The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1945
Page 9
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file AlfOfm Upper DM Molttea, Altfdftd, Iowa, August 0,194$ Nurae Consultant Urge* Examination Of School Children lewa eh!idi>_ft .tatting to sehpel faf • IMS 'fftst tune this fall win be Mi behind ih 1 thfitf classes evert fiefof e School begins, believes Matjorte Lyfttfd, registered nurse and maternal and child health nursing consultant of the state health department. Miss Lyford Urges parents to give their children complete physl* cal and dental examinations before school starts, stressing* an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Too often parents Vinait Utttll the defect shows up in School before doing something about it. "Meanwhile, the child has difficulty in his or her work." Immunization against smallpox and diphtheria were among items specifically urged by the nurse. Commonly found defects include dental conditions, tonsils and-ade- Jioids, impaired vision and hearing, heart defects and others. "Thousands of children begin sehool every year with remedial defects, the correction of wftic would Increase their chances o success considerably," Miss Lyfor A free revised copy of the pub lieallot), "The Child from One t Six," may toe obtained by writin the state health department, Fishing Note. Ktere Is a new way to catch fis with no other tackle than a pal of shorts. You go swimming in likely place and when you emerg the fish will be in the shorts Sounds fantastic:, but Allan San derson, a New Hampton boy trie this while swimming, with com panioris in a pond north of town He got his fish. These moles that raise havb With lawns-and fields sometime wear wedding rings on their bur rowing fingers. Or, so thinks Henr SchUchte, farmer living near Wes Utiion. .He caught one of the mol family oh his farm and found it be wearing a tiny silver ring o one of its fingers. Henry Wonder What it's mate thought when it di not return home that night •• Board of Supervisors' Proceedings Auditor's OKic Algona, low SiflO O'clock A. M. Tho Board of Supervisors of Kos «uth County, Iowa, met In regula jse»9|on 'pursuant to adjoufnmen With the following members pres ent: J. H. Fraser, W. E. McDonald W. A. Schram, J. F. Qulnn and M. L. Johnson. Motion made by Schram and 2a by Fraser that tho following: 2n quarterly reports be approved: Re oorder's Report of Peea for $631.40 Clerk's Report of Fees lor I214S.S5 Auditor's Report of Fees and othe Collections for J1C6.69 and SherJf/V Report, to Board of Supervisor* Ayes: All. Nays: None. . . Motion made by Johnson and .... by McDonald that the official bon of Glayds Bergstresser, Deput County Recorder, In the amount o 11,000.00 be approved and placed o file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and 2a by Fraser that the Class "B" bee bond In the amount of 11000.00 o the Algona Country Club be approv «d and placed on file. Ayes: Al Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and ..... by McDonald that the appHcatlo and bond for cigarette permit o Harold McDonell bo approved an placed on file. Ayes: AH. Nays None. Motion made by Johnson and 2n by Schram that the Contractor Bond written by the Mutual Suret Company of Iowa for the penal sum of $300.00 In connection with th P. A. K. No. 1 open ditch clean .o.u contract of Carl D. Garrett of La kota, Iowa, be approved ard place on file. • Ayes: AIL Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and 2n by S.chram that the resignation o H. M. Harris, Weed Commlsslone for the City of Algona, be accepte effective as of June 2Bth, 184B. Ayes AH. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram and 2n by Fraser that the Board of Super visors approve the appointments « tho following named persons Weed Commissioners for the yea '1946: P. A. Me Arthur, Ra.-m»oy Township, Mllo Patterson and Fre Mey«r, LuVcrne Township and Al vln Huenhold, Algona Incorp. Ayes All. Nays: None. „ Motion maclo by Schram and 2n by Fraser that the Board of Super visors approve the petition slgne by E. J. Widen, et al., for clean ou of open ditch and removal of nee essary trees on Drainage Dlstrlc No. 2£, and that C.' C. Scharlachv competent engineer, be and Is here by appointed Engineer to examln an(J make necessary engineer's re port on the condition of said drain age ditch and -present hsl findings VMjrepf to ftitfjfi&r&'wt 'Supervisor* /tho earliest .-possible date. ,'Ayes ill; Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and 2n< by 'Johnson that the following ope ditch right-of-way claim Is hereb; allowed: Drain No. 133 — Lloyi Hutchlpson, SWWSWW Sec. 1-97-30 3.1 acres. 1943-1944 and the Count: Auditor be instructed to refund an abate said taxes, as case may be Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram and 2m by Johnson that the engineer's estl mate and report of C. C. Scharlach Drainage Engineer, as to the condl tlon pf Lateral 10 of Drainage Die trlct No. 4 be accepted and place. on file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram and 2n< by Johnson that th« petition signed ,,.by E. J. Holland, et al., for clean ' , out of open ditch and removal o /necessary trees on Joint Drainage 4 District W. K. 3-11, be placed on V • file. Ayes: All. Nays:- None. ' Motion made by McDonald and 2m by Fraser, that Schram be appoint ed to make necessary repairs on thi following drainage districts: No. 93 and H. ft K; No. 2-36. 'Ayes: All Nays: None. : Motion made by Fraser and 2nd by McDonald that Qulnn- be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts No. 4, No. 63. No. 108, E. K. No. 2 and P. A. K. No. 1. Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and 2nd by McDonald that Johnson be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts. No, 68, No.. 80, No. 82, No. 160 and W. K; No. 68-136. Ayes: All. Nays /None, Motion made by McDonald and 2nd by Fraser that J. F. Qulnr, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors be authorized to sign contract to purchase one Lowther C-Saw, Portable Power-Saw from the W, C. Brown Supply Co.. Fort Dodge, Iowa, for the sum of 1361.60 plus State sales tax. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and 2nd by Schram that the following resolution be adopted: WHEREAS, the County of Kos. suth. Iowa, Is the owner In fee simple of certain real estate located in 1 Whlttemore Township, Kossuth i? County, Iowa, described as that parcel of land beginning at the center of the Southeast Quarter (SEW) of Section Five (6), Township Ninety- five (96). Range Thirty (30). West , of the 6th P. M., Kossuth County, i Iowa, thence running West 82 V4 'feet, thence North 300 feet, thence ifE'ast 300 feet, thence (n a Southwest- terly direction 322 feet, to a point QQ feet East of th« place of begin- ng, (hence West 100 feet to the of beginning containing 1,66 and which said title was ac* I by virtue of a Warranty UK dated December 6, 1913, and brded In the office pf the Koasuth. Recorder on December 11, ,„ Book'67'on Page 317, which , was made, executed and de- to the County of Kossuth —-' Sohuitz and Bertha husband and w.lfe, and FT R,EA8, «ald real 'estate wai ,._.ase4 by the County of Kpssutn ,'or the »r«v»I ftnfl road material contalned_ln laid tract, and ' WITOjpAS, *tha Count/ of K<js ; •uth fcaij'tlw aoU ««e Pf gaW real estate until *afd gravel and road material |s exhausted, and when the grave) and road material contained. Jn, «atd tract Is exhausted U U to re, vert to the , original sub-division frpm when?* Jt was tafcen as per *(E»em«nt j »t tlms said trftot wa» Resolution declared' adopted 'thl 2nd day of July, 1946. On Motion Board proceeded audit and allow claims as pe "Schedule r of Claims" hereinafte written. County Fund W. W. Sullivan, stamps, and postal cards to Supt......I 19.0 W. W. Sullivan, box rent and stamps ......... ...„..., 36.6 Eleanor, Koilasdx, assist; Jn ' Auditor's office ........... .7.9.3 Gladys Bergstresser. assist. In Recorder's ofiice .21.0 Mary Ann Mergen, assist. In Recorder's office 69.7 J. H. Fraser, comm. and sessions .238.4 W» E. McDonald, comm. and sessions ................... 195.0 W. A. Schram, comm. and sessions 241.4 J. F. Qulnn, comm. and sessions 237.3 M. L. Johnson, comm, and sessions ................ .24Q.6 C, H. OstwinkJe, del. per. prop, tax col 126.2 A. J. Cogley. mileage and invest lees 96.3- A. J. Cogley, board, lodging and care of prisoners. 33.8 A. E. LaurJtzen, school of Instruction 12,6 Dot Kuchynka, assist. Co. Supt. .. 22.7 H. W. Miller, office cxp. 80.41 City of Algona, light and water serv. 2.7.8 The Bancroft Register, Board I'roc., etc. .....:.:. .63.9 Advance Publishing Co., Board Proc^ letterheads..... .63.4 Fldlar & Chamber* Co: .,»up. .3.7.4 Matt Parrot & Sons Co., .sup. .28.8 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup.... 461.1! Koch Broth era. sup. 108.1 Frye Mfg. Company, typewriter ribbons 11.22 Burroughs Adding Mach. Co., sup. and repair on machine 5.7 R. A. Knapp Agency, .service contract and ribbons... 33.2 Armstrong Laboratories, sup. 8.5 Virgil L. Payne, bty. ........ 3.0 Albert Basma, Sr., bty............ 1.0 Dean Zlelske, bty. . 1.3 Gordon Wirtjea. bty. .7 C. W. Pearson, adv. bty., etc. .6B.1 R. A. Evans, Coroner's fees 15.6 Delia Welter, J. P. fees. ' 8.0 A. J. Cogley, Sheriff's fees.. 9.7 Kossuth County Farm Bu- 41'G.G 17.4 reau, appropriation ... Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, stamps Hawkeyo Casualty Co., premium 1991.6 Koss. Co. War Act. Comm., office exp. 131.4 F. S. Norton & Son, sup. 3.1 Mrs. Ray Anderson, assist. Co. SupL. ..V............... ;3.6 Helen" Dickinson, assist Co. ' supt'.....;................ 7.0 Pratt Paper Company, sup... 57.1 Metropolitan Supply Co., sup. 8.9 Hammond & Stephens Co.. sup ;„ 112.0 Iowa State Highway Comm., 16 maps 6.7; Lorlng Supply Company, sup. 11.8 Lyons & Carnalian, sup 4.0 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup... 20.1: Hand McNally & Co., books.. 42.8: Charles Sortbner's Sons, sup. 76.6: McCormlck-Mathers Pub. Co., sup 6.6' Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., sup... 3.86 Follett Publishing Co., sup... 38.3 The Macmlllan Company, sup. 44.2 Scott, Foresman & Co., sup... 95.2' American Book Co., sup 76.9: Row, Peterson-& Co., sup..... 61.8 Qlnn and Company, sup 93.09 Joane Kuchynka, assist. Co. Supt 31.50 Court Fund Matthew. C. Qreir, court reporter 26.61 Lorraine Yelden, court reporter ..'. 41.4 limtltue Fund Dept. of Elementary School Frln., sup 2.00 The National Education Assoc., sup. 6.0' American Medical Association, sup 1.00 The Psychological Institute, sup ,88 Dept, of Supervision & Curr, Dev., sup ' 3.00 Houghton MIfflln Company, sup. ' 12.08 Library IPuud Iowa Pupils' Reading Circle. sup 27.45 jinn and Cympany, sup....... 11.3( H .J. Barry Company, sup..,. 17.11 3. C, Heatlv & Co., sup ;' 16.72 National School Service Co., sup ,. 24,70 The Manual Arts Press, sup... 5.90 Press Publishing Co,, / sup .,,.,.... '14.42 Book Supply Company, sup. 14.92 Tollett Publishing Co., sup... 11,10 Jlarkson Publishing Co., sup. 18.63 The Book Supply Company, sup. .,.,,.,... 9.GS A. E. Anderson, sup. ........ 6.87 Vilcox & Follett Co., sup..,', 2.00 r owa Pupils' Reading Circle, sup. ,,., ,,,,.,,,. 3,30 A, Flanagan Company, sup. ,. 2.00 Row, Peterson & Company, sup ,,„. 3,36 .faplewood Bookblndery, rebind books ajid sup 70.72 Cointructlou Fund Samuel Strauss, right-of- way ,. 100.50 H./ M. Smith, salary ,, 264.20 Oteorge W. & Eva M. Patterson, right-of-way.... 325.60 Concrete Products Corp,, sup. 350,68 tarry L, Cutler, grading, strip gravel pit, etc , 820.00 ohn T. McOuire, grading,, 1901,33 Ed. McQulre, filling gravel Pit .,.,,,.,,. 872.6Q ". I, Merryman, use of tools and Jabor 1410.96 M*|u<euance FuMd >aul Qlsoh, labor and manl- talnlng ......,., 82.20 Roelf B. Miller, labor........ 66,70 Alvln Swing, patrol .« 164,80 Lerpy Grapser, shop mechanic 199.10 ~- M, Ewer, operating <Jr,ag- nfle ,.,,,.,, ,..,..,, Mllo Patterson, hauling grayel, etc. ;,,.,, ,. 167.10 Clifford Holme*, patrol 168,00 128.50 _,..-,_ Meyer, labor' '.'.'.','. jisioo Usmle Hansen, shop work —• i 1*— « J63.00 Mugh <i*.20 l/e'o ffox, road Work, cut .brush, etc 118.04 Clyde Sanders, patrol........ 135,10 Vefhd Mollnder, patrol 132.30 3, H. Montgomery, labor.... 113.40 Harold Blair, labor 109.60 John 8. Anderson, patrol.... 113.80 C. C. Lyckman, patrol 111.70 City of Algona, light and po^6f »erv ,...14.63 C. W, Pearson, adv. freight.. 20.80 Central States Elec. Co., el«c- ^ trio Serv 1.47 R. Pohleroy, labor repairing tile . IB.00 Clarence Zufall, use of drag- line 120.00 Advance Publishing Co., publishing notice of letting.. 1.00 Algona Implement Co., sup. 13.36 Chrlschllles Store, sup 60 Funk & Delm, sup.......... 2.72 P. S. Norton & Son, sup 20.97 O. K. Rubber Welders, rep. and sup.' 30.04 Schultii Bros., sup 10.4U Farmers Coop. Society, sup... 62.13 Sathoff Service, repair 4.65 Thompson Yards, Inc., sup... 14.92 Gamble Store, sup 11.88 Curphy Auto Supply, sup.... 8.07 W. F. Smith Tire & Battery Co., sup •.. 64.38 Snap-on Tools Corp., repair.. .61 Puper, CalmenSon & Co., sup. 400.00 W. C. Brown Supply Co., sup. 333.34 East End Foundry, sup 9.18 Sleg-Fort Dodge Company, sup 3«9.20 Central Auto Elec. Co.. sup. .. 4.48 Waterloo Steel & Equip. Co., sales tax 9.63 The All-Wheel-Drlv« Co., sup 62.D1 Herman N. Brown Company, sup/ 494.71 Iowa Mach. & Supply Co., sup. 154.01 Olbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. - Co., sup. I •-...... 8<S.58 Globe Mavcli & Supply Co., sup. . ,. 85..14 Snap-on Tools Corp., sup 2.85 The Company, demurrage 7.86 Kossuth Oil Co., fuel «up... B86.4S Peerless Oil Co., fuel sup.... 117.04 Bancroft Oil Co., fuel sup... 379.63 Standard <M1 Co., fuel «up 196.49 Poor H^iitrt Kathertcfl Koeller, murslng care .. <•. 60.00 St. Francis Home of the Aged, medical care 136.00 Mrs. Jennie Peschang, nursing care B2.UO Marvel E>ole, •miileaB'e 20."90 Whlttemone Creamery, mllli 3.1'0 Red Arrow 'Grocery, prov.... 12.00 Merrill Bros., proy 30.00 Hertzke's Grocery, prov 14.00 Hood's Super Value, prov.... 6.00 :JoTm Waldron, prov 136.00"' Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer. medl<- cal care Not Allowed Kossatli Hospital, medical care '... Not Allowed T>r. J. A. Mueller, medical... 50.00 Dr. M.'G. Bourne, medical.... 14.00 Dr. T. J. Egan, medical care B4.GO "Dr. H. D. Meyer, medical care 28.00 Dr. .T. 'Q. Clapsaddle, medical cure ... 7.TE Dr. C. H. Cretemeyer, medl- •cal icare '64.00 Dr. A. J. Enson, dental care.. 8.00 St. ,7osepTi"s Mercy Hosp., Tiosp. 'care 8.00 Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care 130.PO •General Hospital, liosp. care 13.70 Qlockner Sanatorium & Hosp., hosp. care 237.03 Mrs. Almlra 'Green, nursing care 40.SO Henry J. Kline, rent 10.00 Bestenlehner, rent.... 17.00 1.00 34,00 0.60 nhoda Bonar, rent JS.OO Dipt Ot Social Welfare, aid ... to dependent children, 168.92 Dept. of social welfare, aid ,._. to blind 16.08 County Farm— . , . L. E. Stephens, light service '26.26 Ben Bakken, labor, 160,00 Lyle Steinbeck, labor... 150.00 Dennis Lynch, labor 28.82 C. S. Johnson, prov 34.64 East End Grocery, prov,,,.. 37.60 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, medicine Dr. P. V. Janse, mcd. ana calls Dr. A. J. Eason, dental care.. Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care 22.60 Algona Cemetery Ass'n., , opening grave 10.00 Men's Reformatory, prov 21.67 Algona Greenhouses, sup.... 2.20 Hemp Plant, sup 3.00 Pratt Electric Co., sup • B.92 NU-Ball Mfg. Co., sup 4.59 Hobarton Coop. Elev. Co., sup. 275.96 Algona Implement Co., sup. and repairs 13.34 Kossuth Oil Company, fuel sup 82.63 BUI IT RESOLVED: That tilt County Auditor .Is hereby authorized and directed to Issue warrants for all claims allowed at this meeting as shown by the "Schedule.'of Claims" hereinbefore written. On motion adjournment was taken until 2:00 o'clock P. M,, July 16, 1946. „ i J. F. tjUINN, Chairman Board of Supervisors. Attest: t,. J. IMMERFALL. County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa July 16, 1946 2:00 O'clock P. M. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met In regular session pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: J. H. Fraser, W. E. McDonald, W. A. Schram, J. F. Qulhn and ! M. L. Johnson. Motion made by Johnson "and 2nd by McDonald that L. J. Immcrfall, Auditor of Kossuth County, fowa, shall be and Is hereby Instructed to deposit the sum of $4000.00 A. J. Cogley, Sheriff of Kossuth County. Iowa., as provided In Sec. 7844 Code of Iowa, for land procured under power of Eminent Domain, for gravel purpose, and which real estate its described as: All of that part of the NE& of NEtt of Sec. 21, Twp. 98, Range 29, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point 636 ft South and 33 ft. We«t of •corner stone at the Northeast corner of said Section .21; thence Wesl. 760 ft.; South 560 ft.; East 750 ft.; North &GO ft. to the point of beginning, containing 9.'64 acres. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and 2nd by ScTiram that J. F. Qnlnn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kossnth 'County, Iowa., be authorized to .enter Into -a 'Contract to l>,ur>- chase approximately 10 acres of land for gravel purpose from Scott E. Noland In' 13overnment Lot 1, Bee. 11, Twp. '95, Range 29, at »300.tO per acre. Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion made T>y Joftnson and 2nd by McDonald that the tract of land purchased Toy Kosautli County, Iowa, for gravel purpose In the NW% of SEW and E% SW« of Sec. 9, Twp. 98, Range 30, containing 24.56 acres be leased to the Seneca Saddle Club, Inc. of Seneca Township for a period of 10 years, at a yearly rental of $5.00 per year. Ayes: All. Nays: None. •/ J t Motion made by sciifam and 2nd by McDonald that the ^following resolution be adopted: Entry Record of the Filing and Consideration of the Estimate. Be It Remembered that oh this the 16th day of July, 1946, the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met In session for the purpo»<. of filing and considering the estimate for the local budget uf said county. There was present a quorum as required by law. Therefore and on said day there was filed the county estlmtae. Thereafter said estimate Was duly considered by the board, The board being fully advised finds that a diUe of hearing on said estimate should be fixed and It does fix the 4th day of August, A. D. 1945, at the hour of 9:00 o'clock A. M. of said day as tin. dale of hearing, said hearing to In had at the Court House, In the Auditor's Office, Algoha, Kossuth County, Iowa. The County Auditor was directed to publish the estimate ami notice of hearing as reaulred by law In the official newspaper of the county. Publication to be for one ir.Bertlon and to bo at least ten days prior tc< the date set for hearing. On motion adjournment was taken until 9:00 o'clock A. M., July 23, 194B. J. F. QUINN, Chairman Board of Supervisors. Attest: L. J. IMMERFALL, County Auditor. Auditor's Office Algona, Iowa July 25, 1945 9:00 O'clock A. M. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth bounty, Iowa, met In regular session pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: J. H. Fraser, W. E. McDonald. W. A. Schram, J. F. Qulnn and M. L. Johnson. Motion made by Johnson and 2nd by Schram that the official bond of A. E. LaurlUen, County Superintendent of Schools, In the amounl of $3000.00 be approved and placed on file. Ayes: All. Nays: N6ne. Motion made by Johnson and 2nd by Fraser that the Board of Supervisors approve the appointments of the following named persons as Weed Commissioners for the year 1945: Wm. Runchey, Cresco Township and RIverdale Township, Edw. Looft and S. P. Powers, Ledyard Township. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and 2nd by Fraser that a non-resident notice be served on Robert Jones. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and 2nd by Johnson that the following open ditch right-of-way claim Is hereby allowed: Drain No. 69—Joseph M. Vollmer —N%SWy t and SE14SWU Sec. 3398-29, 7.5 acres—1943-1944, and the County Auditor be instructed to refund and abate said taxes as case may be. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram and 2nd by Fraser that the 20% increase in salaries as provided for in House File No. 315, Chapter 151, Acts of the 61st General Assembly be granted and that beginning as of July 1st, 1945, the salaries of the various court house employees be fixed as follows: John J. Bestenlehner, 1st Deputy Auditor. $150.00 per month. Ivy D. Scuffham, 2nd Deputy Auditor,, $150.00 per month. Mary K. Sands, 1st .Deputy Treasurer, $144.00 per month. . Rosella Voigt, 2nd Deputy Treas- urer, $144.00 per month. Alma .Pearson, Deputy Clerk i>f Courts, $144.00 per month, Gladys Bergstresser, Deputy Recorder, $122.60 per month. Marc Moore, Deputy Sh/rlff, $160,00 per month. Stella Mae Breen, Clerk In Auditor's Office, $130.00 per month. Alma .Tunkermeler, Automobile Clerk, $139.00 per month. H. M. Smith, County Engineer, $360.00 per month. Marvel Dole, Overseer Of Poor, $135.00 per month. ' Lloyd Haubach, Janitor, $135,00 per month. Extra clerical help Iti various county offices, (4.00 per day. and the County Auditor Is Instructed to Issue warrants for salaries of county officers, deputies, clerks and other county employees at the" end of each month. Ayes: All. Nays: None. On motion adjournment was taken until 8:00. o'clock A. M., August 1st, 1946. J. F. qUINN. Chairman Board of Supervisors. Attest: L. J. IMMERFALL. County Auditor. The weeks you save in feeding time ... the dollars you save in feeding costs .. . mean extra profits from your , hogs at market-time. That is the kind of feeding job that HONEYMEAD HYBRID SUPPLEMENT is designed to 1 do— and is doing! I "SELF-FEED" WITH CORN 1 HONEYMEAD HYBRID SUPPLEMENT supplies | your hogs with properly balanced proteins, ' body-building minerals »nd -vitamin sources ,' —to help them get full gain-producing good i from every buthcl of corn. You self-feed 1 HONEYMEAD HYBRID SUPPLEMENT — so it is a work-saving ration, too. Order todayl . 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Coniult the Price Panel of your Local Board for further information and to tecure a copy of thii poster.' . Ckleka of tko Bu. Gr SOUPS—DEHYDRATED • IND. WRAPPED 14 LB. PB1NTS D) CARTONS II Scon (A) 1 Ib. M M Swift Water. abredao4__ To*. Vu Ciap (Or. Ub<U IK ok StiuuU, Seeded MnoU-lSci. Tk. SMdlw 15.i. Saom.ld! SccdteM 2 IK JJS.or.<A: MSun It Sun FLOUR ft FLOUR MIXES A friction of • cent nar be r.Ued I* OM Mil bljktr cent fer ealee of leu than 1 Ib. CATSUP AND CHILI SAUCE GELATIN It PUDDING MIXES Ooru Fam. SS Del Monte Diced Four H«bb Cold Hid.l CHILI SAUCE MeiuUn OU IFMhlOMd Drowdirr Clnfor "I" I Ik. D*r> Ghftr BroU Mlx_ll oi. Jack Sprat. QUu 11 Opal, Cako ..___« OE. Rotk ROM 44 8ao*SliMA Soft-a-SIlk i' u. CEREAL DRINKS Foo4 Honor Farm Land O'L«k« kM ET«r|roan, El. Sid 20 ol. FLOUIt—PANCAU, WHITE BlUloBoo Brer Rabbit, fold Ub.l___H oi. LARD Com. lef. <pin>_ 1 A. 0>o» K.tUe RewL. pure leaf. 1 Ik. •***? MEATS—CANNED Anaon*! Star Ou4. ft.- n „. Brlardale Lwieh Boat",, llea. E-Z Bern Pork Uef__llU < Brer Rabbit, a-reea label 16 «. C.rlalnly.lSelf Rlataf _ Goocb'i, SeU "l-'-r " oi. Ooocli'a. S.U Rlalnf IK Ik, Jack Sprat a Ih. Om "~ i A"^ 1 Hninittr .. Swlit « CORN. CREAM STYLE. YELLOW Edcewood Case * Maple _ 1C oz. Flap Jack ^^^ /PACKAGED CHEESE SPREADS ANI> ICHEESE FOODS ., I BotJenj— CockUH Glu< "f 801.' Golden Sweeteae Golden SweotoM FLOUR-PANCAKE, BUCKWHEAT HP Blue Moon 8proa4 ChMM Cap AnvricAR .............. t 4 of. 4 Of. Old Snoker ______ 4o>, '-•i- S Ib. llfkt Sib, Krift— CocltUtt CUM EnjIUh CHOCOLATE—BITS AND SYRUP CHOCOLATE SwUt'e P.IUd Meat iri M, Trwt " oi. FRUITS—CANNID COBN, WBOLB KERNEL, GOU51H i CertTPu Mt—__J'/. ox. CloTOt Fam, F«7 Clofor Farat __ CoolSprtaia Well.r %kw CHOCOLAfE BITS MILK—CANNED Brand, cu Sacramento SUadb, Tlmelj OILS—COOKING ft SALAD "* 1 j« JJ OLEOMARGARINE PEANUT IUTTIK Professional Advertisefflcnts A*BoftNfi¥B A* LAW W.B.atlABTON ATTOtttfiBlfS AT LAW Office In Sawyer fiulldlnjf Office Phone 42? ALGONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. Hutchison (1882-1&38) Donald C. Hutehlson Theodore C. Hutchison Security State Bank Building Phone 251 ' Algona, E. J. Van Ness Allen A, BrunflOB VAN NESS & BBUNSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices In new Helse Building t>hone 213 Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumwav Edw. D. Kelly Harold F. Fristedt 3HUMWAY, KELLY & FRISTEDI ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Hutchison Bldg. Phone $8 ALGQNA, IOWA LJtNNAN K LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW Algona, Iowa • Phone 2U Offlre over Kossuth Mut. Ins, Bldg, ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WEVKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona, Iowa J. D. LOWE Attorney at Law Rooms 212-214 First Nat'l Bk Bid*. Phone 287 Algona, Iowa . E. J. VAN NESS Law Offices E. J. Van Ness Delia Wetter 2nd Floor New Helse Building' Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS & SURGEON* OL H. CBETZMEYE1V Mi Ot Phone 444-Sl* SURGEON & PHYSICIAN' Office in John Galbralth Bldg: PHYSICIAN & SURGEON MEL.VIN O. BOURNE Phone—Office 197 Res. 1M Across from F. S. Norton & Son DENTISTS A. J. EASON, Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone Office 59 Residence 8M KARL R. HOFFMAN DENTIST Office In New Heise Bldg. Phone 44 Res. Phone 1M DR. ERVIN J. ANDERSON DENTIST Office in McEnroe Building Of. Phone 572 Res. Phone 525-W OPTOMETRIST A. W. Amunson Office—Borcnardt Bldg. Eyes Examined Res. Phone 436 MISCELLANEOUS ANTONE E, JOHNSON (BurrtftB. Agencj^),..District -Agent Northwestern, Mutual JUtfe-A/* :'Algona, Iowa Phone 656 Res. 173 EMMETSBURG PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to Farmers and Stockmen. with a sound 1 basis for credit. Rate 4%% Part time office, Friday I to * p. m., National Farm Loan Ass*n» Office % Block South of Caimdtt Oak Store. Typewriter Paper 500 sheets 75« This Is a good grade bond paper and will make an «x cellent school paper. Algona Upper D.Moines "BETTER QUAUTY- SERVICr HEADQUARTERS For 9Iade-to-Or(t*r RUBBER STAMPS Your order* will be GBed promptly und ORDER STAMP PADS ARO INKS BAND STAMPS- SEAL, I'

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