The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on December 20, 1975 · Page 5
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 5

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1975
Page 5
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HOME NEWS 5 'Oscars' don't sway 1 THE AGE, Saturday, December 20, 1975 X years over can nafois A man who sold cannabis as a large-scale money-making venture, was sentenced in the County Court yesterday to six years' gaol. Man gets new trial on murder count A prisoner found .guiky of having murdered another inmate had the verdict quashed by. the Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday. Claude Joseph Thompson, 24, was convicted by a Criminal Court jury on September 24 of navinn murdered Graeme John Whateley, 28, who was found bashed to death with an axe in his bed at Pentridjje on November 13, last year. During the trial, psychiatric evidence was called by the defence to show that Thompson was legally insane at the time. The Court of Criminal Appeal comprising the Cnief Justice, Sir John Young, and Justices Starke and Nelson ruled yesterday that the trial judge, Mr. Justice Murray, failed to adequately direct the jury . on the law on insanity. The court quashed the verdict and life sentence imposed on Thompson and ordered a retrial. An appeal by another prisoner, Donald Victor Matusevich, 20, who was also found guilty of having murdered Whateley, was dismissed. Judge Jusl said he did not take into account when sentencing Marco Lombardi, 34, that drug squad members told the court it was the largest single haul of vegetable cannabis in Victoria. They had told the court that almost 90 lbs. of the drug was found by detectives when they searched a flat in August last year. Earlier police found 10 lbs. of cannabis in Lombardi's gold Cadillac, near a wharf at Geelong. i si, ' j A hospital picture of head and shoulder burns received when a 40-year-old woman threw petrol on an outdoor Are. Minimum parole AFTERMATH OF Neil Douglas Prints The Australian Conservation Foundation offers a limited edition of suoerb quality coloi prims from five Australian bush scape paintings by ths noted conservationist artist Neil Douglas ThB paintings capture the essence ot what is so special about the Australian bush from the top of Koiciusko to the Little Desert and the Yarra Valley PRICE Only $9 a print or a discount price of S37 50 for the set of Tive (This includes packing and postage to you ot your friends anywhere in Australia) ORDER FROM DTO Australian Conservation Foundation, 206 Clarendon Street, -East Melbourne. 3002. (Phone: 419 33661. Full-colour brochures of the prints are available from the Australian Conservation Foundation Book shop Lombardi, a laborer, of Rosny Street, Port Melbourne, had pleaded guilty to three counts of having sold the drug between February and August last year. Judge Just set a minimum parole period of 4'2 years and ordered that Lombardi spend his time at hard labor. "It appears clear that the first count relates to the sale of 20 lbs. of cannabis for which you say you received $4000," the Judge told Lombardi, "You then used the money from that sale as payment, or at the very least part payment, on about 110 lbs. of cannabis, which you sav cost about $12,000 S6000 of which you still owned when arrested." he said. "You probably sold aboui it) !b. of that amount which i- the subject of the second count. "The third count relates t'.i the sale of 1 lb. at a price, you say, of $225." He said because of the amount of cannabis involved it was clear Lombardi operated a large-scale, commercial, money-making venture. It was clear that sales were massive and profits would have been substantial. A 'BARBECUE' By JO GORMAN A 40-year-old woman who three months ago threw petrol on to an outdoor fire is struggling to live a normal life. The lire engulfed her, burning fingers from her hands and searing her skin into disfiguring scars. The picture above is a slide of the patient taken by a doctor soon after her admission to hospital. The woman, a patient at the Royal Melbourne -Hospital's burns unit, has had several operations I and the whole of her back skin-grafted. , It will be six weeks before she recovers from i the effects of "barbecue burns" a term coined i by doctors to describe the seasonal mutilation of people by outdoor fires. In the next two months Miss Mary Brooksbank, burns surgeon at the Royal Melbourne, and Mr. Robert J. S. Thomas, surgeon at the University Department of Surgery, will be called to repair and reconstruct victims of the "careless and thoughtless barbecue accident". , Miss Brooksbank said yesterday five people ! had been admitted to the burns unit in the past month after they threw inflammable liquid into a ' ! barbecue, incinerator or brazier. ! Barbecue burns accounted for 10 per cent, of ! the 50 patients the burns unit has treated this year ; ; and nearly 85 per cent, of them had flame burns i caused by ignited fluid. ! More than half needed skin grafts an average j of 30 days treatment and pain. Despite plastic ' surgery, they will be scarred for life. ! composer By ERIC BEECHER Academy awards may be the ultimate show business tribute but they don't influence triple award winner Marvin Hamlisch. Hamlisch, in Auslrala for the premier of The En- tcrtainer, a new movie IVaturing his music, said this yesterday before sit-tint; "down and hanging out a few tunes from Hie film. I'm very cognisant of awards,, but I don't write music with awards in mind." he said. But don't get me wrong I've always got my tuxedo ready for any award show." Hamlisch's three Academy Awards were for the original song from the movie The Way We Were, the best original dramatic score for that . film, and host scoring for I hi adaptation of Scott .lonlin's r:i",lime tunes fr The Sting. The Entertainer. which started in Melbourne yesterday and premiered in Sydney this week, is largely subsidised bv an Australian film production company. Seven Keys Films. "Because there is a lot of Australian money in ihis film we decided to premiere it here in Atistr:ili,i," Hamlisch said yesterday. ENGINEER, CLASS $14,384-$15,940 ALICE SPRINGS The Mines Branch of the Department of Northern Australia has a vacancy In' Alice Springs lor an Engineer Class :i. The successful applicant will be responsible to the Chief Inspector for the general inspection of safety and ventilation of mine workings, investigation and reports on mine accidents, applications for mining tenements and for financial assistance by miners, as required by various ordinances. Advise miners and prospectors on appropriate methods of prospecting and development of mining properties. QUALIFICATIONS: Educational qualifications admitting to Graduate Membership of the Institution of F.ngineers, Australia. Degree or Diploma in Mining Engineering together with sufficient practical and administrative experience in metalliferous mines to obtain a First Class Metalliferous Mine Manager's Certificate desirable. At least three years underground experience in hard rock mines an advantage. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS DISTRICT ALLOWANCE: Married $500 a year Single S270 a year. ACCOMMODATION: Applicants to slate accommodation requirements wfiich w ill be discussed at interview. ' TAXATION: A concession of $5-1(1 a year plus an allowance equal to half, the total deductions for dependants may be allowable. RECREATION LEAVE: 4 weeks days a year. Leave fares will be provided every two years after initial credit. Applications staling full name and details of qualifications and experience to be. sen; to: Assistant Secretary. Kslahlisnments . A D P. Branch. Z Department of Northern Australia, -f P.O. Box 2042, BRISBANE. OLD. 4001 --no later than 9 January 1976. Department of Northern Australia Burns surgeon Miss Mary Brooksbank VICTORIAN SALES MANAGER CONSUMLR DURABLES We are one of the best-known names in quality bedding in N.S.W. and Queensland. Now we are expanding our operation Australia-wide. We need a man who is experienced in the marketing and merchandising of consumer products in Victoria, preferably allied to furniture and bedding. He'll be responsible for getting our products on the floor of the right retail stores throughout Victoria. He'll share our ambition to be recognised by consumer and retailer alike as the most respected name in the bedding industry. He'll be part of a highly professional marketing team and backed by the full resources of a major company with international affiliations. The Victorian Manager will have a unique degree of autonomy and will report direct to our Sales Director. Remuneration will be top level with ' additional performance incentives. It is a unique opportunity for a prestige and fulfilling career. Write to us, giving your background and achievements. Please include a phone number where you could be contacted to arrange an interview. All applications will be handled with strict confidence. Applications to: Mr. K.G. Brewin Sales Director Slumberland Aust. Ply. Ltd. Box 22 P.O. CHESTER HILL NSW 2162 Cheap land out, says Labor MP The Fraser Government was determined to turn the clock back on people's hopes of obtaining cheap land for housing, the State Opposition claimed last night. The Labor spokesman on housing, Mr. Edmunds, predicted that the new Federal Government would slash spending on the cities. "It has shown its hand by scrubbing the Labor-established Department of Urban and Regional Development which provided scores of millions of dollars to assist in planned and orderly development of the cities where most Australians live," he said. "Is a 12-man coalition Inner Cabinet, including six farmers, going to follow Labor's DURD programmes through ?" Mr. Edmunds said that under the former Labor By BRIAN HILL Government, South Australia was able to co-operate in acquiring cheap land when the market was depressed. He said couples had been able to buy land at around S6000 a block. "But the Victorian Government refused to cooperate with Canberra until Mav this year, with the result that the Victorian Land Council's first venture into cheap land at Thomastown meant people had to find Si2,000 a block," Mr. Edmunds said. "Land prices could have been kept -well down if the Victorian Government had co-operated with Canberra from the outset. "There was a period in 1974, for instance, where developers would have been delighted to sell the Victorian Government cheaply land it couldn't afford. "The Stale Governments look like re-acquiring the role of developing the cities alone. "This will mean a return to the pre-1972 situation where pressure groups and interest groups often led the way against interests of the community generally. "I can see the new Ministry of Environment, Housing and Community Development being little more than a shop-front with a Government pledged to slash Government spending" 750,000 a year visit gallery The people of Victoria obviously think that the National Gallery in Si. Kilda Road is a great success. The gallery is visited by 750,000 people a year as many as those who visit the Zoological Gardens. The statistics came from the Premier, Mr. Hamer, yesterday when he opened the new information centre for the Arts Centre building project. The centre, beside the gallery, overlooks the Arts Centre construction site and will be open daily between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. From the centre people can stand at large viewing windows and watch the work on the centre going on. and can see displays showing what the complex will look like when completed in about six years. Mr. Hamer said people passing the gaily painted hoardings around the site must be wondering what is going on behind them. The information centre would now enable them to see what was happening. "The Arts Centre is for people. It's going to be lively and human, not stuffy and arty and elitist," Mr. Hamer said. The information centre would also allow people to lodge any criticisms they might have. Cost your own calls Telecom Australia is introducing a new meter system so that subscribers may monitor for tnemselves the cost of telephone calls. The meter can be installed In private homes or small businesses, for a rental of $12 a year. A "Control Meter" suitable for shops, cafes, motels or hotels, where proprietors charge their customers for local or STD telephone calls, can be rented for $48 a year. There Is no installation fee for the private meter, but for trie control meter the installation is $20. TOY AND GIFT AUCTION IN AID OF GTV-9 YOORALLA MISS SPORTSGIRL QUEST VILLAGE CENTRE ARCADE, 521 TOORAK ROAD, TOORAK 12.30 P.M., SATURDAY, 20TH DECEMBER PETER HITCHENER OF GTV9 NEWS WILL HELP YOU TO SOLVE ALL YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT PROBLEMS ENQUIRIES 24 4302. gill GERRI DOE SENIOR ENGLISH TEACHER JUDITH POTHECARY STUDENT Will Gerri ot Judith please contact Mick DOE at the Hotel London Elizabeth Street Melbourne phone 67 6201 or 6 9836 Room 283 Desperately urgent I love you Gerri Have lust been discharged from hospital needing you both ot anybody at all knowing of theit whereabouts please contact me at the above address oi Missing Persons at Melbourne City Police Station oi PO Box 60 St Marys.2760 NSW CARLINGA CHILDREN'S HOLIDAYS SUMMER LOCATION HOLIDAYS Boy nrl Girt 8-12 vn. Rriltlrnmi easlrt. Invorloeh. Your child will enov. tor eithrr 1 or 2 w swimming, fishing, sailing, kite makinn. trip to Philip Island, art and cralt. game. Boys and Girls 13-14 vn. rtvnltira. Lnkt 111 don. An adventurt tilled holiday 1 skiing, hiking, fishing. Information and book f not) Phono 80 9472 or 754 51 12. 17 Lambournt Strttt. Suit HIM SI 27. WATER RESOURCE SERVICES The Water Resources Branch of the Department of Northern Australia is seeking men and women to fill the following vacancies in Alice Springs and Darwin. The Branch is responsible for the assessment, development and control ol the water resources ot the Northern Territory, which includes investigation and planning (or all aspects of water availability, conservation and pollution control ol both surface and groundwater. EftGiKEH Class 3. S14384- (Position 159H0 No. 16 Darwin) Organise. Co ordinate and control activities in the fields of location, investigation and evaluation of surface water resources, collection ot stream flow data, preparation of designs and construction ol hydraulic structures tor stream gauging operations, analysis of hydrologic data for the Northern Territory. Formulate standards and principles for general surfare water development and provide specialist advice on surface water problems. Class 3. $14304 15940 (Position No. 24 Alice Springs) Officer-irt-Charge of Alice Springs water Resources District Olfice. Administer the Branch programmes for the Alice Springs district. Class 3. $14384 15940 (Position No. 11 Darwin) Plan and allocate the work of a group engaged on investigating and evaluating groundwater resources for town, settlement, mission and other projert water supplies. In the Northern Territory. Develop new techniques in the fields of groundwater investigation and development and formulate developmental standards and principles. Provide specialists advice as required. Class 2, $12298 13622 (Position No. 18 Darwin) Organise, co-ordinate and control all aspects of stream gauging selection and construction. Investigate and develop new and improved techniques for gauging and data recording. Draft technical hydragraphic standards, manuals reports and submissions. Class 2, $1229813622 (Position No. 13 Darwin) Responsible for the field operations of groundwater staff Including pump testing, geophysical Investigations and bore development work. Class 2, $12298 13622 (Position No. 135 Darwin) As Officer-in-charge of groundwater basin management, continually assess, plan and direct activities to define and manage water resource development in the Northern Territory. Class 1, $8305 11577 (Position No. 2 Darwin) Carry out detailed investigation programmes into water quality, pollution and general public health engineering matters. Supervise the programme ot water sampling and testing. Prepare associated reports. Class 1. $8305 11577 (Position No. 14 Darwin) Prepare detailed designs for. and supervise individual groundwater investigations. Carry out field investigations on proposals to carry out concentrated groundwater investigations. Prepare associated reports. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Educational qualifications admitting to Graduate Membership of The Institution of ' Engineers, Australia. GEOHYDROLOGIST Class 3, $14034 15585 (Position No. N.P. Darwin or Aflee Springs) Plan, allocate and co-ordinate the implemen-, tatlon of a programme to assess underground water reserves throughout the Northern Territory. Involving preparation of regional groundwater maps and reports. Provide professional advice to management, and represent the Northern Territory on various Australian Water Resources Councils. Class 2, $12081 13407 (Position No. 12 Darwin) Under direction, conduct important investigations In the groundwater assessment programme In the northern region of the Northern Territory, accepting responsibility for the hydrologlcal planning and the preparation of hydrologlcal maps and reports. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: An appropriate Degree or Diploma with a major In Geotogy. TECHNICAL OFFICER (ENGINEERING) Class 1, $8072 9974 (Position No. 155 Darwin) Install, maintain and operate instruments tor the collection ol data from operating groundwater basins. Assist with investigations In relation to manage- ment of groundwater basins In the Northern Territory. (Position No. 144 Darwin) Supervise and perform field engineering surveys for maor water resources Investigations. Prepare reports and recommendations on these surveys and assist with associated engineering projects. (Position No. 118 Darwin) Responsible for the repair and maintenance programme ot the branch Instrument workshop. Maintain, modlly and develop specialised electrical, electronic, mechanical and optical recording, transducing and timing equipment. (Position No. 82 Darwin) Carry out field work and compilations for all aspects of stream gauging. Undertake routine inrpec-tion and maintenance of water level recorders. Assist in the selection ol stream gauging station. (Position No. 3S Darwin) Under direction, supervise field parties carrying out groundwater resource investigations. Maintain and operate geophysical equipment. Compute results and prepare reports. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: An approved certificate from a technical college or institute of technology or its equivalent or such other qualifications the Public Service Board considers appropriate, together with requisite experience. Applications will be considered from persons who do not possess the above qualifications, provided they have relevant experience over a minimum period of six years. Such an applicant, it selected, will be required to pass a test to establish eligibility for the position. TECHNICAL ASSISTANT Grade 2, $7713 8467 (Position No. 147 Darwin) Carry out stream gauging operations and automatic water level recorders field maintenance in the Northern Territory. Assist with surveys of stream gauging stations. Carry out meteorological observations and data computations as required. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Experience in hydrographic work desirable. DRAFTSMAN Grade 2, $10245 10840 (Position No. 58 Darwin) Carry out designs and computations and prepare design and investigation drawings of some complexity for water resources project investigations. Grade 1, $8072 9974 (Position No. 76 Darwin) Prepare drawings for water resources project investigations, engineering and topographic surveys. Carry out associated minor design work computation. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: An approved certificate from a technical college or institute of technology or its equivalent, or such other qualifications as the Public Service Board considers appropriate, together with requisite experience. Applications will be considered from persons who do not possess the above qualifications, provided they have relevant experience over a minimum period? of six years. Such an applicant, if selected, will be required to pass a test to establish eligibility for the position. DRAFTING ASSISTANT Grade 2, $7713 8467 (Position No. 67 Darwin) Prepare less complex drawings for water resources project investigations, including engineering and topographic survey work and carry out associated computations. (Position No. 137 Alice Springs) Draw and trace plans, graphs and charts. Register drawings, field books and technical filing and records system. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Appropriate qualifications and experience relevant to the duties desirable. DRILL FOREMAN $8634 8995 (Several positions Alice Springs and Darwin) Take charge of and operate rotary drilling rig on bore hole construction. Supervise labour, keep drilling logs and cost sheets. Maintain plant and equipment. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Experience In the use of down hole hammers, pressure; cementing, gravel packing and development and testing of bores desirable. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS DISTRICT ALLOWANCE: Darwin Married $850 a year Single $490 a year Alice Springs Married $500 a year Single $270 a year ACCOMMODATION: Applicants to state accommodation requirements which will be discussed at interview. TAXATION: Zone A allowance. RECREATION LEAVE: Darwin 6 weeks a year, Alice Springs 4 weeks 4 days a year. Leave fares provided every two years after Initial credit. Applications stating full name and details of qualifications and experience should be sent to Anlstant Secretary Establishments and A.D.P. Branch Department ot Northern Australia P.O. Box 2042, Brisbane. Old. 4001. G.P.O. Box 2042, No later than 9 January 1976. Department of Northern Australia

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