The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on September 3, 1958 · Page 19
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 19

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1958
Page 19
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INDEX TO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS, PACE 1. v "THE AGE" CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS , Page 19 T-i WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1958. BIRTHS, MARRiAriES, DEATHS BIRTHS ' i"j-tta August 31, at Mercy daughter. . nines). On nttal to Marie and Bob-rlc5&HS VlSn Maree). Both daUghl well; on September 1, V; BJ nnme a, son (Peter Raw- wiie w w - WibuorY (Miles). On September fr1 atBox iim Hospital. W Pat JiJ in'Vdiughter (Mann. Joan). BtWS't (NlchoU). Or. Septem- H hii 9 at Margaret coiea. u ffr.6 and BaW-a daughter. "ttmi tphelan). On Septem-TTVLANU '"Si'SJaret Coles, to H- 6er.2' pill twin boys (Gregory nance and Bin iw" " j wilnaH John thanks to i?rm uwson1.'" Bio and nursing tJviS- - ."Sautter (Alison KIMNEAR. On September 2, at aer home, 15 Farmer Street. Kul Brighton, Margaret Dorothy, lOV'd Wlie 01 KODert jBBraoja, ana lovins- mother ol John and Spencer. KINNEAR. Ou September 2. Margaret Dorothy, loved daugh ter II Alrt, J. SUnUUi uu iiiiii ictK nf (deceased). Soencer. J iime i, George (deceased), Elizabeth ana muicy. E2GHTON1. On September 2, at I her residence, 9 Rosemary Grove, Burwood, Miriam Florence, devoted wife of the late Charles, and nearly lovea momcr oi muiic, auu EO, On September 1, Thomas i fatricK L.eo. late oi an u a warm Street. West Brunswick, dearly be- lovea nusouia oi rata, uevuieu pui of Roy and Arthur, loved brother of James, dear grandfather of Pauline and Margaret. Late of Kyabram. Keai m peace. MATTHEWS. On September 1, at Colac, Chester Claude (Chess.), beloved husband of the late Lavlna, and loving father of Mavis (Mrs. C. Dare, of 90 Queen Street, Colac), ana loving granauaa 01 must, urti-hame, David and Russell. and Meryyn M 2, at Bethesda, -On September to Isabel and Both well, UpWCHWin a"da-Hospital 5" son (Stuart T Murray),. Brother (justice). On August 29, AP.R.Al r, Hasnital. Cowes.. to Tiohel and Bob a son (Bruce Aiex-niider). A brother, for rn' A n oust PAS '.rAHr'tS Almk and JKynwrrit (Cotter). On August pROSCHEK walrra Hospital, to 31l, irri--a daughter (Susan Se, "San."', jSSnond Webb iC&ERS ("."&" e'l. -On August R'wfft Teu.fce.ton, Tasmania, um?NEY (Cirron). on August gWZENEY l. 'J, Hojpital. to tr'...' ..if. rtr John Sweeney, Shelagh, wile Maternity Hospital, to .June and Bon IrffiSNKoSp'S.-Sn September W 2 at Bethlehem Private Hospl-A ti' o.t nnii Nell a son (Brian S hli)? BrShe?e.ot. Karen. Both MARRIAGES Diamond Weddings urn nd Mrs R. N. Armstrong, TVT5. .i rohura. wish i'ilu,"""f.,R'Vnd Mends tor !Si"iffid'ihouliU on their dla- mond wedding anniversary, DEATHS . . . r,S ?in an. nt Mno- A roonna Hospital, Jane, beloved wire of the late Henry Malrs Allen, of 159 Welsford Street, Shepparton, mn,hap nf Mnirolm f rieceflBtd I , jean (Mrs. Stan Younc) , Stanley (deceased), Malsle (Mrs. Ken Frnnkllng), Jim, Muriel (Mrs. Fred Parkinson, ucceasea;. asea a nderson, On September 1, at A private hospital, Annie, of 14 Hall Street, Brighton, dearly loved wife of George Ernest, and loving moiner oi ijeorge itui, asw years. Privately interred. a SHWTW On Sentembcr 1. J. Mordlalloc Hospital Henry Gordon dearly loved husband ol i-i.onnr i.citS nt ui Rnrkiv street. Mordlalloc; late of Murrabit: loving uncle and stepfather of Violet. L.oyd. Lorna and Ernie: ased b3 tars. our lovea one at rea. T ALHAB1W. On September 2. at Avenue, Kew. James Benton, oe- i j kK,rirt nt iha lattt Elizabeth ,n,i dtarlv loved lather of Jeari Mrs. T. H. Dunn). Eileen (Mrs, b w. Fox). Gavon ana james aged 90 yean. Pnvaije interaent, DEATHS IN MEMORIAM .lajnei. , ory of my .dear In loving mem- ear husbana. parsed away beptemner inoBCTT On September l-t .ha ilfrnrl HfHtjital. Hlirl Oliver, loved husband ol Ethel, latt wuiaura. At icat. ion ett nn ScDtember 13 Harry Oliver (Ollle), dear! loved brother of Bert ( deceasea Het (deceased), Wattle (deceased Glad, Clem, George (deceasea Bob, loving brother-in-law PI Mabel, Lil. Marsarct. TvvTrta rm Anaust 29 (SUdV Ji denly). at Balmsdale Adeline Helm, loved wife of the late William Beeton and loving mother . ol Ray (Mrs. Leonard), Bill and sya. illicit. On September 1, .om, J3 loved brother of Freda, brother- Trlntar ftf RIM nnri loved Uncle O: Colin. . Lorraine, Jan. Beverley, Maureen and Maurice. , Ever remembered. -Ni-ir- tii m nn scot ember I I si i nr'lvnls hnnnltnl HftQlfleld Grace Mary, loved wife of the late Peter, beloved mother of John ana Nancy livirs. owesj, ui h it Avenue, West Heidelberg, fond mother-in-law of Bernadette and Addison, loving grandma ol Geoffrey, Peter and Bernadette, James. Margaret and Rosemary. Recuiescat in pace. CRAIG. On August 30, at his home, 8 Dandenong Road, Caul-field, Matthew Francis Craig, dearly beloved' husband of Winifred Frances, and loved father of Sybil Mary. Privately interred St. Kllda Cemetery Sepiemoer 2. Requiescat In pace. DELVES. On September 1, at his residence. 129 Hawthorn Road, Caulneld, John Marshall, beloved husband of Gertrude Mary. At rest. Privately cremated. Spring Vale. September 2. DOCKING.--On September 2, at her residence. 263 Abbotaford Street. North Melbourne, Josephine Nicholson, loved mother of Gloria (Mrs. Woods), loving sister of Ethel (Mrs. Osbourne). and loved aunt of Lily (Mrs. Drinitwater), Bert and Wal Osbourne, mother-in-law of Rooble, and loving grandmother ol Bobby. Jeffrey and Dlanne, aged 77 1 UWCAN. On September 1 (sud-XJ denly). Mollle, loving cousin of Jack and Molly Lavln, also Marie anj frame Keiwan. R.i.r. I UNN- On Seute-nber 2, at prl 1 Vftto hrunllnr Hnllarnt Letitl Catlicrine. daugh'er of the late raii-icK and Elizabeth Dunn, o Enfield, nnrt ulster nf John. Pat rick. Michael. Thomas, Francis ana Mary (Mn, uttie), ail ae-cajed, in her 95th year. RcoulcwiHt in pace. IDWARDS. On Scutember '1. JJ Maud M. nf VA AlDhlnEton Street, Northcote, beloved daughter of the, late and Alice Ed- vffls. At rest IZARD. On September 2. Gcorce i William, husband of Miry, loved father of Alfred. Charles. John, Mav luuccaseaj ana Anmc, acea tm piNM On Seplerr.bpr 2. at 65 A1 Bakers Road. .N'wth Coburg. I' nel May: deany loved wife or Tiiomaa ( deceased ) . and loving mo he; of Edward, Frederick, -Jo-Arthur. Ehen. William. Leslie. Percy. Adrian and Phyllis, aued 76 la;s- In God's care. UINN. On September 2. Bthel 1 ,LMa?. loved mother of Phyl ls. njotner-ln-law of Dave, loved nana ncit-n ana eu. IINN, Ethel May. On September -1- , at her residence, devoted mother of Adrian, dearly loved mnther-in-law of Alma. pOWLER On September 2. at A private hospital. Harold John, me of Malvern Avenue, Glen Iris, dearly beloved husband of Margaret, SSed fin years. TRAZEr, Prlscllla. On September A' 1, at 22 Grattan Street. Hawthorn, dearly beloved mother of Arthur, mother-in-law of Blllle (deemed), and grandmother Helen Graham. Arthur. G. At rest. ALL. On Aubu.u 26. Benjamin Daniel .ol 2Xt Moor Street. niHny. loved brother nf Flerence. and brother-in-law of William trtp-ccased. of Warracui. ALL on AURUSt ?6. Ben Brniti brother of Zoe and rjARDiNF.R. Kathleen. Wonderful friend of i Bobble) Florrle ki Reouleicat in pace. QOpliNG On September 1 fud- Jc,(!ri!y)- at Scasptay, Arthur Frederick, eldest son of Fred and w.r,e pfluline Goodlns. and loved til. r.ot ph,,ln (deceased). Alice inliMi. L" rrvlnCl. Bessie" (Mrs. S. Vt l0f,n Mw. K. Brewer), id J'1 years, h.t.p l"l ASi'EY-r-0li September ' 2. at MATTHEWS. On September 1. at the Westernnort Memorial Hospital, Kooweerup, Walter William, of Tynong, and late of Bcn-nmbra and Cora Lyn, the loving husband of Victoria Alberta, end loved lamer or Ktnei (Mrs. wnoruey), Cyril, Laurie and Rupert. Ppnrefllllv Rlppntnp MA'n' September 1, at Kooweerup Hospital, William Walter, dearly loved husband of the late Ethel Frances, and loved father nf Ethel (Mrs. H.' Worllev). father- in-law of Herbert and grandfather oi itoioa. At rest. Matthews. un aepiemner j,, at WesternDOrt Memorial Hos- nll-nl. TCoowfPrim. Walter William. of Tynong, and late of Benambra and Cora Lyn, the loving father of Cyril and father-in-law uf June, lovea pa oi unnsj anaron, jeaiicnc ana Jonn. Matthews. on septemner l, at Westernport Memorial Hos-nlfal. KooweeniD. Walter William, of Tynong. - and late of Benambra and Cora Lyn, the loving father of Laurie ana jainer-in-mw ml and loved pa of Graeme and Jennl- fl m A I rrlK Wa . un aeptemiwr x. 1TJ at Westernport Memorial ..hos- nltal trnnmasnm. WAltPr William. of Tynong, and late of Benambra and Cora Lyn, the lavlnil father of Kupert ana iainer-in-iaw ui caret, ana jovea pn. ui ueuuiou, IVI u.rnlrl ' R Vlnp nrovo Glen Huntly, dearly loved husband of Vida, loved laiiner oi laen, moTia, Betty (Mrs. Coates) and Norman, loved father-in-iaw or uiona. moiu, n i atthtws J-On Seotember 2. 1J Florence Victoria, of 753 Drum-mond Street, North Carlton, dearly loved sister of Sadie, beloved sister, in-law of Pat Gubblns. McARTHUR. On September 2, nt Mnmlnetrm. Marv Christ in a, dearly loved wife of Neil, beloved mother of John, mother-in-law of Kath. dear gran of Alan. R-Il?. 4 TITERCER. On August 30, at Port- XVA lana, frances Amen a irtnuiy; loved daughter or tne laie jonn am UTOORE. On August' 30, at IVI. Heidelberg Repatriation Hospi tal, Clarence, lOVCa Draujer at nwe( nasei ana xvupuit vucwa. ypvi am nn spntember 2. At Dn,.l Wnmen's Hreinital. I.llV Jane (Ken), dearly beloved wife of Sylvester (Cyril), of 21 Filson street. Ascut vuic, uhuj. '- mother of Syd, and fond mother-ln- NORTHEY. ' Pawed peacefully awav September 2. Matha a Hoi i nt 7A Pnnlev Street. South Yarra. beloved wire of the late Paul Northev. loving mother of Paul and MarJorie Cummins, darling gran of John and Garda Cummins, nanna Of Paul jNoruiey, Peace, perfect peace. Ha.TnnTiiP.v On Pnt ember 2. 11 private hospital. Mattle. be-. loved sister or Georgle Barton, ' oaacnrullv asicpnlnti NEILL. On September 2, Sister Marv Martha. Convent of Mercy, Kyneton. Requiescat In pace. "wTroTON nn Auffust an. J Cheltenham, Sarah Ann, widow of the late J. C. Overton, mother of Emily (Mrs. Eaton, deceased), loving grannie of Lionel and Melva (deceased), late of Footscray, In her 101st year. Privately Interred Spring Vale, September a, nARKPfi. On freotember 2, L his residence. 111 Railway Pin m Wl ill ama town. John Edwin. dearly beloved husband of the late wain ilia aim iuviub iuiiihi ui Dorothy (Mrs. Tltmus), Bert, Mavis, Phyllis (Mrs. Johnson) and Myites. DARKES. John "Edwin, dearly X beloved father oi uert ana joy, and grandfather of Edwin. Jan, Inhn t nrrn I no nnrl ROslvn. T3ARKES. John Edwin, dearly X loved father ol Mylies ana uot and grandfather of Beverley and T3ARKES. John Edwin, dearly JL loved rather oi pnyuis ana mu, grandfather of , Miarilyn, Barbara PARKES'. John Edwin, dearly loved father of Dorothy and Ron loving grandfather of Joy, an riitiinn -nil flrreat- sranrt father oi Conrad and Phillip waaas. husband, who r 3. Iita7. Tnough absent you are very near, Still loved, still jni&scd and very iver' rememl)ered by hla loving nsertedRIby Lillian and family; , CRAIG. James. Treasured memories of our dear dad, yaised away September 3. 19a7. A wonderful father laid to rest. For each of us he did his btst. A love so true and a heart so kind. A better dad you could never find. Sadly missed by his loving daughter Beryl, son-in-law, Cyril, and family. , CHHAIG. In memory of our dear j brother. Jim. who passed away September 3. 1957, at East Don-caster. Always remembered. Inserted by Eddie and Mary. itRADG DICKSON. Dear memories of James and Alirea, wno ipasGea aiwa 0cmcuiu -, 1957 ' God ' saw . when your hearts rew Ana the path had grown too steep. i He loiaea a arms aiuuuu uu hnrh And gently bade you sleep. .AUi, in iwving meiiiory ui 1 dear husband and father, passed nuiav Kemp ITUI Pi A. lHnll. on earth you tolled, In heaven you rest. God bless you dad. you were one oi tne oest. HIS lovuuf wiie. Xjuo, sua uauw- tHdwARDS. Robert Cyril. . In IJ Invlnir mpmorv of our brotnei. died SeDtembcr 3, 1957. , am ininKiuK wi wu iuu7, thOUgni OI you jrt-siruay, iw, U.M1 thlnV nf van torn or row And the rest of my life through. T7V3R.DHAM.In loving 'memory of our aear son, wuuun aiiicui died September 3. 1945. inserted by his loving mother and ftther and brother, Frann. II a Kit, Lioving memuiies oi uu l. rtear mum and eran. Henrietta. rllnrf SpntPmher R. 195ti. For evel in nnr thnnehtf uorotny., jacK, juuw. Elaine. rl nr 'rltnr mum. Henrietta, who passed awav September 3, 1956. beiiin. mhars nn Viarti-iiun fall In perfect peace she awaits us all. Norman. , , , Lx my 'dear mum. died September I, ay oo. So dearly loved., so sadly missed. auaie. FUNERAL NOTICES N REENLAND. The Funeral ol the (jf lite raEDEBICK GREENLAND wlU leave sleight's funeral home, St. Kllda Boad. Melbourne. TOMORROW alter a service commenc ing at p.m., iw. m O' i Bernam Nassau, beloved husband of Mllilcent, loving father of Ralph ana aony. law of Jean and Moureen, loving srandpa of Jennifer. David., Brian and Leigh, PTY. LTD. the (late WrWe Wnerai or KAGLEY will leave the Ewlot B. Matthews Pty. Ltd.. 102 TooraK Road. South YarTa, tomorrow. after a service, commcuciiii p.m., for the ftpring vaio B MATTHEWS PTY. LTTK BM4551. . , (hw.lata' 1 Mrs. MINNIE HALL fT pointed to leave the Bai!,nH-; memorial chapel, corner G en Huntly and Kooyong roads, ElsternwlcK, THIS DAY, after a service cum- menclna at 1.30 P.m., iw Sprtn vale"fS,eryv rjl A.I.V.). LP6337..LF4568. ... TTEDGE. The Funeral n of Mr. son Street, Sandrlnghani, will leave our pariora. za anL Brighton. TBI5 DAT, alter a aer-vice commencing at 3 p.m., tor tne Spring Vale Crematorium. J. MONKHOUSE & SON .PTY. T EIGHTON.-The Funeral of the Ll Ute Mri. MIRIAM FLORENCE 9 Rosemary Grove. Burwood, TO. V"St "f.30 n.m" tor the' Kew Cemetery , WB2309. ' . ' . -. rr v Viinnr.T nf tn IHIfi HIT. Li THOMAS PATRICK LEO will h,iro. TOMORKOW, at 2 P.m., for the Fawkner Cemetery. MU14tfUE4l.ri Q",,o . KW 1 1 Abstract o! Auctions THIS DAY Real Estate, KEW. Shop, showrooms. Retcn-City ' City freehold, Henderson. CAN un. i. ..u, Furniture. Machinery and Other Merchandise. FURNISHINGS. SUNDRIES. Ea- TYPEWRITER. DESKS. ScC. North MIXER. CRANE. MOULDS,' OFFICE WAKE. - jiryuiuwK,, v.uuii cer. " VEH3CTJES. HARDWARE, Ac. Uinuiniia. ruiuj. . FURNISHINGS. SPECIAL iLOTS. St. Kllda. Thomson. FURNISHINGS. EFFECTS. East Brunswick. Hooper. FURNITURE. CAFE WARE. SUN- UKlMi, OCimcitii ua-uuu. SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, At 3 p.m. Prahran SUBSTANTIAL BRICK RESIDENCE. Comprising 8 Rooms, Kitchen, K'- ette. Launary. car Jinirante. , uapanV POSSESSION. Suitable for Conversion Apartments TERMS: 3000 Deposit, Balance In Inspection Wed. 2-4. Saturdays 9-11, Or By Appointment. A J. MoCASKEit & SON. R-E.S.I., Cor. Malvern and Williams Rd., Hawksourn. ayoata. H1ATTHEWS. Tne raierai w ' ChurcB of England, Gaiaeld. THIS DAY, after a service commencing at 2 p.m., lor uic "Vtwat RFR. S'. ,"J'.., . ZL TsSrATTHE-WS. The Funeral of the Mlate Mrf CHESTER CLAOTE (Cheis:) MATTHEWS la appointed to leave Sharrow'a funeral pariora, &a? TH3S DAY. at the conclusion OI a service wiii"!""-". . - 'rT. "w.aHARTOVV "& SON. Colac HTc ARTHUR, ti ARD, tn loving memory of my ber 3. 19o6. t .Inserted by her sister. Lily. Mor ris ana iriena, jusaie. UM1U. memory oi aaa, muiu, Rprvl. Erie Hartley. phfiiit'h ruhmnt tou are very near, Still missed, still loved and very living daughter Daisy and Mabel. lj Dagmar May, beloved, wife, of Dnh.FIl Hitvnrnl mnthpr nf MOtllCa, passed away sepiemoer a, iin.. MACREADIE. Thomas Henry. Tn loving memory of a dear husband and father. . eternal rest grain, ihui. vi Peipetual light shine upon him. MASON. In loving memory of Alan Ernst, beloved eldest son of Ethel M. Mason (and the late W. J.. ISt A.L.Jf.f, IHISMSU awo. KontomWr n. TH.Vi loved brother of Eric and Leo. And the stately ships go on, To their haven under the hill. . But Oh lor tne loucn oi vamsiieu hands. And the sound of voices that are MATHISEN, Les. Treasured memor'es of my dear father, passed away September 2, 19o7. .Loving son. Jack, dauehter-ln-law. Lena, and granddaughter. Anne. MATHISEN. Les. In fond memory of my dear father, who passed away September 2, 19n7. , Always remembered. Loving daughter, Florence. brother-Tn-law, George, grandsons. MEATCHEM. Fondest memories of my dear husband. Dlclt, who eassea away suuucmy uu otvw-er 3. 1957. . , . , insertea oy nis ioviok wno, Florence, daughter Alice, and William (Adelaide). grandchildren, Peter ana jennuer xayior. O'MEARA. In loving memory, of mv dear mother, who Dossea away September 3. 1957. Tntpr(p(l hv her lovlnn son. Tom. daughter-in-law. Lola, and grandchildren. Michael. Tommy, Bernard. Keat in peace. -The Funeral of the i... Kith MARY CHRIST1MA TOMORROW, after prayers at 10 a.m for tne MonunRion t a hjottt wfnmlnBton 2132. Nwvt nit The Funeral of the UteMra. LILY JANE NEYLON will leave 21 Filson street. Ascot H?i.ra.r"fidWi Church Wellington street, for . prayera en route to the Preston l-emeiery. ERN JENSEN & SONS PTY. LTD. O'NEILL. Requiem Mass for the repose of the aoul of the late sister MARY MARTHA will he celebrated at the. Convent Ctocl. gsnj-ton, at 10 a.m. TOMORROW. ..: v.,r...i niu iamvi, the chaoel at conclusion of Mass for Kyneton ,p. TTiinnwil ftt Mr. I tum' .nwTW partces (late Victorian ' .Railways) will leave Jackson and Son's chapel. Ferguson Street. wiiuauiiuw n.",i MORROW, after a .service commencing at 3.30 p.m., for the wllllama. town Cemetery. JACKSON SON S. Weight). ML6025. v.nnnnTB m.. Vtin.v.l fit Mr. I' BERNAM NASSAV PERKINS will leave Sleight's funeral home, " kim a Roal Melbourne. THIS DAY, alter a service commencing- at Crematorium. SLEIGHT fTY. LTD. BED. In loving memory of my riant hiiehnnrl Arthur. mho nassed awav SeD tern ber a. 1956. The tears in my eyes I can wipe away. ut the ache In my heart will ever Sleep on dear Arthur, In your quiet place or rest. With part of my heart you took when you left. Unseen, unheard, you are always near. Inserted by his loving wife. Alice. REED. In loving memory of my dear dad. who passed away September 3. 1956. Deep in my heart a memory Is kept. Of the father X loved and shall never lorgei. Inserted bv hi 1 ovine dauehter. Phyllis and Tony. dad. who nassed away Septem ber 3. 1956. Two years I had to part, With a dad I loved with all my Heart. Inserted by his loving daughter, Mavis, and Aubury. - REED. Fondest memories of mj dad. passed away September 3, 1956. . . as you rest in DPriect peace. Your memory I will always keep. rour lovjnj; son, jtieitn. REED. Arthur. X will always' remember. Laurie. S HIRER. In loving memory of my dear husband, died September 3. 1948. As you rest In perfect peace, Your memory- we will always keep. Inserted by Ada and Ted. WILKES. Frederick. In memory of dad. who passed away September 3, 1951. On earth you tolled, In Heaven you rst. God bless you Dad, you were the best. Inserted by your- ' loving wife, Ettie. and family. BEREAVEMENT NOTICES Ml RS. ALEX NEILSON AND sons wisn to .THAW IV relatives and friends for caras, letters and floral ' tributes In their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as our personal thanks. AUCTIONS, RmI Eatote, &e. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17. At 11 a.m. SALE BY AUCTION OF RIGHT TO LEASE. CROWN ALLOTMENTS Will be Held at thk nnAnn nnrM. Room No. 10,Ground Floor, Tempi. court, coiiins mrcei, Melbourne To be Conducted by J. A, Murphy. Lana umcer. Auctioneers: AUCTION, Real Estate, be. SATURDAY. SEPT '13. 2.30 p. Glen Iris SUPERIOR BRICK HOME AND ADJ. BURKE RD. AND GARDINER romor Ent. Hall, spacious Lounge and Dlnr.. 2 Bedr,, Til. Batnr., ISS. Rec.. Mod. Kltchen. Sun porcn, OCC. Ft. ....... WW. 10 Deposit, Bal. 30' Days, A is station street, . Malvern. UY,"a5. A. ' nra.. UL2S61. SATURDAY. SEPT. 20.a.3U P.m, East Coburg u -rTTiEn TIMBER VILLA, ContfLge. Hall. 3 Bedr . Lounge, Kit.. Bathr,. Lhdry. and S. Out citato? and A Light Fitting .. P?Q TerW 1W 65p, Ba, , 60 Days. For Further Dctalla and Inspection, see - ( rrioieera1 224 Lygon Street. East Brunswick. FW290a, SATURDAY. SEPT 13. At 11 a.m 371 LOWER HEIDELBERG RD Heidelberg OPEN FOR INSPECTION TODAY, T-V . T BATEMAH. M,r..n.., JL 600 iftmpton St Brighton. AUCTIONS furniture. Machinery, fix. TVin tiuip will MDimpuCi) on SeD- tember 18, 1958, the rent therefor will be the highest offer (not less, than the upset rent) accepted at the ale, subject to re-appralsemem at ine enri oi eacn ten yean uetiou if the lease be for a longer term than ten years. The rent will be layaoie quarterly in nuvauuc, ouu he first Quarter's rent must be Paid nt thtt time of the sale. City of Port Melbourne, Parish ol Aieioourne aouui, iouihj oi isuurm;. Having a Frontage of about 4 chains to the East Side of Salmon Street, about 15 chains North of Plummer Street. Lot 1. Area 3 a. 2 r. 21 P.. subject to survey and any necessary ment 6D of section 59. Term of lease 40 years. Upset rental 201)0 Rer annum lur nit; urai itn can. Itnlmum expenditure for improve ments i iUU.uuu wtinin nve years. Subject to drainage easement 15 links wide along southern boundary. Having a Frontage of about 2 chains to North Side of WllUamstown Road, about 19 chains West of Prohasky Street. Lot 2. Area 1 a. 1 r.. subject to survey and any necessary casements disclosed thereby, allotment IHA of section 67E. Term of lease 30 years. Upset rental 688 per annum lor tne nrat ten years, mini mum expenditure ut iiiiiituvciiieiiui f 1ft nun within two vears. Sublet t to drainage easement 15 links wide aiong nortnem oounaaxy, Seine about 3 chains North of Esplanade about midway between Station and Princes Piers. East of Area held under Lease by B.C. Aust. ijta. ment 2&A of section 66. Term of lease 35 years. Upset rental 737 tjpjr annum for first ten Years. Mini mum expenditure for Improvements 25.000 within two years. NOTE. This allotment Is offered wirnout provision lor legal acceu. Havlnff Front a pps nf About 3U chains to the South-west Side of 'ingles street and aoout 56 chains to the South-east Slue of Woodruff Street. At present occupied under Licences by J. Kitchen and Sons Pty. Ltd. Lot 4, Area 2 a. 2 r. 13 P., allotment 1 of section 63A. Term of lease 45 years. Upset rental 2058 ner annum for the first ten vear-. valuation of existing improvements 6000 In favor of J. Kitchen and Sons Pty. Ltd. Minimum expenditure iur aa nit. ion a, improvements 150.000 within two years: Printed ffirma rtf the nenernl ran. dltions of the lease. In full, may be HioLjetiea at tne iruwn i-anas department, State Public Offices, Mel-bourne. Department of Supply AUCTION SALE. TnumuAW At a IK m.m. DISPOSALS CENTRE No. 1 C.O.D., BANDIANA. VICTORIA. Vehicles, M.T. Spares and General Stores (No Longer Required for Govern- FORD 3-TON TRUCK WITH WINCH. G.M.C. 2M.-TON TRUCK WITH WINCH, stauu- 1.1 t.tbT flnftft LB. MOTOR MOWING SCYTHE MA CH AIR ijMPRESSOR 8.5 CUB. FT. o4 BATTERY CHARGING SETS. VALVE SEAT GRUNPING MACHINE IELKC. POitT.) PLANTING BLADE MACHINE. HACK SAW MACHINE B1DP r.i'NTMNP. MACHINE. FORD AND FORD JEEP: 30 Engine Assemblies. 3U Brake Assemb lies, iRear AXiea, King, xei MACtwi 200 Cartridges, OMiiai, Housing ASBerobUes. fa Mack. En- .inn. UnHnlo a n anri K V. CHUitCHlLL: 2J Cliltcnes, j.400 Tappet Aosemblles, l'Z Timing Assemblies. 45 caroureuors, 4500 Elements. 2UUO Maniioias, jfui-i vaivai v r.viinder Blocks. 10.000 Spindles. SO, servo Air Press St.. 18 Metaayne units, FlnUl DTlVeS. TaUiB, Xicaiiiifia, 30 AUCTIONS Furniture, Machinery, &c. AUCTIONS furniture. Machinery, fire. COUNTRY PROPERTIES FRIDAY, SEPT. 26. At 2.30 P.m- 46 airro bhw.hi, East- Melbourne S.B., 5 R'i AU Conv. . Ideal TRTO REAL ESTATE.. 190 High BM531fi, LF6066.' Alt-, inj iiisu LA2203; A.H.. SATURDAY, SEPT. 6. At 11 a.m, 140 fclilZAUttTH BTKfcfcX, Richmond This DellGhtful D.F. 3-BEDR. W.B. HOME, Car Ent. Large Block. Handy All Transp. FRANK MURPHY & Co., 253 Victoria St., Abbotsrord. JA.5428, JL2031. All Hours. IkRYOR. The Funeral or the late ' Mrs. EMMIE IVENIA PRYOR is appointed to leave the Bathurst memorial cnapei. wr LtK" , V and Kooyong roads, Eistemwlck, TijMORROW. after a service commencing at 11 a.m., for the Spring I Vale crematorium. T. BATHURST & Co. (late A.I.F.). LF6337, LF4568. 71STARIN1. The Funerai of Mr ' RICHARD JAMES VISTARINI will leave our chapel, corner of Buckley Street and Leslie Road, Essendon. TOMORROW, at the conclusion of & service commencing at 10.30 a.m., for the Fawkner Crematorium. , . JOSEPH ALLISON PTY. LTD., Essendon. FU1002. WALDEN. The Funeral of the late HENRY WALDEN (Late 6th FA., 1st A.I.F.), will leave our memorial chapel at 227 Smith Street, Flfceroy, THIS DAY, alter a service commencing at 2 p.m., for the Fawkner Crematorium. W. G. RAVEN. JA2225. M WATSON. The Funeral of the late ALAN SYMONS WATSON will leave John (Roy V.) Allison'a luneral "home, corner Glen Huntly and Bambra - roads, Caulfleld. TOMORROW, after a service commencing at 3 P.m., for the Spring Vale Crematorium. No flowers, by re- qUJOHN (ROY V.) ALLISON. UL4515. WILLIAMS. The Funeral of the late Mr. WILLIAM EDWARD WILLIAMS wUl leave John (Roy V.) Allison'a parlors. 291 Sydney Road, Brunswick, TOMORROW, after a service commencing at 3.15 p.m., for the Melbourne Cemetery. Carlton. JOHN (ROY V.) ALLISON. FW1592. : THURSDAY. SEPT 4. At 11 a.m. On Property. 25 TOLL1NGTON AVENUE, Malvern Tiled Roof Brick Attic RESIDENCE. Ground Floor, Contains Tiled Entrance Porch, Lounge, 3 Bedrooms Dlnlnsroom. Kitchen, Gas and One-fire Stoves. Bathroom, Laundry (Nasco Washing Machine) . H.W.S.. Fernery, WopdTool Sheds. Internal and External Toilets, Attic Contains 8 Bedrooms, 2 S.O. a. Bathroom and Toilet. Land 60 x 200. Underground , Sprinklers Front LaWn VACANT POSSESSION. TERMS: 2000 DETOSLIT. 150 P, Quarter, Interest 6, Balance 5 Years. Immediately After the "Sal the Property the Whole of the Furniture and Effects. - including Billiard Table. Bedroom Suites, Dining Table. Carpets. Linos., Garden Tools. &c.. to be Sold Without Reserve. . Inspection THIS DAY. 2 to 4 "fULL PARTICULARS FROM A TTPTTONTinTO'S FOAMP & SON, 216 CHAPEL STREET. PRAHRAN. LA4186. LA3686. SATURDAY. PEPT. 13. At 3 p.m. NO, 7 WIVIUAIW M'ftWVIi Ormond A Beautifully Presented Solid Cream Brick HOME, In Perfect Settlnr. Built fi Years. ComD. Ent. Hall. Spac. Lounge, Sliding Glass Doors, D'rm. Through to Attractive sunrm.. z &xc. uearms., u.i.n. Tiled Bathrm.. Sen. Shr. Rec Inl Tnfipf i.r.vplv Kit. . R.I. Breakfast Nook. 70-gall. RH.W.S., Double Garage. Quality Ww. Carpets, ven. Blinds. Drapes, Lgt. Ftgs., Phone. Open for Inspection Sat., 6th, Wed. TERMS: 3500 Dep., Bal. 8 10 Weekly. Residue 5 Yrs. Vac. Poss. HLORD St SON, 4RS . North Road. Ormond. LW2504, LW2118. FUNERAL NOTICES FiefnLbel?v?11 nuabnnd of Margaret J C'llCT. Pnllent EllfTi.var at fOrnt n fihEf-Z-0 September 2. at bfW.L'r?1..?0,I"t". Herbert Georce, f l"ddv of Angela Marv (Mrs. lS "1' 'jher-ln-Taw at Donald, loved granddsd ot Robert. Hat, God'8 "I". ALL. On September 2. at a ,,, "r"te hosnltal. Glon Huntly. pi,, ' .'.ole oi 111 New Street, fill r.7,ck inr,I love'l wife ot the !tS a?-s.J".' 'aunt ot Phvllls MnW nuney, Les ana svivib Biliv r,-'nt of Val. Alan and "nara. Annette ann Rodney. H -,1,,."!, September 2. at 1 -..1 "I!e!? Convalescent Hospital tl h''0' ? Tennyson street. Sand, a- i. r".Mt husband of Ruby. -.;Jn 'ather ot wallH. aged J rS;ra . September 1, at Ine r."21l'' f ."imam B.. lov- ",.".L,!S. '"!. c. q. hthai. ,ni',-iniaw tea. rana-Win 5iI,Lana D1lin Slmcoclfj, viiiwrir Baaiy nussecu tu rue mi, .I manniTlnil director. From the tHce staff, George . m Ptv T.ln PRYOR. On September 1, at Alfred Hospital, Emmie Levenla, of 4 Eric Avenue, Mordlalloc, dearly loved wife of John, loved mother of Jack, fond mother-in-law of Isabel, dear grandmother of Nola, ased 71 years. A loving soul at rest. CJMITH. On September 1, at Sai, Thomas Bergland, formerly of Orbost dearly loved husbanu of Maud and loving father of Amber (Mrs. J, W. (janavMU, ttjeu oo Hjrry. ol 32 Cook street. Abbotsrord Mate of Bairnsdale). beloved husband of Eileen Susan, and loving father of Irene (Mrs McCal-lumK MarJorie (Mrs. Thomas). Charlie. Nancy ( Mrs. McGregor i. tatner-in-iaw oi bin, n. doub. and arandfather of Dentce, Pauline. Peter. Sandra. Jennifer and Jeffrey. Sadly missed. no nowera, oy ismub-. WALDEN; On September 2. at St. Vincent's Hospital. Harry. 01 L.QDK st reei, iauuul- ford. loved son of Charles William and the late Anne walden. loyea brother of Charlie. May. Violet. Daisy. Fred. Earnest and Lily. in liira s care. WALDEN. On September 2. at . St. Vincent's Hospital. Harry, of 32 Cook Street. Abbotsford, beloved brother of Viotet. brother-in-law of Charlrs Lucas, uncle of Doroinv ana t-aye. ... Renting1 wnere no snnaown jau. 7"ATSON. On September 2, t at nis nome, i wewington Grove, Caulfleld, Alan Symons, dearly loved liusbana oi rtiia, oe-loved father of Bcv and Mary, fond father-in-law of Jim and Peter darling pop of Nell and Jenny. V7"ILMAMS. On September 2. at 14 Goodman Street. Brunswick, William Edward, beloved husband of the late Matilda, and loved father of William, Elsie (Mrs. Smith). Alex, (dcccascdl. Frederick. Lexlle deceased) and Albert. In his 96th year. BA IN MEMORIAM BEDFORD, Amy. Treasured me-morle? of my beloved wife, and our dear mother, who passed away September! 3. 1955. Always remembered. . Inserted by husband and famllv BEDFORD. In loving memorv of our denr mother. who oassefl awav sentember 3. 1953. Ever remembered. ; t.nvin sn Bernard, and taml'v. BULL. Fond memorr dear Nell, passed awav September 3. 19n7. Lovlna; brother. Stan. siter-ln-law. Addle, loving aunt of Peter and Judith Quohf.. , . . BULL. In manor of our dear sister. Nellie, who cassed away September 3. 1957. Always mno- im'erttd by Ron, Id. ASHWIN. The Funeral of the late Mr. HENRY GORDON ASHWIN will leave St. Nicholas's Church of England, Bear Street, Mordlalloc, TOMORROW, after a service commencing at 2.30 p.m., for the Spring Vale Crematorium, w r oner . cnM vtmriAO AKER. OLIVE LEAF LODGE no S3 U.A.O.D. Officers and Members of the above Lodse and the Order In general are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of our esteemed late Brother WILLIAM S. BAKER, P.A.D.. P.D.P.. to leave John' (Roy V.) Allison's parlors. 291 Sydney Rd.. Brunswick. THIS DAY, at 1.30 p.m.. for Coburg Cemetery, inuo, a. Ditar.iv,, WM, REID, Sec. B4RRETT. The Funeral of the late HARRY OLIVER BARRETT will leave John (Roy V.) Allison's funeral home. THIS DAY. after a service commencing at 11 a.m., tor the Spring Vale Crematorium. JOHN (ROY V.) ALLISON. ULdnlf1 COGHLAN. Requiem Mass for the -.repose of the sou ot the late GRACE MARY COGHLAN will be celebrated at St. Plus X. Church, Watcrdale Road. West Heidelberg, TOMORROW at 6.45 a.m. On conclusion of the Mass the Funeral will leave the church for the Dayleaford Cemetery. JOHN. (ROY V.) ALLISON, UL4515. DOCKING. The Funeral of the late Mrs. JOSEPHINE NICHOLSON DOCKING will leave her residence, 2(13 Abbotsford Street. North Melbourne, TOMORROW, at conclusion of a service commencing at 10. 45 p.m.. for the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton. JOSEPH ALLISON PTY. LTD., North Melbourne. FW4iai. . DUNN. Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of LETITIA CATHERINE DUNN will be celebrated at St. Aloyslus' Church, TJnrtan TOMORROW . at 9.30 a.m. The Funeral will leave the church at conclusion of the Mass for the Ballarat New Cemetery. NOEL TOBIN. Bftllarat. Boo26. EDWARDS. The Funeral of Miss MAUD M. EDWARDS vlll leave her home, 13 AInhlneton Street, Northcote. THrs DAY, after a service cnmmenclnp at 1.15 n.m., for the Melbourne General Cemetery. CnjUFF.RGlTSON it SON. JJ3037 EZARD. The rmcra of the lflte Mr. OEORCT VTLLT A M FS5APD will leave partbi ,y s chapel. 9 WhHe Horse Rca . Box- Hill. TO-MOriTOW. after i, sc-vlee commencing at 3 o m., for the Spring Vale Cr.MjJ(OTURy co. pty. . wr9T3i r r. rr- T7IINN, The Funtral of the iai F Mrs. FTHFiL may rinr. lave our rhapei CLASSIFIED ADVERTS TELEPHONE SERVICE DIAL MF0301 130 LINES) TO AVOID PEAK PERIODS MONDAY to FRIDAY : MAKE CALLS EARLY IN THE DAY; If necessary to telephone IN THE EVENING, PLEASE CALL BEFORE 7 P.M. Closing Time, 8 p.m. SUNDAY v MAKE CALLS BETWEEN 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., ana avoid the peak period after 6 p.m. Closing Time, 9.30 p.m. THURSDAY. SEPT. 4. At 11 a.m. 25 TOLLINOTON AVENUE. MALVERN, COMPLETE Household Furnishings Contents 9 -roomed Residence, Incld. V. Rlll1nrii Table. Ac. 17 CAMP Sc SON, Auctioneer, 216 X1 CHAPEL STREET. PRAHRAH. SATURDAY, SEPT. 13. At 11 a.m. At . .! 73 ARTHUR STREET, Fairfield FINE FUTURE HOME. W.B. Comor. 3 Bedrs.. Lnxe.. Kit. and Bathr. External Sheds and Laundry. Requires Some Repairs. Car Entry. Land 34 x 150 T.C. Terms. 750, Dep. Bal. a Yrs.. at 5 P.W., Interest 6V4. Tenanted. Rental '89 1 P-A. inspection by Arrangements wun Agents, LAN DEN A MUNTZ. R.E.o.l.. 1S Commercial Rd.. Prahran. LA2883; A.H., WY2368. Auctioneer, P. W. Stynes. BJ5o61. tttih nlv ' it 4 nm In the Boardrrom, Temple Court, uouins street. TTnHaf- Tntriif Hnni, from CX W. DAY, Esq.. and THE EQUITY 'fRUSTlba CO., VI jS iiourne sueet. Day's Building 4O1-405 UTTIJS BOURKE STREET .set. iueen ana ueuciu ouwu; Melbourne A tSiiKetnnHiil UHvu-ttorv Uriel SHOWROOM and WAREHOUSE BUILDING, of Basement, Ground ana xnree upper floors. . Approx. 27,500 So,. Ft. VACANT POSSESSION OF 5450 Sq. Ft. on Ground Floor and Part First Floor on Jan. 31, 1959. Balance of Property Returns 3043 P.A., Mostly from Decontrolled Tenancies on Expiring Leases. TERMS AVAILABLE. OG. HENDERSON PTY. LTD., 352 Collins St. MB2487. SAT. NEXT. SEPT. 6. At 11 a.m. 16 FOSTER AVENUE, Gleri Huntly UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE LING. This Property Is In Faultless uonaiiion ana tompr. barge Axtuusc. nn O Horlrmi Kit.. Bathr and Sunroom. Garage, 55 x 141. Sit. Close to Station, Shops, scnoois, -sc. Inspect by Appointment. i-iEn I. BTKKI.E jk (in.. R.E.S.I.. JC 102 Hawthorn Road, Caulfleld. LF6944, LF3866. 687 HEIDELBERG BOAD, ALPHINGTON. Wood-working Machinery & Plant Frlbence 6 ft. 6 In. Door and Saah Cramping . Machine, C. and H. Mot. Dovetaiier, Aii-steei m in. intv i-Ma-ii1ar iCtaBr Hanoh. RflPnr MOt Chain and Hollow Chisel Mortising Machine. Macson Mot. Tenoning Machine,, Mot. Dust Exnaust riant with 19 In H B Krhaust Fan. 2z h.p. Elec. Motor and Cyclone, Mac-im oa in Mm PflniO Planer and Thicknesses, Mot. 12 in. Buzz Planer, Perrlman 3 in. Mot. Din Can TJHtlh Mnt 0111- letlng Machine. 30 h.p. Mahemof iitBf Motor mint .ctwins Docking Saw. 'rag - neppenaiau raw.""' Meter, ,tf, AV T.TfVTTna IT SALTS. JW. STYLES SON W. STYLES SON Lalrooe St.. Melb. Mto255, HOTEL, OTHER LICENCES will 17fl svtnv Hond. Coburg. THIS DY. after Fa'vkrw rrnietery , CftQ n. B. PENN. Coburg. .PWIg,'" FOWLER. The Funeral of thj Jate "Mr. HAPOLD JOBM-fOWL, will leave our Chanel. 1217 Wn Street. Malvern. THIS DAY. after a ervlre cTimen',inir at 3 P.m.. r the St. Kllda Cemetery. DRAYTON GARS ON. BY2429. muc l rfVWRIKf! ACTS L NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A UEKTiiriUAiB xM,uw TRATION PF A CLUB BRIGHTON In the South Metropolitan Licensing Area GOLF CLUB For premises situate at 99t Glen-cairn Avenue. East Brighton ..nrtansicnffl bclnir the Sec retary of the aforesaid Club which occupies the above-mentioned premises DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I desire to obtain and at the silting, of the Victorian Licensing Court to be. held at Melbourne on the 22nd day of September, 19.8 will apply on behalf of the said Club for a Certrncate of the, Hon of the said Club in re spect of the aforesaid premises as Licensing acts. , , DATED this 28th day of August, 19a8' Frank WUliam DIckHon Applicant On behalf ot the said Club Signed In the presence of: A E Blakeley J.P. 11 Wards Grove, EAST BENTLEIGH. TO: The Registrar of the Vie- Arin r.lreniilnff Couit at Melhonrrte. LLOYD P. GOODE Se CO. of 475 Bourke Street. Melbourne, Solicitor for we ia ciud. a KTTimnlO orPT A At 11 A.m. EXECUTOR'S REALISATION SALE, ZBH MO S1W Fitzroy Under ' Instructions from NATIONAL Estate George Reynolds. Deed. PMR SINGLE-FRONTED BRICK COTTAGES. . room and Laundry. Let to Weekly Tenants at 'Ml anu aso tmvw tlvelv. TV-, tjc cITin ftrflCTATJlATET-Y . ' Terms: 400 Deposit Each and 52 Quarterly, Including interest at 6U& P.a. Residue End of 3 Years. -r t niBW At RON PTV LTD. ei 'Auctioneer (R.E.S.IJ, 193 Smith Street, Fitzroy. JAltrai. THIS DAY. At 3 p.m. On the Property, 326 1H"H STREET, Kew SPACIOUS BRICK SHOP AND anottmnnMS. Auction Wed., Sent. 3! at 3 p.m. Approx. 1260 Sq. Ft. "Floor Space. Land IV rl. X UU aoptox, M.M.B.W. "SERVICE INDUSTRIAL" ZONE. VACANT POSSESSION. Terms: Deposit. 10 Week. Incl. Int. at 6, Bal. T RETCHFORD. R.Rt.I.. a new junction. , WM8408, WM942. CHEV.: 5 Engine Assemblies, ciiuiir AhcnrherR. &C. HARLKY DAVIDSON MOTOR CYCLE: UUU ItiHK. tria- tons. Pipes. Nuts, Bolts, &c. WIRELESS: 20 Wireless Seta No. l&a. xo nttuiv ceivers. 3 Radar Sets, do Wireless Stations (Teleradio) , 38 Wireless Sets No. 122. B8 Wire -less Sets. No. 208. 62 Microphones .640 Transformers, 380 Ammeters. 120 Voltmeters. 8 Power Units. 2000 Antenna Rod Sections (3 Ft.). 17 Carrier Sets. Condensers. Capacitors, Oscillators. Resistors. &c. METALS: 970 Ton Scrap Metal (Ordnance Parts). t GENERAL: 1070 Transport Tyres, 900 Transport Tubes, 70 Telescopes, '240 Batteries, 700 yds. Elect. Cable. 11,000 Miles Cable (D3 and D8), 14 Knapsack Sprayers. 115 Fire Extinguishers. 22 Jacks, 8 Servicing Kits. Hand Tools, 33 Cupboards. 32 Chairs. 130 Tables (Asst. ) . 200 Wooden Forms, 2000 Iron Stretchers, 500 Ft. fj-Talv and Flhro i . Earthen Pipes and Bends, 56 Steel Ropes. 4000 Ft. Wire, 73 Metal Cases. 32 Cable Layers. 176 Automatic Loaders. 1300 Endless Leather Belts, 27 Cook-ai-B i" Potro 1 . Kerosene Refrle- erator. Sewing Machine. 4 Wooden Shelters. 500 BianKeia, 1600 Pillowslips. 1000 Sheets. 850 Towels. Cutlery. Ac. INSPECTION: This Day, Wednesday. September 3. 9 a, m. -noon, -1 n m -A n m DEPOSIT: Cash or Bank cheque 7" AUCTIONEER: HTFTO 71?AI.ANn LOAN A M.A. CO. LTD., Townsend Street, ALBURY, Telephone Albury 1086. CATALOGUES: May be Obtained from Tjerjartment of Supply. 485 Bourke Street, MEL BOURNE. Telephone my'jw, Ext. 503. , DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY. AUCTION SALE. ' TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7. SHOW GROUNDS AREA, WINNELLIE, DARWIN, N.T. Motor Vehicles and Stores (No Longer Required for Government 1 Holden Sedan, vanguara rotate mimic 1 Chev, Recovery Vehicle. ' 1 Chev. 900 Gallon Tanker, 2 Air compressors. 1TUC1M, Tj Tnurneau Carrvall Scr&ners. 2 Fire Pump Trailers. 4 Lathes. Cylinder Boring. Band Saw, Brazing. G.M.H. Engraving, Brake Shoe Rellnlng, Valve Seating, Tool cutting ana urirtaiiis muvi.mce. ENGINE ASSEMBLIES: Chevrolet, I Weukesha, Jeep. I AUTOMOTIVE SPARES AND ACCESSORIES: TYRES AND TUBES: New and Used AIRCRAFT SPARES: Starters, Vacuum Pumps, Single Row Wasp Spares, Electrical Spares. 2 Wireless SUtlons, 2 Radio Transmitters. 5 Wireless Sets, Ac- CM 50 NHS CELL A NEOUfl ITEMS. Bolts and NuU. Nails. .Wood Screws, Rivets, Scrap Batter es, Drum Scrap Copper, 2 Dinghies, Hand Tools, Refrigerators, Electric Fans, Weighing Machines, Charging Set, Time Recorder. Lifting Jacks. Electric Urns, Fire Extin- THIS DAY. At 12.30 p.m. KllKlKS .BAZULK, ' 1144 MT. ALEXANDER BOAD, ESSENDON. Home Furnishings 2 Fine Man. Pol. W'robes, Cedar RoV, Chests. J6.R. Suites, Glory Chests, Lounge Suites, Arm Chairs, 6 Lam. Kit. Tables, Chairs Kit. Cabinets, Base Units, .Cane Linen Baskets Elt. -Radiators,' Fires Elt. Slovenes, Simpson, Fleet Elt Stoves Simpson Elt. Washer, Beds and wftesTCaTarid Fuel Stoves. Scale. (Comp.). Sundries. Clean Lot. Phone Inquiries Welcome JOHN KIRK, Auctioneer, FX3909. Member V.A.tR.A A A.A.IA.A.A.A arm. gulsh era. Steel Roptmm INSPECTION: MONDAY. OCTOBER 6. 1958. AUCTIONEER: JAMES L. COOPER St Co., Cavanaih St.. DARWIN N T CATALOGUES Available ONLY at the Sale Area. DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY, 485 Bourke St;, Melbourne. 4-PCE. WALNUT VENEER BEDR. piitw o-nxs nnhe And Dress. Table, - Fitted 'and. Hanstag cifflia. Chrome Kit. Sett., odd teal Table. Dlnlm Chairs sile. and Dble. BeOS, inner a!iia Cdts. CAH!"ETS: 9 x fi super Ax- Coir Mattlnsa;.' Inlaid and gelt Base A. Ne'w Elec Plate Drier, arid Larse ALoVtment of Orockerir, ' Glassware, hold and Electric! Goods. &c. ENTLE1GU AUCTIONS. SATURDAY, SEPT. 6. At 11 a.m. 53 ana oo ruuic DmE.E,At Albert Park TWO D.F. TIMBER HOMES. To be Sold Separately. Each Containing 7 Rooms. Both SubJ. to Exist. Tenancies. No. E53: 800 Deposit, Bal. 5 WNo.555:rS'600 Deposit, Bal. 4 Wk.. 5 Yrs. 4 o inspect ioaay, f AOHIN at SHEPHKKU, LTS. port at. Department of Supply AUCTION SALE. THURSDAY, SEPT. 18. 9-1S a.m, lUllllllAAl, VUiUiMA. Motor Vehicles and General Stores (No Longer Required for Government Purposes) . SPECIAL LOTS TO BE OFFERED AT r.UA. 2 FORD CUSTOMLINB SEDANS, I'UOI.nii-M ART) AN. IPjfiS. 1 H UMBER IMPERIAL SEDAN, HUM HER PULLMAN SEDAN, FORD0' MAINLINE UTTUTIES, HOLDEN UTILITIES, 1951. 1953 --Livtr TiTir.ITrefi lade. UTILITIES, DODGE, n FORD, LAND . ROVERS, 1951 AND 104 JEEPS." FORD AND WILLYS, 1Q.40 PANEL VANS, STANDARD AND MORRIS. '25 CWT. TRUCKS, fuifu9, Qn.rwT TRUCK. 1942. FORD THAMES 2-TON TRUCK, FORD ' 3-TON 4x4 CHASSIS G.M.C. 900-GALLON PETROL TANKERS, 6X6. 1943. CHEV. 3-TON 4x4 TRUCK, LAWTON FORK-LIFT TRUCK, o. CVT T-TsTT in at ri-r m- MOOR FI MOBILE CRANE, 5 TON, WOL1VER 79 MOTOR CYCLES," B.S.A, AND General Stores (To he Offered at 9.13 a.m.) 100 Florida Mattresses, 6 Ft. x CLOTHING. (New): 1000 Pair Wool- 1000 Pair Wool ana ' Albert Park. MX1812. SATURDAY. SEPT. 13. At 11 a.nv 7ft BEIX STREET, Fitzroy Vacant Possession. Denoslt 750. T SOLID BRICK 2-STORY , RESI DENCE. Containing 5, Bedrooms, DiningTOom, Kitchen. S.S.S. Bathroom. Laundry. Concrete Troughs, Recently Decorated Throughout. Contract of Sale: 5 Yea" Repayments 8 per Week. Incl. In- For Insoectlon and Further Details U C T 1 U X, rt a. fTAAIKlELL BROS.. OODDARD & X MONTQOMERIE PTY. LTD., 15 Norwooa crescent, muoiiee ruuu., SATURDAY, SEF1 6. At 11 .m. un tne rrwpeiiy. 78S HIGH STREET, Thornbury MAHVIiLLUUa OU31111WO 26 Ft. Frontage v 128x Ft. Depth. nn,nUa Tclth Varttnt POESeaslOn of 3-Bedroom Residence, with Ample Room to Erect Shop In Front of Excellent Position In Busy Centre. ,n Balance o'f DeDOslt to Equal 1500 Within 60 Days. Balance 10 Per Week. Plua interest of 6H. with Quarterly Rests. w-r i irTuT'irviTT. KAtflie Anenru. W 25 Langhorne Street, Dande-, nong. . inwno uouu, 44i. SAT. NEXT, SEPT. 6. 10.30 a.m. North Carlton Larue D.F. BRICK VILLA, 6 R.i - n vttrn V T no 'WnUR FQftntl DeD. FOR INSPECTION or PRIVATE TKUiA 1 y. win iiw.. AUCTIONEER. ww.venT. M, WtnTELOUK, W rTE.S.I.. AUCTIONEER AND MTATE AGENTS. 701 SYDNEY RD., B'WICK. FM5241. AUCTIONS Furniture, Machinery, be. nmrmrr, rTT3 aiTPPI.V. A fj 'C Til O N BAL K, t lilts nAY. SEPT. 9. At 9 FINSBURY NORTH. SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Vehicles and Stores (No Longer Required for Govern- MOTOR VEHICLES. Ac,. WILL BE OFFERED AT 12.30 P.M. a OE-riAMQ TTnlrlen O. DamAJEed) 12 TRUCKS. Morris. Commer, Chev, lI Leyland PRIME MOVER. u 6 UTIUTIES. Inter., Dodge, Hoi- 4 PANEL VANS, inter., Obey, and ueaiora. rue ?Land Rovers, inter. Ambulance. STORES. t rl m qnsj-eji Hand TOoll. Portable Autoclaves. Electric Motors, Scythe. Micrometers. Stocks eno Dies. Grinder. Hand Pre, Hats, D B Blouses and Trousers, Great Coats. Tentage Pieces. TynewKtere, Electric Cable. Drilling Mail Ine, Scrap Batteries. Steimer Chain, Igloo Hanger ParU. Work Benches, iNSPECTiON: Monday, 8. 193H. AfjCTJONEBRS: MAL1N RUSSELL AND OO. LTD.. 229 ST. VINCENT STREET. CATALUES: DWtoenl of Sup ply, WW Chalrjr September TOMOgWSEfT. 1 ,AND - On the Premises. Occidental Hotel 64 COLLINS STREET. n ,t,a r,inxin..' Down of Thli Famous Old Hotel Everjthlni will De unerea. iin.iu.wujs m rooms of Myer-Rocie .Made Ma. boganr Myrtle suites and Beds. Fine Furniture and Hotel Equipment ON VIEW THIS DAY, 10.30-4.30. P.m. Catalosuea at Hotel. OTUITOCTTAV'W KA.1.1C At 111 a.m. on Ti,.nnm. rnnTnlnlne Maho2. any-Myrtle wardrobes, combination Stooea and Dreaslns Tables, Dr asalnj Taoies, Jjeusine A'y1'?. Single Beds. Box Sorlnj and Inner Sorlnii Mattreaaea. Hundreda Yard. .TTtSai.TT-iT 10 A.M, MftH.m "w.mer'a" Bar Relrliiera- tlon (Y.Y.H. Unit. 5 . B.P.. Motor, 3 Coolers c.). S National e;is- tera (1 Electnc) Fana, Aqua-Lux Modern 30 In, iron &aie, oy ""jyt Flffied Dlnlne Chal, Over 1OO0 pea. cutlery tuiu . "T".- r- Modern Kitchen Muinmeni. p.aBr 'roieao- cotton (usea) : enn Vi..i,i uhi am fircatcoats 500 Pair Blue Trouers. 800 Pair ASSOrtea Aruuaeio, ow uavnn., 300 Salvage Shirts, 180 Jump-ers. 127 Blouses, 100 Towels, 137 Mattress Cases. 7U Mian- WEB. EQUIPMENT: 500 Pair Web' sacks. 160 Packs. 780 Kit Bana, M.T.. SPARES. New): gea or. Short Motor, Crown Wheel and Pinions, uear bojw. A'a,if"in Blon Assemblies, Radiator Cores, Axle Shaftay Cranksharts, Shockers, Bearings, Valves. Ac, (Used): Engine Assemblies Bedford, Commer, . Humber, TYRES: 180 "Transport Tyres, 156 WIRELESS? Slated RUtp, formers, 1 Radio Receiver, Typi t,l,ui, -w im pr.iNT; A Air Con. ren sets 4 K.V.A.. 1 Steam gl?.hlr!ll.ntri Sandbtln Plant. 4 Serrafln? Machines with Motors. 1 Petrol, Ve.(, Waihlnu Machine. 80 shirt AnBcltv 1 "Lester" Plattorm T?Eck (Petrol Driven), 1 Saus-aee Filling Mach ne.j .m.c.n.T. Tnn M.tai iseas. low tnrled Tables, 7A Miles Signal rahi. 917 Cha rs, 1 Taouiaioi. 500 VkeuTalsomlne. 12 Ton ah Dlnlna Tables. . 23 . Rubber Knghle.,,,300 Pair Baroer sneara. la mt;;, T?pewrlter1. Duoncatinj Machines, Elec. Calculators, Hand TRANSPORT: Tramway Bus Service DBnartina Queen Street, Mel- ( Destination isunamu,. o7 Deer Park via South KOao, Stops at eni" ".y" DEPOSITS: Cash Or nana v.. TMtfTJcvT,TfiN! Wednesday, Septem- afrrTioNEER: . Jo BITXTON PTY. vp" pnone mnzoqi. . .. mATi-rtIIir.S: Mav be ODtaaueu "n: Ttotnre Sale from: Departnieiit 485 Bourke Street. MELBOURNE. Phnne MY260. ext. 503. COMMONWEALTH OFAUSTRALIA. tt M SI LB BY A U C T I O Seized and Unclaimed Goods ..n.r,T-.Tj mfiM THE SffiTrTOR OF CUSTOMS FOR THESTATE- ofVxCTORLV Cu, Mel- KrT.. ST. TeWon. MY25&. Ext. 225. n,PnMFSDAY AND THIJRSDAY, 5f. li'Si-Tr m. ra Melbourne. and MB2659. SEP- 9 TiAErai; LOTS 1-460. 537-o96. AT 10 A.M.. hURSDAY. TEMBER 11. 1338a,, LOTS .JJT'-vw.- fh TERMS: Cash on the Fall ol the Hammer idi wtu w.. INSPECTION: qoods at Ojeen'; Warehouse. Deoartment of Supply Stores. Racecourse Road. Fleming- ion. HIT WT uw""" , , Wednesday, and Tomorrow, Thursday. September 4, ?etweeTi the Hours ot 9 a.m. and 12.30 u rn. and 1.15 o.m. and 4 P.m. rurther Details Set out In Catalogues Obtainable from Aucttoaeara oc Room T. Custom, HouM. t,,,c n.v At 1 n.m. BenUelgh Auotlona rsam Salter !ENTUE'BOAD, Bentleigh LEONARD JOEL PTY. LTD., 1V MnKII.irtP ST.. CITY, (Off Little Collins St.. . Between Elizabeth and Queen, streets,, TOMORROW, THURS. At 10 a.m. Fine Furnishings By Order Perpetual Trustee Co., Corr and Corr, Solicitors, Mrs. R. i.r... nnir ffimnlele Homes, Including 'Shaped Blackwood Display i-nhtnef hv Goldman. Button Back 5 Pee. Sectional lounge Suite Suite. Wal. Chippendale Design Display Case, Cane Panelled -i-fcn, Lounge Suite, Ant. Oak Coffer, Ant. Mah. China Cabinet Ant. Mah r-.. uia Dnuyn.flllerl RlUe 3' let. DlSlriY Chilrs, Tciar Chlflon; nlere, Easy Chairs, Oak Cane Panel Easy Chairs. Fine Large Old Dutch Oil Painting. Blackwood and Oa Dlnlngroom Suites. Oak .Tudor t ..nn cnit Mnh sideboard, a Assorted Good Quality Bedroom Suites, Ladies' and Gent. 's Ward robes, unests oi General Lounge Suites. Kitchen Settings, In Lamlnex. Kitchen Dres sers, A very Large swiiuu w general rwuwnvf. nrw 21 1-Pce. Sliver Cutlery. Suporb Walnut Upright Piano by August FosieF, 15-stop New Yorfe Organ. Simpson Standard Stove, Colda and Quirk Refrigerators, Sunbeam Mz- cade Curtains, Axminster. Wilton and Persian Carpets, Electric Semak Broil Quik Cooker. Also a. very Large Section of China, Sliver, m. with section of Linen, Blan- AnSSfttiSfcr LARGE OFFERING NOW ON VIEW. I 17 McKTXLOP ST.. CITY. REDDING Sc CO.. FOR FARMS. ABT. 25 WLS. NORTH OF MELB.. MAIN RD. 250 A. S.E.C on, o-r, name, o pauua, 16.250. . " ' ABT. 15 MLS. DANDENONG., UtlLUVi 1UU A. HUM tu gooa nciiHe. . oiuu, , z. ju,uw, MIXED BARGAIN, 277 A.. 2 good names, nwa, auiry oiu., w. 6fl dairy cattle. Tract. 8.250. FfflSH CREEK. S.E.C.. 126 A, Nlca nome. Dio,gs.. on cuws, x. ";. POULTRY: MAIN RD.. NR. DAN- 1G00 hlrds: 5750. MIXED. 200. A... CLOSE LGE . TOWN. 14 paoas,. o-r. nuino. Dairy, hay shed, milk 35 cows; 4500. Dep. 1000.. NUMEROUS OTHERS LISTS " POSTED. REDDING & CO. PTY. LTD., 225 COLLI. VS ST., MELB. MF3207.-A.H.. XB5789. LA3S09, XU1613. Dandenong 199. Warragul 480. Hecla" 'aw cuMnV' MBynme. Gas Range. Gas Deep Fry. 6 It uai Rnin Marie. "B.G.E." Elt. Stove sinaa ana and Oven. . Stainless -nenSS"- nrf rntlerv. -f"y f-t...; TTit osn tots ""VSrAnri Table Tinen. Ate. Hotel China ana -I.,. ' tt. CnnMif PhlliDfl AmPll- ner ana itecoiu rwmii on VIEW THIS oax, iv.wt.ov Catalogues at Hotel. 13 10 Queen St.. Melb MU3574. MACK THOMSON, vinann A35 Hlh St.. St. KUda. XJ2520. AUCiiuiieeis in vum in ST. KILDA AUCTION 'ROOMS, AM'Sl mun a... " Contemporary Furnishings plffiATCARpfes"! BRAtiIlE' JWNER SPRINGS, CurtalnsT Personal EBects, 300 Lots CWnaTcryatal, Klt'ware Cutlery, Elec. sundries. Unit. Jewellery. 4c. AT 10 A.M.: Dual Auction. 4 Baths 4 Boys' and Genta Bicycles 2 English Style Prams. Hand Biiffl. iSe. Windows and feashes. Garden Chair,. New 7 Ft. 6 Kit. Usual Furnishings lor All 'Rooms, AT ifet., 2.10 P.M.: Bjssl-net inner Springs. Divans, p.s. Tables. Office Tables. Book Shelves, 2 Twin Robe Bed. Stiltes 2 Chesterfield settees. Bed Settee Wal. nin cot h tip ikvTt e Colonial Beds. Child's BedSuite, Bed and Lounge Suites. Odd Robes, seas. wu, LQtt1,5- thtc ap urn P.M.: Splendid BENDIX AUTOMATIC WA9HINU JUAUmflS. , ELECTROLUX GAS Bachelor RE- FRIG., Late Model Servex Fnage, o nm ninninv shelf Island Fit ments, Show Case Counter, Port. Gramo., Hotpolnt Elect. Ironer. L. a Rniu x 30 Yds. Ea. Plain Brown Bank Quality Lino.. Piano by Erard, Cabin Trunk Vac. Clean ers, Kaaiogram aaa mo.iii.ei jiui, innai ttiaai nnhinet RfwlnB Ma chine. 3 Oatmeal Enamel Jeunesse S.C. Heaters, JW. . AT APPROX. 4-15 P.M.: Camphor Laurel Twin Robe Bed Suite, Bedroom Settln of R Pieces. DrOP- slde Tables, Myrtle Chest, Set aneivee, cocKtaai nar. ateei oeu TinffoVm TV rhulrii Cffeia Tables. unit Lounge suite, enrome b.ii. 9ii1ti Pr Wlnff Phrtlrx StandLB Din Suite. (Tlub Stvle L.C. Lounee Suite, Ash Folding Cots, Quantity of new inner ovuiiks, ah '-a .1. J.O X. J.O, J.D.O X J.A.O. J-J. O, dr. Mvrtie Tvpiste xtesK. a i rlr Motu ntTlre TlMkn at s ari p.m. approk.: Good Selection of Standard Size Axminster. Wilton and Keshan Carpet squares, ioc unaerieu. MACK THOMSON FRIDAY SEPT. 5. At 10.30 a.m. At the Rooms. IS QUEEN STREET. SALE BY AUCTION OF Salvage and General Merchandise Hv Kt primers ComDrlslng Cotton Fashion .Suit Material. Uncut Moquette. Aitover Lace, wooiien ana v.uitwi rtc, i-Vo p.Vnn JuTnterlal Poolln. tiI -wiriB OOf. Ladles' 2-nce. and Brooches, suit Cases. Wardrobe Trunk, portable Wireless, Chlnaware, Linoleums, Wilton and Ax. Carpet squares. nou aim oicua ner. Electric Motors and Clocks, Typewriters, Lamlnex Sheets, TjotVi. nncln jtnii PanH. Offlrre Fur niture, Filament Yarn; Asbestos Fibre. Black Olives, Fencing wire, British Alum. Sheets Bond, One-sided White Speedcote, Stan- Anrri nnri .Dlinlicator WoVfl PaDCT. Green. Buff and Salmon System Boards, S.C. Printing, Lamlnex Tables and Chairs, Cotton Waste, Zealex. Hides and Splits, Shower Base, &c, &c. on view tomorrow. 10 a.m. 0 4 p.m. Catalogues Available, af'TOARLEH FORRESTER A CO. KJ PTY. LTD., 15 QUEEN MB2659. ' MB 2650. THIS DAY. At 1 P.m. (Note tlme.f S.E.C. DEPOT, BANDIANA, VICTORIA, To the Order of the Stare Electricity Commission fi MOTOR. VEHICLES fi 2 PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSORS, MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. StC. On View This Mornlnr. 17 M. PURDY St CO, PTY. LTD, M. PURDY A CO. PTY. LTD 20 Queen St. THIS DAY. At 10.30 a.m. (Note Time.) 396 LYGON STREET, EAST BRUNSWICK. Furnishings & Effects Confectionery Fittings, 10.30 'a.m. Approx. 80 LOTS OF CARPENTER'S Tools, including Planes, Saws. Chisels, Pulleys, Blow Lamp, A;C, Then Follows Shelving. Expensive wall ir-MENT, 20 Ft. Long. COUNTERS, ! hat.t .l&f.K FROST CONF. REFRI GERATOR. EL. MIXER, Containers, Glasses. LARGE SHOP Ice Chest, c-iiintr hahlnMi. fin Rain Marie. Cottage Piano, Large Double Oven Gas Range, EL Washing Machine, 2 El Coppers, 2 Fuel Stoves, Bread rii.. ij GTur.cD r it avrjuiun MACHINE. 8 Bicycles, Q.&, Sink and uaoinet. to. O'CLOCK. General Furnish ings. Jtaicnen laoies, unair. oit-iw. Wardrobes, Comb. Robe, Dressing Tables, Tin if unit, Bea uoucnes. ui-vans. Double and Single Bedsteads, 4 and 5 Dr. Chests, Lounge Suites, Glory Chest, Chrome and Lamlnex R. Oak and Enamel Bedroom Suites, A V ft nnri R TTr R. IS. Matt- resses. Fireside Chairs, R.T. DESK 'Jt ivioa. wai. uearoom auiies, wu, uin. aeiuosa, APPROX S P.M. DISPLAY WIN. TlOW A1 NEW TWIN ROBE. WAL. VEN. BEDROOM SUITE. Solidly Built WAL. BEDROOM SUITE. Sinall BILLIARD TABLE, SPLENDID L.C TERS" CABINET GAS STOVE. Set of 6 Stapleton and Lewis WAL. DIN. CHAIRS, CHROME AND LEATHER ARM CHAIR. Occ. Tables. Mah. Auto Tray, Wal, G.T, Din. Table ana Bureau to ma ten. new mu. URNS, 2 CANE PANEL EASY CHAIRS, Bachelor Electrolux Gas Refrigerator. 4 Dr. STEEL FILING cabinet. u. Eiove, contents Glass uasi, kc. 'FRYSIDE HEATERS, This sale. Everythlnff to be Sold. CEO. E. HOOPEB AucUoneen, PW1564, ACRES, 20, an excellent market -garden in the sand belt, deep sandy loam, well cultivated . and manured, in good heart, well laid water service, underground drainage, break winds. 2 Homes, in per- . . feet order, good extensive shedding. Details from BURKE rfc SCOTT, 304 Charttian Rd.. CHELTENHAM. XF4574. . ACRES. 35. N. Rlngwood. Good . road frontage. W. and L.; ' 300 acre. j. C. McCRAE, R.E. , S.I.. 211 White Horse Rd... Ring- ' wooa. wubtttn: a.w., wurjsuz. . TO BUY OR SELL. Best Agency, Glppslond & Northern Co-operative Co. Ltd., 623 Collins St. MB3841. BACCHUS MARSH. Solid Brick Home, 8 rooms 12 kitchens), part lurn., gas and js.l... ame. gar- ' ase. 250 yds. from centre o town. Everything in spotless condition. Only 4U00. on 1000 dep. P. F. PARNELL. H.E.S.I.. 36 Chapel St., Windsor. LA1072., BELGRAVE-Selby. 2 Blocks. 1 rear, bus at door. Elect., trees, sleep out, 17 ft. x 8 ft., some furn. -The lot, 525 or offer. Must sell, consid. terms. ML2051. (1ASTLEMA1NE DISTRICT. J 4-r. W.B. Cottage, elec, water. Vac. Poss. R.A. title. Price o00. Cash or terms. Apply J?eCaPpy, Castlemalne. Phone 363. A.H.. 496. ttOUNTRY Cottage. 4 brignt j rooms, on acre. Garage, puths and lawns, Excellent views, furn.. with elect, frig.. &C Recommended at only 1750. or offers considered. Many othera available. R. B, NOBLE & Co., r.e.s.i.. Agent, uiyaaie lbu; .n., Lllvdale Add TAIRY Farm, S. Glpps.. 100 A., MONDAY NEXT. At 11 a.m. On the Premises. 1 BALMERINO AV., TOORAK. Antique Furniture View Saturday Next. Catalogues Now Available. EONARD JOEL PTY. LTD.. 17 MCK1UOD oureei.--.tij. Auctioneers, Valuers, MU2893. . v. nA . e p tin cows. 7 Mrs., bull, plant: 11.500. offer. Good terms or exch. tor sub. Home, Rlverlna Agcy., 366 BOUrKe St, - - Stud Farm. 60 acres, subdlvld- lnto '.1 paaaooKs, wun. eiiMeihtii fnr-Ar1 Trtr a OOQ stock.' Hay sheds, many other build- propeny ana suiuwie uuuiuu. J. pf FALLON, a56GIen Huntly Rd.. Caulfleld. UF2379. A.H., unROo. UM6000. : "J l District, clearing 10.000. par ann. Several popular irancnies. Plant and equipment 'yaJiS1 1 14.0W. purcnase price jt.ii.uw. Liberal finance available. Universal. IrtjY victoria at.. auuul3iu"i. KM ana Mill, r.aa. uii; land. Farm consists of 360 acres. 200 acres clear ea, aiviaea Into five paddocks, good undulating land, carry 100 head cattle comfortably. Good house and outbuildings. Saw mill capable of cuttin 20.000 super rt. per week. Plentiful supply of logs, easy bush to work. Appiy to itiZL. Age. THIS DAY, At 3 p.m. On the Property. 100 MONT ALBERT ROAD (Cor. Mangarra Road), Canterbury (Executor's Auction.) CHARMING BRICK TUDOR RESIDENCE. Comn. Ent. Hall. Laree Lounge, 21 Ft. x 15 Ft., Owning to Patio; m nin err . Tien A Bedr Main Bedr. with Own Shower R., Mod. Tiled Bathr., Int. Toilet, wen-nut ea mt ehen S.S. Sink Elec. H.W.S. TjtnnrTrv TTnel R. -flirt Toilet Gar- den, oMst Floor Coverings, Blinds ajia uruLiea, a ills swuiv nuu; Situate OoDOSlte a Beautifully Treed rarit, surrounaea oy iaoice norara ma cirwe to scnoois. unurcnes. Bnops ana iTairepar. 70ITRT. LAND 104 Ft. 8 In. X 14R Ft. Approx. lauoaivision roasioir.. TERMS: FROfin Tipn. Bal. With. in a i ears, mt, tvt p.a. TEO. CROSTHWAITE Co, X Auctioneer, alio tauem atrtiet, MUDDumt, MUS605. lflf8 Plaint no. S451. Between w. B, tnr.msoN a- vacuum on. itom- pany pty, iltjj., riainun, ano, H SMITH A M. SMITH. Defend ants. Notice Is hereby given that umess tne .Execution against gooos issued herein be nreviouslv satisfied or stayed, I will SELL by Public Auction at enr, Victoria & Abbotsford Streets North Melbourne, on Wednesday the third dav ol September, 1958, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon all the Interest (If any. or aeienaanra in ana to j. xypewriter, a omce aesK, chairs. Tirmiiraih . Dated this Second day of Sep- uemoer, avoa. A R. OI I ARTTPIRM ATM. Temporary Bailiff of the County iouit at MeiDoume. Plaint Nn. dR Be. iween ir. h.tjl.k iraninff aj PENINSULA POTTERIES, Plaintiff, and MOBILE CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD.. Defendant. Notice Is hereby given that unless the Execution against goods issued staved. T will ST5LT. bv Puhlie Jine. tlon at Chr. Hampstead Road and tteitn street, BrayoraoK, oi Wednesday, the third dav of Ken- tember. 1958. at 2.30 o'clock In the afternoon all the Interest (If any) of defendant In and to 1 Concrete mixer, 1 overhead crane, concrete mouias. office table 1 office chair, filing cabinet. Ter ma en h . Dated this Second day of Sep- A. iR. OUARTERMATW. Temporary Bailiff of the County COUNTRY AUCTIONS SATURDAY, SEPT. , At 11 a.m. At liosq umee, YEA, Store and Attached Dwelling ALSO 5 ACRES Town Land Account Estate H. Lee Gow (under uuiiuciiHis irom miss u. i,ee uowi, Ideally Situated on Main Thoroughfare with Frontaae of 45 ft. t Station St. Near Railway Station and Hospital. Good Opportunity to Re-open and Establish Business sue. DWELLING of 5 Main Rooms, Kitchen and Bathroom. Sleen nut- Weatherboard Construction Kept in neat vraer. otrrnuiT.riTNns- s tj. m. chandlse Stores with Open Yard at Rear. Comer Position. ALSO TOWN LAND. Comprising o .ncrca wiui rroninxe to xea Kivor, useiui bmaii urazing area. TERMS: H Cash. Balance Quarterly Payments Over 3. .Years, Interest at 6. Possession. , 30 ,Days from Date of Contract. -or Funner particulars , Apply Agents in Cffllurtctttfti. 30N BREWSTER, R.B.S.I., 323 Myri), noirame t fnn MF1565. MF6950; private. JW41; NEW ZEALAND LOAN M.A, F ARMLET, Mernda, 19 mile G.P.O., main rd., 5 mln, riy. stn.. H.S. bus. 20 acres, rye, clover, oats, rich soil. Balls, milk-Ing mach. Licensed creamery, sheds, ample water. Excell. 4-bedr. Home. For oulck sale: 6000. terms, of near cash offer. Also Panton Hills: 27 Acres. 3-bedr. W.B. Home. x,ge. dams, S.E.C; 4000. terms. E. J. LOVE & CO.. R.E.S.I.. Stn. Ent.. RESERVOIR. JM1875, A.H., mernaa i. CURMLET, 10 acres and 7-r. X home, E.L. and water, also nhnne nn. fZnnA naxturr. A nad- docks, 3 miles from township. Prlca t-JDUU, aujiu arrangea. a. a. NOBLE St Co.. R.E.S.I.. Agent, Lllydale 160. A.H.. Ulydale 444. T7ARMLET. 5 a., pens for 1400 J? birds, ample water. 200 layers, 3-bedrm. brick Home, garage, phone, S.E.C. connected, handy transport, store and school: 4800. Terms arrangea. jrnone uevon meaaowa ha ELNGLAKE W. Land. 32 A.. 10 cleared; TERMS. Ring William. son. Kingiane w. 3. MORNINOTON PENINSULA. Red Hill Area, Overlookinf Westernport say. a., gooa. land, ptly. clrd. Comf. Dwelling and lge. shed erected, teL installed. Ideal for week-ender, orchard or flowers; 3500, terms arranged. mriminvtAn Tii i Hal 14 A pasture and nice bk. Home T.C. tile rf. Ample water. S.E.C. and tel. conn. Ideal for stables or retiring; 8000, terms, It required on 5000 dep. HMr trood small Farm. 31 A, Good solid Home, good rd., S.E.C. spring water, also perm, creek, sea views: 4300, terms arranged on low dep. J. P. KNAGGS, RJLS.I., 108 Main St. . Morning ton. Tel. 2240; A.H., 2019. PROPERTY, rARM." ACRES. 13S AUCTION. On the Property. HARK A WAY1 RD. . BERWICK. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 At 3 p.m. P15TP.R AtrRTN PTY. LTD. h&E been lnstructet by Mr. David J. C. Wood, of Berwick, to sell by Publifl Auction as above. To be offered firstly as a whole. II not sold, then as: LOT 1. Approx. 86 Acres, with frontage to Harkaway and Beaumont rds. Well subdivided and grassed. Improvements consist of sound 5-room W.B. Home. S.E.C.. main water, septic sew., phone. Modern well-constructed dairy, cow shed, concrete yards, imp. shed, hay shed S5-gal. whole milk contract. frontage to Beaumont Rd. Improvements consist of soundly constructed hay or Imp. shed and excellent stock yards. NOTE: A magnificently situated property, adjacent to toe town, with an elevated and commanding aspect over the entire surrounding countryside. Comprising rich volcanic soil of renowned productivity. . The double frontage affords a potential of Immense value. Inspection thoroughly recommended. Certificate or Title. TERMS: 10 per cent, on signing of Contract of Sale, further 40 per ctni. an usseAsiun iwiinia rju RJeeall bourne. Inspection Only Through the Auctioneers: PETER AUBIN PTY. LTD., 345 Lonsdale St., Dandenong. Pnones 340-1691; A.H., 534. NOTE DATE OF SALE. NOTE DATE OF SALE. , NOTE DATE OF SALE. The Date of Sale la WEDNESDAY", WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 10.. 10. 10. The Date was Wrongly Printed ai Saturday, September 10, in a pre- QUEENSLAND PINEAPPLES Model Plantation. 23 a., red loam, 21 a., cult.. 16 a. pines. All young, correct rotation. Famous N, Coast dlst.. 45 m. Brisbane. Av. returns 4500. Considered by experts best farm In dlst. 2 m. bit. highway to rail and school. 2 nice homes, eacn all elec.. H.W. and septic. Large pack. ahed. 30-cwt, truck, all new equip. First time offered. Sound buying at 12.500. Others from 4000 to 16.000. Write us for particulars. N.C.H.F. PTY. LTD., NAMBOUR. QLD. CJILVAN.o-roomed neat Recon-J dltioned Home and 10 Acres. Beautiful chocolate soil, on creek, with dam. near school: electricity available; 5250. An energetic man could pay this place off in one year growing strawberries and flowers Land prepared for crop free. 6CHOLZ. JW6055. - - STRAWBERRIES return 700 per acre and the factory van picks up at the door at guaranteed price, only capital required la 70 for runners and fertiliser. Runners planted now bear fruit In November. There are no catches, Just a lot of hand weeding, hoeing and picking. An ideal occupation for people with plenty of kids. Suitable chocolate soil, with water, near school, li available In 5-acre blocks at Silvan, from .125 per acre. Deo. 500 block. SCHOLZ. JW6055. WANTED. Agent, to sell Country Property, close Melb., with right to sell suburban property after. By letter, 11 Raleigh Grove, N, Essendon. .. WANTED. FARMS FOR SALE. CASH BUYERS. REDDING St 225 COLLINS ST. MF3207 S MOTOR TOURS JJJOTOR ' COACH 'j.xTOURfl, MACDONALtj; XteTONif fedi,' ! Australia. Also Mi Zealand. 1 'Contact Our Voura Dtat,'Wrn ; . Ml eomna,.reek jnmijk 1-1

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