Mrs. Hugh Wanty, 365 Hillside Road. ' Mrs. Peter Ring, Route 2, Rhine lander. „ „. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly, 804 West Davenport street. Austin McElrone, Route 1, Rhinelander. Miller W. Leary, 322 Dahl street Mrs. James Zambon, Rhinelander. Fred Hoffman, Crandon. Mrs. Wilma Kress, Route 1 Rhinelander. Mrsj Robert Oelerlck, 1009 Dorr avenue. Mrs. D. T. Matteson, Route 3 Rhinelander. Dismissals. Mrs. Mary Jennings, Ford Con valescent Home, Rhinelander. Mrs. Fred Bloom, Rhinelander. Mrs. Raymond Strong, Phelps. Eva Haack, 1119 Iverson street. Jimmy Ford, Route 2, .Rhine lander. William F. Schumann, 704 Ran dall avenue. James Craig, 424 Carr street. Meetings Monday, .tan. S. Girl Scout Leaded' Association, ,:30 P. m., congregational Church Sasement. American Legion Auxiliary, 8 p. m., club rooms. Veterans of Foreign Wars, 8 p. n,, VFW club rooms. Tuesday, .tan. 4. Rhinelander Lodge No. 242, 7:30 p. m., Masonic Temple. Baptist Women's Union party 7:30 p. m., parsonage, 503 Messer , Ladies Social Club, 2:15 p. rti. Eagles Hall. VPW Auxiliary public card party, 8 p. m., rtub rooms. Wednesday, .tan, g. Eagles Club, 8 p. m., Eagles Hall. Mabel Chapter, order of East* ern Star, 8 p. m., Masonic Temple. Methodist Women's Society of Christian Service, 2 p. m., church parlors. Immanuel Lutheran Brotherhood, 8 p. m., church parlors, Immanuel Young Women's Missionary Society, 8 p. m., in home of Mrs. Einar Johnson, 144 Spruce street. . Congregational Ladies' Aid, 2:30 p. m.. church parlors. Firemen's Auxiliary, 8 p. m., in home of Mrs. William Schulstrom, 328 Messer street. nery, afHved in Peltefirl Lafet to visit his,mother, Mfs. etlfffcfrf ffart* nery; Wade is a student at the Mich* gan Statp College, East Lanslrijf Mich,, and 1.1 Studying forestry.— Miss Minnie ,'ifle ,tohnat6n visited here with h«.« parents, Mr and Mrs Bort Johnston.—MW. Arthur Weaver went to Chicago to visit with her sons and daughters. Waltef Pollfflef returned from n trip to Chicago.—Raymond Palubicki and Kenneth Planner? of Jennings also were in Chicago.— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pessett ate spending the holidays in Chicago.— The A. P. Werners are in Milwaukee—Mr, and Mrs. Al Stebbins went to Chicago.—Fred Chermak, Jr.. Milwaukee, visited his parents during the holidays.—Mr. and Mrs. Donald Berdan, Jennings, are parents of a son born Friday, Dec. 24. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mclndoe have returned to Milwaukee and 'Ban Claire after visiting Mr. Me- Indoe's mother, Mrs. C. S. Mclndoe, J204 Court Park. He is a dental stu- demt at' Marquelte University, Milwaukee, and Mrs. Mclndoe is a teacher .in the Eau Claire public schools. I'^ey were married Saturday, Dec.VB, in Eau Claire. Mr and Mrs.' Robert Andrews and family, Stevens Pcftint, formerly of Rhinelander, spent tllie weekend with friends here. Robmt Jr., a student at Central State Teachers College, spent last week witth friends here. ^ Mr. and Mrs. George Stumpf spent the week-end with Mr. Slumpf's mother in Appleton. Mr,, and Mrs. [William Borchardt t Dash to the shops right from your brooms and mops in this pretty cotton! New fashion-details — wide revers, big pockets, a tiny waistline accented with insets. Pattern 4776 comes in sizes 12 to 42. Size 16 calls for 4 1-8 yards of 35-inch material; 3-8 yard contrast. This pattern, easy to use. simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. Send 25 cents, m coins for this pattern to the Rhinelander News 353 Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly name, address with zone, size and style number. Look lovelier, slimmer! Look for more easy-to-fit flatterers in our ANNE ADAMS Winter Pattern Book. Send for it today—only 15 cents more! Fashion xmlimited, for any time, purse or figure! Gifts for all the family, plus FREE pattern of a hosiery case, printed in book/ The Pelican Lake School has a phonograph donated by the Jennings Homemakers Club. The women had raised the money at a card party recently and with It bought the phonograph and will add radio later. They also sent out Jhristrrras packages to several older men and women of Jennings as gifts.—The women's bowling team of -Pelican Lake called Moore's Shoriys bowled in the Class D tournament at Land o'Lakes and took .bird place. The team took $27 in prizes. Social News Reported From Pel icon .Lake PELICAN LAKE, Jan. 3—(By News Correspondent)—The arrival and departure of friends and relatives of Pelican Lake residents made for a busy holiday season in Pelican Lake and Jennings. Miss J\mc Svic, who had beev working in Milwaukee, returned to her home in Jennings.—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walentowski, Marinette visited at the homes of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Krzoska and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walentow ski. Jennings.—Bernard Palubicki a soldier at Camp Breckinridge Ky., was home on furlough for a few days.—Wade Flannery, Sr Pc?lican Lake, went to Olive Hill Ky., while his grandson. Wade Flan Old Colony, spent the week-end with friends and relatives in Waupaca. Lyle Shefstad, Marshall, Minn., returned to his home last night after spending 10 days with the Omar Pelletiers, 803 Brunei- street, and Mr and Mrs. Leonard Shefstad, 635,-A Alban street. Miss Beverly Hansen has returned o her home in St. Paul, Minn., aitt^r spending the Christmas hoh- day's\ with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Ahlman, 27 North Him Lose Weight Without Dieting! Docfbr'f Amazing Discovery Now! Without dieting you cnn lose ugly pounds and have a more slender, attractive ligtire. All you do is cat a delicious AYDS (aids) Vitamin and Mineral Candy before meals as directed. Your appetite is curbed; you cat toss, and accordingly lose sveight. NCI dieting, no drugs, laxatives or exercise with the AYDS plan. 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