The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1945
Page 9
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vto^f SCHOBYASKS FOR GOOD JOB, HKH WAGES ftobert M. Sehoby-, WT2/c on a|15fifl the Pacific, writesVat "there is nothing like thevhe«ie« town pape? for news 6f thesis they know in everyday life and of the •progress the town 16 making towards postwar plans. - "1 only hope the Chamber of Cdmmerce and other organic tlons can carry through .the .plans now in the making. I think most •bf the retumihg veterans will be satisfied/for a while at least, to take things easy, After that, a job or business that will make them feel .secure in the future. "For myself, and 1 think 1 can go so far as to say it 1 for a,good many more, we will all expect the best there is to catch up a little With the high wages we have" missed out on these months and years spent in the service. I think we all agree that the biggest percent of those at home are not .there of their own choosing, but that doesn't even up things. . "I wish I were allowed to tell you of some of our travels and experiences, but censorship forbids it. I can say we have been in New , July 18,1»48 SpentU At Home? Wesley: s«8gt. Bernard Efdmkft is spending a 30*day furlough here with his parents, the Paul firdmahs, and with other relatives and friends. He landed on Stateti Island July 6 from the European War stone where he served seven months with the 89th Chemical Battalion. he completes his furlough he Will take further training .in Pacific warfare at a North Carolina center. Miss Madeline O'Conner, of Iowa City, came to Wesley with Sergeant Erdman last week and returned to her home Monday, Bode Carlsons Talk To Son In England Bode: Eagerly anticipating a telephone call from (London, England, the R. B. Carlsons waited until 2 a. m. Saturday when they picked up the receiver and heard the voice of Sergeant Eugene Carlson. Each member of the Carlson family talked to him, including his wife and little three-year-old NEW JERSEY mm BAPHZES UCKTEIGBABY .Wesley: the baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Urban Lickteig July 2 was 'baptized Sunday in St. Josephs Catholic church by Fr. t)ion Lickteig, Of New Jersey. Sponsors were Mrs. Dennis Lickteig and John Meiche. The Lickteigs now have three girls and one boy. Father Dion iLlckteig spent a few days over the weekend here visiting his brothers John and Louis Lickteig and their families. He then went to Richmond, Kansas, where he 'will serve the parish 4U«kt*n ' ' ihere. • »• *. WM»* UU|7 T» \- **C4Vtrf fcS^bAA 111 ATCVV * f • . • . 1 .IT T ** ~™~ **«™ Guinea, the Philippines and our John who had a "Hi Daddy!" ready latest trip that I can mention wa Borneo, May 1. We have been very fortunate so far in keeping out e trouble. I hope our good luc" holds out in the future." Schoby's wife and mother 4lv in Algona. Tofteberg Promoted, Meets Brother-in-law Bode: Glen Tofteberg has been promoted to the rank of sergeanl The letter informing his wife o the promotion was written from •Manila, Philippine Islands. He i •with a headquarters signal operation group. Tofteberg-met his brother-in-law Cpl. Glenn Mathiason, near Manila recently. "THE FARMERS FRIEND" Farmers Cooperative Elevator Phone 17 Swea City, Iowa Grain - Feeds - Coal - Flour Chas. Klnney, Manager It is with pleasure that we bring before the eyes of. the many readers of this review of the better places of business in our surrounding towns, the Farmers Cooperative Elevator, of Swea City. ; An' institution of this kind is a great asset to any town and should be appreciated and patronized by all, and if this suggestion is followed there is no doubt but this will continue to be one of the outstanding grain centers of this community. This alone is of unestim- able value to any town. The manager is a man of much experience in the grain business and fully competent to hold ths position. Phone him at ahy time for daily market reports and for advice upon any subject pertaining to the grain business and he will be more than pleased to do What he can to help you. ' •• •£• This Is a concern-that is in a : position to handle unlimited deliveries of grain, and they•solicit your business, whether your sales are large or small. And when you are in the market for coal or feed, you can-rest .assured you will always receive the-best here. No review of the outstanding business places of the community would be complete without properly recording the activities of this popular concern. And -we cannot recommend and urge you too strongly to do your trading with the Farmers Cooperative Elevator, at Swea City. I for his father. Sergeant Carlson has been overseas for two years. Sexton Man Discharged Sexton: George Beukema, who has been in the army for the past two years, has been given a medical discharge and now has returned home. He will be with his mother, Mrs. Pearl Beukema, and family for a while. Grandparents of Baby Girl. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. (Nelson announce that they have a new granddaughter, Carol Christine, born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Neuman, of Bancroft, last Wednesday. Mrs. Neman is the former Opal Nelson. They have a family of two daughters and two sons. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson called on them Sunday afternoon. Wegleyans Fight In Navy, Air Corps Wesley: Mrs. Helen Johnson has received word from her Son Joe that his address is now in care of the fleet post office New York. He is a radar operator. Ed Johnson is in the army air corps and is stationed at Kelly Field, Tex. Will Johnson, also in the air corps, is in the Pacific war zone. 'Lt. (p. g.) Ivyl Kunz, a navy nurse who has been at Corona, Calif.j left Sunday for Guam on a Clipper plane. Her mother, Mrs. Mayme Kunz lives in California. Patronise Your Own Business and Benefit by the Extra Profit Farmers Co-operative Creamery "Where Cooperation Pays" Ray Snyder, Mgr. Lone Rock Good Butter Made From Sweet Pasteurized Cream The Farmers Co-op Creamery is rendering the people of JLone Rock community a valuable service by providing a home market* for but- ;erfat. How many fully appreciate the value of an outlet for products of , the farm in our county. Dairy farming, provides the farmer with an additional source of income. Diversified farming is for the best interests of all. If you send your cream to the Lone Rock Co-op Creamery, you'll get all it is worth. ' This is purely a home-owned nstitution and worthy of your support whether you are a /purchaser of butter or a seller of cream. . • '• The .farmers and. dairy men of ihis cbmnftinjtty "appreciate "thiis lome market and it is to the best nterests of the local dairy men o sell to the Farmers Co-op dreamery at Lone Rock. We' wish o give this home-owned creamery he prominent place which this nodern institution merits as be- ng one of the foremost creameries n this part of the country. The manager, Mr. Ray Snyder, wishes to thank the people of this nd surrounding territory for their >atronage in the past, and hope to merit a fair share of their busi- ess in the future. Lakota Man Home With Purple Heart . Pfc. Vincent M. Ellman, whose wife lives at Lakota, is home on furlough. While with the Timber- wolf, Division was the first to and Germany and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman's Badge. The 104th Infantry, or Timber- wolf, Division was , the first ot travel directly from the States to France. , HOSPITAL KosstTH HOSPITAL June 27: Martial Battoia, Lakota, fracture. June 28: Mrs. Edwin Wlttkopf, Algona, medical; Mrs. Clarence Dahle, Brltt, boy. June 30: Mrs. i>aft Wiese, Algona, boy. July 2: Mrs. Wllldrd 2elgler Renwick, girl; Yvonne Frombaeh Algona, accident. July 3: J. L. Ditsworth, Algona medical; Mrs. Mike McEnroe, Algona, medical. July 5: James (Nbrdoll, Fenton medical; Mrs. Vernon Larson Burt, medical. July 6: Charlotte Dlttsworth, Bancroft, appedectomy; Mrs. Maurice Fickbohm, Whittemore, girl; James Louis Asa, Algona, surgical; Mrs. Leonard Baas, West Bend. July 7: Mrs. Edward Hammond, Bancroft, medical; Joe Elbert, Algona, accident, died. July 8: Mrs. John Bestenlehner, Algona, boy; Mrs. Dean Lampe, Bancroft, girl; Mrs. Robert Will, Livefmore, boy. July 9: Richard Rahe, Bancroft, Audrey Menke, Bancroft; Virginia Behrends, Lone Rock; James Alney, Jerald Alney, Irvington, all onsilectomies and adenoids. Ruth Qlsen, Fenton,, surgical. July 10: Edward Marlow, Bancroft; David Kollasch, Bancroft; axine Wiuff, Opal Wiuff, Bode, 11 tonsilectomies and adenoids. Out of the High Rent District and the Saving Is Yours Lotts Creek Store L6TTS CREEK, IOWA General Merchandise—Work Cloning — Groceries, Fruits, Meats, A GOOD GRAIN MARKET The Lone Rock Cooperative Phone 26 Exchange Lone Rook, Iowa Grain — Coal — Feed — Flour Tile — Felco Feeds The Lone Rock Exchange, of Lone Co-operative Rock, is a strictly farmer-owned and controlled institution for the benefit of their many friends and customers. Cooperation is the greatest word In the dictionary. It is the power that builds cities, states and nations. No enterprise can succeed without cooperation. This type of splendid cooperation -has built the Lone Rock Co-operative Exchange and has made it the successful enterprise it is today. Thig elevator company has always enjoyed a splendid reputation and is the market for unlimited quantities of grain. They carry a good line of Coal, Feed, Flour, Tile, etc., to take care of all your needs. Spend your money with a home concern. Money spent at home remains in your community and will eventually come back to you. ... _,,-,! v •...- . •' They have the equipment and. facilities to handle your grain. Phone them at y any time for quotations and the daily market reports. This Company is founded upon clean cut business methods and they have made a splendid growth. A good elevator operated upon the lines followed by this firm is a great asset to any community, and this community may well be proud of this splenddi institution that brings a large number of people to town on account of the opportunities offered by them. • lardware, Oil, Tires. Prices for Your Eggs. GENERAL HOSPITAL June 27: Mrs. John Schemmel, Bancroft, medical, June 28: Mrs. H. W. Kuecker, West Bend, boy. June 29: Mrs. C. W. Goslin, Woden, surgical. June 30: Donald Johnson, Swea City, surgical; Donald Tietz. Lone Rock, surgical. July 2: Elaine easier Algona, surgical. July 3: Marilyn Richardson, Algona. surgical. July 6: Allen Darby, LuVerne, accident; Baby King, son of Howard Kings, Fenton, medical. July 6: Mrs. John Puffer, Wesley, boy. July 7: Beverley Ann Gerber, Algona surgical; Ronald John Gerber, Algona, surgical, July 9: Jerry Beamish, Algona, surgical. July 10: Mrs. Elmer Bunkofske, Algona, boy; Deanna Scobba, Algeria; Donald easier, Algona; Lois Newton, Britt; Mrs. Wm Goetsch, LuVerne, all surgical. J. Lashbrook, salary. ... 62.60 E. Skilling. salary. 96.40 J. Bahr, salary. 61.40 G. Gunder, salary. 68.40 C. Harvey, salary. H. Pierce salary. 66.30 58,40 L. Bahr, salary"..................J... 54.20 Iowa State Bank, tax 39.80 Ideal Sand & Gravel Co., mdse 71.80 H. W. Post, dray. 7.00 C. A. Heard, reprs 11.60 Bradley Bros., reprs 1.00 Percival Motors reprs 1.57 Clement's Serv., reprs 4.16 Dutch's Super Serv., reprs. 9.13 Kos. Imp. Co., reprs ..56 C. G. Venteicher, kero 10.61 Harms Oil Co., gas 3.48 R. S. Blossom Ins., ins 31.50 Howard R. Green Co., serv. 125.00 W. W. Sullivan, PM, rent.... 1.00 P. J. Kohlhaas, eng 92.50 Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse. 47.50 , Kos. Motor Co., feprs......... 4.64 C. Harvey, labor. -.,• 3.00 ^ Deposit FtiM Mrs. Don Akre, et al, ' eifeci and to§ 1ft fBftsS trim* i tef its passage Md apf>f6va Passed arid approve* Mil day df June, 1945; '::V COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS June 28, 1945 The City Council met in regular session. Mayor and all Councilmen present. Renewal of Mayor Kohlhaas' Surety Bond was approved. Cigarette permits were approved for: H. L. Ohnesorge, and R. H. Galbraith. Beer permit was granted to R. H. Galbraith. A. Huenhold was appointed as Weed Commissioner for this year Forty thousand dollars were invested in Series F War Savings Bonds. * Walter Hanson employed as an operator, salary to be $160.00 per month. Date was set for hearing on bud- Adv. Pub. Co, print 129.62 Algona U. D. M., print 12.20 Algona Ins. Agcy., notary . fee .T. 7.00 M. Jones, salary 40.00 Dr. F. E. Sawyer, rent 25.00 K. Foster, salary. 55.00 Sewer Fund C. Pollard, salary 20.00 Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse. 44.22 J. Reed, labor 10.80 J. Ulrich, labor 6.30 Roy Haag, labor 13.00 G. Palmer, labor 9.20 Iowa State Bank, tax 4.90 Swim. Pool Fund I. Harris, salary 38.40 R. Clement, salary. 38.40 The Lotts Creek Store, offers a variety of merchandise, but one thing never changes. That is the QUALITY — which is always FIRST CLASS! Every day is Bargain Day at this establishment. The store is well known to the citizens of the Lotts Creek community as a dependable shopping center. This store stocks a complete line of groceries, fruits and vegetables, work clothing and hardware. It is the exclusive shopping headquarters of'many people of this community. They are equipped to care for the splendid business which they have established through careful and prompt service. This store is a strictly, home-owned proposition. The proprietor of this store is a citizen of this community and interested in its welfare. In quality groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, they offer a complete stock at all times at money-saving prices. They carry a full line and are always on the alert for quality merchandise at right prices and are offering an excellent stock for the accomodation' of the public. Try them and be convinced. For your pocketbook's sake—patronize Your Homje Store—The Lotts Creek Store. 'Highest I fie* estimate. 1 Appropriating Ordinance Treasurer's Semi-Annual Report ot C, W. Pearson, Treasurer of Kossuth Coutfty,' Iowa, for the Period from January 1, 1945, to May 31, 1946, Inclusive, * FUNDS STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS Balance ItecelptH Jim. 1, 1U4R Motor. Vehicle ? 163,969.66 Use Tax . -. -;. 162.78 Permanent School ., , ,,,. 14,469.36 Temporary School , 2,484.36 General State Revenue >... 96,596.94 Old Age Pension • 37.44 Bovine T. B. .,..,.;. 10,401.18 General County ", 29,106.91 Adv. Fers. Tax ; 1,522.37 County Cash Road BoncJ .,.,., 2,602.83 Court Expense , 6,211.92 , County Poor .,.. , 163,884.26 County School .,.,,,..,.,.... , /.., ,, 1,048.87 State Insane ,,,,,, 10.00 Soldier's Relief ...., ., 10,633.22 Bangs Disease ., 2,853.43 Secondary ROad Construction ,, 348,800.48 Secondary Road Maintenance ,, , , 182,955.01 TlfiiYiAnH/v Animal .. --'-- ; ..,.,,. ..,.,*...*.,,, 230372 , '. 63,'732;64 ... ; 171.63 '.'.','.'.','.'.'.'.',',','.'.'.'.'.',','. 606.35 187,60 1,589.17 ,. 6,777.45 .,.. ,.... 23,537.45 ,.., ,, ,, 73.88 92.66 '.., , 171.33 ; .,, 183.24 , 4,638.98 ,, ,% 25,369.91 81,344.26 •7.66 ,,..,,..,,. 1,227,118.96 ,.,...,,, f »7.66 , 11,227,111,30 Animal Emergency Fair Grounds Homestead Exemption ...... Institute i Primary Road Bond Redempt,' i School Districts Library ..,, f County Insane ,-.,.,,, estate institutions {Secondary Road Assessments fUnlon Slough ,,... ... BDemetery .....,..••., iCity Specials .,, , fCorporation .Funds , chool Dlst. Funds ,,,,,,,.., Jralns^-Balances ,, Overdrafts,-',,,..«,., Total Balances ,,,,,,., Dveril rafts'cJesiffna ted' Vy '(*)" ""*""'""""""" Receipt* , • >H hand January 1st, 1946. ,,.*...., ,,.,.,$1,227,111,30 '-om Current Taxes,- Ii44,,............. 694,304.84 Dl«bnr»e- Balance menlM May 31, 1943 $ 89,766.07 * 118,812,31 618.77 60.14 ' 10,000.00 6,569.36 2.548.09 896.43 87,244.65 9,362.29 764.45 50.83 1,395.91 > 9,068.45 - 46,060.93 62,651.49 1,522.37 633.49 2,602.83 902.90 4,309.02 14,255.14 160,276.84 12,892.93 1,149.00 10,00 1,200.88 9,458.48 , 667.84 2,327,10 5,491.08 390,210.39 56,031.83 180,294.92 2.492.10 . 3,732.62 < 53,732.64 100.16 5,414.56 60,652,67 ' ' 140.34 • 617.11 111,880.00 6,682,50 578.81 1,098.78 6,003,59 ,11,541.45 36,976.14 73.86 109,06 1,712.22 161.70 2,656.64 117.56 51,599.03 3,279.91 377,373.91 23,136.65 - 11,101.62 87,797.01 •83.31 1,182,382,20 •63.31 1918,363.24 »968,145.65 $1,182,318.89 f 44.697.72 506.13 2,100.00 960.16 , 777.84 ' 63.18 79,605.51 533.49 10,646.72 12,395,06 26.14 31.61 46,900.99 69,371.74 3,831,00 6,343.18 60,652.67 251.10 118,276.00 88.42 " 226.14 23,980.15 16.50 1.702.69 2,590.96 50,239.96 375,140.66 17,498.73 FARMERS HEADQUARTERS Farmers Co-Op. Society •',•-, and Farmers Co-Op. Lumber Company • .''•"''' .- Wesley, Iowa """ Tour Best Grain Market Coal, Grain, Lumber Merit and Felco Feeds Grinding •-,-, In the distribution of grain, lumber, feeds, coal and other kindred lines, there is no concern that is rendering a better service than the Farmers Oo-Op. Society and 'Farmers Co-Op. Lumber Co. at Wesley. Their merchandise Is bought in large quantities and sold at prices which result in distinct savings to their customers. Their feeds are always fresh which makes •them much more valuable for livestock and poultry. A concern of this kind is valuable to the farmers of this community as it has . saved them thousands of dollars on this class of merchandise. All'farmers and poultry raisers are welcome to make this place their headquarters. All market prices are to be had promptly and any advice is cheerfully given on feed problems. The Farmers Co-Op. Society and Farmers Co-Op. Lumber Co. is an absolute reliable concern as it has -been In business for many years. You'can't go wrong when you rely on their advice as they keep thoroughly posted on every phase of their business. They have many friends among the farmers in this section and are alway courteous and accommodating. 647 was passed. No. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Appropriating Ordinance No. 647 An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein named. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. Electric Fund L. Bellock, salary. $ 88.50 F. Dailey, salary. 93.50 T. Halpin, salary. 88.50 C. Wright, salary 60.50 B. Graham, salary. 85.80 Wm. Ludwig, salary 92.00 A. Hill, salary 64.30 K. Rutledge, salary. 66.40 H. Stephenson, salary. 88.50 C. Webb, salary. 82.60 P. Laubenthal, salary. 8.45 C. Pollard, .salary 116.SO I. Kohl, salary. 51.40 A. Carlson, salary. 92.20 H. Passmore, salary. F. Price, salary. 40.50 M. Amunson, salary. 40.50 ,G. Hertz, salary. 68.70 Iowa State Bank, tax 18.50 Diamond Alkali Sales Corp., mdse 11.25 Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse. 34.98 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse 71 Algona Ldry, serv 10.71 NW Bell Tel Co., ser* 7.87 Railway Exp. Agcy, expr 27 Fire Maint. Fund I. Kohl, insp , 18.75 .FOR SALE. In order to settle up the Hanslne Larson estate, the Northeast Quarter (NE 1-4) of Section twelve (12) township 96 North, Range 28, West of the 6th P M Kossuth County, Iowa, is offered for sale. If you are interested in the purchase of this property, contact the undersigned for particulars and terms. Hutchison &[Hutchison Attorneys at Law 62.60 Iowa State Bank, tax 91.40 C. M. St. P. '& P. R. R. Co., freight _ 661.05 Petr. Prod. Co., mdse............. 32L76 Diesel Serv. Co., fuel 590.12 West. Elec. Sup. Co., mdse. 30.13 Socony-Vac. Oil Co., oil 438.49 Honan-Crane Corp., mdse. 125.81 Iowa Elec. Sup. Co., mdse. 26.78 Line Material Co., mdse 12.48 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. 5.90 Northland Elec: Sup. Co., mdse .-. 31.16 Theo. B. Robertson Co., -,— mdse.'........... ;, 29.68 Mall. Range Co., mdse 63.73 Warren Elec. Co., mdse 126.00 Pratt Elec. Co., mdse 44.06 H. W. Post, dray. „. 16.00 Railway Exp. Agcy., expr. 9.93 Dau Garage, reprs 20.00 Dutch's Super Serv., reprs. 2.00 Harms Oil Co., gas.. 22.48 Algona Coop. Cry. Co., gas 1.90 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 1.80 NW Bell Tel. Co., serv 18.06 Iowa State Bank, tax 50 ALL MAKIS OP FURNACES REPAIRED Depend on in for the betf furnace repair service ia town. Under present con- ditioni, if i especially Important that you keep your furnace healthy. NEW FURNACES? If your present furnace • •as, coal or oil-fired—fa beyond use or repair, you can still buy • new Green Colonial. Ask us about it. Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N. Dodge Si Algona. Iowa GREEnCOlOlllflL FURHflCE SERVICE W. W. Sullivan, PM, post 3.50 Funk & Deim, mdse 14.96 Iowa State Bank, bonds 18500.00 Water Fund H. Barton, salary. 93.10 F. Ostrum, salary. ;.. 80.10 R. S. Barton, salary. DUbimementii State Treasurer's Receipts ..............I 88,000.82 from Delinquent Taxes,,,, Penalty, interest and Cojts, ^«i^.!;;:^^;t ._.iway -Receipts .,,>*.;,., asollne Taxes ..,,..,,,,,, '" L A»e Pens|oB ;„,,,,,-„, , tor Carrier ,,.,,,, " m$ry Boad Bon4 er wceiises ",,»'». < ,Jnolpar«f SpJipoJ FilWd/ \ ist pn Sphgql Fund ,, - l?er» Bjts,mlnatloni Fees es from OlertPt 16,978.86 2,690,96 89,03 . 24,771,98 777.84 1,63961 118,276.00 60.00 2,100.00 . 860.16 7 4.00 44,697.72 •47600 626,0~ County Auditor's Warrants ,, 137,559.97 . , 10,000.00 10.677.76 4^68.35 School 1,016.88 j Drainage Warrants. Bonda'and' interest." ", 51,566.00 Primary Road Bonds Redeemed.,,,..,,., 104,000.00 Interest pn Primary Road, Bonds.,,,,,,,, 7,880.00 Co. Fair ,.,,.,,,.,,,,,.;,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,, 100,00 Orders on Co. Trees' 'by 'MaVors 'oit''' Cities and Towns .,".,.,..,...,.. Orders on Co, Treaa. by Presidents of SohoqJ Dlst. .,,,,.,.,,,,,;.,,,,.,,.., $77,362,13 Township, Clerks Beoelpts .,,,,..;.,..,.. 1,712.82 Sep'y or State Receipts for Motor Vehicle Wcenses ,,,..,,..,..,, 88,724.84 Homestead Credit ,,,,«,,,,,,,,,,,,;..,. 80,663,67 MY,_T** .»^' . Si •: aMii-i? - my ?». i»4»,,,, M ; ,i '-. •• i.i82:au:89 tor,., '*'' " A. H. Huncjeby v Farm Equipment Phone 90 Swea City, Iowa John Deere Farm Implements, Tractors, Repair Farts and Expert Service Guaranteed. Cargill Feeds. John Deere Tractors Have No Equal From the Standpoint of Economy, John Deere simplified two cylinder construction results in lower fuel consumption and the need for fewer replacement parts, resulting in lower operating and main- .tenance costs. They'll do your work just as efficiently and more economically, Mr, JJundeby invites you to drop in freqj.}enily to inspect ''what's, new'' in implements regardless of whether or not you are go,50 P. Laubentha'l, salary.......... 4s!e5 .C. Pollard, salary. 30.00 I. Kohl, salary. .-. 27.50 L. Mitchell, salary 70.10 Iowa State Bank, tax 37.00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 2,12 Elec. Dept., mdse 36.08 Dutch's Super Serv., reprs. 2.02 Dau Garage, reprs 1.41 Harms Oil Co., gas 14.16 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse 2.13 Adv. Pub. Co., printing 38.76 Iowa State Bank, bonds 11100.00 Consolidated Fund C. MoGinnis, salary 80.50 T. O'Brien, salary. 83.30 A. Weishaar, salary. 73.60 A. Boekelman, salary 60.10 NW Bell Tel Co., serv 5.77 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse....... 15.08 O, K. Rubber Welders, rprs. .50 Dau Garage, rprs 3t Kos. Motor Co., rprs 13.87 Chrome Serv. Sta., gas 1.71 Mike's DX, gas 21.53 A private sewage system for Your Farm Think what this means! The comfort of a modern home brought to every member of the family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small. Easy to install, too. A REQUEST OUR COAL CUSTOMERS It is our desire to fill all of your orders as fast as the coal arrives. i Kindly let us know soon when we may deliver your coal, as to date our own coal storage capacity is filled and we must know when you will take your coal. m a *p ••^ 31 ••','a'Sa, 'flSkWi Any Farm Home May Now H«v« • Bath and Inside Toilet Tool homt modern! Bi IMD* »mforti tbM ptopl* l«ftt oitiM tojoj. F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 4-tf in the msrfcet /at 4be time. He IPJQWS you want the best and is always striving to Improve bis ' . •|fe spsciajizes to Service to his ciptojnejg gnd when ypu puy from hims, li e ?«»'- tftit yw receive the best of servipe from your farm BWichJnery, He keeps a good stock 9tpif W S»4 epeciayzes in 9 prompt repajr- strvfce, tftus a§r. tgat you will receive Ifera tjbe Jc^in J?eere " 2607 3,667.00 2926.84 6.933.61 700.«0 90.85 72B.SO County R«oord«r Pterk"of District ahe.rlK ,,, " big dealer fa- ~ pf the ents in -• ^ ^^ ' &iy KOSSUTH Illl COUNTY PLAT BOOKS 18x16 inches 59 pages showing: all townships In colors, witfe land-, owners names, roads and drainage districts, Only pfct bop* of county now in print, To clow out But I thought...! Yes, we know what you thought... "now that new caii are being made, I'm gonda get me one quick!" > i Well, we hate to disillusion you, but the factt are; Not enough new cars will be maoufactured thii year to me«t » fraaiooof the demand, YOU probably WQN'lfgtt erne qsadt?/ So your next thought should be, "I better take good out Ot my OLD buggy I" That's sound thinking, , v ^f Why not turn it into sound action by calling on Phillips 66 Dealer, frequently? Have hJm check vitM MI your car at regular intervaJi. He i " -- «^» .owtly repairs later, let him go over your tires one* a week, •JThea b9 can warii you wh*O jpecappii mR VICTORY . BIIV USW,n B .•M.«iiiPMi

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