The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1945 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1945
Page 4
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CADE FAMILY HAS REUNION ATSTATE PARK Whlttemore: The annual Gade reunion was held Sunday at Ambrose Call State Park, Algona. Those present were the Herman Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and son Gayle, Mr; and Mrs. 'William Meyer and son Alvlri, Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer Jr. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Gade and family, Mr. and Mrs. Werner Gade, August Gade, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gade and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gade, Mr. and Mrs. William Gade, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gade. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wichtendahl, Mrs. Morris Schwint, Mr. .and Mrs. George Sprong, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell and son Loran, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bell, William Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. 'William Hanover, Sr., Mrs. Victor 'Faulstich, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo :Faulstich and family, Mr. and Mrs. ISmil Biersted and family, August Koeber, Mr. and Mirs. William Roebar and Leona Kinnitz. to« with ft», and M«. Ltiuls spring pitcHed^ MvtMb **rMI games. Me- 18 iffitt«IBing,ftt tftfrt Leonard lwn*»«&, Jif&tefe* «f L wHlbft' 'SiukitGfL tjt Vl&i4» t&ilfti Yf*iM6 spent in itaiyi- sfgti xvog cbflelflalaM So>tfaji' ftel ufday it the^rofHe 6f Me, arid Mr«rB"6rft5ld Opheim, afi left for Jeffersrffl B ackg, MO, Robert Sell, Algofta, #as fi^ elected president and Mfs. Willlam Meyer, Jr., was frMteWd treasurer and secretary. The after* noon was spent writing short notes to the boys overseas and playing Bingo. BAPfiSmSTOR, WIFEVISFT AGED COUPLE Swea Eagle: Rev. and Mrs. B, P. Bronlewee, former pastor of the Swea City Baptist church, and his wife, now in the evangelistic work, recently held meetings in Nebraska. After the close of the meeting they visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins, Sr., at the home for the aged in Concordia, Kan. The The Collins farmed here for many years owning the farm where Wm. Peters lives. Mr. Collins suffered a hard stroke a year ago and is bedfast. Mrs. Collins, though quite feeble, is able to be up. They are both past 80 years. Bode: Two Bode brothers, Staff Sgt. Herbert Kinseth and Master Sgt. Milton Kinseth, met recently in France. , . Sorensen Specials . Oranges, sweet and juicy 2 ^ oz - 35c Miller Wheat Flakes, with premium..... 2 P^gs. J7c Downy Flake Donut Mix Ib. pkg. |9c Sure-Jel ....!....2 pkgs. 23c Opal Coffee..:....: Ib. jar 27c Pickles qt. jar 29C Clinton Vanilla Pudding 3 pkgs. |Qc Tones Orange Pekoe Tea....4 oz. pkg. 23c Harvest King Yellow Cream Corn 2 cans 25c Catsup 14 oz. bottle 20c Home Aid Drink Mix, 2 8 ° z > bottles f 5c Candy, pure sugar 12 oz. bag 25c O'Cedar Paste Wax 1£ Ib. jar 89c Fresh Bing Cherries Fresh Frozen Bings Canning Supplies Longhorn Cheese Ib. 31 & Veal Roast Ib. 27c B. V. Beef Extract .. jar 2?C Pure Pork Spiced Luncheon 49c Smoked Polish Sausage.. Ib. 35c Pigs Feet qt. jar 43C We pay 4c and 2 red points a pound for waste fat. Sorensen Grocery Co Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Phones 138—139 FENTON MAJOR [S A WARDED BRONZE STAR Maj. Harold L. Newel, of Fen* ion, has ben awarded the bronze star for meritorious achievement n connection with military operations against the enemy oh Luzon, Philippine Islands from 'Jan. 9, 1945, to April 12, 194S. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Newel, of Fenton, he has been n service five years and overseas ;wo. He is a graduate of Fenton high school and Iowa State College. >Major Newel is a battalion executive in a field artillery battalion second in command, and has been in New Guinea and the Philippines. His battalion fired 1,215 missions from 17 positions, firing a total of 17,666 rounds of 155mm ^oWitzer ammunition. These missions were handled and the fire delivered under the supervision and control of Major Newel. "The orderly and efficient manner in which the fire direction center functioned was the result of his constant attention and surveillance. Major Newel's conscientious devotion to duty and his excellent technical qualifications contributed materially to the success of his batalion's missions." SWEA EAGLE SERVICEMEN FINISH TRAINING Swea Eagle: Pvt. Eugene Hanson has completed studies al Lowry Field, Colo., and is now at Sheppard Field, Tex. He is a son of Mr. and rMs. Lewis Hanson. Pvt. Wilbur Geerdes and Pvt Russell Gibson have finished their basic infantry training at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark. Wilbur was given a job of driving a camp truck. Russell is expected home this week to.visit his parents, the Sam Gibsons. MM. Vtr. and MM, Lotlia -B|a» nd MM. Hermari V6lfK MM. areta Glngftrlch and Mf. -and Mrs. tfthuf Heidenwlth helped MfS. J, . Rosendahl celebrate" her birthday Sunday evening, Card games were played and a lunch was serv* d. •Mrs. Ruth Sfihulfe entertained number of relatives and friends t the Henry Schultz home Sunday evening with a pot luck dinner. Present were Mr, and Mrs. lenry Kuecker, Mr. and Mrs. Qeo. Waahs and family, (Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Meyer and family, Mt. nd Mrs. Henfy SchUlti and Mr. nd Mrs. Fred Trautt and family, The Traubs are from West fiend. Visit Daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shinn and son, Junior, of Mason City, are spending a week's vacation at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson. Mrs. Swanson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shinn. Meyers In LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Meyer, their son Allen Rae and daughter Elaine visited over the weekend with relatives in LuVerne. Visit Parents in Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and son Gayle visited with Mrs. Meyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rober Dreyer, Lotts Creek, Friday. Return from Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Erase an their two daughters returned horn from a three weeks.,yacation with relatives in Nebraska and Mis souri. , Miss Rosella JSTeu, Emmetsburg spent the weekend with her pa rents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neu. Mrs. Ellsworth Heidenwith, Wes Bend, was a caller at the Arthu: Heidenwith home Friday evening Rosella Voigt, Algona, spent the weekend at 'the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. •Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck and and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer, Sr,, and Miss Leona Kinnitz visited with Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer, Jr., Sunday evening. •Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Stauffer and family, of -Mapleton, Minn., and Miss Alvina Braatz, Minnesota Lake, Minn., were Sunday vis- BODE NEWS lanson Inducted. Armand Hanson, son of Anton lanson, was inducted into military service June 21, a month after his Reutfns from , Mrs. ft 0. fiWkldno H8* felulfn- ed after a visit with Kef' parent* in Lily, S. D. Conflrmattoh ClftM Picnic. Following church Services day morning the canf irmatlon class of a few Sundays ago,. aedotnpaft- ied by their pastor. Rev. Martift Frygstad, and family, and W members of their 6wn families, went to Algona where they had a picnic dinner at Call State Park. Later in the afternoon they W6ht swimming In the Algona Attend Ltvermore Wedding. Mr. and, Mrs. Art Jensen, Mf. arid Mrs. Torkel Aure, Mrs. Dont aid Aure, Mr. arid Mrs 1 . Nels Nasby and Mr. and Mrs. Lars Larson and daughter Mbna attended the wed- 'ding of Corp. Merritt ,Neal and Budget Estimate and Record of Filing Town and City Estimate NOTICE—The City council of Algona of Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July 26. 1945, at 7:30 P. M., at City Mall. ' Taxpayers will toe heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning April 1, 1946. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements,, tooth past and anticipated will be available' at the hearing. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. FUNDS 1 2 Expenditures for year <1 " rH 4 11| isB<o P *JS $ 37,250 300 3,800 350 600" Consolidated Funds: General ....$ 22,164 $ 34,062 Grading ..... 240 345 Improvement Road Dragging.... 363 Snow Removal .... 490 591 Garbage Disposal .... 799 500 Total ' Consolidated $ 22,894 $ 36,160 , $ 42,800 FireMaint 2>,250 2,281 -5,000 300 Fire Equip 1,9,96 3,200 2JOOO Sewer 643 3,875 7,800 4,000 Library 3,598 4,211 6,200 Library Bldg. 65 32 2;350 100 Band' 1,214 1,171 1,500 Park 1,530 1,606 2,000 Comfort . ! . Station 330 270 300 Swimming Pool Bond 2,480 2,400 2,440 Electric . Light Plant 144,047 157,616 160,000 40,000 Emergency .. 3,000 Storm Sewer 3,300 Water Works 23,768 34,694 44,000 20,000 Airport Levies 3,750 $ 18,000 , Mr, add Mrs; f fed Frost, eenof a Johhsdri and Gdhrad RbSBlftg spent July 4 at Okobbji. ' , Ernest Bratland wehl td Hurfl' boldtsautrday to Register with the selective service bbard; He i8 ; Ifl years old.' , . v v Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sween and daughter Lois', of Parker, S. D., are visiting at the home of his Mother Mrs. Ole Sween, Mr, and Mrs. Albert s&flein arid' family spent July 4- at 'West Bend. Their daughter VelVa came from Humboldt to spend the day. . ' Mr. arid Mrs, Kenneth Reynolds after a Week's' visit at the Berriold Opheinvhome, have returned to their home in Albert Lea ( Minn. INSURANCE See L. S. Bohannon Over S. A t. Dept. Store ,','IZil ,1 • IfU'MJ 18,000 300 ']50 »12 115,000 20,000 $24,000 4,400 1,200 3,600 6,000 2,250 1,500 2,000 300 2,440 5,000 3,000 3,300 3,700 3,750 sewage system for Your Fariti Think what this .means! The comfort of a modern home brought to every member, of the family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation of our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small. Easy to install, too. Totals $202,819 $246,312 $287,640 $66,400 $153,662 $66,440 Estimated Taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value $20.90. Taxable valuation (1944) Dist No. 1 $2,363,851; Dist. No. 2 $55,944. Moneys and credits (1944) .Dist. No. 1 $802,634; Dist. No. 2 $4,070. . Agric. Lands..Val, $760.' -,....• , Report of Condition of Farmers State Bank organized under the laws of Iowa, located at Luverne, iXossuth County, at the close of business on June 30th, 1945. RESOURCES Cash, due from banks, and cash items in process of collection $131,444.30 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 472,840.00 Loans and Discounts 279> ? 5 ,Ho Overdrafts 186.96 Banking House Furniture and Fixtures Other assets Premium Paid on Bonds ....: F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 4-tt Pretty t <uur.-p8*t . little outfits to see yoti flatteringly relaMtibh. periods all thfiiUgli warm weather days. Shifts 2,98 4.05 Shorts 2.2S.8.0 M , •» «•• BlotasOB . 2.45 4.45 Eyelet organdy blouse _ J —2.75 Gaily printed skirt _____3.98 Navy shorts, white trim 2.25 We Are Happy To Announce That We Have Been Appointed Hotpoint Dealer For Algona and Vicinity Electric supplies will be dribbling into our store from time to time and they will all be quality merchandise. We will have the Hotpoint electric refrigerators, ranges and washing machines as soon as they are available, and also the smaller appliances which include irons, toasters, waffle irons, percolators, etc. HOTPOINT HAS A PBOUP PAST, A SPLENDID PRESENT AND A TREMENDOUS FUTURE Hotpoint as a trade name came into being early in the present century To three generations it has meant relief from burdensome tasks in the American home. Constant research and experiment by a competent staff of engineers and technicians have widened the family of Hotpoint appliances while steadily improving their design. Forty years of housekeeping experience in millions of American* homes make Hotpoint the thoughtful _ homemaker's choice. -^ TOTAL RESOURCES .................................................................... $889,481.96 LIABILITIES Deposits subject to check ................................................................ $ ???'?i H2 Savings Deposits ..... ............................................. •-•• ...................... "} .455.92 Time certificates of deposit ............................................ •• .............. 34,369 .4 5 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) ............. . 3,082.13 Total Deposits .................................... , ............. $837,218.58 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ^Common Stock .................................................... $25,000.00 25,000.00 Surplus fund ......................... . .................. •-•• ...... • n Undivided profits (after deducting expenses).. .................. ...... 14,763.38 Total Capital Accounts .................................... $52,263.38 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $889,481.96 State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. I J. A. Nelson, President, of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full, true and correct, to the best 8SEJ n ° Wledge ^ ' belief> J- A. NELSON, President. Sworn to and subscribed bfeore me by J. A. Nelson this 5th day D. M. UNDEBAK, Notary Public in and for Kossuth County. Attested by—A. A. SCHIPULL J. O. MARTY, LAWRENCE MILLER. HAROLD P. SORENSON, Directors. WAIT FOR GOOD NAME BRAND WAIT FOR HOTPOINT Budget Estimate and Record of Filing town 4"P CiHr Estimate j, ,.., NOTICE—The Town cbuiicji of Wesley oi Kgssuth County, Iowa, will meet August 2, 1945, at 7;30 P. M.,' at Town Hall. Taxpayers will be heard-for or against'the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning April 1, Wfl. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. , Town Clerk. 1 2 Expenditures for Year, . 4 WE ALGONA 0. FUNDS Consolidated Funds 'General $ 787 Grading .-,..— 9* Road Dragging ......,- 240 Sewer .:.,.., --. 86 Garbage Disposal -• 10 Water or nnnn Waterworks 2009 Total Consolidated -•* 323 *' Fire Maintenace 49 Light •» 385 Band and Educayon...... Park .?w—i- i W in «f o> '3 4< 570 622 37 1322 $2988 1W 60 $3590 2300 $4375 16.4 385 219 50 $5183 $ 50 $500 -.1 m IS 1 525 1500 . $ 865 $2000 " $ 86$ fgOPO Coal Users Must Take Large Cut As warmer weather approches it is more imperitive' than, ever that furnace fires be extinguished as soon 'as possible, the Solid, Fuels -Administration for War' warned today, pointing out that next winter's coal shortage will t be far i worse was this year. . Because of Ihe impending scat- city iho SFAW has annoucned lhai it has become necessary, beginning April 1, to UmUt to 80 of a normal year's supply deliveries of virtually all coals and coke to consumers in states east of the Mississippi river, and in i Iowa, Louisiana. Minesota, North i and South Dakota, and St. Louis i City .and county, , I • . I Meanwhile SFAW is emphasiz- i ing there methods for stretching i wartime fuel allotments; • 1, Stop furnace early this spring i and start late this fall, | ' 2, Keep temperature at 68 de» : or lower during day?-taw• er at night, i 3. Install insulatiqn, storm gash, | weaQierstrippjng, and automatic i heating controls, if possible. Sea} : up building cracks. Do it this I gummer. I 4, Close up unused' rooms and : cut off heat. • 5. Repair and clean furnace this summer—clean regujisrly w winter, a. Learn haw to pperate your furnace eponpmipally, •k U»r» pf iPWa C89l Wl v» 100% of amount used {9 Don'iTake Our For It— i • , - ' These are the reporti of SFAW as reported in the Spencer Daily Reporter, issue of March 21st. Olowa- That Means You O Check These Suggestions: INSTALL INSULATION No down payment 3 year* to pay lit payment N^y, f IF YOU HAVEN'T INSULATED HERE IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR WHOLE PROBLEM (r U Utioa Will Save up to 40J *? v* 4 t , ? i •* ' * i •#*£ i f *fy I * * ' * ' , ' ,- r : v - £«^'</ : >;f f, ,.'j <<&<?•? i;>,Nuo-r,M- ( j-,, . ,$&.^ M i f • -mt r» TTWI v r -n n ni i-|yiMV yV^ y ri Estimated Taxes'per $},QQO.OQ of assessed yalue $ig.§Q. -r. Taxable vslustlon (1944)... apd cjjjdits (19.44).. wwds. ^ „ ,.„.._ S22Q w .,?»

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