The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1945 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1945
Page 11
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diftg with * J-A- IKY dfflne? atiiheif naf Bttffate Center /Sunday. s mte Mr". $&mts<>n<i> MTB, Sawh PaterssnTMrs, f <ter son's S«hisr, Altered (O- |gfd th e paterson <shildfen Jftftttta Moere and ? aBiHy, fal* Center; Mrs. Percy McDowell and JfaMji J&asmiim't, IMiflfi.J Ma ne, a WAVE stationed in Vir* finia; Margie Rose and Herbert, Jr., at ' Buf the Hetify: ^15 Center, rind" . , Del M6in%s; the* bfts,. Stfea Clt?, and ttterSonSf Lakota. *: ; i couple was given a purse of MrV'flnd Mrs', Daniel Gunn and children spent Suriday with Mrs. Gunn's parents find brothers. ., .Jfarry Warburtort, Elhiore. Minn., a Monday dinner g\i6$i at thfe, J. H. Warburton home. The Ernest Huffman family and Anna BaUttiann were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Robert .Welters. • • Mr- and Mrs. C. L. Peterson and «bri Lowell, of Buffalo Center, were Sunday visitors at the c. C. Gerzemas. The Ait»ha Upper BfclMdnes, Algoni, fow*» Atipst §, 1048 > wdj|jg|||||- „ ^^^^ ^^ For Sale ' '••'-• • - Y In order fto settle the Harislne I^rsen Estate the yottTuoMt (Baaifter (JTEJ4) of Section Twelve (12), TowiWhip Uirttity-slx (96) North, Hange Twenty- eight <28>)., West rof the 5th P. ST., Kossnth County, Iowa, 5s 'offered if or sale. Hearing will be had at the Court House ittt .Algona, Iowa, on Saturday, August 18th, «t 10sOO<<tfclock a. m. at which time and place an Order >of Court will be entered approving the sale of said laran (to tthe highest bidder. The 194,5 (Lease (outstanding on this property will be assigned (to (the ipnrchaser. Hutchison & Hutchison Aftittd Family Get-Together x fehtdnf A family get-together Wia held at the Hafvey Higley hdifie In Fairmont, Mlhn.» Sunday. Those attending from Fenton were Mf.' and Mrs. Oebrge Jent« and family, Mr. and Mfs. Fred Jent2 } Mr. and Mrs. Art Mueller and Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kern fthd .Charles, Mri and Mrs. Clarence' Theesfield and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jentz and family, Mrs, Emma Hanna and June, Mrs. Bob Hanna and Janet, Mrs. &6n<* aid Berkland and Mrs. Lyle Priebe. those attending from Fairmont Were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Simmons and family,' Mr. and Mrs, Walter Jentz and Howard Anderson and children. lUmtttrlWHWMHMH hem Items of Lakota VidnUy The Raymond Smiths are Hosts to Mrs. Smith's mother Mrs. Daw- sdn of Aurella. Pearl Jean Frerichs, who is taking cadet nurse training in St. the C. c. Gerzenias, Sat- mearly all the protectiye*foqd ele-- jnentsof the whole grain declared, essential to human nutrition.. The telephone is in the fi«M»t FROM FACTORY, powder plant, tank maker, shipbuilder, airplane factory—where thousands of telephones give swift communication within th« plant and worldwide contact with every other part of the war activity..; TO FOXHOLE on the front lines. As our fighting men move into enemy-held positions, the communications forces step right along with them—fanning out communications between headquarters and firing lines. It takes a Ipt of telephone material and equipment! WAR NS805 COME P|R$T| (i Joog fetrd w»y to Tokyo iwtwwJJy cwr^ Iff? Job ia to COUNC1L PROCEEDINGS July 26, 1945 A regular meeting of the Council was held at the usual time and place. The Mayor and all Councilmen were present. : The minutes since the last'regi- ular meeting were read and approved, ' &• i Building Permits were granted to Geo. Boswell, Don Weise, M. R. Wagner, C. Glen Walker. The Budget Estimate was fixed as previously published. An Agreement was entered into with the Burns & McDonnell Eng. Co. for a preliminary survey in connection with the possible construction of a water softening plant. : Appropriating Ordinance No. 649 was- passed. ,, . Adjourned to August 16, 1945. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 649 An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein I named. I Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. Electric Fund L. Bellock, salary $ 88.50 F. Dailey, salary. 98.50 T. Halpin, salary.... 88.50 C. Wright, salary. 60.50 E. Graham, salary. 85.80 Wm. Ludwig, salary 92.fO W. Hansen, salary 78.40 A. Hill, salary 64.30* K. Rutledge, salary. 60.65 H. Stephenson, Salary. 88.50 C. Webb, salary. 82.60 R. Barton, salary 41.50 P. Laubenthal, salary. 26.00 W. Ettel, salary 36.45 C. Pollard, salary 116.30 I. Kohl, salary 55.10 A. Carlson, salary 92.20 H. iPassmore, salary. 62.60 Iowa State Bank, tax 101.20 Diesel Service Co., mdse 643.21 C. M. St. P. & -P. R. R. Co., mdse 234.55 Line Material Co., mdse 19.48 Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse. : 11.93 Iowa Elec. Sup. Co., mdse..... 104.64 North. Elec. Sup. Co., mdse. 62.13 Thompson Dist. Co., mdse. 141.58 Algona Ldry., service 24.84 Algona Mach. Shop, repairs 13.94 Algona Coop. Cry. Co., gas 2.47 H. W. Post, frt 4.58 Algona Hdwe.', mdse 3.85 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse.- 5,30. NW Bell Tel. Co., services- 18,68 W. W. Sullivan, p. M, mdse. 246:00 Western ' Union, service...... 1.19 Treas. of State of la., tax.... 12.91 Treas. of State of la., tax.... 495.65 Water Fund H. Barton, salary... 93.10 F. Ostrum, salary. 80.10 R. Barton, salary. 19.00 W. Ettel, salary. j 33.15 P. Laubenthal, salary. 28.10 C. Pollard, • salary. :.. 30.00 I. Kohl, salary. 27.50 L. Mitchell, salary. 70.10 Iowa State Bank, tax 37.00 Leighton Sup. Co., mdse 94.08 Waterous Co., mdse , 203.08 Globe Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse, 5.61 Culligan Zeolite Co., mdse. 73.99 H. W. (Post, frt 2.62 Dutchs" Super Serv., rprs • 1.42 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse; 1.24 Addressograph Sales Agcy., mdse......: . 2.39 Treas;. of State of la., taxi... 70,37' Consolidated Fund C. McGinnis, salary... 80.50 T. O'Brien, salary. 83.30 A. Weishaar, salary... 73,60 A. Boekelman, salary. 60.10 NW Bell Tel. Co., serv ., 3.82 W. S. Darley & Co., mdse... 26.70 Barker Drug,. mdse 6.98 Chrome Serv, Sta., gas.; 85 Clements Super Serv., gas 16.53 E. Moe, gas 3,78 Kos. Oil Co., gas ., 58.28 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse 38.40 Kos. Motor Co., rprs 238.31 Iowa St. iBank, tax 39.80 J, L'ashbrok, salary, 92.GO E. Skilling, salary..,.. 96.40 C. Harvey/ salary. 66.30 J. Bahr,. salary. , flli40 G, Gunder, salary...'. 58,40 H. Pierce, salary, 58.40 L. N Bahr, salary 54.20 Concrete Prod. Corp., mdse 31,01 Globe 'Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse 6.10 Stand Oil Co, mdse ., 17.26 Latng & Muckey, rprs,..,.,... 2.17 Algona Hdwe., mdse 11,71 Kos. Co. Imp, Co,, rprs 8.27 Thorpe Wood & Iron Wks,, rprs ........; , 7.50 C. A. Heard, rprs...... 2,50 Cont. Oil Co., oil................ 60,17 B 1 , S, Nortpn & Son, rndsefl 333.01 Dutch's Super §erv,, gas.... 11,88 Sen.Fwnkl sta., gas.... 22.80 Wm. C.'Pau Gar., rprs 7,34 Foster, 1 salary.,.........,..,.;, 65.00 Groc, Co.. indse, 3.70 . . ;y...., r ........... 75.QQ Sewer Fund C. Pollard, salary.,,.....,.,..,., 20.00 5, E. Palmer, salary............ 30.00 K Haag, salary..,.™,.,,,..,.,;.,, 2U.20 J, Ulricl}, sateFy,..:;.;,....,.,.,.. 19.20 J,; jReed, salary.',.,.;,;.,...,,...;.., 19,20 ••••'• •'•* •• wtn t!.Tn,"''• 47150 Paul, Minn., visited her atint and family, " ~ " ~ ------- urdfiy. Elsie Baum returned from the hospital at Iowa City last week where she had been for a week for a physical cheek-up. Reports were satisfactory. Eldon Heetland, Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Heetland, has received a medical discharge from the army and is at present helping in the Heetland restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beemer received "a letter from a buddy of their son, Sgt. Bob Beemer, .saying Bob was on his way home for a furlough from the Pacific. The small son of'Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klocke was baptized at the Lutheran church Sunday morning by Rev. F. F. Darnouer and was given the name of Duane Paul. Captain Kruis and wife, of Washington, were Visitors Of the Raymond Smiths several days last week. Mrs. Kruis and Mrs. Smith were classmates at Coe college. Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Guam, Emmetsburg, and Mrs. Robert Nolte and daughter, Algona, were Sunday visitors with the women's mother Mrs. Eva Mittag and family. Mrs. Guy Beemer took her sister Mrs. Jule Neff and daughter Vera Mae to Estherville Saturday where they took a bus to their home at Elk Point, S. D., after a week's visit with the Beemers. Homer Jarcon and family o: Wichita, Kansas, were callers a Mrs. Sarah Patterson's home Thursday. They were on their way to Welcome, Minn. Homer's father was buttermaker in Lakota for 14 years. ' Among Algona shoppers Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. A. C Klocke, Emma Thaves, Hannah Heetland, Mrs. J. H. Warburton Mrs.. George Heetland and ,twin daughters Fanchon and Faustine and son Roger. Pfc. Richard Garrett and wife are visiting at the home of Richard's parents Mr. and Mrs. 'C. C Garrett. Richard is on furlough and recently came home from service in Europe. Another son, Gene Garret, .who was recently dis* charged from Service is working with his father near Fairmont. Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Buschman of the Presbyterian church left Monday for a 2-week vacation and Rev. and Mrs. Edward Cass of the Methodist church left Sunday for a 2-week vacation with their respective parents at Fayette. There will be no service at the Methodist church Sunday but services will be held again Aug. 19. Mr. and Mrs. Art Norlin and two children, of Sioux Falls, S. D,, and Pfc. Allen Norlin, who is on leave from hospital treatment after being wounded in the South Pacific 6 months ago, came Saturday for a few days visit with the W. D. Leys. The men went home Sunday afternoon but Mrs. Norlin and children remained for a longer visit. Mrs. Norlin and Mrs. Ley are sisters. Four Corners News 32.00 .12.00 "4.34 .11.30 100J ,00 Fire Maint Fund Algona Fire Co., calls Kos. Oil Co., battery chg..... NW Bell Tel. Co., serv Storm Sewer Fund Kos. Co. Rec. Office, rec Chapman gnd Cutler, legal serv R. Leisner, eng .45.50 G. Hart, eng 125.00 P. Kohlhaas, eng. 200.39 Deposit Fund S. L. Feeney Store, et al, refunds -155.00 Sec. 2. This ordinance, shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and. approval. Passed and approved this ,26th day of July, 1945. ; FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk/ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker attended a K. C. picnic at the C9unty fairgrounds Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Lee were Sunday dinner guests of Sylvester Fuhrmans, Livermore. Mrs. Violet Walker and children were Sunday -dinner guests at the home of her daughter Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom. The Emll Persons of Lone Rock, called at the Ray Smith home Monday. Mrs. Person is a sister of Mr. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith and son Walter were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Smith's sister, Mrs. Tom Trenary'of Burt. Mrs, Roy Osborn and children, of Seneca, called at the Roy'Lee home Saturday. Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Lee are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rich and children, Tommy and Rose Ann, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Richs mother, Mrs. Minnie Wilson, of Whittemore; Joan Alexander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Alexander, spent from Thursday until Saturday night at the Perry Lowman home near Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Shaw and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Eisenbarth and son Marvin were in Titonka Thursday. While there they called on Mr. Shaw's' sister, Mrs. Kenneth Hill. Darlene Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee, who is Visiting at the Harry Vigdol home in Armstrong, expected to go from there to the Art Steuve home at Dolliver Sunday for a few days visit before returning home. Mrs. Art Alexander took her mother Mrs. Ida Nickerson, and the letter's sister Mrs. Dena Grosenbach, of Chatsworth, 111., lo West Bend July 30 to see the grotto. Mrs. Grosenbach returned to her home Aug. 1. Mrs. Keith Stephen and children Mildred Robinson" and Mrs. Earl Miller and children of McCook, Nebr., visited last week at the •home of their uncle Perry Rickabaugh at Harris, and with another uncle Earl Robinson at Spirit Lake. They also visited an aunt Mrs. Leo DeMuth of Milford. Mrs. Earl Miller and children Marvin and Jacquelyn, of McCook, Nebr., who have been visiting Mrs. Miller's parents, the C. N. Robinsons, for a month, left for home Monday. Her sister, Mrs. Keith Stephen, and husband and Mrs. Robinsotl took Wet to F8H Oolite where she tflwk ffie train. On tfie way home sh$ expects to visit lid Council Blu«« and Hivi and 'with Mr, Mifleif* Piatsmouth, Dr. J. P, Herrig announces the opening of his offices on Monday, August 13 at 91/2 North Dodge Street, Haggard & Peterson Bldg., Rooms 13 and 15 Algona, Iowa FOR THE GENERAL PRACTICE OF DENTISTRY Insulate Now! For A Johns-Manville Blown Home Insulation Estimate Call 767 Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. DEL LEANEAGH Local Representative 44tf UNCLE SAM SAYS;" ^ Someday... on a new day... you'll steer for farthest horizons. You'll glory in your car's swooping pick-up and surplus power. You'll • almost forget ping. You'll scarcely believe your very own mileage-per-gallon. For you'll have NEW-DAY CONOCO BRONZ-Z-Z GASOLINE —good for new joy! Our persistent application of new-day research... our exhaustive experience with war-winning gasolines ... will be evidenced by the eager new spirit of your , automobile, using NEW-DAY CONOCO BRONZ-Z-Z. > Continental Oil Company Look for the big red Conoco triangle on Your Mileage Merchant's Conoco station.There's the place to get gasoline that's made to come up to the highest limit of quality, under the regulations today. You can have-; full confidence^ in Your- Conoco Mileage MerchanU- ;TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER INSULATED ROCK WOOL BAITS "CONSERVE"-that's the Government's Varning Co all pf us. There's one .sure way to conserve your „ present fuel supply.., insulate your attic now with Celotex Rock Wool Batts. ' ' t -.You'll not only reduce your fuel costs... but from , now on you and your family will enjoy a home • that's warmer in winter, cooler in summer, more ) healthful and more comfortable the year 'round. ' Come in today and let us estimate how much'' ifuel you can save...and how Jlttle this home im-' • provement will cost. Remember that insulation > starts paying for itself from the first day! TQ INSTAU ROCK WOOL BATTS .They're sized and shaped to fit snugly between'joists and raf* ters, In a few hours ypu can «io * complete »Ilic job. Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 - Jim Pool -~. ?: j V>£$ iritis isir^ 1 rm$ ^w««sji»>Bfe««« i ^«*s*W5r-*w. •.: wan AoDftndiciti*. liSii rv^.T^ftfPpt';, M^iiPp\ii£^ij|||v, toy9;oi^O'^i^.flaNBUL^ : . y» ^^^rvTf^™^.™™^,;,:-^ ,•• • £^,0.1 ^WrtlilSlljIi racojwnandatiaai ££4TJQjfi|yj|

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