The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1945
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.<*» P! ALGONA fttGtt SCHOOL'S football team defeated EtftttrttjS burg.ofi the" local field last evenirtgy 13 to 6. The t tallied in the first quarter . ling plunge after a lateral Skilling to Crapsef :>;to'; Kuni •brought the ball into' Sebririg pO sitloh. A pass, Allen tb Crapjier ih the third quarter tallied th tithes" touchdown. Emmetsbufj scored 4n the closing minutes p play/Allen suffered -torn ligaments which toay keeri him PUt of play forj.^ week ;or two..,., MALLARD TRIMMED the Al gona K. C. baseball team. 1?. tb 4 here last Sunday, s white Lott Creek downed Graettinger, 5 to 1 Jn twb Kossuth- Palo Alto games the 'final of the season. The Lotts Creek team won the league title -- ' s' • '-,-. '•'*.•. *'' * SERVICE NEWS BRIEFS: Merle •WellendPrf MM 1-c; US-NR, is home after 39 months service. He •has Reopened his automobile <repair 'I shop on South .PhiJUpsSt Bonnie Bohar ( nurse corps lieu" tenant, * Algona, passed /.thfpUgh Panama on hei? way to the Pacific .Ma^Barthpiomew, army .flyer ,6bn.b'f,vMr. and Mrs. M. A.-Bar- itholdrrtew.'Mls home oh 21: "days leavb after repeiving hpspital treatment. Viola'- tteller, Lt. (jg) Kavjf<hurse corps, arrived Sunday 'for.,ji^jysit>-with,,herf.motheri.MJfs ^reia'Bierstedtbf "Whittemore; Her brother, Edwin, alsojmthe Navy waslfecetttly honorably dlscharg- .«dPRfchard KeenAOM 1-e, USNR Is awaiting -his discharge hi Mih- iteapblls. ' He has seven "battle .stars;'"'. . , : ,'- ; '-' '..'•} ".'•'•- MARINUS CHKISTENSEN, 57. for-28 "years a resident of the Titonka "vicinity, was killed "lasl Thursday in an auto collision near '•Wbdeh. Christeriseh's neck was ''Broken*A; Winnebagb county farm woman/ Mrs. B. A. Steffeh, only occupant 1 -of • the ..other 'machine, • •wkk'slightly hijured. The Kossuth man Av/iS'albne. Surviving him are •his .wife;-two daughters and an Infahtvsbn.'Fu'neral services-were hipld-Monday ;at thevLeland Liith- reran'i6hurch ftndburlal:was iri ; the '•cemetery there. •'•".'• ' • W^MAN, Mrs, assed' awaytFri- f day '#Xlast;w.eek;i afterr being ;r in talUnj« Jlealth 'for ;; some' time, and ' services < were held at the ' ^ Reformed iChurch. ,>He'f d ; :died sijme 35 years lagol •Surviving are two sons. Harm arid 'Johri|l3kena of Titonka, and a daugmet, Mrs; Bert,, 'Edward of /Buffalo 'Center. •••'.'.'• ;.\.'..'--"-;,:'.'-:.v " ' '"' KARL ^pjaira^i^sigr :^-; jr-^jv, #;i| ilfe* 1865 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1945 Twelve Pages BOY, 10, STRICKEN BY 'POLIO' HERE 400 Workers Open V. F. W v Legion Sponsor Dance For War Vets, Thursday, October All tv&uveterarts* Whether released from service or still in uniform, are invited to be guests of The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars at a Veterans' Dance, to be held Thursday, Oct. 4, 9 p. nt In Floral Hall'at th<s Kossuth Falr- erounds, Algona. • v There will be no admlg»loh charge, but only veterans will be admitted. .Men and Women in uniform, or If hot Ih uniform, upbn presentation of a membership card in the V. F. W., Legion, or Spanish-American war veterans, honorable discharge from, a service, or any proper identification of honorable service," will be sufficient for admission. L, A. Weber and Harold E. Stephenson of the V. F, W,, and Joe Harig: and Ted Larson of the Legion, are acting oh A Joint eotitmittetfitamaung arrangements. "... . Title at' Beats St. Cecilia's, 14 to 1, In Final; Algona Hurler Pitches No-Hit Game Against Titonka, Monday. St. John's Academy team of Bancroft won ; the subTdlstrict jBseball- tournament, for high school and academy teams at Burt, Tuesday afternoon, defeating St? Cecilia's of Algona, 14 to 1. The well-balanced Bancroft aggregation outclassed the Algona entry, with a lineup that contain-' ed-several "stars from 'the cham- pibnsbip' Junior Legion club. ; ; FJh-st Round Results In the, f list rpund.of play, Saturday ,-»the results were -as follows:' St. John's 10, Wesley 0. ,'Lakota 3, Fenton 0. Titonka 12, Burt 1. t ' St; Cecilia's 8, Woden 2. f.'•,""• On Monday, in the semi-finals, he Bancroft team •• shut but' La- cpta, 13 to p, while the AlgPna htry' defeateci:.Tltonka, 4.,to 1. ., Gordon Winkeir hurling for §t. 1 %/• A«*4UA4^K94U4A*B, -I IS,- Ui^U VV CM— \sdayA:pit,last, week at Hhe KpS-,' ith hospital, '-Funeral services.; /,vere held; at, the^Bancroft Bapti '.^church Saturday at,2, p. m. w Rev. Van Kommer .in 'cWS and Burial w,a.s in Riverside cenj 1 there. Seyjen children surviv living in,/ ttie county • bei 1 .' Lawrence' Gillespie, Alg Irs. George Manus, Buv i • '. --.-. * ••- • |MRS;. : WM. E. art' resident, died : Friday;-Funera 1 , Id, Monday af 1 : ,'stairei^ r tHis"su.mmer yncrbft Legibii team,'so Jal tilt Tuesday, while At St. Cecilia's, he .was /.several of : his former te th'cbnductlr Burt; Kossuth while ; : a' chi} husband latter t St. Rev, was brought ir parents ,„ are her Albert, the :inn. . • Goes To Sectional Bancroft club will now en- ihe sectional tournament, an< of that toUrney go to the meet. Box score of the final game: /-yAlgona (1) ,".-'. AB R •**• Borman, as ;..3 D. Winter, c............... 2 Winkel, p .....'.. 2 R. Winter, 3b.....; ..2 Bode, cf .:...... w.~jl Wydert, Ib ..........:'...2 Buscher, If ,.....;...i...;a Erpeldlng,' rf 2 Wier, 20"':-.. .....;;.,.:. '' Schmidt, 2b .....,..;„... GORDON WINKEL, above, St.' Cecilia's -Academy base- v Gordon 'has starred all .'sum-. mer with the Bancroft Junior Legion team whichj won. , the. state .title. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Winkel of Algona. ;.-,- /' Kossuth young men left ^na, Tuesday morning, for Fort ifijlling^ta take their pre^induc- physi?al, examinations for the edfp'rcefc. • . K T^iey ..were Mart P, ;ScJwmel, PDonald E. .Will, James G. WU«Jin, iBobert W.' Loesch and Frank P. ardgrove, .all of Algona; Gerald »,.-, Pedersoi, •• .Hayfield, >Mmn,; »Wl W, »18cRwenn, Cedar Rapids; Eugene J. Welpi Bancroft. 0 0 1 0 0 0 00 0 0 On Sept. 20, seven youths were vered fpr induction, into. th« They were:, . . , . Wilbur"J. Merriwn of LuVerne ealvih''K., Brandt of Titonka, ,: the first since -.-->•...•. - ;..i9^.'i-,-,,5 Bancroft (14) Aff R H Dudding, c .....:..: ...;4Ji; '2' 2 Murray, 3b .„ ;.;;..$> 1 '. • 1 Devine, cf , -M- " 1V 1 Nemmers, rf ,..—...,,.,,.4S;-.','2 • :2 Hiltz,«,ss .~W ^21 Rustemeier, p ...a 2 1 Smith, rf ..,....3i'> 1 ' Hamilton,, 2b ..™v.....^i.S(^'; 2 1 Gangstedt;. Ib :...,...,....,$??. I 0 32". 14'- 10 A, Gade, Pf B, iVeerkamp, Qttpgen; Mrs. Hardy Burned In , Mrs. Wes Hardy received rather severe-burns, several- days, ago, wbe,n. a.'jajr.of pears that she was canning ewlod 6 ^' Mrs. Hardy had just completed sealing the jars and was standing nearby at the time. She-received P.O.WS.GOTAWAY BUT NEWS YARN NEEDSCORRECTJNG In the Navy you would call:this "Scuttlebutt", but this is an army story! ,' ', . , ; .' The Fort Dodge Messenger's "Old Home Town" column recently carried this story about the Algona pris,pner-ofrwar camp: "Wanderlust seized a couple of .inmates of, the Algona'POW camp the other day. Clad in the camp garb, which is stencilled fore and aft with PW's, they strolled out on the-highway and hifch-hiked to a southern Minneaota, tP^wn. ..They spent "the dayjat* a'Tc'punty fair, where the crowds p§i"d no • attention to them, and reported bacK at the camp at midnight." Checking' this story , with the Army public relations officer at the camp, the story-rearranges itself correctly, as fqllows; • Three prisoners in the' work camp at Owatonna, Minn., Aug. 15, sneaked away fropa-jthait camg- an.d went to the Steeje • County QUOTA OF $22,400 FOR KOSSUTH IS FINAL DRIVE JGOAJ - Monday, Oct. 1, several 'hundred volunteer workers will begin the final Algona 'and 'KossUth County War and Community Chest drives. v , A total goal of $22,400, plus/several thousand dollars added to local quotas for various accredited community projects, has been. set. k A.,E. Kresensky, Kossuth chairman for the drive, said that Ithe National-War Fund will take the bulk of the county quota, divided among .Various agencies as put- lined in a large ad. elsewhere; In today's paper.- •'•;• r; i; ,.. "Although' the war is over, .iiie tTiCS. O. is desperately .needed -to § e a lift to those still in service,' 1 especially for the dreariest of jobs, the armies of occupation,": Mr, Kresensky said.' '' ' v V * ;. i: "Nor has the war ended in the fight against hunger and .disease fpr_cwr friends and allies," <he L. E. Linnan Is dept. chairmoS,~ Eugene Schemmel is treasurer.;^. In addition to the U. S. O. and other agencies on aV'na-'.'V . tional basis. Individual coiii-ij, munltles have, added to .thebip quotas small sums needed for.'-" local purposes. • • • •;;?,£';' Algbna, for example, ineludiisi the hot lunch fund;'Boy. and Girl. Scout funds, youth .recreation,'.vis sum for establishment of an/ice skating; rinfc, .this,,winfer, t a yete.rr ans' homecoming celebration,- -ai "" as---: other .items'.'" This mor^ey be .raised only, in .the .Algona campaign.' ! /'-..-'. ^ ..•'-:•;''.'! t- Over 400 workers will take part hi the drive. Township; and " Drive Next Monday Lions Club Discuss Seven Potential Projects For City At a round table discussion held Tuesday noon by the Lions Club, here, seven potential community projects were discussed. , Herb Hedlund, president of the club, led • the. discussion. Among suggestions were the development of an ice skating rink for local youngsters, this winter, some forni Of a Christmas pageant, and possibly a pet parade, as-well is fprmatibn of a' junior baseball league, for netft summer. . ;-;;: Another ^Suggestion . .that .met with approval.-..wis ' the' idea of sponsoring a minstrel show some time lit/the'heat future'.;Organization arid>,baCking, for'a school, patrol system, or-placing of school stop sighs 1 'at' 'intersection, was also brought'Up. .. ,iThe > club plan; on having these >pen forum 'talks about once a mdnth. •-.-.., -'...-. ITRKESDELAYIN^ NlCARARRiVAt "'chairmen, as follow: Chairmen and their, : quota's,.are ", , : *' - '• \ ; -'J?'%" Twps. Amount Mrs..Miller Nelson. Buffalo $5X5-00 i.(3eorge W. Bleich, 'Burt..;... SldO.OO :;..^; 6103 Wallace ! Reynblds, Grantl.J 340; George Nyman; Greenwood 400.00. Selmer ; Uhr, Harrison.-.;;;... :4$0.0,0 Tom Berg, Hebron.....—...;..'. 390.00 John Weber, -Irvington........'. 480.00 Mrs. Chas. Gutknecht, ; J •-. -Ledyard^.. 470.0P. Henry Patterson; Lincoln;;.. 520;00 Martin Meyer, .Lotts Creek 510.00 Mrs. Geo. Wolf, LuVerne.... 510.00 Walter Camphey, •- , .'..., '.. ' , Plum Creek.;.. 450.00 Franz Teeter, -PprtlaneL..-;'...' 450.00 Haryey'- Johnson/ Prairie-.. 500.00 y^;;;.-..., 450.00 - - : , ,- '• •• ' •'- • -1 -...;. , . " Algpna's progressive |iuto deal- ;ers, and^car-starved members of the general public,;,will have to Syalt a whHe' longer"for their.-first iptak; at. the post-war automobile, a local survey shows. ; v Fjrst public-showing of the 1946 ;mbdel :Ford cars, slated for Sept'. 28-in dealers' shPwrooms through- 'pul' the -country, has been post- rponed indefinitely : due to Continu-- 'ing strikes,in.plants of major suppliers. -.-/ '- ' • .-.•••". "'•'•.-' ;?VThis iiiformation was received .'Here this week by F. E. Kent, of %he Kent Motor Co., local Ford Dealer. Mr. Kent- attended a display for>;dealers of the. new models •in Des lupines, Sept. 21 John Griese, Chas. Plathe, Riverd8il.e. ------ 540.00 Henry Loft, Serieca;.:5>..,.;.... 54&.00 Herman Plathe, Shernxan.... 460,00 ' ''' . • .-. , . -Springfield.... 370.00 Art E. Anderson, S^rea.;.!..;; 510,00 Mrs. Wni. Dodds Jr., Unibh 490.00 Theron Hansen; Wesley.;.....; 530.00 Ch,as. Borinan, Whittemore 530,00 L. S..BPhannon, Algona;.;; 4500.00 H.^V;' Clark, Bancroft.:... 1 ...;: 740:00 Mrs. w; B. .Officer. Burt.... 470.00 nepki -head'.r.and recpvering nicely. „-. ,,,,„.„ daughter, Cindy; aged three,,.stendfng nearby, ^received bvirng pn-her hand?, but -is . Fair.. Their absence was discovert ed shortly, and they .were found >y guards at the 'Ff|fevwJ$» their PW insignia pratty we\l smeared oyer, They ^rere returned to Algona and placed PR a .bread *and .water diet. * They did, /not hitchhike from AJgona, tpyQwetonna, they 'did not "spend. -fl» day", at ,the fair, ar»d ,they 41^ npt. '-'report Mrs. Fred Newel, Fenton.... 320.00 Walter J. Leslie, Lakpta..;.'350.00 Mrs; Geo. Thompson, ^n ""' Ledyard;... 240.0P MrsiJ.iJ*. Quinn, Lone Rock 140.00 Hugh Shirk, LuVerne. .. 375,00 Ra'y D, Smith, Swea City...:. 575,00 Mrs. Will Ward, Titonka.... 450,00 Julius P. Studer, Wesley:,.. 370.00 Peter Schumacher,. Whittemore.... 460.00 Mrs, Ed Erickson, > '"' . St, Benedict,... - 50,00 WilUa,m Hanwier, St. Joe.... 50.00 Jirti Sheridan Is Making Things Hum TJtwt young man, Jim Sheridan, fpr many, years a leading business rnanJn Bancrbfti'ls pne pf the liv- est wires in this sectipn'when H cpir»es tp handling real estate. One day last week Jim sold a quarter sectipn farm three miles east pf Bancroft In.the fpreRbpn and in the afternpon he E» lady from Bari^roft to Ejnmetsburg and sold her a' residence, Np$ bad Ipr » "kid" in pne day's wprk. Jjm |s not ! only a hustler Wbuswejs?! but r0fpug.h)t~tKe;':!follbwuig conimentsr '.'•;• Perciv^J - ! , Motor (DPdge-Piy- mouth) -^ r< !OfficiaUy we don't know anything—we think all'deal- ers 'are irt the same boat." Kossuth Motor (Chevrolet) — "We've had no word as yet, but expect a new Chevrolet:soon." Kirk Motor (BUick-Studebaker) —"We had .the promise of car's by the last of next' month, but the strikes have changed that." Hoenk Motor (Oldsmobile-Ply- mouth)—"They'rec bming, but we haven't j been told when. We hope ifoe something -by Nov. 1." "!•> 'Allen . Motor (Chrysler-Plymouth)—"Not a word as yet, but we expect some information'soon." • Public Intree'st Keen.";••'•"".All local motor .dealers, report keen' interest frpm; the' 'general public in'new. models, and_ several volunteered the iriforjnation that they .hive been taking advance orders fpr> cars. Other county deal- LLOYD ROBINSON NEW PRESIDENT OF COUNTRY CLUB Lloyd Robinson was elected president of the Algona Country Club for the coming year at the annual dinner and election held Tuesday night. He succeeds Dr. Karl Hoffman. Mr. Robinson was vice president last year. Orville Wicks was named vice president, Craig Smith -was reelected secretary and Chet Williams was re-elected treasurer. Committees for 1946 will be named soon. , One New Director Only one new member wns elected to the board of directors. He was Mr. Wicks. Ten directors carry over and four others named were all re-elected. The directors for the coming year will be Lloyd Robinson, Orville Wicks, Jim Pool, Wen French,'-1: Albert,_ Granzo vf, Fred " Tiriihi,' "Don"' Smith>- Joe, Lynch, Joe'Lo\ye, Fred Kent, John Kohlhaas, Karl' Hoffman."'"W." A." Vigars, Mel Griffin and W. E. Hawcott.J, -'^ - - 7.' ; -' •'' A new set of by-laws Was adopted upon a vote of the membership. Chief changes in comparison with the old-laws are in regard to memberships, club dues, value and sale of stock shares, etc. .Club officials stated that, the main purpose of the changes was to bring the club's regulations' up- to-date, as they/had not been' revised for many years. . f^ Club Improvements Permanent improvements to the club during the past season have cost about $1,000, and club finances are' in excellent -shape with a substantial bank balance. • A drainage system was installed around 'the' club house, benches were placed-at all tees, a rest room Rev. C. C. Richardson Named Moderator Presbytery Area members, 10"associate members and with junior .memberships, the total is-143. . .',.,: ... :..' . ""Rev. C. C. Richardson, above, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, Algona, was elected the new moderator for the ;distric Presbytery in the coming year, a the annual fall session of the For Dodge Presbytery, held last Thursday and Friday, at Carroll.' This is the highest office in the Presbytery, which is composed of .39 Ichurches from 12, counties. ; Other items of business at the meeting included plan for the installation of Rev. Ray G. Hill as pagtor^of: the Burt .Presbyterian church? Rey; Hill, who comes from Kentucky, will'be installed oh .Sunday evening, Oct. 28. He will begin, serving the Burt field on >k*_j.,; .-» V-K •» > - •• ' '• - TAKENTO KWAt Lorry, 10 year old fibrf of Mr and Mrs. Joe Frasef, 819 JSTo. Minnesota .St., was taken to Iowa Gitjr Monday, for treatment as a result of having contracted a Severe case of infantile paralysis. • -•• , . . ,The ; exact condition of th£ lasi cannot; be ascertained until been under observatibri'foi' days, and until he has re whatever treatmerit' is prescribed; ; This^is the first case of "tapli'o'* in Algona;, and the third repptted in " "'' SETSTENsYEARS was "installed, at -then seventh ers have the same problems. One dealer said, "We've had several cases where.- cars have. been ordered and the buyers paid spot cash, and neither of us/had any idea when we'might be abl« to make delivery," CAR CRASHES IN CITY AND COUNTY John A. McEnroe, Algona, was fined $25 and costs of $3.25, Tuesday, by Justice J. B, Johnston's court, on a charge of failing to remain at the scene of an accident and giving »U aid after the 'acci- rient, He explained that following a collision at State and Phillips Sts. between a, car he was. driving and ope driven by:Mrs.<John Thul, he went home toisupper, it then be- irjg about 9 p. m. and he having had no evening meal. He returned to the scene after supper. Cecil McGlnnis, Algona poljqe filed the charge ' ' 22 NEW MASONIC MEMBEBS IN 1945 FOR LOCAL LODGE Twenty-two .Master Mason degrees 'have, been conferred\so far this year by Prudence Lodge, of Algona, a review of the organization's; Activities for 1945 discloses. '.': A total! of 59 degrees" have been conferred since Jan. 1, .with one more slated for this Friday, when Herschel V. Thompson of Algona will take his third degree. . Prudence Lodge has a present membership of 283, a net gain of 25 for this year. '••- Raised to Master Masons since Jan.-.l, are the .following: Henry E. Bruns, WilUam R. Clawson, Russell Cook, Arthur R. Cruikshank, Robert F. Donovan, Henry E. Douglas, Myrle E. Griggs, Thomas H. Holmes, Donald S. Hutchinson, Martin A. Jenson and Beecher Lane. _ Dwaine C. Lighter, Donald B. Miller, Marc MoPre, Stewart A. McFadden, Gerald A. Paine, Victor M. Parsons, Norman L. Ras- sieur> Alden Reid, Melvin C. Thompson and Joseph Tscheter. Present officers of the local lodge are:- E. L, Wolcott, worship- • El^oy ,Thbmpspn,. 21," .'•Elmoi'e Minn., was sentenced to 10 years in the state penitentiary "at 'Aiia- mosa, Tuesday. •••. afternoon,' by Judge G., W. Stillman, in Kossuth district court, 1 after pleading. guil r ty to a charge of breaking and en- 1 ' '' ' ful master; O. B. Laing, warden; C. U. Pollard, senior junior .. . J The complaint against Thompson alleged that on or about Sept. 1 he entered a building owned by Lawrence J. Gbeke in 'Hebron township and took thprefrorn articles, chiefly fishing 'equipment; In a preliminary hearing -btsfoire Justice J. B. Johnston,' .Thpnipso) waived^a.-preJUninary heanh'&iand was bound to" district Court under bond of $1,000. In district p'purt he refused appointment of an 'attorney and entered his - .jpfea ;pf guilty.- ;"_ ; .-•"-.' • '"'' : '"/,'.';: ' 'Sheriff A. J. Cogley planned on taking the yoyth, who is unmarried and has hot seen military service, to Anamosa some time, to^ day, A previous .record in Minnesoti did npt wptii in Thompsons' favor in his Kossuth county -trouble. Helen Whife,, clerk of ..district court, stated that the grand jury for the September term has been infomed it will not have to report at all, and the petit jurors will be notified if any cases requiring juries develop, warden; L. W. Keith, treasurer; P, L, Leffert, secretary; R. R. Richardson, senior deacpn; R. W. McCullough, junior deacon; Harold R. Clayton, senior steward; Fred S. Geigel, junior steward;' and J. A. Brownell, tyler, Forty-three meetings for de^ gree work have been held this year, wjth nine regular monthly meetings also held; Thiee meet' ss fpr funeral servicfs since Jan, have alsp been TELLS ROTARY OF SO. PACIFIC ANTS Lt. Col. Floyd Pool, brother of Jim Pool of Algbha, told AJgona Rotarians, , Monday noon, that while nobody in the armed forces is very crazy about discipline and its restrictions, it us discipline that wins wars. '.- «.-.' • •"".'•• He also, stated th^t _wWle there may be spme criticism Pf some pf Qen- Douglfts MacApthur's-actions, twp things, are certain; ( }u> military strategy- was perfect, and (2) he dJd everything possible tp conserve life. : T^e speaker told \pf some per* " experiences in S»e Pacific ' '" " camit Had Headaches First On Wednesday Of last , Larry complained of headaches, and at that time was taken frppi, school.' '•:'•'•'•;•. ,'• •••• ' -. '.••'• v ••l\-'','He had symptoms ' of, intestinal flu at;first, but; was sonie'bdtter the next day, ;, felt like playitt^, raWd : wanted to return to school. It -Was ; not unil Monday that m'pfe defih-r' ite symptoms of the drcasdi"'pojlln.'* app.eart!d/ : ;""- '-' •- '—.*'••»'• •; .- ••"'?'•—"-;' ' v Th"en h,e developed pains ifi 'h(ss back and neck, had muscle spaSitls^ and could not berid'his bpdy.'filtvv ward. He also had abdomen pains! and could not raise, his legs straight up. Sunday and Mqnday> he was restless and had' difficulty;.- ; in sleeping. . ; . . .;-": : Prior to that time hg had phly- a ' moderate temperature,' and'.the' earlier symptoms were not typicaE • of "polio". .' , •.•;.."••;•, He was taken to the Xfeiversity:- Hospital by ambulance.. ,;, ,-•-.'•• > Physicians Overtaxed :; Locil physicians^ already:' '.taat^- to capacity by, a shortage of tdoti#f * tors in this area, have ' , ceiving -a more-than*U8ual ; rium~' ber of ; the past few days.v biit",' are" everything'' possible ^' to v&it -'aUit youngsters who are sick ,pr,, ' ' ' '*' .. .Several-theories'- have?been>- adT-, .yanced ;as, .t^ jthe cause, flf ".tiie 'i'disffi ease, or the manner in L which It r js : .spread. Qr»e '.;isi Y,;4t •' is^aC virtisj; disease, like 'tee ineisles," ' '• '•'" - ; : ^-m .^ _. _______________ plze because toel^rnay.ibe, much: the same, as 'other, more commou " . "Fever ^vomiting and headaches ate .three:) outstanding symptom's* f olio wed i by soreness in the necfc^ back'and legs," one physician stat^ed. ',;., ;,;.;• ••• -.. ,•.•:•:. . V: , .' /•'"•" Doctor? ..'expressed the View thati the first cold weather should hatffe-i 1 a 'hincjeriiig. effect oil::any ; spreadilt of the 'malady; » ; l rt ,, .•...-./' ••.-'"• ••-..,.,.— ^^; — 3..^* • •-. ' ': -, -.. 1 ..r;;.'r" Close Check Ii)( Schools ^ " Miss" l 'Antpifaette " •'Bonhstetter, i school nurge,-Btat$d that -every case of ilhiess. closely amo'ng v b,eingV thatched chUdrea* here." All' '-'.who vreppyt : fany: : lllnisss: ; are sent home ; at once, and if ar.e Absent threejday^they are not rea<Jipa|tted until-, Miss Bbnnistetteir; has had a chance ^tb see, them. 5 '.'. Under Estate health laws, if » patient is rembVed from the home,'" the home does not need torb^ quarantined.;, : ; . '.•••;-• '•••.-'.., d :.,: If the patient remainsi lawi^PW!— scribe th^t other children of school age must iremain away from school at least two weeks, and; anyone from the home working with children, pr handing food, must also stay away the same length at time.. ,. .-;.::: ••' . . -. -.--.;.,. :':•;'.':.; The twp ..previous-, cases of •polio" reported from Kossothi county,were; < •;..- • -- f > L •'•':.'• Lorranle 1 Becker, 17," tfawglfteV of Mr. and Mrg. Matt Becfeer, eas»l of Wesley, and— - ; Larry StrieRler, It. son of'Mr.; and Mrs. Dpn Strickler, MASON OTY NOW HAS 34 "POLIO" CASES/''"; '• ;; - Masqr* CJty, 'unfojrjuunjte the center pf JpwaYpoHo ' ic, now ha>i,« esses, «n Associated: stated ' '•fH .yj.^ sFisgas Herbers,vB8ncrpft, . and to the camp ftt few rnlnpr 1 burns, L§e, ; f neighbor toJJhe ^gr^yjftQme, an4 Wardy but w«rf, hauled P^qk? to a of hours accident & the pount S^day, whW cars Hlsenbachep pj : he is no slouch ir* CPUtics. Charlie Murteglj hll'de : " fefft 4«WS)r,il}» pretended Aug, AWg, Jf . V .. Awaits Navy Release * east of Bancroft Po4e, sp,n pf. Mr, e. tered service Naftpn^J WWW:Wffi:.« ,5CNand «*S8S'S , Tp*:?;;'* « '• Wi$P#v&&iji£i W«**S9

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