The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1945
Page 10
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The Good Old Days No. 11 Being a scrfcs of oltl-tlmo pictures showing scenes of Algona and this store, and used In connection with our present Diamond Jubilee year celebration. This photograph of the Algona Marriage Club, taken in the early '90's, is one of those priceless reminders of the Past which are all too rare in these busy, hectic days of 1945. The club was one of the most unique institutions in the social life of our little community. It really started when A. L. Peterson and Ralph Miller (old time druggist of Algona) conceived the brilliant idea of forming a club of ten members who would each contribute $10.00 (making a grand total of $100.00) each time a member was married. It so happened that the two ring-leaders were really playing a joke on the others because they intended becoming bride-grooms soon. But the friendliest feeling existed between members of the club who did not resent the ruse of the two pranksters. There was a ten-year clause in the agreement too but this failed to dampen the ardor of the contributing members. The only losers, then, were those who remained bachelors (Leo Peugnet, Pearl Pugh and Birch Matson) and H. E. Hist and J. W. Haggard, both of whom waited too long and never collected. Surviving members are A. L. Rist, H. E. Rist and J. W. Haggard, all of Algona. , *-. rt .;. Ji v. lh ^;.-_. - • Reading from left to right, back row: Dr. A. L. Rist, Birch Matson, and John Sullivan. Middle row: A. L. Peterson, J. W. Haggard, H. E. Rist, Pearl Pugh and R. H. Miller. Bottom row: Leo Peugnet and Ben Haggard. •£;_._,_' Attention Farmers! Be Sure You Read This Ad New and Used Implements - Supplies New rubber tired farm trailers. Steel and wood tank wagon boxes. New Idea portable and Kiwanee speed jacks for elevators. Manure loaders Tractor high-lift buck rakes. Jay Hawk stackers. '""" Steel and wood water tanks. ; Hog feeders, chicken feeders, turkey feeders. Steel gates. , Pre-war 3-8 and % in. rope (limited supply). Barn rope. Heavy Duty Oil. Medicated hog^gil and oilers. Passenger implement tires and tubes. USED IMPLEMENTS 15-30 International tractor. Manure spreader. Speed jack. Good 1935 Ford truck, SPECIAL miCG ON TANVELAC See us before you buy. Taylor Implement Co, _« ^t* *»•• W ^ | tfA¥ j ,j Phone 257 Another Algonan Fights War Of Mad, Rain In Philippines Sgt. Earl G. Cooper, son Of Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Cooper, Algona, is another lowan with an APO out of San Frahcisco who finds the mud and rain of the eastern part of the world hard-going. Writing from the. Philippines, Cooper Says, "We are putting in our time battling the tnud and breakdowns. I'm back in the shop now, trying. to help keep these trucks on the road. 1 had my share of flat tires while I was driving the semi's. The last two runs I made, I had six blowouts." With Motor Convoy. Telling about a journey as a mechanic with a motor convoy, Cooper remarks, "What a trip! The last 40 miles was rugged, ft was up over the top of a mountain which, I have heard, was between five and six thousand feet. Fifteen miles of it was first gear driving and that brings the speed down to around six miles pw hour. We had four tons of ammo (ammunition) per truck. The road was very narrow, rough and had rocks in it that the jeep couldn't straddle. The mud ruts were so deep we had to tie the jeep behind a two-and-a-half to get if .through.*' ''.< - •'•'•_:•":•. ./•;:;. Cooper liked the scenery .ami said it was ebmjiensatiofi' fof the trip—even though they nearly had to drive through some of the wa» terfalls. After 3:30 P. MV A largo- garneVset ih\ a sterling" • After 3:30 in the afterh60n, "they won't allow a truck to head out of there. If the truck brok^ down -before, reaching' the bottoni of the mountain, it would be ifi &, heck of a fix up there on the mountainside after darkj and with snipers around," it wouldn't make 1 n fellow feel any better. '•;.• x "We brought back several Jap prisoners from the *front • Ifnesi They were in bad shape from the lack of food and clothing. Can't Oversleep. "There wasn't a Chance to oversleep up there. The Japs would give you a call for breakfast at daybreak when they opened up with the big gun's. For a place to sleep you just'take your raincoat and blankets and roll up under the truck and hope 'there aren't too many ants that want -to spend the night with you." Cooper's wife lives with her parents, the Albert Walkers, northwest of Algona. o- ne silvet ring, for f 'on a" nail ift the eufcboafd of the H. R. Cowan dUplfxvMvf ta have lived there "Slate Mrs. Aalfs put the ring 1 away fat a safe keeping, and the cupboard has &i ; pairited several , tunes, . , •• When Mrs. Aalfs^Was here last week, she remembered about the ; mm m& «66KV/: a^eftip;- • tMlf'a's* :.>;>< •win yfoM fieer* . the'AalfS JrtoWd tS.SlSux 'GHy cause the Af mout ; edmpfift Whbm' Mf < Aalf S ', fbl Kl, ; pt the household goods: and- .them frbfti AlgoM, Teftantf df I6wef\ part of: thS:Suplems that time—the M< Jr.GttwanS, Mjs| Beth Ahhisv thSsBill ' Lambs, the W. E. ahiTMlss Nugent SELL RIVERSIDE GOLF PROPERTY AT SWEA CITY Swea City: The Riverside golf club has sold its 40-acre grounds southeast of Armstrong to L. A. Petersno, of Ringsted, for $2,375. A frame store building^used as a club house, will be moved to Ringsted to be made into a dwelling house. Golf players from Ringsted, Armstrong and Swea City comprised the club. Soroptimists Hear Camp Interpreter Sgt. Claude S. Gruen, interpreter at the Algona Prisoner of War Camp, was the speaker at the Sor- optimist luncheon held Wednesday at Hotel Algona. Sgt. Gruen was born in Germany but for no particular reason left there with his parents in February, 1933, the month after Hitler went into power. The family located for a time in England where Sgt. Gruen attended college and studied languages. Later they came to the United States. Sgt. Gruen told from his own experience of the German love of uniforms and how that love is instilled into the German youth from his earliest days. The result has been that many of the younger men who served in the German army have known nothing but wearing a uniform since they were very small boys, and they will do anything to acquire finer uniforms and. decorations; .; That, the sergeant said, is the reason the reeducation of the German youth will be a problem of long duration. Mrs. 'Elsie Rice'was in charge of the program. Mrs. Gruen was a guest of the club. New Internal Revenue Deputy To Come Robert Keenan arrived Wednesday from Fort Dodge to take over permanent duties as deputy collector of internal revenue. Martin C. Hanson, who has .been here since May 18,'has been transferred to a new post in Ames. He succeeded C. E. Campbell, who broke a leg last spring. Mr. Campbell is getting around on crutches now and is employed in the Fort Dodge office. Paul Wille Improving Paul Wille, custodian of Ambrose A. Call State Park is slowly recovering from the bloodclot which he suffered ten days or two weeks ago and has been conscious for the past few days. Mrs. Wille's niece, Mrs. Frank Doyle returned to her home in Ellsworth Wednesday after being here since Sunday. Mrs. Don Graves, a cousin of Mrs. Wille is helping to care for Paul. More Marriages Marriage licenses were issued this week to Alfred Redenius, Britt, and Marleta Stecker, Titonka, and to William J. Holdren, Algona, and Elizabeth Ann Buthman, Sioux City. Achin 1 Back, Tires Safe Visions of beautiful, thick- tread tires floating away on silvery wings may have prompted Hank Stehle to seize broom and dustpan provided by Ray's Jack Sprat store and begin a street-sweeping job Wednesday evening. A wooden box full of empty soft drink bottles, being carried into the grocery for trade-in, was dropped right behind Hank's car. . . never disc6vered : the rlftg, Classified CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35e tot 12 words or less. ivheii paid with order, 3c per wort} when charged, 4c per word. Nd ag- enls' commission ail6wed. ; "if advertising agents charge their clients 4c and seBd-edsh with order they receive lo commission, Blind ads 266. For Sale FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co.. phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8tf LOOR SANDING and Reflnish- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant, owan Bldg. Supply CO., phone 75, Algona. , 17-3-8tf FOR SALE: Johns-Manville'Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Del Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. - 44tf FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. Huxtable's Fire- Stone Store. 23tf FOR SALE: Altaian - Taylor threshing machine. Mike Hinz, LuVerne. 30-31* FOR SALE: Hayloader. F. W. 'Jentz, 2 miles soUth, 1% miles east of Fenton. 30-31° Grandparents Of Pedersen Boys Die In Same Week Mr. and Mrs. Christian Pedersen, father-in-law and mother-in- law of Mrs. Marie Pedersen, of Algona, died at Kimballtort last week and were buried Sunday. Mr. Pedersen, who had had; a stroke earlier, died Wednesday^! 1 -' ternoon at 4:15. He was in his 80's. Mrs. Pedersen had fallen and broken her hip. She died Friday morning at 3:10. She was 91 years old. A double funeral was held at the home in Kimballton. Surviving are a son Morton, of Denver, Colo.; a son Hans, of Minneapolis, Minn.; a son Arne of. Viborg, S. D., and a daughter Mrs. 1 Karen Simonsen, of Kimballton. The three Pedersen boys, Eoland, who has received his honorable discharge from the army, Kenneth, who ds on Okinawa, and Richard, now in Rockford, 111., are grandsons of the coupla and sons of Mjs, Marie Pedersen. ,.' ,_, FOR SALE: 120 -acres, small buildings, very good soil. Farm is southeast of St. Benedict. $125 .acre. C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. ?••'. . 30-31 Joan Hoffman Swims Across Okoboji Joan Hoffman, 14 year old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman, recently swam across Lake Okoboji from in front of her parent's cottage on Sunset Beach, where she' is spending the summer. The lake is about two miles wide at that point. A young boy who did not know how to swim accompanied Joan across the lake in a boat. However, when nearby cottagers who were good swimmers discovered what Joan was doing they took out after her in a power boat and accompanied her the rest of the way. BAPTIST CHURCH Robert F. Kittrell, Pastor ' 10:00 a. m., Sunday school. 11:00 a. m., worship; sermon, "Prayer, the Way to Blessing." 7:00 p. m., Baptist youth fellowship. 8:00 p. m., worship; sermon, "My Lord, and My God." FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Sunday, August 5, 1945. 9:45 a. m., church school, 10:45 a. m., divine worship. Address by the Rev. Edmund Chambers, a returned missionary from Poland. FOR SALE: Bay, three years old, and roan saddle mare, 4 years old.' Roan wt. 1500, well broke. Wm. Durant, East .McGregor, gona. 31* FOR SALE: Gladiola blooms for all occasions, by the doz. or 100. ScSlmmel" Gardens, phone 149-J, Algoha. . 31 FOR SALE: One of _Algona's best new bungalows, insulated, oil heat, paved, close in at 310 E. North Street. 'Now $7000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any debts or bills contracted by any ithers than myself on or after lug. 1. Lloyd Martin. 31* FOR SALE: Yellow rayon taffeta formal, trimmed with blue rib- ion. Call 2F111. 31 Ins. 31 FOR SALE: Used 6-f t. horse mower. 14" Hammermill. Kossuth County Implement Store. 31$ FOR SALE: Second cutting red clover and alfalfa mixed. Arndorfer Bros., St. Benedict. 31' FOR SALE: Two registered milk/. ing shorthorn bulls, serviceable •age, both :roan. JB. E. Priebe, Al- gORa. • ''331* FOR SALE: 1938 % T. Chev. panel truck. 4 20x5 in. Ford or Dodge wheels. 1 factory-made steel pickup box for Plymouth coupe. 1 •rubber tired coaster wagon. Duane E. Jensen, 515 Oak St., Algona, phone 955 after 7 p. m. 31* FOR SALE: Young cow, fresh, and two pony colts. Phone 24-J. S. E. Noland. 31* FOR SALE: 10 head of white-face yearling heifers, also yearling -bulls Joseph A. Al ! " FOR SALE: 1935 Master Deluxe Chev., motor and tires OK, radio and heater. Call 3182, Marvin Rochleau, Whittemore. . a31* FOR SALE: Electric motors; assorted machine and carpenter tools; band saw and buzz saw. Mrs. J. F. Lorenz, Wesley, la. 31* TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Luther H. Lofsch, Pastor Sunday, August 6th— Sunday school at 9:45. Bible class at 9:45. Divine service at 10:30. The Lutheran Hour may be heard over Statton WCAL, Northfield, Minnesota, at 11:30 a. m. and again at 1:00 p. m. . You are always welcome in me house of God- Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven and children of Woden, were callers in Sexton Monday afternoon. Supt. and Mrs. Evert Hodgin, rreenville, are spending a week with her parents Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Steven. Gloria Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise, Renwick, is visiting this week with her aunt, Mrs. Drusie Noble. Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon and family, Britt, were Sunday visitors at the Home of the former's 'mother, Mrs. 'Essie McMahon. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruns, Algona, were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wermersen. The ladies are sisters. Mrs. Pearl Beukema and family were Sunday visitors at the home of her daughter Mr. and Mrs. Adam Azarski and family near Kanawha. Mrs. Henry Schick and daughters, Minnie and Ada, and Mrs. Stussey, all of Algona, were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clink. Mr .and Mrs. Martin Mimbaoh visited Sunday with Mrs. Mim* bach's mother, Mrs, Kate Esser, Cylinder, and at the home of Mr- and Mrs, Joe Namer, Emjnetsburg. Mrs, Merideth Burger, Mrs. Drusie Npble and Gloria W were Sunday dinner guests at home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Op= helm and family. Mrs. Burger, Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Opheim are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. August Kirschbaum attended a family dinner Clear Lake Sunday & honor <tt 9 niece, Miss Blanche Eisenma'4, Brftt, who left the #rst part of the week for her duties i4 government wqrk at Dayton, Ohio. She has spent a two week vacation with her parents Mr. an4 Mrs. Chester Eisenman, of Brit*. Chester is a FOR SALE: Hay rack and wagon, Roy Peters, Ms.mile west % mile north Swea City a31* FOR SALE: 240-A improved near . Emmetsbupg, elec., $150; 214-A improved near Whittemore, $150; 212-A improved near Corwith elec., $170; 80-A Plum Creek twp. $155; 160-A Riverdale twp., $156 160-A near Titonka, elec., $165 Edw. Capesius, Algona. 3T FARM FOR SALE: One of the best 80's in St. Joe neighborhood. All level, tiled land. Call a this office. 31-3' FOR SALE: B-40 New Gehl silo filler. C-40 New Gehl silo filler Papec No. 127-L cutter, 3 year old, Pipe lor 50 ft. H. C. Lindsey Fenton, Iowa. Phone No, 114. 31 FWST Rev. C. C. Richardson, Rev. Henry Johnson of W^ukon, Iowa, will preach this Sunday, August 51 11 a. morning -worship, J.1 fill ***•» *f*«* «**!*(& ».• •"» ff^TfJ theme, "Christ, the Builder of His Church." BT.-CEOEJ44«8 CHURCH FOR'SALE: Z Fairbanks-Morsi h.' p. gas enguie, like new steer M-P roller bearing wa gon with flare wagon box. Stee running gear with flare box on i 32' Wood elevator complete with wagon hoist, rebuilt, good shape 34' steel elevator with steel wagon hoist, ready to go. 28-inch Ad vance-Rumely steel threshing ma chine, a bargain for somebody 8' kerosene Servel-Electrolux re frigerator, M-^D silo filler with 60 pipe, Papec slip filler. Set p eleton rear wheels for model 1 hn peere. Rpllrover 41rt scrap used hog feeders, WNDE , CQ., Swea City, Jowa. FOB SALE: Truck box, 9x8x Four wheel trailer with 700x8 tires. Good condition. Loul Scheppmann, IrviMrton, 31 brother of Mrs. Mr. and Mr?. Lloyd H,. Stevw andi family, Maptetpn, Mi Qn -. were Sunday dinner guests at the pa* rental Harvey S^eyen, home. The birthdays of several members ft| the family were calibrated. Th» Leo Stevens, W64en; the Evert godgins, Greenville, aijd Uie F ett Steven taisily,: Pexton, " also guests. Ifell Sttd..? et ty«. have be«4 visttjasg with here the past *m<> W^FS. hpmjB^wift; ^s'.m^s Exchange Dept Basement Good -Used Furniture ining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE the 'MfsV:St. W/rRlsf hospital at 16wa Ci)Jy after ah; bperatiM-'Mst week. Mrs. Rash is the furl - '• • •foi? the* AlgoMa > Sik Divbrce Cases , •'• All pf the last si* cases in equity /n Ihe'distrlbt caurt have been di« Vbfce suits. So far this year, there has been ^about one divorce for every-eight marriages. ' "A Good Bet For a Gbod Bid" / 1FRANKFOX 'satisfaction M Fawn Equipment aie.fitoffi him*,;:, .• In order to adequately., ceihittuhity; the implement • oi .today must be < thoroughly ia> . miliar wttW the niechahism Of the varietis .types-: off i use in his locality. fulfills this recJUirementi HONOGRAPH RECORDS — All the new releases. Needles, alums.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Jgona, Iowa. 1-tf NLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom rork. Cowan Building Supply !o., phone 275, Algona. 16-3-8tf EE ME FOR Real Bargains m farms, loans; drainage surveying nd estimates :.on -tile.— Phil J. Cohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. 1-H ELL your late model- car to us for the highest price. Free in- ortnation on ceilings. Hoenk Moor Service; West of Court House; 36tf The Mlgli Dollar for Your Hotfs '•'•' He Buys Every DaV Mr. Fox is rendering a very Important service to the producers of .this section of the covmtry. After a farmer has' spent a.year or more in producing and caring for his livestock, naturally he wishes to secure the greatest.return for his labor. This can be accomplished best by selling to Frank Fox at Wesley. ' : He is well known throughout this .territory, and'has been producing' very satisfactory returns for the farmers in this vicinity. ' The greatest net return is what the shipper is really interested in. His record speaks for itself,'as.he has done a great deal to promote livestock production throughout this territory. ] Sell to Frank Fox and avail yourself of this splendid service that is producing very satisfactory results and 'bringing livestock raisers more money for their "stock. Get in touch with him for market activity or other infprmation. His policy is "Complete Satisfaction." CLOSED from August 5th to 15th. Johnson Lunch Room, Algona. 31* ilail orders wanted for Monogramming of all kinds., v Machine bUt- on holes. Covered buttons. Hen> titching. Prompt service. Marorie's Shoppe, Elmore, Minn; 31-35$ NOTICE: A real livestock business with a prosperous future is the CARAKUL SHEEP INDUSTRY. t is recognized by the United states Dept. of Agriculture as irinted in the July 16th, 1945, is- ue of LIFE magazine. Visitors are welcome ^o' inspect my flock- f Karakuls. Registered foundation locks for sale.,;.,./.,, .,, j ,-• / H. Bruce Loewcnstein " • " LuVerne, Iowa ' Iowa Distributor 31$ VEW AND USED APPLIANCES Perfection pipeline milking ma- hine, 2 single units, complete 295. Clean Easy trackline and ortable milkers. Chore ' Boy milkers, $195. Iowa cream sep- rators. Flourescent light fix- ures. Prime electric and battery encers. "B" battery packs. %, 1-3, 4 h. p. electric motors. Belts of all sizes. Wringer rolls for all makes of washing machines. Used: 1 Vega and 1 McCormlck Deerlng cream separator, Maytag nd Briggs & Stratton engines. We repair all' makes' of washing machines and refrigerators. ALGONA MAYTAG STORE 'bone 399 Glenn Crilly 31-32 IRLS—WOMEN—BE A PRAC- tical nurse. Big -demand. High wages. Instruction. High school not .necessary." Easy- to learn - at lome in spare time:-; Ages 18'to 60, Afar demands have caused big hortage, Prepare'now for this in- eresting, profitable and patriotic work, Write for Free information. Yayne School of Practical Nurs- ng. Box 69, care this paper, 31* A. H. Hundeby Farm Equipment phone 90 • Swea City, Iowa: John Deere Farm Implements, Tractors, Repair Parts and Expert Service Guaranteed. Cargill Feeds. John Deere Tractors Have No Equal From the Standpoint : of Economy. John Deere simplified two cylinder construction results hi lower fuel consumption and the need for fewer replacement parts, resulting in lower .operating, and maintenance costs. They'll do your work just as efficiently and--more economically, Mr. Hundeby, invites you ,.to drop in frequently ' to inspect "What's new!' in implements re- Mor tenson F^dducis Go. Phone 7SR2 i? :•-; "; :,Sw'e" Manufacturers of M4rt»0*Dih& Feeds, Full Line of Livestock arid Poultry f <<eds. Custom Gfhiding- and Mixing, Oat Hulling, Twine. 1 Day Old ftnd Started Chicks from • Blood Tested Inspected Flocks. Chicks Hattihed Twice a IVeeK During Balance of July. Service • Work by*' Licensed Servicemen. • Full Lin* of Virus and' Bacteria. Brooder Houses, Stoves, Feeders, Waterers, Consolidated Scmt-solldt, Emulsion. -.. '-. ; ,:.- : , -, ':''/ •-CHICKS—Started and Day Old 4 weeks old—200 Ancbnasr • , 1 week old—600 White Rocks,;. 500 Austra Whites. ' . f •Day Old Hatched July 23—860> • White Rocks, 300 Buff Orpingtons^ . 800 AUstra Whites^. , • . July 27 last hatch for season—, 800 White Giants,, 400 Aitstrat. Whites, 300 BUff Orpingtons, 70ft • White Rocks, 400 Reds. The problem of farming -profit-. , ably has in the past'twenty.,ye'ar& 4" become a problem of ."?n6>l^piall . consequence in every •'agriCUltUtal. community. The suCces$fUl','fcjr- ; mer today has found'it necessary-, to change his methods and adopt , new practices hi almost -, every- field of farm activity. This Situation is particularly true in the--. growing and,feeding of stock 8ndt" ; poultry. In this respect, experiment and study on the part of thes- nationallyi known feed manufacturers and state agricultural col- • leges has revealed that rations f or—, either stock or poultry must consist of spmethhig more than farm grains if the most profit is to be 1 ., realized. ' : Farm grains are splendid Whom : used as a Ibase but should be supplemented with other elements to*obtain the maximum . of profit. Their feeds have gained a wide reputation as feeds which get re- • suits. Dkections for their use "are- furnished with them which have be foUowed to, produce a profit. , •- .-'.. - • •: "•; • , ' •...',•' ;••: Consult the Mortenson Products: ' Co. on your ieed and poultry problems. •••.'' '•:••. FOR SALE - 200 ACRES of well improved farm land in Union Township, N. E. % of ivB^tyK.Wfy- section 11, known :as tHe i Tjaden?fiurm£; ' """"" 2 HOUSES FOR SALE One, 6-room, two-story, frame dwelling, 311 W. Nebraska, Three slocks from business section.. Hot air heat, full basement, hardwood floors, modern in all respects, with ;arage and nice lot. Five room modernized frame iiome at 218 'W. McGregor, corner lot, garage attached to house. Hot air heat. (Paved street. Both houses being sold to close estate. W-ili be glad to show either or both homes to interested parties. Mrs. Dennis Pratt, 301 W. Nebraska St., phone 880, Sltfchg FOR SALE: John Deere all steel wagon hoist Perfect shape. Also 26-ft; elevator, H. J. Rice, Lone KOBUS TJADEN TITONKAj IOWA «;ooi> NEWS BLUE STAMPS PI, Jl, Rl, SI, T, AND RED STAMPS Fl, HI, Jl, Kl, Effective August 1st. ; , . x . "'•; WhpleKernel Com (20 ptsi.ea" BUTTER KERNEL.. - No. 2 etui •.•Reliable Fancy Cut ' (2 for 10 pts) ."GREEN .--.•-. ' 17'n, • ,BEANS ,.,...... .'- No. 2 <»n • «V . Tropiac Sweet (10 pts each) Unsweetened • . Q9i»' GRAPEFRUIT JUICE....46 oz. can W*U White House Fortified (1% pts et) EVAP. ' '- .- '••• A v *RW MILK, :_ .» *t tall cans WWw New! Cheese Food (8 pts Ib) CHED-O-BIT fin ,9 Ib. box , M* Get your copy "HOW TO CAN AND PRESERVE THIS YEAR" Finest v'Bee SUGAR 5 Ib, paper 4<|£ bag iMC Use Stamp No: 36 Rock, Phone 321. 31$ BEST FARM LOANS are from borrowers' own lending agency. Stock -ownership 4 entitles borrowers to dividends or savings and advantages that have in the ppt and will to th? future make era} Land Bank loans the l net cost to the borrower; and pur BtPcJ? has 'always been returned promptly -on payment pf Rosins adaptable ..,<o , be yeauced pr in. Assorted • tures to meet changing conditions commission p? fees, 05% FLB loan, TO BUY; 40 or §0 J. C, Gppdjnan, Al«pn» BACK.Iff fpww wwy te " Pi sewing ' U. S. No. 1 South Carolina 2" and Larger Peaches Ib. - lie Bushel $4-65 , U. S. No. 1 Washington APRICOTS 14 Ib. \ve....... Ripe CANTALOUPE, Ib Iced Texas Whole, Half or Quarter WATERMELON ...Ib. AH Good Fancy Bu. $2.33 . California Small Size • Valencia ORANGES............ Ib. lift* California Fancy -*•'- IUC LEMONS............. Ib, lOe 40 Washington White Shatter m ' ' Rft« _.,_„._...... .. . lb8::WIB : JIO pts, eachf; Label Syrup t«4i^ (40 p^escii) ^M^M&'jMs V a

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