The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, AVU1L 8, 1940 BLYTHEV1LL15 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE •fJf CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally role i>«r liuo lor couietuliTa if urlloni : r FOftSALI Slilen-nlk bJryclo. I'lions 2771. Siik-ll Five |>r. dln.'lli. milt—MilM I K. K.'litufky. I.awn mower. |!0, 109 >V. Clierr)-. Mlnimuui Course 60o Ji,,li» I >ini» per lino 15o i z tlmea per liue V ei day 12c I . • tlmea [JCr liu» per clay »o 3. BU i linu |jer day 7c I VMft MolUTtrvrl,.. I'llOII* ^.M illcU co»-«. J. K. Krrr-li. TinJal , 12 times 'per 'line i»'r "jnjr IIIIIIII 60 I , -—— J 1 ,ll<uilk ..Ber lino --_- 90o J !!.-!,,.ill Kvhirmle 0.2 111' Count live Bv«rni;e wordi to Die line. Ada ordered for three or all lime* and • lopped be/ore .'i|.In.!ion ivlll be clisrstd for ths number of tiui*B \liu ad aujieared All Ctoskifii-,1 Ailvi'rlisiW copy Bub- milled by ptri-nns r.-si.lirit,' uutsiilo of tbo cily uillst lir ao,-,;ui|j.irij..,l !.)• c»su. Rales uiiiy be easily cuui[,u!i-d frum Hie nljuvo uble. AdvcTtijlnj; ordur for irregular Inst-r- Huns takes tlie uiu 1 lime rate. Kr> res|iiJnKiljility tviJI be lak.-JL for more tlihn unu iiiturrvia »m-m.m o( any tlj»- (itivd aij. For Sal* find Hont. Sei I.,.;- Klrli Cliovrnl.-l '; 5 HP -lotin. 1M llliinli-i nl 3r» K ,.. lij,k-r.;il Picture Frames made to order. O'HTKRN'S STUDIO. 'l-6-ck-l-20 Ill,- flulll fill,',' if \aniftil G room rt'sirtiwe. Near high .school. I'i-ii'o $r>,OOI). One side 1 now v;icai\(. H C f \ M I * H I-' I 1 ' f L< i " 'i i"'"° i ""i'"| J '. f" ' L '^-"ii I'lionc' i'lli or 2ii;«l j : ^ m J^.'. ^"1;,^'"^"',^ '±±^±12. p;,.,' 0 ;:: 1 ?. 110 ,; 1 ™;::;^' f i; r 1 , I,,!",','-'' 'w',,,",'!, 1 I loi,r"-l,'.Hi ""l.v'l" ' .br',..l,'-,l7 J V-W,,".'| ,,^ Ark. > ( ami Tuiniilii J'loril.i. K S1! I'lnnls of l-'lo».-ra. l);n-is nl l-'ruuklii iis of Jilfcrtnt kinds. l,V.-i[,i' JlyrlV, K.-il riri l':n, Kl,,. , nii s)irnl.s, Winlu . at Krai.klin. '|lo n ,- an,I Katl M mul r.;.,i,iy. Can I,,, i-i.mi-i l.l.-.v. l(..ii...niil,ly J ,',1. | ..Kims »n.l l.nlll ,.,1 N. Bl,,M««J. ' sliH.'lv lawn." ' I - 4 rooms rnul h:ilh nil Vin,' ^1. ill A-l ' ,.-oll,]j(i,.ll tVufjnlil,- invf '.tnirnt I -.- ,.r <.ill .Miiis ).,.::iin, i'liono r.02. ' U-rk-10 Klin tii-iii. Shu].. li.p. »50. Ki'J DalJ Hark, Our , , " tlcre farms, w.-ll lrn| running «-»lur. l.alli. Ou »' "' Blytlu-vill. 0,1 iiictclt Ll t -l.«-«y. :! ,„, SELL NOW To Phillips Motor Co. Can you afford to take chances when used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. Don't take a cHANCE Come in to Phillips Today! P~H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER at Fifth—IJlytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements Th« Oouritt jtboriird to UUIOUIMC Ui« folkhr- ln« cmtidld*t««. «ub)««t to th« Democrntlc prlmmzy: BUJCKirr AND COLUCTOB JACK FTKLKT ROBIKBON V/1LLIAM BERHYMAN COUNTY junai QKNB E. BRADLE? ROLAND QHEEN rOK TAX ASSKSSOB DOYXE HENDE1U5ON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.F.KK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CLEKK EljIZABtrnl BLYTHE COUNTY TKEASUKKK DE1.I.A I'URITJ. STATE KKI'KKSENTATIVB AI.ENK WORD E. C. FLEEMAN LESLIE "DUKIE" 8PEOK L, II. AUTRY STATF SENATOR J. LEE DEARDEN The following tiro ciimtlcltitea for ofllce In t)i e Blythcvtllo Munltljial liloctlon to b* held April 2: CITY CI.EKK FRANK W111TWORTH CITY ATTORNEY PERCY A. WRIGHT ()>\>T Re-election) HOWARD N. MOORE WAK1) ONK ALDK.KMAN JESSE M. WHITE AI.Ilr.KMAN WAUD TWO JODIK L. NABER3 AI.IIKKMAN WAKI) TIIKEE RUPERT CRAFTON Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 "It Fair* t* AdrertlM" SCOTT ALLEY of AII N. FnaUta 81- WE PAY TOP PRICES WE PAY TOP PRICES .. "'•» ""••* '-"•'• '"'• Bn ""' of I'lyllii'villi. on Hi|iliM-ay 61. Nice J.We l« UniH. '' n.T<-;t of nlfalfa. alL fi-ni-iiil l.nthi-r <ir»y. Jt.-»l KS..1C llr.iklT. 1'luir,.. Won fed to Trade Vw«J r .-,11! XLTV For Rent ].;ni;i. h<>.l rninn^ ii.-nr liivvn. Ati lillj Wi-.-l Walnut. 9. r i'J. Ci j.k-.Sfrt -Agents Wanted Will Iriidc '11-42 moilcl for •'!<< or tW models, (iooii iloiils. I'liillips jMotor ('()., f)lli and Walnut. 3-'Z7-t:k-tf Wanted To i»uy "tili-r fur l-'-JO Irm-lof .1 \V. Wi.linT. • '.n'MMvvini-. Mi, I'ln :mrj. f.-pk-'.l _J_|ik " r.-i. .-iinl I:,.,l,-ik5 f,,r l.iirls. ,.,!,- iin.l „,.i, ,!•>• wniil. Milk,, ir > 111 full M2,- I'l,,.!,, -lint. I'.lnil. ll,-|,l. '.I H-il. Vo. Found FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb liwy. <»l at Rtutc l,inc Phone: Itlythcville 714 Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for Tnat • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR (FLAT) 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tiro Men at Your Service Hours—6 ro 6—7 Days MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Ash nt Second Street ^ I Call I'M I aT j-KI-SII ,,r 1011 n. .ini N. Fillli. rrivull! Kritr t'l I* On,' Inl,' iiio,!,-l 1, K-.rm.ill 'I'liir-tur ' I. ~~\,*-.v (Vn.. '^ I...U,,1M U U'.'!'. 1 r<-:,l I ! J,!o\v 111,,' n,nv :' r.,u- ruJriv;,t,,r II or M I'armall. Call In' 1 -IK Nively ftlinislitill, front l.cJrDUin., boi water. I'lioi) Service* Si...- I'. -M. 7 t'lioil Vi.rk mill.-". I.lark innro. Hullisn n,.1: K 21M. Alfnlfn lin>- ..... 1.' dnnvri f.inu im- K-,|L.. ;U'., \V. A. .l-ii- kills. Hti.i:!.'. .Mo. l-tik-'.;'. For fine jjorlruils its O'S'I'KIiW'H STUDIO 4-2-ck-f>-2 1'IIOl'KltTY OW-SKKS: I will or II rnsli l.iiy ii :i r,- r,-nOy n nro invtli-il :tn r:ill iinylinic. l.ii tJrny. K^al K-lnl,' llr.ikfr. 1'lu. One' '. ji-nr r.1,1 j:irk. I.'. linnds W,-ii;l.t al.init Llili'i t'"n |llls . U Grny. Sli'i-U-, .M"., 111. ' «u OiiV I • Iv'oxv is the time to store that stove. Home Service & Slorajje Co., pliouo 2S01. '1-4-pk-ft-'! Loft rir.ii 1 flu-- I'hiW'i |>I«M1^ pliis MiM fni, •-, •I'li,n-,la> iiir.,i,in- l.olv.'.-'.-i, l:li], in ,,| | -,. S,!L,,,,|. i'iu.l lNr.,1; Kl»<s fall ami K,iui,.l«liui, !!..•].air !>™. l'i«nk L'rncketl. rul >"iiK- SI. 2r,-| k-4;^". Motltc.r will c-aro for chil.lreii lunni' ilny or ninlil. It.'fcri'iicps. son:il,lo rnU-i 1 I'J Kusl t'Ni-rrr. - lior We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 K. Main Phone 073 :ive cm repriira, K|,fi-ia]i/.i; in Ibe rp H>1", Asli. Any make tliMliirr. '.: I li.iur Inn. actiny Cininty irvnys iind drai,' li»- ft.r 30 yuars. l6-pl;.4j 1C ini R. 0 i'yur. hand II,| iil,-ulifyi,i t '. Call Kills Rats Roaches Diddle Exterminators Member Nat'l. Pent Control An'n. 115 S. Third St. Phone Z7S1 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. -AT TOCTK BKRVICE" Phon. 2241 IVrfecl repnlrlnc for today's rx- [(Uislte fntitueur ussureil when rebuilt in our nuideru shop. H -fl LT I a ( W. MAIN' STl Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up *nd Delivet Just lU'fi'ivcill Electric Phonographs Wiili Antomulic Hetwd ('tiikiiKcr. \'i Ten Inrh I{ecoi'<!s. Ten lii Inch Kucorils. $49.95' CITY RADIO REPAIR SELL YOUR AUTOMOBILE NOW! WHILE PRICES ARE HIGH Drive in today and find out from Your Chevrolet Dealer what your car will bring. V.ust Milln 1'Hunis 1107 Used Cars Needed Immediately. Visit Our Used Car Lot and Get the Top Dollar L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET C6. T«xaco Gas & Oih 301 W. Walnut Phorw 578 PRESCRIPTIONS Presheat Stock Guaranteed Beat PiieM Kirby Druq Stores Ki-Vi-rnl <l,,»ir:il,l|. ri-sMi-iirn Inl-s rensoil- I ably |.ri,-i'il. J. II. Jo"!/, I'li'mi-- ; '- ;i:1 - Tractor repairs and service. Klcctric a n d acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. T'lionu SIM. ilibi: tf Wanted to Rent frinnr .Ml .,n Mi'. II-,•,.,]:! „» lull. .1. r'r, nla. .\rk. nl s \ •!'». i-l of LA1UCDOS. sut-ketl ;iml vlcsin- cd ill :{.7r> per lui. I''. O. It. Charleston. A. S. Urown, I'honc 222 Charleston, Mo. -i-i-pk-i-n ftaliy <l,i.-k5 m.iilaM,. nl] t)ie timo. II.'.ivv l,r,',-.N Mrs llm-k Mrlinrs. SOI K. Main, |, '-'IS. a-jiV-VU Don'l worry ahnnt hard water in your tar m home. Lei 1'lanU-rs Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-i-k-lf nr I r.i'.MI l,r:(,lrnl<lL."l b, l.iTiiy KlIiMlll, [jliiino ."ll:l Persona/ Ui K l.l 1 X mrli M lay all.I Kri.ln P,,| full inf,,iJilaIi,,ri. |,,. vvril,' ll Hi! I',- Fainilv, Ilii^ -11,1. Klyllivvill Ark. 4 ij'\l' Help Wanted Trinity lo link.- i .11 S (11 llicl. ,1:11 Pnri.l. TlllCFIKHS .il- li ,al \voi-V iinylni: il]> 1" S^' 1 ninv'.n.l ilnrins vn.-ii l.elw,'...' L'S l"l,l I' nnl -,:.,,,, or c,,ll,-^ Chicks Ciistnm Hatching. Way lock Hatchery, Highway fit N. 2-2f>-pk-4-2C Plintostals — Lot O'Slecn make a phntoslalic copy of your si license and oilier important n»|)irrs. Quick service. O'STJOKN'S STUDIO rhonc 320S. lt. r > W. Main :i-27-ck-lf lialiiiriir ami H yi-Ai-.' l,-,,(imi^ , \ i-, r irnci*. Writ.' in r,.nfi,l. M, ,-. i;i\,,i!: in:' piTornll i«>ri,-nf,' ami |,l,«,i>'. l' 1 ' Minal inli-rvii-iv n. i-nnfv.l. l'.,,v Kl-'.l Courier X.-v\i. b-pk- Inn for yaril anil rnre of |>lan.. \V. turns." will. li t -lu> (ti-e. f I l'i>y '• rik'lit ronpli-. K. II. Kli-lrlirr. (iiilem Mo. r,*">. :tri'i,k-1 i Situation Wanted Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 Cash Buyers for Property! Did yon rvcr noilre ttmt in my nil* I not only clve )«u the DOWN I'AYMKNT mi the frnprrly. but also Ihe riact mmoarit you are to pay. Vuu know tlin price bcforo yu« cunsvll me. A fouA way to advtr- Use. List your properly wllb me. M; comralulnn la t%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd St. I'honcs or 2930 | DON (EDWARDS IIOTAL, fiHTTH. OOHONA, AND BKM.1 MOTOR . ORTAJ3L* J 1U M. JuJ BTRKBT FOR 8A1.K CONCRETE . STORM SKWKIt Alt R17.KB Chnper Than Urld(e Loinbtr OSCEOLA TILE & j CULVERT CO. ritnne SSl Osccola, Ark. Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist *''• GUARD'S I JEWELRY 1 209 W. Main .1SERVICE See us about your mechanical , trouble. Our expert mechan- u-s working \vilh modern ; Idols anil er|tii]iment ran put . your c;ir w top condition. We E;!KO have u paint and lioily shop repair service. We will Tix your car or buy your <:iir mil CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO,, Stocks ol Parts 1'nr Chrysler BY IODG Alt'MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , \<\O '. GOV ROOM 7TO 1 W\\X\t! 419 West Main Street SPECIALTY BY MEUR1LL BLOSSEH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS '"'' vari'.'-T "iniliiM'i^." 5 ' Will ' In- in -rm .llivil 21 la May J. \Vrilr- W. O. Hat:.("', K. Allntitii', .\l>|>Ie\on, Wiifr.n^l lmiiErkri<|>rr "'illi ycnra i<rii-nr<- \Vrilu l».x II. l>. r " _ Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phorw 3616 Sales - riiiHips RoWiu»0 fitrrk* - Felix C»rn«j Your Studehakcr Dealer Soys . . . THE LID IS OFF ... Gnsullnc Worries n llilng of tho past . . . With tires oft the rnliouci! list . . . niul with millions of Motorists looking fcnwiml to tlieir Hrsl vacation since the war . . . lliis Spring will sec more travel on American highways ami oy- wnys thnn lias been seen lor several years. The only ontch is ... "CAN TJ1K OLD CAR TAKE IT?" Many of you niolorisls are our customers ami you look to us for trouble-fire porforniaiKC from your rnr. I«t our Fnctory-Trainpcl Mechanics keep your car on (he road until you are fortunate enough to eel n new one. DRIVE IiY TODAY— Paint-up . . . Touch-up . . . StratRlHen-up . . . Keep the ap- pen.ranre of your car u|) to par. Our ISocty Shop Is fully equipped to handle all your needs. Coinpk'le IJne of Ktuileliuker Paris and Acccssorios \VK 1UIY AND SEI-1- GOOD USK1) CAHS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex ChaiBMta »• K. * A* M*. - ' *-/:tr< t\ NEW GiEL HAS COME TO SMADYSIDE. ^ND FROMlAG'S DESCEtFTlOM OF HGC.FRECKAMD LACOAREGCHMG TO HAVE DIFFICULT-/ IMG UPTolHET VOWS x DURING * WONMN-rWTiNG- W6EK"' M> CbMiMH WfLt-.Tni5isvvoMAM-HAriNG- TMEKE SH= Got S MOW.' /WEEK AMD vjf-'f:e NOT CSOMMA LOOK AT HER.' US WllAT, ISME'S WAVIWG AT CCOKS. TWERP I /ME AND tw WAVING- BY V. T. HAMILTON THIS j*J- A SITUATION' VtCHINS PXXKT YtT fil'lWXO, H® UP TO t,&'J ffiC

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