The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 19, 1945
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vteM8nM^a«d;Maii In Sou*, "" ' •' S-t»et86yji,-;'-;;-;'V RVAtuatasff and Miss 7of Neva^aVMo<,;We're mafried July 11 at . the Bfattah hbftie In Nevadfi, : • ; S"g%. :Mel:; Mlftfi* arrived in gotta latt •WeekNfbr: a SO^day loughi - AltMdugh K'ddsuith/ co trteh &f8! Serviftg irt all Jjafts of the World; Mel is the only one We knav/ 6£ so f at Wte hai gone xjotfl" "pletely arourtd -the World. During hls\80 ffloriths of foreign duty. Mel traveled to Hawaii, NeW Zealand, Australia, Iridia ahd Iran by boat. From • Watt he went - by plane to , Italy with stops In .- Egypt and Tunis, finishing .his tour froth Italy to the States on -a Liberty ship. , fivelyri Bode how is stationed in (Paris, with the . American i Bed Ctfibss. ' ' Before .going to France, Evelyn spent-Sdme 'time in London and SWlndon, England. • !Maj;'&6rbld ; ,L. Newel, of Fen- tofli 1 «as' jbteen 1 , awarded the bronze staFfd^ : rib'torlb'us action on Luzon. Mijbr 1 Newei is with the Field Ar' • . .. Our . own .state government seems to have- a- tew. v problems to settle these days. ' It seems -after daf license^ plates w.&e completed for 22 c'bunties on a two-per-car bails,; the federal government refused ,tp, allot sufficient steel to cojjmlete 'the s job, dor .the .rest of tfle counties. 'JJ'^-'O-' '-,' *!•*{?•-' '•".'• ' ' jKeitK'.Nasbyj.iormerJyy'ofi Bode, returnett ; recently;;frbm dirty l«4he south^gst 1 Pacific ' with- tli'fr' Seabees f and,iis now stationed, at Camp Parks,'Callfi .Roberta^ Carney, Algona, and Erisigri? Wallace B. Officer; 'formerly ofiBurt, were married JUne 23 a^iC^mbrldge; Mass. "Gerald Stutter; Wesley, recently waj^commissioned an ensign and reppHed for duty,In'.New York. 2nd.Lt. Bonnie' Sonar, -Army nur'Sg, is home' from Cdmp Crbwd- er, Mo., 'for a two-week visit with her mother, Mrs. Rhoda Bonar. Algona." • •' • • For;;the benefit of old-timers in the ; ETO. here is today's lesson on life Jin;'-the U. S; On; this -side; Of the Atlantic you do not smoke in the, movies,'and American theatres do riot have ash trays on the back of the seats as they do.' in England and- jFrance. . You fellows who havis, been practicing chain, smoking : while ••' Watching the "flicks" are.j'gping to have to- mend >your ways. (Don't lose any- sleep' over this;- though, because you can't buy many cigarettes these days anyhow.) ••;. ' "•'.. ,..:,- '•-':'•••./ . TALK OVER FUTURE OF HEMP PLANT METHOIMSIS CHURCH WORKERS SCHOOL SUNDAY I More Than 100 Algona Chil« dren Will Attend Laboratory To Provide Actual Situations For Teachers, . One of .three Methodist laboratory schools of the (Des Moines area held this summer for church school workers will open Sunday afternoon in the First Methodist churctu'' i :•• , ., • '•',.,> .The practice School, which closes July. 28, will give workers 'from nursery through intermediate departments actual teaching situations under guidance. • ; Sessions each day, Monday through 'Frldayj will run morning, afternoon and evening, .beginning rat 8:15- B.< m: Ofi paturday , 'there vMll .' -pe a .....-.,- in'the-July 7 transpbrt-trailer'crash, cultivated- 200 acres''of corn and plowed ;60 acres of'beans in 2 hours and 30 minutes ^Monday."- A TTTONKA CHILD, two-and- a half-year-old .;. Larry , Swalve, son : of Mr. and Mrs. George Swalve of Buffalo toWnship, was run over by a rack of baled hay pulled by a tractor July 11; The accident happened in the Swalve farmyard and the boy Was taken to a Mason City.ihospital. Examination showed that,-his; abdomen was bruised • severely: and his pelvis fractured. DICK J. BUSS, who has been dnrill-healtlr^since ^February, died of;' a, heart attack at his Algona horne Friday. H[e,was 7.3 years old, Funeral, services l were' held Mon-, day tat the First Lutheran church with Rev.; A. M. YOungquist,.-- of SWea City, inr charge. Brought ^jtrom'Germany when.,he Was a child, Mr.Buss.grew up in Clarion; • .. ldO local bbys ;and girlsvwlu attend frbm 8:15 tb 11 each morning and -thurch workers' enrolling' in the school will come from churches,. of upper Iowa. A circle^ of .the women's society, of the Algona Methodist church will serve supper each 1 - evening. ' • = The faculty includes Mrs. W?-M. Hubbard, director, .Clear, LakeJ. Mrs. R. C. Scott, nursery,' Center, Ponit; Mrs. G. S,' Huxtable, dergarten, Sioux City; Miss Erskihe, .primary, • Sioux City'; Mrs..:Dake Keeler, junior, Kansas City, Mo.;, Mrs. August Beck, intermediate, St:, Paul, Minn., and Dr. F. A. Lindhorst administrator, Des Moines. (A syiriposium on "Christian Teaching for Today" will take the place of the morning sermon at Sunday's worship service. .- ; The school is sponsored by the Board : of Education of the Algona church, of, which Antorie Johnson is ; chairman. T The committee on arrangements includes Mrs. R. R. Hutzell, Mrs., P. C. Bell, .Mrs: AV E. Lauritzen and Rev. N .A. Price; Justice Had Good Warning Forewarned is forearmed, arid justice of the peade J. B. Johnston had his marriage ceremony ready Monday night when he went to bed. Clifford Boone, chef at the Mathes Cafe, called him that evening to tell him he Was going to wake him up early the next morning. At 12:30 a. m. Tuesday Boone and Mary Elizabeth Lee, of Des Moines, were married by Justice Johnston at the H. A. Van Alstine home; In addition records show licenses issued for Clinton Wldick, • LU- Verne, 'and Alice Davenport, Algona'; Merle Miller, Buffalo Center, and' Marjorie Winter,' Buffalo Center, and Duane.Logue, Livermore and Delores .Geilenfeld, Algona. ••-.' LMOpKILLEDj INSOUtHsPAOFi DETAILS 0FSON|J|ATH , Mrs. P. W.^Hariseri,' Algona,'- has received ,a, letter from the commanding officer of her son Lyle's company, felling the details of his death-bn Luzon. A'part of the letter, .written June 7, is reprinted here.-' . •". ,-- ,• •"; "The mortar platoon bf which Lyle.'was a member was'in-posi- tion at Balete Pass, .Nueva.Ecija Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands. Only a View days •'. before; we had taken 'the' pass itself and were pushing the enemy'.into, the ET& Veterans valley beyond. May 15, 1945, The evening of just before dark, several*'Of the boys were seated near their foxholes talking. As was usually "the case,' Lyle. was one of the group, r for everyone enjoyed his dry, refreshing-humor. Just as they started to their own foxholes , for . the night, enemy starfed falling arribng 1 " us:" "A largie piece of shrapnel struck Lyle; killing him instantly. • "Lyle was'buried with full military; honors in the U. S. Armed Forces Cemetery,;"Santa-Barbara, Pangasinan Province, Luzon, Philippine Islands. ,: ,. .'^ij*''-- -,'. " married -arid; moved county in";1902; to Kossuth held at thevBricelyri,iMiriri;; : XUth-! eran"church j; Sunday afternoon for chief ' boatswain's - riiate 'Verrion D. Zoller. He Was the son of Mrs. Mary Zoller and was born July 9, 1919 at Lakota. Zoller was killed in action in the South Pacific Nov. -3, 1944. Re.v.' A. N. . Brudvig, assistant pastor, was in charge -of the service and military arrangements were made by. Lee Post 165 of the American Legl&i. ' ':" Mrs. Zoller received .a latter of commendation for her son's .activities written by Vitfe-Admtral'D. E.Barbey and stating that-yernon was buried with ' religious - : ceremonies at Leytf,r : ^hj^ipplne Islands. '•'..' • 1 ~-V'-V>\,'' :i v . • 'The pastor;- 'oJR^ihj^t-- Bricelyn church, 'who .is , a chaplain" at a convalescent , hospital;- M Miphigan • 'Jpif esen,t but • home » on • Jleaye^ IOWA STATE TEACHERS College branch summer school closed its first term Friday and began its second, six weeks Monday. . : SOT, ROBERT W. THOMPSON, reported missing over Bernberg, Germany, June 29, 1944, 'has been declared dead. His parents, Mr, .and Mrs, H,;W. Thompson, received the~«fflciar notification. PRISONER OF WAR camp officials ,Ji(5pe; to supplement this with wood whiter 1 ! ?I^-"\ , --a ^~-- 9 -if-~tr . • • TT-T ,..——T» and br^sh-.-OMt -by war prisoners frpnv the Palp Aito-Koss«th joint drain ;No,(l Cunning. through Lottis Creefc';1;t!W?i?mp' an.d -.frorfl, trees ? bjr f JncHyJdiWte - wftb Want ' , time, presented 1 the ;'£l£g and the Legion- citation ;tb 'therffmlly,'-' '•. •!. Mrs.' Mary'' Zoller, her daughter Novella Zoller, a spi^, Wilbur, who was , wounded^jn Vac'tifjn .and is i\oW on/furlough here, .ai'^spn Kenneth and family of Albert Lea, Minn'., and a son' "Alber^/ and /family, of Wells, Minn., the service, Were all -present for Among those from Lakota who attended were the I. E, Wprtmans, the Carl Gerzemes, the', Arend Hans, the Art Lesters, Mr. and Mrs, George Schroedei-, 'Mr, and Mrs.^ William Schadendorf, ' Mrs. Signe Nelson, :Emma and Louise Thaves, Rev, and Mrs. F. 'F, Dar- nauner and and daughter. Zoller and son coves scattering Jntp tlie Jspe of 8eri 'dsughter -of *Mrs, -'' Jast Thursday, if, Mr. and Mrs, E, Bysoh Here F"rom California Mr, and •Mrs.;Earl Byson came from'their home jn Qlendale, Calif,, last week' for a visit with their old Kossyth, qounty friends and relftttves and tp see Mrs, Byson's, father, L, P, Thoreson, of the, $wea <3ity neighbprhoofJ, who riouily ul, Re and his wife ajgp Jyjsittjjg EaFl's brother, serv'fed %is=-country Well;-. '"We feel his loss very much;'riot comparable to you,, of: course, but to a degree that speaks most high- ly'of Lyle as a man, a comrade, and a soldier." '' The letter was signed by 1st Lt. James E.-WeWvCo. HT. 3.5th Infantry. "..-,- ,-. •' > • •• : •Private Fitch Was in .-the army 4% years and had been in Hawaii; New Caledonia, -New : Zealand, Bougainville, .the .iFiji- Islands, Guadalcanal; and then Luzon. He had 125 discharge points. ; > '•-•- - j • •- •. • • ••-• , ..- Bob Amunson And . Russell Larson Meet lii German Town , Cpl. Bob i Amunson,, son; of Dr. arid Mrs. A. W. Amunsoh; 'arid Pfc; Russell -LarsOn,' son, of Mr. and Mrs. A. V.. Larson, met recently in, Germany according to' word • received recently by their parents. Bob. is stationed at Stadtrbda, which is about 30 njiles south, pf Wiemar Where the* Buchenwald prison camp wap locked. Clarence Bruns Is not far frjm Bob arid they have been .together a. time or two. ' ' The man directly behind thejsru^d this picture of four Iowa Black hawk division vertetatos^P^jppi rn' Stenzel, Titonka. The lowans just back from,5the')EuWp«»tt.iHgMjBi ibf operations,when this was tak en, are examining-:a souvenir: giiiql: With'Stenzel are (from the left JPvt Oraold J.Lannimr, ToddvlUiJJCiiL Robert C. Eldredge, Lake City Stenzel, and Set. Ronald NoHe;" 2 *-^^"" 1 ^* -•- -.-• . ••• ••• Henrjr Pi Roberts Conducts Services For Episcopalians . ' jjj. nt _ 'Henry P. Roberts, Jr., studen at the Seabury- Western Theologtt cal^' Seminary in Evanston, 111., Js conducting services, . at the S| Thomas Episcopal Church in Al? 'gona this summer. Bishop Ellwood L. Haines, of the Ipwa .dipc'ese,;, is sponsoring, > in ( r,ural .area's • arid; small, '' "~ "" "" Now : Robert working urider ' G. • Purririgton, priesf -in charge of four northern Ipwa parishes, Mr. Roberts .wiH return /to his own diocese in Dallas, Texas, when, he completes his schooling. . Five people were confirmed by Bis.hpp Haines July. T.i'' They are Duncan Fraser, Helen Fraser, Arlene Fraser, Jesse • Shore < and Charles Holmes. ' ' IARK CUSTODIAN MUIWILLEILL ': Paul Wille, custodian bf Am brose Call State Park, is seriouslj 111 at his home with" cerebral em jboli, a condition similar to a stroke jHe is 68;years old.; ;:;•-.-. -,. Mr. Wiiie was driving ;toward s home Monday/evening abou 30 when the attack came., H to his .hpmejby; an ;iiri ,... '.hi hands'and feet.",. '. ; S; .-* '"•'. , Though his conditoin has im- proyed slightly, he will have to rest for quite awhile, according to his physician; • Junior Life-Saving Class Begins Monday * Children 12 to 15 years ,of age or enrolled in grades 7, 8, 9 .pr 10 who are able to swim in the 10- foot'deep end of the Algona pool are, eligible for--the junior lifesaving class which begins Monday. Mary Amunson, lifeguard at the'pool, will teach Monday through Friday from 10 a; m,' tp 12 noon. : Applied Psychology For Veterans; Larson Applying psychology to the problems of ^returning World War II veterans was the subject bf Dr. S. C. Larspp's talk to the I4pn_s CJub 'Tuesday' noon, : Iowa Autompble drlyers pajd put nearly $3Q this week for; carelessness. .....;' : ;-'; •; -.'•• . ,- ,..-; ; •.,;• In "Justice Delia AWelter's' court, C, E, Pollard, bffWeicbrne, Minn., was?flned:$10_and,:$2 costs for improper , passing on a hill Tuesday. Floyd "Pierce, of Webster, City, didn't stop at a stop sign the same day and was fined $2 and $2 costs. , Lamor Crail, Algona, was fined $^Q?and $3.85 costs in the mayor's cpuyt for reckless driving. , His driver's license was revoked after running into a lamp post in the bflsiness district Mofaday night. Raymond Galbraith To Manage Pool Hall Raymond H. Galbraith is the new manager of the West End Pool Hall, He and his family inoved to Algona from Chicago in July, where he was with Swift & Co. for 20 years. Ray is a son of Will Galbraith, • He and his family are living at 609 So, Jones, The Galbraiths have two children, and Jimmy, 8, Barbara, 10, New Equipment For Sorensen Grocery The Sorensen Grocery has com pleted installation of three new, modern refrigeration -units; The final Unit, a selfrsefve dairy case, was'put into .use last week. A few weeks ago an all metal, walk-in- cooler; With a pasteuray lamp .for controlling bacteria, and a meat display were added. All three pieces are white enamel; ''. Navy Man's Son Buried Monday Richard Lee Hudson, stillborn son of. Seaman First Class and Mrs,'Fred Hudson, was buried Monday, afternoon. Mrs. Hudson is at'the Kossuth county hospital, and. Seaman Hudson is overseas near 'the Philippine Islands. Word of his Son has been sent him. Mr, and .Mrs. Paul Hudson, who operate the Dinette Cafe, are Seaman Hudson's parents. The child's mother has been living with her own parents, the Perry Torrines, on North Jones street. Intoxication Charge Orvlll Crouch, farm laborer working outside of Algona, was picked'up'yesterday by c}ty police intoxicated. mayor this morning, he was bound over to the grand jury for $500 bond. The bond has not been paid, and'he is being held in jail. for .driving while Brought before the SCHOOLMEN WILL DISCUSS TRANSPORTATION New Legislative Bill Pro viding State Aid Will B< Explained Tonight. New laws concerning transpor< tatipn of students to public schools, discussed at 8 tonight in the Algona high school building Paul B. Norris, director of trans portation for the Iowa Departmen of Public Instruction, will bi present. These new laws involving' th transportation of students du'rirtp the coming school year undpubt edly will affect every school district in some manner, A. E. Laur itzen, county superintendent o schools, believes. .Every schoo board in the county has been askec to send its president,, secretary and bus committee to the meeting The last Iowa legislature passed a $2,000,000 appropriation which provides for transporation of students to public schools and allow state aid approximating ~$17 pe pupil each year. Purpose of Law. One of the purposes of the law as interpreted by school men, j to encourage more students whc .have graduated from eighth grade to attend high school. At the pres ent time,, only 58 percent of the one room rural youth population go to high .school. . The percentage rises to 98 Jn towns and cities and in consoli dated districts. Statistics show tha the farther away a child is from school, the less likely he is to at terid high .school/ ' , Consolidated schools have bbrrie the cost of transporation for.thei own districts up to ,this time From now on they will be refund ed close to $17 for every pupi each "year. ...... ...* Explain Problems Norris, who was appointed director to fill the position prescribed in the legislative bill, will explain the problems facing schoo administrators in keeping -theii -September arid ; will ;"be; 'paid - by the state next summer. , "r ' ; ' •Superintendents of town schools also have been invited to the meeting. ARMSTRONG MAN GIVEN HIGHEST MILITARY AWARD The Honor Congressional Medal of has-, been awarded; posthumously to Pfc. John F.. Thornson, of. Armstrong.. The Medal of Honor, highest . military ,' award that can be given, was presented tor Thomson's heroic sacrifice of tils',own, life,to save the lives of shree companions. Congressman James Dolliver called attention to the deed for which .Thornson earned recogni- ;iori before the House,.of Representatives in Washington, D. C. W8dh Uhree/ other soldiens, ThOrnson advanced to attack a Japanese pillbox on the island of Jeyte. He led the assault and en- ;ered as a- Jap hurled a hand grenade. Thornson threw his body on the ground, saving the lives of the others but losing his own. Mrs. Dallas Klein Resigns At Swifts ^ After ten years in the office of Swift & Co., Mrs. Dallas Klein 'esigned her position effective Saturday night. She was presented with a farewell gift and on Monday evening the women employees at Swift's gathered at her home or a surprise party. Monday Blue, Temperature Stays Low With all the clouds and rain that made Monday bluer than a navy sock turned inside Put, Harry Nolte, weatherman, says the precipitation did no harm. In fact, Nolte is inclined to look upon the brighter side of/things. Though soil temperature arid plain thermometer readings are still below normal, the warmth of the ground has increased slightly. H L July 12 .;...... 87 63 July 13 82 56 July 14 .................. 77 56 July 15 83 55 July 16 :..... 77 59 July 17 :........... 76 61 July 18 i........... 82 59 Pep. .09 .25 .51 .48 KOSSUTH RANKS rTFTEENTHIN E BOND SALES By ,Gene Murtagh Kossuth county ranked fifteenth in the state of Iowa in the purchase of E Bonds during the seventh War Loan'drive.'Total purchases in the' county of E Bonds were $1,231,726, a margin of $263,726 over the quota of $968,000 for this type of bond. The percentage of quota made was 127.24. Total purchases for the credit of Kossuth:;were.-,$2,328,917, more than $830,000 above the county quota of $1,498,000. Purchases by individuals^'were. $1,608,828 and corporation "purchases were $720,089. The county-:met every quota assigned .td^it..Individual quotas were $1,424,000.arid the quota for corporations%was $74,000. The sevehth,--War Loan drive was the largest and longest of the, drives held- during. : the present war. Heavy ;tiwchases in. the closing days. Pff'the drive accounted for the^fxc'ellerit record. It was. only two days "before the' drive) closed that the quota for individual" purchases was " " AI^ONAMEN AHEND MEETING ATHWAFAILS Iowa Communities Planning For .Peacetime ,Use Of Idle'Mills;,•'V^.;^^: What to dp with IPWa'S.'henlSEi' -; plants, ho longer needed 1 for (1 production.purposes, Was"diiscuss" 1 ' ed at Iowa Falls' Tuesday riight by*;!*, representatives of communitiea ,' where hemp is processedt - ; , v . i Roy Brown, county "agent; bri"'- L. R. Potter, owner of thelockef plant; Perry Collins, from"the Pib* <• neer ; Hi-Bred Corn Company,'and ' Leighton Misbachi secretary of the" ' ;i Chamber of Commerce, attended' * the meeting from A,lgOna.' -They •, are,members of the'postwar plan- -f« ning committee of iti'e'" Algeria ^ ! Chamber; of Commerce. ' - - i. i IpWa??Fails,, Hulriboidt, VMasbii : 1- City; Hfirijpton, Traer, : *VGutnrie;";, Center, and Rockford were repr'e- *.,'; sented -at Tuesday's •meetirig, top. > Community Plans. r •'>;,.-„; *'.-.'• PlanS for each community to> • finance and.operate the plants for ' continued i hemp processing ..werer : talked over., . - , ' ": However,, one stumbling 1 1 fi | 1 'M _, one in the way of that; suggeittpn is finding spinning mills' to prepare ,' hemp for. the manufacture' of do- '-j mestlc-linen. ' : , ...."••;.•'"" ;'-£,•;•.' ,7 ' : -1 It has been rumored abb, thatl corporations "producmg ;feeds: f or« livestock !are .iriterestedv..-;^: itie'-S plant. Such cbriipaifles could tise "t the.grinding riiachinery set up for f hemp "processing and wolild not i face :8: total, reconversion-.loSs*. Sbyr | bean prpcessors hiaye' beiepi men- | tionedt, .-'" ' ••:.' '.'' '•'"" '' "'. : ': .' , •'-•'••••:•$ • ,-!'-•:•..• Meei Monday, ''/.v/./'v.'v'',| ; Representatives, of all -plants | will meet at Hampton Monday I night for. further discussion of ;>" plans and possibilities for peace- i time u.?ft| of ,the plants:r'MisbacJj T appointed' to a>. conimitteej comppsedi'iof:". one man from ; town, i^p ^investigate ways to ,,Use the 'plants. • ' * • •' - m ijubtas Iri:' the '.last -days'{by' ; exfra purchases. The: ••townships - which reached th'eir' goals' in- the" final days -were Eagle; -Portland- -and Swea. One innovation, of the seventh War Loan drive was the financing of advertising" by^ farmers in Algona, Bancroft arid Titphka.'; .-, In other .drives,. the iiadvertising had been paid for by the business men of the town.... ••., i< •• Daughter Of Former Algonan In In lette/llo*, Mrs. John Hendrickg^b|,.,Garnett,' Kansas, enclosed, programs and r a - ' , news v-paper clipping- her daughter Doris ; whp i gave . a piano* recital, i Thisvrecltal^,was sponsored by the Garnett" Music Club, which is cpnnected with the National Federation of Music Clubs Which aids talented musicians and encourages.; them to further pursuance of careers. It also gives opportunities -for public display of talent. • Miss Hendricks has not decided where she will continue her studies this fall. All of this will be of particular nterest to Algonians of some years residence as Mrs. Hendricks was he former Lilliam Molirie and will >e remembered by many friends; Her father wafe the late John Moline, well known carpenter and contractor. " '-...• 'Eiriplpyfng more than 100 peo-j pie, '.the plant processed hundreds of ,toris'of hemp. E. S v (D.uke) KinJ sey.tfornaei 1 county auditor, became, mariageri of the planf : dn; June l, j 1943', aRd ^held -that pfesitibri untili it closed.officially June 1 thisr ' ' ' Legion Entertains Members of, ttie American Legion's Hagg Post No. 90 entertained business men and farmers at a Legionaire ; stag party last night in'the Legion;-Hall; ' •• ' . , . r .-,, . j -Algopa ''pltat^cby^s' 28,000 .f0et.! ; 'V..vw;^> 1 :^;'; ;;-;i. ^^f- '|: Aithpugh it ha,s, ;npt' b^en; decidedl what ^se. tb'inake of ;the blarit, the* does! ' Richard Post, Chief Storekeeper, i arrived in Algona Friday! after Iflt months in .the European' \Th!eatre> of Operations, for a, visit with -hisi parents, Mr. and Mrs., Hugft'-PbsW' He was Accompanied by His wife,; the' former L^vbnne v White olj ManiUa, and their ISimohth old- son, Robert Maurice; : Who have been living in, Detroit, Mrs. Post« ;v is a granddaughter of Mrs. A.! Norman.; .' > ,.;•/• •:.- •:,::•••> : : : ;'.J f Dicl5 left Paris by plane a\tWof o'cloclfe .the i afternoon' bf Jurje »05 and avrlved in WasliirigtPri, D.i C.,i at 10 b'qlpck the next momirig. then went to Detroit joined Mrs, Post and theBpij wBomf he ha4-:r4bt yet seen; Ttiey apentJ several day? in ' school ' of Hie CpJJege here, gave WMttemoreManiSees China's Rice Paddies '.'••• " • •..-.'''- - • • •.':'^'~f : i J .''"'.. ' • ' ' ' ' ' '•''•.'•'':•.'.'••.': '•* . •'"'. From Jeep on Jmuntmnou&B Mr, arid Whittemore,: has Wtrod«ptipi»"K>-C3Juii8, H,- ftawek, son ifermajrii Lauck, l»Qroe njs , cppbat ?pmm|Bj,; alpng the way, especial* | so cpui^ wprfc put of [ce paddies. The r|ce is "' — They raise it P^ the ... „ ey-have leve.1-spots dug MljW it Ml of water. That ghpuM h.ay« planted ?y .,„„„ justm Post's jjjpther, Mrs. pf garden stuff, fhey servt pr§t good mMJs;in.tpwi} fewt eyery is Wh We 'pan an we get, ftom, J.2QQ t<3 l,5QQ Things are getting straightened out pretty gpod again. tp i>« on*0ie :bott0m. we stopped it was sp,y« water.' , wfc, SQ mv this is swch fttwny ,d^rt; Jtjis a On the top pf spme JsprftW.rtOW -^^

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