The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1945 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1945
Page 12
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Algona ;,w< : iStvi>' : ;j'--j^^ PUOTBA6Y PARENTS Algona's war-born hettip pla,m still remains a war baby •witho.ul aew parents. , Lfeighton Misbach, secretary of *The : Algona Chamber Of Cofti- •merce, summarized the situation thus: 1. There is a possibility thai mine of the state's RFC-owned plants might continue to process hemp provided the government QS- tablishes spinning mills for the production of domestic Hnert somewhere in the vicinity. A meeting •was 1 held Tuesday evening at Hampton to discuss this possibility. 2. The plant might possibly be taken over by some private concern. It is being advertised for iale by RFC. Two inquiries have •already been received, one from a glove manufacturing concern, the second from a sash and door factory. Neither firm has gone beyond the stage of writing a letter •of inquiry to the Chamber of Commerce. The third concern manufacturing hay rakes made inquiry but stated the floor space involved was too large. Eagle Grove has solved its hemp Aslant problem by turning the plant there into a commercial corn alcohol producing plant. Cpl. Alex Burghart to Kelly Field, Texas KELLY FIELD, TEXAS: Cpl. Alex E. Burghart, who recently returned to the United States after serving in Italy, has been assigned "to the San Antonio Air Technical Service Command here. His wife and two children reside in Algona. Cpl. Burghart wears the African, Middle Eastern and European Theater of Operations Ribbon. Prior to entering the service, Cpt. Burffhart worked as a welder with the School and Beach Aircraft Co., Pfeifer, Kansas. Algona Teacher To Home EC. Conclave Helen Comfort, vocational home•making teacher in Algona, will attend a conference at Iowa State College, from Aug. 26 through Aug. 29th, as a representative of Kossuth county. Home economics teachers from 60 counties will be in attendance. Miss Comfort is also chairman of one of the committees in charge of the conference. Bartender Shows Nephew's Jap Frank Butts, bartender at the Sportsman's Tavern, is proudly displaying a three-shot .25 caliber Japanese rifle this week belonging to his nephew, Pvt. Howard Pentecost. The weapon, with a 15-inch knife attached to the muzzle, is a loan from Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pentecost while their son is on his way home from overseas. Private Pentecost was given permission to send home one of the rifles he took from Japs killed. Overseas 3 years in the infantry, Pentecost goe the rifle on Okinawa. He has been in the service 5 years, and according to his mother, he can't believe he is actually coming home. Recently he wrote home that he's had two fried eggs, the first in 10 months and that not long before that, he had tasted some fried chicken, and unheard of delicacy for nearly 5 years. Pentecost has been in many of the major battles in the Pacific, seeing action in the Marshalls, Aleutians, with the Seventh Division on Leyte and in other places. Prairie Pals 4-H Have a Busy Week Wesley: The Prairie Pals 4-H club held their achievement day at the George Cink school house Saturday, August 18 for their parents and friends. Rosemary Studer and Marcia Downs gave a demonstration of how to build magazine holders, used for sick persons. Elain Mullen gave a demonstration of making portfolios. All the members sang the 4-H field song, "America the Beautiful", gave the flag salute and the 4-H pledge. Mrs. August Studer and Rosemary served delicious refreshments. The club also enjoyed a picnic and wiener roast at the home of Diana Kleinpeter Sunday evening, Aug. 19, followed by a few hours of roller skating at Titonka. Six invited guests enjoyed the evening with them. They were Marilyn and Diana Rahm, Patty and Alice Richtomeier, Cheryll Meurer and Marjorie Lichteig. Orville Downs and Mrs. Studer took the young adies to Titonka. Boy Killed Hitching Ride on Freight Train Mrs. Frank Ostrum recently received word from her niece Mrs. ITrank Bevins of Minneapolis telling of the tragedy of her son Owen's death. The lad was sixteen. With five other boys he had gone swimming and instead of taking the street car the boys boarded a freight car. When a trestle .was struck the boy's body •was severed in several places. Fii- xieral services were held Wednesday in Minneapolis. The father of the deceased is in the south Pacific and has not been contacted yet. Old Time Auctioneer Revisits In Algona John Vinson, now of Oklahoma City, but well known to older Kossuth residents as a pioneer auctioneer in Kossuth county, was visiting here this week. His last visit to Algona was 6 years ago. Mr. Vinson is a grandfather of Craig Vinson and Mrs. Merle Pratt of Algona. Burt Conference Burt: The Methodist Fourth Quarterly Conference will bp b,e}d at the church on Thursday, (September 6, at 2:30 p. m. AH reports .should be in at this meeting. Two Reunions Held By Lakota Families Lakota: Mr. and Mrs. Luverne Leisveld and daughter of Chicago were visiting relatives here last week and Sunday, Aug. 26, a family gathering was held in their honor at the Wade Ball home near Algona. The following relatives from here attended: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter, the ' Raymond Winters, the Russell Winters, the Ernest Wortmans, the J E. Ukenas, the Jerry Heetlands, the Vernon Smiths, the Elmer Paulsons, Mrs. C. A. Gutknecht and the- Mike Winters of Mason City. A pot luck dinner was enjoyed at noon and the afternoon was spent visiting. Sachs Reunion M. P. Loren Sachs is home from Germany for a 30-day furlough ah'$ Sunday the' family held a reunion at his brother Walter Sachs' home and the following besides those mentioned were present: A brother Eldon Sachs and family and a sister, Mrs. Harry Blome and family; a brother Arthur Sachs and family from Westgate; and the father and mother Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sachs of Olewein, drove here Saturday for the reunion They went to Algona Sunday afternoon and had their family picture taken, Post Qffice The Algona Post Office will be closed all day ^tonday, Labor Day, Sept. 3. The gepefal delivery window* wjll be 'open from 9:30 a. n> to iO:QO a- in. There will be flp local or rural deliveries. All incoming and outgoing mail will be worked as usual, IWEMWLLE Pick d peplum for new fall witchery . . , as on the gabardine charmer sketched abov? Happily, this peplum-pretty is just one of an inspired new collection by ANNIE LAURIE, which features a bevy of buttons to trim and treat each wool 0' gabardine style And they're all done up in the very new "duo-tone" colors you've been hearing so much ab9Ut, too! 9 to 1 7. 12 to 1 8. $19.95 to $24.50 fxcTw«V«/y it | «£»S*» 1 11 Chri«ch%s IP O EQ- 3J Service Men Clip Column Courtesy the Algona Chamber of Commerce Kosiuth and Algona Doings of Past Week Condensed For Service Men. Clip and Mall in Your Next Letter to the Soys. Kossuth county ..can ..well be proud of Lt. Margaret Haverly, A<NC, of Wesley who recently received the Bronze Star for meritorious service in the Ardennes last winter. The going was really rough up there and those nurses in the Evac Hospitals did a wonderful job. Frequently within artillery range and set up in tents m mid-winter, they put in twelve to sixteen hours a day taking care o! the wounded. * * * A WHO newscast last week said the Algona P. W. Camp was scheduled to close before long. * » * Sgt. Lillian Bolllnger, U. S. Marine Corps, is home on a 15-day furlough. She is stationed at El Toro, Calif. ' * * * Commander Mcll Peterson received the Gold Star In ceremonies at Washington, D. C., for heroism in the battle of Leyte. Mell was in command of the destroyer Cooper which was sunk by an enemy torpedo. Normandy is the land of apple orchards, and the folks there make a Clear white liquor by distilling hard cider. It is called Calyados, and the French put a small jigger of it in a cup of coffee. Taken straight it is said to have the same effect as a land mine. * * * Soon after the Normandy invasion most of the young girls in that area blossomed out in blue and white silk dresses. Abandoned parachutes gave them their first new cloth in five years. * * * The Railway Engineers ..did ..a most remarkable job in repairing rail lines throughout France. The AAF bombed every marshalling yard of any importance, but by mid-October, only four and a half months after the initial Normandy invasion, supplies from Cherbourg were reaching Verdun by rail, a distance of over 350 miles, and hospital trains were evacuating wounded from th,e Verdun railhead to hospitals in Paris.'Rheims, and Barle-Duc. * * * The French monetary system is somewhat similar to ours. Thus: 5 centimes equal 1 sou. 20 sous equal one franc. At the present rate of exchange a franc is worth 2c in American money. Paper bills are issued in 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 franc denominations. * * * Mrs. Fred Timm has received her honorable discharge from the WAVES and will arrive in Algona shortly. She has been stationed in Washington, D. C. * >* * •; Eugene W. Chism, USNR is home on a 30-day 'leave after completing 45 missions in the Pacific with a B-24 outfit. * * * Sgt. Frank Becker of Portland township is home after 18 months in Europe. * * * The Queen Elizabeth is now docking at Southampton,'England. During the war this Channel port could not be used and the big liners put in at Greenock and Gourock, Scotland just wes tof Glasgow on the-(Firth of Clyde. Both the Elizabeth and the> Mary are too large to dock at Liverpool, Bristol, and Swansea 'wfiere most of, the convoys docked, President Truman has rebuked French newspapers for'criticizing the U. S., Russia apd Britain must have got a kick out of that considering what some of our papers (and Congressmen) have said about them. * * * Did you know that during the German occupation of France food was rationed to civilians on a basis of 100 points to German citizens, 80 points to French, and 60 to Poles? The Poles form a large part of the population in the mining areas of Lorraine in northeast France. * * * Lt. Vivian Bakken, ANC, has returned to Algona on leave after spending the last six months on the European continent. Vivian was with an Evacuation Hospital unit in France, Germany and Austria. * » * Stars and Stripes says radio monitors could distinguish south Germany announcers from the others.'Probably opened their air warnings with, "Actung, you all." Jack Long'* Chine*; Interpreter To A, L» Ldtig A. L. Long has received iuYiti* teresting letter froni ; a ypuni Chinese man, Chou <2hiew Ktili'fj who is now located at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama. He has been chosen from a group of educated and talented Chinese to' be brought here and given opportunities for further education. Lt. Jack Long, son of A. L. Long, has been infantry instructor of Chinese troops located somewhere in China. This Chinese youth has been Jack's interpreter and because of his close association with him and because of their friendship and his admiration, he wrote to* Mr. Long who was indeed pleased to receive his letter. . Saf fchett arf ived > K«l ; W«fln6sday m a so-day i ufleugft tblviMi his wif 6, and ' ' ' See Deer €rb*i RiW Mr. and Mfs. Mix Bloefc of £u. Verhe received quite a thrill Sun day while fishing -jftlong the fiver bank by the Paul Ernst station south of Algona when a' deer hop- lied >dovm the river batik into ,the river and swam across 16 the other side and dashed Up the other/bank find off into the woods. Mrs. Block, who visited in Al- gbha i Monday with her nephew, Wm. Pech, and family, said the deer must have be'en four feet High 1 / - • V ;/ H. T. Barkers Are Settled In Colorado A letter from the H. T. Barkers at Boulder, Colo., informs us that they are well settled and like Colorado very much. Mr. Barker, former owner of the Barker Drug Store, here, says the days are warm and the nights cool. Boulder is right up next to the mountains. The family recently had a picnic on Flagstaff Mt. where you can look at the plains in front, Denver 32 miles southeast and the Rockies west. Mr. Barker also says that Flagstaff Drive is four miles to the top and it takes about 10 minutes to drive up there from where they live. The son Dick, had been on a hike the day he wrote the letter to Green Mt., and it proved to be very interesting. * Seneca* Girl Cut In Accident Near Burt Seneca: Little LaRue Culbertson suffered a long gash on one leg just above the ankle last Friday. Sue and her brother were playing going to cut burrs at the home of an uncle near Burt. At the letter's place she stepped into the path of a knife as it"was swung by one of her cousins who was cutting burrs at the time. A clamp on the wound was necessary and she will toe forced to remain quiet for a few days. LaRue is a daughter of the Merle Culbertsons, living north of Fen? ton. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 36c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4c per word, No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive Ic commission. Blind ads 25c, For Sale FOR SALE: F-30 Farmall tractor. Good shape. Below ceiling. John B. Reding, Irvington. 35* WANTED: ' Stage girl for magi- cian's' assistant. Inquire Advance' office. r 35* FOR SALE: Used New Home sewing machine, good condition. Fred Kluss, Fenton, phone 34-15. 35 FOR SALE: Good Jersey cows and heifers, fresh first part of Sept. Fred Kluss, phone 34-15, Fenton. 35* FOR SALE: 1935 V-8 4-door, good running condition. Ceiling price. Harold Bentele, Swea City. 34-35* FOR SALE: 320 A-, well-tiled, good fence. Inquire Jim Sheridan, Bancroft. 34-36* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algoha. 20-^3-Stf FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. HuxtaWe's Firestone Store. . 23tf FOR SALE: 1200 watt Windcharg- er and accessories. A. G. Voleri- tine, 3 miles north, 1 west, Burt. - 34-35* FOR SALE: Gladioli.blooms by dozen or made in sprays, corsages or basket arrangements. for all occasions. Will deliver to hospitals, churches or funeral homes. Also place open orders for your glad bulbs while you can see the different varieties in bloom. Schimmel Gardens, phone 149-J, four blocks west of Kossuth County Hospital. 32-35 FARMS FOR SALE:'/160"AV. improved, near Wesley, $175. 235 A. improved, furnace, electricity, 110 A. pasture, near Algbna,-$110. 150 A. improved-on paved No. 18 near Algona, $110. 320 A. improved on paved No. 19 near Whittemore, $150. 242 A. improved near West Bend, $125. 160. A. unimproved, good soil, Portland township, $125. . Paul M. Seeley, Hutchison Bldg., Algona, Iowa. 35* FOR SALE: . .1931. Chev.. truck, good condition, will trade for 4-wheel trailer. Melvin J. Faber, 3 miles north, mile'west Burt. • ' 35-36* FOR SALE: ' 'Improved 80 A. 7 miles from Algona, high type land and well .tiled, all woven wire, price $}3,000. Well improved 160 A. 5% miles from Titonka., electricity, tiled,- automatic, pressure system, no lost -crops froni wet weather, this is a good farm, .price'$170.00. Edw. 'Capesius, Algona." 35* FOR SALE: Seed rye. James Coady, Burt.' 35* FOR SALE: Small 3-room brown cottage at north end of Minnesota street, electricity and water, sewer at next place. $1200. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. • 35 FOR SALE: Brown teddy-bear coat, green box coat, teal fitted coat trimmed in fur, navv blue fall coat, all size 14. Call 2201 before 9 a. m. or write Box 131. Whittemore. 35* FOR SALE: Baled alfalfa. 50c per bale. V. Patterson, Algona. 35* 2 HOUSES FOR SALE One, 6-room, two-story, frame dwelling, 311 W. Nebraska. Three blocks from business section. Hot air heat, full basement, hardwood floors, modern in 'all. respects, with garage and nice lot. Five room modernized frame home at 218 W. McGregor, corner lot, garage attached to house. Hot air heat. Paved street. Both houses being sold to close estate. Will be glad to show either or both 'homes to interested parties. Mrs. Dennis Pratt, 301 W. Nebraska St., phone 880. Sltfchg Business Opportunity THIS AD is addressed to a man who is concerned about his future security. He may be too old for industry or young and exempt from military service. Perhaps his income is uncertain or inadequate to meet present day demands. He may be discouraged, but if he has good references and a car, there is a possibility of his qualifying for better 'than average earnings. He should forward full personal history to Box 69, care this paper today. 35« A TIP: The J. R. Watkins Company has a highly' desirable locality open in this section. " The one selected to service it will be assured of more than livable earn^ ines. Write to Harry Bomgaars. 521 W. 4th St., Spencer, Iowa. 35* Wanted WANTED: Girl for general housework. Mrs. R, B, Waller. : 35* WANTED: Bowling pin setters. 6c per line. Parry's Rflcreatjon Parlor. 85-38 WANTED: Two married couples for farm and dairy work at once, separate modern houses, furnished. Loren Brown. 35* FOR SALE: Johils-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation Installed. For estimate: call Dei Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing. Wormhoudt*Home Insulation Co.. 44tf FEMALE HELP WANTED: We are in need, of several Women to help in poultry, dressing operations. We have recently modernized our picking room. 'Rate 50c hour, time and one-half over 40 hours. Rest periods. With gas rationing over, you can drive from nearby towns. Start that Christmas fund now. Swift & Co., Algona. 34-35 WANTED: 160 or 200 A. farm. David McGregor, Burt. .Phone 9 on 93. Full line of power machinery. 32-35* GtKL, -.WANTED for checker and ' ^general help. National' Tea Store. . 35* WANTED: Reliable woman or girl to ( stay in nice home as my companion. Very .little work,' wages. Mrs. Ethel Stoefaer, Fenton. 35* WANTED TO RENT: 4 or 5 room modern house. Merle Pratt, phone 395-J, Algona. 35 Lost-Found LOST: Bracelet with marine <in- Sjgnia. Mrs. Bahne K. Bahnson, ' LOST: Brown -leather billfold at •fairgrounds Tuesday night. 'Contained $20,, navy identification papers, bus ticket to Des Moines. Liberal reward. Jim Burns, phone 785-W, Algona. 35* FOUND: .Sterling ring found by gas engine. • Owner may have same by paying for ad.. Charles Heiderscheid, Algona. 35* LOST: 'Black heifer with white , udder and white spot on head. Weighed about 1000 Ibs. Last seen heading toward Liverjnore. Jack Pevine, phone.2609., grift. 35* ,_ *' Weefcl ot f 16S iiOfl V. -*a M 'S;«9f vittt. "' iliMiilli|:|l^* m • '.- ! AftWiig !#.' irom -' . bale efllMeMrif tfraiftifti Bt> l vies seho&te^tt-the at&at Naval TrainiHfjStatiah was ' "' .. Mis twining Has be&ft to fit MM* -to* a 'steciali Job, as will as fo? skilled work-iti industry wheft he returns ' 'Ian life. ;-;•-•'• - i -, ' Graduates irc-m the te taught at the Great Lakes' service s'cihools are sent to seaj 10 shot e stations, or otd" advanced schobls for further \ , « John Kenefick at Coaat Guard Academy John tterfeflek, sfeoond SpW/flf Mrs.- Marguerite Kenefick, Is now attending the U. 'S. Coast Guard Academy at NeW Lbhddft, .Cotiiii He was graduated with the' class of 1945 from- the Florida Military Academy where he was an hdndr student, holding a 94.5 average\Hi§ last year and graduating as vale* dictoriaft of his class. John was one of 11' boys in his district ; to take the competitive examinations for entrance In the Coast Guard Academy and was one of three "in Florida to pass. '• ' His brother; Jim,- who has been in Italy, recently visited hihv and his mother in St. Petersburg. Frbrn there Jim reported to the army; air base at Lincoln, Nebr. . . , ( Mrs, Kenefick has recently purchased another house, in Sti Petersburg. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Moe, live at Clear , Water. The Keneficks and Moes formerly lived in Algona. : apt. Danson At Sea Word from the P. A. Danson family locates them now at Newport News, Va., where Mrs. Danson and the children are living sirtqte Capt. Danson has been a*s- signed to transporftaduty. He recently attended foe v • Transport Officers School at New Orleans arid; is at present eriijoute to France or, feermany on a Victory ship to bring back troops. Paul has been in the army several years and was a reserve officer prior to the war. His family expects to stay in Virginia for the winter. . 1 - i -' ---- • • ' ;- . Three Enroute Home Among the boys returning from overseas we note the names of Staff Sgt. Harley E. Chambers ami Pfc. Kobt. W. Beed of Algona and Tech. Sgt. Wm. J. Erpelding of St. Joe, who were arriving yesterday in Boston and are supposed to be home soon. the Algona Upper Des Mofnes • "want ads.- They have more readers :-today ' NEED SOME TIRES? I' have, live new "airplane tires, tubes and rims for sale. Can be used on your car. Howard L. Platt, phone 846, Algona. , 35* CONCRETE WORK of all-kinds. Clarence Fraser, .phone 639-W, Algona. . . 33-35* TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTER-; EST LOANS. FHA and Vet-, erahs "GI" Loans to purchase, remodel, Refinance Homes. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. 30tf FLOOR SANDING and Reflnish- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-8tf TYPEWRITER CLEANER Keep your typewriter keys clean with Webster's RTZ. Cleans type, platens, all metal parts, all kinds of machinery. 50c bottle. Algona Upper Des Moines. 34tf Exchange Dept, Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets. Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, S!T burns.-^Kossuth Radio & Electric, a, Iowa. Wl INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts, Custom work, Cowan Building Supply Co.. phone 275, NEW SHIPMENT of stationery just arrived. Have it printed with your name. The Algona Up, per Pes Moines. 34t| SEE ME FOR ae« Bargains to farms, lostw, drainage surveying and estimate* «» tHf. **> PW1 J, phone £2, AJgopa, l*tf your late model car |o «s for the highest price. Free in* rnwHon pn ceilings, fjpenk Motor Seevipe, West p* PPMrt Bouse. Mail orders wanted f m 'Monogram* aU fcin&; Machine but* CoveMfeiittonj. Hem, Projrapt service. Mar<* ,. t §15-35$ Broken Shoulder Bode: Harold Skaugstad is at a Fort Dodge hospital receiving treatment for a broken shoulder which he received Wednesday of last week while working in a county maintenance crew south of town. Sgt. Alt Memorial - Quihten Bjustroni . attended • memorial services Sunday, for Staff Sergeant Elmer Alt, held at the Christian Apostle church at West Bend. Swea Hail Damage Swea Eagle: The hail storm Friday afternoon, swept through the eastern part of Swea townshop and the southern part of Eagle, doing considerable'damage to beans and corn, and. wrecking gardens. Mrs. Ralph Andrews spent the week end in Fort Dodge visiting relatives. Mrs. Andrews is the former-Vera Dimler, and she has, been staying at the' home of her" parents,. Mr. and Mrs. Art Dimler, while her husband is in the army. Hem* Comfort fhil Liste • HouictSmt with an CERTIFIED 1 INSULATION JOB Phont ui today CowanBldgSupplyCo. Phone 275 ALGONA, IOWA -; All teicycles^ mwsfc te registered a't the 6ity etefR's office', and "the license tags,^cbhsting IB cents,; at* '-'^ ; ' , BieycHss' used iri the ; .eity during the period from one-half hdur after sunset to one-half be* fore .sunrise' mtist display' a headlight on front and a red 'glass -reflector-: behind. --They. inUst be "equipped With horn 0? bell but tioi with, siren.; . ,/ Bicycles shall not -be parked on sidewalks in ..the business district, and it iS Unlawful to ride of 6per- ate a blcy'ete on sidewalks 'in the business district of the City or iii ahy school zones, .-pedestrians on sidewalks have the right of way*No extra passengers shall' be 1 carried oh bicycles, and cyclists shall ride in 'single file close to the right curb. Bicycle riders shall observe the same traffic rules and signals as . automobiles. ' Penalty is a misdemeanor and the law breaker may have, his bicycle taken away for a period not to exceed 30 days or be fined $25 or both. . ' •ho'fti«vitt;;AthiS^^ SutH IS, tailor. 6£ tii "— •;; tne aaily;* > . •• . , , • n'bme the" first 'pi s laM ^efefe jffbgtu- Los Ahielei. Calif ., M*r| : he, rtijfctf. a month with h;is> fou* :•* jistersj?. ; ,' 'Nan, ,eiaM ; ;. "arid : Mayv ' ' since he Me'riiade the" triji by bus,; erirbute at "Oinaha. to .y. Niver, formerly of Lu Verne,* Andrew Sehrman ahd.Af t^ohe, 614 friends'. He; saW D« C.- M. C. Walt- terSi former Bancroft . doctor, ,ab •Btmiflk SptingS, -\Callf .-, ^tid^als* .. ' • Miss -Bertha Lang, from Chiha,- will speak at the Bap- - tist church •Sunday evenlflg, Sept. 2, and Moriday af ternoon af 2i30>? •...;. to the. Women's Missionary; Sd*-.^ clety; Miss Lang has been; ft ialfr*r ;•: sionary to China the mat 22 yeats:. ; and Is under the auspices of Inland Mission. ;

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