The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1930
Page 2
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FU1UAV, AUGUST.!, m.VTllKVli.LR, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE IF'llblHFT OlSIfilCIflCTIl rond about in books. H began snowing itlxml simper lime, and kept a getting hnrder. H Ibjhlen- «1 and thundered loo, which Is a bad sign for a snow storm. The nexl day Ihe weather was cold as I""", the deuce. We wenl up Hie rond!' 1 " 11 P.eenlists in Army William D. Dowdy of Stecle, Mo., who rKiilisteil In the Untied Stales arniy fit the loeal recruiting sta- scrvlng three years, has been sent to 1'ori Sam Itouslou, ! (Conilned from page one) '. cf 18U4- It's been a long time, but 1 1 weren't no youngster then, by I golly. Figure It onl for iCr.niintied from pa:;e on=) . I'll ite 79 in August, and Tom he r.;ive a vital interest." he slid. "Th-:'!:. already 81 now. Want to knoiv ramnissiuiei-s should ciiiitull ilu-m i abait llu> first time, we ever come My only apolupy for trailing this'io Arkansas. We used lo live on m<-i'tinn no-.v is thai I didn't rail il the Ohio river up in the good old years riyo.' , slate oi Ohio. Way back in 1883 tlr-rsrrini 1 , tir tin {jriii'jfolllly of j I gel a chance to mnk.? a trip to iHimc'di'V.eru-l!on on His put o' Memphis, so 1 came along. We HIP i-uinmivilrnci.s 10 iinO a yj!f.- ] stepped ever al Eimot. Tint's tion to iheir difficulties Mr. Litll i: aboul where O.;coo!a is now. I lefl said l.ial Ihe calling of the mem- ; the botu there, find gin a job iny this moiiiiiii-; had no Mime" ! ditching on a dredge. I used lo go ilui v.'ilh any .such :<oiian. He sali: .up and down the river quid? a bit. mill In- told :i Imrd member of am! lived in Quapaw or New Mad- ilie plan for today's meeting bit' | nd for several years. But in '94 v.-i- not lo'.d of any pb:i \rj li'i'i «e came over lo Tim's Poini, ihe commissioners. Since then, he said, higocpi city in the world with a he hud learned thai, the board w:is population then of not over five or considering a plan of ac'.ion, unc'jjix. Yes sir. eld Tim's Point, i rut lie was in hearty agreement' -Lei's see now. I lefl olf about with tluil plan as he <m<li>rstoo:l n. i coming here in '94, didn't 1? Well (•uin:)iit(i:e h AnUinrlwrt |j messed around liere until 190:1, Urging that lh; landowners n;>- I anA lhvn svcn , U0wn i0 Louisiana, point n permanent u . am) over (0 rjeelfcol, Tenncsue. act fnr lilt in u:; an twlv^ovy ti' 1 ''| Didn't stay long, though, and cam;' tc the board of commit i.'mer:, ?.! •. i ,, n ^nch to Tim's 1'oint, ihe clly Lilile said that no" radical Jf.'::s i w jth ii, c Uggesl ix>]>ulalioii in the r..;| be taken. : world, ty gcsh." He pausc-d lo look -All personal or selfish consider-, cwr Il)c by of lhe i nnd 5,,^ „,, uUi.n should be put aside." he *:u<l.'chest seined to swell with pride a^ urging ttiat the committee be com- j ne regarded his home site. A I <>!•(; II HOUND INDIFFKKKN'I 1 CiOI.KER: You me gelling mure and mure hope- npieee and found everything Uwe, .tiff, squirrel?!, chickens, birds, and ll " ns all. I found nn old ->50 pound sow llmt was Kliff as a uoaiu. 11 kept. snu«liig nil dny and all night. Our food run short, and we liad lo eat coons that a fellow had caught in h'.t, trup, hud sklncd. hung onl and OADD1K: 1 couldn't have less tinned blnck. We ate Hie stew, and hope than wot I siuiU-d with.— made ourselves think we liked il. 'Hie Himioilsl. That's wliat we did." ; "What cited did the reservation have upon your fishing and hunting?" The old man's hair almost bristled OL he got all riled up. "Effect enough let me lell yon. youtij? man, tlic first curse ever done we common folks by Ihe governinc-n', wns when those (hides put the rt-s- ervallon on Hits lake. It wns nol only a dam foolish tiling 10 do. but.i it infringed on the rights of us poor folks ihnl were making an iioucbl living. Mnny n lime live lell HXe getting my rifle and shoot- • ing Ihe whole Ihinn out. Ferhaps Uiu-li; Sam will wuke up some day, j and keep us |X>or <!evili. tronvslavv- | .IIB to death." Tnc cock stove was now hoi, and j ihe grcas? in Ihe pan was sizzling. I Uncle George wns cocking supper • tor himself and his urosher. Asked I -;ouit why he didn't have a womiin -in.und. "Oh they are too nosy.. Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson. Ark. Sclmltz Construction Co. BELOTE GROCE Y & MEAT MARKET of ••intelligent, rafe, conserv- j one of the fellows asked: "Uncl? I Alwajs a poking their bills into • alive and unselfish" land owners. George, did you ever make a big I oiiier people's misiness. Me and Mr. Caldwell immediately moved catch of fish?" Imagine asking an • lorn lies got along without them lhat the chair be authorized to ap- old lishennan such a question. [ 10 i nigh onlo sixty year,, and I' "A bis catch? You -otiKiit In ask •. .c-.kon we can, keep right on doing • ii. "He asked us to have suppc-r . ; with him, but we had to reiuse. ' , .-J we took our leave dusk was fall- here. Why, I recollect catching as | in6 ^ tlle ol(1 nsuerman was still of bass in hc t [hc lmf cuo i,_i,i K | lls tl . r .. fishing oil ! courl] Hummel Raft, and we sure shoi them. Sixty pounds of bass h.ow many big catches, sonny. HJ ha. As a fellow'd say, 0113 sprin \ve set them fish a-going around j point tuc'h a committee. An jiiienrtniciu by R. F. Kirshner that Mr. Ullle be chairman of the committee was accepted by Mr. Cnld'.vell and the proposal, put to a v-'c ppssed without opposition, i many as sixly pound Mr. 'caldwell then look the floor i three hours. We were in make the prediction lhat sclu.ii, leading lo the appointment oid as opposing Ihe appointment nf B. A. Lynch as receiver, but upon suggestion from several of Uiose present modiricd his motion to make it oppose the appointment as ircc-iver of any of ihe beard ot ivhirh consists of B. A. Lynch, R. Take Navy Exams be aioiind?" " Vcu see we cut a bunch of ditches down the lake, and the fish folcwert tile channel right, past luc rait. We layed for them and got ~. l ' 1em - 'hat's ho-,v we did it." The C " Rose "'and' C.' A.'' "'^ gentleman had paused to kill a Afflick. This motion was adopted without opposiiion. A. M. R. Branson inmiired if it v.-as nol possible that a solution for the district's difficulties mighl be found through Ihc drainage district relief measure sponsored by President Diek of the Natoinal D:ainage association. Mr. Litlle replied that while he believed congress was favored lo such legisln- licn lie did not ihink Drainage Dis- liici 17 in" its present condition lould qualify for relief under the measure. '» Will SliBSPSl Receiver --..&. J,. LJtlle Ihen moved that the coh'im'illee of nine, previously nil- '.hor'7.ed to represent the land owners, be empowered to recom-1 mend in behalf of Ihe land own- e;r a suitable man lor receiver, siioulcl the apixiinimenl of a receiver becime necessary. This was ;idcplcd without opposiiion. On inoticn of Sam Thomas it was voted the landowners present regis- lei their names as the nucleus of an association of taxpayers of the district, anil papers were circulated through Ihe crowd for this purpose. A;-.S'.vc-ring a question by a mem- ta cf the crowd Chairman Lillle tairi he saw no need for an audit I or investigation of the district or i:s present board. Losses through graft or mismanagement in tile pnM nre beyond recovery, he said, and added that he had never | heard any intimation of dishonesty or wroni; doing on the part of members of the present board of rcmmissioners. After a warning by Mr. Caldwell llial a rereivership might lead to a icassessmenl, W. W. Pepper of Huffman said lhat the district was "headed for the rocks." and pre- •entcd a r.-.olion that the committee of nine IK instructed to confer wilhj Ihe county's represenlalivcs in Ihe stale legislature and candidates for that office with a view to oblain- niir insurances frcm them lhat they would oppose any such action. This) mclion was carried, embodying a suggestion by Attorney Sloan of Jonesboro lhat the representatives; be alsj asked lo seek the repeal of I the present reassessment law. ( W. Paul Mar?.h, candidate for I representative, aro^c to pledge his cooperation. ' certain species of wasp known as a dirtdcpper that had gotten into his hcuse. Opposed to Reservation "Boys, it's hot today. But I re- mcmrjer wnen it .was so cold around here that you could hardly breath. Mnstin Dewitt Rodgcrs, son of • I Mrs. Laura Rodgers. of Osceoia. Ark., and Lynn Everett Owen, son of Nil's. Mailie B. Ow.;n of Wilson, Ark., were transferred to the: | navy recruiting station at Litlle; Reck, where they will be given j their final examination for enlist-: inent in the navy. If accepted : th?re, they will be sent to Hamp-' ton Roads. Va., for training. BALDLY STATED PASSPORT OFFICER: You have ; a line head .of hair—your passpori j describes you as bnld—the pass- One winter 1 was down the river j port is false, about TjTOnza. when a regular I TRAVELER: ncriheasterner came up like you' Answers. No, the hair MOTHER i admonishing small 1 boy: And don't forget that. I'm your mother. j SMALL SON: Yes. bill I do: wish you'd quit bragging about it.i —Kentish Observer. 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