The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SO, Coach' Dilcly Musters Out Candidates For 1938 Squad For First Drill KV j. i', . Forty Uyo frit) candidates, one o( tlio largest squads in locnl history, answered Heml Coach Joe DiUly's fir;jl call ycKl(:i-rlay as the Chiek- assuvs ojxrod their xpriii" foollwll drills. Included In Hie group were 12 lettormen, len merves Irani last year's squad, ihrce who were Ineligible last KctLsnn, seven irom Coacli James I'tickctt's Junior lonm, anil eight otlicrs wlio liave little, if any, fcotliall exjierlence. Heading the IcUermen were Ciip- t-iln-elect Russell Mosley, \y.m Wnr- lingtoti, U-oii Stntlord. Suirltng 1 , Young. Joe Barlliolomew, Everett Craig, Bill Ootlwlti, Bkigcnc lloxl. Murray Tlioui|).so;i, 'Moody, mid Hugh Harlierl. •Ilie 1937 reserve list lucliulc:! Raymond Blckerslarf, Willis jwd, Buddy Baxter, Hnl Alley, Pat Cliit- inon, A. J. Cnmula. Henry Mucry. Malcolm Flake, Johnson niaekwoll anfl Uoycl plorman. ; Among the others on Imnd were: <Jolm Pmilk. George Pmitt and p. T. Hancy, ineligibles In '37; Mormon "Monk" Mosley. Jack smitli. Jimmy .Morgan, James Cobb. J. w. Mc- Jfcfl. Sonny Lloyd. Ho Copix-dge, Juniors; John Young. Bill -Lowj, William Onerin. Bob Crosslo, John Broiwi nnd n .feic otlier lessor lights. -, Hughes Missing Carl Hii«hes, giant fullback upon whose slnrdy shoulders reals » great deal, did not report for the hilllnl practice, Suffering from n sprained back received it* a basketball gnmo during the district tournament, ,C«rl look advantage of liLs plosion condition to cntcli up \vith some lugging school work due to Hie cage • lonriicy. However, lie is expected to climb into his suit today. Alternate captain Danny War- I'inglou was jji iinlforni but did not take part in any ot the drills, He Is still alllyg from an old football Injury received last season al • Greenwood,, MISS., and Ijas uccn 01-- dered to rest, it is unlikely that, he will participate at all this spring in order to give (he ligaments and muscles In Jiis hip time to lical. Another promlsug absentee was Tommy WiUTiuglon, counted on for considerable end duly. Tommy was on the sidelines yesterday hut wns not Iti uniform and remained but for. a few ' minutes, it . Is possible that he. will check in soon. D6spitc being ineligible last season, he worked regularly; \vtih (he squad. He is a lefl hand thrower and kicker and would mriilcely nl eltlier entf or in the backfleld. Vils experience has ten limited to junior competition. Job Cut Out •Dlltly's job': Is cut out for him. All lie lias to do Is find and develop replacements. for eight graduating regulars, five linesmen mul three liacks. Only Dan WHrrington, end. Alviu Justice, tackle, and "Wild Mill" Godwin, center, remain from the great forward wall Hint also included James "Bab" Roberts, end; Lloyd "Toar" Wise, (ackle; James Burton nnd Calvin "HlckPnnit Head" Moody, guards. Russell Masley alone is left from tlie starling btiekfleld. LcRoy "Bronco" Brown. fullback, is at the University of Alabama .'.long with Wise' mid BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'COURIER NEWS jPin Blasters Open ABC Tourney lilrwlnt: av,'ay on llic country Ktitli alli-ysc-lhe «re fl( e,st number mt built for the evenl-slnr bowlers from al l H,e ABC tournament In Chicago, ,„ form ihis strikinc view of o Roberts. Alfred "Slick" Memlilli mid Homer Hpshnr.w receive (heir sheepskins this spring. Purl of the Chick mentors' worries wns .'-.ohTi! will) the return of Stnrllii'< Yoiinjj and Joe Bartholo- mcw. Young, a six fool, :i inch end, Kith nne season of piny under Cnr- ney La.slle. is groomed for Koberts' post. Bartholomew served two campaigns under Lasllu but :il guard. Dildy plans to Insert the 240 pound youngster »i lln 1 l;ickle mealed !»• Wise. ' Need Guards, Hacks Even if these two click there sllll remain yawning gaps nt guards and, In the ball currying department. Kverctl Crnijf is almost n cerln]n|,y Tor one guard. Some four or live, Including Raymond BIckeYslnff. Pal Cliltmon, and "Scnlcy Bnrk" lyjoody, a .lough baby Indml. heiul "ihe list for ihe other. Of Ihe fourteen backs on bund Ihe biggest fights loom nt blocking jack nnd right, half. John Paulk, Ineligible Insl year, Insists he is to succeed Meredith. Dilio for acne Hood. Malcolm Flake, and n couple if others. Murray Thompson is believed lo have the Inside track for Ulgh hnlf. but he will have to battle it out. with A, J. "Dull" Canada, Sonny'LloyA, et nl. Big carl Hughes will gel first call for fullback, m»hl i on his heels are Willis For;!,, n linrd tackier ivhn is developing fnsl, George Priiltl, the Annorel youngster, and n possible one or I wo more. Cnplnin Moslcy's chief compel llors arc Hugh llnrbcrl. his younger brother. "Monk." Henry Muery anil Lloyd plonnun. With the lough u game schedule which includes successive «rek end engagements with I'lne Bluff. North Little flork. y and Little nock coin- Ing up. there is iimi'h hard woi'ik to be done. Tile drill yesterday WHS comparatively light ami short, con- | sisting of caleslhcnics. limborlin; iil>. signal drill, mul shilling drills' but. the tempo will be increased gradually nnd by Ihe end of the week they should be hltllnpt Ihi 1 Iiigli spots. Rwul Cniirier News Want Ads. all over opening Swede's Misbehavior Gives Malone Malch; Perkins Do\vns Sailoi- Parker Uisfiiialincrilion cost ,oie Olson, (he poker faced .Swede, his malch with Eddlo Mnlonr. here last nislil us a capacity crowd of customers Jammed ihe Logioii arena (o the ratters. Olsen was unusually rough throiisliont the bout and Indulged in balling Referee Mike Meronry nl every opportunity, but it was not until the ilimle of Ihe show when Olsen gol entirely out or control, tossing liolli Mnlono und Meroney fi'oni Ihe ring (lint the Inlter ele- VAlert the hand of Malone In victory. When the dlsqiinHllcnlton came Malone nnd Olsen had each a full lo his credit. Malone used a Jim Umdos loe hold to lake the first tumble In 1J minutes after having Ols«i running; .for Ihe ropes lo escape punishment. Olsen turned the tables on the County 1 Claire Irishman lo lake the second In is minutes \vilh n bo:ly pin. In n preliminary .that gave Ihe fans Viistly mure in the WHY of speed and wrestling skill. Art 'per- klns. (lie 'Detroit head scissor specialist, boosted his slock by Inking Ihe second and Ihlrd fulls- In succession lo win a surprise vurdlcl over .Diii!;)r. Parker, ersl while middle- wolghl champion of the nnvy. The Cornier seaman wns "but in- front nt the end of 12 minutes With Ihe first fall whlirh lie nunexed with li-i.sli Wliljis aiKl bo:ly plu. 1'eikitis liillied wllh ihn aid'of his most effective hold, the'ilying head scissors, lo lake Die .second HIM! used Hie same w;i]»n lo polish off his stocky little opponent. He vr- (jnired •>:! minule.s for (lie Ihlrd ami decidln<. fall. Last night's card was n hastily improvised one. bill provided enough (imuKCinent |o salisfy most of those who really came lo sec "B!im(>" Levy, the 045-pound wrestler who was originally billed as tlie feature of n wreslle royal. Aleroney found lit the last mimile that l,evy could not appear due lo the fact that lie suffered n leg injury and ivns under 11 physician's care at Dycrsburg, Tern;., lodny. Meroncy said thai as (liiickly as Levy is able to resume bis appearances in the ring he will be brought here. ; Hitting Pitcher John Miller violated, an nge-vyorn "dnge Hint pllcher.s «rc not supposed lo hit by clouting the ball «l a .'.ISO clip In M games last year with Osceola in the Northeast Arkansas League. He has becirsold lo Palestine, Texas, of the 'West Dixie League. Miller wns a star footballer at Rice University. Catcliiiifr family "Like father, like sdn" applies lo the Mnncnso family, pnpa Maifcuso once caught in the Texas League tmd his nvc sons are all following in his footsteps.-Leon and Frank, the two youngest, played last season with ihe ''Blythevlll'e Oinnls. Friink ivn.s selected on tha all-star learn and is considered Hie better prospect. Memphians To Fight Here Friday Jnck nivnllo'.s crack team of amateur boxers, representing Christian Brothers College of Memphis, will shoot 11 barrage of leather at tlie local amateurs In an inter-city match at the American ixiglon arena here Friday night. Hoastlng some of the best young fistic talent lit the muff city, the C. B. C. team will be certain to (jive the eldekasaw Athletic club's team .some ol the strongest opposition It lias encountered. Included on the visitor's loam will he Demp.sey IDwycr, who won the open bantamweight, chumplonshlp- In the Commercial Appeal's Golden Gloves tournament in Memphis recently Hill Costello, Trl-Stntc A. A. U. welterweight, Kile-holder last, year, and Frank Ciiila, Memphis prep school flyweight champlun. Other members or the Memphis team are Mike"Tnlloiico, tissue paperweight; Mike Haitgti, paperweight; , Billy Wiggins, fcauiej-- wclgui; Harry wllllmnson, lightweight, 'i'ommy Bcrdall, junior middleweight; l,cwis chandler, middleweight; .Bam Esgro, light heavy, and Walter soefker, heavyweight. Wiggins' reached the linals hi the Golden Gloves elimination series in Memphis this year. Williamson and Chandler were also prop school II- iralsts and Walter Soefker was defeated in the Golden Gloves minis only by Paul rcnke. Ihe North Little Hock «|BI-. TJhe visitors decisively defeated the Catholic High school squad in a meet In Memphis last week, winning seven out of 11 matches. They ni-e under the guiding hand of little •Jack Rivalto, former national A. A. U. bantamweight, champion and holder of the southeastern crown for two years. Rivalto has l>ecn coaching the squad for some lime and has developed some of the best young fighters in Memphis. Joe Craig, director of the local toam, bus been working- his squad dally in preparation for the -visitors nnd tomorrow will probably announce those who will bear the Chtcknsasv club's colors this week end. Evangelist -MARCH 8,- 3938- \\'K A UK NOW IHIYINC; Government Loan Cotton LOUIS APPI.KHAUM I'iioni- 167, 107 S. 2llil SI, .ISlyllievllle, Ark. "JUST GOT A MESSAGE from op the line," says telegrapher Jim Redmond (center). "They're all shut in by a big fall of snow, tint they don't care. The boys say they've got plenty of Prince Albert'makin's' tobacco—and they're sore tickled with it. They didn't know tobacco could be so mild, yet so f nil-bodied and rich tastin'." As he listena to the receiving set click out "Prince Albert for mine," tlie fcllow'in the leather jacket says: "We know what they mean. We're all gettin' the firmest, roundest 'makin's' smokes a man ever twirled. That P.A. crimp cut sure lays right." "What a shame," pats in Chester Odetl (he's on the left}, "that ] wasted my time before geUin' on to Prince Albert. But you bet I'm cnjoyin* my 'makin's' smokes—NOW 1" WE'VE GOT FASTER-ROLLIN', MILDER, TASTIER TOBACCO." T 1IR way that "crimp cut" Prince Albert tuigs the paper, you know it's mndeloorder for "jnakinV smokers. There's no spilling or blowing u round —no bundling either. Naturally, n tobacco that lays and mil* so good, draws swell, l(x>- burna slow, cool. (Grand for pipes —try it!) BRING P.A. BACK IF NOT DELIGHTED! Roll yourself 30 «vrell ctratettej from Prince Albert, If you don't find them Ihe finest, tallies! roll- ycur-ovrn cigarptt«s yc»i ever smoked, return Ihe pocVet tin with the rest of lh« tobacco in it lo uj at any time wllhin A month fronuhil date, and we will refund (Sif"»R-J. Hey-rtoMi Tokacto" Company, \Vlr\slon-5alem. N.C. fine ro1l«y»ur'Own ctg- in «v*ry 2-oi. PrJnc. Albirt BERT NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Goose 35 Years Old Knows When to Hjde ; Out. (UP)— Neighbors are wondering if .Mrs. William N. Smith's 35-year-old goose has discovered the secret of youth. •I'lic only mystery is 'that ihe goose disappears from the flock every year just before Christmas and returns imtncdialely allor the festive season. 'Hie Hiiv. c. IAS Randall is con- dueling mt evangelistic meeting :,t tlie Hecond iJupllsl church. Pastor Leaves Local Post Aite r Serving Five Years The Htv. N. U. Rhodes, farmer pastor of the Assembly of Clod Hunch, aiid -Mrs. Rhodes left February 28 for Ainoi-y. Miss., where the flev. Mr. Rhodes will conduct a revival campaign before going to Ihe west const for a scries or meetings. The Rev. Mr. Rhodes was pastor of the Assembly of God church here for the past five years. Under hti leadership, (he present, church building, located at Seventh anil Ash streets, was constructed and :learcd of all Indcbtedne.v;. it has- been announced. \Thc membership increased from a small number to approximately '200 members. The Rev. und Mrs. Rhodes also assisted with the work of the Assembly of God church at Osceola during Iheir stay here. The church has not yet a new pastor. At the Hospitals Mrs. Linnle Jackson, of Lone Oak, was removed from the Blytheville hospital >lo her home yesterday in a Cobb ambulance. Miss Laura Gill was removed lo hei- home nl Dell yesterday in n Cobb nmbiilance niter having ueen at the Blythevllle hospital. Tltiby Myers, nine, who has been ill at the Blythevillc hospital tram a non-contagious type of meningitis, wns i-emovcd to her home yesterday in n Cobb imibnance. Nevve messages travel alxiul 400 feet a second in mnii. but. in lower animals, such as the octo- ,i|)iis. tliey travel only about 80 I inches n second. COOD^tEAR SPEEDWAY Second Bapiisi Church Meelhig A llracts Crowd Ixirgc delegations rrom New Lib- •irly and Gosnell Baptist churches and smaller groups from elsewhere were among what Is reported to be 0110 of Uic largest crowds seen in many years at the Second Baptist church last.nijjbl where the Hcv. C. L. Randall and the Uev. P. A. Stockton are holding an evangelistic meeting. The HPV. Mr. Stockton, who i.s in charge of the singing and young people's work, has organized two Groups among the young people. He met with a number of Miidenls yesterday afternoon niter school and this group aided him in llu- singing last night. People of the 'U'nn age j<n<j up wi'io organized into another group at tiiat lime. Eight ministers were present for the .service, Prayers were olSc-mt by the liev. Howard if. 'King, the Rev. ./. L. Ncwsum and the Rev. Alfred Carpenter. •• ,j^ The Rev. Mr. Randall spoke on th« siibjfcl "noes God Send the Storms. Floods, Drouths, Depressions and Earthquakes, and If so, what for?" He .suld in part, "My first answer is. He can. Don't doubt His power. He is not. as Dr. Robert G. Lee said In "Lord. I be-. lieve," a pale prisoner In Ills own paluce lie has provided, nor nn ordinary bell-hop running up and down the corridors ol his universe he has made, but He Is the God of all power and might and He can do all these things ascribed to Him without upsetting anythljig in His universe. "My next answer Is, He says He has, in times past. Read the fourth Chapter of Amos, where He says He .sent nine different calamities j upon the people, and (he 28th chapter of Deuteronomy where He says He will send these teirlOle tilings upon the people if they forsake His ways. "My third answer (and here I expect all my fatalist brethren lo fall out wild me) that He does I not send them all. Deep and mysterious are the ways of providence but we know from experience (Jiat God does send .some of them, and allow some others to come but whether sent or allowed lo come, there is one message in every one of them, 'Get Right, With "God 1 . Some of these things are sent not with an eye to punishment but that a sublime exalted faith may lie presented to the world and one of God's great characters be brought out." Tonight's subject is "Traileritc Religion." Tomorrow night The Rev. Mr. Randall will talk on "What is the Matter With the Churches?" Thursday night "Three Questions from the Old Testament About Family Religion' 1 will be' the sermon theme. Friday night is &5- You'll Get Better Service " Save Repair Bills " Enjoy Your New Used Car More H you stan out on New Goodyears. BUY NOW peclally for young people and subject Is-"Gold"Bricks." Satu night the discussion win bo cerncd with ."Well What !• Christian Anyway."' 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