The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1945
Page 7
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ffltt Ai&dHA tfoeey Dei Mdirttes. Aleona. towa, August Id. 1845 I4LEDYARD WOMEN WORK FOR VETERANS Fourteen woftvefi at* tended the V. S. W, A. vrork meet- tog 6t the home of Mrs. Albert Barnes Friday and cut blocks for lap wbes, worked on handker* Chiefs and made slippers for veterans hospitals. flans for Christmas boxes, whlth will be mailed . between Sept, 15 and Oct. 15, were made. Even though peace comes, many boys will not be home by Christmas So the United Service Women are going ahead with their project. The soliciting committee is Mrs. •Fred Darnell, Mrs. Burton Johnson, Mrs. Henry Sieberg and Mrs. Martha Oabel. The buying committee will be Mrs. William Flynn, Mrs. William Speceher, Mrs. Aubrey Waterhouse and Mrs. Asa Warner. Plans also werp made to put up boxes in the stotes and the women have been asked to donate sugar to make candy and cookies for the bbys. Mrs. Burtdh JdhnSon is In charge Of this. Tag Day proceeds were $24.35, and $22.50 has been taken in at the four vanishing teas which have been held so far. Mrs. Rose Moulton will have the next-work meeting at her home in Bancroft the second Friday in September, > Mr. and Mrl Walter Miller were business callers in Algona last Week on Monday. Mrs. Perleh Jacobsen returned home Friday, from North Carolina where She had been with her husband, who is in service. She is relieving her mother, Mrs. Christy Hinricksen, at Brack's store this week. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Braok and Roger and Mrs. Brack's niece, Betty Lewis, attended the wedding of Betty Anderson and Alvin Nelson at.ihe •Presbyterian church in Lakota Friday evening. They were 'also guests at the reception which followed the ceremony. In order to settle the Hansine Larsen Estate the '.Northeast Quarter (NEJ4) of Section'Twelve (12), Township Ninety-six (96) North, Range Twenty- eight (28), West of the 5th F. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, is offered for sale. Hearing will be had at the, Court House at Algona, Iowa, on Saturday, August 18th, at 10:00 o'clock a. m. at which time and place an Order of Court will be entered approving the sale of said farm to the highest bidder. The 1945 Lease outstanding on this property will be .assigned to the purchaser. Hutchison & Hutchison Attorneys-jbt-Law Coast-to-Coast Store August Sale CHILD'S HIGH CHAIR 7.95 000x16, 550x17 TIRE RELINERS 1 Q«)O AUTO BATTERIES 6-volt, 46 plate 5.95 Exchange SCOOP SHOVELS No. 12 and 14 1.89 HOT SHOT BATTERIES 6-vplt 1.69 ELECTRIC FENCE", CHARGERS 6-volt 9.95 BARN PAINT 5-gallon cans 1.35 Gallon 80x3^ TUBES 1.98 CAR FLOOR MATS All Rubber Felt Backs 2.49 6 DRAWERS CHEST Unfinished 15.95 MQDJL A SEAT COYEBS 5.95 BONP BOXES t.49 HAMMERMLLL BELTS 34:505 m 8-PIECE BEDROOM'SUITES , Special 69.95 BABY CARRIAGE All metal 15.95 BABY BEDS Maple, complete with Mattress 19.95 BUMPER CAR JACKS 2.98 45-Volt B. BATTERY Heavy Dnty •• 1.98 TIRE PUMPS 2.49 750x20 TRUCK .TIRES Grade ll 59.95 Plus Fed. tax certificate 600x16 TIRES Grade I 13.95 46*volt B^BATTERIES HeavyDwty 1 20.2125 BIKE TIRES 1,79 TRACTQR 9xM 30.50 COACH FBCWT GOYEHS AU mafcea of carg Coast-tO'CoastSfore ' » i •>,,'« -< '? ••-"ji-V jf ?, /* ; BODE WOMAN GETS SHARE OF "COMPANY" Bode: Showered with attention, Mrs. O. P. Espe, who is an invalid, as been deluged with "company" recently. •Mrs. S. C. Townswick of Hardy. a daughter, spent last week with her mother. Another daughter. Mrs. E. L. Highland and son David came from Ames. Mrs. Highland expects to stay and help care for her mother. .Others who visited there the past week -were Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hermansen, of Ruthven; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Emmons, Lewis, Nadine and David and Mrs. Mamie Townswick, of Story City, and Mrs. G. I. Purdy of Ottosen. A family gathering was held at Mrs. Espe's home Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Viall and Mrs. M. LaBay of Winnebago, Minn.; James Espe, of Clinton; Mrs. S. C. Townswick, Thelma, Bonnie and Stanley, of Hardy; Mr.-and Mrs. William Schlafke. Lois, Loren and Gladys, of Jewell; Al Brown of Gilmore City, and his daughter WAVE Mary Ellen Brown, stationed at Corpus Christl, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. 'E. L. Highland and son David, of Ames, and Mr. and Mrs. William Cathcart,and Peter Espe of Bode. Delniar Kinseth, relief section foreman at Iowa Falls, spent Sunday with his family here. Mrs. W. F. Palmer and son Mark Alle and Mrs. Ted Morison were Fort Dodge visitors Friday. Mrs. Walter DeWitt and small son Jerry spent Thursday visiting with friends in West Bend. Lt. _and Mrs. Robert Reed of Estherville were guests at the A. W. Gray home Wednesday evening. Robert Dodd, 17-year-old brother of Floyd Dodd, went to Fort Dodge Thursday and enlisted in the navy. Mrs. Delmar Kinseth, Janice and Robert spent Tuesday in Ottosen with Mrs. Oliver Kinseth and Mrs. Roy Enockson. •Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Norman and Phyllis have returned from an auditing trip and will spend a 3- week vacation in Bode. David and Sara Lynn Olson have returned to their home in Council Bluffs after a visit at the.home of their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Olson. Mrs. P. J. Johnson is spending a week at the home of her sister Mrs. Andy Olson. She came from Ames, eriroute to her 'home in Minneapolis; Lt. and Mrs. W. F. Palmer and baby daughter Michelle have returned to Springfield, Mass. They were called here by the death of Lieutenant Palmer's step-father A. W. Gray. The Junior League, sponsored by Mrs. Thor Selvig and Mrs. Archie Holland, will be held in the church parlors Sunday evening. Following a program, refreshments will be served. i Rev. and Mrsr M. B. -Quill and 'son-Roy, of Ridgeway, were Sun- day'guests at the R. F. Gullixson home. They are on the way to visit their son Rev. David Quill and his family at Glehwbod, Minn. Pfc. Donald Bakken, who has been a surgical patient at Schick General Hospital, Clinton, has recovered sufficiently to receive a 21-day furlough which he will spend at the home of his father Alvin Bakken. Mr. and Mrs.' George Yeoman, of,Corwith, entertained at a family dinner Sunday honoring Lt. and Mrs. W. F. Palmer of Springfield, Mass. Other guests present were Earl Palmer and family of Webb, and Mrs. A. W. Gray of Bode. - Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson have moved their household goods from Des Moines and will occupy the Keith Nasby house for'a while. It was vacated,recently by the Clarence Olsons, who have moved into their own'home, purchased from Lars Larson. Mrs. Andy Olson recently received a belated Mother's Day gift from the Philippines from her son Cpl. Roger Olson. The gift included two handwoven baskets, two handmade belts, two pairs of Philippine' shoes, a luncheon set, and a drapery cloth made from hemp. Ledyard Vitinity hews Items Mr, and Mrs. Paul Nitz and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jensen were at the Saddle Club in Algdna Sunday. Ray Marquis, Herb 2ulske and Ed Halvorson attended a Junior League ball game at Mason City Sunday. Miss Anna Logeman of Minneapolis is spending her vacation visiting her brothers and sisters in this vicinity. Rev. and Mrs. Edward Muss are attending the missionary conference at the Mission House near Plymouth, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Tice Brack and grandchildren Priscilla and Mickey Miller were at West Bend Sunday for a picnic. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hendricksen and son Roger, of Bancroft, Were guests last Tuesday everting at the Kenneth Buseh home. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. McNerney and two children of West Des Moines, visited over the week end at the parental Jack McDonald home. Mrs. Charles Bashara and son Thomas returned from Rugby, N. D., Aug. 7, where they had been called by the death of Mrs. Bashara's father. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brandt and son and two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brandt, of Hollandale, spent the week end at the Paul Gelhaus home. Mrs. Leonard Warner and daughter and Mrs. Warner's mother, Mrs. Bierstedt, of Hurt, were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Asa Warner. •Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boeckelman of Sioux City, visited Mrs. Boeckelman's mother Mrs. Hattie Sprank Friday. They were returning home from a vacation at the lakes. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. ^HalVorson received word last week that their son, Tilmer, of Santa Monica, Calif., had been inducted into the army at Fort McArthur, Calif. The monthly social meeting of the youth fellowship of the Evangelical and Reformed church will be held at the home of Orville and Leonard Beenken Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. William Pappe, Mrs. L. A. Nitz, Mrs. Henry Blome and Adolph Poppe went to Monticello last week to attend the funeral of an uncle. They returned on Wednesday. Mrs. Alma Sornson and two children, Mrs. Guslav, of Walnut, Mrs, William Dau, of Algona, and Mrs. Peter Ehler, of Swea City, called Sunday at the Harry Schroeder home. Mr. and Mrs. Lennis Quam and daughters of Frost, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Johnson and family called at the E. T. Halvorson home last Wednesday evening. It was Mr. Halvorson's birthday. Vernon, the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Darnell, left last week having been inducted into the army. He was accepted by the marine corps and his parents have not heard yet where he has been sent. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welfare and Doris spent Sunday at the Knute Bonicksen home in Rlngsted. Eldon Bonicksen, who has been overseas the past 3 years, returned Sunday and has received his discharge from the army. He was in service 4 years and 3 months. Bernard Van Lierop was a week end visitor at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Edward Nuss, He is a missionary to Africa and is in this country for a year. He spoke at all three services at the Mission HELP WANTED! Lady to help in Dry Cleaning Department Also Laundry help, boy and female Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners Phone 267 Across Street East of Courthouse Festival of the Evangelical and Reformed church on Sunday. Mr. and Mfs. Alfred Biisch and family of Lyle, Minn., visited relatives here over the week end. On Sunday they were dinner guests at the Alvin Busch home. Their daughter Darlen, who had been visiting the past week at the Her* bert Trenary home, returned with them. Miss Lorraine Wegener, who Is employed in Des Moines, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F, Wegener. Mr. and Mrs. fi. E, Saltfe^ *n* • ' Mrs. Mary Morris spent the weeK ' end at Clear Lake at the eottatf* of Mr. and Mrs, Mrs. ttawle* who hfiS fi&tt ing at the' Sand6rs, : hflke ffea/i week, fettirned to Mlillllllillllilllill^ saves MONEY FUEL and Doctor Bills Protect your family and your pocketbook this winter! Insula^ tion guards against cold air and drafts. Insulation keeps heat in your home. Pack your Wall cracks, window openings, floors and ceilings with double - proof • insulation for heat and health— and watch fuel bills melt each month. See us for complete details on the modern way to winter health and economy! FUEL will be short this winter, and the way to keep.warm with fuel rationing is to have your home insulated now. Don't delay. Winter is not far away. Phone 275. M (Cowan Building Supply Company || Phone 275 ALGONA lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllH IPlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllM^ "THE GRAINS ARE GREAT FOODS" COWl turn Kellogg's Com Flakea bring you nearly all the protective food elements of the whole grain declared essential to'human nutrition. . -^A tf s f. Mr, and Mrs. Mervin Priebe and Janice were Algona shoppers Sat" urday, . 'The United Service Women of America will meet tomorrow at the school house. ' Bertha Anderson whose home is in North 'Dakota, hfcs been visiting at the tars Finnestad home. Mrs. Ted LeFevre, of Brookings, S. D., is visiting at the home of her parents Mr. : and Mrs, Lars Fini- nestad a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Bay Priebe took their son Bonnie to Emmetsburg Saturday. He has infected tonsils and an 1 Infected kidney. Miss Eunice Krause, who is employed in Des Moines, spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs, Walter Krsuse. Mrs, Emil Blecfewenn and daughter Norms Jean and Mrs. dale Long, of Ringsted, were Mn* son City shoppers Friday, Diane Higley, daughter of Mr, and Mrs..Ba?yejr lilfley, of fatr, moot, Minn., fees been spending the pfist week at tfl? George " ' home. '. Mrs. -Jfarwirt daughter Barbara Jane from Algpna Monday Mft&M whew they wiU weste yteittnj M, w> T& jan, aj}4 Mr* 9»S Mrs- Parry t by for from received his TF^WWJ sWT W0* 9m ?«* -m <#*«? 4f •* JMMM& A£ £m& ^f^anv flrpr 'K*fw TIRE WAS LOST LOAD WAS SUPPUiS WERE LOST A BATHE WAS .OST / DON'T DEUY, REPAIR AND RECAP TODAY! 'n ¥< PREPARE YOUR COAL BIN NOW So You Con Have Coal When You Need It In the near future coal will begin to roll, You have favored us with your order under government regulation, and we appreciate it, To further give you service we would like to have you prepare your coal bin now so when the coal cornea in we can put it right in and you will be assured of fuel thU winter* We must work fast and schedule deliveries, Those whose,bins are ready naturally will get coal first—so it i§ fe*' your advantage to gej your bin ready HQ>W, Then give us a- ring At Phone No. 329 and we will put you on owr delivery schedule, Don't delay, because the manpower si still with us and we must work fast when the coal F. S. NORTON 6- S Iowa * « *

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