The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1945 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1945
Page 9
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|;^;l^^^' ] f ^rH'-V 1 :^'^ ^v'' -'. •'''•'; t Aft MtittifilL'lri a •'*«*• cent* issue ef ttte GhieagiS S«h tea* thrhifsbsna 6f la 'Svitea City the for .,, Mnft« li;th* 'ilfl<isHta?:,bf the late f arid Attha (Bef'gattoffi) Pefif- d Wft8 v 6ffijpl6yed ih-Chfeago he? ttlafrlage to Mf. Hat* r 15 years ag6. " ' article said, "As eity sub- commissioner afld tHe key te' itf-fdSiUilfitmBijjlty? plans public ownership d£ .transit, jtHfiitiiigtdn -has giveft conri- attd deVofed set Vke* td the of Chicago. It is fitting that he has how beeh elevated to the chaihnahship of hte Chicago Iran* sit ; Authority, He assumes 'one of this 'most exacting responsibilities that could b6 imposed uitori a Chi- fcago official.- Yet his record inspires confidence that he will kn6W how to'meet It. If the author Ity; under Mr. Harrington's leader- Shifi tofi«gs Chicago the kind of public tfansportation so urgently nee'dedrhe and other members of tM board will earn the,,long-suf- feriiig public's undying gratitude." 'Aft- Issue of Ufe magazine several weeks ago carried pictures of the^toltial trip made toy Mr. Har- , ' WtigUetM -ftof liofl 6f *af the "planning a«d 6t which he was ts* Burt Young People Attend Methodwt Fellowship Camp SiuHi "The following young folks from the Methodist church are attending tiie . Youth Fellowship camp at Lake OkOtooji this week; Joyce dtlifeidi Lavina Groen, Kathleen' <3roen, Shirley „ Locki ] w6od» Margaret Officer, Mary Lee ' Parsons, Kay Holding and Jack MeMullen. Mrs. Clifford Molding and'Mrs. Walter Lockwood are the chaperons. They will return Sunday. Lfivlna Oroen Is helping at the Myron 'Meihzer home near $enecn. ' •*" ' Light Company Re-ele^t« Of f icera iryingtpn: The annual meeting of the Irvington Light arid Power Company was 'held at the local elevator on June 26. All old officers Were re-elected. They are president, W. G. Frahkl: vice- president, Carl Brown; and secre- ta'ry-treSsurer, Henry Schepp- rrianri. Board of Supervisbirs' ^ro'ceedings Auditor's Office, Algonti, Iowa, ..;; May 1, 1046 8(00 o'clock A.M. ' . '' The Board of Supervisors of. Kos- with -County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant 'to adjournment wlft the'fOllowtag members present! J.*H. Fraser, W. B. McDonald, ,W. A. Schritm, J. F. Qulnn and M. L. Jobn- B °M^n "mSae by Schram arid sccott- ded by McDonnld that further hear- Ing for fixing date and time of letting contract on Drainage District No, 179 be and is hereby continued to September 10, 1046. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion by McDonald and seconded by .S-raser that the application for ; Class "B" Beer Permit for the Algona . Country Club me approved. Ayes: Ail. Nays: None. •''-.-. Motion made by McDonald ^and seconded by Johnson that the Board , of Supervisors of Kossutli County, Iowa, approve the addition to the Federal Secondary Road- System as outlined by, map on file In Office of County Engineer. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonnld and seconded by Schram that Eraser be appointed to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts; No. 0,'No. 05, No. 150 and Joint. H. '& K. No. 2. .Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser and. seconded by McDonald that Schram be appointed to, make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts : No. 4, No. 84 and No. 103. Ajes; All. Nays: None. Motion 1 made by Fraser and seconded by Johnson that Qulun be' ap- r-btnted to make necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. 4 and No. 80. Ayes: All.. Nays: None. Motion made by Schram and seconded by McDonald that Johnson be appointed to rfgke necessary repairs on the fallowing drainage districts: No^ 4, No. 27, No., 55, No. 80, No. 82, ' No. 00, No. 102 and Joint B. & K. No. 4 Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion' made by Johnson and seconded by McDonald that a resolution be adopted confirming assessment or one-half of: I percent -on Joint Drainage District, Emmet and Kos- siith No. 2, as acted o,n. by ^Joint BSards;"of~ HminetJ and Kossuth Coun- tlesion the first 11 day of May, 1045, - ; ima!/to collect! same 'With-.M045 taxes. • Ajtes: All. Nays:/: None. (See Record for ^Resolution). ' ' .-i ^ •••••• On motion Board 'proceeded to audit nhd allow claims as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. .;• , County Fund Evelyn Volght, , assisting Co.. Treasurer . ... ....... .....,..* Iowa State BanK, Withheld Taxes _____ . .................. 844.31 1,..C. Hutchlns, Assessing Ir- vlngtpn Twp ............... , 253.18 Joseph D. ^ Crowloy, Assess-, „„„„ ing Seneca, Two. .......... 286.55 George B; Butte'rfleld, Assess- ,; ~ tag Swea City Inc. ......... 140.40 Paul F. Ludwlg-, Assessing „„„ Wblttemore Twp ........... 250.80 Htlmer Hauge, Assessing He- . bron Twp. ...............'... 211.65 Richard M. Anderson, Assess- Ing Harrison Twp. ... ...... 207.60 Floyd Ottman,' . Aasesslug Kagle Twp. ...... ..... ..... 184.80 Henry C. Nelson, Assessing • . Wesley Twp ....... ... ...... 230.55 Donald lUnigsdorf, Assessing - •: Portland Twp. ....,..,....,,. 220.00 Joseph A. ..Blbert, Assessing Sherman Twp. ...,.,........' 228.80 George P. i Hawcott, Assess- . 184.87 123.20 7.00 _ 840.70 ' Ing Burt Twp. J. B. Smith,'Assessing Lakota Inc. .* *.. :....... Michael Helderscheld, Assessing Garfleld Twp Joe Cogley, Assessing Ban- , croft, Inc. .................. 187.20 Roy A, Clark, Assessing Burt • Inc. '.',.. 120.35 Itichard L. Anderson, Assessing Grant'Twp. 178,45 C, F. McGregor, Assessing . ,' Swea Twp , 228,25 Lennder Vaske, Assessing Ramsey Twp. 320,00 Robert Bunkofake, Asaesfelng German Twp. .,,,..,........ Arthur A. Olsen, Assessing Plum Creek Twp, .......... Andrew C. Hanson, Assessing •, Buffalo Twp 250,60 Wm, Hammer, Assessing Rl- verd,ale Twp. , ,....,.. 25«.4Q Pale T. Packer, Assessing Springfield Twp 108.00 H. J, Braley, Assessing Wesley Inc. ;"...i,. Belle M, Koppen, Assessing Lincoln Twp, ....,,,,,.,.... D. C, Gardner, Assessing T3|j. ion Twp, ,,....,.. City of Algona, Light and Water Service ,.......,, Florence M. Hot.- Assessing LuVerne Ine, ,,', ,,.,. G, M. Will, Assessing Luverne 3?wp. ....,,..,,.,,,,-.,.,...:,., Camilla, Cooper, Assessing If- •. -;• tonka Inc. ,..,,,,.,,,,:,„,. M0.10 Ltnua Vaske, Asseaslng Green- •<•, 'wood Twp. ,.,,.,,,,,.;..,,.' 207.00 Jobn P, Simon, Assessing . 250,60 220.00' 110.2(1 250.80 27,P1 228.80 ^Cresco^Twp., , , , . , , v „ . ,vl. , Frank \V< Blbert, Assessing • M *" ,~ 132,(K) R, A. Knapp Agency, Supplies and Repair ..'. H. '0. Larson, Mtg. Wm, OMcnbUrg, Mtg • Kllrito Loose Leaf Co., supplies and Blanks / F. S. Norton & Son, coal .. Botsford Lumber Co., supplies BOtsford Lumber Co., Supplies KohllmnS Hardware, Supplies C. W. Pearson, Adv.;Bty., etc. James Mtttagv Bounty ....... Henry DeWall, Bounty Terry Schutjer, Bounty Earl Young, Bounty Delld Welter, J. P. Fees .... A. J. Cogley, Sheriff Fees ... Frank Kohlbaas, Mayor Fees. Ai J. Cogley, Sheriff Fees .... Clarence-'Schutjer, Mtg. Ernest A. Peterson, Mtg Chris Bfandt, Mtg.' B. P. Hnnsen, Mtg K. G. Bwpldt, Mtg .... E. E.cHannn, Mtg. G. W. Blclch, Mtg. B. R. WoltE, Mtg. Harry Sabln, Mtg.' Chester Robinson,' Mtg. ...... Elmer Potter, Mtg. .....' M. N.-Phillips, Mtg, T. L. Thorson, Mtg. Richard Newton, Mtg J. P. Peterson, Mtg Arne Ostergaard, Mtg P. M. Chrlstenson, Mtg G. B. Johnson, Mtg Alex.Radlg, Mtg. , H. H. Dreyer, Mtg. Joe Schaller, Mtg. .. H. W. Harms, Mtg R, 3. Burnlghaus, Mtg Mike Wagner, Mtg. .......... Robert Kruse,.Mtg. .......... Fred DeVrles,'Mtg John Cordes, Mtg R. W.'Glnrich, Mtg. .......... Ely Anderson, Mtg; W. C. Engstrom, Mtlg W. 'L. Reynolds, Mtg A. M Kollasch, Mtg. A. J. Renger, Mltg.' Andrew A. Fangman, Mtg. .. Albert C. Kollasch, Mtg. ...... Gco. E. Butterfleld, .Mtg David S. Anderson, Mtg. .... Harry Tlsh, Mtg. ,T. J. Anderson,' Mtg; .......... L. W. Ehrlcu, Mtg. ........... Thomas Berg, Mtg. .....'.... • John F. Weber, Mtg. Edw.,R. Mawdsley,, Mtg. v,...... Mat Bormann, Mtg. i........';. Hugh Raney, .Mtg. .......... 8. P. Powers, Tiltg. .......... Edw. Looft,,Mtg. '... J.i H. Holconib, Mtg Jerry Heetland, Mtg Menno Rlslus, Mtg Paul Hertzke, Mtg. .......... J. H. Warburton, Mtg. ...... Orville "Ruby, Mtg Walter Sachs, Mtg C. W. Blbert, Mtg O. E. Kuhnke, Mtg Louis Hackbarth, Mtg. Martin Meyer, Mtg A. A. Scblpull, Mtg K. B. Thomas, Mtg. ..., W. A. Miirty, Mtg. Isadore Mayer, Mtg Nick Arndorfer,, Mtg. .... Herman Studer, Mtg. .'. Geo, B. Ludwlg, Mtg. W. J. Stewart, Mtg". F. B. Teeter, Mtg. Lloyd-H. Bartlett, Mtg. ...... Henry Husteniler, Mtg. ........ A B. t Lappe, Mtg. Leo M. Gocbe, Mtg. John-Frlderes, Mtg. Geo. Bermann, Mtg Peter Kayser, Mtg, John 'Bormann, Mtg. .,;..,.,. 0. R. Jenson, Mtg, ...'....... J. W. Bolllg, Mtg ; Leo Enge'sser, Mtg, , Chris Dtthl, Mtg. Sim Leigh, Mtg. II, A, Wnrmbler, Mtg. ........ Fred Blumer, Mtg, ........... John P. Bormann, Mtg. Louis Anderson, Mtg Frank Rottorman, M$g., ..... Henry Blame, Mtg s. F. Blome, Mtg. Axel Erlckson,, Mtg, ., A. Bmanuel Anderson, Mtg, . Martin Mollnder, Mtg. O L. Thoreson, Mtg,- ........ Henry Tjuden, Mtg. .,.,,..,,. Jens Ml. Sorensen, Mtg. Floyd Gardner, Mtg. '.. Glen W. Jenkinson, Mtg. ,.,. f John W. Puffer, Mtg, Geo. W. Hlldman, Mtg. , Ole K. Flora, Mtg. Fred A. Dlekmann, Mtg. .,,,.' H. F, SchulU, Mtg. ,..., Vred Kollasch, Mtg. ..,.,,,. Edwin WJchtendabl, Mtg. .... Cbas. Bormann, Mtg. .... 1... P, H. Jensen, Mtg, ,,.„.,,,., A. J. Krsuse, Mtg, A. H.-Kr<mse, Mfg. , W. Bolldorf, Mtif. A. B; Mltebell, Mtg. , E. L, Hnnsen, Mtg. ...,..,,., Fred Peterson, Mtg, ......... AVC. Llnde, Mtg. , G. 0. Anderson, Mtg. ,,.,.,,. W, E, s Carlson, Mtg- •-,,•••.. Kossutb County Farm B«r., Approprltttlon • Kosauth 'County War ties Comm., Office Bxp. .., Ppafr ffwwt er CP., , freight ,, • Clara, Bebaap, .-*- — der'r Office m, i. ~ ' 20.05 4.00 4.00 IflO.fiO 470.20 137.28 12M 11.10 96.88 2.30 .50 1.80 .60 8.00 8.25 12.00 14.70 " 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 • 4.00 4.00 "4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 4.00 . 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 , 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 . 4.90 4.00 4.00 4.00 .4.00 4.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 4,00 10.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 , 8,00 8,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4,00 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 12,00 12.00 12.00 12.00 8.00 &00 8.00 8.00 - 4,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 8.00 aoo. • 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 1,00 1.00 1.00 « 1.00 1.00 8.00 2.00 3.00 8.00 3.00 : 416,88 106,87 1.60 48,70 :»*tj«.»'j.»;«vttj>t'',. . . ?»W »•*•*?• ' i *'8'l*!™W'^e4t ! t»'-* i '4** f^*i* i* -\* : '-. : '-3f!ftv*?f It*, d&tttes St(Wd«r, WltheM • ,^ .jftm ^.wi.iw,,,,.,....; *•* W. H? 8tewafd< Wltneig #»* ^ :' ; ,hnd serving Warrant ...... 7.0ft Hi B. Valentine, Wltnew Fees 8.00 DrV W, F^Hnrngtreet, Mileage Jjt .„ AM Witness Fees 18.86 . . Condtrnctlon tfftnd Wi W. Sullivan, Stoittpg to CO. , . •• Bftgineer, ...'... B.OO fowa State Bank, Withheld , x Taxes 85.80 tt. M. Smith, Salary ,..,. 284,20 J. !.•,Merrymnft, Use of tools and- labor 603.60 John T. McGulre, Road Grod- Ing i 393.31 Herman nnd John Dreesman, Koad •tiling' 37.25 -,' MalfttertttHc* .Fuftd Central States Electric Co,, , Electric. Service 1.02 Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 242.20 Interstate Power Co., Power Service 2.90 Treasurer of Stnte, Use Tax Return 10.20 City of Algonti, Light nnd Water Service 15.04 Iowa Public. Service Co,, El- edtrlc service 1.02 Central States Electric Co., Electric Service 2.53 Interstate Power Co., Power Service 2.17 Central Iowa Tele. Co., tele. Service t C, W. Pearson, Adv, Freight Algona imp. Co., Supplies . . Arnold Motor, Supply, Supplies Botsford Lbmber Co., Supplies 20.53 28.87 61.18 25.66 1.02 1.12 2.54 23.83 5.21 27.54 '6.18 12.78 6.10 26.84 DOCniuru uuiuuur \*v,t ou^piica BraUley Bros., Supplies ...... Coast To Coast Stores, Supplies < i ,0reenbcrg Auto Supply, Supplies •• Kent Motor Company, Supplies Kohlhaa's Hdwe., Supplies ... V. 8. Norton &' Boh., Supplies Norton Maihlhe Works, Repairs and Supplies , 47.74 0. K; Rubber Welders, He- ; pairs.and Supplies ......... 225.1? Pratt Blec. Co., Supplies .... 2.10 Thompson Distributing Co., . Supplies : 3.2t Viking'Oil Co,, Supplies...,. 142.80 John T. McGulre, Supplies'., 68.40 M. T. and John T. McGulre, Rbad Repair 46.88 Lease & Lease, Supplies 7,09 W. F. Reynolds,.Labor 2.50 J. M. Blancbard, Supplies .... 45.33 W. E.. Ley, Repairs and Sup piles Thompson Yards, Inc., Suppll Dclmar ' Anderson, Blcctric Wiring 12.50 Alftcd Zlelske, Electric Wir- . ing ....,...; 12.00 •Bell Motflr Co., Repairs and , Supplies *.. 8.77 Concrete Products Corp., Sup. 249.62 East End;, Foundry, Supplies 46.61 Ford Dodge iron & Metal Co., Supplies , 30.44 Quick' Supply .Co., Supplies . 22.90 Sleg-Fort Dodge- Co., Supplies 67.59 Tire Re-Coppers Co., Supplies """ Central Auto EIcc. Co., Sup. Waterloo Construction Co., Supplies 200.00 Elec. Serv. & Sales Co., Sup. 74.21 Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip., Supplies 18.07 Globe ; Machinery & Sup. Co., Supplies 26.20 W. F. Smith Tire & Battery Co., Supplies ....'.... 201.45 Tire Retread Co., Supplies and Repairs ;../. 10,62 Kossuth Oil Co., Fuel'Sup... 569.77 Peerless Oil Co., Fuel Sup. .. 127.15 K <& H Co-Op. Oil Co., Fuel Supplies and Repair 31.63 Bancroft Oil Company, Fuel Supplies 327.01 Standard OH Co., Supplies .. 243.7tf Inter State OH Co., Supplies . 171.39 Herman M. Brown Company, Supplies 109.49 Llnde Implement Co., Supplies 3,27 Foor Fund Dr. C. H. Cretzmcyer,; Medical Care' Not Allowed .Dr. W. P. Pelz, Medical Care Not Allowed Hertake's Store, Provisions . 42.00 Merrill Bros., Provisions 30.00 Paul Ernst, Provisions Whlttemore Creamery, Milk .. Botsford Lumber Co., Coal .. Dr. A, W. Sominer, Off. Calls and Medicine Dr. M. G. Bourne, Medical .... Dr. J. W. McCreery, Office Calls and Medicine Dr. P. V. Janse, Medical .... Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Calls and Medicine Dr.. J. G. Clapsaddle, .Medical . :Care, .;.;'. ..'...'.>.....;..'.,'. •LuVerne Pharmacy, Medicine Kossuth Hospital, Medical Care 142.00 Lutheran - Hospital, Medical Care ..V 207.70 Marvel Dole, Mileage 17.20' Henry J. Kline, Rent 10.00 Frank Bestenlehner, Rent ... 34.00 G D. Curtis, Ambulance' Service 8.75 Dept of .Social Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children ........ 168.03 Dept. of Social Welfare, Aid to Blind 17.10 County Farm) Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 20.70 L. E. Stephens Light Service . 26.15 Ben Bakken, Salary 160.00 Dennis Lynch, Labor 110.00 Lyle Steinbeck, Labor 125.00 Botsford Lumber Co:, Supplies 35.0C Hotmrton' Co-op. Blev. Co., • Coal and Oats. 289,12 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Medicine 1.00 Dr.' P. V. Janse, Calls and Medicine Pratt Electric Co., Supplies . Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies Algona Implement Co., Sup. 14.00 3.10 13.25 t>5,50 14.00 13.00 57.00 19.75 ' 63.00 25.76 30.00 19.34 45.53 2.40 Mid-West Service Co'., Kero• sene , Katherine Park, Baby Chicks John T, McGulre, Hoy ...... Algona Produce, Prov. ...... Llnde Implement Co., Supplies F. S. Norton & Son, Supplies »,cr» C. S, Johnson, Supplies 5.98 Coast to Coast) Store, Supplies , 8.00 Maintenance Fund Jphn Reed, Snow Fencing .. Leroy Crapser, Shop Work .. Joe M. Bsser, Shop Work and Operating Dragline ........ MHo Patterson, Patrol ,,.,,, Clifford Holmes, Patrol Arnold We'gner, Snow Fence, etc. , Ferdinand Meyer, Snow Fence, etc, .,,...,., Peter Movick, Patrol ' 158.90 Wm. V, Gronbach. Patrol ..,, .135.50 Kasmie Honsen, Patrol ,..,.. .141.30 Bert Shellinyer, Patrol 138.00 Clarence Heutges, Patrol ,.-,. 148.40 Max Block, Snow Fence ,,.,,, 30,00 Frank Hardcopf, Labor .,.,., 18.00 M»x Meyer, Snow Fence" ,,,, 24.00 Fred Pergande, Snow Fence ., 42,00 Dwaln Kollascli,' Snow .Fence ' 12.00 I'»ul Glsch, Snow Fence ... * 12.00 S., D, McDonald, Shop .-Work, etc, ..,...,..,,,.,.,,„,..,.. 150.70 Ralph Markla, Patrol ,.,,,... 147.80 Archie Dodds, Patrol ,..-- 136.00 Walter L. Johnson, Snow Fen- •felng, etc. ,, ,.,,,,,..,.. - 7.10 5.31 35.00 388.50 8.00 336.65 9,84 38.00 102,80, 148.40 162.00 154.20 115.70 56,70 A;, J. Hlldnian,, Patrol ,,..,, Urban Neurotb, Patrsl .,,,.. Lem Stockwell, ?atrpi ,,,.,. • Dick Baade, Patrol.....,.,., C. H, Copper, Fencing, etc, ',;.,..,,.,...>,.;,,,;...,,* Dwiglit F, Grabain, Snow Fen^ i. dug, etc. ,,,,,..., J ,,..,,,, Geo, JV Qrab.8rn, Road Work, ' eta,'-.:.';,v,..\v....;•.,..•,•:.,,,• Bob H^, Spear, Shpn Work, Plow, et«. ,?,.,,.,,:,.. KrPWlnfa,; Pfttrpl and,.: 161.00 147,20 146.00 146.60 13J9.80 Ctos, Ama, -L Snow Fence -' M, Wlfftt, ,.,,».,,. M> l*ftn|, J'BferoJ Si Sftttders, $att&, et ^••8K*f^S&P^ • ;p^^p^,,:Bj^^; : r:s^pi; •"» S- I«S«t • i,i i' I'M u.ijjfiw' .t tj «V t,C •_• , mS$&&*smi& !!«?» .'.iswi '"i • ^/ilwrtft.' flanilAM -t*nfcM| \ , |j VaVj^:'^ Pafrpjt.v',«s-t,;'f:. '9li »f»»!W,*V*'''..v SSf'.'."« M Sijti'fr; AudltoPs Offlcfc Aleonn. low/Us; & Mny 10. 1946 ; BiM O'dlock A.M. , c The Hoard ot 8np«vl«6rf suth County, Iowa, met If gfegflloft pursuant to adjoufhffiept *lth the' following members preseflU 'Vtt* set, McDonald, Schfatt, Qulfttt and Johnson. v : Motion made by, McDonald .and. **c- bmied by Johnson that County Pftrni employeess alaries be fixed afl follows: Mr, and Mrs. Bennlo Bakken, $160.00 her month, tieglnnlBg as of Mat 1st, Dennl» Lynch, $126.00 per month, be- glnnlh* as of May 1st, aad Lyle Steinbeck and Mr*. Anna Steinbeck, »1CO.OO per month, beginning as of May 1st. Ayes: AH. Nays: Nonft Motion made by Schram affd seconded by Fraaer that the'Beard Of SU' jjervlsors approve the appointment of Stella Mac Breen as Clerk ,10 the County Auditor's Office us of May 1st, 1045, at a salary of $110.00 per month as recommended by .'L. J. Immerfall, County Auditor. Ayes: All. Nays: On motion Board adjourned to twb o'clock P. M. . Two o'clock P.M., tb6 Bodrd of Su- (.•ervlsors met pursuant to adjournment With all members present. • This being (the day and tlme\ fixed heretofore by tlfe Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County for receiving bids on Maintenance Graveling Projects for the year 1045. i •' ' After due and careful consideration of bids tubmitted by Bagley Construction Co. of Perry, Iowa, Paul & EV- erds 6f Ft Dodge, la., and Maudlin Construction Co., of Webster City. la., the Board found that Bagley Construction Co. of Perry, Iowa, submitted the low bid, •:'..• Motion made by McDonald'and seconded by Johnson that Bagley Construction Co. of Perry, Iowa, be awar^ ded contract for maintenance graveling Projects No. 1 to 10 Inclusive as per terms of bid. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Fraser that J. F, Qulnn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, be authorized to sign contract to purchase five Modifl "B" Allls- Chalmers Tractors, equipped' with Highway Mowers from Dukehart- Hughes TVactor & Equipment Cty, Des Molnes, Iowa, for, the sum of $3006.76, F.O.B. Des M6ines, plus .State soles tax. Ayes: All. Nays: None. . Motion made by Johnson and _ seconded by Schram that J. F. Qulnn. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, be authorized to sign contract to purchase one BUcyrUs : Erle 6 en. yd. scraper equipped with two drum planetary drive winch from Herman »t Brown Co., Des Molnes, Iowa, for the sum of $3003.00 F.O.B. Algona, Iowa; Those voting "Aye" were: Johnson, Schram and Fraser. Those Voting "Nay" were: McDonald and,Quinn. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Johnson that J. F.'Qulnn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, be authorized to sign contract to purchase one MarmonrHerrington , All- Wheel-Drive Truck Patrol fr»nS--the All-Wheel-Drive Co., Davenport, Iowa, for the sum of $4675.00 F.O.B. Davenport, Iowa, for District No. 4. Ayes: All. Nays: None. On motion adjournment was taken until 9:00 o'clock A.M., May 24, 1046. J. F.. QUINN,' Chairman, Board of Supervisors. ATTEST: L. J. IMMERFALL, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa, ' " May 24, 1945. 9:00 o'clock A.S1. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met In regular• cession pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: Fraser, McDonald, Scbram, Qulnn and Johnson. ' MJotlon made by Fraser and seconded by Schram that the following re-, solution be adopted: ' RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Kossuth County, Iowa, ahs on band Permanent School Fund! In the sum of $10.000.00 over and above the amount this Board of Supervisors has been able to loan out. nnd keep loaned out and secured by First Mortgages on real estate as provided by law, and which In the opinion of this Board cannot be safely Invested in such real estate mortgages ut this time, and WHEREAS, for a considerable .period of time, this Board has found it Impossible and impracticable, to obtain safe Investments ,In Bonds, of, ,the State of Iowa, 'or any political subdivision thereof. IT IS THEREFORE MOVED that this'Board of Supervisors Invest tbe sum of $10,000.00 of the Permanent School Funds of Kossuth County, Iowa, in United States Savings Bonds Defense Series "G" forthwith, and that the County Auditor or Kossuth County, Iowa, effect said Investment, Ayes: Fraser, McDonald, Schram, Qulnn and Johnson. Nays: None. Resolution declared adopted tbla 24th day of May, 1945. Motion made by Schram and seconded by McDonald that tbe Hawkeye Casualty Company of Des Molues, Iowa, be'awarded the Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policy for' tbe year 1945. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Fraser that tbe resignation of J. H. Warburton as township trustee in Lincoln Township be accepted and that • the appointment of Orville Ruby, Lakota, Iowa, as township trustee in Lincoln Township be approved and accepted, from April 2, 1945.' Said, apolntment. to rUn until bis successor is elected and qualified. Ayess All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Schram that the renewal and extension of Permanent School Fund Mortgage of Mame Hoflus be approved and placed on file. Ayes: AH, Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by McDonald that tbe Board of Supervisors appoint Charles R. Lewis as Justice of the Peace In Ledyard Township, Kossutb County, Iowa, from May 5, 1945, and that bis -bond in the amount of $600.00 be approved and placed on • file. Said appointment to run until his successor Is elected and qualified, Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made byi Schram and seconded by Fraser that the Contractor's Bpnd written by 'United States Fldelly and Gularanty Company of Baltlmroe, Maryland, for tbe penal sum of $02,000.00, in connection with the graveling contract of Bagley Construction Company \of Perry, Iowa, be approved and placed on file. Ayes: All. Naye: None. • Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Bchrani that tbe County Auditor be and is hereby directed to cause notice for the "Destruction' of Noxious Weeds," to be published in each of the official newspapers of tbe County for the year 1045. Ayes; All. Nays; None, Motion made by Bebram and seconded by McDonald that tbe Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, lowai' approve the transfer of Amber Mann, a patient confined, in the State Hospital for tbe Insane at. Cherokee, Jowa, to the Kossuth County Home, as recommended by -fche. Commission, an,d that J. F, Qulnn, Chairman of the Board pf xBUPeryisprs, be autborlz- Bfl to sign »U necemiary papers to carry out i s »>4 transfer. Ayes; All. Nays; None, thg?|&OTrtnjr?»en.W presfftt: ,?r»- IP- '?• • <n»twv -. *^~I.I «w'-i:i^*"™'^*r/l4™' r '^.»'li ««««.''"«»•. M-ajSw-l*! _. 83.93 107.00 31.39 81.68 GOM 238.54 08.82 242.65 207.U June 31th, 3846. Aytt: All. Nays! None. i Motion made by Johnsbn and seconded by Schrart that Frnser be appointed to make necesaar^ repairt on the following drainage districts i No. 9 nnd No. 76. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion mode by Fraser and seconded by Johnson that McDonald be ftj)« pointed to mrikc necesSnry repairs on drnlnnge district No. 114. Ayes: All. Nnys: None, Motion mnde by McWonnld and seconded by Frrtser that Schram be appointed to mnke necessary repairs on the following drnlnhge districts: No. 6 (Enst Branch), No. 84, No. 90 and Joint K. & H. 3-40. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion mnde by McDonnld and seconded by Frnser thnt Qulnn be np- nolnted to mnke necessary repairs on the following drainage districts: No. 4, No. 72, No. 77, No. 83.and Joint P. A. & K. No. 1. Ayes: All, Nnys: None. Motion mnde by Frnser nnd seconded by Schrnm thnt Johnson be appointed to mnke necessnry repnlrs on the following drnlnnge districts: No. 80, No. 102, No. 125 nnd No. 160. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion mnde by Frntier nnd seconded by Scbram thnt the Bonrd of Supervisors npprove the appointments of the following named persons ns Weed Commissioners for the year 104B, nnd thnt their compensation be fixed at 60c per hour nnd five cents per mile mileage for u«e of their personal car while carrying on the offlclnl duties of their TOWNSHIP NAME Sbermnn Edwin Hnnselmnn Onrflcld Hcrmnn Harms Wesley Geo. W. Hlldman Lotts Creek Louis Hackbarth Burt G. W. Blelcb Springfield Fred Dnrnell Grnnt Henry Gettmnn Lincoln H. J. Boettcher Union P. A. McArthur Plum Creek P. A. McArthur Portlnnd Lloyd Bnrtlett Fenton B. C. Luedtko Hebron L. W. Ehrlch Engle Henry Gettmnn Harrison Henry Gettmnn TOWN - NAME Algona H. M. Hnrrls Lakota Guy Becmer Lu Verne Gottlieb Hanselman Wesley Paul Frlberg Fenton Chas. Steinbeck Lcdyard Ed. Halverson Swen City Ole Molnn Whlttemore Fred Helnrlcb Ayes: All. Nays: None. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow claims as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. County Funil Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes ..' / 771.33 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service W. W. Sullivan, Stamped envelopes to Auditor, etc. .... City of Algona, Light and Water Service Hugo Fnulstlcb, Assessing .Lotts Creek Twp 242.00 Mary C, Brogan, Assisting Co. Recorder 62.50 Bertha E. Johnson, Assessing Algona Inc 488.05 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Serv Eleanor Kollasch, Assisting Co. Auditor C, W. Pearson, Expense Act. C. W. Pearson, Adv. Bty. etc. J H. Fraser, Comm. and Sessions W. E .McDonald, Comm. and Sessions ; W. A. Schram, Comm. and Sessions ...-. ....'... 237.04 J. F. Qulnn, Comm. and Sessions 244.12 M. L. Johnson, Comm. & Sessions 242.41 C. H. Ofltwinkle, Del. PeSV Prop. Tax Col 61.25 A. J. Cogley, Mileage and Invest. Fees 128.50 A. E. Laurltzen, Mileage and Conferences Mrs. I. E, Wortman, Administering 9th grade exam Clara Schanp, Assisting Co. Recorder o. Helen Dickinson, Assisting Co. Recorder H. W. Miller, Office expense etc H. W. Miller," Office Exp. & Per Cent on Fines Matt Pnrrott & Sons Co., ; Supplies ". 108.J1 Alfjona Upper Des Molnes, Board Proc., etc 33.90 Advance Publishing Co., • ; ;Bpard :Prpc., etc. _. 67.13 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., Sup. 32.74 C. .A. Heard, Sharpening-two . lawn mowers , 2.60 The Algona Hardware, Sup, . 3.64 Algona Electric, Supplies .... 1.10 F. S. Norton & Son, Coal .... 62.00 Monroe Cn!. Mach. Co. Inc., Maintalnence Guarantee .... 30.00 Monroe Co. Mach, Co. Inc., . Adding machine ribbon .... 1.02 Grant Hutchlnson, Bounty ...* 5,00 Joann Hagen, Bounty .10 Wendell Chrlstensen, Bounty. 1.10 Douglas Mecbler, Bounty .... 1.40 Eleanar Sachau, Bounty ..... .10 Eliner Paiilsen, Bounty • 6.00 Richard Peterson, Bounty .... 1.90 Glen Welp, Bounty .70 Donald Baade, Bounty 2.10 Roger Bufflngton, Bounty ... 1.30 Luke Youngwlrtb, Bounty ,,, 2.00 Ernest Thompson, Bounty .... 1.00 Edward Stohr, Bounty 2.00" Vernori L. Potthoff, Bounty . 4.00 Paul Hertzke, Bounty .......' 2.00 Gordon Iluuse, Bounty 1.00 Albert BOsma Sr., Bounty .... 1.00 Don Christ, Bounty 1.40 A.'Huenbold, Meeting 4.00 Joel M. Herbst Meeting 5,00 H; M. Harris, Meeting 5.00 E. ,H. Hutcblns, Meeting . 6.00 L, S. Bobannon, Meeting .... 6.00 H. A. Blanchard, Meeting 1,00 A. L. Cotton, Meeting 1,00 Fred'.Flalg, Meeting l.oo A, A'. Krueger, Meeting 1.00 Arthur prlebe, Meeting .,,.., 1.00 Delia Welter, J. p. Fees 3.00 Tim O'Brien, Marshal's Fees . .85 Mrs, K. D. Wlekmnn, Police Matron 1.00 Mrs. Nina Taylor, Police Matron 1.00 I. B. Wortman, Local Registrar , , l 00 G, D. Curtis, Local Registrar 4.00 H. H. Dreyer, Local Registrar .60 F. P. Newell, Local Registrar .50 H.'A, Thompson, Local Registrar /... .60 William Boyken, Local Regls- rtar 1.50 R. H. Finnell, Local Registrar 3.25 Flprence Hof, Local Registrar ,25 Fred Dleckmjinn, Local Registrar , 2.00 Mrs. Mae Lattlmer, Local Reg- • latrar ,.., 2.60 Adah Carlson, Local Registrar 26.00 Kossiitb County, Farm Bureau, Appropriation , 416.67 F. S, Norton & Son, Supplies 31,41 Kaseuth Co. War Act Comm., Office Expense ., , 116.28 Flawkej'o Cag. Company, Ins. Premium ,..,....; 150.00 Edw, Hauptinan, Meeting ... 1.30 Ernest E. Meyer, Meeting ,..' 1.53 Jas,;Chrlstensen, Meeting ,,, 1.00 Dr, R, K. Richardson, Meeting ,.., ., l.BO t>on Weisbrpd, Meeting ....... 1,80 Mfg, W. A. Wood, Meeting ., ,00 Lpui* Scptt, Meeting .,,,,,,.. ..90 C, W, Blbert, Meeting ,.,„.,. 1,40 A. P. Brpgan, Meeting ,,...,, l.Oflf Hng|. Shirk, Meeting 2.00 Lyje S. steele, Meeting , . 1.00 Mrgi;poij Fraser, Meeting ... . 1.00 Thoreson, Meeting ,.,,., 3,40 BoicpW M^Hng .,,, a.80 *,,,,,, 2.60 54.20 3.00 ' '24.60 10.50 89.25 244.47 Leroy crapser, shop Mechanie goi.M Clarence Hentgeg, Patrol i... 183.W Bort Shelimeyer, Pdtrol ..... 141,20 RAsmle Hanseii, Shop Work," . t , etc t "1.30 WllIlAm F. Gronbach, »top .,...,.. Work, etc > 118.00 Peter Movick, Pntrot , _65.§0 B'erdinnnd Meyer, Lftbor ..... 108,10 Arnold -Wegner, Shop Work, etc ,,,,.... 115. rO Clifford Holmes, Patrol 1BS.OO Mtlo Patterson. Pntrol ..,,... 101.80 S. D. McDonald, Shop Work, e £c .. . * 153.00 Enlph Mnrkln, Pntrol 353.00 Archie Dodds, Patrol 141.20 .Tnkob-Teuscher, Lnbor ...... 42.00 ppnl Glsch, Shop Work 4.80 Wnlter L. Johnson, Repair rond tile, etc 63.80 A. J. Hlldman, Pntrol 153.00 Oliver Young, Pntrol 117.80 TJrbnn Neuroth, Pntrol 353.00 Lt-m Stockwell, Patrol 153.00 Dick Bnndc, Pntrol 100.SO C. H. Cooper, Lnbor 88.80 Dwlght F. Grflhntn, Lnbor ... 65.50 George F. Grnhnm, Labor .... B0.70 Andrew Kromlngn, Pntrol ... 138.40 Jnmcs M. Long, Snow Fence, , etc 145.20 Doynl Snndcrg, Pntrol 337.30 William F. Scbrnder, Snow Fence, Cutting Brush, etc... 135.50 Chns. W. Thompson, Patrol .. 323.60 Donald D. Snnders, Snow Fence 6.00 Donald Blerstedt, Sawing Wood, etc 37.00 Charles Hawks, Snwlng Wood etc /.... 37.00 Clyde Sanders, Patrol 130.00 Verne MjOllnder, Patrol 140.80 Roclf B. Miller, Pntrol 115.10 Alvltt Ewlng, Pntrol 149.00 J. II. Montgomery, Lnbor .... 57.00 Hnrold Blnlr, Lnbor .... 95.40 C. G. Lyckmnn, Patrol 100.50 John S. Anderson, Lnbor ... 111.70 Louis Nncblem, Lnbor 24,00 Joe M. Esser, Operating Drag- line 180.40 Iowa Public Service Co., Electric Service 1.02 Central States Elec. Co., Electric Service 1.02 Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 210,00 Interstate Power Co., Electric Service 2.83 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service 19.08 Interstate Power Co., Electric 'Service 2.03 Lawrence H. Weaver, Snow Fence 36.00 City of Algona, Light, Water : nnd Power Service 17.53 Central States Elec. Co., Electric Service 2.61 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service 22.95 C. W. Pearson, Adv; Freight 17.74 Interstate PowcrfCo., Electric Service 1.80 Henry Lauck, Laying Culvert 4;80 Harry L. .Cutler, Road Fill ... 50.00 Cnrl Gnrrett, Loading Gravel 176,25 Algona .Upper Des Molnes, Publishing Notice of Letting 2.00 Advnncc Publishing Co., Sup. . 4.34 Algona Ins. Agency, Insurance Premiums 10.00 Algonn Implement Co., Sup. . 12,53 Funk & Delm, Supplies 5.60 Grcenberg Auto Supply, Sup. 15.86 Huxtable Home & AUto Supply, Repairs 88.85 Kent Motor Company, Supplies 4.70 F. S. Norton & Son, Supplies 277.39 O. K. Rubber Welders, Repair nnd Supplies 196.12 L. C. Nichols, Repair 2.00 Bpilles Hardware, Supplies .. 15.89 Thompson Dlst. Co., Supplies 3.00 Boevers Oil Co., Fuel Supplies 28.11 Carol R. Hutchlns, Stumping Cnble 5,00 F. I. Chapman, Supplies 9.40 Thompson Yards, , Inc., Sup. 45.20 W. A. Schrnm, Supplies 4.41 Earl Stott Hdwe., Supplies .. 9.28 Tltonka Implement Co., Sup. 9.19 Gamble Store, Supplies '13,90 Concrete Products Corp., Sup. 404.42 Fort Dodge Mach. & Sup. Co., Supplies 50.80 Lelght6n Supply Co., Supplies 6.94 Quick Supply Co., Supplies .. 237.54 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Supplies 117.00 Central Auto Elec. Co., Sup. 12.00 Economy Welding & Mach. Wks., Supplies 70.74 AVaterloo Construction Co., Supplies 290.2-1 Clay C. Belsel, Antl-Freeze .. 148.67 Herman M. Brown Co., Sup. •. 119.06 Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co.,'Supplies 79.80 Globe Mach. & Supply Co., Sup 34.35 Ipwa Mach. & Supply Co., Sup. 53,85 Tools Corp., Supplies , 6.80 Tbe Balbacb Company, Demur. rage 14.08 Kossuth OH Co., Fuel Supplies 603.45 Peerless Oil Co., Fuel Supplies 344.30 Bancroft Oil Co., Fuel Sup. . 227.56- Standard Oil Co., Supplies .. 189.97 Poor Fund Marvel Dole, Mileage 37.40 Red Arrow Grocery, Prov. . 12.00 Sorensen Grocery Co., Prov, . 30.00 Whlttemore Creamery, Milk .-. 3.00 Merrill Bros., Milk 30.00 Paul Ernst, Prov 8.00 Farmers Elevator Co., Fuel... 11.31 Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Calls & Medicine .' 73.00 Dr. M. G. Bourne, Medical Care ./. 74.00 C. L. Cavanaugh, Medicine and Supplies ..'. .'... 25.87 Kossuth Hospital. Medical Care 96.50 Algona Cemetery Assn., Cemetery Lots and Perpetual Care 200.00 McCullough's Funeral Chapel, • Ambulance Service 2.00 Henry J. Kline, Rent 10.00 Dept of Social Welfare, Aid to Dependent Children 168.92 Dept of Social Welfare, Aid to Blind 15.87 County Form: Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 20.70 N. \V. Bell Telephone Co.; Telephone Service .10 L. -E. Stephens, Light Service 35.0S N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service .10 Ben Bakken, Labor ' 160,00 Lyle Steinbeck, Labor ./ 150.00 Algona Baking Co., Prov, .... 23.71 Consumers 1 Food Store, Prov. . 93.99 Algona Co-Op. Creamery Co., Prov 70.74 Bradley Bros., Repair , 20.45 Sorenseu Grocery Co., Prov. . 109,45 Zender's, Supplies .„ 9.22 Dr. P. V. Janse, Med, & Calls 23.00 Kossuth . Hospital, Medical Care 9.50 Graham's Dept Store, Sup. . 14,49 Katharine Park, Supplies and Stamps 83.16 Hlgley Chemical Co., Supplies 10.06 Algona Cemetery Association, Opening Grave ,,,., 10.00 McCullaughs' Funeral. Chapel, Funeral Bxp. 82.50 Gamble Store No. 82, Supplies 2.89 Funk & Delm, Supplies ...,,. 10.61 Tbe Algona Hardware, Sup. . 12.15 Kossuth OH Co., Fuel Sup. . 32.56 Skelly Oil Co., Kerosene ..,, , 4.S3 C. A. Heard, Supplies ....... ' 25.75 Kossuth County Imp], Store, Supplies .63 Algona Implement Co., Sup. . 1,07 RESOLVED: Thn* tbe County Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to issue Warrants for all claims at this meeting as shown by the ''Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written, i On motion, Board adjourned "Sine Die." •'•'"• ATTEST; L. J, IMM33BFALL, J. F. QUINN., County Auditor Cbalrmaia Minutes of last Regular Session and all adjourned session* were approved ond read, •' ' .- : ATTgST: '.:.;••-, t. J, •IMMJPBB'ALL, J, F. Auditor . C iCSIM IP 8:00 Q'clpcH A, M.. The-Boafl} p* ,8»P*rrtfPM of "l w?a^th''*f*U H *J^ * ~ b 33w&T ^fe^^^p , sli, tion, *3X** -- u- by • tt Both Const* SeMdrflef 1 dH itoeft,',l« 1633, in B6ok T-I;iSft:pBfff,98ji*Wen deed was made, executed and delivered to Kosattth County, Iowa, by'Da- vid W, JUmfni single, a«d WHEREAS, sftld eOn^yahp .;#*$ mnde subject to tB6 llglft.;)^ .rUoeeih tbe same untie? certfih cdMltfoBg, ttfm WHEREAS, all snclr rtttntg 6f, re*' demptlpn have now long Mnce expired and Kbssuth County Is now the aB- solute and unqualified owftef of sala real estate, and • WHEREAS, said real estate frag, Offered for sole by the Board of Bojt'tt* visors ori the 4th day of Atigtiit, ,1944, nnd there was only one bid submitted, which was, rejected by the Board on the grounds that said bid was tAt below the true value of the property, nnd WHEREAS, the said Board of Supervisors now feel thnt it Is best to soil said renl estate nt private sale, and WHEREAS, Guy Trauger has offered tbe sum of $1000.00 for the purchase of the snld renl estnte: NOW THEREFORE, be It resolved by the Bonrd of Supervisors of Kossuth County, lown, that after having Inspected the said premises the said Bonrd of Supervisors agree thnt the offer made by Guy Trnuger In the sum of $1000.00, Is a fair nnd equitable offer, nnd thnt mid offer be nc- cepted, and thnt the Chnlrmnn of the Bonrd of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, shnll be, nnd Is hereby authorized to execute, sign and deliver n special warranty deed conveying the said described real estate to Guy Trauger. The vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors J. H. Fraser, W. E. McDonald, W. A. Scbrnm, M. L. Johnson nnd J. F. Qulnn. Those vot- lr>K nay were: None. Resolution declared ndopted this llth dny'of June, 1945. Motion made by Schrnm nnd seconded by Johnson that Secondary Ronil Petition No. Bll be placed on file. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. The.Bonrd of Supervisors of Kos- sutb County, Iowa, met ns a County Bonrd of Review for equalization of the 1045 assessments of Renl nnd Personal Property In tbe various Townships nnd sTowns and after checking the various assessments It was moved by Schram and seconded by Johnson thnt the Renl nnd Personal Property assessments be equalized by tbe following revisions In percentage: In- -Decreases creases Colts 1 year old: Lincoln Township ,. 29% Portland Township . 11% Colts 2 years old: Hebron Township .. 11% Homes 3 years old or over: Ledyard Township . 14% Whlttemore Township 6% Mules S years old or over: Lcdynrd Township. . 14% Portlnnd Township . 15% Whlttemore Twp. .. 31% Hclfera 1 year old: •Cresco Township .. 13% Eagle Township .... 6% Wesley Township ... 4% Heifers 2 years old. German Township .. 17% Whlttemore Township 3% Cows: Eagle Township .... 4% Steers. 1 year old: Buffalo Township .. 6% Eagle Township .... 11% Springfield Twp. ... 0% Union Township ... 5% WblttSmore Twp. .. 6% Steers 2 years old: Buffalo Township . 7% Eagle Township .... 15% Hebron Township .. 8% Ramsey Township . Springfield Twp. ... Union Township .... In compliance with 'Section 7137, Chapter 343, 1939 Code of Iowa, as amended by House File 37, 61st General Assembly, the County Board of Review will bold an adjourned meeting on June 22, 1945, to bear any.and all objectors that are opposed to the various proposed adjustments, and the snld County Board of Review does hereby Instruct the County Auditor to mall tentative notice to tbe Chairman or Presiding Officer of the local boards of review advising them of the increases in valuation. Ayes: ill. Nays: None. ...'.'On motion Board .adjourned to two o'clock P. M. Two o'clock P. M. Board of- Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present This being the day and time set heretofore by' the Board of Supervisors for receiving bids for the furnishing of the County's requirements ol' gasoline for the ensuing year. Sealed bids submitted by Harms Oil Co., Algona, Iowa, Peerless OH Co., LuVerne, Iowa', Bancroft Oil Co,, Bancroft, Iowa, Skelly Oil Company,. Kansas City, Mo., Cities Service Oil Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Standard Oil Co., Mason City, Iowa, and Boeveru Oil Co., Algona, Iowa, were opened and read by the Secretary as directed by J. F. Quinn, Chairman of the Bonrd. All bids were duly considered nnd it was found that the low bid was submitted by Harms OH Co., Algona, Iowa, 2.7 cents under normal posted tank wagon prices, on approximately 60,000. gallons of gasoline. Motion made by McDonald, and seconded bySchram that tbe contract to deliver approximately 60,000 gallons of gasoline delivered to any point In Kossuth County b> awarded to tbe Harms Oil Co., Algona, Iowa, and. that' the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors be authorized and directed to execute contract with the said company 'pursuant to the said bids, for and on behalf of Kosauth 'County, Iowa. Said contract to become In force on July 18th, 1045, for a period-of one year or. until July 10th, 1946. Ayes: All. Nays: None. ; , • On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow claims as "per Schedule p£ Claims" hereinafter written. County Fund Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes ..,.., 430.10 W. W. Sullivan, Postage to Supt Office 20.03 A. J. Cogley, Mileage 84.UO Clara D. Schaap, Assist Recorder's Office 21.00 Bancroft Register, Board Proceedings, etc ,. 59.82 Fldler & Chambers Co., Sup.. 12.00 Monarch Products Company, Supplies , 199.05 C. A. Heard, Sharpen two lawn mowers , 3,00 La|ng & Muckey, Repair ... 1.00 Kenny Krantz, Bounty 1.30 Ronald Meyer, Bounty , 1.00 Edward Sheldabl, Bounty .,, 1.00 Jasper Smldt, Bounty 2.00 Delia Welter, J. P. Fees 8.00 A. J. Cogley, Sheriff Fees .. . 19.45 Lloyd H. Bartlett, Quarantine Exp. ..., 7 2.10 Harold Sorensen, Board of Be- vjew Meeting ,., 1.00 H. H. Meyer, Board of Review Meeting , 1-00 Kminett Knary, Board of Review Meeting 1.00 Gottlieb Hanselman, Board of Review Meeting ,,, 1.00 C W. Cote, Board pf Review Meeting ...;.., J-00 Elmer B. Muller, Apiary Iny •' ejection .,,,.,,,.. 35.2-t Cpiutruotipn Fund , Ipwa State Bank Withheld Taxes .....,...,.,,.,,......, 95.8(1 ' Mfit n tftnn TI wt Futtd Central States Blec, Co., Blec, Service .................. j,, Ipwa Public Service Co., ,B)ec. Service ,,.,,,,.,,........,.. low* State Bank, Withheld bo Am 16 fiWeWy ,»6f>o to, e*aiMB% afM:|«wk»i 6 " hi";,fffialft| Si«^rAit"» MoUofcttlde^py./oWMrflfll onded bf McDonald., thflt'iftr ___ /On. — of the""o"oefl"'dltch"of JOlnVtfft. District l?ald Alto (fnd, KogJtieH 1 be placed on file. Ayfeg! All, Nayfri Motion made by McDonald and. 6e|« ,V onded by Johnson that a regolntloit'' be adopted confirming assessment ot 2% on Joint Drainage District,;Palo* Alto nnd Kossnth No. 1, as acted. ou» by the Joint Boards of Palo Alto ttnrl Kossuth Counties on the 12th day of June, 1045, Ayes: All. Nays: NoneV (See Record for Resolution). Motion by Frnser nnd 'seconded by Scbram that the petition of Edward Klhnell, et al., asking for repairs oriv Joint Drainage District, Humbo.ldtn.1id Kossnth No. 2, (Branch E) be placed on file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. On motion adjournment was taken until 9:00 o'clock A. M,, June 22, 1945. ATTEST: L. J. IMMII5RFALL, J. F. QUINN, County Auditor '• Chairman. Auditor's Office, Algonn, Iowa, June 22, 1948. 0:00 O'Clock A. M. The Bonrd of Supervisors of Kos- siith County, Iowa, met In regular/ ; session pursuant to adjournment wltl* the following members present: J. H. ./ Fraser, W. E. McDonald, J. F. QUlntt ! nnd M. *.. Johnson. Absent: W. A. Schrnm, ' « . Motion mndet by Eraser ,and secon-. ded by McDonald that the following/ resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION . WHEREAS, application has beettv. made by tlbe Irvington Center Tele- : phone Company to compromise the following delinquent personal taxes, to-wlt: WHEREAS, the delinquent personal i tax wltih accrued penalties and costs- . for the year 1031 and up to the taxes V for the year 1942 Is In the total suinVv, of $108.62 If paid during June, 1B45, and ;•( WHEREAS, after due consideration;-i of tbe facts presented In the case and the recommendation of the School Board q/ the Independent School District of Algona, Iowa, the Board of Supervisors deem tbat a compromise of such delinquent taxes would be fait end just. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT' K1E- KOLVED .by the Board of Supervisors" of Kossuth County, Iowa, that iti would be fair and equitable te compromise said delinquent taxes under- Section 7193.09 of the 1030 Code of: Iowa; and the Board of Supervisors of" KoBsuth County, Iowa, being duly advised In tbe premises hereby agreer to compromise sold delinquent personal tax for ,the years shown above/, nnd to settle tbe same for tbe sum oft $50.00. That such.amount must be paid on or before the 30th day of June,. 1945, and if not so paid then this agreement Is to be null and void and of no* effect The vote thereon resulting as .follows: Ayes: Supervisors J. H. Frasei.. W. <B. McDonald, M, L. Johnson and J. F. Qulnn. Those voting nay were? None. . ••'••' Resolution declared adopted this- 22nd day of June, 1945. Motion made by Johnson and sec- ended by Fraser that the Board oC Supervisors approve tbe cancellation, of assessment of buildings en lots 7^ 8 and 9 in Block 10, Original Plat, Lakota, Iowa, in tbe amount of $1070.00, and .that the 1044 taxes on said building in tbe amount of $105.88 be- cancelled, and that a refund in the; amount of $109.39 .be made to W. In. Ley of Lakota. Iowa, on the.1043 tax** on said building. The buildings om the lots mentioned above were completely destroyed by lire in October^ 1942, and there was no adjustment made in the valuation of the property for taxing purposes in «1043 after the- fire. Mr. Ley purchased sold vacant, lots injMarch, 1943, and it is:• the.~pp.pvj- ' iulon of this Board that he ,;is"ea-*fe. • tilted to relief. This action; is > takenfe upon the recommendation of i-tn*3-"-' Bonrd of Review (Town CouncH) of! , : Lakota, Iowa. Ayes: All. Nays: .None. .:„ Motion made, by, Fraser and seconf;, •,'• Oed by Johnson .that. the-lpUpwin8yce.^^%i •solution be adopted':/' <:.^','sKj\.Si i .-;«; '^StfsS^ .,'•:. .'RESOLUTION :;;*•':--Ktiir3Xy BE IT RESOLVED, by the Bottra<;-«f, of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, that the offer to purchase/as. executed by J. B. Ukcna of Lakota, ; Iowa, In the amount of $100.00 for the- property described as follows: Lot 1 ' in Block 9, Original Plot, Lakota; ..-,-' Iowa, be accepted, the said, amount 1 t.elng less than the taxes, penalty, Interest and costs on said 'real estate,, and tbe majority of the tax certifying bodies levying taxes against the- same, having heretofore approved the- sale of same. :-.- , 1 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that . the Chairman of tbe Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, shall: be, aifd is hereby authorized to exe-, cute, sign and deliver a special war* ranty deed for the sale of said pre-, . mises to said, purchaser. , iThe vpte thereon resulting as fol»' lows:. Ayes:. Supervisors J. H. Fraser;. M r . B. McDonald, M.'L. Johnson and! J. F. Qulnn. Those nny were; None.- W. A. Schram being absent.' >•;,, Resolution declared adopted this- . 22nd .day of. June, 1045, . > ^,'..;;i Motion .made by McDonald and sec* ended by Fraser-that a non-reslftnt! notice be served on Lena Tanuuen andi Helen Tammen. Ayes: All, NaystNone.-- \ Motion made by Fraser and seconded by Johnson tbat the Semi-Annual' : Report of County Treasurer be .ap-. proved and placed on file and that! the County Auditor be directed t» publish said report In the official' newspapers of tbe county as prpvided ' In Section 5411, Cpde of Iowa,'Ayes; . All. Nays: None. r ! Motion made by McDonald aud seconded by Fraser that the Semi-Annual Settlement of tbe Board of -, Supervisors of Kosauth County, Iowa, with. C. W. Pearson, County Treasurer, be-, approved and placed on file. Ayesv All. Nays; None, . . * Motion made by Fraser and seconded* by Johnson that the follawlng applications and bonds for cigarette permits be approved: Cecil O, Bailey, U- B. Frankel, Wm. Hammer, Nick (Jen- gler, Paul Ernst, Mrs. Mary McKenna, .'•: E. A, and Mary Guderlan, Wm. B. Pe> . vine, Foth's Cafe and Chrome Cole, Ayes: All. Nays; None. ' Motion made by Praser and seconded. by Johnson that the following ap^ plljcations for ClwsB "3'' and "O'r, , beer permits be approved: Win. lii He vine, B. A. and Mary Guderlan, Wo), Hammer, II. B. Frankl, Nick Gengler. Cecil O. Bailey and Mrs. Mary T4?^. ' Kenna, Ayes: AM. Nays.; NPRB. , •. -.,:, '• Motion made by Johnson and see? ; iv pnded by McDonuld that the ' eers report; of Wm. Hensebeni _. age Engineer, on clean out Of ::> ... tion of tbe open flltcbol Joint Drfll"'''? age District Kosaqth, ami H*i^c Cpuntips. No. 7-180 be' p^i'fj*' " Ayes; AH- Nays; Nope.; • ; • i Jtotipn made py McDpiwlfl, «Bfl,« onded by Fraser :tt),4t the Boarft; Supervisors accept tSft-«s}g|iftHPJ Elfora, Bspe, T - —~"— '--Nays; None.'-.--.' . • Motion made by; McPo onded by Johnspn tl ' ' appMvt

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