The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1945
Page 7
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i .. Brewer, SuiVentertalJied at a Jarswell {Jarty at their honie IH 'honor of the forinSf's brother, Mrs. F. L Tribon Will sell all the household goods ftf Mrs, Stanley Keith on Thursday mid Friday^ July 19 and 20 at 10 o'clock at Mrs. Keith's home, 114 S, Minnesota St. •'.-•'-•'••' •'... ; .'•,?-'•'"•' 28* 'fi*iy»* rf 6 for ffiduMdh ihtd the "Those attending yltere Miss gurlte Olenburg, of Austin, Minn. >Mf, and Mrs. Alfred ./Meyerand <Jail of WMtWmOfe; Mr. and Mrs. CKarles Oeilenfeld: MM, Vernell Srunswell and children, Mrs, Ma'f* Ion Donahue and daughter and Mr, and Mrs. Henry Geilenfeldt, all of Algoha; Mr, and Mrs. Herm" ail Busse and family,' of Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Dddds and daughters, of Good Hope. Mr. and Mrs, Eelbeft Geitzeh- ouer and family, of Seneca: Mr. and Mrs. Robert.Dreyer, ST., Marie and-Helen, Mr. and Mrs. William Zumach and family, Mr. and Mrs< Lester. Genrich, JEmmiline Dreyer. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Dreyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Dreyer and Victor, Miss •• Alma Boettscher, Mn and Mrs. Donald Radig and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Schallin and Mr. and Mrs. Fred iLieb and family, all of Lotts Creek. . Odd Fellows Picnic, T Mrs. Paul Erdman, Darrell and Carrol and Guy M, Butts attended the Odd Fellows picnic at Mason City Sunday, |S li Henry Field's Seeds Svwf^ still have plenty 6| Clover, Rape, Brome, Rye, Sudan, Millet, Timothy, Cane, and Pasture .Mixtures;,: •.•'';...'.•• •.' • •.. '• :•. ••'-•'•';'. iytfe also Have a good line of Salt, Orit and Oyster ' ' ' ' FE OF ALL KINDS WHITE'S MARKET Showing SATURDAY ,;.'$'\ ••.••;••.:• : •.•!.. • .'v. ^* / ..- ' Arc You Looking Beyond Victory? Are you looking ahead to the years when the ; ',?$$? will be dyer? Are you putting aside as much- s& you can in War Bonds and savings? Are you mending your financial fences now to be prepare .''...'• f ; . " *_j - j -,,, -, :' , ' -• .• ' ''vs' " ?''5!jf." '•':'.•' • • . ' ' : • - -ftir whatever thjl future ho^os? ; ' in every way they can , .'lop,. ' ' ydu " to assis| you today, and I m Member ':.WSlt|W""l™» - PtMilt .^^y^CTjppt;' 'TaSspSsP?'.- WrVf%S&llMjgJilie&;». f^Sf^*^ A*"";,^j:i'i'J-V^ Joseph Behrertds of Davenport Visiting here with his daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Kelso. "Jerry" Roony," eadet nurse at Des Moines. spent Saturday even* ing here with Nita Kelso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kelso. Mrs. Leo McEnroe of Atgona and rer sister, Mrs. Alvln Andreasen of Burt, returned Monday from Iowa City where they spent the week end with the letter's son, Arnold, Who is attending pre-flight school there. Helen Winkel will return Saturday to Des Moines after visiting here for three weeks with her pa* rents, Attorney and Mrs. L,. A. Winkel. Helen is starting her last year in cadet nurses training at Mercy hospital. Ervln Wiltgen of Algona vacationed last week at Norway Lake, Minn,, where he went for game fishing. He was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Koppen of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cudnik of Algona. . Ffc. Howard Genrich returned home Friday after visiting a week With Ruth Maniece at Estherville. Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Genrich, has been on a 30-day furlough from a Kansas hospital and was to have left this week end Robert Fandel, S 1-c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fandel of Humboldt, is spending a few days here with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Fandel. Robert is on the U. S. S. Zellars and has.just returned from the Pacific., . • ' Valeria Hanson of Ftfft Dodge will begin work ne*t Monday at the Star Beauty Shop. Sgt. Blainc PhllHtw, A former Algona boy, writes that he visited with Pfc. Richard Skillihg, Son of Fred Skilling, Algona, ort the 28th of June in a field hospital on, Okinawa where Dick was a patient in the hospital and Blaine an attendant. I DIVA Rita Haywort'h in >:• "COVER GIRL" Co-Hit James Ellison hi "HOLLYWOOD & VINE" THURS.-FRI.-SAT. JULY 12-13-W Co-Hit Frances Langford Guy Kibbee in •OMXIE JAMBOREE" A Musical Cargo of Laugh Thrills! ' Serial "Mystery of the River Boat" „..„ Lt, Bonnie Bonar Is home from Camp Crowder, Mo,, for a two weeks' Visit with her mother, •Mrs. Rhoda Bonar, and friends. She will return to Camp CroWder at the end of her leave. Bonnie is an army nurse. Before going into the service she was. a nurse at the Kossuth hospital, Mr. and Mrs, Wayne Wolf and daughter, Marcia, of Waterloo spent the week end visiting here with Mr. and Mrs. Ezra iBlanch- ard. Mrs. Wolf is a daughter of Mrs. Blanchard. Mrs. Jess Olson of New Hartford accompanied the Wolfs here. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cutler of Bancroft also spent Sunday visiting here with the Blanchards. S/Sgt. Walter Halsrud came home Friday noon upon receiving an honorable discharge from the army after serving overseas in Europe for almost three years. Walter had 115 points to his credit. He is the 1 oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Halsrud of Irvington. Sgt. Halsrud served in Africa, Sicily, Belgium and Germany while overseas. His .plans for the future are indefinite as yet. 1 Mrs. Roy Crapser returned Monday from Sioux City where <she had been with her daughter, Evelyn, who underwent an appen- dectormy Monday, July 2, at St. Joseph's hospital. where she has been in nurses training for the past month. Mr. and Mrs. Crapser had been to visit Evelyn July 1 and returned home only to receive word Monday noon that she must have an emergency operation. Evelyn was released from the hospital Wednesday and will resume her nursing duties in two weeks. Her condition is reported good. Nita Kelso, who has been employed the past year in. Rock Island, 111., is spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kelso. She was accompanied Saturday to Algona by.her girl friend, Fran Chamblin, of Rock Island. • Nita will enter nurses training in September at St. Luke's hospital in Davenport. Nita's Bister, Mrs. William Hughes, former r ly Mary Kelso, is employed in Davenport and with her husband expects to visit here .sometime in August. Mr. Hughes is in the merchant marines and is now making a trip to France. '' ; , Mr. and Mrs. Glen Culbertson and sons, Michael and David, .returned Friday to Salina,; Kansas, after visiting'with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry ThbmpsoiTand Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Culbertson. Mrs. Glen Bales, another daughter of the Thompsons, is also visiting here .from St.,Paul v Minri.#.. Q& came last Tuesday for a visit. hei?§ with the corporal's .parents,. MW and Mrs. Perry Thompson. . Cpl. Thompson is on a 21-day furlough alter returning to the state's^rom England where he. was in the medical transportation division. '; News from .Elvie Vera, cadet nurse at Immahuel Hospital, Omaha, Nebr., and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vera, Algona, informs us that Mrs. Stanley South, T wlck$has a 5 Ib. 15 oz. baby boy who'has been ..named; Tommy, They are now at the Omaha,,ho£b pital, tout will be at home with her parents in Red G/ak, Iowa. Mrs, Southwlck wa's ;; the ; former Ruth Fox who taughf^musle at the Algona high School a few years ago. Definite date of the new arrival is_ not known here, but it was about the first of July. Mrs., Southwick was married while she was still teaching here, and since then- has been with her husband who is in the service and has gone overseas. Gordon Brown, son 6f Mr. Mrs. A. L. (Roy) Brown, left Wednesday for a fhre£ weeks' visit with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. N.'Gay, at Salix. Mrs. Myron ItlidWig and children are here from Des Moines for the week visiting at the home of Mrs. Ludwig's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Henry Lund, and her many old friends. Mrs. A. O, Sorine'rholm of Britt spent last week visiting here with her daughter, Mrs. .H. C, Anderson and family. Another daughter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Steiner, of Fort Dodge, were Sunday visitors here and returned Mrs. Sonnerholm to Britt before going back to Fort Dodge. Mrs. Richard Schmltz of Storm Lake came Tuesday for her daughter, Katherine, who had spent the past six weeks with her grandmother, Mrs. S. E, McMahon. Mrs, Schmitz just returned from Santa Ana, Calif., where she had been with her husband, Lt. (j. g.) Schmitz, for six weeks. Mrt. Mabel Rtiefcel and her son, ftoy, afld jilS family of Charter oak spent Wednesday visiting Mr. and Mrs. 1 H. M. Col^ well. Mrs. Ruebel is; a sister of Mrs. Colwell. The Colwell's.daugh- ter-i^frlaw, iMits. VipUs Colwell and son Garry of Carlon, also came Wednesday for an indefinite stay wilh tHem. Milt6n Fox is having a two week's vacation from his duties with the maintenance force of the Milwaukee Railroad and he and Mrs. Fox are spending part of the time visiting relatives. They have been at the home of his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Eisnman at Britt and will visit Mrs. Celia Everett in Fort Dodge and Mr. Fox's daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Carol Johnson at Fairmont. Twin brothers, Sgt, Floyd and Sgt. Lloyd Webb and their wives came (Friday evening lor a visit with their brother, C. L. Webb, and wife. Also accompanying them here was their sister, Mrs. Louise Howell, ftfid daUahfef SBHn* Of Charltoh, Fldyd KaS just re'' turned froMtwb years in England Where he was a radio direction* finder operator for a B-l?; Libya is an Infantry Ihstructo*' in Ala* fofttte?: all left": Weffi Cha'ritdii -anti; Well known truss expert to demonstrate rit^ truss., JJfe under straps to gauld, no knobs to enlarge opening. Has flat; pads designed to hold like the hand. It's sanitary' Cmwi > washed. Do you wear a truss that don't hold you .and ddftt stay in place while working and is letting you gradually, get: worse? Protect your health. If you can't be helped you will be told so frankly. ' . , • ''.• ..; .>,,;•' CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause pains or nervousness. Please come early, Wives invited. Evenings, by,.appointment. See this. No charge. No obligation. No treatment. C. D. SMITH WILL BE AT ALGONA TUESDAY, JULY 17 ALGONA HOTEL Hours: 3 P. M. to 6 Clip This Ad. 1 Report of Iowa State Bank ' of Algona, Iowa, at the close of business June 30,1945, a State banking institution organized and operating under the banking laws of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. ; Published in ac- cojdance with a call made by the State Banking Authorities and by Ihe Federal Reserve Bank of this District. . „ ' . ' ASSETS ' ' ! 1. Loans and discounts (including ?1;318.25 overdrafts)....$ 570,771.3? 2. United States Government obligatoins, direct and , , . guaranteed : - 2,349,317.70 t. Corporate stocks (including $3,000.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank .,.- - 3,000.00 6, Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve vbalance, apd cash items in process of collection ,. l,410,763.2o 7, Bank premises owned $15,000,00, furniture and • fixtures $I,OOO.OO....:A..,....:..,.,....;.....,....,..,,.,.. ...... 16,000.00 12, Tptal Assets ...... ...... ....... , ...... . .......... ',:• ......... ......,.........: ...... ...$4,349,852,41 'i;-.,. v :-".' '•'•"•',"•.•'.••' LIABILITIES ..'; •; 13, Pemin4 deposits of indiylduals, partnerships, ^ t !' an?lcqi?poriations;..^.......CA...... ! ^...l.;..,........,.,..,..,....,..,.. ..... $3,745,293.14 14, Time Deposits of iji4iyid«als, . .. o of ynite4Stat^ Goverpropnt (including . „«„•„„« ' postal savings „.„„.;..., ...... ^....:....^. r .................,..^.i,,. r ..,..'.:.. J67,086.8o. 16, Deposits of States sili P<?«tieal ,subdJvi«Qn|;,.,,, r .,. r .., t ,;., 206.2,52.8« 17, ' DTOOsits of (banks.,....,...l..i.... ..... .; t ..;..,.....,,........ II ,.v..,,;;... t .., 56,880,78 W, Other '^pofltl (cejt}f}e4 and pff{cer« l phecfes,; etc,),;^,, ja,939.2| . nnftn : n ^ v ..,; ! ,,, !! ,™ I , mt ^.$4,349,85?.*¥ ^"•™™^W«^PW»^^^^™^MM«^^^»*^™^^^^»WS™™«»II^^^^"»""»^™;^^^M^™™^^^^^™ i ' ™ • •"-""•— - '« • ^~— .—__ WATERMELONS " SATURDAY ONLY AS LONG AS IT LASTS . Reg. JELLO, pkg. 7c BING Cherries, lug . $3.69 VINE RIPENED Large Cantaloupe, ea. . 33c FRESH Carrots. 2 bunches 17c STOPLY'S CATSUP 23c 14 oz. hot. SPRY 3 Ib. jar 69c^ MEDIUM SIZE Orangesj 2 doz. 39c LARGE ?a>ai Plums, doz. 29c SUNKIST Lemons, doz. . 39c Jar Rubbers, 3 doz 12c ARGO Bab-o, 2 cans . 19c MATCHES W HE A TIES 2 te , Pke 29c KELLOGGS PEP pkg .10c LARGE CELLO WHEATPUFFS .................... pkg ;10c No. 5 TIN . . .... ;j ... GRAPEFRUIT JUICE i!; eaeh 29c ESHEY MILK 3 tall cans 11 im DILL PICKLES GERBER'S r BABY FOOD SUNSfflNE KRBPY CRACKERS ,.2 Ib, box 33c PURE GUARANTEED tf^ tf"% SUGAR, 5 Ib. bag . 33c HOME DRESSED SPRING T Chickens 1 1Mb, 39c COARSE GROUND Ring Bologna, Ib. 27c Perch Fillejsj ft, PoUock BLUE MOON Cheese Spreads,? FRESH im Halibut Steak Ib 43 SMOKED /•^^.S^.ppfcfWi&Sit;.;!,]!^ ... ... • : A«r :•: £''fy :- •«,.,H--.-;>SsStx;^K4KSt$|lipSKl»^felS *'WJSB^^«^ K4'**&^"3ll^4&'^«^?.v^£^

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