The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1945
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\jpii jrninp tiaiSTUtt; PI • Irving* •tort, Kls* been awarded the Bronze 1 Sta* • M "heroic irieritdWous ser» vice in ;adtiori" in the Philippine Islands.' ••'••': - ••'.• -' ^- " " . ; ; j'^.' ••':•• »'..»; * : : " - K6^, r&ttdn bo^ka fof 1 dvilians are dtie in December. This is an*- othetf&orrofof war 'the returning soldier has to face, as all civilians must. Have ratld'n 1 books to draw their igrpeeries. Just-like getting Cigarettes at the PX, --, . Lt.JLaurence Mlsbftch Writes that EfO pldtimers Would hardly recpgnlise 'Londpn thelfe daysi The city W all JigKted u» v mrid veey few American uniforms are to be. seen pn the '-streets', Front 1642 tilt VE day abfiflt '6He'Vberson btlt pf ~t our • in th&.j>;Bl<:cadiily Circus vicinity Was 'a' Yank. . ' '•"'/•V*?.'." " ,* * *; Jane Cowan had word from Dlc'te last Week thai .he Was ! M France waitiftig for transportation", ''"""' Staffe$; ' „£$'* •>; '• ^v<S| Queen Elizabeth and [the two largest'and fastest litasrfM'the world, suSsteach bring.' ittg^ls.OOO men - back^ 1 jjer itrip. TheM-two Brltisft. sftips alone carried ;pyer 25 percent of the Ameri- cafi troops to the ETO and are operated On the reverse lehd-lease ^ALGONA, IOWA, TttURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 1945 HEARS REPORT Send19 Men For induction SKTEENMOi tieptie J orabli^ di^irte cfrbni? the* : ariby last w,eek. George had 33,'months overfi$aijr "in the Philippines,' East ' s;- and New Guinea and ' has foiju-' campaign 'stars on 'his" PTO ribbon. >'. . ., ;••;.-_ .-;' #..'*'. •*,;• Lt',.Wayne Zelglef, of Algona, and '•Eunice , Johnson o"f... Garner, were married;July;22,-Lieutenant Zeiglejr:-was a bomber pilot-with the flttf'Air .Force hi England and at Jpr^e^t is;ona!,30Tday: leave, Harlaa Miller.writes -:jn*.hla. Des Moines}?'/Register column that Americans outnumbered 'the, Brlt- ishu three to one ; 'bn the':Western BtohfAThis," information ; comes -as a cpniplete surprise to no. one,.whb wasf'Jn,''France;or -who kriows-that tne,,tT;S.-population.' is'three times that' of the British'. :< i ' • -•,;••••' ;--.- * r.'.*.•„:.'*" "• ,.. , . -. , Kay. Setcheir is 'the new Com- niarider of Hagg Post No.'90 Pf^the. American Legion.. ••. ' , . bne. of the largest marshalling areas.vfpr returning troops, in the FOKPBMALS /.;The day before Russia declare •war on Japan, Kossuth county sen its largest group ;of itt'en ;for in ductiph into the armed fbrces sine last .May. Sixteen men 'left Tues ™y* ^nloming", f6r* Fort Shelllnf Mitfrii, for pre-lnduction physica examinations while 19 left for In duction at Jefferson Bafracks, Mo Pre-indUctees are: Algona Jerald Schenck and Lewis Gade Bancroft Roy ^Keapproth, Merle Herbe* and.Daane/L.-Kbestler./ . ', Buffalo Center V " ' '"' -• j.Melvln Harringa,' 1 ;\ ' :'•• Ledyard ,>-.;.•'.• i,' .,:.,: .:'.'£/^.,.;. WllUam' Co'untrymah; ''' '' Luy eMtc* i -.'•..'.-./.' Maurice Laubenthal.' '" Swea City -; •' James /Brock. ' ;. . Tltonk^ ••,' ' . - -.•,' ; L Carl Giesking, Jr.', and Calvin Brandt. Wesley • Donald Haverly. Whittemore . Delbert Ostwald. " * Three men registered with other draft boards were sent by; the local office. They are Orin F. Spald- WNEEH INSTALLS £TO<iiS eU iRheims (the French and. soldiers. going |N ALGONA PLANT The Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Company installed a receiving>-seftding teletype machine last 'week and Monday ( was sending test messages to the Des Moines office.* ''-'•', First of its kind to be ms'talled in Kossuth countyj the machine j? connected with the ; teletype switchboard in Des Moines ,, and consequently' With whole /system in the 'United.-"States,- L.vD.. P'reston b't'-to^ft^'_, earliest *posp . _ -,ys: None. i •?•; Motion made ' by.Johnson tha ditch rlght-of- allowed: Di Hu'tohlraon,, 3.1 acres-'• Auditor )-| abato sj. Ayes: . " MofA by J< ' ma*: Dr - t that7iCrea'Should"?be"able Alpagne is bottled i for a minimum of chalk caves. These out a hundred feet Qemperature, '56 degrees plains constant the year nd-is^ideal-for aging the _ne.- During the German atipn of France a great deal r ampagne was taken by /the Jians, but the-Pommery plant he'd some 9 million bottles on the Americans arrived. stock may be smaller by this .fle;;5*=:. *itcs Advuae* > 'frightened a railroad . ! cie\v wbrkmg 'on'the "east end'of :~tflfei"yjadUct' 'over highway 169 ''nPrth'-of Algona Friday. No warn- ing'was given that the ^tr^in, be- 'lleveditb'be an empty troop train, Was approaching until one of the workmen looked up, sa\y it and shouted to, his fellows, All Jumped 15 feqt down the embankment to ' '' Preston believes nearly, 36 of them in Des • Moines alone. Closest ones in r this part of Iowa are one a^ EsthervJUe,-three at Mason City, one: at,-Storm Lake and two or three in Fort Dodge. They differ from,the teletype machines used in many 'daily newspaper .offices, for. those machines are 'Connected with'the separate press services and are usually only receiving sejs. The main office of the Pioneer company •is using the Algona machine as a test .to determine the value of installing such sets in the three other main Jowa'plants/ if satisfactor-y,'Vt«Wty*es may be set up in DUrant, Mar»ngo and Reinbeck.' 1 ' iftg, registered at Rockwell Cilj and sent from -Algona; James Hal registered at Guthrie Center am sent from,Algona, and Melvin Theisen, registered, at . Seattlo Wash., and sent from Lorie Rock. inductees are: Algona .i'y.... Sam Haag and Joseph John Ben tenlehner. : Bancroft; •• ' ';.. •• '•'- " '('•. 'Clifford Busch.' and: William Hellmann. - , i. ''•;*" BUrt ' '*•''•'..''.'•'.' ''.' •">••' •• *'•" Edward Smith, i Jr./ r ' Fenion . Gaylord Olsen, Gerald Jenlz •and Lester Gade. Ledyard Vernon Darwell. Lone Rock .>. •;. pua'ne Metzgef ; and- -Augus Schmidt.- --* ' - • Tltonka . .,,; .'., '.;, ;,.;.- "• Arnold Gerdis. .-,-•/ Whlttemdre; vl -'•:'-•;';,';'.','.. Marcus Sumach Jind Raymond Keene. , . .' -..-.•» Battle Creek, Mich. Francis Kollasch;' , . D«s Molttes •' - '"„-.'.- . Herbert* BUtfsi,v Three men were transferred'tto other draftj-bbards^rom here. They were Victor Weaver, of Minneapolis, Minn., transferred to Minneapolis; Francis Stebritz, o: Richmond, transferred to Berkeley, Calif., and Lyle F. Trypn, of Bellflower, Calif., transferred to California. / ; .Thh-ty-two men -were' sent from Kossuth county in May. Although this;is a large group going out Chief Clerk Helen Dingley, of the Selective Service Board, expects another .call ttye middle ; of the month, and one the first 'of'Sep- tember; ' •'....' .-.-' Weather Forces Algonans Back To Raincoats Algpnans took dbiyn their raincoats again and setjbut'ipans, pails ind basins to catch Jast' ---- 1 "'- wrM'mrj August'! August 3' ..ii.....i,:.s;.s^81 August 4 .: •'•••'.-72' August '5 :........./..... 80 AUgust, 6 ...:........ .-..;.. 75 August 7 '73 August 8 ... : 81 58 61 65 •61 58 54 Meanwhile, soil'. temperatures kidded down to 66 degrees, 12.9" degrees below last week. Weatherman Harry Nolle" reports' J that the ;' ! 16w" thermometer, .readings didn't check the growth • of^the orn, probably because there Was o much moisture. - ••-,,' BANCROFTS JUNIOR LEGION baseball teanx returned home with -'" •'" - 1 championship Sunday |ng every game played toumey at Maspn City. Re- glpnill Competitipn ,with champions from Nebraska, Wisconsin ^and Minnesota awaits the .Baneipi:t4eam in. Mason city next ' state Wis SALARIES OF COUBWQPSE 'Tw'p men* were fjned for speeding and two '"fijf failing 'to" stop • at the stop sign afHtbe junction of highWaysUQ andvi| in the mayor's court this week,- # Howard Stepbenson and Gerald Dean Taylor .were* both fined $5 and costs of $2.85' apiece for speeding and blowing car , horns. S. S. .Swain, of Humboldt, and WiUiam H, P,a.ubendlck, of West' (Bend, were fined $2 and costs of $2 each for not stopping at the stop sign. Russell Stoddard, LuVerne, was arrested Tuesday night by Sheriff A, J. Cogley for intoxication. Stoddard is just out of jail for assault -and battery; A second jail sentence; was suspended with the request that he leave town. Branch Camp PW's Scrap Paper Pickup Scheduled for Tuesday Scrap paper from the -business district of Algona will be picked up Tuesday. . Leighton Misbach; MAN WHO FELL! FROMSCAFFOli TODAY fr«: Edwin Beisch, Father ol| 11 Children, Was Remodel ing House When Acfid^n Happened. Funeral services for ;jEdwJtt Beisch, 39-year-old Algbnaft who died as the result of & skUtf; ffac- ture Tuesday morning,; were Hel( at 9:30 this morningvat'the ;Catho- lie church. Burial was,-iii : Calvarj cemetery.- - - • - • • • - ,/ 'Beisch fell 18 feet fronjMlcaf- f Plding ^Friday 'whUe! Sh'MglM house, landing, on HisiBeadf cement-walk and breaking skull'at its base. He was -taken (0 the Kossuth county bos he died early Tuesday. His .brother WiUls,' alpi Algona, was working on : theA8cflf- fplding with'him but broker.his fall by grasping an eavespout ind landing, on.a porch. '; Fixing House Father of li children, was fixing up the house : "at;;|0^ East College street which; hie Tiac Only recently purchased. 7 !" He» nas been working for the F. S. and Son Lumber Company, the; autumn of 1942. ••>- / ;/.,"-K- Born June 27, 100ff/-'ifi J Riyer, he married Suzanne " Sept. 22,'1925. His wife is>a,d&ugh- ter;of Mr..and Mrs. Albert Peffer, AyhO r usecT ,tb .live in'this Coinnit. B- Ityj Mrs. „Albert Peffer at^Livermor'e. •-.'.' •-..••''.-• • • 4 .\ • ' i'>. : Survivors ;... •Surviving him are His wife*and II children—>Pfp. Kenneth, s in Germany";-Mervyn, I ard, 15; Eugene,'. 14; Robert PhVllis, 12;'Bettyi' 8;, Carbl Dorothy, 5; Jerry; 2, and; !%' months.-Also' surviving jrother Lewis, Blue Earth; ; - i • - ••** i. iefifch Totoin Packers from Fort Dodge and the Algona.; PW camp dead- ocked with a 2-2 score Tuesday night in, av7-iniiing Softball game ailed after the sixth because of larkness.' r ; ' Running .score; ' •-'••••'• ' '•' E 5 4 Packprs: secretary of the Chamber of merce.'-asks merchants • to have their bundles ready and, if present plans- work out, Boy. Scouts will collect it. ... -;,..,, '^,; '.".,;.. ..'!..;,;; •During the.-?ast scrap drive, heid the last part of Juh% nearly 5 tons of ..'paper were Collected. • A Tobln" ...„:.:...•.'. .010 100^.2. "4 ^W* Oamp.?.... s 001 010^, 3 Batteries .fpr ' Holzschuh/a^d] C .:Batteries;,fpr::5RW'. Camp: Ru^ik and'TobinV^'Ti K'j'S ' ,' •• <• The Packers' pitcher,-HolzSchuh, struck out 'nine men and' walked 'Otte;;- •. ." '. .••". ! :•'••'* '••'••'•'• ' •Next Sunday the. cainp' team plays Kaufman ServlcCi Mason City; at 2 p, m. at Algona. Tues- Do Storks Prefer Boys? ,With the stork speeding through the first half of 1945 with a high air priority, county records show that boy babies have been in the big bird's bundle oftener than girls. Recent comment from an Upper Des Moines customer aroused curiosity enough to investl- aate the clerk's records. Result? Boys, 145, rirls, 114, born In Kossuth since the first of January. HOLD SERVICES lit TWO MEN KILLED IN ACTION '.Memorial services for two Kossuth county men will be held Sunday. ....--.' Serivces for, Pvt. Lyle Fitch will beheld at 2:30 p. m. in the Flrsl Lutheran church in Algona. Killed On Luzon May 15,.Fitch was buried With .full military honors, at'a cemetery in Santa .Barbara. Recently his mother, Mrs. P. W. Hansen, received a letter .from Private ity ay, . day, the PW camp team -will go to Fort Dodge for a return game with Tobin Packers. ; The PW team Would like to schedule games with .an Algona Softball team if one could be organized here. <>,''>•- . " Lyle Fitch Itch's buddy, Cpl. Andrew G. MUler, frpm>qedar Rapids. Cor- 3oral Miller enclosed a picture ne lad taken of.,tfte cemetery, sur ounded by pahn trees, indicating Private Fitch's grave. Lyle's.whole division; the' 25th, attended the uneral on Luzon.' V I'Titpnkia will hdld'memprial ser vicesi^pr Reirihardt Frifz'at 2 p. m in the'Good Hope Lutheran Church th$re. Fritz,was killed in action-in Germany March 20. His mother M?s."Mary Fritz, his wife, two<sisters and two brothers.survive'l»im KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR WILL OPEN ON AUGUST 28 Acrobatics, Roping, Carnival, Barn Dance, Horse Show, Exhibits Will Be 1945 Entertainment. The Kossuth county fair, "with exhibits, shows and a midway, will open at the fairgrounds Aug. 28 for a two-day run. Listed on the program for the fair are a balancing act, a two- person rodeo, midway rides, side shows with animals from all over the world, the WLS National Barn Dance and the Seneca Saddle Club. The fair is confined to a two- day event again this year since the war is not yet over,-and exhibits are limited to those from Kossui.h county. Livestock entries must be from 4-B: clubs only;, < "/•". .Floral Hall Open A. A-. Schipull. from LuVerno, president of' the fair board, has announced that Floral Hall will be open until 9 p. m. the .second evening for the benefit of those attending only one day. v • Fair board officers besides Schipull are-.Alex Bonnstetter, of West Bend, vice-president; : H. J. Bode, of Algona, treasurer, and A. L. Brown, of Algona, secretary. Superintendents Superintendents for Floral Hall will be Glen Raney, .chief; Frank Geigel, 'hi charge^of, vegetables; J. J. Wadleigh, in charge of'crops; Mrs. W. C. Dau, in.Charge ofiilow,- ers; Mrs. O. F. Peterson, in charge of canned goods; Mrs. Paul Lindholm, in charge of textiles, ,and A: - E. Lauritzen, in charge of schools. ••;•••• •': - • ,.«• :. Entry fees equal to 30 percent of the premiums will be charged, but fees for exhibitors not receiving premiums will be waived. Club entries must be in place by- fl|';p. m. Monday, Aug. 27, for judgfng begins Tuesday .morning. Entries in livestock classes will be limited 1 to two in .any one class, and tip,one in the crops, garden, canned goods, sewing.'and.flower.Classes. • : ••-;. Permit •',.•.•• , •; ^- •; : ..«.The permit jfrpm -'^"' 1 "*"' STORES CLOSE Algona stores will close tlie afternoon of Aug. 29 for the Kossuth County Fair and all day Labor Day, Sept. 3. This will be the first time a general closing of doors on Labor Day has occurred in Algona. ACTRESS WILL SPEAK TUESDAY TO LIONS CLUB Miss Louise Buckley, who is on tour for the Iowa War Chest Aug. 13 to 17, will .appear in Algona Tuesday noon a : t a joint meeting of the Lions Club, which is sponsoring her visit here, and the Soroptimist Club. -Miss Buckley is'a well-known dramatic actress. Before her USO Camp .Shows- .tours ..Which b&gaa With trip's to army installations in -the United States and continued to-the Southwest Pacific from where she just returned, s Miss Buckley appeared with Frederic March and Florence Eldridge in "The American Way" and Radio City's Center Theatre. She supported Clifton Webb hi "The Man Who Came to Dinner" and played in "Soliloquy" with' John Beal and Helen Craig on Broadway. She also has' appeared'witn such stars ; as Ruth Chattertoh, Anna May Wong, Edward Everett Horton and Elisa Lahde. . . < . , Inforniatidii Aboiit MiU» Vague; Believe Ihtereste^ Cpttfity Growers Miist Iri- vestigate. Eight, Jtossuth county hemp) farmers W,ere called«:td the Chain- ber. of dommerce office Wedn^* day night to hear Va review of meetings held . in Illinois, Iowa Falls' aqd * Hamptbh abdtit the future Uses of h&np ftflfiffev! /' ' ' Hugh, Ran<*y, Algona; "Olaf 'Fuanemark, J. :Fjrunml ( . Wayne man, Algona; with Collins begiri -ti& ,the; Information to (date. 1 ' ;*di '? J icanty and vague/ but these ^things .. offered if pif sale several Igf nine hemp prqeessing7p"iahtsf-secr' ond, two government loans fiber, but^hatfen't by •Washtngtohcthir.d, ;: Algona ^nill, > claimed* AoTbe |the- '' ' _ ,rThe grandstand >v ......... 3.6th afternoons and evenings; • HOLD FUNERAL TRAFHC OFFICERS GIVE 11 TICKETS ; COURTS Summons tickets to appear before the justices of . the peace in- creasjEtt in number the last fwo weeks, seeking out ..- violators of traffic laws.;';/;.';'-' v '-'; " ' •/ ' Robert i'LaugHlin. failed .to stop at 'a- stop sign July 19i> Lester A. Martin, of ' Crystal. Lake;, 'did not have proper lights^oriv hisi Ixttck 9.2" cents^per pound , The qost:pf the hemp rapt be'aad-- ed 'to' th,at.; ';»'H: ' --'" . • One weaicness'in th'e prbmotiort' of continued hemp raismg ; ?anil-User of thi» t^-Ues'in^ithel^k^flta-i formatipji. , "Everybody'^ rfor ItiT remarked one Algonaii/whb has/;. attended '; the--: . meetings^ a'tV l Falls andtHrimptonV y$&t no se^ms .tp':,knp;w; . about the r'prlce ' could 1 get -for their, hemp; what kind pt a market/ther how vit xcojnpiares ; in ceived to corp,. or; ''" •.:m$ ^iSSi A suggestion that the ma'chine'ry.: might be;''used tp process flax straWi.fQf-pse Up making paper was made, ^ap.-4't' is "known rthat^sSv-^v eral large .feed cornpUnies^are cbti^ C. of C. Guests ' jhe Chamber of Commerce board .of Directors -met at Cook's q^fe;Tuesday with 'four • guests present. TKey, were Councilman L.-/S. BohannOn, Dr." J; P. Herrig Harold -Roth and Jess Fandel. That Russia's In It, Plus Bomb, War With Japan Should End Soon The news that Russia had gone to war against-Japan stirred Al- gonans to new excitement after the first-of-the-weQfe; revelation, of the atomic bomb and its potentialities. Asked when they would, predjcj; Japan's surrender, all Algona peo^ pie contacted on the street their offipes yesterday expressed optimistic views, ranging from today to only a few months. By First of "I have thought all the time that it would be over by the first 'of the year," commented' Mr?. Helep WWte, clerk of: Bus distrist cpurt, "•bijt then jook at what we thought about aeriman^.w* 9xpeet?d her A veteran of 39 months in the Pacific told selective service office workers Wednesday morning thtit -he 'thought it would be another year. Most servicemen who come inito, the, draft board office, say clerks there, believe it wJll take longer than the average qjvil Jan thinks. . Npt Thjs Week "Jt Won't be over this week,'' Marc Moore, deputy sheriff, answered.."! wouldn't say, less than three months," ton Misbach, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and overseas veteran from Europe, returned; "I'm in 'favor of it. My guess fop the end of the war is two weeks if they Continue to work with the atomic bomb." A. E; Kresensky just said, "Tomorrow," adding, ."We'll have to close the town' up for two days." Two Weeks Two or three weeks is the esti- of another Algonan, ' "The Bode: . ; Funeral'' services i were held for A. yf. Gray in the Lutheran church here[- last Thursday afternoon,. Burial"was in the Renwick -cemetery;: Pallbearers were Irvin 'Qlson, Dr; T.- M.» Rossing, <Dr^ P, W. Qually, John Rongved, •Norman Pederson .and Clarence Helland, of Hardy. / s -;., A! i. total: of: $500 Was given in pledges: to various churches and other organizations including the Red Cross. • . ••• . • ; Saturday morning at 10:30 funeral services were held fOr.T. T. Thompson ;*in the Bode Lutheran Chiirih, M r - Thompson died at nis Home Wednesday evening after a long .illness,' He is survived by his wife and son Elwood. He served as mayor of Bode for a number of. years. Services also were held at Sioux Rapids, his formervhome, Saturday afternon at 2 with burial in the Lone Tree cemetery there.' picked up license was suspended July 28; Pasqualen Pratico,; Trenton,v-N^ J... trucker, failed 'to stop- at a-' stop sign July 28 as did Raymond Schipull, LuYerhe, Atig". :1; pa)al..Sittpn was given a summons July. 26 for operating a trUck-..wlth/iut proper' registration under Iowa laws. *.>' •. •' Larry F. Norton, • Algona, rer ceived a summons, for -operating a motor vehicle '?. -wltH '.defective brakes July 30?, Charles E; :M<jrt!tT mer, Corwith, <wiE>s; fined •'.W*#&&: costs for pulluig:.a'house;. without a license. ,C.'>C Fort Dodge, and:Joel R. Sioux City, both lyere^ Stopped; and fined forvV^olatingirules/f^xnajci--, nltim fldrads carried oh r semi-trailers. -•-•*": . ,j.+'i. ,;,-/ ;: ;^ ; ;.,,«•:.-, Eight jCouples Issued utiliaed;: ia.;. the maniifacture.-'of shoe laces,"firej .hos^ .arJd'jPther" articles.;;; -, •'•-Supposing a-pfice-;i»ear n 'oriff. ; cents t a pijund, some of, jthose. pres—' ehtd-at tjie meeting wbndere'd,:^ ™a» company..maniufactu'ring*syntnetlcs- Such 'as'rayon might buy • fiie;hemp- ior 11-c<;ntS',8!.pound;ipr. cotton. '-i v: '^,':';f:^rfteriers.^-^if : •'•'•-'! Another angle'- which/1 farmers 1 "" -" "T^*'^, « way -it: is' liid Wit vsdy bean har— . .yesUng; 1 : Qge t f?trmer inserted .question oXwhethef or, not so much- acreage iwpiild be r planted -to ' porn> '' First 85-Point Men Leave PW Camp » For Army Discharge Seventeen military men have left the Algona prisoner of war camp during the last 10 days for army separation centers. They are /eterans eligible for discharge on the point system. Marriage licenses •-.'•, were issued this week to eight couples; Richard Lyle Potter,' Algona, and Maxine Walburg, West Fargo, N.D.; 'Harry Gi Jorgerison, Mason City, and Mary Jo Kollasch, Mason City; Leon R. Ites, Buffalo Center, and- Virginia Jasperson, Buffalo' Center. Leonard Lindsay, Bradgate, and Marcella Priester, West Bend; R; W. Welp, Bancroft, and Marie Semon, Algona;. Chester Fargerlund, Swea City, and Helen Dory, Mason City. ; Otto Knudsen, Algona, and Belle White, Fort Dodge, and Kenneth L .Brayton, Fort Dodge, and Georgiana Sorensen, Pierre, S. D. Joe Reding Will Go To Camp 0' Champs Joe Redingjisbn of Mr, and Mrs. . VWlscbnsih 1 "growers' ?i«aidvvthat .h'emp ^Isymctre prpfiWble; thgw corn, 1 , ; one, man commented/ BW '•• farmers;iin Wisconsin do riot rzSaa , ; as much' ijorn as people in Iowa - and poi-fditions ate different: Invregfird to government loans, 11 those iii'pharge , of meetings in 1 Iowa, F|l^j and Hampton saidi that the growers', and spinners would probably have 'to sign m the dotted yne'^t'the same:>'time, that. money wouldn't be loaned to pn^ unless the other borrower} at the same tin»e. The cirple ^seems to , continiie frpm, 'there,: ... without knowing Jf, there witt bftispjnning mills to spin the fiber, .growers; a,re> reluctan,! to launch a productive program. '-At the. same tiipe, spinners will n^ .bbrrosi,f ! «nless assur" < ed of ,rpw,materjial; ... '£',.*$',• "' '• '.:..-!,. Not, 'Interested ....-.'.]•It ^appears! that .the; textile Jn-^ dusory as set up Is not too jnter^ estedjin. hejnp as a cloth; fiber and" nugh,t flght :a new "fiber father • Louis C. Reding, w0g one of the Give YMCA $1,000 :amp, they soon will be followed way that one bomb hit, it looks jy qthers who have piled up the Typical answer pf a servicenwn'si like }f they wanted to finish i lecessary points. Lt,- Col. A. T U>bdell, commanding officer of the camp, says that all point men Camp near Boone Aug. 14 to 20, farmfrs'Bnd ai Prispners of war frpm the Cutt ; SJpux, Minni, branch. ve contributed $l,QOQ.tpvthe In was this ypung Algona wpmw, "They can haye anything they want over thifere as Jong a»;they get this wpr and; my. husband gets The, 150 boys Were winners of .Whether they woi|}d allow them- a contest - conducted for Register , wi}l be discharged as soon as new tp be quoted pr preferred to " and Tribvne carrier Sjaiesmen men, come Jn^ Some veterans class- a. threes-month period ending July There jxe ropre than 15Q prisoners to give UP and she Iwte4 elmpst s ., . were pptiwfetic about the id as essential will have to remain 15, Winners were selected qualltar of delivery service, 9t thi cainp, The VMCA has been inti{ October, he adds, but hopes though^ J -shpulcj turned wfstfuljy tp bpys, on -the twde toward customers, OJ- men eligible for discharge will recreatlpnal other article*. When will they >r$ent to separation centers \ . ' '• - : . • '. •_ iV--> ; • " • l - - : '•''••.-.."-• '--'•': .•..'..*. •*? •!-.-»• • • .. •-••.-..-, .,-,..-• .-.-.- - .• ' ' v . ^^^' • ' •"-' . .• - • ; : • • *••;.•. \ -.'•....•.--•• -'••. 1 -. j r* ''•,;.-.>.•*'•.«£:• -..;' •" , ,.?;?$-. to 80 jnrfjej |-ye«r, ppiRi Wowa'anttHfiy 36 inches

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