The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1945 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1945
Page 10
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vv i -- : ?': f -W$^y$ '••• v :| ::<>";;; ^^-^^^^^^^^^ One fe* Yeirs Service In j£T to Come Mom I m '^^Mffi^i^mm Park managltadnlvi YEARLY RECORD REDEMPTION VALUE A YIELD $1000 the Fourth bf. Jul^.-af -MerlakeH fi6ar. FftlriftOflt.:-' ' - ' A prograjTi St fee can* ' certs, 'fireworks, daftcin'g, e been arranged/ The Alg6ha tary Band will .furnish ; the' musM for the da}* j fibdffiB«, ,Algdria, ftfce, ;>;8gtt«6tt Gerald/ .Frosl), ' _ pflsv:vA\>allab'lg;tfuly';} Plilt'Tnackef o*•' C. V.. ll 2e* cago,, medical Pfe. Sdw. Lickteig, sort 6f Mr and Mrs. L. B. Lickteig, Wesley and who has been" in the servici four years and is now in Germah siface last March, mailed a clipping from an American newspaper printed in Germany ahd written by a captain, which sets out a good argument favoring the return of the GI to his homeland The clipping: . . 1 "To many thousands of soldiers sweating out V-E Day in the ETO seeing ,the film "Two Down and One To Go" offered little, if any, encouragement on prospects • 6ft •getting home soon. My interpretation of the picture was that releases from the army depend al- jnost entirely on boys becoming * 18 years of age, "There in fl large reservoir of healthy men in the states between the ages of 18 and 35 who have stayed out of the army through deferment of one kind or another. We have men in the army qualified to fill any civilian job in the states who are entitled to be sent •home. Their chances of getting home within the next two years depend upon replacements available. • "If all civilian men deferred for other than physical disqualifications were now drafted in {he next six months, thousands of soldiers with one to three years service, and lacking the miraculous 85 points for discharge, could be sent home. \ "This plan, if adopted, vfould open up many jobs to the returning vet in the higher salaried bracket. Men not in the armed forces have had the opportunity in the last four years to accumulate large nest eggs. If they are dratted now they're already set with an economic cushion when they are released. "These men also have the inside track at present on a majority of new business opportunities and are leaving their present jobs daily to avail themselves of these opportunities. This will make it tougher on the returning vet one or two years from now. "Congress should take immediate steps to remove all deferments for other than physical disqualifications, and get these men jnto training centers where they could -become replacements for veterans U.S. SAVINGS y BONDS (COST ' --- '- -~~ --- -* 1 " '" Berg Discharged After 121 Mission* ""'Swea-Eagle! , M-Sgt< Earl Berg recently with the AAP f " ' button Station N6. ,4 at Ana, Calif., received an honorable discharge and is home vis > King'his patents, the Andrew Bergs. • Sgt. • Berg, an engineer :pn a C-17 With the Fifth All? Force, vho have earned a right to civ- ,ian life. "If every GI in the ETO would vrite his congressman urging such egislation, he would hasten his elease from ithe army and his hances of returning home. —Capt. L. C. Fuller, Ord." ICHURCH BAPTIST CHURCH Robert F. Kittrell, Pastor 10:00 a. m., Sunday school. 11:00 a. m., worship, "Influences of the Christian Faith." 7:00' p. m., Youth Fellowship. 8:00 p. m., worship, "God's Future History, III." Prayer meeting Wednesday evening is refreshing to the spiritual life. ST. CECELIA'S CHURCH J. M. Mallinger, Pastor Masses at 7:00 8:30 and 10:00. ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL Morning Prayer at 11:00 a. m. Sunday evening at 7:30 Bishop Haines of Davenport will head confirmation services. The Good Old Days No. 3 Being 1 a series of old-time pictures showing scenes of Algona and this store, and used in connection with our present Diamond Jubilee year celebration: FIRST CONGREGATIONAL .. Rev. John P. Clyde, Minister Sunday school at 10:00 a. m. Preaching services at 11:00 a. m. Sermon "Adventures on New Trails." CHURCH OF THE OPEN BIBLE Rev. R, D. Baker, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a.'m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. Evangelistic services, 8 p. m. Wednesday evening at 8:00, prayer meeting and Bible study. Troop school begins Monday, July 2 through July 13 .The public is, invited to all of these services. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH L. H. Loesch, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Bible Class, 9:45 a. m. Divine service, 10:30 a. m. Voters' Assembly, 2:00 p. m. You are always welcome in the house of God. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH E. K. Nelson, Pastor Morning worship, 9:00 a. m. Short business meeting immediately following worship. Sunday school, 10:00 a. m. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Clarence C. Richardson, Pastor 10:00 a. m., Church school. 11:00 a. m., Morning worship. Probably no other building in the history of Algona combines more of the romantic and sentimental atmosphere of "ye olden days" than the old water mill which was situated north of town now occupied by the city dump. The old bridge has now been replaced with a modern concrete structure and the old millpond has been filled in and this fork of the Upper Des Moines river has been completely wiped out. But memories of the "Old Mill" linger in the minds of oldsters. The old wooden mill was begun August, 1865, by M. M. Foster and served as both a saw and grist mill. Keeping the dam in place seemed to occupy most of the several owners' time and as much as $5,000.00 was spent in making this permanent. It has been estimated that if Mr. Foster had held onto his land and never seen the mill he would have been $50,000 richer. From 1881 to 1897 the building was improved, steam machinery was added and flour was made. But it was a money-loser all the time. It finally burned to the ground in a very spectacular fire Jan. 31, 1S|02, with a loss of $8,000.00 to the owners who had let the insurance lapse only a few days before. Various paintings and reproductions of the old mill hang in homes and business houses in AJgona and the photo above is one of the best pictures available. Wesley Pastor Acts As Songleader At Bible Conference Wesley: -Rev. E. W. Lindgren, pastor of the local Congregational church, left Monday for Cooperstown, N. D., where he will act as songleader at the 21st annual Bible Conference held there from June 26 to July 4.. Next Sunday Rev. Fred Nelson of Springrove, Minn., will .fill the local Congregational pulpit and the pulpit in the Evangelical church at Britt and in the Upper Flat church. KOSSUTH COUNTY PLAT BOOKS 12 x 16 inches 59 pages showing all townships In colors, with landowners names, roads and drainage districts. Only plat book of the county now in print. To close out at— 50c (65c BY MAIL) ONLY AFEWiEFT Algona Moines Cpl. Robt. Humphrey, In Germany, Writes Of Flattening Cities In a letter to Miss Georgia Scribner, Algona, Cpl. Robert L. Humphrey, now in Germany, tells of conditions there as well as comparable conditions in Italy and France and asserts that Germany is riot as badly situated as might be thought here. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. Humphrey, Algona, and ,the letter was written from Lonsee, Germany, as follows: "This 'country isn't as bad off as you folks might think. People here have plenty to eat and are raising more . all the time. All the people live in towns here and farm the ground around the but- side. Their farms are small ami- the people are very good ,at crop rotation. The work is all done by hand and mostly toy women. The farmers don't, have very many horses so they drive, their milk cows on the wagons. " Many of them work a horse and a cow together and it seems to work out all right, tout it sure looks funny. They raise more fruit here than any, country' I've .been, in., yet 'and the trees were sure 'nice'this last spring w.hen they were in bloom. You may not believe it, but lytfS have walked for days at a tirri§ through nothing but orchards arid very well kept, too. : ' ; ' "France was not too good, of course. I blame the people there largely -more than anything else. Of course it's true that the Germans took everything they could move -while they were there, but the French don't try to keep places clean and nice as they do here. Things 'to eat were scarce in France and the people have very little clothing. They wore wooden, shoes and their clothing was made of anything they'cpdia find. But Italy was ten times worse than France so you can frn-^ agine how the people live in that country. ^ "In all three countries the nouse and barn were one building with the chicken house' in thV basement, the woodshed is upstairs and the manure piles are right at the front door of toe house. ' ; "The big cities here were hit worse than the small town. In fact I've seen and helped take many big cities and we left them as flat as we could—I mean really torn up, and that is one thing! you didn't see so much of back jri Italy or France," completed- 121 .missions and combat hours in the Pacific. 365 HOSPITAL NEWS General Hospital June 13—Wayne Lein, Kanawha, surgical. June' 14—Marilyn Sheets,' Britt, surgical. '•-'.; June ,15—Mrs. Mike Stoffel, West Bend, boy. June 18—Richard Mitchell, Algona, surgical. June 19—Mrs. Eldon Browning, Fenton, girl; Samuel Jergens, Ka nawha, surgical; Corwith, surgical. •Robert Beer, Jurfe 20—Mrs. Mary Patterson, Algona, medical, expired. June 22-jMrs. J. H. Ostercampi Britt, girl. June 24—Robert Chism, Rolfe, 1 surgical. June 25—Merle and Lloyd Kollasch, Rodman, surgical. ,, .,- •,.:.--:v- ; June l&MVJtfs. iHViBengelibfer Algona,, girl; »MeiSb ' . eroftr siifgicalj du^ Mantoifi -At gona, medical j Joe Mfi'ridres) Al< ;ona;, medical; Paul 1 Day, Buffali Center, surgical, '' June; . :•&'•'•, W,illiSHlfc son, Algona, girl; B. J, VatiUN'esB Algona, surgical; Marian jtOi&iHte Fitonka; surgical; Joyce McKelfi Armstrong, surgical, j , June 20— MrsrlrAflhg gona, boy; Lyle Fflithj Algdha surgical; Mrs. Gale Leek, AlgoTia medical. , , ."'. "•'•• June 20-=-Mrs. Amelia Rlke,Al' ;ona, medical; Mrs. Harold K61» asch, Bancrofts surgical; Mrs,. Ir- •ing Urch, Algona, boy. V,/' June 21— Mrs. Ed Lloyd, Algo* na, girl; Mrs. Wm. Erpelding, Al- ;ona, medical. \ • , /;," June 22-^Mrs. Robert Keables, Burt, girl. . , •'£• June 23— Hattie . Witham, . Al- ;ona, medical. . ,.. • June 24— Mrs. Mae Butterfleld Algona, 'surgical. • ,. Jung -25— Thamie Lensing,' Bancroft, tonsllectomy and adenoids; Wlrs. George Hawcott, Burt, med- cal. ,- .,-.y '"•'., June 26-r'Mildred Johnson, Wes- ey, surgical; MrS. Clifford Ringsdorf, TitonKa, girl; Mrs. .George Diers, Swea . City, surgical; Mrs, Jim Schneider, Algona, boy. : ; Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c per 'word; when charged, 4o per word. No ag- ents' commission' allowed, if advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash, with order they receive 1ft commission. Blind ads 25c. For Sale FOR SALE: Johns-Manville Typ A Blown Home Insulation in Stalled. For estimate call De Leaheagh, Phone 767, represent ing Wormhbudt Home Insulation Co. 44t FOR SALE: Eagle water proo home insulation, "blown in.' Expert inspection, estimating s.erv ice. .Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. phone 275, Algona. 20-3-8U FOR-SALE: 8%xll Yellow. RaU- road Manilla second sheets, 5Oi sheets, 85c. The Algona Upper Des Moines. •;. 18tJf JPREINDUCTION SNAPSHOTS The Algona Upper Des Moines has 14 5x7 inch pictures of groups of men who left from Kossuth county since January to take their pre-induction physicals. They are for sale to the first persons who call, for the sum of 50c each. There is only one print of a picture, so get yours now. FOR SALE: 4 wheel rubber tired farm wagons. Huxtable's Firestone Store. •23tf FOR SALE: One builder's leve and transit. 2 sets .block and tackle and 300 feet rope. W. T Kennedy, Bjirt, '' 25-26 : FOR SALE: Ten Hampshire sows farrow first part of September, Bruno Bruns, phone 8-F13, Bancroft. 25-26 FOR SALE: Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine. All kinds o sewing machine repair work. H E. Miner, 116% W. North St., Algona. _ 26 ' f.:.:.' Pvt. Lowell Larson Returns to O'Reilly For Leg Operation Swea-Eagle: Pvt. Lowell D. Larson, of Swea-Eagle, was operated upon at O'Reilly GeneVal Hospital, Springfield, Mo., last Thursday. He was wounded in action Feb. 5 near Cilmar, France, when a machine gun bullet severed the sciatic nerve in his left leg, causing his left foot to be paralyzed. The operation was performed to ioin the nerve ends. Pvt. Larson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson, of Swea- Eagle. He .returned to the hospital a week ago after a 30-day furlough here. FOR SALE: Hardy open, tomato plants, cheap, Cal}» an time except Saturday. Otto Nelson, 605 W. Nebraska, Algoj&ai'- 26' FOR SALE: 2 Used feed mills New wagon boxes. Kossuth County Implement Store, John Deere Sales and Service. 26 FOR SALE: 1938 Kitchen range ivory finish, good condition 1938 buffet, light. Ferdinand Reith, Burt, Iowa. 26 Hayseed Needed and Subsidy Is Arranged Harvesting enough red clover seed this summer to meet ng* tkmal requirements is one of ;$}e important jobs ahead lor farmers, .The. seed .angle gets .a No. 1 $$. ority this year because the ds* )nartd. js way out to front of ^e supply. ^ . . The general aspects of the hjiy . . pasture and feed situation vailing in most sections of $he- Un'itecV States favor the harvest* ing of seed this year, said ]$$,. M. Loss, v AA4 county chairman. Congress has authorized w£ spending of $12,500,000 to aid, $he farmers in furnishing more s£ed FOR SALE: 2-Plate electric burners, $10,95, single plate electric burner, $4.85 and $3.05. Seat covers to fit all makes of cars. Drive in. We put them on Tire pumps. Car jacks, $2.98 and $3.95. Universal Sealed Beam Headlamps, $8.95, Dowflake Calcium Chloride for your tractor tires. 25 Ib. 69c; 100 Ib. bags, $2.45. Bridge tables, $1.98 and $2,95, Coast to Coast Store. 26 FOR SALE or trade for calves: Good living room set, white oak dinette set, 9xJ2 rug and pad. Phpne 587-^W. 2 FOR SALE: 1 used Jayhswk stacker; 2 used wood Sandwich elevators; 1 used portalfeje 34 fi steel elevator; J 5 ft, M, D, mower, like new. Linde Implement Co., City. 26 ]PQR SAL3B: Hampshire sows and * " gilts pred to farrow in Sepr - C. C. Baas,'West Bend. through special payments or* a poundage basis for clean seed. For -red- clover seed- the Payment will be 3,5 cents >nd for elejke an4-aKelfa, 2.5 cents per pouffl. In addition tp ^e poundage P4 ( v» menj, farmers will'receive $8, per acre for each acre of alf " red fJlover ea4 alsike clover vested for seed in 1945. Farmers fihOHjd che^k the tails of thi9 prpgi^tm th their (js^B 'iPWSP^wPSiS/ Mf> a4vises.'" ' SAM;; ."R.C," A. C, tractor on good rubber. Wghts. wi starter. Ppwer lift £«Jd ?Ultiv§ tor, ijate Stitder, Phone SALE: }lig micijines andi pafts, "hydraulic manure I WWtfejpjpre Imp, 43fi., "Matt ft*, M- ' ^ " " ' phanic. 26 FOR SALE: 1 used M-M hay loader, like new. Milton Carlson, Armstrong. - .26 FOR SALE: Stock saddle, nearly new, $50. Ervln Gerber, Algona. 26* FOR SALE: . John Deere 8' ft. binder. R. H. Skilling, Algona, phone 15-F4. 26 ;moto?s, M B'»., , Sattery arid tsM':' AisipHattees •• . eieaHr Easy and Perf tlqft Pipeline and portable 'milk* ewe, EliJctHd fehcefs,' gas 'watt* Ssaters, ,gas plates. Fluorescent light fixtures.- ElecW;mo 1-3 and ^ h. p. "B'»., , packs tbt radios. Belts for all diids of appliances. Flash ifeht Batteries which , dan be <<har"ged, Used! '. 2 cream separators^ ;2 Maytag and 1 Briggs & Strattbtf ? en« glflesj % h. p. electric motor, ptes-: sure, gas stbye. , / : ; .;' , . We repair &11 makes of washing machines and ffigidaires. Wrlhg* et. foils for all makes of washing rhachlnes. . • Al«ona Maytag Store 399 Glenn Crilly . '.2(5 Beautiful Cable-midget piano 'and me small three quarter Gulbran- en piano.;, Like new and priced 0,- sell. Write Armstrong Harip Co., Spencer, Iowa.' '•S'/.--26il ; . foln the crowd and - . celebrate Jiily 4th 4t the bl» VFW celebration at Irtterlaken Park; at Fairmont, Minn. Thrilling free flots, oncerts, fireworks,,dancing, -skat* nft speedboats, and all kinds of rides and concessions. '• Admission to park 25c, children under 12 free. Free parking and picnic grounds " 26 Beautifat'fl6wefs,aWd: neMeS. eSbtendM,:to-Us .. illness "Md: death of 'our: Wife and-'Ml arjd : family;. and-.'api)feciatipn;: to .pur and neighbdrs for tM; beautiful fldral HsbtiteS and hiafiy ^deeds' 6C •' kindriisss showtt.tis at the iim& bt' 'the^death of our son and Bfothei*. Mr. and Mrs. .iflert Hanseh ' and family, Mr. and M?s, MefIto rHari- Sen', Cpl. and Mrs, La^encf Vijj* dal, S-Sgt. , and, Mrs. Harold ' ' BARGAIN: $100 for $75.. ;Must be purchased /by July 7. At ny bank, post office or theater. .uaranteed toy U. S; government. L MAN. WITH FARM KNOWLEDGE, qualified 'to repair ouse, barn,'and other farm build- ngs,.and also assist in farming peratlons •'as he may be needed, s wanted at the C. 1 M/Haas'farms, % miles 'south arid east from lodman, Iowa. 'Liberal salary nd other benefits, will be paid to capable man and family. 'For etalls call on Mr. Haas at the arms, or get in touch with H. D. "utchins, Realtor, 110 Sp. Dodge; t., Algona, Iowa. , ' M 26 LOOK. SANDING and Reflnish- ing. Heavy .commercial equipment. Portable power, plant, owan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 75, Algona. 17-3-8tf STRAWBERRIES FOR v , SALE: Bring your own containers. . E. B..'McCprkle, ;.phone, 21-E2, Ai- gona..' ij, k 'V : ,:.' , : ; ...j " ",•:":,;'•.,• 26* Wanted WANT TO BUY: .Lfght weight 2- wheel 'trailer in 'good 1 ; condition. Percival Motors, Phone 612. 28 WANTED—Outdoor, quire this office. toilet. In- 26 WANTED TO BUY: A late model Ford in good condition. .Lt. Al Lichter, Algona. 26* WANTED: Middle-aged housekeeper by one man in .'modern home. State wages. Inquire at this office. 26* WANT TO HIRE a strong, careful DOING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upper Des Mqines office. Regular size, ISc each', 2 for 25c. Large Size, 20c each, 2 Notice rif Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, kdS^tJtH:: COUNTY, ss.'•'.''.- IN THE DISTRICT COURT,'. - V:\.P,:,;: NoV'8321 '.,...,." ,.O" \ To All WHom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That", an Instrument of ivrlting purport-- ing to toe the.iast Will and Testa-"- ment of Ralph; HUgH Miller, De-^ ceased,"datedMay i> 16,'J921, having been this -day filed, opened!, and read, Thursday the 42th day of July, 1945, is fixed for hearing; proof of same at the Court 'Housein Algona, Iowa, before the Dis-> trlct Court of said County, or the-^ Clerk of said Court; and at 10' o'clock A. M., ; of the day abovementioned all •••' persons interested are hereby notified and required, to appear, and show-cause, If any- 'they, have, why said instrument should not 'be • probated and allowed as and for the last;Will and: Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, June- 26, 1945. , •'._, HELESNT WHITR Clerk of District Court. L.'A. Winkel, Atty., Algona, la. 2S- for 35c. 34-tl , - Exchange Dept. -Basement; ;. r ' Good^Used Furniture ; 'i>;j Dining room-—Living room suites Breakfast sets. Buffets, Radios and Washers. PHONOGRAPH RECORDS — All the : new releases. Needles, <tl- burns.—Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 1-tf INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by .experts. Custom work. Cowan Building Supply Co., phone 275, .Algona. 16-3-8tf IF YOU NEED rubber stamps 101 any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, 40c and up. 13-tf Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTli : COUNTY, SS. " ' •:-' " IN THE DISTRICT COURT -No. 5322' :'•'", To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an instrument ot writing purporting to ibe the last Will and'Testai ment of. Morris 'Daley, Daceased, 1 dated August 18, 1942,. .having? been, this day .filed,, ^opened,, and .i^ead,! MPnday 'the 9th''day ofjtjuly;;-, ;:1945, '..vis." fixed '-:.isxj hetWhg-i^ropf of same at " : iiie; Court ".House irt r Algona, I6wa,' ; before the 'District;* »i? Court • ofc said ; ' A. . , of : Moned,. all persons- interested hereby-inotifled and 'required -to» appear, and show cause, if any they have, i why said instrument should not ?be probated arid; allowed as and'for the last Will and Testamenfrf'i6fHsaicP;deceased. i . Dated at Algona,".Iowa, June 26, 1945. 7;v : "v, T, HELEN WHITE, Clerk of District Court. E. C. McMahon, Atty., Algona, la. '•'.' : -".• . -,. - ' 2S £k«fch ihowi.U. S. n men "digging foxhole under oh a Pacific beachhead. HOW DEEP WILL „ ; rWWP S- ^V^f i MS ¥ : *Si : i < !i:fS;teiS: : :S?S|s ;ftc;^si|®S|»i

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