The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1930
Page 5
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,- NOVEMHKU 28, 1930 CLASSIFIED A Two cents A word for first i'.'icrticii and one cent a word fcr each subsequent tmcrtion. Ho sidveriiscmait U!ktn jor !e;s than DOc. Cunnt the words and send file cash. Phone 30G " ANNE AUSTIN . cudJicfodt TllGBtACKPiefeON . Mt AVENGING PfrPfMl "MURDER BACKSTAYS' OUR BOARDING HOUSE FOP. SALE FOP. SALE—Late 1029 Durant 4- rjocr Sedan, meter line, good !!r:s, fully equipped. Worth S350. Will lake tall price. Terms, too. Only SlIJ. Call Cecil Deen at 71S cr 811. 25C-K23 De»n at 176 or 311. 25C-K20 TOR SALE—Barred Hock chick-: CKf. MIT,. E. H. Alley, 3!i miles 1101 tli ol Barfield. . '.I4P-K2 TOE S:U.E Ci 1 TSADE-2 teams »n.! fai:n tco!;. Mrs. E. 11. Aiicy, 2',- miles north of EiiTieicl. 24P-K2 Fprt SALE-Cafe, <07 W. Ash St., 'l::s! pn;.!rg proposition in Bly- iliL'villo its ^iiiall uiveslincnt, half Cull, Ealanco en Tcnns, must have nuick 'action. Oivncv coins to Texas. MP-K12-2 FOTl SALE or TRADE—T.atc: 1023 rorct 1'.'. Ton Tryck ivith steel clKEd cab, Ford Stake Body, .1930 License. In A-l condition. Just the truck for oil kinds of hauling, Only $395. Cail me today (it 811. H. Ci. Casii. 25C-K29 FOR KENT FOR RENT—Furnished bed" room '.or gentleman or couple. Adjoin- in" ' bath. HO South Lake St. FOR KENT—Rooms. One month rent Inc. 914 Hearn. 13P-K27 IH:<;I\ IIKKI-: TOIIA* J ti A VITA SKflJI l« murJrrcrt in lirr ilrtK^InK InOIr during n brlriur imrty. .\ltrr Irnrnljijs iv:i:il IIMLI- lirlird In llii- i-tirly nrtrrno i i JlllXMi: l)l.\lli:i: iirJin o,>r>-- [>nr |>rrxrnl In ruki' Uiv ulrii-r» ll:i'T hrlil rroin Ilu- drallnt; at list "ir.-llh hatid" iinlll lh<* illxruvrry nf Ilic Imily. l'i:\\V CIIAI\. Ilir KAIIH.V MAIISHAI.l.. .VI, ,| r,,unJ l\tr l>»|l>, mill I'AMdl.V.V MIIAIli: [TO flip hrlilgr ulnjiT*. (.<H* l)r.M,.ir, Mill"* only Minimi rrl.-Md. Ml:m:!4 luslifi 1 Ilirlr Clhtr. l-'l.OILA HII.Els, uliij Icfl Ilic fun, Iiclori- tUr "di-mli tninil." gor» HUI In thr (t-tvphtiur In llit v t">'C.r i>ul- Kldv Mln'K lir^Tinmi. I'Ol.I.Y luce-Ill-;; lirr nprir... <;|,IVI-: IIA.11- JIOXII. Tlivjr ftlarl In '|it:ij Ibc Ijiinil, v.l'/i Itnrrti r.v ilrrlnri-T, nuil IVnnj RdltiK IIH .\fln. Kiiri-n'x [inrlnrr. t-Itir*-.^ j-'rtK Ihi- h[J fur «l» r.jiydiM . mill llfCrr I'l'/niy. :IK ,\lt:i. IlilUfiva l:i>lnK i-iinn hrr <:inls. TH.UI \ MII.US. Klimi'ji !f.[K!i:iMU, rollir* III rm'l'.iiitu. tLuil KUVH In ll;r (.•^ill-mini. Duiiilt'r iu:iUm n unit nf tiln \\\tf Jiil- FOB RENT—Furnished apartment, close in. Jinimic I.edbitter, Clarence Saundci'5 store. CK-TFj FOR RENT--Furnished rcoms lor | liiht housekeeping. 700 Walnut. Also unfurnished net, 1013 Walnut. 24C-K1 FOR RENT—Nicely furnished bed room. 916 \V. Ash. Phone 90. .. PK-20 liuihniitl. I.[IMI?» ITI iin^rElj-, pro- irxtinp tM.s |;rUI>' f/iri-r. NOW (iO US WITH THE STIIIiV Cll AFTER IX pGFOHK Drake naj renclie'l 111: side. Ills purpose pialu upon Ills sieru. rather cstelic Jealurcr,. Duu- dcc nail taken a hr.sly glnucc ai Uic watch cuppct] itt iiis palcu, uiuetl the t'xiint r.iinuln anil second of the inli-rruptlnn. Time out! "One moment. Mr. Drake," he aaicl calmly. "! quite agree with you — from ynur viewpoint. \Vhal inbc is. yon can't be expected to i -p. kno'-s'. iJut helieve me whea i say -*-' i'.sat I consider It of vital impor- 6KO:ik In—in iimt tone; that elic couhl liiiito nil tlio foollBh errors it ouT.|i!,td| llg ov rovoKing or don c t':nt slio wanted to nnd h« won!'!;,i say ft wo ' ro * except to «K licr—" Tin u l may as W o)i coulcus,' DrnUcsnlil aclilly. "that 1 annworc.l "til'-'tiiiitlally BS follows: 'Nlln, mj "'- is nit Inlelllgtut "lirldHt y-i.' . . . Now umko the mosi of Uiis-llido family tiff, sir—nnO bo tliiriiicd to youl" " n »i tint end (lie lltllo ECCIIS, Mrs brake?" Dunileo naked guiitly "U- I-l-just crloil » lilllc but i ki'in on iilaylng." "Tl.o :j K0 O H wllh tk Diinilie ordercil curtly, Slll-ti'.ly !!(,«., ns sllendy ns till! real j-:i:no must have hecii plnycil. Itccausu of tlio cmtanassliis tccnc tptjvccii luisiini,,! „,„! wlfc _ the sinister samn was carried to lit conclusion. Karen Icil tlio liins ol Hearts from tlio dummy, fenny olaynl licr Boven. Karen cnii. trlLuieil her own deuce, and Mis. Drake followed suit with the live. Again Knicn led from tho dummy, with ilia four of hearts, followed l>y Penny's nine, the 10 from i!ic declarer's band, and tho flvo ol l's from Mrs. Jlrake. llavliiB eu tbo trick with licr 10 ol :HK-.-I... Karen then led the six of iicarls. Carolyn Drake illscardert :lic six 01 ;(«l)s. ilumniy tlio of liearts. r.nd i'*.,iiy Us tlirco of clubs. Wilh a. hint aliow of tlio trlnmiih with n-hlcli slio had played (he liauil (ho Drat time., Karen throw down her remaining three trumps, making lra r little slam. ROOMS—Rent 914 Hearn. one month free. 23C-K5 FOR SALE or TRADE — What have you to trade for a ricat good running Chevrolet Coups? This -csv will render lots of servicc v and pleasure this winter. Priced low; Only $93. See me today or call 332-W- or 811. Bernard Oooch. 25C-K29 FOR- RENT — Bedroom, furuacs heat, parade. Mrs. E. M. McCa'.l. 1037 West Ash. 28P-K3 FOR RENT --Six room moderiif lance to tile investigation of luc murder of Mra. Selim that this particular bridge hand, willi all Ha al- leridina remark.-;, the usual bicker- Ing, and Its interruptions of arriving male guests for cocktails, be played out. esactly as It was Mils afternoon. 1 thought I had made myself clear before. f[ you don'l wish me to believe that yon have something In conceal by refusing part !n a rather grisly j fr.on ii»r Question ol Penny M to Dr. J. A. Snliba. 26C-K5! stucco Phono 420. FOR" RENT—2M acres of land at Ekrou to party who can fur- r!.U hirr.:e!f. Addie-'s "H", f .l Courier Nets. 2SC-TF lo take game—" "Certainly r iisvo sothlns !o cnr.- et-al!" Joini C. Dr*:r», i)?.^i:»r. j.^Y'Tiicn pk-ase, bo^ as gracefully as posslole to DccessiEy." Dundee "No, no! .' of play anic puni T> ' we; nple 'rn —e and Tell J..-tf.t..l prflt. _..L,. flushed. "My v.'ife I:*' I had driven W with son. but be was calleS.i'. lo consideration t at Ihe shorl session and is .ngi aij extra session for (Ills or! oilier mutter. President Hi Ilkcn-bc opposed an extra sell" for psimjaiid in his amiouiicEinent- yet" 'day of his Intention lo siibmitfe ' protocol lo the short session wit long instance message.".-Washing-|cd against its use r at tho club for mvliile, cl .champ ons. forms an extra ACS -cr-liavlue'a cool dri', tllis alcsr then f jsel out afoot." M™™ ^ "\ ECO," snid Dundee t'_ ancE "Now as to your nrri- "I walked in. Tlie doi.- lefl en the.-latcli.-as It; svlien a party. Is on." ; plained coldly. "And 1 lering the roo.jn. when 1 wife ni%kL- the remark^ _ ing'an honor, with an< "honor. a?.u «"j MADE it!" Keren trk-d lo - 1 sound Terr triuinpnnnt. "A Httl» slam, doubled and redoubled! • . . How much did I—I moan— Nlia and 1 rralie. Penny?" Feiiny's pencil was already Imsy Rt a pretense of riaurlng. "Plenlyl Else should setonfl hand low." ha-ve played "£o you entered this time n>. ti-.o nnifEuanker fjiis!iedn{jatn. "I— yes. -* 1 believe 1 did. _C;\rolyn— Mrs. Drake — cx^3ati;-:il tint Karcu was correct niomer.t," Enid rjunup.c-. jpiayinc for a llttie slam in rpadea, "Xosv Mr. Drake," I am. goirifi to.jand that 3110 hLid doubled—'on prln- ask yon lo re-^nler tin room sm! do exactly as you did u*ion y6nr ar- urgtu without rancor. "Ant: m.iy ! ask. we go on. i: you .ir.rk ^ yo'-r entrance'nl this time, ami tli<; i-.vhi-o h»:(3 nf your arrival';" v -i watch, ' rival at am Drake '.vhceitd, ucsrciiously, returned t'o th? 'loorwuy, ndec r.."ain coni^iJlcd his iL'nlally sublraclin? tb? LOST AND FOUND LOST—Black leather billfold. Reward ii returned intact. . N. .S. .Taylor, 010 V/almtl StS. 28P-K2 WANTED' Drake considered a nwsr.ent. gna'.vir.g a ihin upTjor !•?. licads of sweat Et<!«d os hi5 hirb, narrow "I talked over i'rnjr- t'ne.Cc't-ntry .Ciub, after 3S holes of col! with your superior, the disSridt attorney." Drake answered, with nasty emphasis. "1 left Ihc chilihoase at WANTED - Sewing-Qaiiting-at f, : io. calci,lntin s that it W uld"take my house or yours. , Phone 3,7 rao obol|t 20 mluutcs for 24P-K2 | WANTED—l-'ami-v \Vaiiinss. ^\lice Beard, lOW So. Lake St. 22P-K29 of—of about a mile." Dundee made a mentnl note to find out osactly bow far from this lonely house iu Primrose Meadows UNITED STATES. . Permanent j the Country Club actually was. but his next question vras along an- Ip.bor. clerical, mechan- ici'.l, cnlcc-mapchlp; P7v'pcric:ice un- ncccsssry Salaries 520.-S100. v;eck- ly, transportatio:! furnished. BOX HIS, CHICAGO. ILL. oihcr line: "i'ou icalkci, Mr. Drake?— after IS boles of golf 32 * warm day?" InvlEiitcs which hud "been wasted upou thi'j Sntt-rruption, from llie UrriO he ::e.d marked upon liis nicm- ory as tlie moment at which Drake had interfered. Hut an undercurrent of skcpticipfu hanged at hEs mind: Why had Drake, certainly n. ! a ^Irons-looking or one given to excessive, exercise, have chosen lo walk? And v.'liy had It taken him from 5:10 to approximately 5:33 lo \vaik a mile or less? The average walker, and especially one accusloraed to plnying golf, could easily have covered a mite in 15 minutes. With head up aggressively, Drake was undoubtedly making an effort lo throw himself Into "the role—or perhaps inlo a role chosen on liie spot! "\V!iere's everybody!' 1 ho called like to know, Carolyn. 11 it isn't ono of your most cherished sion 1 secrets, what you thought you had \ to double on?" K\tra Session \ Carolyn Drake bridled and pro- WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 (VPt-> lestcl1 f «"ly. "1 thought nf cnursa Speaker of the House Nicholi 1 cmM tal!0 two cll 'b tricks, with Lonssworth announced today \% my ace : ""' ki"K—" ^ould do everything in his powe ""''• well!" lo prevent an cxli-n session of col! At that Instant Dexter Sprasim j gross after March 4.'- ' began to advance Into the, room,- • Such a session, he held, \vou J«"ct Ilaymond at his side, .delay the return of prosperity^' face naming. L... ,-r.-..1.. —--•-•.-- r— —_>•*•• * "Behave exactly as you dirl w- r ore!" Dundee commanded In a jarsli v/hispcr. No lime tor cod iling thesa people now! Dester Sprague'3 fnco took on yellower tinge, but he obeyed. "Grceliiiss!" he called out la tho jaucly. over-cordial lones of a man who knows himself not too welcome. "Where's Nila?—and everybody? Isn't that the, coclriail shaker I bear?" Having received no answer from anyone pieseii!. Spraguo strolled through tlie living room and ui; inlo the dining room, Janet following. Judge .Marshall bad nodded stiffly, and John G. Drake.bad nuil- '.ered the semldance of a greetlne. Wero they all overdoing It a bit—this reacting of.tbeif hostility lo the sole remaining outsider oi ihcir compact little, group? . . '. Dundee stroked his chin tbought- fitlly. ciple. 1 " "At.-d ha Elided acidly. i J. told you that Karen fcc'l redoubled and it looked as if sue >va3 goinq lo mako It." Carolyn Drako whimpered and shifted her short, stout body In the lltllo bridge chair, "you paid—why nol tell the triilli?—you soiil It was jiist like jrjo and 1 iniRbt as -.veil take to tatting at Bridge parlies." "That was said jokingly, my dear." Drake retorlcd v.-ilh a coldness Ihat tried to be warmth. "Play bridge!" Dundco _com- mamlcd, surc^tkat the approximate lensth of 11:6'previous dispute had not been taken up. whatever retort Carolyn Drake had made. Then he chocked himself. ng:iin looking at his Tvalch: "And just what did you answer to, ygur husband's little joke. Ivlrs. Di'ikc?" "1—T—" TJ:e woman looked help Icssly around Iho table, her slale- coiorcd eyes reddening \vitli lears, then B!:C plunged recklessly, afler a fearful look nt Dundee's implaca- Hut Penny was faying In her abrupt, husky voice: "Above tha line, 1250; below the line 720, making a lolal of 1370 on tins band. Karen." "Won't Nita bo flail?" Karen gasped, then began tt, run tottering]}-, calling: "iN'ita! Nlla!" But In the hall she collapsed, shudder* ing, trying in THE I5EST m HOT PIG, CHILI AND Hj COFFEE RUSTIC 1TSN WEET l Ho Makes 'Em Sec V. K. WASHAJ1—Transfer Daily trips 'to 'Memphis. Will ick up i;nd deliver freight, and acSc-.ircs aJiyT.'hcrc. Special a-.Co on carload lots. Loral Plione 851 Memphis Phone 3-931 GOOD STEAKS AXD HOT FISH ' CAFE i WAMTED — Family Washings. I Washed and ironed by compe- | tent while woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lake St. '17CK-TP WANTED—One man and one lady to represent Shaughnessy Knitting Co. in tiic sale of the world's leading hosiery and lingerie. See Mr. McChirc. 317',i Main,.tonight or Satin-day morning. 28P-K20 FOR SALE—My almost now 1930 Model Ford Tudor S'dan. perfect in condition and appearance. . fully equipped, guaranteed. This is the Brjgair, jou'vc wailed for, £iD5. See me at once or Call 552-J or 811. U. W. Mullins. 25C-K29 , WrlfLB f((JL '-TbGErrtte'R, OF MAD£ A RAID ICE-BOX LAST" MIGrl-f VJHA-f WAS OF -Trie TOR -mAT, VOLJ \\ME AMP WrlA-rS SHU. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NOW-HE KNOWS 1 By Martin New York Cotton TOM'S NEW YORK. Nov. Cotton closed steady. Open High 1031 106l 10C2 1052 1CC-3 1071 10S3 1060 1037 1008 1122 1124 1140 1144 1154 1157 23. (UP) — D.-c. new Dec. oM Jan. I'.e-.v Jan. OKI Mar May .... i July .... ! Oct. Lo\v HM3 1013 1053 1055 1075 1103 1122 1137 Close 1045 1045 1055 . 1060 10SO 1106 1123 1139 "No, nol- I—can't—go A'ifa ho was talking to, ho wouldn't SIGN LANGUAGE! ~FH£ IWOIAlJ SlStl LAHSOAGE... OLD 60 AT TUIS Riewr, L DOUT T|!;sJ'.i VIE'U. HKiZ ANY TROORL-... ;•& SAVS v& GOT MES OOR FH16WD \WHAT DO VoO TMWI4 TOOK ooa CA^OS... T;:xcs . , n-;.-trict Xo. 1. iNow Due %,(;. C An DILL, Collector. U|:«,l;ur.i in Kavmcrs Bank Bldg. , ,..,- NOTICE | Vitn recent partnership ,i >vilh Mr. (;,- 0 . Carney, \™ now h^.vc (lie best equipped independent Ki-,op in t nM1] . CAHJVEY.JESK1NS GARAGE Pirttticls Kiillding | Si»ts quiet at 1055, off 15. New 'Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 28. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec 1060 10S1 1047 1047 Jan. ..".. 1073 1075 1051 1052 Mar 103G 10M 1076 1076 May 1125 1125 1101 1101 July .... 1144 1145 1120 1121 Oct 1154 1158 1135 113G Epotidcsed steady at 022. oft 15. I Admiral Dyrd flow over ths North Pole in a Ti-motcrorf Fokker h pianc aii.l over Ilia South Pole in s tri-motorcd Ford. WASH TUfiilS ( it-S fN BUM IPEfV, TO COSTP. V ^6T^ H16H \CE^S-OMU SWD MOO'O -iEUL ONLN TO ft SO bO WONCU ONHlfA—MftKEl'.INV dONSENT TO ^ ^OU COrtE. To WHERE TriEP.E'S f\ A BLESSING TO HDMANITY By Cranu (AE, 1 R(j\\t Wi^RS, BUT VM KPECENT ENOUC>V\ CUSS NEMER. TO cu IWS1UOGE V'.t. t WISH To NOT THEM. , N?.&TrtE CURSE OT- IKON I \ Wie ^APAA, P.BOUSW T.WEM. VIE SttML SUBSTITUTE PSM^ J Mjr> WPvPplNESS. DO VOO HOT SgE^ WHEU fi REU01.0T\ON / =,TAM5,THEU»V4FUL 60\/ERNMEMT ' \ ReBEt KWlAUNITlON V)tf\\ OUR. WfeNTION. \ "f»\t Vlft.VJ.lS CNER". WOT A UFE..IS LOST. "Tl V 'SxU, OF NOUW. tiOLTJEN OPPOWUNVTY TO MM8E. VOfQE , R16HT: ,

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