The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1945
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: * i SVW'*'^-W-^-'^'-'^^"- A: i ?ii «vpV' -X.---. ;•-.,'v'i ggjjkflr*-'•''•" •••-•"•••'••-.••-•••••.--'«•- --.-->«..-•., Column , , aitd 'the -SiiiMed fef t '';f 6* Kansas City Friday 6rt : $ h«tf«n1ilit!ary mission; Fpf, fufthe? ' A ftesf ' Of ; . . . .. . ter, wiis giiesj; dub. Al is: a J the 1 Rotariafts a fine experiences In the '''•''' ' ' ••"'' __«... Don tickteig of Wesley hail-been awarded the; Silver Star fot gallantry in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. , Girl Spies,, Emmetsb'urg attor- ney.tsihd his wife, the former Kath^fl-M-isbdCh Of Algeria, We spehding'two We' Qkoboji. Carl" has"- Jufet returned from 18 m6HtHfSln"sEftgland;aiid France. " ifa; Algeria, ;is with the teaiVJ/piis&H^ ezechd- £6, (Mtirchland ,6f y ;A]l" " finSalsb.Urg, Aastria /Lucerne, Was"-an; Sgt.?Chapt and gunner bna ;i vjlsjtor ; last'week; '" ''' fated botftbadier list, a'15: day fur- i,?at .nome., vi.-. • v,:. .;:•:,.;,.,; jr,.- 3iti JbTm .Holtzbauer. former' "" .and-Ws wife, /are .... days in Des MdlfteS Sfes, John is stationed it/Lincoln, Nebr. h-C;?Kueckeirof vas, one of the ; -men' : who " ? Yott 1 gupstdo > mmg ; back ifrpmtthe ETO are M-,fpr< a ,<bunch ,of surprises; S c lri' splfe pf;gas rationing, there aiie as many cars in the average Iowa • towri as there are ' bi- i cycleSi;in Paris. 'Andiif-'you take:a tripj;you''will find restaurants ahd hotels-' Where- food^ arid lodging; is available. Over'here" it is riot'nec- essary to roll Up .a .bunch, pf .C rations In'your blankets when you go any Apiece, Of course,\the trains are?a tilt crowded, jbut still .better than bouncing Jhe toack of your lap over;the'Country'side in a '6x6 or jeep; Yoii inairt'buy .those long loavesv of Srenfch bread here "';•>'. •; tout 5 who cares?','""- , .7. ' Kossuth . County •• does . it : again! We're over the top in the 7th War •Jioan; ..:.•• '.'*<-«( '..-.,....,. ,-. • :•'. American League Whittemore: Eight teams, partici- . paled in a •.baseball'' tournament here/'Sunday afteteoon. "Playing .three: f ull innings; each, the teams ' . wereS'pitted.f pur ton^the.. National Lone'Hocki. A. "Emmetsburg, N." Lotts ..Creek, N. Grea-ttinger, Landihacka BUy Ben Franklin; Stcwre Elmer M. Laiidmack, who has been runningSa drug store in Beav- er'Dam, Wis., has bought the Ben Franklin store from' Sherman; Fen- mey and took poss'essibn" yesterday. 'Mr. : 'Landmack has v-toeen" ih' the dri« business ;*or .2,0, year.s. ; The Landmackn have -two .sons,, one '8 years';and one ; 11- years,, old. ^Ir."i andiMrs. Sherman; Fenney 'haVeinbtf-made definite plans yet, but they will take a vacation,, at the'lakes so>m, . 1868, , IOWA,.THURSDAY. JULY 12,1945 AAA MEN DISCUSS BEEF SUBSIDY Mend County Roods PERRY COMPANY GIVENKOSSUTH county-owhed pits will toe ptifpn the 1,700 miles of jcpssutft; ; county- roads- this yeat, No niaihteharice gravel has toeen used to keep up the roads for several years.,-,-...,/ • •••'.;•.- -. . -"Only i,46,()00 yards, of maihten* ance gravel :will ; be. used-^-one- third 1 eripugh-Hbut all .roads wUl be covered by the 15 motor patrols operating froni the county's seven maintenance stations, H/M, Smith, county i engineer, iays: ' 'Later**this ! ;summer a new steel 4bridge)iwili be built-in'the north* ern • part. of the /county in Eagle The Bagley Construction Com- pahy,iof Perry, has been contracted to remove the gravel. The company originally was supposed to begin work 'June 1, tout .was uri- 'atole--,t6'start:'until ,the first 'part of this* month. Graveling must be completed by .Oct. 1. iFour years ago was'the last time county roads were graveled thoroughly. The -beiginning of the war cut down the supply of labor and .that only needed maintenance work"has been'done. This summer's covering will be largely just a mending coat. The county -owns more'.'thari. 20 gravel pits-^rie in Hancock county,, one-hi Emmet county, one in Pocahdhtas and the rest in Kossuth, from which the road-repairing material will be taken. SAFETYMBJ TOCOMEHERE Three-men from the safety education division of ", the Iowa Department of Public Safety will address students; and townspeople at ,tha Algona branch 'summer ,':. school Thursdays at B;30 a. m. in the high •school'.auditoriiimi' • • •ty^'departmenitt will.;show,.a. film, "Teach Them To Drive?. .Theme of ithe' : safety program > is r. "Safety Education Methods Times": for l Postwar Susie Goeders Goeders Estate House Mr. and Mrs. John Goeders, ,xp Emmetsburg, and their son t Torn, of Hollywood, Calif .j- were visitors Sunday; at. the home of .the forjn- er's -uncle and aunt, Mr. and. Mrs. Theodore Goeders, and with John's sister, Susie Gpeders. Tom's wife had expected tp;«|ora^|>any,nim to. Iowa,- tout ;was un'SbJfr to obtahi a '' leaye;'.from':her: Susie .Gbeders "recently purchased' the house on . Minnesota, street ', \yhere she has' been'illving, -from the estate 5 of John Goeders; the late •'(•• Bullheads Or Pikf- its Sai fisl It was no ^Minnesota or,Okobojl haunt, that 'brought Richard .Webster r 45, and Roscoe Shipler, tbew string- of, ^5 'bullheads. 8, , It .,. three-hour vigil on a lagoon of the. .Upper Des Moines river ftear« the state park and a supply of nighj; crawlers. Of cowrie, ttie flsh a.Ten't northern pike, or mwsW^sv or bass, > but about a platter pf mercial "Club for a 1 V 3-ppund '13- ounce .big-mouth bass caught last year, -".•• '••'• ; - : '•••• '•• '•'- -' Prize PJke, Henry Becker recall? with pride the £9% pound 42% inch-norttieni pike he pulled out of Spirit a year Record Marriages Of Three Couples Cupid's darts are hitting no jackpots, tout three marriages have been recorded by County Clerk Helen White this week. Emil' Schirrsdhmidt, 47, Mah-' kato, Mirin.,,was married to Eleari- Or 'Peterson, 47, Chicago, 111., by J..B. Johnston, justice\of the peace, Saturday, • ' ' V Father William Veit married Albert Schmidt, 36, Fenton»- -and Catherine Kissner, 29, Ringsted, •Monday. - •, , .'. Dale Ehrhardfc 24, ;Algona, and Hermona Click, 28, Sacramento, Calif, were married -Monday by Rev; Alex English, pastor emeritus. NEWiSlON ASSOME^PJTIES Miss Takes Over Job of Assisting 4-H Programs, Women's Pro* Miss Lillian Peckman, of Cresco, has'.-taken over the duties of ex- tenslori-home economist lor KOS-: suth county.' A graduate in household equipment * from Iowa State College, Ames, Miss Peskham has been rln : the state agricultural extension service four years. Previous to. coming to, Algona, she was county^ extension home economist for Henry county, with headquarters at Mt. Pleaisant. Also she has itoeen in Wright and Hamilton counties. Before entering extension work, she 'Was a home demonstration agentvwitfT the Corporation in Kansas. Burlihgame Oklahoma Gas and ... of a county extension home "economist' includes assisting 4-H Club girls with their .local achievement days, their projects and.pre- '«M«n *.i**« ri'v* «'*«"* <n*lV«fl' ' TV/ft t>i"**Da>»tlTi f»r« . .dbmmittee," composed >of 'one i wo r ' ; m'ari' from -each- ; of- Kosuth's- 28 -townships, will meet tomorrow in -Burt Peckham/ REWEREND OTTO Lptts Creek: The. Immanuel Lutheran congregation here -was shocked Sunday after the morning services 'when Rev, A. F. Otto 'tendered his resignation to the votr ing members 'of the congregation. He asked to toe released 'because of ill health. Rev. Otto plans to enter a hospital at. Ipw;a City as soon as .possible. ; ,-:.;':;;.'.";.'. : .-~',',.',:.V','., : :.'-. ' : a .'-.^' ; -^ Bode People Practice Thy Neighbor' \ • •,.'' Bode! Albert Bergum has reason to believe in the Comm'arid* ment, "Love thy neighbor as thyself". During the two weeks he; spent at Rochester, Minn., taking treatments for his eyes, his neighbors and relatives saw to it that his farm work was not neglecteov His fields were prepared for the planting of soybeans and corn. Those who Worked with tractors and discs on the Bergum farm &re Sylvan Jacobsenj Melvin. Olson, Henry OlsOn, Thor Selvigj Albert Sorlein, Andy Olsen, Martin Mikkelson, Lewis Bergum and Carl L; Olsen. '' War Ghairmen To Hear Work Oft Nation'*?Fond ''' ''" •'-*'• -,. ,. . f Ah overseas tyS& fcarnjci enter- tailier, a world Wawlet',:'^nd r an authority on China lief will speak at the -War Chest meeting Thursday. The meeting^which-lti- eludes War Chest county, .towntan'd; towmship chairmen .and . the.ifc workers of Emmet, Palo Alto, Kps*; suth, Wtanebago,, Hancock, :Ppc$ hontas, Humboldt ;and Wright counties.' will- begin at 7:30 p. -m. in the officers' ilubat.the prisoner of war camp. - - .- .'• . 'i-^'i 'After .addresses by members .of the district and host county ch'air.r men and a shott'talk" by', 'Carl Weeks, president.^ the Iowa War. Chest, the three guests-, will'speak on "The National -War' :Futfd: in, Adtion." /: ' ' ••' '.:;••"'• , Camp ' show actress , Rose Marie Volin from Schenectady, N. Y., will give an account of the enter--: tainment toeing given servicemen in the China-Burma-India war theater, where she toured with the first all-girl troupe sent there. Charles D. Hurrey, former sec• : retary of ; the . international : , mittee; of i'the' VMCA, will; tell f pf the'-. ; worTc 1 - Sone^by iWa'r -'• Prlsphers '• ''' over, the hump r frorif 1942, will telTol the Far East situ " ' ' ' ation. Elmer T. Petewm Visits Old Friends In Childhood Home Elmer T. Peterson, ; former editor, of Better, Hpmes and Gardens, and a former Algona boy, spent Sunday- here with his. old,-friend August SJagle. ,Mr. -Peterson npw Brother Of Jim v Pool Awarded Bronze* Star On Luzon Lt. Cbi. E^loyd' R, Ppol, of Dear ver, Colo.,. brother i pj Jim Pool* was recently ^yirtejle^ii the br«n»e star for merito.ripfis aqnievmenti.fn connection with''" military operak tions'against the enemy on Luzon. He is the commanding officer of the 168th :Field Artijlery Battalion. The Denver Kiwanis bulletin recently featured-his picture with a story. A'litie of large type at the bottom of the page read. "Buy Bonds and Help Bring; Floyd Home." , Kiwanis Club and Soroptimists Have Joint Luncheon is Uving-ih Oklahpftja.City where" he is a feature;M#epi I ° r "^e Daily Oklahoman. H^; Stopped in Algona enroute home IromiCanada where he had been on a fishing.trip with his son, Erlck} 18; whp,returned to his schooririTCalifornia. : Mr, and Mrs. Slagle held open house during the afternoon and a number of Mr. Peterson's old friends called. Among them were A. L. Long and Willard Thompson who is here, from Sah Antonio, Tejt, both of whom were boyhood friends. "••.•' : «3?he Peterson -family lived on tKe Dickinson farm lust north of the' Slagle farm until Elmer was a young man. The'famlly then moved to Lindsburg, Kansas. Mr. Petersoji lyis had several books published, • . A. W. Youngs Wm Move to Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. A, W. Tfciung, who have been prominent farmers in the Plum Creek .neighborhood for many years, are moving in the near future to Clear lyake, where they XICAN SUGAR !ET FARMER FINED, FREED First Charged With Felony, Rodriguez Released On Lighter Sentence; Paroled To Attorney. Higinion Rodriguez, Mexican beet weeder who intentionally ran Over his stepson with an automobile June 28, was free, yesterday after paying a $200 fine and $15 court costs. The slight, gray-haired Mexican was charged with the crime of ."assault with intent to inflict 'bodily injury". The original charge Wfs listed as an attempt to com- rtUt a felony and would have carried with it a penitentiary sen- terice. . Committing Rodriguez to the county .jail: for one year, Judge G. W. Stillman suspended the sentence during the good behavior of the defendant and paroled him to H. F. Fristedt, Bttorneyf f or the defense, Algona. : Rodriguez arid his stepson, Mar- Bartolo, tooth *are employed at Edward looft and Jerry Kell- farms near Ledyard. Meeting dii a street in Ledyard 1 two weeks 'ago, Rodriguez started an argument. 'Wheri his stepson tried, to 'avert trouble by walking away fromvhlm, Rodriguez followed Bartolo-.ln his car arid ran over him, Bartolo's back was broken :and hei.was taken to the Kossuth county vhpspital. Truck-Trailer Wreck •:<?,«• w % '4' ; 'ff The Ruan gasoline transport which struck Joseph Elbert Saturday and pushed his automobile 139 feet from the wreckage of the trailer ^ALQHARTET TTHURSDAY State Teachers College Singers Will Present Pro,. gram at High School. •Three members of the ^ music faculty and a senior music student of Iowa State Teachers College Cedar.Falls, .will appear here as a •i-- _L, - U ajtet.,. a t,,thef:)}rarii3h 'sum. p ; ,the; ; high. schppl auditoi;- mer i .. _ . attend-.'the .program,.:4he,third of the. summer school series. Quartet Members. •Members of the quartet are Miss Jane Birkhead,'*soprano, instructor in.,voice; Marie Fratzke, alto, student at'the teachers college; James DeJonge,.tenor, instructor in music education, aUd Harald Hoist, -bass- baritone, associate professor of Selections will works by Buxtehude; -Bach,- Gounod; Rom- •bergi-iYoumans, Kern and Fibich TtiB.qiiariet' also will sing excerpts fromN&ilbert ahd SulUvan's ,'<Mikado". ;-RachelFr Williams,: accompanist and instructor in musiCj wilJ presejiitpiano solos during 1 a.part of ithe; program. .-'".,: : -- '••.': ; •••'.'' '"'" '• 'A 1 regular monthly feature on the college radio station, KXEL, the quartet recently appeared at Wartburg College, Waverly. Twenty-five Years Ojf Law Practice In For Linnan It was 25 years, ago Wednesday, July jl,-that.Luke E. Linnan arrived jn Algona to begin the practice of law with the "firm cif Sullivan & McMahon, whose members were the late J. W. Sullivan and S,'E. MeMahon. He had just finished; law school at the University o( Iowa, -'•'•'-•' next year Mr, Linnan was made a raember of the firm which Wils then knpwn as Sullivan, Me- Mahon & Linnan, -In 1931 Mr. Sullivan- died, the firm name retained until about seven years agpTVhen Joe E. Lynch of Hutchison, Kansas, •joined. Mr, Linnan in have bought a home they are ofering, some household items for here with his mother, Mrs. Edith Miner, and other relatives. Ms» has been in Iran for the> past two and a half years running an army st exchange. Prior to -Mel's en 'fishermen more expert" tell of some The Kiwanis and Soroptinilst u\>? held a joint meetjing Thursi- day at the^Hotel Algona* o , s roovtog soft cpnservattpn feurg, has written his ng the service, he was employ- pf natives and ii Belpw are prtote^ipayts pfjsey«r|} letters, wrUte^JBApfil; wj^ch'; ap- M ft f gnwje|^?wrg ' '' ed at the ffufo jjurtag tbjsfd^yspf jneat Itbft o&-9t ''Kssuth egunty heads ler Rjghl now into a field of flax. A coroner's jury composed of J.'H. Fraser, K. D. James, and Frank Kohlhaas decided Tuesday that the death of Joseph Elbert,; 63-year-old farmer struck by a gasoline transport Saturday afternoon, was the "result of an accident and was caused by no felonious intent on the part of anyone." James V. Huff, of Mason City, driver of the truck, told the jury that he observed the car and trailer for some "distance while he was coming down the highway. He turned to the left to pass it, but as he did so, the truck swerved to .the right. He ibelieves the right tire went flat, causing the truck to crash into the trailer and car. •Elbert, who was driving to Algona with a trailer load of oats, pulled over on the pavement shoulder just east of the hemp plant to fix a flat tire on the trailer. The truck hit the trailer, severing El-bert's right leg below the \ > ' • knee arid''knocking him into the field,, then went on into the ditch arid' through the fence, pushing the car, in front. The accident occurred" at 2:40 p, m. -•'•Mrs. Elbert was unhurt and stopped an east-going car to ask for assistance. . - Elbert was later taken to the Kossuth county hospital where his leg was amputated above the knee Sunday morning. He died there at 10 a. m. from a pulmonary embolism. Funeral services were held at St. Cecelia's church yesterday and •burial was in Calvary cemetery. The Elberts had 12 children, 11 of whom survive along with Mrs. Elbert. They- are Mrs. William Besch,. Whittempre; Mrs. -LeRoy Schiltz, • Bancroft:. Arnold and Mike, Algona; " Irvin, Rodman; Joseph, Jr.,«LuVerne; Carmel and •Dolores; Minneapolis, Minn.; Archie, navy; and Clem and Evelyn ' at home,'. r ,r ; ; Anamosa Parolee Enters Miedke Home A parolee from the' Anamosa reformatory, Gail Sage, entered the Ralph Miedke home on v North Phillips early last Saturday. The Miedkes, returning from the Country Club shortly after midnight, thought they heard a noise after th'ey came in 'and called the •two night policemen ' and' Sheriff. AX. . Jv jCogleyi'':; - . •,>•:' i> v- * « -:.: • ..v ; ; fbund about 4:20 'a'.<nii- in the hotel. ' He "wasi paroled : July 3 to a farmer' in Bancroft and had with him a bus ticket from. Waterloo to Algona. He did not use the ticket and police do not know how he got here. . . : Sheriff Cogley called Des Moines and Sage was removed by. Des Moines officials ^Tuesday. Accident Puts Algona Barber on ^Crutches C. H. Clement, 'Algona* barber,' tore the ligaments in his left ankle Sunday when he- jumped ujp to the edge of a road during a game of catch. The accident; took place 'at Blue Earth, ""Minn.', where the Clement family was visiting at the home of Mrs. Clement's sister-in- law, Mrs. Harry Curran. Charley is getting about with the aid of crutches, Damon Graduates From Special School ' ' . c Capt. Paul A. Danson, whose wife, Mrs. Alice Danson, lives at 320 Sample street, has been grad- graduated from the officers department of the transportation corps school, New Orleans Army Air Base. He. specialized in the ships' transportation officers course, Sgt. Melvin Miner Is Home From Iran Sgt, Melvin Miner arrived home Wednesday morning for a furlough FALLSlBW The first: 17- days of- July ... this year hav§. -been 6.'5. degrees below normal readings, enough..v ' But -that; isn't. ; tb.'e . . . lowest tempejfature'jf Sr*July?XO; rey • ?: ' •*''-V••"•.<, - ' '•.'-!' 88^1*1188^^ Juiy-^.^:^^:.s& July 9.... July 10. July 11 The soil temperature is'-77 .degrees,' higher than it hajs/ibeen -this year,- 1 but still 3,1 degrees'below the July average.- V;.' !-?.,'I wmmoNi • '•'•" > • -•• "- 1 . Algoha from 5 . , . Scouts returned tikon' 'State Park" pri Big; Spirit Lake Sunday --with 'honor ratings for both troops and- individual -honors for- ,feach : boy. : : In -Troop 29, Lee Yahderwaal won a^blue/- diamond 'award; Bob Kruse, Gus • 'Lundh ahd Gene Schattschneider, white diamonds,' and -the remaining members of both troops, red diamonds. • Members, of Troop 29 not listed above are Cliff Shore, Bob Brown, Bob Thompson, Franklin Lindstrom, -David Vaughn, Ray Ross and Gordon Brown.. Troop 71 numbers four., boys, James ,Leaneagh, James 'Palmer, Louis Ma- haris and AlvJn Lundh/ Honor troop ratings are given for completion of a six-mile hike, baking 'biscuits /in a reflector oven over an open fire, satisfactory conduct and .passing of four rank requirements by each troop member. . '"" : ••'-. '.-;'-.'' STME, DISTRICT CONFER HERE Triplfe-A Offices Now Auth* orized To Issue Beef ''i*fbi ducti^ Sight Di-aftS ;** Feeders. , ''••<'. ?*''•Members of the state Agrieul** tural Adjustment Administrationi . committee held' an all-day meeting yesterday with county AAA. chairmen, secretaries and treaSr- ufers for. this district to discuss tht& ! beef subsidy and 'budgets for thfe fical year which began July. i.-', Albert Ji iLoveJand, ; chaifmanY of the state AAA committee;;.He£Vey Hazen 'and John McLaughlini members of the state group, came 1 i from Des jMoines for tHe at the prisoner of • war campy v' J '\ State director of the; Federal"' Crop Insurance Corporation ris O'Reilly, from Des Moines, there as well as Clarence Thorntons-state AAA field ; Counties Represented'' '':*> • ..,• \ "Counties represented w6re Enr— met, Palo;Alt6, Pocahontas;,Hum— boldt, Wiiinebago, Kbssiith, Han-cock, .Wright, . Worth, Cerro Gbrdo- and Fra'nklihr : •' .' " Robert M. Loss, .Kossuth;, county AAA chairman, announces. Triple-A committees now have the' .' authority .to issue beef production? sight drafts to eUg&'' feeder-slaughterers.^ '' on -6r rbe'-^ For sales .made fro'm May l9i 1945; to June 30,- 1945, tacluslve, the application ;iorivj}eef payment" muiStSeiill^d for Augi' ! 31, 194Sj"for ; on and {-after July.1, l945,;,unti| .the offer 'is withdrawn, . cation , must ' be filed days : from' the date oft more' than one appUcatliJn -bys SKI! applicari.};' may be filed in ;eachi calendar' mpbth. ., , ••,:; ; :»; - • -Loss 'says, he toeUeyes farmers--: are pretty much iamiliar TwithfMie! • prpvisions of the beef - prpductroh> prb^:am' !;i by now; and kpoyy: jwhafi;;: evidences are? reqAiired -: Jbeforerfw: / sight 'draft can toe issued, j he.v8aysj : ;there are; a. changes ; sine? ^he ' pro.||ram :; fifst';annbunCed; ; V ^ . number, of, the' authorised slaugh- '' , , tereK''Jt'hasMefinteIy been, decid-il ed .that '-liie: license'.iium'ber , Ot, v the> '•.- SathOriz^d'-slaughtiJrer-wiil not be ;> necesssary unless county , cpmmit-1' tees detenrdne . that hi; particular 5 '' county's budget for ;K>n.ths;'Of > the!; fiscal i allows :$8;p73vf or county" office : - - . , ; mg'^pfttcer 'of ?,ffieT r prtec^?r '' ! camp, visitors; arid;t6'6k« h m«e;, ;irispectidri : .touK. ; "';;?:" •• , •,.,..' -'..' •*•• - Farnfier Spills Tn»qfe?RolU Iri . Al Rpseiunyer, taktog a .pickup truck full of hogs to Luyerne Satf urday, hi]t a bad spt)t on fee Sex-r road, near the ' trucla ; , Garmann „ place and v'the j rolliBd on M^ sidp In. the: When ttlie pickup ,went pver,,.th%' hogs jumped Put, Rosenmeye-r, Rl larjinejr . from near St. Benedict, nor hi| small, sons riding with bi in)Vjtre4 seriously although mey er "was wearing •• HJ? , leit' ? in a

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