The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1945
Page 10
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,.fl^.Ai^Milfeek:^i !R%rA"&>4*S« Algona Gitl Spends free Designing, Making Doll Dresses Some people play solitaire to pass time ahd others go fishing ill their free hours. Mary Joyce Rich, who works at the doughnut cotinter in <the Consumers Food Store, dresses dolls. Past the age where making wardrobes for dolls and "playing house" are the vital necessities of living for little girls, Miss Rich Started last summer to make fancy dresses for dolls for "fiin", design- Ing them and sewing them by hand. A yard or two of organdy or striped silk jersey and some ribbon and lace are all she needs. Anything from a red-and-white dress with huge valentine hat to a demure clotted swiss gown with rows of lace or rosebuds may be fashioned with scissors, needle and thread. iPutting the design idea down on paper isn't necessary for Miss Rich, although she admits cutting all of her skirts toy pattern. She designs as she goes along, taking ideas from the materials. Hindrances. Biggest hindrances to her hobby now are the scarcity of materials and the lack of time. It takes two weeks, working free hours, to dress a doll. "There just isn't much time," Miss Rich finds. And besides dressing dolls she has to keep up with a heavy correspondence. The first step in dressing a doll, Miss Rich explains, is finding one with a pretty face. Unless she's pretty, it's not fun. Older dolls with "funny" arms, half sawdust and half composition material are Interesting to do, she thinks. "You have to figure out how you can make a sleeve to fit the dress «nd still hide the sawdust part of the doll's arm." Reason for Hobby The reason for Miss Rich's hobby goes back several years. When she was five years old, she was in an automobile accident and givsn a doll with which to play while she was in bed. Last summer she decided the doll, kept in excellent condition, had earned the right to a pretty dress. So she crocheted a dress and hat for it—and then started in on her small sister's doll. ' ,j •'" One of the enjoyments Miss Rich finds in making doll dresses is dis- covering ideas she would like to see worked out in dresses for herself or sorrieone else. She used to make all her own clothes, but now prefers to make them for other people. Whittemore Man Is Civilian Again Whittemore: Sgt. Charles Kollasch called his parents long distance Sunday afternoon from Wisconsin to tell them he was now Mr. Charles Kollasch. He has received his honorable discharge from the army. Kollasch flew in combat with the air corps in Italy and was in Egypt and the Holy lands. He expects to be home soon. Senecans Attend Family Reunion Seneca: The Madsen family reunion was held at the Ringsted park Sunday, July 8, with approximately 70 persons present. Senecans attending included Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Anderson and family, Mrs. Hans Madsen, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Madsen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osborn and Jimmie, Mrs. Chris Madison and Tinus Madison, also the John Munchs, Fentoji. Spencer Navy Station Reduced In Size The v navy recruiting station in Spencer is being reduced in size and only one recruiter will be on duty. The regular schedule at the Algona post office, all day Saturday, will be terminated and requests for information regarding navy enlistments must be directed to C. J. Robinson, CSP (R) USNH, at the Spencer office. Etherington Coming Home Pfc. Donald E. Etherington, 608 Chubb Street, is being processed with the second infantry division in Europe preparatory to return to the United States. He has 'been overseas 21 months. Burt Woman Sprains F«x»| Helping Har Bur't: Mrs, Donald Rihgsdoii sprained the arch of hei- loot Fri day evening while helping With a load of hay. Wind struck the rack, tipping it over. Donald and Barbara Ringsdorf were not injured. Mrs. Ringsford will have to use crutches lot a while. ST. CECELIA'S CHURCH J. M. Mallinger, Pastor , Masses at 7:00 8:30 and 10:00. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Leo 1. Best, Pastor Sunday school at 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Message theme, "The Rule of the Road." N. Y. P. S, at 7:15 p. m. Miss Marilyn Blanchard, leader. Evangelistic service at 8 p. m. Sermon, "Man Versus God." Prayer meeting Wednesday ev- enirtg at the church at 8 p. m. Young people's prayer meeting Friday evening at the E. N. Taylor home. All services are open to the public. , TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH L. H. Loesch, Pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Bible school at 9:45 a. m. Divine service at 10:30 a. m. You at-e. alMys Welcome: lift of Qod. v/,.-i.,v.-.v;!••:••,.;-',•.•;John P. Clyde, Minister 10:00 Sunday school: ; ' 11:00 worship. Sermon them!, Human Responsibility.*' ST/f HOMAS CHURCH Communion service at 11:00 a. m. Sunday, July 22, Father Pur* rlngtoh presiding. ., ;• Not V-J Day, Either. ..Without intention, the Waverty Sugar Company announced Independence Day in the early hours of July 5 and aroused citizens from slumber at 3:30 &. m. by an unustj- ally long blast of the factory whistle. What happened was that engineers, in getting up steam after 'the usual Fourth of July shutdown, had neglected to see. tO;the closing of the whistle valve,, and, the force of the steam served to keep the whistle open. It was som6 time before they were able tp shut off the disturbing blast. Bill Aspelmeier, senior Mediapolis high school student, is helping out a farhier in his neighbor'* hood this summer. One ,of his fe> ported experiences on the farm of Harley Brockway is a battle with a snake while he was eradicating thistles. In striking, the snake factened its fangs into the back of Bill's high-top boot. No injury to leg resulted. Bill dislodged the snake with a spade and sent the Implement after the reptile as it beat a retreat. Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per word; when charged, 4« per word. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If • advertising: agents 'charge their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive Ic commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8M FOR SALE: SVfexll Yellow Railroad Manilla second sheets, 500 A P CLERKS WEEK/ m v De&a^KT^J^HtllM f %odG^^ COME SEE OUR BIG VALUES ALL THIS WEEK/ Redeem These Ration Stamps Now! Ked Stamps K2 Thru P2 and Blue Stamps T2 Thru K2 Expire July 31st. Spend them while selections are large! • RED STAMPS BLUE STAMPS Finest Granulated .. SUGAR Beet 5 Ib. bag 33c Alaska Peas (30 pts ea) MISS'WISCONSIN No. 2 can Whole Kernel Corn (20 pts ea) BUTTER KERNEL I <J rt No. 2 can !«•»» Francis Drake's (20 pts ea) Fancy GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, 46 oz. can Donald Duck Fancy (no pts) ORANGE JUICE «*_ 46 oz. can. •IOC (16 pts Ib) 46c FOOD STORES Iowa State Brand BUTTER 1 Ib. print White House (1% pts ea) Fortified EVAP. MILK, 4 tall cans Cudahy's Puritan (1 pt ea) DEVILED HAM 3 oz. can White Star (4 pt. ea.) FANCY TUNA 7 oz. can WE WILL GLADLY CASH YOUR PAYROLL CHECK! I4c t. ea.) 30c 20c CANNING SUPPLIES Ball Mason Complete Fruit JARS Pts. EA. Qts. CQ- Dozen. PifC WfC Zinc JAR CAPS, dozen Modern Jelly Makers use CERTO, 8 oz. bot Heinz Cider ' 4 A A VINEGAR, qt. bot «*G Blue Label 1)1 A KARO SYRUP, 1V> Ib. bot. IHC DO YOU NEED THESE? Cold Stream Alaska (9 pts each) PINK SALMON ««- (40 pts each) 24c Uncle Sam Says, "CAN ALL YOU CAN THIS SUMMER!" California ISIS A WHITE POTATOES. 10 Ibs. 510 U U. S. No 1. Fancy Washington BING CHERRIES 13 ib. lug : S3.79 1 Ib. can Royal R. S. P. CHERRIES No. 2 can Assorted Flavors JELLO package Snider's CATSUP 14 oz. bot, 4c 7c (20 pts each) I8c Iced Texas Whole, Half or Qtr. WATERMELONS, Ib. Calif. Solid Ripe ||»_ CANTALOUPES, Ib lUC Calif. Size 252 Valencia ORANGES dozen California Thrist Quenching FANCY |J|_ LEMONS, Ib 1*10 New Fresh Green IOWA CABBAGE 21bs Fancy Field CUCUMBERS, Ib. Save Canning Sugar! Get your Copy of our Leaflet "HOW TO CAN AND PRESERVE THIS YEAR" I5c Me H Hormel | CHILE CON CARNE = Sultana 1 PEANUT BUTTER (2 pt. Ea.) ... 1 Ib. can .1 Ib. jar H Ann Page 1 GARDEN RELISH.. .10 oz. jar Sultana STUFFED OLIVES.. ..6 3-4 oz. jar lona BAKING CHOCOLATE... Ib. pkg. ENJOY MORE CHEESE- POINT VALUES REDUCED! New Cheese Food (8 pts. Ib.) CHED-O-BIT 712 Ib. box IIC Fresh Colored (8 pts. Ib.) i°b HBDDAlB . 32c American Spread BLUE MOON 4 oz. pkg (1 pt. ea.) I6c Cooling and Refreshing Pasteurized FRESH MILK, 1 qt. bot I0c Jane Parker Combination Pack DATED DONUTS Doz. (6 plain 6 sugared) Otn. Vigorous & Winey BOKAR COFFEE 2 1-lb. bags 5lc A National Favorite Iced NECTAR % Ib. «JU ! »>. TEA pkg. iHIB pkg. Gold Label Molasses BRER RABBIT, 16 oz. bot. Facial Soap WCODBURY'S, 3 cakes.... MR. FARMER: Bring us your Eggs. We Pay Highest Prices. Sunnyfield Enriched Dependable Guaranteed FLOUR £•• A A 25 Ib .bag WliUv 50 Ib. bag Clapp's Assorted Famous BABY Strained *7^ Chopped A- FOODS oz. can +k> 7c 7V2 oz. can Staley*s Creamed CORN STARCH, 1 Ib pkg Nabisco Crackers PREMIUM, 1 Ib. pkg. Chocolate Food Drink BORDEN'S HEMO 1 Ib. can I9c B9c 20 Mule Team IB* BORAX, 1 Ib. pkg -IPi? The soap that agrees with yuor skin SWEETHEART «n 3 reg. cakes. wwV Bath size cake Uc sheets, 85c. The Algona Des Moines. Upper 18tl FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Dei Leaneagh, Phone 767, representing Wormhoudt Home Insulation Co. "44tt PREINDUCTION SNAPSHOTS The Algona Upper Des Moines has 14 5x7 inch pictures of groups of men who left from Kossuth county since January to take their pre-induction physicals. They aie for sale to the first persons vwho call, for the sum of 50c each. There is only one print of a picture, so get yours now. FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. Huxtable's Firestone Store. 23tf FOR SALE: '40 Chevrolet sedan, special deluxe. Guaranteed, with heater, $954.50, plus Iowa sales tax and license. '36 Chevrolet town sedan, master. Guaranteed, with heater, $441.20, plus Iowa sales tax and license. '35 Dodge town sedan. Guaranteed, with hecier, $528, plus Iowa sales, tax and license. These prices comply with OPA ceiling and are for sale or trade. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. .' 29 FOR SALE: Purebred Black Angus bulls at John McGuire farm, 5% miles southeast Algona. 28-30$ FOR SALE: For purpose of settling John Mosbach Estate, offer for sale, Improved 80 adjoining Town of Whittemore, Unimproved 80 in Sec. 18, Whittemore Twp., Unimproved 80 in Sec. 6, Whittemore Twp. E. C. McMahon, Ai- gona, Iowa, Attorney for Estate. 29-30 FOR SALE: Gpod choice alsike red clover and timothy, mixture of hay. Delivered right from 1 field; 70c per bale. Ralph Hurlburt, Lone Rock, ph. 709. 29* FOR SALE: Half mile of heavy hog fence,.26". Chain and cups for Farmers Friend elevator. 'Ed- Win Hanselmann, Luverne. 29* FOR SALE: New McCormick- Deering binder, used two seasons, power drive, controls to drive tractor from binder. Harley Will, Whittemore, ph. 2258. 29* . j eali.880,' 301 Wfist^ NeBflskfi : ' - f5ft SALE: ! 10*fti ffO$e*^ binder; 'Extra good c&ndltiSn, •pfitt&d reasonable. StiVe Loss; Irving- toh. • 29$ SALE: Well impV. 180 Hancock Co. lovira faf#i located right near Woden,. Very .best: 6f good level iflnd, 1 every acre: tillable. Buildings Well located; haVe electricity, A good safe buy at the 'price $185 .per aefe, C> E. Proctor, Garnet, Iowa, v /• 29*30* ...,. C6M. "' FOR SALE: 8*ft. McCorinick * : ' Deering binder, King and Hamilton • elevator,. 4-wh,geled. rubber tired trailer. .Charles Berte, Bode, fjhone-2517> Ltvermofe, -29* FORVS&IJE!'Three grade Hblstein *°heifersi Eleven months old. Sired, by grand champion bull. Herman Soderbe^g, Bancroft. • 29-30* Wanted WANTED: Boy to mow lawn. Gall at Upper Des Moines. WANTED TO BUY: Tricycle for 3 year old. Mrs. R. B. Waller, 517 No. Phillips, phone 626-W, Algona. 2Btfn* WANTED TO BUY: Springer Shorthorn milk cows' or heifers. Edwin Hanselmann, Luverne. 29* No. BS29, . TO ALL WHOM' IT CKRNf - •"••••'. YOU Aftfi HfiftMY That an instrument of pufpbrtinf id be the last Will and Testament (Sf Dick : J. Bugs', '-136*. ceased, dated August 3,'1943,:ha'v> ing been this day fildd, opened 'arid read, Monday the 3dth day ;6f July, 1946, is H*ed lor', hearing proof of same 'at the Court .House in Algona: Iowa, before the District Court; 61 said County,, or the dierk of said Court; and ;at.lo o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are -hereby notified and retjuired to appear, 'and show cause, If any they have, Why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased., • Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 17, 1945. (SiEAL) HELEN WHITE, Clerk of District Court. E. C, McMahon, Attorney, Algona, loWa. 29 WANTED: Skeleton wheels for John 1936-B. Edwin Hanselmann, Luverne. ", 29* WANTED: 300 bushels at cortt. -Lloyd Ripperger, Corwith. 29* WANTED: Ice box. Call 27F3 Algona. . 29* WANTED: Girl for September 1. General housework. Mrs. R. B. Waller, 509 No. -Phillips, Algona. 29$ WANTED: Oat combining. Kyle Keith, Burt. 4 on line 90. 29 WANTED: Two experienced mechanics. Come in and talk it over. Steady work. Good pay. Chevrolet Garage. 29 Miscellaneous KARAKUL SHEEP for sale. Foundation flocks. California Karakul Co., Iowa distributor, H. Bruce Loewensteln, LuVerne. 29 WILL DO COMBINING—oats or beans. Gilbert Hargreaves. Phone 27F12, Algona. •• • 29$ iQP.EORTUNTY! Men capable of ! learning $50.00 a week or. better in store manager positions in A & P, Food Stores. Training salary $35.00 to $45.00 per week or better. Openings southern Minnesota and Iowa. Vacations, group insurance, low cost hospitalization. Assistant manager and produce head ppsitions also open. Experience not necessary. Veteran applicants especially welcome. Also openings for meat cutters capable of managing meat departments. Apply locally or personnel .department, 316 SW 5th St., Des Moines,'Iowa. — - 29 NOTICE: I have taken over Ralph •'Hurlburt's feed mill and am equipped to do any kind of grinding. Carl Wiener, Burt, Iowa. Phone 173. "' 28-30* IN.STOCK—Jamesway 30-bushel metal hog feeders, Jamesway 70 gallon hog waterers, 5 and 8 ft. flock feeders. Electric wiring. Iowa electric cream separators. Canning cans and sealers. Duo- Therm Oil Heaters. Meal Master range. Walsh weed burners. Sargent and Nutrena feeds. Salsbury's •Remedies. Nealy Hardware, Burt, phone 58. • ; 28-29* FOR SALE: 160 acres at $160; 320 at $135; 80 at $200; choice home in Clear Lake, A. M. Petersen, Titonka. 29-30* FOR SALE: Crystal Cafe in Crystal Lake, Iowa. Really a dandy set-up. See A. R. Janssen, Agent, Crystal Lake, Iowa. 29 FOR SALE: Four bottom Oliver stubble plow. A-l shape. George Faber. Phone 4 on 9, West Bend. 29-30$ FOR SALE: Partly modern 6-room house in Livermore, reasonably priced. See J. F. Hamm, phone 2011, Livermore. 29* FOR SALE: 44-foot Sandwich elevator with hoist. L. B. Erdman, Wesley. 29* FOR SALE: 8-foot Deering grain binder, Arthur Gade, Algona. 29* FOR SALE: 8-ft, McCormick ibinder. Ed Reimers, Fenton. 29$ FOR SALE at bargain price: Two sets of Boyt breeching harness. Phone 25. J. M. Blanchard, Lpne Rock, Jowa. 29-30 FOR SALE: Three year old spotted saddle mare, well broke. Also saddle and bridle. Elmer 1 Peterson, Titonka, Iowa. 29$ FOR SALE: HJO improved, electricity. $112.50 per apre. Buit J. Thompson, Forest City, Iowa. 29 FOJ* SALE: % h. p. ma%fer heavy duty electric motor. Pump jack, runs in oil. Both in A-l shape. W. E, McDonald, 212 South Hall, Algona. 29 SALE: 8-room house, 2 lots, good 1 paved street—$4,000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 29 FOR SALE: Filling station. grounds and Station complete ai St* Benedict-r$2,000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 29 FOR SAlf: W904 Bros, NEW AND Uf ED APPLIANCES i (Perfection portable 5 and Clean Easy .portable and trackline milk- ers. Iowa cream separators. Prime electric fencers. %, 1/3, and V* h. p.- electric motors. Used: Cream separators, McCormick Deering and Vega. Briggs & Stratton and Maytag engines for lawn mowers. Wringer rolls for all makes of washing machines. We repair washing machines and refrigerators. . • ALGONA MAYTAG STORE Phone 399 Glenn Crilly 28 FLOOR SANDING and Reflnish- Jng. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17-3-811 ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Moines office. Regular size, 15c each, 2 for 25c. Large size, 20c eafch, 2 for 35c. 34-tl Exchange Dept, Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast seta. Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE PHONOGRAPH RECORDS —All the new releases. Needles, aU bums.—-Kossuth Radiq & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tt INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts, Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 16'3^ P 1 YOU NEED ru&per stamps for any purpose, you can order then? at The Algona Upper Pes Mpines, SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in fgfjjis, loans, drainage surveying and esttuwtiBa on tile, -~PWJ J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. l SELL your late model car to us |o'# ttj* highest price. Free in-f formation pn ceilings. Hoenk Motor §kvice, West of Court House. Soil ALJC, PISPLAY advertising copy insist b» in the hands ol CW printers by Wednesday nopn. Injure pufeUcation in &e P9P the toll,ovsriti»i Thursday. The A i U^per_pp Moioes, Upper Card my friends SPtt' 49? Mortenson Products Co. Phone 7SR2 Swea Manufacturers of Mort-O-Dlne Feeds. Full Line of Livestock and Poultry Feeds. Custom Grinding and Mixing:, Oat Hulling, Twine. Day 'Old and Started Chicks from Blood Tested Inspected Flocks. Chicks Hatched Twice a Week During- Balance of July. Service Work by Licensed Servicemen. Full Line of Virus, and Bacteria. Brooder Houses, Stoves, Feeders, Waterersi Consolidated •Semi-solid Emulsion. CHICKS—Started and Day Old ; £ weeks old—200 Anconas. i | week old—600* White Rocks, 5,0» Austra White!.-\ -" V • f>a/Old Hatched July 23—800 WSiite Rocks, 300 Buff Orpingtons, dtfO AuStra Whites.' C July 27 last hatch for season— 800 White Giants, 400 Austra Whites, 300 Buff Orpingtons, 700 White Rocks, 400 Reds. . The problem of farming profitably has in the past twenty years become a problem of no small consequence in every agricultural community. The successful farmer today has found it necessary to change his methods and adopt new practices in. almost every field of farm activity: This situation is particularly true in!the growing and feeding of stock and poultry. In this respect, experiment and-study on the part of the nationally known feed manufacturers and state agricultural colleges has revealed that ration's for either stock or poultry must consist of something more than farm grains if the most profit is to be realized. Farm grains are splendid when used as a (base but should be supplemented with other elements,to obtain the'maximum of .profit. Their feeds have' gained' a wide reputation as feeds which get results. Directions for their use are furnished with them which have only to be followed to produce a profit. Consult the Mortenson Products Co. on your feed and poultry problems. l pfc«*< -Mfe Fruit Cake, in foiiCy titt,.,.^^; 2 Ib* $| jjty : Grapefruit Juice, enriched with can RICE KRISPIES, ALL BEAK KRUMBLES Fresh Frozen Bing Cherries with Sugar, 2? lb. can* Fresh Peas, Green Beans, Cabbage, Carrots, Head: Lettuce, Radishes, Green Onions, Cucumbers, .To-# matoes, Green Peppers, Beets, 'Celery,; Seediest Grapes, Cherries, Plums, Cantaloupis, Watermelon^ Peaches, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruit, Apples. ;'//; BING CHERRIES, lug $3.49 Armour's Minona Palm Soap large bars ........ . ....... ... ... ..... . -4 * or 2I.C- Vanish Bowl Cleaner.... ......... l.Jcan |9c Good Brooms, 5 sewed... ....... ..each SI. 19 Bake-rite Shortening (12 pt.) ...... Ib. 23c Round Steak (11 pts.) ....... ..... ; lb. 35c Pork Sausage, Type 1 (6 pts.) ... H^ 35c Cottage Cheese ...... . ...... ... .. ..Ib. |9c Veal Sirloin Steak (7 pts.) ..... . Ib. 34 C 1 . ' .;'.' [ ' • '•'..', I .»•"•• Bologna (4 pts.)... ...... . .......... i... ...Ibl26c Longhorn Cheese (8 pts;)— ... ... ... Ib. 31 C Bring in Your Waste Fats Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Phones 138—139 Algona U. D. M. Wants Ads Bring Quick Results Cool Crisp • ' '. ?..'••••• Our Stocks Are Smaller But Every Dress Is: a Quality Garment 1 There is one thing you may be sure of when-you buy a summer dress here—it will be a QUALITY garment. We have quit (entirely) picking up inferior merchandise from stock in market. ; This stuff is not worth showing in a stock Jike ours. Whatever dresses we have are from ou.r regular sources and when these can't supply our needs (which they frequently CAN'T) we'll just have to say, "Sorry, try again next week". This may be a poor way to run a store but at least, when this "thing" is over we'll still have a reputation for QUALITY and you'll never hear anyone 'say, "I got 'stung' at CHRISCHILLESV . In the meantime, we have some very pretty sunv- mer dresses in all sizes—juniors, misses and women's half-sizes—and you'll enjoy the cool, restful atmosphere of this modern up-to»date store, OUB SALES LADIES ARE ALWAYS COURTEOUS : AND TRY TO PLEASJS YOU, (J50 798 |§00 1995 ) < •"

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