The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1945 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1945
Page 8
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•••ai*« Dipt Jolm Giveh Discharge Capt. John Spencer has b<ieft given an honorable discharge frdhi the army and is expected hohie fthe first of the month for a visit with his mother/ MrsS. .'Em'lly Spencer. He expects to go to AUs- tralii; as soon as possible to jbln his wife and son and make arrangements to bring them to the United States. John served about three; years in the army in Aus-> tralia and other South Pacific areas*. He has been stationed for several months at Great Bend, Kansas. Teachers College Visitor ipr6f. Arthur Dickinson, field mart from the Iowa State Teachers college physical education depart- rnerit, visited the branch summer school here yesterday. He has been interviewing students interested in enrolling in the Cedar Falls school. For Sale FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8tf FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Dei Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. 44tf FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. Huxtable's Firestone Store. 23tf FOR SALE: '40 Chevrolet sedan, special deluxe. Guaranteed, •with heater, $954.50, plus Iowa sales tax and license. '36 Chevrolet town sedan, master. Guaranteed, with heater, $441.20, plus Iowa sales tax and license. '35 Dodge town sedan. Guaranteed, with heater, $528, plus Iowa sales tax and license. These prices comply with OPA ceiling and are for sale or trade. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 30 FOR SALE: Purebred Black Angus bulls at John McGuire farm, 5% miles southeast Algona. 28-30$ FOR SALE: For purpose of settling John Mosbach. Estate, offer for sale, Improved 80 adjoining Town of Whittemore, Unimproved 80 in Sec. 18, Whittemore Twp., Unimproved 80 in Sec. 6, Whittemore Twp. E. C. McMahon, Algona, Iowa, Attorney for Estate. td*s, Matti. IE 5U« MfiflMt ftlW. AlfiJWJiQE writes titirtn&ft' Si -tfttfi I ft>R &ALfi: " trader- pbWer fclM^rv Deeri plck«u8 for No* bme. Kessuth Cou&tr StoW;.':/-. .'.'•' FOR SALE: Year old white dog. Call; 38* 1^_ F£nton. ^ PALS OF BATTLE John Wayne (foreground) stars in RKO.Radio's '-Back to> Bataoni . recounting the resistance made by nativ* guerrillas in the Philippines after the Jap invasion. With Wayne.-in this scene, is; Paul Fix,as his battle pal. "Back to Bataan" will be shown at the Call Theatre Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 2-3-4. Wanted WANTED TO BUY: Tricycle id* 3 yea* 1 old. 'Mrs. R. B. Waller, 51T No. 1 Phillips, phone 626"W, Algona. -..-••'• . . 28tfn* WANTED TO BUY: 46;or 50 head ewes. J. C, Goodmart; 'Algoflfc, Phone 1B-F3. : 'vf30-*31* WANTED: Movable -house,; 1 4 -or 6 rooms, preferably near Battv croft. A'Butterfield, Bancroft.' ,. 30* WANTED TO RENT: 160 acres or more for 1&46. Full line of 'machinery. Excelleht reference. Inquire Algoha Upper Des Moinesi 30 WANTED: Beauty operator. SaP ary and commission. Irene's Beauty Shop, Algona. 30 Miscellaneous the mew f8leas% Needles, al* bUMSi^-Kbssath' Radio & EleeWc.' Aigatfa, iowa. ,^ v v^-\v : : :::;ii"" t N LAID LlNdLfitM, linowalli H-tile, laid by; experts. dustam fork. C6Waft * B.tilldllig Supply. ffo.i phone' 296, Algoha. IB-'ffitf SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates 6ri tile.>— Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. ,.;l-tf SELL your late model car to us -•.for the highest price. Free information on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 38tf 30* FOR SALE: 160 acres at $160; 320 at $135; 80 at $200; choice home in Clear Lake. A. M. Petersen, Titonka. 29-30* FOR SALE: Four bottom Oliver stubble plow. A-l shape. George Faber. Phone 4 on 9, West Bend. 29-30$ FOR SALE at bargain price: Two sets of Boyt breeching harness. Phone 25. J. M. Blanchard, Loi|e Rock, Iowa. • 29-30 FOR SALE:.Well impv. 160 acre Hancock Co. Iowa farm located right near Woden. Very best of good level land, every acre tillable. Buildings well located, have electricity. A good safe buy at the price $165 per acre. C. E. Proctor, Garner, Iowa. • 29-30* FOR SALE: Three grade Holstein heifers. Eleven months old. Sired by grand champion bull. Herman Soderberg, Bancroft. 29-30* ifa FOR SALE: 125-ft. 7-in. canvas thresher belt. W. H. Myer, Algona. Phone 3302, Lone Rock. . . 30* FOR • • SALE: Altaian - Taylor threshing machine. Mike Hlnz, LuVerne. 30-31* FOR SALE: 200 white giant pullets, 5 months old. Earl Zwiefel, Titonka. 30* FOR SALE: Hayloader. F. W. Jentz, 2 miles south, 1^ miles east of Fenton. 30-31* FOR SALE: Aultman-Taylor threshing machine, 27" cylinder, iii ghpd running condition. $150. M. A. Sorlien,'Bode. 30* FOR SALE: 120 acres, small buildings, very good soil. Farm is southeast of St. Benedict. $125 acre. C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. 30-31 BACK IN TOWN ready to repair all kinds of sewing machines. H. E. Miner, 116% W. North, Algona. 30-31* TOWN INTEREST LOANS. FHA and Vet-, erans "GI" Loans to purchase, remodel, Refinance Homes. Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. 3Qtf SMALL THREE QUARTER SIZE piano. Beautiful condition inside and out. Priced to sell. Write Armstrong Piano Co., Spencet 4 ,: Iowa. ' 38$-19c, APPLIANCES Perfection Pipeline,:2 single unit milkers, complete, $296. Clean Easy double unit milking machines.. Iowa cream' separators, Prime electric fencers. Bottle .gas automatic heaters, 30 and 40 gallon. v Fluorescent light • fixtures: Vfe, 1/3 and V* h. p. electric motorsi "B" battery packs. ' Used: 2 good creani separators, 3 burner kerosene stove, 3 burner pressure gas stove, 2 Maytag and BriggS & Stratton motors for lawn 'mowefs.'. We repair all makes of washin, machines and refrigerators, -to have wringer rolls and belts. I ALGONA MAYTAG STORE Phone 399 • Glenn,Crilly 30 . a*iofe 6f i»jtu$A!iB of State of Idwa, Kos|ilth Cbiifttyr isi In District Courl. No. 8332. ! TO ALL WtfOM I* MAY ; Y6tf ARE «HBREi Y.N6TJ That an instrument , of writing purporting to be the last Will ftftd Testament of Peter Burt, Deceased, dated ^November 16, Ifl44, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 6th day of August, 1945, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Coutr Al 1 - gona, Iowa, i -before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to .appear, and 'show cause, if Any they haye, why said ^instrument should ; hoi be probated and allowed, as anc for the last Will and Testament of said deceased;- • . % ', ; Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 24 1945. • -.,; '; ':^(SEAL) HELEN WHITE, Clerk of District Court ALMA PEARSON, Deputy.' J. D. LOWE; Attorney, Algona Iowa. ,30 i *tttctdt "tf ' FaMWall, Pox efc*^et0iit .rietid atiil *" J ''' ' ; fires feftd ^off f«* "«!' " v,--' ••: '-t'*.-- •••s <" Electric crcatii sepa*didw. Nfe 8 Little I; i '* ir -i-- McCormlck Deering Sales and Service Phone S2 £ S«te atad |ones; FOR SALE: 2 Aberdeen Angus bulls, 8 and 10 months old. Lawrence Dittmer, 5 mi.' SE Algona, ph. 23-F21. 30* When it's hot and sultry outside, remember it's ALWAYS COOL AT THJ} CjHRlSCfflLLES STORE. We have our air-conditioning plant going full force and you'll luce the cool, refreshing air'in * this store. And it isn't pld stale ajr—its real FRESH air, specially cooled hy oiir water cbhdi- tioning process. When you're hot and tired—even if there isn't anything you want here—come in and relax and sit in COOL COMFORT in our inviting store. • FOR SALE: Set new harness, never been used. Merlin Hansen, Whittemore. 30* FOR SALE: 28" Avery threshing machine. John Miller, 5 mi. N. from Sexton, % mi. E. 30* FOR SALE: Red River Special threshing machine, 28x46, A-l shape. Frank Youngwirth, Lu- Verne, ph. 2563. • 30* FOR'SALE: One of Algona's best up-to-date bungalows, new, oil heat, paved, two blocks -from downtown,' for sale for short While only. $7500. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 30 FOR SALE: 3-year-old registered Brown Swiss bull. Dam's production, ' 5"9f pounds butterfat. Animal from Boegli Bros, herd in Wiscpnpin. Now at E. C. Zwiefel farm, Titonka. 30 FOR, S.ALE: 500 watt .electric 32 BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME NEW MACHINERY Tractor mounted sweep rakes. Flare wagon boxes. Air compressors. Wood and steel stock tanks. Manure loaders. : .. ' Used Machinery Mowers, sweep rakes, Hammermills, manure loaders. : j Complete service fo? Allis Chalmers, Oliver, Idea and Massey-Harris machines. We are equipped to put liquid weight in your tires. Bring your tires in for FIRESTONE FACTORY RECAPPING, Botsiord Lumber Co, r**.^^ /•>*. — a?*SH DUPONT HOUSE PAINT IS SELF-CLEANING DuPont House Paint is die whitest paint you've ever seen—but that's not all. DuPont House Paint protects against decay, rust, and rot. Starts white, stays white DuPont House Paint is made widi titanium dioxide, (he pigment that's whiter than snow! So your house, newly painted with this remarkable paint, starts dazzling white, Further, it stays white, because;;; ^ It's self ^cleaning} All paints collect dirt on exposure; But, with Du Pont House Paint, "self- cleaning" starts after a few months of normal weather conditions. 1 A fine white powder forms on the surface; Hevry rains wash this *way, carrying the dirt with it—leaving the newly exposed) surface cle*a and white again! (Unusual climatic or dirt* collecting conditions in extremely sooty iodujtrial communities may, of course, delay (his process.) Because | this "self-denning" if gradual, tb« wearing ejualities of fhe paint fito ue not ibnonaaUy affected; Despite tbif renwrktWc quality of DuPont nous* Paine, if cost* no more than other gooJ AM BM paiaw. Al«> »r»il*ble in S3.0Q tight color*, ,^ l\ At the Heighth of the Season .When foods are plentiful, prices are low— -Fortify your food stock for the coming year. Now is the time to "Can All You Can While ' ' """ '" ' '' ' ' BING €HERRIES Y" V- \l\\i}, UH*l\ M California Elbeitas $2^29 Per Crate CANNING. , SUPPLIES CERTO (9c PEN-JEL .....|0c Pyramid '/ JAR CAPS, doz,.. r ^|9q PAHOWAX ;.ll|5c KERR LIDS.... .3 doz. 29q 3/ux? asu/ Save in cma SALE %%!$#]:• , -• Wihlj^i JteH, Yellow Onions 3 Ibs. 29c Sunkist I Lemons g for 29c California Carrots 2 f< PEACHES! Per Doz. 49C iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiii Kellogg's PEP Kellogg's RAISIN BRAN.: JUICE Honey Dew New CaW>age» Wg s ; Santa Ros% • Large AO^ • I, Basket 5W$ tiHERRIp iliillllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIII KITCHEN PRroE 50 Ibs ROBIN HOOD 50 Ibs CONSUMERS 50 Ibs S1.98 $2.19 $1-89 Cantaloupe IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHUIjllllllllllllllllllllll Watermelons Ib. PURE CIDER CANNING VINEGAR Gal, 29C iiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyin^ = TOILET TISSUE CHEERIOTS ......L Kellogg's . fl CORNFLAKES « iiiiiiiuiiiimuiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiminiiiiiiiiiii FOLGERSCOrp iibi-jftt'";.:\'•'•'. I1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIII1UIIIIIIIIII1 ^ BREAD j Apricots P&GSOAP ^.o,, „.,,,. JOHNSON'S WAX OR GTOAtJ SWAN SOAP, |9o .Wl^ ^!pFpPd i|BP ^PHir •-

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