The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1945
Page 10
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BANCROFT JUNIOR NINE WILL MEET OTHER CHAMPS Bancroft's junior baseball nin tnoves on to regional competitioi against state champions of Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota at the meet opening in Des Moines Bancroft defeated Mason City 4-3, to take the state American Legion junior baseball championship played at Mason City last Sunday. Walloping Ames 19-4 in the first round of the meet, Bancroft came through to hand Cedar Ranirts an 8-3 defeat in the second found and on to give Mason City its third straight ll-inning defeat in the third round of the competition. A crowd of 3,000 persons watched the Bancroft team, underdog for the first part of the game, score two runs and tie the game in the eighth inning and later tally the deciding point in the elventh inning. Final standings in the tourney rated Bacroft first, Cedar Rapids second, Ames third, and Mason City fourth. Airiy Hedrick ' Algona Girl Dies Iti West 'News of the recent death of Mrs. Fred W. Hornung at her home in San Francisco came tb Algona last week through Mrs. Kelley of Mason City, the former Gertrude Sheridan, Algona librarian, in ' a letter to Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Mrs. Hornung, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. "Bob" Hedrick, will be well remembered by old friends as Amy Hedrick. Her father, "Bob" Hedrick, was for a number of years Algona station agent for the Milwaukee Railway. Mr. Hornung was a hardware man. This leaves Annabel Hedrick Davis the sole survivor of the Hedrick family. The two Hedrick boys, Frank and Hugh have been dead for some years. The Hedrick family was Drominent in Algona social and ausiness circles at the turn of the century. Butler, Who have received that their son, Capt. William Butler, air corps pilot* was killed in a plane crash in China oh July 18. Besides the parents, he is survived by his sister, Mrs. Peafah, and his wife and two-months old daughter. Mrs. Ray Pearson's Brother Killed In Crash Swea City: Mrs. Ray Pearson went to Indianola Tuesday to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. 30% MORE FOR EGGS During the rest of the year large, clean eggs of good quality •will average that much and mure ovei straignt run eggs. Feed Pink of Perfection, feed and sell to Lanesboro Produce * Hatchery Co. Lanesboro Produce & Hatchery Co. AL HINKLEY, Mgr. HURT, IOWA !! WARNING!! I Don't Be Missled By "New Car" Talk The car you own now may have to last you for many more months—because new cars, when they (come, will be few, and likely will be rationed to •essential users. It will be many months, perhaps a year or more, before the car shortage is relieved to any extent. "In the meantime Conserve Your Old Car Utilize our car-conservation facilities, regularly. We have modern tools and equipment—expert, trained mechanics—and a reputation for results that please and satisfy. KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Patronize Your Own Business, and Benefit by the Extra Profit Bancroft Co-Operative Creamery Bancroft, Iowa It is hard to believe that those who founded the Bancroft Cooperative Creamery years ago, even in the rarest moments of imagination, pictured a more progressive and aggressive creamery than they have today. The community is justly proud of this institution, which is known all over this territory for its superior products. The farmers who patronize and supply this Creamery do their own ruling. The Bancroft Co-Operative Creamery has constantly grown in the past years and has even prospered during the depression period. Each year, they have shown, under the management of competent business men, growth in patrons. Each year, their volume has increased constantly, giving the farmers good prices and supplying good service. The success of the creamery is not only due to the directors, officers and management but also to its many patrons, who are helping in its growth. They have been able to pay the farmers more pet- pound for their butterfat than if there were no co-operative creamery in the community. This creamery's brand of butter is conceded to be close to perfection of the creamery manufacturer's art. The farmers are well satisfied with the topnotch prices they receive here. Meiife & Son Implement I»h6ne§« fteere" ffWtws. Parts And Excellent Repair Service. / JOHN DEERE TRACTORS have no equal from this standpoint of ECONOMY John Deere simplified two cylinder construction results in lower fuel consumption and the need for fewer replacement parts, resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs. They'll do your work just as efficiently and more economically. MERTZ & SON YOUR JOHN DEERE DEALER invites you to drop in frequently to inspect "what's new" in implements regardless of whether or not you are "in the market" at the time. They know you Want the best and are always striving to improve their stock. Mertz & Son realize their obligation to you does not cease with the sale of a piece of farm equipment. Consequently, they keep a good stock of genuine factory replacement parts and specialize in a prompt economical repair service, thus assorlng you that you will receive satisfaction from the John Deere Farm Equipment which you purchase from them. Mertz & Son will be glad to have you come in to inspect the latest developments in agricultural implements at any time. You are always welcome at their place of business. Now Is the time to place your order for all your needs. Correct *et ' ft; t. ' < Phone 200 N. Dodge Working For The' Best Interests of Agriculture Whittemore Elevator Co. Whittemore, Iowa Grain - Feed - Coal Farmers Supplies Among the progressive and wide awake institutions of this community there is none more worthy than the Whittemore Elevator Co. of Whittemore, Iowa, owned and operated by local farmers. This home firm is made up of farmers and citizens of this community, your neighbors and friends, and is worthy of every citizen's loyal support. Many items are handled by this firm and the farmers of this territory have learned that they can supply all their needs in an efficient manner when dealing with this firm and can save money, too, as they have the reputation all over this section for honest weights and fair treatment. With a very satisfactory service to their credit, together with r strong radiation of friendly feelin' to all who come in coneact with the manager and directors, the farmers of this territory having products to market find this elevator one of the most satisfactory places in which to transact their business. In review of prominent business establishments there is none in this special field of endeavor to be more complimented than the Whittemore Elevator Company. Patronize your own business—it pays. •Ei:\ FRANKLIN Iowa Esther L. Langmack and Elmer M. Langmack, Owners End Tables Mahogany finish table with •book rack enclosed. Plain unfinished table. Can be painted or stained any color you wish. Wood Saws .3 blades. Detachable handle. Complete Only 69c Bowl Covers Elastic band. Covers transparent. 3 large covers 35c small cov 35c 5 small covers Fly Ded Fly Spray 1 quart 1 oint 49c 25c SPRAYERS 20c-39c Armstrong Patented Crown Bottle Caps 144 caps 35c Fruit Jar Funnels Made of heatproof glass. Kach Water Pitcher Sets Consists of large pitcher and 6 glasses to match. Set 45c Fruit Juice Glasses No-nick edge. Beautifully designed. Each 5c Oversea Mailing Boxes Correct size for mailing overseas Xmas. packages. boxes &VV Wood Spoons For canning. 106 Rag Rugs Oval shape. 20x36 Oblong shape. '24x48 Linoleum Mats Prints 27x39 15x27 35c 15c Tek Tooth Brushes Medium or hard. 2 for 51C Clothes Baskets Strong. With handles. 27 in. long, 18 in. wide, 10 in. deep. $|49 BUY YOUR FARM EQUIPMENT : —AT— Montag Bros. WEST BEND, IOWA Featuring a Complete Line of International Implements—Tractors and Trucks—Tractor Parts— Expert Repair. Ford Sales and Service When you need agricultural im.- plements it will pay you to visit Montag Bros., at West Bend. They selected the International line because they felt it enabled them to offer their customers the most complete selection of farm equipment and more for their money. They are well posted on farm machinery and invite you to drop in and get acquainted. In order to adequately serve the community, the implement dealers of today must be thoroughly familiar with the mechanism' of the different types of implements in use in this locality. Montag 'Bros, fulfills this requirement and carries a stock of genuine replacement parts. Their complete line fills the Implement requirements of this re- pion. Progresisve farmers select their equipment here. It will pay you to do so. They will be glad to have you :ome in to inspect the latest de- 'elopments in agricultural .implements at any time. You are always velcome at this place of business. Remember they have a Farmall Tractor for every purpose, and low is the time to make arrangements with them for your needs. Dairy fifmint ^6^d6ii th« fat* Bier with art additional sStifce oi income. Diversified farming is lot the best interest of all. Sell your cf earn to the Whltte* more Farmers Creamery at Whittemore and get finery cent it's worth, and for your health's sake eat more of .their products. This Is a home concern and one worthy of your support. The Whit* temore Farmers Crearhry is ift- terested in Whittemore and community and has built for them a market second to none. Their butter has become the topic of favorable comment in Whittemore and the surrounding territory and is recognized as the acme of perfection. .This place has always received the highest mark of sanitation, and the Whittemore Farmers Creamery is not satisfied unless s it can say "There are no better products on the market today." They have made- rapid strides in this line until today they stand supreme. Remember this "The Priceless Ingredient of Any 'Article in the Market Place, is the Honesty and Integrity of Him Who Makes •It. Consider His Name Before You Buy." In this review of our neighbors and friends we are pleased to refer our many readers to this fine Institution and their products. Owned By.The Farmers—For The Farmers. Fenton Co-Operative 'Creamery Phone 48-2 Fenton, Iowa Iowa State Brand Butter, Sweet Cream Butter Fred E. Kuecker, Manager for Z5 Tears. National Awards Received in 1927-29 Also Many Other Medals for Quality Butter Produced. The Fenton. Coop. Creamery is a' strictly cooperative f armer-own- efl and controlled institution for the benefit of their many friends and customers. Cooperation is the greatest word in the dictionary. It is the power that builds cities, states and nations. No enterprise can succeed without cooperation. Splendid cooperation has built the Fenton Cooperative Creamery and made it the successful enterprise'that it Is! today. ' This creamery provides a first class market for pure cream. They receive their cream at regular intervals after it leaves the farmer or dairymen, and they are therefore able to produce a higher grade of butter. Absolute sanitation and purity is the basis for the high reputation of this well-known factory for the production of pure butter. People of this community have come to depend on this plant for all sorts of dairy products, knowing that they will be of the best quality. As far as cleanliness and sanitation are concerned one might think he was visiting the kitchen of a hospital when visiting the plant of ,. this well known concern. The but" Iter'produced rioted for its You'll Enjoy Life More If You flavor and its superior quality. Have A Good Bank Balance In The Iowa State Bank Phone 11 West Bend, Iowa Children's Panties Rayon. Elastic waist band. Reinforced. Size 4 to 10. 59c Fountain Pens For school. Wearever Pen $]00 :rever Del $J95 Wearever DeLuxe Infant Blankets Receiving size 27x36 38c Crib Pepper! 11 Blanket 30x40 49c Pepperill Crib Blanket design woven in. Size 30x40. 98c Chenille Crib Spreads Fancy design. Size 45x72. $398 Aprons Waterproof. Trimmed with cloth binding. Assorted dedans. 790 Farm Loans - General Banking Insurance Member of Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation Among the financial institutions of this part of the state are indeec few that can show more substantial progress than this well- known institution. From the date of its orgainzation up to the present time they have been noted for their sound and conservative banking methods, commanding in a marked degree the confidence of their depositors and the public at large, a condition that is the aim of every executive board. An idea may have great potential value but to get another's point of view and to secure a check on your own individual judgment it will be well worth your while to discuss your plans with your banker. A banker sometimes has no greater foresight than any other business man but his contact with many business men in varied lines of industry gives him a composite view of conditions that can be of use to his customers. He acts as a distributing center of information regarding business conditions. We want to direct the attention of our readersto this financial institution, the Iowa State Bank of West Bend, and to assure them that if they are looking for increased banking service they will find a consultation with the men in charge here one of inspiration and confidence in the future. You will always receive a friendly welcome at this bank. For Greater Farm Profits Use Better Farm Equipment Titonka Implement Co. Norrls Keil, Prop. Titonka, Iowa McCormick-Deering Sales and Service International Trucks Farmall Tractors - Complete Line of Repairs Agriculture is by far the leading industry of the county and the one other business are dependant upon, therefore a reliable implement supply and repair service is a vital requirement of the farmers of the community. This firm specializes in the olfr reliable McCormick-Deering line which has been the leader in its field for over a hundred years, The name McCormick-Deering is a symbol of dependability and satisfaction throughout the agr}.. cultural world. The great International Harr yester Company leads the way in implement development and invr provements. It is_ exceptionally well represented in Titonka and /Continue to patronize this fine, home-owned institution. They will prove to you that your business is appreciated. .^ ALWAYS A GOOD GRAIN MARKET s Davenport Elevator Company PHONE 6 WEST BEND, IOWA Dealers in Grain, Coal, Feed anil Peco Seeds. Manufacturers of '"Winner" Properly Balanced Feeds Always Fresh. When anyone in this community thinks of grain or feeds, they think of the Davenport Elevator Commy at West Bend, Iowa. This is one of the most important firms to the farmers of this section. They conduct an up-to- date establishment and are prepared to take care of your grain or feed needs in an efficient manner. TheyTnanufacture a full line ol "Winner" feeds which have the best combination of organic minerals, vitamins, proteins and iodine feeds known to the industry. Feed "Winner" and you will not need to feed minerals. They improve herd and flock health and increase livestock and poultry profits. Their elevator is of ample size to take care of unlimited quantities of grain and they at all times will give you the best price the market warrants. An institution of this kind, operated under the policies that are followed by them, is of inestimable value to any community and that their business methods are appreciated is evidenced by the fact that they attract trade from the country for many miles around, The manager wishes to thank you for your patronage, and hopes you will continue to trade, with them. community by the Titonka plement Co., who specialize in service and satisfaction to all customers. It will be a pleasure for them to show you the latest inv? provements in machinery. Yo>u are welcome at their shop at any time. They furnish repairs on short, notice and carry a very good stops of replacement parts. This feature of their services saves a great desj of time to casp Pi $ 'breakdown.' This concern is headquarters tor anvthinj? in i+« J''n» and Is In n BOr sitjon to readjr services. Home Owned and At Your Service West Bend Co-Operative Creamery & Locker Phone 109— Locker 188 W«st Bend, Iowa Manufacturers of Iowa State Brand Butter Lioenie No. 29, Pasteurized Milfc and Cream, Modern Cold Storage and Lockers, One need not wonder at the prosperous condition of the com' munity when they take into consideration the advantage farmers have over many other sections, for instance take markets close at hand that are maintained along policies that are commendable ajid deserve praise. Chief among our home markets is the West Bend Cooperative Preainery which over a period of years of service has -proven they are the logical market for d products. Always most fair their dealings they are ever st ing to give top prices for cream ar>d. milk. They have always tried to cooperate with the farmers, helping them, to secure better, prices .and giving them valuable information t enables them to get a it, 18 Hfiftsgarf tiiafe Itid various busMeiS'IlrmfM th« «lly find courtly" VtSM&tii Sdelju&te" out* let fof jhft prodtlcfs 6f the: seclioW affecfetl The .WhitteMbre Pr8dUde Cm has boosted ftfid aiafed the farmer in every, possible way. Me?e is a market available wheite the" iiroducef may dispose of his poultry and eggs and e?eam ts the best advantage, which means a ,r6al seryke wJteth'ef direct 6r Indirect to the whole people. .Mere the producer is met -with courtesy and accommodation in every transaction, for they are conscientious in their efforts to render real Service; No obligations are incurred by asking questions and to get the latest market quotations, all'thet is necessary is to call thern-^-phone mm* '. Itt sl*e ftNMH 80 W 820 atfe! : •;;,,- :' • •' • • Located In KOSSttTH AND PALO ALfO COtJ*«ftEJgl, IOWA land and Improvements. Lahdford's Sfiarft of iftiS And soybeans fo With farms prchased before September ,1. Iowa Defeme Relocation Corporation ALGONA, IOWA PRONE !SS3 grade and more from their herds. The. West Bfin4 Creamery has proven very beneficial to the community here, aery* a jwo-f ol4 purpose by giving us. a ready market their . ter a»4 jfqod products arts shjpped distant pjajces where they tps • ' og _mr sjcjjpa Jinpwj), f aj> jgnj for the product -of 9 " ' ' Cherries 30 Ib. Tins - Frozen - Sugared CARNATION MILK Tall Can 9c GALLON ii i LI:\ 49c Del Monte Cream Style CORN No. 2 can TOILET TISSUE Prim AEROWAX GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DRANO SANIFLUSH ; LEWIS LYE 1 JAR RUBBERS Del Monte TOMATO JUICE ... 4 rolls /bVV quart bottle Uvv No. 5 tin can 29c 21s large can ......3 calis ... 3 dozen 25e 12c No. 2 can 2«.r25c SATURDAY ONLY WHILE IT LASTS DUZ Large Pkg. 25c California UK A lib £J Medium Size dozen 39C C A N T A L 0 U P E vine ^ ;....,.....;...„......... ;... lb; 10c NEW POTATOES . ... Mlbs 49 C FANCY SWEET POTATOES 2 n» 25c GRAPEFRUIT ,„.„„,„ 3 te 25c Large Size DARK SYRUP % gallon Dairyland MILK cans ,„, Quality Meats SKINLESS WIENERS .... .............. L .................... ...... RING BOLOGNA ,„. 27$ MINCED HAM .... __________________ . _________________ „,.. ............ ........... lb 29c PURE LARD ;......„„.........,. .......................... I ........ II 2 lta , A M E R I C A N C H E E S E .' ............. ..„..„. ____________ „....„.,;,„,.;„, C 0 R Nl D B Elf ; ' ,,,;,,IZ^ S P R I N.G C HICK EM - • - -' ,,^^^P^. ^^^^V- v^^^W^V -:_^ j.^^p^P^^;. -^^^pPIIPpr-. 1 . ^"^"'''-"f^lPPPP; J-:'- V, « ^.^^'t^t^v'f.t^Vri^j/'vV ''. ^IP^ '^^^:'^lp:;;;: : :fl|l||lRl!|p:|lp;.:v' • : . : : ; 'ZJjj,^: ljl^jli^i§j^ii§jti^ P'Sfl

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