The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 4
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PACK POUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWti TIB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLI8HBM O, R. BABCOCK. Editor g W. HAINES, AOTtrtklcg Aavertbing ArUaui 1J*1U«, Inc., New York, , Detroit, 3t. loula, Dallas, Kaos*» CJty, Little Roc*. yubUihed. Ertrv AlUinoon Kucpc Sundty. f S^wed a* wcond class matter tt tie poer oflla at BlythevlUe, Ar- ittiMB, under ict of Congress October fl, 1817. by tht united Prea, HUBSCKIPTION RATES By eirrler m tee city or Biythewile, I5o per , wwk or 16*1 per year In tdvmce. By mall within a radius o! 50 miles, 13.00 per rear, »1.M for »lx months, We for three month*; by mail In postal zones two to six. inclusive, W.SO per year, in zones seven and eight, HO.OO Der year, payable In advance. : Power oj Criminals Is Being Broken Wliuil Hie histoji;tii(i sit ;|ii-,vit |o U'l! about I ho events of the lasl reiv ytsir.s it is (itiito ix)s:-iblc thai llu-y will writo down 1933 iiml HUM :i< '!.;• yours in . which the tuition arlu.-tllv liujvan ID brenk Die (luminance (if if.- bi^-.-iliol criiniiiiilt;. There was ;i time, not nuuiy years ntfo, wliun it looked as ;i ' Uic g:tii}{sli.T and racketeer wore beyond reach <>i the law. They had money, power, anil influence; it looked lik<: ai> unlit.-il.-iiMe- combination. Bui times hnvcn'l Iju.-n /o KOIX! fur them of late. It's worth uii:Ie to lonk back at the ways in which ['-\u (k'siinr- ailoes have In-en tumbled r-oni their hi(fh place. The. Kelly-Bailey outfit tried onu kitliiiipint; loo niiiny ami lamkd in federal prisons. Tin; Kt w Kl filter a lonjr cliasu, fell into I he hands of the law in Arizona. Tho western hard guys" who broke uul of prison tfof'roiimletl up. v The Ton!:-/ mobsters had to suffer the iniifenity ibfi^i-inV 1 tried for their lives in Chicago'.'" * * * In Chicago, too, somei-iie checked hack over the famous lis! of "public enemies" drawn up in JIM). It oriK- ijially contained 2G namos Today, live of (he 2fj are in, five are (lead, seven are fugitive:: IVjin justice, find the, rest ujlljer; hav6 di.sappearJd (|uietly or seem to have relired from organized crime. All of this, of course, doesn't mean that the nation, has solved its crime problem, or that the of I he racketeer lius been broken for keeps. The kidnaping racket, for instance, still is being worked; tlv> h( K cities Still have their troubles trying to keep their underworlds within "bounds * * * Hut it dees mean that thM appalling •set-up of ruthless which looked, a few years ago, -n Untouchable, so wealthy, and so permanent, has crumbled in a most gratifying vvav These men were -nol, after all, beyond reach of the law. In oiie way or another, society finally caujrlH np with them. They were like kings for a while—but it didn't- Ian. _ The fight isn't won/ lo u . sm . ( . Society cannot relax, liul itnoujih has been done to show that (he job of breaking Die dominance of gangland is going forward Imvard full succoss. The underworld, al'l-r .ill, is not more powerful (him uiirHiii/.ctl society. —-Hi me Catton. JAHK.) COURIER NEWS Hcgulalioji Needed Congress is exjioclcil \<> act soon on a report from Secretary of Commerce Daniel Ro|>er disi-nssin,; UK; various i)ro|xisals for rcgulaliii!! of stock exchanges. Observers :ii predict, that some kin-! n:' regnldting UK; activilii'H -.1' llnw money markets will lie |I:K--.'.! ,.' this session. The ordinary dti/eu p".il,:il»ly ha.< only the h;ixiej:,l notiim nboiii ihe form that such legislalion she.uli! lake, operations of the' sccuritii more or less of a my Ihe initiated. Biif it doubtless i the- ordinary viti/.cn ly lliat ivgiilj'tiiin of ' another is needed bad!;,. 'I here have been tun many revelation-; of l In? 1 ficks livnziod Mnance pulled in the lasl hall' do/i-n years [o permit tin: man in (lie shvet tu feel that the speciilal -»-f ea'i be exjiecled to rcjfiilali! themselves. It is not surprising thai Congress is preparing lo inn'sl on a new deal. nnrkrts buing I -ry t > all but I i;',lly true that cuiito strong- jie variety or Untamed Icejields Admiral liyrd's n-cul '!i|l'iuiltioK with the dist-ilcjiratiii).' Ice shelves at his pi-ii.iec[i:d landing s|.-il in Aniarc- lica's fjiinoiis Hay of Whales emphasizes one of the peculhr hazards which that spot piwnls to expl-jrurs. Thai hazard arises iVnni ihe. fact thai no ship aclnalh ;-an >,-et very [ close to the Anlarclic ct.nlinonl itself in that particular region. A yhip can-' not be moored in an k-iual liarl>or; a base camp cannot be established on terra liniv.i. The mainland must j,,. approached across this vaH ice barrier, and while the ice ordinarily is as sUil'Jo as solid rock it nevertheless is sub.|i:d to ;,!! the changes which a sheel of ice anyi-- where else might disnl.iv. ' II is partly for (his reason that Antarctic exploration still : s ;[ dangerous and uncertain pastime, in spite of the modern equipment and elaborate organization of tip-to-date expeditions. TOW® You .should bo!: 111:011 you-Hi ns „„ ;lrUst look.s at a work of ail. Life is .1.1 art, not n science-it. ].., a ])= rlorinanei. a chinning o: loincthinu 0:1 a vast scale. -1'iut. Walter B. I'ilkin of Co!;nnbia. t * a The-rc is muse incentive than CUT 10 Miiuejgie liquor. -Re:tr Aeimirnl. Har,-y c;. llnriik't. U. y. Coast G:i;m!. • * * f Our .sfcrclHiy L, n most e.liuuiA- young yenllcmar,. W(i: thy. nattciil. .uivabiv. and lovable. U;it his :tO (lays' c.\])crU-niv ;i^ lar as I am able | O aj,r;'u:iin , s without .,.',v knowlcrt.,'e of foreifin cxcliiiiig". —U. S. H^intor C.ntcr JUT OUR WAY 7MA-AH? SHE WON'T t TAKG HER TURM HOLDIM TH' DOG R-Y TH' TAIL, SO HE WON'T FALL OUT— SHE'S •STALLIM' ME OPF By Williams t AM MOTJ I ( I'LL '-fiMU IM JUST AS \ YOU • TL ' IM . A G AT TIMF. AS HE \S, AMD IT AIN'T MY TURN TLL "SETTLE THE ARGUIMCi, STARTING WITH 1 NEXT SHIFT. SIDE GLAJNCES By George Clark Mothers Need Not Worry About Having Sextuplets HV UK. MOKKIS H.SI|Hi:iN t-"ileii. .lininui ,;,' Ul( . America.' .Mreltral ASMH'|:>.O»II uml nf liKcia, the: llrallii'MasiiiInc U you are- a prospective mother ;oii probably will bo vitally jn- u rested lo know what chance yon "i.v<- of Kivins bli-u. [o more; 'limn ere child. •Ihe possibility or twins and evc-n t'-iplcts is lahly ceunmon. as :il- 'hTt c ™'-™' c kru «'s. but soinf- he medical nrolri.sion realize ii lliat yon may give birth to four, five-, and even vl-tkircn al once. It may be- roniforlini; to know IMWCVPI-. that Iheve chance..; are- '•eiy. very rcniotn partirnlnrly in the ens? of quintuplet* and sex- Only live ca.,?s o! scxluplrts arc on recent!. ,in:l oiii.v 30 rases ol >ie:ni[ii|;lets have' been recorded ai'liioisllciilly. Quadruplets -la-iir onec in every ol^.two case's of c-hiiclbirtli, whlrli <.;:tht lo nfiuif the avFruiM- mother that her chances of triivj- ina lour chiHrc.n inio cxMpur* HI line- linie^;,:-!! Flij.]it. melccd. 'f'hc lives nf cni KiinnM-, -.,,-. '-i :::-e:;t danger, as revealed by !>» laei ihat only on- cnsc is Kiimli v.h:ch all four lived to !i..ittir- r »e re-cord:, arc likely tri p-oiv i.nneiyni 8 to the .stage lianccr- P.ncl other group.- 1 H'-> x ac'vc-tisc !l:nnsclvcs as n.u,-.ih."p^'-l. V* n _ I'eihaps the .<ols 01 lour 'w!io "is arc adYi'ri.seci and uh<> ire- r-.t't-ntly look ali.ji>. 'ire i-.vo .vis '•>' twins. In ; llv e .,i fc ln( , v .„., '•-"I (iviadrniricls. i.crorrtinij to Uie lilOI'a's. In the one I'isc ii: which tjnad- ri'iilcls huvc lived lo th? ndnit -w. all four ;,[•(• (ijvis. Cue has I'li't-- ryes ai;rt "ie- olhcr three, have brown evo.s. Each wcMicii "bout four | at birth ^Quintuplets nev.. : i lavc lived , .cuseT tlian oO inniutes. in all eases of five and ...i. children born "l "'ice, the bnihs nave occurred pineae! ot lime, M-ch ,i number . tenig beyond the vaiincily of Hi" .average human Bother, i • « . 1 '''lie ]>os!,ibilily of twins hein" .'">"> of separate fathers re- jCeoily has a((..icle(! a great deal 1 T attention by r,^,on of the decision of JlldS e Tr, r . r . in y imkto '. I?- '>.. in which !>,.• stated that 'I. the case before him. ihis jras l:e fact T«u cases of fvi',;, havini;. .,ep- 'iiue> fiithers hnve keen recorded i't'"r, VlT ". anlh.Mitiv.ned in medical i f' * l-eiiin;; back lo tiie percentage -I imsiimhiy oi ;. mother "ivin- L-irlh lo more tin,, one child al ••''"ie. Hi? records .show that »>»!.> cccur once in every 80 cm bn"-. !r ' piet " s ° 11CC '" every o ,^' le ..i ci i <ll '" c> ' In Ililvt " lore tlia n ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Kc«s lues b:eu au- thoiizpel to announce- the fn:[o;ving ..« canelielatco for p:,biic ollia-. .subject to the lDcmex:ratic primary 'txt August: For MrmliiT uf Cnu^rr^s CLINTON L. CAWWt.'.L I'nr Sheriff and Cnlli'<!.>r CLARENCE II. WILSON "or Rc-clcclion for Second Term Knr County Tirasurrr JOU S. DII,T,,\HUN'1Y 1'or Circuit Cnurl ('Ink HUGH CRAIG I'nr County Corirl Cl,,k f-RKI) I-'LL'EMAN For Uc-Elcclion for ^ud Trim For Assessor R. L. (BILLY.' GAINT U. C. (IKE) HU1»0>: foil CITV on ici;s Election Tuesday. A;i:ii 3. for City Cle-rk K C. CRAIG n. L. MCKNIGHT the animal world the situa- v:ine:s accordii.g to species Pig may have r, eto™. at once <•• llic .sheep has only one o Hie rat In.-, lo. while the ...u:..... ,_-• ... ">»IIL 11JL BLYTHEVJLLLE 10 YEARS AGO om (he files ol the Bl Kally Courier Tiie local high s-.clioo! boys and Mirls basKflfjaJl lca»; s U j!l go Lo O.scvoln tiiis even inn to i)lix - bis ketbal]. The nirls T" - O "ii ' " Hie irip with Jtiw '',,;",' ^™ nC rrai i. nrc: E;i,,a Kale Hale. Kdith C-.i .'.nr.. Ji ;iry M :Ul r.n..-s. xo ra Bul . lo-H- Nellie Klien Eliiolt Nor, r. Sara Allye-n | r ,,, a Gra . .. T |, c toy , ;».(icr Coach Lino.h, -arc- J "r'"',"' S 1 " 11 '""--'Ho -' Ebrr<U ' C:irf -<- O'Brien. ,os a ett and Joe Harold. lEOtSES THURSDAY, CHURCH EXCUSES Bj Oc*. W, BartM -Mother says Its the fourleentl :'iid Joe sayt it Is tne second, am I told them they wcre like th ittle iiniinal they were tnlkiiv about In so tar ap tliclr church vur* was, only, they stayed in )V(.,-e than forty "i'-vs. in fact, Itv.-y eo t so busy nbout ivlilcli of their 's imictised ihe correct i-aptlsm (hat they had actually tract of wlinl the church ' stood for (hat they be. - d to that class of "In's" u,at tie. tliR work of God's Kinsdoin nine Uaimigo thai, the "outv. telk Mother that the Bible 'Go ye Invi all (he world baptize those who Delicv; "net Mother say.i the Bible do«s specify the (inanllly of wa . thai should he used :md Joe • it ineiitlons rivers They 't *ay Out tlin- will never go church unlil each convinces he other that, | lts or her churcn . 5 niclhod is correct but M thcv five neither been 10 church since the argument started, it's casj to sec that tliey have 'roreol- l<t: everything bur n, cil . own .%,.. :cna.^ desire to vin the argument Mothfr's Ivn- 1 1, HUM Plan New Hospitals STOCKHOLM IUP>-Stockholm lnfl \° r bUi ' d Ulret ' " eW C ' e " tr al spitals for a sum of 35,000000 kroner, or nearly $9,380,000. It will .. a ,,V , ycars to com Pl«e the plan, wliicli involves also the scrapping f old units and the demolition of erlam smaller hospitals. _Uead Courier News Want Ads. TA//S CURIOUS WORLD »V# A SOUTH DAKOTA AND A SPANISH BULL V/ERE AGAINST EACH OTh'ER. IN AN , TO SETTLE A D:C OVER THEIR A6ILITX... THE 8U.L NEVER HAD A CHANCE/ THE BUFFALO TOSSED H!/V\ HIGH INTO THE AIR. AND FlNiSHED (I'M OFF IN A FEW SECONDS. ..1903.. ^^•^w Y3>>^---^';-' ^ APAIO.OF WSS/A/G HSH FROAA JAVA, LIVE ,M THE N.y city AQUARIUM. LAKE OF THE WOODS COUNTV INMINNESOTA, IS NEARER TOE Moam POL£ THAN AKTX OTHER" PLACE IN THE U.S. A PART OP , THE COUNTY CANNOT BE REACHED LAND WITHOUT G01N& THROUGH ' . . The battle between the bull and the buffalo' To^TnThT^c' i a Spanish-American War. The Spaniards an,. Mcx , L . ans tcli ^ • * Uic bull could hold his own a^usi a,,y anta,ai. auo the Ana- - ans w 3 re just n s eutlmsiastlc about their entrv. TLcre w-xs m t'l, vulry. and both fighters , e re backed heavily by l, :milg ,o le y I"-:(VIX I1KHE TOU.VY M _ ^^Lzn^j-- «rrW ^flirts IV. 1'flli » v . .-';'i?.v, - p Hi.' l>:i "'"1 N . l M k«al. v ,h t K lv,, u» hrr |» }n rn ,„ |f IIAVIII. ' * '•"" *" n>«< 'ja tiOC. lh IKT be Kill, J !nrkn . , J mod nkoul l, MIU r.-;> o.\ \vrni THE s-miiv tilAI'TKIl XXV pI.IUTINQ. - O r course. Lita wa* familiar with. She had flirted before. It was part nf the game— meant nolliing. But (bis feeling tor Marko. llils slow dawning o ; «- citerr.cnt and suspense, was some- thai the Imd tueaul lo ask Gypsy a quojtion when site had called at the little I.ons Island house. Had Gypsy really eared for Marko? Lila was <bvo::rtd with curiosity nbont St. Sbo knew Uypsy liad been in tho «udy tbat day last winter when 6!ie had dropped by to havo lea wiih I hem-caiman. Lila had slipped into Uie dressing room to give Ciyp=v Maybe , fa,™, j paid as much attention to biin as I I sliould. 13m niarriaje nnisi be like that—all ei|is and downs. It 'locsn'l mean tiring of Eoenoone Just because she doesn't put on as much makeup as usunl. it's a tlirlllin;; and fascinating game with two tei play it." Sue measured co'ce, cut bread for toast, srmeczetl oranges. Uavld, with a piece of zwieback In cue fat uanei and a sweater over Iiis clean woolly wrapper, sat in the high chair watching her. He bad a att of measuring spoons, his favorite toy. Ho pounded tliem now making a fearful diu. Gypsy pulled out the gateleg tahle m tho living room, laid two bluo anel while mats upoa Us shining surface, and flashed back and forlL. She was too busy now to thini hvcry reiove l lac l its especial va'lui At first she bad been clumsy about everything. She had linrneel toast; lla(i cut lie r fingers, had served Ula Binilcd at herself approvingly. gEVEftAI, blocks away Gypsy lay widocycd, Ihinliin.;, Huti.t, had left around ifitiiiirid ^Toin'nad not returned. How amusing the tall yoniig engiaeer witb tlie slate gray eyes had been, and wbat pretty speeches he had made to her without being In. t!io least foolisli or nirtatioiis. It did somelliing to you. hating a man so obviously admiring: U bolstered up your 6clf-r<v spcert Domesticity certainly did nothing o£ the sort and.l-allhoiiBl: Tom still told »ier she .was lovely and adorable, he sald'so artagor iutcrvals now. With those business friends of bis, sbc had be«n weighed down by a feeling of dullness, quite foreign to her usual slale of happy assurance. She was a wife. She tho wanted woman. But boioetbing | black aml smoking bacon. Now she Lad happened to ber ego ot lale i llart |CI "™<1 the charm of efficiencv ""'"" ' ' - She bad valiantly taught herself Dishes and beds, botllea and naps and routine bad lakcn Ihe edge off the first gay adventure of marriage. kcep l'°"se dec Were they going stale, Tom >nd dcrsl ™d lliat. slic? Tho thouylit frightened hor- brougnt her to a full stop. They | j --• mustn't lose tho precious thins | m < and struggle to keep it. erse Uie art or timing. You couldn't keep house decently unless you un- brought her to a full stop. They I' 0 *'«""<! inlo Uie kilt-lien atthal it, lall. brisk and hand-..*~ ni t in tcsn[g room to give (.lyp-y auu sirusgie to keep it i> ' tlci ' li ' Jr ^ 3s darkened j. chance to leave. Not that 6 l,o be- j The baby stirred a ,,' d 5ho ros J ? ^r^lent soaking under the he cd Oyp.ys prcsenco there was lo Bee that he was covered. iS ' aii>NI, 1(; : hut hmocent: far from Elanecel nt the luminous dial of the I. S, 11 ,t was 0,1,1. Lila bad given ! clock. Half nast lwo! Sm](J( ," ° ....„ ut.^,. ,j,n.i nnii ^i\t;n , i-JULn. Jiuu jiasi tw Gypsy n dozen chances to explain J s'le was angry. It ws exillnliauon. Kn^nir-inTi .1-.. V.'eil. It didn't matter now. Marko w::s Eta ring at I.ila ns if he'd like to cat her alive. She was used to iilorinx looks am], for all she knew, tliis might be part of Murko's fa- 110113 technique. But It mado her all s. hi very from head to foot, tins CArire.-sion. You played nt (lie game of love: you went throufih al! the motion:: -Hole-writing, dining to- Kclhcr at some lltlle place—and it was all n gumc. You didn't e.tpcel it ro £.-* real on yon. Was .Marko In earnest? Ilia reputation as a playboy was eiiy-wide. Then there was lltal woman— that I''l« se>m:thinj;-or-cllier who Derek s.iid wci Ma rko's common law wife. Uul did sbc mailer? All Ibis flashed through niinel In (nr le.«s Itmc than it lakes lo describe. Aloud slie said coolly, too bid of ' .. 1 . uv.,,11^ n ne L (Jj a _ Suspicion darterl into her mind and loelgcd there. Business, indeed! He hail acemeil so preoccupied o! lale had often slaved to work overtime! There was something here lliat siie had missed. How stupid Ehe bad been! The wind blow cold anel shnrp Irom the river and she drew the blaukota close, unable to keep from sliIvcrinB. j l!E i ,i, c: , 5]1C | 1Mrt] a eloor softly open and close, heard sll<)wcr - Hc l>rou B l!l an air of health ' aud vitality with him. ".Mornins, darling. You were asleep when I came in last night. Sorry 1 was held up so lale. Two of the n-.en were Dctrotter; and wanted to seo the town . . ." -No hesitations. No ev.vdoni. B« kissed the ton of David'a head, going on with the story. A nlghl ' club. The contract signed. Cynsy felt her doubts melt away, listening to him. It all sounded (writetil reasonable. "There's a, nice iilllc commission it for me Ibis time." observed weir .only open and clo=e heird Tom n-,n- ,- UUMIH.-U Her hu,b.n,l- B step in the hal l.t 7uT B ' b t d 1 ' S ° P .'v '"^ °" "'* IV.-in nnnln.r !.;„ .,_;_ . '^ , L.LI>ie, l»CSt(!C Ilim. "\ nil rnn trrr .1 wan pulling his things n the bathroom, so as noiTo'ifiitulb I "slic wi her. She smiled ironically al the i lo have', tlioufiht. As lliough she were asleep! j !-,« ni-.,,, Prcsemly he came in nuiclly and _« i slipped Into the otiicr be.] (;y'n«v i ,,•„,'''.',! , coiebl hear \,a regular l.realiiinr" • o "' ho was asleep in Jive rniniilc= siie' : nj ' liti'l not utlcrcd a word, llai 'ibc ! •'i.o.\ , ° . she told herself, such thoughts , c thoi. E ht only of her '" K " C "" "' ing5 ' llr ' '* f ° r ''" "'"' Davitl ™* 1 ''"" WiU ' ll " worlll >' - 1 " 3 - p^iir^i« 11 • . - i "l.iltlc dovi'T!" lie said ingly. Lila laid ber and smiled at him. "Sliall we go now?"' They were sflenl as UICT went down [he magnificent stnircarc. "Mglit. Mr. Hrougliton. Gooi! night, madam." She had her white titr wrap clutched around b«r. The i raiei had stoppcel and it was cold with a March wind blowing up from the river. Now Marko was beside ber In l!ie car. She sat, daintily withdrawn. It was exciting—coneluctini; a mild affair with him. Mfc went »*rtu[ty dead on you unless you j were btmycd up by some Inner ex-i eliemcnl. So she let Mnrko hold her hand, !ot him whisper extravagant compliments to her. It was all part of i delicious game. Slic wouldn't lei him ktss her—not i'lel yd, at least. Derek was asleep wuen she goi i borne. Al least his door was closed [ and she decided uot to disturb | nun. She glanced at herself In ibc! minor wllh <|iiS.'i approval. A man's j adiniralle'D certainly did aomelliins lo >ou. fh» reflected. See Low bnghi t'f s*?« *ft»}_ wjy : !'. wa= a Pv<k Plauation. lint OavW Weaver's sleep was Eacred, mn«t nol ba d' lurlcd. " " s ' • • • gUi; woke to a score of futility and dtecoiirascmcu. What h.iel happened last night? 0!i. u a |>. e.iccpt lint Tom hael nol returned "unlil nil l, OI , r s" and -lie was convinced that lie ro longer cared about ber. Well, it was her own fault probably, she had lei ''"salt get Into a rut. wuj com- Plelcly al«orbcd in (be baby <u ;; | In ber home. Hurriedly she crept 0111 of bed and nibliert througli her "•'111 lo finish before Tom' awoke, hho Ilirew on a frc: !i print dress and ran a eomb lliruugb her curls. Duvid lificel his arms and made a bubble, siallln:: al !,« ausclkallj. She luiritrl her (,nc m tac warm sweclaeis of bis eictk. liow dreadful it vvjuld |. 0 if Tin ., (l . clc ucln ,. won away fruin i K . r ; ..Vhcn Oil! women ilo wli =1 , ibln-s like U-.n .ie n. " slant. "If I can get away in time." over and may want nnother po»' wow. We can hare a party later." £hc was disappointed but did not sliow jt. "All right- Tomorrow tilslil. perhaps." Yoti'rc a firand sport." Ho held licr close. "I'll he home m early ai I can. Ilul belter not count on me for dinner." b'lio would not. would not think of tlie Ions lonely day before ber! "csolulcly she went through her morning tasks. Mlsa was not nr- rivins until one o'clock. David's hath. It was half past 10 before lliat was over. I3cds changed. I'i^a. would wash thU nfMrnoot. Tlcllcr nol leave loo much (ir ber. Tom's blue suil lo the tailor's. Automai:- tally tbe ran uer hand through V. .: ['Oirkcis. biio fished out a oi- ".' "1 »oii f la %i: : ii!l:n.;:,;., -i;.' __;. G , r:7 :;:d : IMys gsj, cfl Dully she stared BlIL Avon:,i!.t baudkercblct, ever BO fan;:./ sccnicd. A iwlslcd mosograrj in ibe corner. To:n bsd »orn this su'.t last iiijtt, .(To _Bo W^toM«)

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