The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1945 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1945
Page 11
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- . _ soft of Mr. and Mrs. (Suit At Rolfe, Sunday A school of in.tfueiion r.' otti_e« e! the ufch was held at Ian church in Rolfe SuHday Hoote and evening. , Rev. E< H, BU-hittafl, Elders I. E. Woftman, JohaSrriith and Jetty Hefttiattd atid trust-.-, Frank Lfewis,- c. c. Gerzema and Andrew Janserl attended. ^ fink* Sale Planned $he Dakota Unit of United Ser Vlc6 Women will Serve' coffee and a Variety of baked foods at the city hall Saturday evening, Sefct. 29th, in connection with their annual Fofget»me-not sale. The For- fcet-hie-fiots are sold for the benefit, of the disabled veterans. The 'other proceeds Will be used to purchase material for articles to be sent to the various hospitals. With the return of more wounded there is a growing demand for needed articles. Mr. end Mrs. Harold Koppen are the parents of a baby daughter born September 12th. ' __ola Schroder spent Sunday at her home. She is employed, as checker in the Blue Earth canning factory. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Thompson "and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rippentrop are vacationing for a few days at the lakes in northern Minnesota. , • !IIA ' Donald Koppen of the merchant marines arrived .home Sunday . and his arrival was a sur prise to hid folks, Mrs. Eugene Newell and baby soft fidUglas of Fort Dodge are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. _____ ____ hman for two weeks while Eugene is attending school In* connection store manager with business as Mesdames George fteetland and Emma Smith were hostesses to a brii the [dge f« s Heetii >arty Friday, Sept. 14, at "and home. There were three tables and Miss Emma Gutknecht won high score, Mrs. Loyal Gingrich and Mrs. J. W. Cook travel priieS. Mr* and Mrs. Wrfi. Buckels of Jewell and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Buckels of Ellsworth were week end visitors in the Al Buckels home. The Men are brothers, other Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs, Otis Anfihson Of Wesley and the dliff Buckels family. Mrs. Elmer Wortman and Miss Esther Wortman of George were Week end visitors with local rela-- tives. . Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gut- Icnecht entertained at Sunday dinner in their* honor. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. 1. E., Wortman and -Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ukena. Freak Corn Stalk George Pollard found a freak corn Stalk recently ort his father's 'arm near Algoha. The top part of the stalk had been doubled ove by some malformation and th tassel hung down. From it ha developed a multitude of tiny eai of corn ranging in size from abou two! inches to perhaps five or si: inches in length > ..—„...„ — __„._._ J66 Anderson, cobs to Shetv. , JffS Fe*l_efice ___ _______ __ 4,00 H. W, Miller, office exp., ate. K<««tHh Co-hty Farm Bu. feau, appropriation ________ 41«,M MHJ. Clothldfl. Hutchison, on- VfelOpe- „___ ____ _________ 17.44 20,1945 - „___ ____ _________ KoSiuth Co. War Act. Cornm., office expense en ft i-AGfl ____________ The 'Bancroft Register, Board •Proceed., etc. _ ___ __.__.._ Algoni Upper £>« Molnea, brd. proceed., etc. __ ___ ____. 184,64 (FIdlar i& Chambers Co., sup._ 92.76 Klipto Loose (Leaf Co. sup... 41.99 Burroughs Adding 1 Mach. Co., maintenance service, etc. 34.90 Electric, repairs ^ _ B.01 6.01 _________________„.. 11.78 The Algona Hardware, sup.__ 4.56 Kohlhaas Hdw., repairs __ _ 17.86 , ^ tt/aintf \& Muekey, repairs ___ IMehardsiSh Furniture Co., repairs Churchill Mfg. Co., sup, ""_ Cowan Building Supply Co., »tlp. _____ Gordon Haase, bty. Richard Peterson, bty. Ronald -Lee Young, bty. _ _ Elmer E. iMuller, apiary Insp. OP, A. MeArthur, .weed commissioner . I. E3. Wortman, trar 6.05 66.22 1.00 , .90 local regla- Board of Supervisors' Proceedings 8:00 O'clock A. M. Auditor's. Office, Atgona, Iowa, August 1, 1946. The Board of Supervisors of ICos- outh County, Iowa, met In regular session pursuant to adjournment with the'following 1 members ' present: J. H. -Fraser, W. E. McDonald, W. A. Schram, J. F, Qulnn' ana M, L Johnson. Motion made by Schram and seconded by McDonald that the Home Indemnity Company, of New York, be awarded the $20,000.00 policy on county records, and the Htome Insur-, ance Company, of New York, be awarded the $6000.00 policy on all movable contents and equipment, excluding county records nl Court House. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald-and seconded by Johnson that the request for, repairs on (Drainage District No. 2, signed toy A. J. Berens be placed on file, and that C. ID. Hart, a com-, petent engineer, "be and Is hereby ap pointed Engineer to examine am make engineer's report on same am present his findings thereof to th •Board of Supervisors at the earlles possible None. Motion date... Ayes: All. Nays made by McDonald am onded by Schram that 'Fraser be ap pointed to make necessary repairs on Drainage -District No. 61.- Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion mado by McDonadl an< seconded .by Fraser that Schram b appointed to make necessary repolr on the .following drainage districts Np. 4, No. 20, and Joint -Drainage •District W-'K 46-104. Ayes: AU. Nays None. Motion made by 'Fraser and second ed by McDonald that Qulnn be appointed to moke necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 2. Ayes: All Nays: None. A private sewage system for Your J Farm - Think what this means! The comfort of a modern home brought t to -jevery member of the family ^Health 'and happiness " with the . utmost'in'sanitation now is possible through the-.installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small. Easy to install, too. Motion made by Schram and sec i onded by McDonald that- Johnson be {appointed to make necessary repairs on the .following drainage districts. No. 3, No. 82, No. 85, No* 110, and No 161. Ayes: All. Nays: None. ' 'Motion made by Fraser and seconded toy Schram that Final Estimate 'No. 19 tor Maintenance gravel- Ing _of the (Bagley Construction Co. be -approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None, • . Motion made toy Johnson and seconded toy IFraser that a non-resident notice be served on VintU 1>. Bebo and family. Ayes: All. Nays: None. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow claims as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. OOUNT1Y FUND N. W. Bell -Telephone Co., telephone serv.. _____ 82.9S Bert Cronan, janitor work,__ 2.« An? Fun HOOM M.yNowH.vvt Bath and I»id« Toilet _-» , «M«nl F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 4-tt Iowa State taxes iBank, withheld A. E. Laurlten, mileage and 3OT.01 27.26 conference Cljy of Algona, light and water serv. ; '..... 28.44 Treasurer of .State, use tax •returna ___. 6.04 Bleonor Kollosch, assist. Auditor's office ... -__ 89.50 Mary Ann Mergen, asst. Recorder's office __ .<_ 86,80 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., telephone serv. ___ 83.36 C. W. Pearson, adv. bty., etc. 17.15 J. H. 'Fraser, comm. and sessions ; 228.85 W.' B.. McDonald, comm. and sessions 191.60 W. A. Schram, comm. and sessions _______„____„ 229.16 J. .IF. Qulnn, comm. and "sessions ,___ 238.96 M. I* Johnson, comm. and. sessions „ ; ; 232.60 Joanne Kuchynka, asst. Co. ' Supt, '_ ;_ '.79.00 A. ..13. LauriUen, mileage and • ' conference 37.80 A. J. Cogley, mileage and'ln" vest f«es ___, '„£ • 138.40 A. J. Cogley, . boarding and i 246.10 1.00 4.00 1.26 1.00 1.26 1,25 3.26 .GO 1.26 6.60 20.26 3.00 8.00 16.60 4.05 11.66 4.60 4.20 4.20 2.20 8.00 114.61 10.60 18.71 76.44 10.00 O. D. Curtis, local registrar ._ H. H. Dreyet 1 , local registrar. F. (P. Newell, local registrar. H. A. Thompson, local registrar ._ Wm. CBoyken, local registrar.' R. H. .Flnnell, local registrar Morence Hof, local registrar. Fred DIekmann, local registrar Mrs. Mae Lattimer,- local" reg- latrai> Adah Carlson, local registrar Henry Meyer, mayor fees A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees Frank Kohlhaas, mayor fees A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees •____ R. A. Evans, coroner's fees.. Frank Kohlhaas, Jury fees K. (D. James, Jury fees _ J. H. Fraser, Jury fees Wm. C. Nelson, witness fees Jas. V. Huff, witness fees C. H. Cretzmeyer, witness fees Botsford Lumber Co.7~aup7"~ COURT FUND Iowa State Bank, withheld taxes , F. H. 'Kemis, court, reporter!. F. H. Kemis, court reporter. H. IF. Fristedt, attorney serv. . „ STATE INSTITUTION FUND Helen Whjte, clerk fees _____ . 10.00 C. H. Cretzmeyer, physician fees _ . - ; 6.00 D. C Hutchison, attorney fees 3.00 A., J. Cogley, sheriff fees _ 12.82 Joe B. Lynch, attorney fees 3.00 Frank Kohlhaas, witness fees 2.10 Cecil MoQInnls, witness fees 2.10 INSTITUTE IFUND Treasurer of State, use tax return '.___.— .3f BANG'S DISEASE) FUND Vernon Burt, Indem. cattle 76.00 Dr. (Robert E. Wagner, in- dem. cattle ____ 1600 . CONSTRUCTION FUND Iowa State Bank, wltheld taxes 36.SO Scott E. Noland, adv. payment for gravel pit land 100.00 A. J, Cogley, deposit for gravel. pit . 4000.00 A. J. Cogley, costs In condemnation on gravel pit 31.10 A. J. .Cogley, fees adv. In/ gravel condemnation _ 2.30 3. M. Smith, salary _ 30380 Helen Leigh, assist. Co. Engineer ; ' 69.00 J. I. Merryman, use of vtools and labor 1342 50 Mrs. Ed. MoGulre, "fining gravel pit _ 152.50 Mrs. Ed. McGulre, filling gravel pit 980.00 dutch's Super Serv., repairs 38.32 T. C, Jurgens, gravel 728 90 Tlmore Cement & Tile Co., «up. , ; _. J237.41 The Graf Apsco Company, repair- . ; _. 64.21 MAINTIHNIEXN'ANOB FUND : «roy Crapser, shop mechanic 180.10 Joe .M. Baser, operating drag- -. line _- 186.05 Milo Patterson, checking gravel, etc. 247.80 Clifford Holmes, patrol " 147.20 Arnold Wegner, labor 125.20 ferdlnand Meyer, labor _ 136.90 lasmie Hanson, labor _ . 147.20 3ert Shell my er, patrol 136 90 Clarence Hentges, patrol " 162.50 Henry Loerwold, pumpTng water 13.20 I. D. McDonald, patrol " 149.50 Ralph Markla, labor 147.20 139.00 136.60 Verne Jlolinder, patro !______ 180.10 Roelf E. Miller, labor _______ 80.20 AlVlft Bwlrtg, patrol 149.00 J. H. Montgomery, patrof 136.60 poyai Sanders, patrol. _______ 147,20 Harold Blair, labor ..^ 94.80 John S. Anderson, patrol _.„__' 128.50 iW,m. Christensen, labor _____ 146.20 C. O. Lyckman, labor _______ 69.70 •N. W. Bell Telephone Co.. telephone serv. 19.28 Iowa 'Public Service Co., eleo<- trio serv. 1.02 interstate Power Co., electric tterv. __ ___ Iowa State ~Bahk"~w"lthHetd , taxea __ m.&o Interstate Power Co., light and Power Serv. _ 14.77 Central States Elec. Co., electric Serv. __ 1.02 Interstate Power Co., electric ' serv, _. 3.4f, C, Q. i& Mamie "CourterVlght" of-way _^ . J4.00 City of Algona, light, water, and power serv. _. 17.32 Treasurer of State, use tax""return _ ___ ,13.81 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., telephone service 20.09 C.. W. Pearson, adv. " for freight and exp, 19.04 Interstate Power Co., elecfri. serv. , .__ 1.02 The Algdna Hardware, sup. .66 Algona Machine Shop, repair and sup. 7.50 Algona Upper Des Molnes, pub. notice of letting . ._-. 1.40 Anllker's Super Service, tire inspection 4.00 Bradley Bros., sup. " ""' 4.97 Sreenberg Auto Supply, supTI ''51.44 r . , Sohlhaas Hdw., sup.' " . ''" 68.86 '-i. C. Nichols, sup. 6.86 O. K Rubber Welders, repal? and Insp. 23.16 5chultz Bros., repairs _ 28 81 SpUles Hardware, sup. _""" 14.7!) Thompson Distributing Co., sup. . 17.82 Otto Schmidt, checking gravel _. _. 17 20 M. N. Phillips, tile """ an file with the county Auditor. • Thereafter end on said day the e timate waa taken up and consldefe and taxpayers heard for an against said estimate. No objections filed and no otojeci Ing taxpayers present at this meei Ing. Thereafter the board took up th estimate for final consideration an after 'being fully advised the boar determined that said estimate be cdr reeled and completed so that whe completed It should be In Words an figures as stated herein. The vote upon final adoption the budget was as follows: Ayes: Fraser McDonald, Schram Johnson, and Qulnn. Nays: None Motion carried. The Chairman of the Board o Supervisors and the County Audlto were thereupon directed to propcrl certify the budget na adopted and t file the same In the office of • th County Auditor as required by law. Motion made by iFraser and sec onded by Schram that a non-reslden notice be nerved on the following named persons: Donald M. Heltc and family, Jake Johnson, am Charles Payne, Ayes: AH. Nays None, On motion adjournment was taken until 8:00 o'clock a. m., September 1 IMS. ATTEST: J. F. QU1NN, Chairman Board of Supervisors Attest: !L. J. IMMERFALL, County Auditor. S. Pomeroy, labor .".I!"" 15.75 IB. Frertch Lumber Co., sup. 87.68 J. M. Blanchard, sup. "I"! " 77.23 Lone Rook Telephone" "co.T telephone serv. -833 Harry L. Cutler, put Tn~"road fills ,__ 1260.00 Walter W. Rosenau Hdw., sup. __ 10.12 Thompson Yards Inc., sup. ; _ 76.08 Rook Island Lumber Co., supT 4.02 M. L. Johnson, sup. 15.50 Citizens Service Co., sup. 143 08 Jack's <D-X. Station, sup. and repairs , 3.25 Meagher's Serv. Station, sup"! and repair _ 2.39 Concrete Products Corp:"sup7 64.30 W. . C, Brown Supply Co., sup. C. IF. Kurtz, sup. Sleg-Fort Dodge sup. Company, rchle Dodds, hauling gravel Walter L. Johnson, labor ____ Oliver Young, labor _•; 112.70 A. J. HUdman, patrol _._ • 14L30 Jrtmn Neuroth, patrol 149.50 .em Stockwell, patrol 150.10 Dick. Baade, labor ™ 67.30 2. H. Cooper, labor _ ' v 43.50 >wlght iF. Graham, labor 63.80 Geo. iF. Graham, . cutting weeds, etc. ___ __ ____ ____ ___ 68.TO .ndrew (Kromlnga, patrol 136,60 ames M. (Long, patrol ' 140.00 yil'llam iF. Schroder, cutting rush, etc, ____ _ ________ , 14LSO harles W. Thompson, patrol. 115.60 Vlllard Ohm,- cut brush _____ 69.30 )onald Blerstedt, labor _ 69.80 Jharlea Hawks, labor ;. _ 79.30 ' labor ____ __ __ ___ __ 88.80 462.69 10.71 U3 72 Central Auto &ecMc~Co.~~BUp. 20.96 Central Auto Electric Co., sup. ____ 20.96 Economy Welding & Machine Wtas., sup. 31.06 The All-Wheel - Drive Co., sup. ;. • 35.41 Herman IB. Brown. Company, sup. ,_ 340.76 Dukehart - Hughes Tr. and Equip. Co., aup. 4003.14 Globe Mach. & Supply Co., sup. 17.43 Gltobs-Cook Tractor & 'Equip. Co., sup. .___ ... 607.01 Iowa Mach. & Supply Co., sup. .... . _-_ 20.7f W. IF. Smith Tire & Battery Co., sup. 167.3E Kossuth Oil Co., gas sup. 332.8t Bancroft Oil Co., fuel sup. __ 368.07 Lone 'Rock Co-Op., road tile _ 3.57 M. C. Jorgenson, labor _ 3.0t Lynch Oil Co., fuel sup. 147.12 Central Iowa Telephone Co., telephone serv. ;___. . '3.96 Nebr. Bridge Sup. & Lumber i Co., sup. ,..._• 61.66 'POOR FUND 7 ". Dr. J. A. Mueller, -medical • care . „ . 60.00 Sorensen Grocery Co., prov. ^4.00 Paul Brnat, prov. _____"____!_ ;: 8.00 MerriH' Bros.; prov. ;_-_ 30.00 Bonacker's Food Mkt., prov.. 48.00 Hertzke'a Grocery, prov. ; 14.00 Whittemore Creamery, milk _ 3.00 Zender's, sup. •__• 3.90 Whlttemore Elevator, coal 8.60 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer,' medl- . cal care —; not allowed Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, medical care 22.60 Dr. J. G. Clapsaddie, medical 13.00 You'll Enjoy Life More If Yon Have A Good Bank Balance In The Iowa State Bank Phone 11 West Bend, Iowa Farm Loans - General Banking Insurance Member of Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation Among the financial Institutions of this part of the state are indeed few that can show more substantial progress than this well- known institution. From the date of its orgainzation up to the present time they have been noted for their sotind and conservative banking methods, commanding in a marked degree the confidence of their depositors and the public at large, a condition that is the aim of every executive board. An idea may have great potential value but to get another's point of view and to secure a check on your own individual judgment it will be well worth your while to discuss your plans with your banker. A banker sometimes has no greater foresight than any other business man but his contact with many business men in varied lines of industry gives him a composite view of conditions that can be of use to his customers. He acts as a distributing center of information regarding business conditions. We want to direct the attention of our readers to this financial institution, the Iowa State Bank of West Bend, and to assure them that if they are looking for increased banking service they will find a consultation with the men, in charge here one of inspiration and confidence hi the future. You will always receive a friendly welcome at this bank.—Adv. Electric Refrigerators D*lco Light Service Approved Wiring Motor Rewinding and Repairing Meter Testing and Repairing PRATT ELECTRIC CO Algona* Iowa LICENSED ELECTRICIANS Efectflca. Appliances Line G IB Phone 170 IT'S BACK the famous HUMHX Automatic Home Laundry! HERE'S A THUMBNAIL PORTRAIT OF THIS MARVEL (1) It Fills Itself With Water, Then It (2) Washes the Clothes Before It (3) Triple Wrinses Them, and (4) Damp Dries Them, Then (5) Empties Itself, Then It (6) Cleans Itself, and i \ (7) Shuts Itself Off. ALL AUTOMATICALLY Come in—see it demonstrated in our store. If you desire, we can put your name on our "first-to-be-served" list for this most modem BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY. WE'VE ORDERED A CARLOAD OF CLARK WATER HEATERS 50 gallon capacity. Hot water for every purse and purpose. Heavy duty tanks, temperature control, quality construction, baked enamel finish. We are now taking orders. O. P. A. PRICES OR BELOW A TOASTMASTER PRODUCT KEEP YOUR EYE ON PRATT ELECTRIC FOR APPLIANCES ************ * * * care Dr. Pierre Sartor, office calls and medicine ; 11.00 43.KT 10.00 13.40 6.47 90.00 Dr. E. M. Keraten, medical care ; Henry J. Kline, rent I I Marvel Dole', mileage Botsford Lumber Co., sup. St. (Francis Home, hosp. care Department of Social Welfare, aid to dependent children „: 169.88 Department of Social Welfare, aid to blind ;_ 16.87 Forbes Hospital, hosp. care 119.87 COUNOTY FARM N. W. (Bell Telephone Co., The flash every motorist in America has waited for! ____ __ __ ___ __ . lyde Sanders, patrol _______ ; 1_6.60 LOOKING telephone aerv. ___„„ Iowa State Bank, withheld taxes i _.._ •_;. __i L. E. Stephens, light serv, N. W, Bell Telephone Co., .82 29.70 24.49 .10 Demobilization T 0 you mwraipg Yetewwi we feel the same NwponsibilUy fop getting you Home as we did fop getting you to the ¥ rent, There «w Inspiration and. Bart-faction in the ' iwjpnf ending ef » job that only yesterday had nothing bat , • 'the grimmest aspects, Count on us to Jteep the supply lines. • , open and to, wyve you faithfully. To Industry,we pay it is ofti purpose 19 ge.« pur pperS- with yowi i» raopjhjifldAQrieB the rowte t» .Ws.wjJJ provide the, , wrfisjureii for |b s of mricd ww, material m $ fe s ^ eeonomjg BflSJWFT{«VHh(M IjtaAg vilegQ telephone serv. Ben Sakken, salary _~__ 160.00 Dennis Lynch, salary 126.00 t,yle 'Steinbeck, salary ______ 160.00 C. S. Johnson, prov. ; 61,24 Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., ' SUP. _ _ , 11.06 East End Grocery, prov. 47.50 Algona Co - op. Creamery, prov, „__„_ 31.98 Aileona Baking , Company, Prov. !____ 31.08 The Hub Clothiers, si|p. 7.06 Dr, P. V. Janse, med. and calls •_ , 85.60 Dr. /C. H. Cretzmeyer,"jnedi- olne 1.00 Men's Reformatory, Iowa State Sales Tax .43 Roscoe'a Market, sup. ,75 Drs. Fox and Wlnkel, veterinary care _, 160.00 McCullough'B Funeral Chapel, funeral exp. _„_ __,. _ 90.00 Kohlhaas Hardware, eup. ___ 10.18 The AJgona Hardware, sup... 8.88 9. Hi French "Ltor, Co., bull controller ___^ 12.75 Foster's Furniture Store, sup. 2.30 Donald Mitchell, aup, 10.15 Kossuth County Impl. Co., sup. : ' •__„ 2.65 Bradley Bros.,' repairs 10.67 Dutc.h'8 Super Service, tire repair ,60 Mid-West Service Co., • fuel sup, „, 4.19 BP IT BJHJSWVES): That the County Audjtor la hereby authorized and directed ta issue warrants for ftl! olalros allowed at this meeting aa Shown by the "Schedule of Olaima" JieretobefoK* written, , ' On nwtjon adjournment was tftken pntll 6:00 o'clock; a, m,, Au-guet 4, Is Here NOW! Phillips 66 rushes the "Fuel of the Future" to Your Neighborhood Dealer! »i _f4 4»fti 1 *W "tf. L - jW4» te.ftwr. m ??eon4- i ' -1 You never knew a gasoline could be like this! And neither did we till 3 action-packed years of war- production brought new and marvelous advances in .gasoline manufacture! Now all the "Jcnow-how", ~, . the special processes that went fato the powering of giant bombers is ywrff - Never mind the technical details-just get a tankful and see what it will 4gf See if you don't get quicker starts! Steif you don't get mow power I fft if you doo't get »ore*ailes.per»gallott I lit if you* esii? doern't act ttkc «two-year-old wh«a thfe to THE NEW Heep on buying Vjctory Bonds and Stamj

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